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Fortnite Servers Offline: How to Relaunch Fortnite

Epic Games has triggered an intentional Fortnite servers offline situation, and now users are flooding in wondering how to relaunch Fortnite. Though it’s unlikely to do much good, before the servers are actually confirmed to be back online, some players may want to keep relaunching the game to see if they can somehow gain access, or be the first in line once maintenance is over.

Here’s how to relaunch Fortnite for PC, Xbox One, PS4, iPhone and Android devices.

Fortnite Servers Offline: How to Relaunch Fortnite on PC

Fortnite on PC uses the Epic Games application. When servers are busy, players are put into a queue, which restricts the amount of sign-in attempts. Before attempting to boot up Fortnite, you may need to wait for a set period. If this is the case, you’ll see a countdown appear on the screen.

To relaunch Fortnite on PC, you’ll want to close the Epic Games service and then reopen it. Failing this, you can use the Task Manager to close the app through the “Processes” tab.

Fortnite Servers Offline: How to Relaunch Fortnite on PS4 and Xbox One

How to Relaunch Fortnite

The Fortnite PS4 and Xbox One versions work similarly, in that they are both launched through the consoles’ respective dashboards. If Fortnite is undergoing maintenance, an error message will pop up.

If you want to relaunch Fortnite on PS4 or Xbox One, simply exit the game using the PlayStation or Xbox button on your controller. Then select Fortnite from the dashboard to relaunch it.

Fortnite Servers Offline: How to Relaunch Fortnite on iPhone and Android

The Fortnite iPhone and Android applications work similarly, in that both are opened via the home screen or application draw. Those wanting to relaunch the iPhone or Android Fortnite app will need to exit out of the app and close it (make sure it isn’t stored in memory), before then selecting the app again to relaunch it.