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Fortnite Waiting in Queue Fix: What Waiting in Queue Means, How to Fix It

The Fortnite waiting in queue error is causing a lot of login queue issues right now, resulting in players waiting in queues in order to even be able to access the game’s popular online competitive mode Battle Royale. It is causing frustration for players as it limits their ability to rapidly jump into an online match per usual.

The Fortnite waiting in queue fix is necessary for any players that want to jump back online. You aren’t alone in this error, as literally millions and millions of players across the world are faced with the waiting in queue error right now. Thankfully, we have an explanation for what’s happening.

Fortnite Waiting in Queue Error Explained

Players across all platforms for Battle Royale – PS4, PC, Xbox One, and iOS – are faced with the Fortnite waiting in queue error that needs a fix. This error is widespread, causing issues for players across the world. The cause of this issue is currently unknown, however, we do believe it has to do with the most recent update.

Update 1.52 just launched early this morning in the United States and for the rest of the world, so we fully expect that that update has something to do with why the Fortnite waiting in queue error is so prominent right now. It could even be something as simple as too many players trying to access the new update at once. Here’s what you can do.

Fortnite Waiting in Queue Fix

What can you do about a Fortnite waiting in queue fix? Well, not a whole lot, unfortunately. As of right now, the waiting in queue error is mostly out of your hands and in developer Epic Games’ court. However, worry not, as Epic is typically great about responsiveness regarding major issues.

We recommend keeping an eye right here and on the game’s official Twitter page for more updates later today regarding the Fortnite waiting in queue fix. Epic has already acknowledged it knows about the issue, so a fix is sure to be on its way soon enough.