Ace Combat Zero Faq/ Walkthrough


Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War

(NA Version)

Guide by: Paul Michael (vhayste, levanteinn)

email: [email protected]

version 1.0

May 23, 2006

version 1.1

July 6, 2006

--rechecked faq, corrected some minor details

version 1.2

August 28, 2006

--added some more information in the MISC Faqs section

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Version 1.0

--finished main walkthrough

--included unlockables, medals and assault records

--included extras




--Ace styles




--aircraft data

--special weapons

--assault records

--miscellaneous faqs



X Button: Guns

Circle Button: Fire Missile/Special Weapon

Triangle Button: Change targets

Square Button: View Battlezone Map (Pressure sensitive)

D-Pad Up: Order wingman to attack targets in front of you/selected target

D-Pad Down: Order wingman to cover you

D-Pad Left: Order wingman to disperse

D-Pad Right: Allow/prohibit wingman to use special weapons

L1: Throttle down (hold for brakes)

L2: Rudder Left (turn left)

R1: Throttle Up (hold for acceleration)

R2: Rudder Right (turn right)

L2 + R2: Autopilot

L3: Boresight(Change craft view to 3rd person, hud/cockpit and 1st person)

Select Button: Toggle missiles/special weapon

Start Button: Pause Menu

Left Analog Stick: Fly the aircraft

Right Analog Stick: Move camera angle/view



Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War is a retelling of the events of a war which

happened earlier in the Ace Combat time line; the story recounts the actions

of a legendary mercenary ace, "Cipher", and his effect on both the outcome

of the war and the opposing aces he defeated in combat.

In 1995, Belka invaded its neighbors and started a war which engulfed

the world.

After years of internal political unrest, which started around 1988 with

the Belkan federal law review, Belka allowed its eastern territories to

secede. This however, did not remedy the vast economic crisis that had

befallen the country. Osea, seeing a chance to make profit, assisted the

eastern provinces in declaring independence and setting up Osean-friendly

governments; one of which was the Ustio Republic. An extreme right-wing

political group finally comes to power on the 12th of December 1991.

Shortly thereafter, vast natural resources were discovered in the B7R region,

and Belka invaded outwards on the 25th of March, 1995 recapturing lost

territories in a blitzkrieg. These actions prompted both Osea and Yuktobania

to combine forces and launch a counter-offensive against Belka.

At this time, the story of Cipher and Pixy begins...


The ace system of AC0 allow players to add uniqueness to the story. During

gameplay, your ace style will determine the enemy aces you will face.

Your actions dictate who you are now. Nearly every mission contains red

(target), green (hostile), and yellow (neutral/neutralized) targets.

The player's ace status will depend on how many neutral targets he or

she destroys.

Mercenary Ace: An ace that lives for battle, money and glory. If you destroy

everything during any mission, the "ace style gauge" will move to the right.

To be ranked as a "SUPREME MERCENARY", the pointer should be on the farthest

left of the gauge.

Soldier Ace: An ace that lives for his comrades, and his country. If you

destroy some yellow targets and spare some, your gauge will move to the middle.

To obtain "SUPREME SOLDIER" rank, the line should be on the middle of the


Knight Ace: An ace that lives for pride, and honor. You only concentrate on

taking down red indicated targets, sparing yellow targets and also destroying

some green targets. To be considered as "SUPREME KNIGHT" ace, the gauge

should be on the farthest right of the gauge.


Make sure that before Mission 14 or 15 starts, you already set what ace type

would you like to beat the game as. Starting from the indicated mission

onwards, whatever you do during missions will not affect the gauge anymore.


In any case that you find yourself stuck on a mission, you can try to set

the game to easy mode until you get used to the controls or familiarize

yourself with the gameplay. You will still earn medals, assault records

(for shooting down optional aces), unlock planes etc. to get better planes and

earn additional credits.

Also, there could be some spoilers up ahead, just to warn you.

Mission 1: Glacial Skies

Operation "Crossbow"

Date: 2-APR-95 HR13:00

Area: Valais Air Base

Coordinates: 020°04'08"N, 239°31'24"E



Similar to AC4's "sitting duck" mission, you will need to intercept a group

of Belkan bombers and escorts. This is pretty much an easy mission to start


Choose a plane that has air-to-air special weapons. F-5E (QAAM) or

J35J (SAAM) would do. Equip XMAA for Pixy.

Just go to the direction and shoot down targets, depending on what ace style

you wanna be.



Mission 2: Annex

Operation "Roselein"

Date: 15-APR-95  HR10:20

Area: Arlon

Coordinates: 014°47'46"N, 234°27'58"E

Another easy mission. When you start off, you can either order your wingman

to attack air targets so that you can concentrate on wiping out ground targets.

Just equip a plane with bombs. For this mission, any starting planes would do.

Just pick the targets you'll eliminate to keep up with the current ace style

you want.



Mission 3: The Round Table

Operation "Choker One"

Date: 20-APR-95  HR11:20

Area: B7R (Round Table)

Coordinates: 022°53'37"N, 234°19'32"E

You will need to down a few planes to help your comrades. After that, a

cutscene will occur.

You will face an enemy squadron depending on your ace style.

They are the following:

Mercenary: Rot Squadron x4 Typhoons

unlocks: Typhoon / EF-2000 Eurofighter

Soldier: Grun Squadron  x4 F/A-18s

unlocks: F/A-18C Hornet

Knight: Indigo Squadron x4 Jas-39 Gripen Cs

unlocks: JAS-39C Gripen

You and your wingman will engage in a dogfight against one of these squadrons.

Just keep in mind, DONT fly straight longer than a second or so. These guys

are good at tailgating and they will always try to lock you on.

