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Far Cry 5 Romance Options Explained: Is There Far Cry 5 Romance?

With such a massive, open-world version of Montana to explore, there’s no surprise some players are looking for Far Cry 5 romance options. Your customizable Deputy Sheriff is yours to create and make your own from outfits to gender, so why not love interests as well? It certainly makes sense.

Hope County is filled to the brim with interesting companions called Guns for Hire that can join your Resistance and help you take down the Eden’s Gate cult, so it makes perfect sense for your custom-made character to be able to have Far Cry 5 romance options from among your companions.

Far Cry 5 Romance Options Explained: Is There Far Cry 5 Romance?

Despite having such a huge world and tons of companions and main characters join you on your 25 plus hour fight against Joseph Seed and his cult, there are no Far Cry 5 romance options whatsoever. This is a rather unfortunate answer for those that would like to take their custom protagonist to another level.

Far Cry 5 romance options would certainly make sense given the amount of player choice that you have and the fact that a large portion of the game is recruiting partners to assist you in combat, similar to other games like Fallout 3. Regardless, there is no love for you to find in this game besides the cuddles of your furry bear companion.

However, the lack of Far Cry 5 romance options shouldn’t stop you from attempting to get to know characters in the game more intimately… just in a platonic way. The various Gun for Hires you can recruit have their own unique play style, personality, and sometimes even quests that can give you a deeper look into them.