Box art - Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening - Special Edition

Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening – Special Edition Walkthrough



                        D E V I L   M A Y   C R Y   3:

                         ------   + ----- + ------ + --

                       D A N T E 'S  A W A K E N I N G



                             +SPECIAL EDITION+


                            W A L K T H R O U G H



                        AUTHOR: PAUL MICHAEL (VHAYSTE®)

                          CONTACT: [email protected]

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  This document is copyrighted to me, Vhayste®. It is intended for

~PRIVATE~ use only. It cannot be used in ANY form of printed or electronic

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A written permision must be obtained from the author if this faq is gonna

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June 26, 2006

--finished normal game with dante

--currently playing as Vergil

--completed weapon and style list for both



July 1, 2006

--finished game with Vergil

--completed main walkthrough

--completed miscellaneous details


July 3, 2006

--finished hard and very hard modes

--unlocked additional items in gallery


July 4, 2006

--inluded blue orb location summary and

red pillar locations

--also inserted devil trigger bonuses

--included item list


July 5, 2006

--complete version of the faq

--corrected some minor ambiguities


April 10, 2007

--reformatted faq

--added more details in some sections.

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Welcome. I was originally planning to finish Airforce Delta Strike but got

disappointed soon enough due to the really crappy planes and sluggish control

response. I just remembered that I played this game halfway but never

finished it. I was able to beat the game in normal within the whole day, and

here, I created a walkthrough also.

I've never played the previous installments but Im really interested about

Dante's cool, 'astig' and really kickass character. Not to mention the

controls here are cool and simple. The game also offers a lot of combos to

experiment with. You can even interchange weapons and guns in real time,

giving you a more intense and action-packed brawl.

Just like the faq I created for Drakengard 2, I'll just outline the main things

you should do in the missions. I'll try to note also some hints about the

bosses if needed. The faq is primarily created during normal mode, additions

will be mentioned on the consecutive playthroughs.

In any case there's something missing, incorrect or an addition about the

faq, don't hesitate to email me. I can't promise to personally reply to you

since Im working on a night shift and I take 2 hour long rides fro and to my

home and office. I'll update the faq as needed and I'll automatically give

you credit on my next update.

Have fun!

I just have one question though.... what if Dante and Alicia (Bullet Witch)

pairs together? .....hmnnn...

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-- BLOODY PALACE/ Survival Mode (contains 9999 levels)

-- TURBO MODE (20% faster gameplay)


   Gold Orbs are enabled at the start of the game. You can also remove

   Yellow Orbs and allow infinite Continues. The Gold orbs can be purchased

   which allows to revive the player instantly without resetting

   bosses or enemies. Its pretty handy since you can continue where you

   left off



-- DEMO DIGEST (Plays previous cutscenes)

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! This applies to the default button configuration

SQUARE      - fire guns

TRIANGLE    - use devil arms

CIRCLE      - use style move/action

X           - jump/ roll

L1          - activate Devil Trigger

L2          - switch guns (Dante)

            - switch devil arms (Vergil)

L3          - toggle lock-on

L ANALOG    - move character

R1          - lock-on

R2          - toggle devil arms

R3          - reset camera

R ANALOG    - move camera

D-PAD UP    - item screen

D-PAD DOWN  - map screen

D-PAD LEFT  - file screen

D-PAD RIGHT - equip screen

START       - opens menu screen

SELECT      - taunts the enemy

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~

Devil Trigger is like the "super mode"; this transforms Dante and Vergil to

their devil forms. During this mode, all their attributes increases

significantly. Not to mention that they recover HP gradually while in this

mode, which could be very handy in a tight battle.

You need to fill your Devil Trigger gauge, composed of Runes by performing

combos, defeating enemies and/or taking damage. You don't need to have a

full "Rune" bar to initiate it. One rune is enough to activate Devil

Trigger; but in a very, very short time only.

Several bonuses are also added by using different devil arms while in Devil

Trigger mode. Refer to the chart below

+-             -+-               -+-                                  -+-

|  BONUS SKILL  |   DEVIL ARMS    |       CONTROLS EFFECT             |


|  GLIDE        |   REBELLION     | During a jump, hold R1 + X button. |


|  ATK SPEED+   |   CERBERUS,     | (Passive) Faster attack speed.     |

|               |  FORCE EDGE (Vergil)                                 |


|  ELEMENT+     |   AGNI & RUDRA  | (Passive) Enables elemental damage.|


|  HP RECOV+    |   NEVAN         | (Passive) Enhanced HP Recovery     |


| DEFENSE+      |   BEOWULF       | (Passive) Enhanced defense.        |


+-             -+-               -+-                                  -+-

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



These are your guns. They are great for blasting, combos and anything else

you can think for a gun. And they come with infinite ammo! Can be upgraded by

spending red orbs to increase damage and other attributes.

EBONY & IVORY - Two .45 caliber, semi automatic handguns. This is Dante's

                starting secondary weapon. Although its not that damging

                it is a great way to iniate/ continue an air combo since

                it allows Dante to 'hover' while firing the guns. The

                faster the player presses the fire button, the faster the

                firing rate of these pair will be.

SHOTGUN       - Its slow rate of fire could be its disadvantage but with

                large spread and great stopping power, this is one gun

                that you want to use to tame a large group of demons trying

                to gangbang you. Not very effective to used in a combo


ARTEMIS       - A laser blaster that can lock-on several enemies at once.

                Players can charge this weapon before firing for more

                devastating shots.

SPIRAL        - A large and very powerful sniper rifle that is similar to

                a railgun since it can pierce through multiple enemies.

                Its firing rate is a bit slower compared to the shotgun but

                fires a fatal concentrated shot instead of scattered

                shells. Great for taking down/ damaging enemies at a

                good distance. You can't target enemies via viewing scope



KALINA ANN    - Probably the most damaging weapon you can get. Very powerful,

                its rockets deal 'splash damage' than can pwn any enemies

                caught within the blast radius. It has good firing rate too;

                but its size could limit your movement a bit.



These are your primary weapons. use with guns for maximum effectivity. They

deal the most damage since you can execute devastating combos with melee

weapons alone. Can be upgraded by spending red orbs to increase damage

and other attributes. The first four styles are the default ones. Quicksilver

and Doppleganger styles must be unlocked first. You need to beat specific

bosses later in the game to unlock these styles.

REBELLION      - Dante's detault Weapon. This resembles a broad sword but

                 our protagonist can still swing it with one hand like its

                 just a trusted kitchen knife.    