Order your wingman to attack freely and use sp weapons. Just keep on your

toes. Attempt to get to their back as much as possible before shooting. It may

be annoying at first since your planes are still weak but you can get through

it eventually.



Mission 4: Juggernaut

"Offensive Campaign No. 4101"

Date: 24-APR-95 HR11:40

Area: Futuro Canal

Coordinates: 014°03'23"N, 231°28'19"E

This mission is divided to 3 operations. For each mission you choose,

you will the chance to unlock a plane.

Round Hammer: A primarily air to ground operation in the end of the

Futuro canal. You can just have Pixy to attack airborne targets and

just concentrate on wiping out ground/ naval targets.

Unlocks: F-20A Tigershark

Gelnikos: The main objective is secure air superiority. Most will be air

targets, however you may need to take out ground targets as well. Just have

Pixy get busy and you as well, shooting down enemy fighters.

Unlocks: MiG-29A Fulcrum

Costner: You will need to provide a close-air support to the Allied

 Fleet in the Futuro Canal. Take note that the ships DO get destroyed and if

the aircarft carrier Kestrel gets destroyed, mission fails. Again, have Pixy

do his own and concentrate on taking down nearby fighters.

Unlocks: F-16C Fighting Falcon



Mission 5: Flicker of Hope

Operation "Varsity"

Date: 12-MAY-95 HR05:50

Area: Solis Ortus

Coordinates: 016°52'07"N, 237°16'09"E

You need to assist in an aerial invasion of the Ustian town of Solis Ortis.

As usual, have Pixy attack aerial targets, take care of the ground. Proceed

to the first dropzone on your upper left. Clear the remaining zones after

you finish off with that.

After destroying the targets, a mission update appears. Remaining targets

should be aircrafts.

unlocks: A-10A Thunderbolt II (you need to shoot down Fischer)

         Mirage 2000D



Mission 6: Diapason

"Operation Constantine"

Date: 13-MAY-95 HR16:30

Area: Directus

Coordinates: 017°28'01"N, 238°25'51"E

Just proceed as usual. After clearing the first sector, a couple of F-4E's

will attack the ground forces at the bottom of the map. Go back, shoot them

down then just proceed on clearing the remaining sectors. After destroying the

main targets, there will be a mission update.

-Defeat Gelb Squadron-

You will face two SU-37's , just like the yellow squadron of AC4. These guys

are quite challenging especially if you dont have the right plane. Apply the

same dogfighting skills you learned from the last missions. Remember to brake

hard and thrust hard to get to good shooting position. Just remember to have

Pixy on attack and sp mode.

Unlocks: SU-37 Terminator

         EA-6B Prowler



Mission 7: Bastion

"Operation Hell Hound"

Date: 17-MAY-95 HR16:20

Area: Mt. Ivrea

Coordinates: 017°29'13"N, 231°57'02"E

Start the mission clearing the set of AA artillery lined up in the mountain.

You can choose whatever you want your wingman to do. After clearing Sector A,

proceed to the center of the map and clear the area. Several other sectors

will now be revealed so its up to you to clear an area first, rearm, then

continue. This mission should be easy since the main targets are ground-based,

although you may encounter air-based enemies as well.

The time limit should be more than enough for you to rack up 16000 pts. If you

have troubles doing that, clear the first available areas first then proceed

to the top left part of the map. There should be a VTOL base there which has a

large group of structures and stationary planes.



Mission 8: Merlon

"Operation Dynamo"

Date: 19-MAY-95  HR15:30

Area: Schayne Plains

Coordinates: 028°19'02"N, 229°02'17"E

Again this mission is divided into 3 parts.

ALPHA - This is an easy mission. You need to clear the  enemy defense lines.

Just eliminate the ground targets indicated, using bombs for max effectivity.

Unlocks: F-2a

BETA - Another ground mission. You need to destroy enemy facilities and may

include some airborne target. You can use your own tactics here.

Unlocks: Tornado GR.4

THETA - Air-to-air mission. Just make sure that you have AA sp weapons before

choosing this mission. Just have Pixy attack freely and just shoot like crazy.

Unlocks: X-29A

After finishing any of those missions, mission update appears..

-Annihilating Light -

If you watch the cutscene, you know you're in BIG trouble. To start off, just

turn around and head south of the map. From the last blast count from 9-10

seconds, hit the brake and steer right or left. Do this in pattern to avoid the

blast radius. (red area) Even if you dont hit directly as long as that red

circle touches your plane, its over.

Also take note of the enemy aces that appear on this map. There should be two

of them, and you may even get the ace with the jammer. (errr... that could be

bad y'know?)



Mission 9: Sword of Annihilation

"Operation Judgement"

Date: 23-MAY-95 HR14:00

Area: Tauberg

Coordinates: 028°30'16"N, 231°16'56"E

If you played Ace Combat 4, this should be familiar. In a sense, this mission

is easier than the "Stongehenge" mission from AC4. Anyways, start off by

destroying the jammers. Remember, that you can't use missiles effectively

since they cant lock on.

Remember the gun. The jammers may seem thick shelled but they can actually be

taken out by a few vulcan rounds. Or if you want to, just drop a bomb in the

vicinity or if you're good at firing rockets without lock-ons, better.

After destroying the jammers, proceed to the "sword" and take care of the

railway laser artillery first. Then, take out the power facilities. After

that, target Excalibur's tip and wait till it finishes firing a beam. It will

take 8-10 shots to bring down the tip and the same goes when targetting the

base itself.

unlocks: F-15C Eagle



Mission 10: Mayhem

"Operation Battle-Axe"

Date: 28-MAY-95 HR12:00

Area: B7R

Coordinates: 022°53'37"N, 234°19'32"E

Recommended to equip XL, XMAA's or QAAM's.

