Wii Sports Wii Cheats

How to pitch underhand in baseball

If you want to pitch underhand you must press 2 on the wii remote before you pitch then throw it and it's underhand to cancel this and go back to normal pitching press 1 hope you enjoy!


Bowling before time

As soon as u hold B to run to throw the ball aim the remote down & leave the ball right before u stop it will go slow but will be fast before hitting the pin's.

Score with opponent's pins:

If you position yourself far enough to the side and aim at your opponent's pins, you can knock them over and add to your score. It's tricky, but mess with the angle enough and you'll get it.

Straight shootin':

To throw the ball as straight as possible, either release it higher in the air, or very slowly with no spin.

Change ball coloe:

When the screen fades to black for your shot, you can hold the control pad on the Wiimote to change your ball's color. Up for Blue, right for Gold, down for Green, and left for Red.

91-pin lane strike:

In training mode, you can score a 91-pin strike by rolling the ball all the way down the left or right rail all the way to the end. You'll know if you've got it right by the explosion that knocks every pin down.

Boxing Moves List: Use your imagination, you'll figure it out.


High GuardHold both controllers vertical, then tilt them inward
Mid GuardHold controllers horizontal and tilt inward
Left DodgeControllers vertical, then tilt them left
Right DodgeControllers vertical, then tilt them right
Right High JabHold Wiimote vertical, then tilt forward from the wrist
Right Mid JabHold Wiimote horizontal, then tilt down from the wrist
Right High HookWiimote vertical, then rotate left
Right UppercutWiimote horizontal, then tilt up
Right Low HookWiimote horizontal pointing straight out, rotate inward
Left High JabHold nunchuck with stick facing you, tilt wrist forward
Left Mid JabHold nunchuck horizontal, tilt downward
Left UppercutHold nunchuck horizontal, tilt upward
Left HookNunchuck horizontal pointing forward, rotate inward

Silver Gloves:

Once you've beaten Matt, the Grand Champion, you can hold 1 as a match starts to sport fancy metal gloves.



Easier Putts:

You can press 1 to see the break of the green and adjust accordingly. Also, pressing 2 shows a more zoomed in view of the situation.


Pitch sidearm:

Press 2 before throwing to go sidearm. Just press 1 to switch back.


Blue tennis court:

Hold 2 at the warning screen after you pick your characters to use the blue practice court.

Play with yourself:

You can place yourself on both sides of the court to play against yourself. You can even be all four people in a doubles match if you want. Don't cry to us when you freak out, though.

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