                     MOVE                   CONTROLS


                 |   Stinger   |    Hold R1, then FWD + TRIANGLE    |


                 |  High-Time  |    Hold R1, then BCK + TRIANGLE    |


                 |   Drive     |    Hold TRIANGLE, then Release     |


                 |  Air Hike   |    Press Jump button twice         |



CERBERUS       - This a large, flail-like weapon ready to smash any enemy

                 with its 3 clawlike blades.                  

                     MOVE                   CONTROLS


                 |  Revolver   |     Hold R1, then FWD + TRIANGLE   |


                 |  Windmill   |     Hold R1, then BCK + TRIANGLE   |


AGNI & RUDRA   - Twin swords with elemental properties. The swords are

                 possessed by two demon brothers with the properties of

                 wind and fire.

                     MOVE                   CONTROLS


                 |  Jetstream  | Hold R1, then FWD + TRIANGLE       |


                 |  Whirlwind  | Hold R1, then BCK + TRIANGLE       |


                 |  Air Hike   |    Press Jump button twice         |


NEVAN          - An electric guitar (yeah, a freakin guitar which fullfils

                 Dante's hidden desire to be a rockstar) that has blades

                 like a scythe and attacks enemies with electricity and

                 uhmm.... electric bats.

                     MOVE                   CONTROLS


                 | Reverb Shock|    Hold R1, then FWD + TRIANGLE    |


                 | Bat Rift    |    Hold R1, then BCK + TRIANGLE    |


                 | Air Raid    |    During Devil Trigger, jump then |

                 |             |    R1 + X)                         |



BEOWULF        - A set of 'holy' (probably mithril or steel) gauntlets and

                 greaves. This allows quick movement and execution of fast

                 melee combos.


                     MOVE                   CONTROLS


                 |  Straight   |     Hold R1, then FWD + TRIANGLE   |


                 | Bst Uppercut|     Hold R1, then BCK + TRIANGLE)  |


                 |Rising Dragon|     Hold R1, then BCK + TRIANGLE 2x|


                 |  Air Hike   |     Press Jump button twice        |


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

To further enhance the overall gameplay, Dante will be able to use any of the

6 game-defined styles before any mission, giving him access to special

techniques and moves. You can upgrade these styles and their moves by

spending RED ORBS, which basically serves as the monetary medium of the game.

                        T R I C K S T E R



This style uses special moves and techniques to evade enemy attacks, and also

to quickly move into striking position.

        MOVE           DESCRIPTION


      | DASH         | A dash to any direction. Can be done several   |

      |              | times in a row when levelled up.               |


      | WALL HIKE    | Run up the wall, then kick away. Can be used   |

      |              | with Sky Star.                                 |


      | SKY STAR     | Dash in mid-air.                               |


      | AIR TRICK    | Teleport above an enemy, striking position     |


                     S W O R D M A S T E R



Style which allows the player to master different melee weapons. Increases

the player's effeciency in close-range combat by maximizing overall melee

capability. Abilities that players use depends on the weapon equipped.



        MOVE           DESCRIPTION


      | PROP SHREDDER| Dante spins his sword, continously hitting anybody in|

      |              | front of Dante.                                      |


      | AERIAL RAVE  | Slashes the enemy in air.                            |


      | SWORD PIERCE | Throws the sword towards the enemy. Without his sword|

      |              | Dante needs to fight barehanded.                     |


      | DANCE MACABRE| Unleashes a series of fast slashes.                  |


      |CRAZY DANCE   | Stick the sword on the ground while doing Dance      |

      |              | Macabre and spin-kicking all enemies nearby.         |




        MOVE           DESCRIPTION


      | FLICKER      | Swing the weapon around, hitting all nearby enemies. |


      | CRYSTAL      | Slam the weapon to the ground, creating huge, sharp  |

      |              | icicles protruding from the ground.                  |


      |MILLION CARAT | Slam the weapon to the ground, creating a massive    |

      |              | ice pillar in front of Dante                         |


      | ICE CAGE     | Envelops Dante in a thick ice shield that wards off  |

      |              | any attacks for a brief period of time.              |





        MOVE           DESCRIPTION


      |CROSSED SWORDS| Slash enemies using both swords in X-like fashion. |  


      | SKY DANCE    | Swing both swords in the air and descend spinning  |


      | CRAWLER      | Thrust both swords in the ground, creating a small |

      |              | firestorm towards the enemy.                       |


      | TWISTER      | Spin both swords to create a twister of fire and   |

      |              | wind.                                              |


      | TEMPEST      | Induce a fiery blast to incinerate the enemy       |




        MOVE           DESCRIPTION


      | SLASH        | Hack enemies using the guitar's hidden scythe-like |

      |              | blade.                                             |


      | AIR SLASH    | Slash enemies in mid-air.                          |


      | FEEDBACK     | Swings the guitar around Dante, hitting enemies    |


      | CRAZY ROLL   | Zap enemies with electricity while slashing        |


      | DISTORTION   | Unleashes a barrage of electric bats, some stray   |

      |              | lightning and.... ear-splitting rock music.        |




        MOVE           DESCRIPTION


      | ZODIAC       | Hit enemies with energy coming from Dante's hands. |


      | THE HAMMER   | Smash enemies to ground while in the air           |


      | VOLCANO      | Punch the ground, sending shockwaves.              |


      | REAL IMPACT  | A powerful, concentrated uppercut. Can be used to  |

      |              | start an air combo.                                |


      | TORNADO      | Lunge the enemy to the air, then unleash a flurry  |

      |              | of fast kicks.                                     |


                          G U N S L I N G E R



Style which allows the player to master different ranged weapons. Increases

the player's effeciency in long/mid-range combat by maximizing overall

capability. Abilities that players use depends on the weapon equipped.