Again, similar to the "Shattered Skies" mission in AC4. This mission has

major air-to-air combats. Just keep shooting down enemies until you acquire

at least 8100 pts. Then again, depending on your ace style, enemy ace

squadrons will intercept you.

Mercenary - Schwarze Squadron (6x Mig-31)

Unlocks: Mig31 Foxhound

These guys will usually try to box you in and shoot you down all at once.

Try to outmanuever them and get away from the "pack" and shoot them down.

Soldier - Schnee Squadron (4x F-14d, 1x EA-6A)

unlocks: F-14D

Clear your radar by shooting the EA-6A Prowler first. Then just go for the

other planes as well

Knight - Silber Squadron (4x F-16c, 1x F-4e)

unlocks: F-4E

The easiest amongst the 3. Well, just shoot them all down to end the mission.



Mission 11: The Inferno

"Operation Cannibal"

Date: 1-JUN-95 HR23:10

Area: Hoffnung

Coordinates: 025°38'10"N, 237°28'50"E

You need to escort an allied bombing raid again. Targets are primarily gound

based so it wouldnt hurt to bring in some bombs. Or just pick them off using

plain old missiles. After clearing the ground forces, mission update.

-Defeat reinforcements-

6x F-35

2x B-2

1x EA-18G

take out the prowler first, then F-35's. The B-2's are just slow, you can pick

them off that easy. Destroy all indicated targets to finish mission.



Mission 12: The Stage of Apocalypse

"Operation Ravage"

Date: 6-JUN-95 HR14:50

Area: Waldreich

Coordinates: 025°11'04"N, 233°53'02"E

Equip Pixy with a bomb and not AA sp weapons

Start off the mission by following the lines. This will be the last day you'll

gonna have Pixy as your wingman. AWACS will update you about bombers carrying

nuke payload. Intercept the group.

After 5 mins or after all targets has been shot down, there would be a flash

of light. Your electronic equipment should go bonkers but you can still control

the plane. Get as far as possible from pixy. After that, Pixy will try to

shoot you down.

There will be another wave of enemies. Shoot them all down to end the mission.

Unlocks: F-15E Strike Eagle



Mission 13: Lying in Deceit

"Operation Stone Age"

Date: 13-JUN-95 HR16:00

Area: Mt. Schirm

Coordinates: 030°27'41"N, 228°34'18"E

The goal is acquire 20000 pts within the set period. Airborne enemies are

few, so you better get yourself a good bomb. The air base area on the north

western is a good area to acquire points, especially the yellow targets.

Just take advantage of the "return line" on the left part of the map, you

should do fine.



Mission 14: The Final Overture

"Operation Broom"

Date: 20-JUN-95 HR16:00

Area: Anfang

Coordinates: 034°36'16"N, 236°51'01"E

Again, this mission is composed of 3 diffrent teams:

MARS STRIKE TEAM - lead an air strike against ground and naval forces. Destroy

all indicated targets to end the mission.

Unlocks: F-117A Stealth Bomber

MERCURY STRIKE TEAM - this is a mix of both ground and air forces. You will

also have the chance to shoot down planes while they are taking off. Again,

the enemy using a tunnel as a makeshift base is another idea borrowed from AC4.

Destroy all indicated targets to end the mission.

unlocks: F-35C

JUPITER STRIKE TEAM - this is primarily an air-to-air mission. Just make sure

to take out the jamming planes, there should be 6 of them to clear your radar.

Finish off the opposition after that.

unlocks: EA-18G Growler



Mission 15: The Talon of Ruin

"Operation Valkyrie"

Date: 25-DEC-95 HR15:10

Area: ?????

Coordinates: ????????

WHOA!! LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT THING!! well, just like what I read with

the other faqs before, they have a similar reaction. Ok, you're the Demon Lord

and you need to blast this bully of the sky into smithereens.

Follow the path indicated on the map. Once you get closer to the flying

fortress , you will be intercepted by the Espada Squadron (or duo?) Take care

of them first. Comparing to the next squadron you'll be facing, these guys a

bit easier.

Taking on the XB-0's first form is easy as soon as you finish the Espada team.

There would be a couple of SU-27's that will join the fray, I sugggest bust em

so that they wont bother anymore.

Just destroy all the targets indicated. Having a XLAA or XMAA would definitely

make it faster.

Once all targets on the XB-o is destroyed, it will deploy another set of anti

air turrets. Same as before, destroy all of them.

Finally, you actually need to get ahead of XB-0 and hit it by the cockpit.

You will also encounter optional ace squadrons on the bottom right of the

screen, i wouldnt suggest taking them on unless you have a pretty good craft.

Watch it burn baby! ... mission complete.

unlocks: Rafale M (shoot down Espada 2)



!!"Your last sortie..."

Indeed it is. The setup you have for your plane and your wingman will not

be changed until the game ends. So decide carefully what to equip.!!

Mission 16: The Demon of the Round Table

"Operation Thunderbolt"

Date: 31-DEC-95   HR11:00

Area: B7R

Coordinates: 022°53'37"N, 234°19'32"E

Follow the arrow on the map. You will be intercepted by a group of enemy

squadron, depending on your ace style.

Mercenary -  Sorcerer Squadron

             8x F-15S/MTD

This is one hell of a battle. You might break your controller just to

evade all those missiles.. These guys usually attacks by pairs or more.

Try to get out of thier firing range by looping on them. They usually attack

head on. Use this agressive behavior to defeat them.

Unlocks: F-15S/MTD

Soldier Ace - Gault Squadron

              8x Su-47

These guys reminds me of RA2's Black Eagles. As usual, they charge to you head

on, especially when they first enter the airspace. if you have XLAA's or XMAA's

you can try to down for of them at once. The hard part of this is when you

track one enemy, the other two or three tailgates you. Try to break away from

the frenzy and take them out one by one.

