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Fortnite Mountain Peaks Challenge Location Guide

One of the more tedious Fortnite Week 6 challenges is the Mountain Peaks challenge, which asks players to “summit different mountain peaks.” Battle Pass owners who are hoping to complete this objective will need to reach the peak of 10 different mountains. This sounds like it’s going to take a long time, but there’s a few sneaky tips to help speed the process up. Read on for all you need to know about the Fortnite Mountain Peaks challenge.

Fortnite Mountain Peaks Challenge: What Does It Mean?

The Fortnite Mountain Peaks challenge can be a little confusing, as the word “summit” doesn’t really give any clue as to whether players have to land on the mountaintop, or if they have to climb to it. We can confirm that both methods work. You can do these one by one by gliding from above, or you can build your way to the top.

Now here’s the sneaky tip: It turns out, that you don’t even have to touch the tops of the mountains! Gliding towards the peak is enough, and players who are quick to change direction can glide to multiple mountaintops in a single drop.

If you’re trying to spot the mountaintops in-game, head towards the bright beacons, as seen in the image below (via Reddit):

Fortnite Mountain Peaks

Fortnite Mountain Peaks Challenge: Locations Guide

There are many different mountaintops which players can land or climb on. They’re easy to spot with the bright beacons, as seen above.

The quickest way to complete the Fortnite Mountain Peaks challenge has been sussed by Reddit user CemBozz. You can move quickly around Pleasant Park to quickly summit the surrounding mountains. So long as other players don’t interfere, you should be able to complete this challenge in a round or two.

Fortnite Mountain Peaks

Epic Games will no doubt feature other location-based Fortnite objectives. Keep it locked to GameRevolution for all the latest guides and news surrounding this game, and many, many others!