        MOVE           DESCRIPTION


      | TWOSOME TIME | Fire guns in two separate directions.              |


      | WILD STOMP   | Riddle lying enemy's body with several shots then  |

      |              | kick away.                                         |


      | RAIN STORM   | Jump overhead, firing both guns while in mid-air,  |

      |              | targetting the enemies below                       |


      | CHARGE SHOT  | Infuses magic into bullets before firing it.       |


      | RAPID SHOT   | Unleash a barrage of bullets for a short period of |

      |              | time                                               |   




        MOVE           DESCRIPTION


      | FIREWORKS    | Swings the shotgun around Dante's body, firing in  |

      |              | almost all directions.                             |


      | CHARGE SHOT  | Infuses magic into shells before firing it.        |


      | RAPID SHOT   | Unleash a barrage of shells for a short period of  |

      |              | time                                               |


      | GUN STINGER  | Slams the shotgun to the enemy before firing       |

      |              | concentrated shells in close range                 |


      | POINT BLANK  | Fires the shotgun in point-blank range to the enemy|




        MOVE           DESCRIPTION


      |MULTI-LOCK    | Targets a single enemy then fires a volley of      |

      |              | projectiles towards it.                            |


      | SPHERE       | Charges the weapon and fires a large concentrated  |

      |              | sphere of compressed energy.                       |


      | ACID RAIN    | Shoots multiple projectiles in the air then rains  |

      |              | down to the enemies, damaging them.                |




        MOVE           DESCRIPTION


      | TRICK SHOT   | Bullets bounce off walls and hit multiple targets  |


      | SNIPER       | Lock-on the enemy's weak spot then fires a focused |

      |              | shot, inflicting fatal damage to the enemy.        |


      | REFLECTOR    | Fires a bullet that bounces of the walls several   |

      |              | times, increasing velocity before hitting an enemy |




        MOVE           DESCRIPTION


      | HYSTERIC     | Fires a salvo of micromissiles towards the enemy   |


      | GRAPPLE      | Fires the grappling hook to the enemy, piercing it |

      |              | and slowly drags it towards you.                   |


                          R O Y A L   G U A R D



This style mainly focuses on minimizing enemy damage, absorbing enemy hits

before unleashing collected energy from those attacks. This style also allows

the player to move into a more strategic position. Possibly the strongest

style but requires a lot of skill to master.

        MOVE            DESCRIPTION


    | BLOCK&CHARGE | Block enemy strikes, building up fury for release.     |


    | JUST GUARD   | By blocking an enemy attack just before it hits, Dante |

    |              | is not damaged and gains more fury buildup.            |


    | RELEASE      | Release all the stored 'fury' charged from blocking    |

    |              | enemy attacks, dealing massive damage                  |


    | JUST RELEASE | Releasing just before the enemy's attack connects,     |

    |              | Dante executes a counter-attack inflicting significant |

    |              | damage, greater than the normal release                |


    | AIR BLOCK    | Block in while in the air                              |


    | AIR RELEASE  | Perform a release while in mid-air                     |


    | ULTIMATE     | Absorb enemy attacks, recovering HP                    |


                        Q U I C K  S I L V E R



This style controls time and allows the player to move at blinding speeds.

        MOVE            DESCRIPTION


    | TIME LAG     | Enemies enter slow motion while you can still move     |

    |              | normally. It consumes runes though you can also        |

    |              | activate Devil Trigger. But that will just make rune   |

    |              | consumption faster. Great tech to eliminate enemies    |

    |              | that has surrounded you.                               |



                       D O P P E L G A N G E R



Style that allows Dante to create shadow copies of himself, assisting him in

battle. A second player mode has been added, allowing a 2nd player to control

the shadow of Dante.

        MOVE            DESCRIPTION


    | AFTER IMAGE  | Summons Dante's shadow. It moves exactly like a shadow |

    |              | following Dante's every move. Consumes Runes yet he    |

    |              | can still activate Devil Trigger.                      |


!!Note: The two-player mode can also be used in Mission 19, while Vergil and

Dante is fighting Arkham.  

!Vergil needs to be unlocked first by finishing the game once with Dante or

start a new game with a DMC3 save file in your memory card.

!!NOTE: When starting a new game for Vergil, save it as another file. Do not

overwrite you game with Dante since you will lose your file with Dante and

replace it with Vergil.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                 (Begins the game with all of these)

BEOWULF        - A set of 'holy' (probably mithril or steel) gauntlets and

                 greaves. This allows quick movement and execution of fast

                 melee combos. Same as Dante's

        MOVE            CONTROLS


    |  Rising Sun  |  Hold R1, then BCK + TRIANGLE       |


    | Lunar Phase  |  Hold R1, then FWD + TRIANGLE       |


YAMATO         - A long katana imbued with dark powers. Can deliver deadly,

                 very fast slashes almost unseen.

        MOVE            CONTROLS


    | Upper Slash  |  Hold R1, then BCK + TRIANGLE       |


    | Rapid Slash  |  Hold R1, then FWD + TRIANGLE       |




               -  Force Edge is Dante's weapon in the original DMC and the

                  infamous weapon his father, Sparda used to fight demons.

                  Both Yamato and Force Edge is equipped you select Force


        MOVE            CONTROLS


    |  Stinger     |   Hold R1, then FWD + TRIANGLE      |


    |  High Time   |   Hold R1, then BCK + TRIANGLE      |


    |  Round Trip  |   Hold TRIANGLE, then release       |


SUMMONED SWORDS  - Summon dark energy swords which Virgil can control at


        MOVE            CONTROLS


    | Spiral Swords|   HOLD SQUARE                       |


    | Sword Storm  | After Spiral Swords, Hold R1, + FWD |

    |              | then TRIANGLE                       |


    |Blistering    | After Spiral Swords, Hold R1, + BCK |

    |Swords        | then TRIANGLE                       |        


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                       D A R K   S L A Y E R


This is Virgil's only style. Though it has limited styles, they are just

enough to give him manuevarability to strike enemies.

        MOVE           DESCRIPTION


      | AIR TRICK    | CIRCLE, HOLD R1, CIRCLE           |


      | TRICK UP     | HOLD R1,then FWD + CIRCLE         |


      | TRICK DOWN   | HOLD R1,then BCK + CIRCLE         |



                          W A L K T H R O U G H

                        _________ _ _ _ ___________

                   _ _ ________ _ _____ _ __________ _ _

                   ^   ^^^^^^^^            ^^^^^^^^^ ^ ^

  ` ~ ~ ~~~""""""    

 {MISSION 1{               C R A Z Y   P A R T Y

  ~~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~_~_~_~_______________________________""""""""


                "... Violent response to an insane caller "


      -- Alright, let's get started. This is a chance to get used to the

         controls and the actual gameplay. Players from the previous

         installments can actually flyby this mission.

      -- You need to fight the most common of enemies here. Just avoid

         fighting in the middle of the room to avoid being mobbed.

  ` ~ ~ ~~~""""""    

 {MISSION 2{               B L O O D  L I N K

  ~~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~_~_~_~_______________________________""""""""


                "...Bludgeon the devil like an iron hammer "

      -- You will taken now outside your office, with a lot of enemies...

         Pick up Vital Star. Fight the enemies normally, and eventually

         a monster carrying a bomb will appear. Do not attempt to slice and

         dice him since he automatically deflects melee attacks. Stay

         adistance and kill him using gunfire.

      -- Just kill the enemies and then, boss will appear.


      -- This is your first bossfight. Just go near him, and slash away

         until he parries your attack. Roll or dodge away after the parry

         to avoid his attack. He will be open after that, take the oppurtunity

         then attack again.