Unlocks: Su-47 Berkut

Knight Ace - Wizard Squadron

             4x F-16XL

             4x YF-23A

They can be annoying if you let your guard down. They have YF-23A's with them

that appears and disappears from the radar occasionally. Just keep on moving

and eventually you will be able to shot them down.

Unlocks: F-16XL



Mission 17: The Valley of Kings

"Operation POINT BLANK"

Date: 31-DEC-95 HR15:00

Area: Avalon

Coordinates: 029°55'00"N, 234°30'00"E

All hell has broken lose. This is one of the missions you will hate and dread

You need to make sure that you dont fly above the

canyon or else. Try taking out the SAMs first whenever you get the chance.

Dont bother helping your allies since they will be shot down no matter what.

Try flying fast against those AA defenses and make your way to the dam. Dont

mind PJ since he can manage by himself.

When you manage to get through the defenses and make it to the dam, take out

the guntowers first. And SLOWLY, descend to the opening and make your way

inside the massive tunnel. There will be v3 controllers but you need to destroy

4 locks on each controllers. Depending on what plane or sp weapon you're using

this will take about 2-3 trips inside the tunnel.

Occasionally, there would be enemy aces that will be flying outside. You can

shoot them for additional pts and unlock assault records for those aces.

Once done, you will immediately proceed to the last mission...



Mission 18: Zero

Date: 31-DEC-95 HR15:10

Area: Avalon Dam

Coordinates: 029°55'00"N, 234°30'00"E

Ok, here it is. Its only between you and Pixy. After watching your wingman

blown to bits, you will be pitted to a one-on-one battle with Pixy.

This battle has 3 phases. From the start, Pixy will be using a high powered

laser as a weapon. There is nothing much of a problem here, since you just

need at least 6 missile hits to defeat his first "form".

Next, Pixy will be utilizing one of the game's most powerful special weapons,

the Burst Missile. Dont worry, even though that is a homing, air-to-air/ground

weapon, Pixy most likely shoots it infront of you and detonates it early.

Also, you will only take damage if you are hit directly but not by the radius.

Again, this will take 6+ missile hits to finish.

Finally, you will be introduced to the ADF-X01 Morgan. Now, Pixy will activate

his plane's ECM jammers. You can still lock unto him but your missiles be

deflected away when they come near him. The only way you can defeat him is by

hitting him on the front air intakes.

As soon as the 3rd phase starts, make sure that you're in the same level as him

and thrust towards him. As soon as you get a lock on, release two missiles and

get out of the way. Move straight for about a few seconds then turn around and

repeat the process. DO NOT attempt to follow him. You will just waste time and

will have a hard time to get into shooting position.

You need 6 missiles to down him permanently.



Watch the cutscenes and..


you finished the game!

But there is still a lot to do...



After destroying the V-2 launch facility, PJ's radio chatter is interrupted

when Cipher's former wingman, Pixy, appears in the ADFX-02 aircraft as the

organization's ace pilot and shoots PJ down. In order to stop a final V2,

Cipher duels Pixy one-on-one, and finally defeats him.

The story ends with a final series of interviews the last of which is

Pixy himself, fighting on a disputed border in present-day. He has

reevaluated his perspective on why people fight for national identities

and borders and has only one thing to say to his former wingman:

"Yo, buddy. You Still alive?"

"And thanks, friend. See you again..."





Music Player - Beat the game once, any difficulty.

Scene Viewer - Beat the game once, any difficulty.

Free Mission - Beat the game once, any difficulty.


ADF-01 "Falken" - Acquire all Supreme Knight, Supreme Soldier,

                  Supreme Mercenary medals.

                - or just have Ace Combat 5 save data on your

                  memory card.

ADFX-01 "Morgan" - Beat the game on all ace styles, any difficulty

                 - Have AC5:Unsung war save game on your memory card

F-22 "Raptor" - Beat the game once, any difficulty.

X-02 "Wyvern" - Beat the game on two diffrent ace styles

              - or, just have Ace Combat 4 save data on your

                  memory card.


"The Gauntlet" (special mission) - Defeat all major squadrons namely:

Rot, Grun, Indigo, Gelb, Schwarze, Schnee, Silber, Espada, Sorcerer,

Gault and Wizard.


"Mercenary" paint - Beat the game with "mercenary" ace style

"Soldier" paint - Beat the game with "soldier" ace style

"Knight" paint - Beat the game with "soldier" ace style

SP paint - you need to actually shoot down other optional aces and finish the

           game on higher difficulties. I dont have the list of this, Im



Deliverance Bell       :  Complete Mission 6          

Guardian               :  Complete Mission 5

Broken Sword           :  Complete Mission 9          

Ragnarok               :  Get "S" rank in Mission 15

The Gold of Annwn      :  Destroy all enemy units at the Avalon Dam in

                           Mission 17

Bronze Ace             :  Shoot down 200 enemy planes

Silver Ace             :  Shoot down 500 enemy planes

Gold Ace               :  Shoot down 1000 enemy planes

Marksman               :  Shoot down 5 enemy planes using only machine guns

Sharpshooter           :  Destroy 15 enemy planes using only machine guns

Expert Marksman        :  Destroy 50 enemy planes using only machine guns

Knight Ace             :  Complete Campaign Mode with Ace Stlye "Knight"

Soldier Ace            :  Complete Campaign Mode with Ace Style "Soldier"

Mercenary Ace          :  Complete Campaign Mode with Ace Style "Mercenary"

Supreme Knight         :  Complete Campaign Mode with the pointer at

                           the far right end of the gauge

Supreme Soldier        :  Complete Campaign Mode with the pointer at

                           the exact center of the style gauge.

