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A Way Out: How Many Chapters It Has and How Long It Is

A Way Out is a new co-op game that you can play with a friend either locally or online. The game is divided into chapters, which make excellent stopping points. Since you’re dependent on playing with another person, it makes sense you’d want to know how many chapters are in A Way Out and how long it is. If you have to schedule your game time around work or family, it’s always best to know just how long a game is so you can make sure you can block out enough playtime. Below we’ll tell you how long A Way Out is, and how many chapters you’ll need to beat to get to the end.

How Many Chapters are in A Way Out?

A Way Out is structured a lot like a play. So, instead of being broken into episodes like a lot of recent adventure games are the game is divided into acts and chapters. A Way Out has 5 acts composed of 37 chapters, and unfortunately, some of the names of the chapters contain minor spoilers. We’ve laid out two lists here. The first one lists just the numbers of each act and how many chapters it has, while the one below it contains both the act and chapter names. If you’re wanting to avoid any spoilers whatsoever, don’t read below the first list.

  • Act 1: 10 chapters
  • Act 2: 6 chapters
  • Act 3: 10 chapters
  • Act 4: 7 chapters
  • Act 5: 4 chapters

The full names of the acts and chapters are:

Act 1: Escape

  1. Beginnings
  2. The Yard
  3. Canteen Brawl
  4. Helping Hand
  5. Work Detail
  6. Cell Breach
  7. Laundry Smuggle
  8. The Way Out
  9. Wrench Relay
  10. Prison Escape

Act 2: Fugitives

  1. On The Run
  2. Bridge Crossing
  3. Breather
  4. The Farmstead
  5. The Getaway
  6. River Run

Act 3: Preparation

  1. Reunion
  2. Bonds
  3. Hazardous Hunt
  4. Violent Questioning
  5. Stick Up
  6. Gun Runner
  7. The Call
  8. The Assassin
  9. A New Life
  10. Against All Odds

Act 4: Vengeance

  1. Lift Off
  2. Free Fall
  3. The Trek
  4. Ambush
  5. Covering Fire
  6. The Mansion
  7. Jungle Road

Act 5: Conflict

  1. Answers
  2. Canal Chase
  3. Face Off
  4. A Way Out

How Long is A Way Out?

Unfortunately for the time-concerned, the acts and chapters of A Way Out aren’t of equal or comparable time. Some chapters last a few minutes, while others may be a half-hour or so. Your time through the game may also vary depending on how much time you spend exploring and playing minigames and side activities.

For the average player A Way Out will take between 6-8 hours per playthrough. There are alternate decisions and routes you can take, so it may take around 10 hours to see everything the game has to offer.

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