         Time to time, he will teleport to a diffrent spot, just follow him

         and attack. When you notice the ground being distorted, immediately

         roll over to avoid his attack. Also sometimes he dashes towards you

         while swinging his scythe.

         Just use your combos when you have the chance and you should do fine.


  ` ~ ~ ~~~""""""    

 {MISSION 3{           T H E  D E V I L 'S  T O W E R

  ~~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~_~_~_~_________________________________ """"""""


                      "...Invade the colossal tower "

         --You can go back to earn some more exp or orbs. Otherwise proceed

           as normal.

        [66th Sunset Avenue]

        --There will be a enemy type here, the Enigma. Just approach them while

          evading their blue projectiles. Also, the usual bunch of enemies

          are on the streets. Use your guns, the barrels or just kill the bombs

          first to make the battle quick.

        [BULLS EYE]

        --Just destory all breakable items to get orbs. Just hit the symbol

          behind the jukeboxes to reveal a firewheel. Just light it all up

          to break the blue seal/wall; Get the shotgun from the left wall.



        [LOVE PLANET]

        --red seal/wall will block your path. Defeat all enemies to continue

        [13th AVENUE]

         --Jump on top of the sign to find some orbs, then destroy the trash

         bins for more. You can try also jumping on the buildings to find more.

         --Head to the top of the left building, near the end of the path to

         find a statue (Combat Adjudicator). Use combos until you get a

         "BLAST!" style ranking for a BLUE ORB FRGMNT. Another fragment is top

         of the last building to the right. There is also a secret mission by

         entering the doors, in the building to the right.




              ` ~ ~ ~~~""""""                   ~~  """ ''""{

           ! {SECRET MISSION 1{     T H E  E X O R C I S T'"     

               ~~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~_~_~_~______  _ _ _ ____ _ _ _"" _  _


                   "Defeat all enemies within the time limit "

         --Just defeat all enemies within the preset time to obtain

         another BLUE ORB FRGMNT. Just make sure every hit counts.

         This one should be fairly easy.


         proceed to the end of the path to go inside the tower, and the ice

         chamber. A boss will be waiting.


         You may want to stay adistance for the meantime. Or you can just hit

         and run. Rush towards the boss and hit him until the ice on his heads

         chips out. You can also use your guns to do that but this will last



         1. Frost will begin to form in the ground where you're standing.

            Roll over to dodge it. Later in the battle, the duration of

            the ice rain will be longer, prompting you to evade several


         2. Cerberus will shoot ice projectiles from his mouth. You can parry

            it for some green (healing) orbs if you have good aim or timing.

            He will be open during this attack so if you're not in the actual

            line of fire, you can go to his side, hit his foot and then take

            time to hit one of his downed heads until he recovers completely.

         3. Halfway on his health, he will start to "pounce" towards you,

            knocking you off and dealing heavy damage. You may want to

            anticipate his attack to evade quickly. He will lean back, ready

            to jump towards you. The chains will retract him back, giving you

            ample time to abuse this vulnerability. Keep on attacking him until

            he reaches his original position.


         4. Also, he will stomp the ground, sprouting out ice shards from the

            ground. He will also begin to move faster as he nears death.


         5. His basic attacks include bite, strike, shockwave. He will do it

            if you stay close to him for too long.

         --you will obtain CERBERUS devil arm as an addition to your basic



  ` ~ ~ ~~~""""""    

 {MISSION 4{           T H E   U N I N V I T E D   O N E

  ~~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~_~_~_~_________________________________  """"""""


                      "...Find the key to the stars"


         --A divinity statue is on the right side if you need it. Head upstairs

         take the BLUE door first.


         Kill the enemies that are in your way and continue to next area




         Defeat the Enigmas and Lusts to open the sealed door. After that, go

         through it.

         [Silent Statuary]


         Break the statues for some orbs. Light up the firewheel and get on the



         [Incandescent Space]    

         More enemies will attack. Just get rid of them. There is a BLUE ORB

         FRGMNT above the pipe. Use the railing to get to the top.


         Go up to the next level and enter YELLOW door.



         Walk up the stairs, it'll crumble.


         [CHAMBER OF SINS]


         You will ambushed by number of enemies. Just defeat them all and a

         portal will appear. Take it to leave the wretched place.



         Enter door to proceed



          This boss is fairly easy compared to Cerberus. You just need to get

          to the highest ledge you can find and wait for it to pass. Jump over

          its head and keep hitting it. You can still hit it on the other parts

          of its body but it will spin around and drop you.

          If you're underneath it, it will send out a several purple electric

          spheres. They're easy to avoid. Make your way back to the upper

          levels if this happens.

          You can lock onto it so that you can tell which hole will it come

          out. As its hp gets low, its speed increases. After defeating it,

          head to the next door.

          Get the Astronomical Board, scene. Mission completes.

  ` ~ ~ ~~~""""""    

 {MISSION 5{           O F   D E V I L S   A N D   S W O R D S

  ~~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~_~_~~________________________________________  """"""""


                      "...Find the key to the stars"




          Bloodgoyles will attack you. You need to turn them to stone first

          before you can actually kill them. To do that, hit them first using

          your guns until they become stones then hit them with your melee

          weapons until they break. They will turn back from stone to blood

          form if you leave them for a short period of time. And also, they

          multiply if you attempt to hit them with a melee weapon in thier

          blood form.

          Portal will appear. Take it to a boss battle.


          !!BOSS- JESTER

          "Jester's gonna spank your butt, spank you in the buuuttt!"

          Ok, this is the additional boss for DMC3:SP. This guy is very

          predictable, and you can always anticipate what's he's going to

          do. When he does his taunt just blast your guns at him. He will

          dance to dodge the bullets, then teleports far away from you,

          fanning himself. This is the time to attack him your melee weapons.



          1. He will charge and portals will appear behind him. You need to

             roll over to avoid the projectiles being thrown at you.

          2. Several charged spheres will appear and encircle the area. You

             can also destroy a distinct green sphere to get a healing orb.

             You can also try running and hitting him in between the attacks.

          Just enter the portal and you will taken back.



          Head to the exit to go back to the Chamber of Echoes.



          Go to the top, there should be panel where you can put the

          ASTRONOMICAL BOARD. An item should be accessible now, and also a

          magical "trampoline" that allows you to jump really high.


          Go to the fourth floor on the left part of the chamber, examine the

          shiny thingy on the panel to obtain VAJURA. Go to the third floor

          and through the blue door again.



         Kill the enemies that are in your way and continue to next area





         Use the VAJURA as a lever on the 2nd floor crank (before the cage).

         Cage should open, obtain SOUL OF STEEL.