Supreme Mercenary      :  Complete Campaign Mode with the pointer at

                           the far left end of the gauge

Bronze Wing            :  Achieve an "S" rank on all missions on Normal


Silver Wing            :  Achieve an "S" rank in all missions on Hard


Silver Wing            :  Achieve an "S" rank in all missions on Expert



This section contains all info possible for the plane. Stats are displayed

as grids in the game so, its hard to give the actual stats for each plane.

Here is the list of all the planes that can be purchased. I will just group

them via class for easier reference:

<name of the plane> (price)

M <amount of missiles>

SP1 <special weapon 1> (default)

SP2 <special weapon 2> (price)

SP3 <special weapon 3> (price)

- <How to unlock:>




A-10A Thunderbolt II  (40,500)

M : 64

SP1: XAGM - 10

SP2: FAEB - 10 (19,400)

SP3: RCL - 16 (14,600)

- Shoot down Fischer in Mission 5



M: 65

SP1: RCL - 10

SP2: UGB - 12 (41,800)

SP3: LASM - 10 (5,100)

-available from the start


F-2A (95,000)

M: 72

SP1: LASM - 12

SP2: XMAA - 20 (41,800)

SP3: SFFS - 14 (38,000)

-Complete mission 8 with Alpha Team


F-15E Strike Eagle (100000)

M: 76

SP1: SFFS - 14

SP2: SAAM - 10 (39,900)

SP3: GPB - 14 (35,900)

-Complete Mission 12


F-16XL (81,000)

M: 68

SP1: XAGM - 14

SP2: SAAM - 10 (32,200)

SP3: BDSP - 8 (29,100)

-shoot down Wizard squadron in mission 16 when playing as a knight


F-117A Nighthawk (109,000)

M: 54

SP1: GPB - 16

SP2: LAGM - 12 (39,300)

SP3: QAAM - 8 (41,800)

-Complete mission 14 with the Mars Strike Team


Mirage 2000D (49500)

M: 64

SP1: UGB - 14

SP2: GPB - 10 (17,800)

SP3: XAGM - 14 (19,800)

-Complete mission 5


Su-32 Strike Flanker (115000)

M: 80

SP1: XAGM - 16

SP2: LAGM - 14 (41,300)

SP3: XMAA - 12 (45,900)

-Complete mission 12


Tornado GR.4 (81000)

M: 72

SP1: BDSP - 12

SP2: ECMP - 4 (35,600)

SP3: LASM -12 (29,200)

-Complete mission 8 with Beta Team





F/A-18C Hornet (36000)

M: 64

SP1: LASM - 10

SP2: SAAM - 8 (14,400)

SP3: SOD - 12 (13,000)

-Defeat Grun Squadron in Mission 3 while playing as a Soldier.


F-35C Joint Strike Fighter (126,000)

M: 76

SP1: LASM - 14

SP2: SOD - 16 (45,400)

SP3: QAAM - 10 (50,400)

-Complete Mission 14 with Mercury Strike Team


JAS-39C Gripen (72000)

M: 60

SP1: RCL - 12

SP2: XLAA - 8 (31,000)

SP3: SOD - 14 (26,000)

-Shoot down Indigo Squadron in Mission 3 when playing as a Knight.


Rafale M (103500)

M: 74

SP1: LASM - 14

SP2: XMAA - 16 (41,400)

SP3: SOD - 14 (37,300)

-Shoot down Espada 2 in Mission 15


X-02 Wyvern (215000)

M: 84

SP1: XLAA - 14

SP2: QAAM - 14 (77,400)

SP3: XAGM - 16 (86,000)

-beat game twice on diffrent styles

-have AC4: Shattered Skies save game on your memory card




EA-6B Prowler (50500)

M: 66

SP1: ECMP - 5

SP2: LAGM - 8 (23,400)

SP3: QAAM - 4 (25,700)

-Complete mission 6


EA-18G Growler (109,000)

M: 74

SP1: ECMP - 6

SP2: XMAA - 8 (43,700)

SP3: LAGM - 10 (39,300)

-Complete Mission 14 with Jupiter Strike Team




ADF-01 Falken (430000)

M: 84

SP1: TLS - 14

SP2: XLAA - 18 (137,600)

SP3: FAEB - 8 (206,400)

- Obtain all Supreme ace medals

- Have AC5:Unsung war save game on your memory card


ADFX-01 Morgan (322,500)

M: 84

SP1: TLS - 7

SP2: MPBM - 8 (193,500)

SP3: ECMP - 8 (116,100)

- Beat the game on all ace styles, any difficulty

- Have AC5:Unsung war save game on your memory card


F-4E Phantom II (14000)

M: 62

SP1: SAAM - 6

SP2: UGBL - 8 (6,300)

SP3: NPB - 10 (5,100)

-Shoot down Silber 1 in Mission 10 when playing as a Knight.


F-5E Tiger II

M: 54

SP1: QAAM - 4

SP2: UGB - 8 (7200)

SP3: NPB - 10 (5,100)

-available from the start


F-14D Super Tomcat (76000)

M: 72

SP1: XLAA - 14

SP2: GPB - 10 (38,400)

SP3: NPB - 14 (27,400)

-Shoot down Schnee Squadron in Mission 10 when playing as a Soldier.


F-15C Eagle (87500)

M: 70

SP1: XMAA - 16

SP2: UGBL - 10 (31,500)

SP3: QAAM - 14 (35,000)

-Complete Mission 9


F-15S/MTD (154000)

M: 80

SP1: FAEB - 8

SP2: XLAA - 14 (61,600)

SP3: SOD - 16 (55,400)

-Shoot down Socerer Squadron in Mission 16 when playing as a Mercenery.


F-16C Fighting Falcon (31500)

M: 60

SP1: XMAA - 12

SP2: LAGM - 8 (11,300)

SP3: UGBL - 14 (12,600)

-Complete mission 4: costner


F-20A Tigershark (33000)

M: 60

SP1: SAAM - 10

SP2: GPB - 8 (12,000)

SP3: XAGM - 12 (13,300)

-Complete mission 4: Round Hammer


F/A-22A Raptor (101000)

M: 82

SP1: XMAA - 12

SP2: GPB - 12 (65,200)

SP3: SOD - 12 (75,500)

-beat game once, any difficulty


J-35J Draken

M: 50

SP1: SAAM - 8

SP2: UGB - 8 (4,000)

SP3: RCL - 8 (4,400)

-available from the start


MiG-21bis Fishbed (8500)

M: 56

SP1: RCL - 8

SP2: UGB - 10 (3,100)

SP3: QAAM - 6 (3,700)

-available from the start


MiG-29A Fulcrum (30000)

M: 60

SP1: SAAM - 12

SP2: RCL - 10 (10,700)

SP3: XAGM - 12 (22,100)

-Complete mission 4: gelnikos


MiG-31 Foxhound (55000)

M: 70

SP1: XLAA - 12

SP2: QAAM - 10 (19,900)

SP3: UGBL - 12 (22,100)

-Shoot down Schwarze Squadron in Mission 10 when playing as a Mercenary.


Su-27 Flanker (64000)

M: 72

SP1: XMAA - 16

SP2: UGBL - 8 (22,900)

SP3: SFFS - 12 (25,500)

-Complete Mission 9


Su-37 Terminator (130000)

M: 82

SP1: XLAA - 16

SP2: FAEB - 8 (????)

SP3: SFFS - 12 (25,500)

-Shoot down Gelb Squadron in Mission 6.


Su-47 Berkut (167000)

M: 82

SP1: SAAM - 14

SP2: SFFS - 16 (66,700)

SP3: BDSP - 12 (60,000)

-Shoot down Gault Squadron in Mission 16 when playing as a Soldier


Typhoon / EF-2000 Eurofighter (117000)

M: 78

SP1: XLAA - 14

SP2: SOD - 16 (46,800)

SP3: SFFS - 12 (42,100)

-Shoot down Rot Squadron in Mission 3 when playing as a Mercenary.


X-29A (81000)

M: 60

SP1: QAAM - 10

SP2: FAEB - 4 (42,000)

SP3: LAGM - 10 (32,300)

-Complete mission 8 theta Team.


YF-23A Black Widow II (133000)

M: 80

SP1: QAAM - 12

SP2: NPB - 12 (47,900)

SP3: BDSP - 10 (53,200)



Here is the list of all available special weapons. Im still not able to add

descriptions for each, so please bear with me.

BDSP (Bomblet Dispenser)

ECMP (Electronic Counter Measure Pod)

FAEB (Fuel-Air Explosive Bomb)

GPB (Guided Penetration Bomb)

LAGM (Long-Range Air-to-Ground Missile)

LASM (Long-range Air-to-Ship Missile)

MPBM (Multi-Purpose Burst Missile)

NPB (Napalm Bomb)

QAAM (Quick maneuver Air-to-Air Missile)

RCL (Rocket Launcher)

SAAM (Semi-Active Air-to-Air Missile)

SFFS (Self Forging Fragment Submunitions)

SOD (Stand Off Dispenser)

TLS (Tactical Laser System)

UGB (Unguided Bomb)

UGBL (Unguided Bomb Large)

XAGM (Advanced Air-to-Ground Missile)

XLAA (Advanced Long-Range Air-to-Air Missile)

XMAA (Advanced Medium-range Air-to-Air Missile)