         Also, get an "ALRIGHT!" rank using the Combat Adjudicator with

         Cerberus to obtain another BLUE ORB FRGMNT.


         Just take the path leading to the door. You will not fall down

         into the abyss. Use the SOUL OF STEEL to open path.



         Walk down the steps then towards the elevator. Examine the red symbol

         on the wall for another secret mission.

              ` ~ ~ ~~~""""""                   ~~  """ ''""{

           ! {SECRET MISSION 2{     U N T O U C H A B L E     '"     

               ~~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~_~_~_~______  _ _ _ ____ _ _ _"" _  _

         Defeat all enemies without taking damage.

         Two Enigmas are initially visible on the screen. The other two are

         offscreen on the left and right. Having the Trickster style here is

         really helpful. Just try to score a few basic hits then roll when the

         arrows are fired. Defeat all of them, mission completes.

         Obtain BLUE ORB FRGMNT.



         Light up the firewheel then jump on the elevator. Enemies will ambush

         you, so just fight them off or better yet, just hit them until they're

         knocked off the elevator

         [AZURE GARDEN]

         Destroy all breakable items to obtain orbs, then leap up to the walls

         to get some more. Head to the next door.



         !!BOSS - AGNI (WEAK VS. ICE) & RUDRA


         This two mimics each other. If one attacks, you can definitely

         anticipate the other. They will dash, slash or jump at you.

         Just concentrate your hits on one of them if given a chance, if

         you're using Cerberus, it will kill Agni easier.

         Also, you can knock thier weapons by doing a jump attack, leaving

         them vulnerable and you can deal twice the damage. Also, if you

         defeat one of them, the other one will take the other sword, equipping

         it. Just take note of thier attack patterns and you should do fine.

         Just remember that there would be chances when you can attack them

         open. Most of the time, they will yell when they'll gonna do an attack

         There'll also be times that they will charge thier swords. During that

         time, you can rush in and score a few slashes.

         Try to attack them from behind as much as possible. Also, you can

         parry thier own attack to disarm them for a brief period of time.


         After defeating them, you will obtain AGNI & RUDRA twin swords.

         Proceed to the door to continue.


  ` ~ ~ ~~~""""""    

 {MISSION 6{                 F A M I L Y  T I E S

  ~~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~_~_~~_____________________________    """"""""


                  "...Clear the trial and forge a new path"


         Get the red orbs on top of the statue. Head through the red door.


         The door on the right is blocked by rock debris and you need to pass

         at least two trials to get two essences, needed to power up the laser

         and clear the path for you. Get three and you will obtain a fairly

         neat weapon. You can choose whichever path you want.


         The rooms and trials are:

         TRIAL OF THE WARRIOR -- Right door

         TRIAL OF SKILL       -- Middle door

         TRIAL OF WISDOM      -- Left door


         I suggest taking the Trials of Wisdom and Skill first since they're

         easier. But again, it's up you.

         [TRIAL OF WISDOM ]

         "Your wisdom will be put to the test in the chamber ahead.  Use your

          lifetime experience:  from the crawling infant; to the man standing

          tall; and finally to the old man-leaning on his cane."

         This is one age-old phrase. An infant walks on four legs, a man walks

         on two while and old man leaning on his cane is three. Use the pattern

         to find the correct path.

         If you happen to enter the wrong door, you will need to defeat all

         enemies to exit. You just need to enter 3 correct doors to get to the

         chamber that contains the Essence of Intelligence. Exit through any


         [TRIAL OF SKILL]


         The essence is located in the far-most end of the room. You need to

         dodge the series of spikes in all directions. After obtaining the

         Essence of Technique, enemies will appear. Defeat them then leave

         the room.



         Take note of the enemies here. You can't stop them while they still

         have the purple shades on them. You need to light up both firewheels

         completely to release the shades and make them vulnerable. Also,

         the firewheels only stay lit for a few seconds. You need to light

         them again if you notice the purple shades back on the enemies.

         Just defeat them all to obtain the Essence of Fighting.


         After obtaining the essences, examine the odd looking statue. After

         putting two of the essences, a laser will fire, clearing your path.

         Put in the third essence and you will obtain ARTEMIS.

         Head through the door.

         [DARK CORRIDOR]


         Use Agni & Rudra on the Combat Adjudicator and try to get an

         "ALRIGHT!" ranking to obtain a BLUE ORB FRGMNT. Continue, and note

         that there are red orbs above the statue and above the stairway.

         Walk upstairs to complete mission.


  ` ~ ~ ~~~""""""    

 {MISSION 7{           A   C H A N C E   M E E T I N G

  ~~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~_~_~~__________________________________ """"""""


                        "Duel of the demon children"


         [DARK CORRIDOR]

         You can backtrack to gather the red orbs on thier original locations.

         On the right of the face imprinted door, there is a small ledge.

         Jump to reach it and examine the skeleton statue with the red jewel

         for another secret mission.  

              ` ~ ~ ~~~""""""                          ~~  """ ''""{

           ! {SECRET MISSION 3{  D E A T H   F R O M   A B O V E    '"     

               ~~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~_~_~_~______  _ _ _ ____________ _ _ _"" _  _

         Stay in the air for 20 seconds or more.

         Having a level 2 trickster will help out well here. I had a hard time

         doing this myself so you can figure out other ways that suits you


         Just remember that Air Hike, Ebony& Ivory's rapid blast in mid-air,

         weapon switching, and jumping off enemies actually helps.


         You will recieve a BLUE ORB FRGMNT after completing this mission.

         [DARK CORRIDOR]

         Enter door with face imprint.



         Fall all the way to the bottom, take door.


         Some statues here will turn to life when you get near them. You can

         attack them and just evade if you notice thier swords glowing red.

         Just defeat all of them, you should get an ORIHALCON FRAGMENT as a

         drop from one of them. Exit the library.


         Jump on the glowing floor emblems and make your way to the very top.

         Enter green door.


         Jump of the arches to reach a BLUE ORB FRGMNT on the last small

         arch. Go through the blue door.


         [SKULL SPIRE]

         Your path will be blocked by several statues. Break them into pieces.

         Continue forth. Just ignore the door with skull statues for now. Head

         to the left corridor, obtain a Vital Star S on the right railing.

         Enter door.




         You will need to clear the rooms of enemies in order to proceed. Go

         to the statue where the candles are lit and new monsters will appear.

         These guys call in reinforcements by sticking thier coffins in the

         ground, leaving them open to attacks as well. In future battles, you

         need to get rid of these guys first. Also, you will know if they're

         gonna swing at you if they raise thier coffins.

         Obtain SIREN'S SHRIEK from the altar after clearing the room of

         enemies. Go to the next area.


         [LIFT ROOM]


         Get a "STYLISH" rank on the Combat Adjudicator to get another BLUE

         ORB FRGMNT. Put the Orihalcon fragment on the center elevator panel

         to power it up. Ride the elevator down.


         Use the Siren's Scream on the flames blocking the door on your left.

         Enter room.


         Enemies will be waiting here. Get rid of them then walk downstairs to

         obtain Gold or Yellow Orb. Enter door upstairs.



         Destroy the cracked wall and light up the firewheel. A chained sphere

         will fall down, destroy it to obtain CRYSTAL SKULL. Enemies will

         appear in the area. Just get rid of those coffin guys first.

         Exit room.



         Take elevator back.



         As you enter another wave of enemies will appear. After the other

         enemies die, a Vangurad appears. Defeat it to break the seals on the



         Put the crystal skull in the skeleton statue, door opens.



         Keep hitting the red orb cyrstallization for some free orbs, and just

         take the path. Use the Divinity Statue to restock items and power up.

         (Boss battle lying ahead!)

         [TOP OF THE TOWER]


         Door behind you will close. Run up the walkway to initiate boss





         !!BOSS - VERGIL


         His attacks are fairly powerful yet predictable. You need to dodge

         his attacks and when you have the chance, hit him. When he teleports,

         expect that he will appear on your side, ready to strike. Roll away

         to evade. Also, just let him finish the combo he started so that he

         will be open for a few hits.

         Near the end of the battle, he will send out a dimensional wave

         towards you, so just roll to evade it. You can also use your guns

         when you're at a distance. Also, Vergil can dash towards you rapidly

         so watch for it.

         Not to mention that he has a technique where he will teleport towards

         you and begin a combo. You should be able to get through this battle


         After the scene, mission completes.


  ` ~ ~ ~~~""""""    

 {MISSION 8{           A   R E N E W E D   F E A R

  ~~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~_~_~~_____________________________ """"""""


                  "Burst forth from the great demon's womb"


         You need to locate 4 organic membranes and destroy them to release

         the tusks blocking the path. Avoid the acid pools (green liquid) in

         floor since they can damage you.

         -- from the starting position, Dante's left

         -- also in the same floor but in the other end.

         -- behind the school bus

         -- go to the tunnel near the bus and look for a small stream of acid

         -- inside the same tunnel, jump two levels, and you will be out in a

            bridge. Go right to find the last one. Also there is an orb

            formation on the other end.

         There is a BLUE ORB FRGMNT just on top of the boat. Just use the

         ledges and Air Hike to reach it. You need to cross the boat's tusk



         There is also a hidden tablet behind the boat's hull. On the bottom,

         destroy the cracked wooden planks. Examine it to start a secret


          ` ~ ~ ~~~""""""                          ~~~ ~ ~~~~~  """ ''""{

        !{SECRET MISSION 4{ D E V I L ' S    T E E T O R -T O O T E R    '"     

           ~~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~_~_~_~______  _ _ _ _____________ ___ _ _"" _  _

         Ride the elevator to the top.

         Light the firewheel and jump to the elevator. A group of purple

         shaded enemies will join you in the elevator.


         Make sure you knock off the enemies as quickly as you can. The

         shotgun is good to use here. If they enemies start to crowd, the

         elevator will start to go down. Just try to knock them off quickly

         as they appear.

         Take note that if you leave the platform, the enemies will disappear.

         So if you have trickster, just jump to the wall, air hike then

         sky star back to the platform.


         You'll get BLUE ORB FRGMNT.


         Enter the opened path above the bus.


         Follow path, avoid the slimes. There would be a Divinity Statue on

         the right that you can use, just in case. Hit the red thin tissue

         to open another path.



         Walk through the next opening.


         A Gigapede will appear and chase you. You can run or fight it. If

         you just want to run, just follow the path until you reach the small

         opening south. It will be blocked off. Go to the next opening.



         Some more enemies will appear here. Just get rid of them and follow

         the path until you reach the opening.



         Defeat the enemies that will attack you. Just kill them all and

         obtain IGNIS FATUUS from the center portion. Now the place will turn

         dark and the exit should be lighted. Get out of the place.



         Go to the left opening to find a green orb. Backtrack, follow the main

         path. On the left side of it is an opening with a Combat Adjudicator.

         Use Cerberus on it and obtain "SHOWTIME!" ranking to get another

         BLUE ORB FRGMNT. Hid the red tissue again to reveal an opening and



         Once inside the tunnel, another Gigapede will chase you. Again, run or

         fight it. Enter the opening in the end of the tunnel.


         The place is darker now, and also there are more enemies waiting.

         Just take the opening above the bus once again to reach the heartcore.



         Place the IGNIS FATUUS in the middle panel and you will have a



         This boss has 3 parts. The main heart which is on the center, the

         red heart and the blue heart. The red one abrorbs the red orbs dropped

         by the defeated basic enemies (Hell Envies) while the blue one

         drains your Devil Trigger gauge. They will try the mob you and you

         need to actually inflict serious damage on both red and blue hearts

         to expose the weakness of the main heart. Also, attacking with your

         guns in the air helps. Note that when the hearts turns red, its about

         to fire a laser. Just make sure you anticipate this and evade. Another

         this is if you manage to own a holy water, you can use it here. It can

         damage all hearts seriously.

  ` ~ ~ ~~~""""""    

 {MISSION 9{           F A D E D   M E M O R I E S

  ~~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~_~_~~_____________________________ """"""""


             "Christen the sorceress of the abyss with a blade"


         Just ignore the control panel on the bridge. Go straight to the

         other end and enter next room



         Both doors will be sealed and spider creatures will attack you.

         Just use normal attack combos and also air combos would do as well.

         Seals should break after defeating the enemies.


         The door will be sealed blue. There is a Divinity Statue to the left

         if you need to and also another BLUE ORB FRGMNT above it, by the

         waterfall. Just walk accross the bridge, jump over the tablet to find

         more red orbs. On the other side of the bridge should be a simple

         puzzle. You need to destroy some "reflectors" to guide the light

         beam towards to the statue. If you ever make a mistake, just light

         up the firewheel to restart the puzzle.

         This one should be fairly easy for you. Just destroy the one infront

         of the statue and the corner left reflector.

         The blue seal on the door should break, just enter the door.


         Just run through the sniping Enigmas here and take the door in the

         end of the path.



         Take care of the enemies while avoiding the rotating blades. Just

         make sure you get rid of Hell Greeds to prevent them summoning more





         Go to the ruins on the right part of the screen, to find a bunch of

         red orbs and a green orb. Walk to the other end, find a Combat

         Adjudicator. You need to score a "BLAST!" style here to obtain a

         blue orb fragment using NEVAN (You may need to come back after

         obtaining it). Jump on the pillars heading upwards to find the

         SPIRAL rifle for Dante. Ignore the opening by the waterfall for now.