000. F-5E Tiger

001. J35J Blitz

002. F-4E Dryade

003. F-117A Regen

004. XB-70 Wal

005. MiG-21bis Glueck

006. F-1A Kritiker

007. A-10A Storch

008. Mirage 2000D Wuerfel

009. F-15E Harpune

010. Typhoon Rot 1

011. Typhoon Rot 2

012. Typhoon Rot 3

013. Typhoon Rot 4

014. X-29A Trausend

015. F/A-18C Grun 1

016. F/A-18C Grun 2

017. F/A-18C Grun 3

018. F/A-18C Grun 4

019. TND-GR.4 Graufalk 1

020. TND-GR.4 Graufalk 2

021. JAS-39C Indigo 1

022. JAS-39C Indigo 2

023. JAS-39C Indigo 3

024. JAS-39C Indigo 4

025. F-16XL Amsel

026. F/A-18C Bachstelze

027. F-5E Gabel 1

028. F-5E Gabel 2

029. F-35C Moewe

030. F-15C Elch

031. Mirage 2000D Schakal 1

032. Mirage 2000D Schakal 2

033. X-29A Hundert

034. F-1A Wetterman

035. TND-GR.4 Absender

036. Su-27 Postler 1

037. Su-27 Postler 2

038. A-10A Fischer

039. F-16C Trinker

040. F-16XL Dichter

041. F-2A Spieler

042. F-20A Anwalt

043. MiG-31 Schwan

044. Su-37 Gelb 1

045. Su-37 Gelb 2

046. F-15C Ibis

047. EA-18G Wolkenmeer

048. F-14D Wildgans

049. F-15S/MTD Wuerger

050. F-117A Spuk

051. F-20A Vampir 1

052. F-20A Vampir 2

053. MiG-29A Iris

054. Su-32 Humie

055. EA-6B Artist

056. F-1A Biene

057. F-2A Strom

058. J35J Zugvogel

059. F-20A Falter

060. JAS-39C Quelle

061. MiG-29A Flamingo

062. F/A-18C Kolibri

063. Typhoon  Woge

064. F-2A Roller

065. F-15S/MTD Wabicht

066. X-29A Fliege

067. SR-71 Rabe

068. EA-6B Bergnebel

069. MiG-31 Schwarze 1

070. MiG-31 Schwarze 2

071. MiG-31 Schwarze 3

072. MiG-31 Schwarze 4

073. MiG-31 Schwarze 5

074. MiG-31 Schwarze 6

075. MiG-31 Schwarze 7

076. MiG-31 schwarze 8

077. MiG-21bis Huckebein

078. Su-47 Nachtigall

079. MiG-29A Grauwespe 1

080. MiG-29A Grauwespe 2

081. MiG-29A Grauwespe 3

082. MiG-29A Garuwespe 4

083. Su-47 Grabacr

084. F-14D Schnee 1

085. F-14D Schnee 2

086. F-14D Schnee 3

087. F-14D Schnee 4

088. EA-6B Schnee 5

089. F/A-22A Bergvogel

090. Su-27 GrauKater

091. Su-27 GrauKatze

092. F-15S/MTD Ofnir

093. F-4E Silber 1

094. F-16C Silber 2

095. F-16C Silber 3

096. F-16C Silber 4

097. F-16C Silber 5

098. Rafale M GrauOrce 1

099. Rafale M GrauOrce 2

100. Mirage 2000D Bergtaube

101. Su-37 Reiher

102. Su-32 Pfau

103. F-117A Schauer

104. A-10A Pelikan

105. EA-18G Wolkenwand

106. F-5E Sternchen

107. F-35C Spatz

108. Su-27 Lynx 1

109. Su-27 Lynx 2

110. EA-18G Nebelbank

111. Su-37 Trombe

112. MiG-31 Riese

113. F-15E Beo

114. F-15C Mondlicht

115. YF-23A Grani

116. F-117A Schatten

117. TND-GR.4 Weihe

118. JAS-39C Messer 1

119. JAS-39C Messer 2

120. Rafale M  Kranich

121. F-4E Lanze

122. F-15E Albatros

123. F-22A Adler

124. MiG-21bis Eisente

125. Su-32 Feinheit

126. YF-23A Lilie

127. Rafale M Espada 2

128. J35J Espada 1

129. F-2A Eisvogel 1

130. F-2A Eisvogel 2

131. Su-32 Suerte 1

132. Su-32 Suerte 2

133. F-16C Komyeta 1

134. F-16C Komyeta 2

135. B-2A Vulkan

136. B-2A Felsen

137. F-15S/MTD Sorcerer 1

138. F-15S/MTD Sorcerer 2

139. F-15S/MTD Sorcerer 3

140. F-15S/MTD Sorcerer 4

141. F-15S/MTD Sorcerer 5

142. F-15S/MTD Sorcerer 6

143. F-15S/MTD Sorcerer 7

144. F-15S/MTD Sorcerer 8

145. Su-47 Gault 1

146. Su-47 Gault 2

147. Su-47 Gault 3

148. Su-47 Gault 4

149. Su-47 Gault 5

150. Su-47 Gault 6

151. Su-47 Gault 7

152. Su-47 Gault 8

153. YF-23A Wizard 1

154. YF-23A Wizard 2

155. YF-23A Wizard 3

156. YF-23A Wizard 4

157. F-16XL Wizard 5

158. F-16XL Wizard 6

159. F-16XL Wizard 7

160. F-16XL Wizard 8

161. F-35C Turm

162. X-29A Bauer

163. F/A-22A Ritter

164. YF-23A Slon

165. Typhoon Pyosnka

166. F-14D Kon

167. EA-18G Springer

168. ADFX-02 Pixy



-Cipher's nickname late in the game is "The Demon" or "The Demon of the

Round Table". This is fitting as he is in the 6th Air Division 66th Air Force

Unit. 666 is the "number of the beast".

-All the Belkan squadrons are German words for colors.

             Rot is Red

             Grun is Green

             Indigo is Indigo

             Schwarze is Black

             Gelb is Yellow

             Schnee is Snow

             Silber is Silver

-Gelb Squadron share many similarities with Yellow Squadron from Ace Combat 04

other than the same name. Both squadrons fly SU-37s and have similar paint


-Galm Squadron is most likely a translation error from Garm as the Japanese

language doesn't recognize the difference between the letters "L" and "R"

-The Country of Belka's name comes from the Russian word for squirrel, a

popular animal in Germany.

-Schwarze Squadron has a paint scheme very similar to the Ace Combat 2 Ace

"Stalker" whom also flys a MiG-31.

-Cipher's F-15C paint scheme is almost like Mobius 1's F-15C from Ace Combat 04.

-Cipher's F-14D paint scheme is Blaze's Razgriz paint scheme from Ace Combat 5.

-Cipher's Su-37 Mercenary paint scheme is Yellow 13's Paint scheme from

 Ace Combat 04.

-Cipher's F/A-22A Soldier paint scheme is Mobius 1's F/A-22A paint scheme

 from Ace Combat 04.

-Cipher's Su-37 Soldier paint scheme is the Su-35's paint scheme in Ace

Combat 04, and the Knight paint scheme of the same plane is the Su-37's

paint scheme in Ace Combat 04.

-The country of Sapin is an anagram for Spain.

-The Sapin squadron, Espada, is Spanish for "sword".

-Both Palmer and Bristow have nicknames after Knights of the Round Table:

Sir Bedivere and Sir Lucan, respectively. These are the two knights

who carried Arthur to the lake so he could be transported to Avalon,

apparently to sleep until he was needed to rule Britain again.

-An enemy ace in mission 17 has the call sign "Pyosnka" which is a homophone

for the Polish word piosenka, or "song".

-In the multiplayer Stage 7, three of the first player's friendly aircraft

are named Edge, Chopper, and Archer.