         Just enter the door with a colored circle engraving, next to the

         Divinity Statue.



         Just make your way safely and defeat the enemies along the way.



         Take the AMBROSIA. After that, the exit will be sealed red, needing

         you to defeat the enemies. Go back to the Subterranean Lake and

         enter the cavern by the waterfall.


         Jump to the opening in the side of the cave and examine the red

         glowing crystals for a secret mission

          ` ~ ~ ~~~""""""        ~~~~~  """ ''""{

        !{SECRET MISSION 5{ D E S T R O Y E R   '"     

           ~~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~_~    ___ ___ _ _"" _  _

         Destroy every destructible objects within the time limit.

         There are 50 breakable objects to obtain Blue Orb Fragment.


         Take the tunnel and there should be a small opening on the left. Fall

         down and obtain DEVIL STAR S glittering on the ground. Backtrack up

         and just continue the path onwards. Enemies will be there. Just

         follow the path and put the ambrosia on the engraving on the wall

         to open a door for you.


         Walk to the middle, cutscene + bossfight (Dante)

         !!BOSS - NEVAN (WEAK VS. ICE)

         You need to get rid of the bats encircling her to deal damage to

         her. You can use guns or just plain, har hitting melee combos to

         deal with the bats.

         After eliminating the bats, she will be stunned on the floor,

         defenseless.  Hit her hard. She will begin to dissolve into darkness

         in the floor; make sure you get away before she is engulfed

         completely otherwise, you will be damaged.

         Near death, she will be more aggressive. She will launch lightning

         attacks and she will also grab you and kiss you, draining your life

         and transferring it to her. If you see her charging towards you,

         immediately evade. After her grab misses, she will be open for some


         You will obtain the devil arm NEVAN after the battle. Proceed to the

         other door to complete mission.

  ` ~ ~ ~~~""""""    

 {MISSION 10 {                 T H E   J O B

     ~~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~_~_~~_____________________ """"""""


                   "Strengthen the silent bridge"


         Get the STONE MASK and make your way to the Subterranean Lake.


         Place the stone mask on the strange engraving / statue on the wall.

         A bridge will rise from the water, giving you access to the altar

         with the shiny object. Obtain NEO-GENERATOR.

         Also run around the right side of the statue to gain access to

         another secret mission.

          ` ~ ~ ~~~""""""        ~~~~~  """ ''""""""""""""''''!!'''{

        !{SECRET MISSION 6 { F L I G H T   O F   T H E   D E M O N  '"     

           ~~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~_~    ___ _____________________- _____ _ _"" _  _

         Collect every orb within the time limit.

         Collect all 40 orbs to obtain blue orb fragment.


         Run all the way back to the bridge (starting point)


         [ROUNDED PATHWAY]         

         New floating enemies will block your path. You can't attack them

         head on. You need to to behind them and chip away the crystals on

         thier backs.


         Red seals will block both exits so cleanup the place. There will be

         larger arachnids, which of course has higher health but the attack

         pattern should remain the same.


         Cutscene will trigger with Dante playing with the Neo Generator and

         eventually powering the bridge to rotate.


         Head to the next area.


         Walk to Arkham's body to complete mission

  ` ~ ~ ~~~""""""    

 {MISSION 11 {               R E V E N G E

     ~~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~_~_~~_____________________ """"""""


           "Give a guest from the past an adequate homecoming"


         Jump along the gears, defeating the enigmas along the way. You can

         obtain a Devil Star on the upper level, shining. Jump to the round

         platform above the last gear and double jump to reach another gear

         with a red glowing center. Examine it for a secret mission. Exit

         the door after doing the secret mission.


          ` ~ ~ ~~~""""""           """""''''!!'''{

        !{SECRET MISSION 7 {       H A N G   1 0  '"     

           ~~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~_~    ___ _________   _"" _  _

         Obtain the Blue Orb Fragment within the time limit. (20 seconds)

         You shouldnt have any problems if you have at least 7 Devil Trigger

         runes. As soon as the mission starts, just activate it, run as fast

         as you can and just ignore the enemies.



         As soon as you enter, jump off the pipes overhead to reach another

         blue orb fragment. Just follow the path and get rid of the ghastly

         enemies. Enter door.

         [ALTAR OF EVIL]

         Look for a statue that has a spear impaled on it. Jump on the spear

         and jump again to reach the 2nd floor. Move the block to the opening

         on the wall using your melee weapon. Now head to the other side, and

         on the 2nd corner, hit the wall that has a crack on it to reveal the

         other block. Move it on the second opening. Door will open below.

         You will be sealed inside again and you need to defeat the enemies.

         Just take the big enemy down first then exit from the area.


         [TEMPERANCE WAGON (1) ]

         Hit the statue to reveal an opening below. Go down to get a green orb

         and a HOLY WATER. Go up, score a "SHOWTIME!" rank on the Combat

         Adjudicator using Agni & Rudra to get another fragment.

         Hop on the cart.

         [TEMPERANCE WAGON] (Cart)

         Enemies will appear and some will arrive via cart. Just get rid of

         them as they come.

         [TEMPERANCE WAGON (2) ]

         There is a divinity statue you can use in case you need to power up

         or restock items.


         Walk towards the shining item for a cutscene and a bossfight.

         !!BOSS - BEOWULF

         This guy is huge and aggressive. Fortunately, the area is wide enough

         for you to see him. His eyes are his weakness. You can blind him

         for a moment by hitting him directly in the face and score some free

         hits. Just dont do that infront of him or he will be able to hit you.

         He normally does a basic 3 hit combo. But halfway his health, he

         will charge towards you or just stomp the ground, a huge pillar

         will drop and he will punch it towards you. Also he will stand and   

         punch the ground. You must jump to evade this since that attack also

         sends out a shockwave. Just make sure that you take the chance to

         attack him when he is standing, aim for his eyes for more damage.

         Also, glowing feathers will burst out from his back and shoot at you.


         Getting behind him is the trick and also hard hits on his face will

         give you more attack opportunities. Having the swordsmaster style

         in this battle also helps, since you can perform air combos more

         efficiently, giving you more advantage in this battle. Just remember

         to switch weapons as needed to connect your attacks.

         Get HAYRIRE NEO-GENERATOR to end the mission. Cutscene.