-Heartbreak One (Captain Bartlett) and Huckebein the Raven (Wolfgang Buchner

aka Pops) from Ace Combat 5 appear in mission 10A (Mercenary). They're piloting

an F-14D and MiG-21bis, respectively. It should be noted that neither of them

speaks during the entire mission.

-Mobius 1 appears as an enemy in the special mission. Getting Mobius 1 to

appear is one matter, defeating him is another.

-The date that the Belkans drop 7 nuclear bombs, June 6th, coincides with D-Day,

 also on June 6th.

-The Soldier paint scheme for the F-14D Super Tomcat is the Razgriz one from

Ace Combat 5

-Bernhard "Owl" Schmidt is eating in a restaurant called "Pop's Diner"

-Pixy is in fact fighting in the aftermath of the Usea Conflict. It ended in

 September 2005, whilst the interview takes place in November, thus

 confirming that he is fighting in that conflict in Delarus.

-There is an F-15S/MTD ace flying around the Round Table with the tag "Ofnir".

 He can be seen while fighting Schnee Squadron.

-There is an Su-47 ace that appears with the tag "Grabacr" while fighting

Schwarze. He only appears if Pops (Huckebein) flys south-east.

-V-2 is both the vengance weapon for A World With no Boundries and for Nazi

Germany during World War II

-The briefing software references communism. The name of the software company

is 'Axe and Hammer Precision Instruments Industry', while communism itself is

represented with a 'Hammer and Sickle'. The colors of the software and the

communist flag are similar too. It may also be construed as a subtle joke,

as an axe and a hammer are not usually considered precision instruments.

-Although Yuktobania was said to have played a significant role in the events

depicted in this game, their forces are peculiarly absent. It has been

postulated that Yuktobania played a diminished role specifically in regards

 to Ustio and may have been a source of logistics and supplies rather than

combat forces, hence the 'Axe and Hammer' reference of the game's fictional

software, in fact the only mentions of Yuke presence are from descriptions of

Yuke aces that defected to A World With no Boundries.

-The music that plays during Sword of Annihilation is somewhat similar to the

track Stonehenge Offensive from Ace Combat 4. This is no doubt due to the

similar natures of the superweapons Stonehenge and Excalibur.

-In Mission 5 (Flicker of Hope) Osean Forces deploy a paratrooper unit called

"122nd Airborne Division". This is most probably an allegory to real-life US

101st Airborne Division as the Osean Federation is mainly based on the

United States.

-Hresvelgr may be a rough translation of the Norse god Hræsvelgr who works,

in legend, with another god called Garm (of which Galm is also a rough

translation of Garm).

-F-20's and F-2A's Special paint jobs are quite similar to the colors of

Turkish Air Force's acrobatic team "Türk Yildizlari" (Turkish Stars). [2]

However, they use F-5A Freedom Fighters as aircraft.

-The F-15S/MTD's mercenary paint sceme is very similar to NASA's paint sceme

for it.

-The F/A-18C's Mercenary paint scheme is very similar to the Blue Angels

paint scheme.

-The music track 'Zero' bears a very slight similarity to 'The Unsung War',

which was the track playing on the final mission of Ace Combat 5. 'The Unsung

War' tells the fable of the demon Razgriz, and due to the references to a Demon

Lord in this game, it is possible that 'Zero' might be telling a similar story.

There is an enemy ace flying an F-22A named Adler. In Ace Combat 5, Adler was

the Belkan who was piloting the hijacked Arkbird. "Adler" is also German for


-Mission 5, which is also called Operation Varsity has a slight resemblance in

real life Operation Varsity of World War II which took place in Rhine.

-The Ustio Military uses a rank system for the mercenary pilots. During Pixy's

interview , you can clearly see his ID papers. His rank is "2nd Lieutenant".

-Several mercenary and solider paint schemes look like Yuke and Osean schemes.

The metal slab in one of the final cutscenes belongs to PJ's F-16 Fighting

Falcon which is downed when it is hit by Pixy's laser. Whilst flowers rest

beside it, it does not confirm that PJ is dead, but merely missing and

presumed dead. Huckebein the Raven is likewise presumed dead, when he is

really now working with the Oseans.

These are some extra faqs contributed by Pancho ([email protected])

-The Belkans also are mentioned in an episode of Stargate Atlantis, in Season 2 as otherwordly people.

-The ADF-01 Falken made the very first appearance in Ace combat 2; in the

very last stage you can see the named pilot flying it. In that version of the

game, the Falken doesn't fire lasers but does fire missiles in the front and


-The ADFX-01 Morgan is manufactured using Belkan technology. The laser was

used later by Osea, and the Burst missiles, by Yuktobania. So Belka not just manipulated both countries and lead them into war, but also

sold the weapons by means of Grunder industries (Belkan vengeance).

-The name of the pilot GRABAC is in fact Ashley, Pops mention this name in

Ace Combat 5 when he and the rest of the Wardog squad escape from the 8492

planes (the Grabac squad).

-When Pops and Anderson are talking on the deck of the Kestrel, you can see a guy playing the HARMONICA, and is the same melody played by the narrator of Ace combat 4. Perhaps the narrator is in fact Blaze, or just was another reference to the AC 4.

-Stier Castle: In the stage where the nuke goes off, you can see how nice and green that land was. After that, the effects of the nuclear winter can be seen. Another location in AC ZERO shared by AC5 is the mine where Cipher and PJ find the giant hangar; that is also the mine that Razgriz sealed to bury the Belkan nukes.




                                C R E D I T S




....primarily to all the gaming sites that hosted these faqs.

I really appreciate it.

....also to all the Filipino gamers that are actively participating and

contributing, helping their fellow gamers alike. my family, especially to my brother and sister on helping on this

faq's completion. my friends, family and office mates. Pancho ([email protected]) for the other details not covered in

Miscellaenous Section.



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