  ` ~ ~ ~~~""""""                                  ~~ ~ ~ ~~~~~ ~

 {MISSION 12 {           H U N T E R   A N D   H U N T E D

     ~~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~_~_~~_________________________________ """"""""


           "Reclaim the bridge before the soul is lost forever"



         Your life will drain while having the neo-generator. Fortunately,

         you will have infinite devil trigger. Head to the exit and just

         defeat the enemies quickly and aggressively. Don't worry, they will

         drop green orbs constantly.



         Several enemies will attack you in the cart. Defeat the enemies as

         they come. When you reach the other end of the cart, head through the

         exit or alternatively, hit the statue to open the same hidden

         ledge and obtain a green orb.

         Head to the door.


         [ALTAR OF EVIL]

         The doors will be sealed shut, clear the area of enemies.


         You can ignore or fight the Bloodgoyles here - your call. Head to

         the end of the pathway.


         More bloodgoyles here. You don't need to fight them unless they're

         hampering your progress. Just use the small rotating gear to reach

         upper ledge.


         You will be sealed off again. This time a Vanguard will join the

         fray. Just concentrate taking down the bug guy first then

         occasionally take down the smaller enemies if you need green orbs.



         Run to the middle of the bridge for a cutscene. Enter the door after



         Grab Vital Star L in the doorway. Use the Divinity Statue when needed

         There is a teleporter there that will lead you to another Jester

         bossfight. This is optional.

         He remains the same but there is one additional attack. A ball with

         a face will appear, increasing his sphere attacks or another attack.

         Just apply the same strategies that you used on this one.

         Get out of the place by taking the red portal.


         Go down the staircase, and enter the door in the bottom.


         Walk to the middle of the bridge. An boss will confront you.

         !!BOSS - GERYON

         He will charge at you so you need to jump in the sides of the bridge

         to evade it. You need to hit him directly, not the carriage. He will

         do this several times until he will just stand near the entrance of

         the bridge. Knock him down to hit him several times.

         The bridge will crumble and soon you will taken into the actual

         arena. Here he will have more attacks. He would run around with his

         carriage while firing projectiles at you. He will then turn around

         swing the carriage towards you. He will also stomp the ground,

         sending out flamejets around him. Double jump to evade this. HE will

         stomp again, sending the fire towards you. Also he will charge to

         ram you, just get out of the way. After those attacks, he will

         actually halt, giving you oppurtunity to hit him hard. If your

         attack is strong enough to knock him down, just score a few hits

         then get away from him. He will time freeze automatically.


         Note that when his eyes glow red, he will use his timefreeze again.

         Get away from him. After the battle on your first playthrough, you

         will obtain the QUICKSILVER style here. Go to the door.

  ` ~ ~ ~~~""""""                                   ~~ ~ ~ ~~  ~~~ ~

 {MISSION 13 {           C H A O S '   W A R M   W E L C O M E

     ~~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~_~_~~______________________________________  """"""""


                         "Battle of blood and of brothers"


         The door will be sealed and you need to defeat the statues. Remember

         to stay away from the Bishops when they charge thier fireballs and

         from the Pawns when they charge thier swords red.



         Follow the path and examine the third light (red) to enter another

         secret mission

          ` ~ ~ ~~~""""""           """""''''!!'''{

        !{SECRET MISSION 8 {   T O U G H   G U Y S   '"     

           ~~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~_~    ___ _________   _"" _  _

         Destory every enemy.

         You need to fight really tough enemies here. Take down the spiders

         first and just save your Devil Trigger till the last wave of enemies.

         The two are actually Vanguards. Just concentrate on taking one at a

         time. Just be aggressive and make your hits count.


         Continue downstairs. Run down the hall and enter the door in the end.


         Head to the right and double jump on the blank wall to find a DEVIL

         STAR on the top. Follow the path nad fight (or run) from the enemies

         blocking your way. Enter the first wall.


         This is another reflector puzzle. Starting from the first statue,

         destroy the second reflector in front of it, and then the one beside

         the one you just destroyed. Notice the opening on the right wall,

         destroy the reflector blocking the beam. Go inside and destroy the

         last reflector blocking the recieving statue.

         Panel beside the statue should open, obtain ORIALCON. There is also

         an opening above the left wall. Double jump to reach it and examine

         the statue with red glowing eyes to enter another secret mission.



          ` ~ ~ ~~~""""""                      """""''''!!'''{

        !{SECRET MISSION 9 {  T A R G E T   P R A C T I C E  '"     

           ~~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~_~    ___ _________   _"" _  _

          Do not let a single enemy escape.

          Carts full of enemies will pass by. Some will jump to you others

          remain on the carts. Remember to lock on when you see a steady cart

          but no monster visible. On your first try, the SPIRAL rifle is

          best to use here since it can kill Hell Wraths in one shot, in turn

          damaging any enemies beside it, in turn making your job easier.

          Defeat ten carts of enemies and obtain a Blue Orb Fragment in the




         Leave the room, follow the hallway to reach the next door. You'll

         run into some enemies also.


         [OBSIDIAN PATH]


         Use the Divinity Statue if needed, then hit the Combat Adjudicator

         using Nevan. Score "SHOWTIME!" ranking to get another blue orb

         fragment. Place the Orialcon on the massive door to open it and

         enter the sacrificial chamber.



         !!BOSS - VERGIL

         Has the same attacks as before but after recieving Beowulf's

         gauntlet and greaves, he will have additional set of attacks.

         He unleashes Devil Trigger at times, so stay away from him and

         dodge his attacks until the trigger wears out.

         Its better to catch him off guard after he recovers from his move.

         You can stagger him often as soon as he recovers from his "Starfall"

         move (he jumps in the air then performs a diving kick).

         After defeating Vergil, more cutscenes and mission completes.

  ` ~ ~ ~~~""""""                         ~~ ~ ~ ~~  ~~~ ~

 {MISSION 14 {                 D R I V E

     ~~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~_~_~~__________________________ """"""""


                        "Charge upward to the sky"


         Take the path accross the Divinity Statue for red orbs. Also, take

         the left path ahead and pickup BEOWULF devil arms. You need to hit

         the Combat Adjudicator using Beowulf and score a "CRAZY!" ranking

         and clear the path on the door. Obtain another BLUE ORB FRAGMENT.



         Take the elevator.



         Go to the opening on the wall accross the elevator.


         Enter the door.




         Go through the broken wall and take the doorway in the back.


         [ALTAR OF EVIL]


         Doors will be sealed shut and you need to destroy the Dullahans.

         Attack them solidly from behind. Enter the door.



         Board the cart and defeat the enemies. Also another Vanguard will

         appear after the first wave is defeated. More enemies will ambush

         you. After all the enemies are defeated, cart will reach the end.

         [HELL'S HIGHWAY]

         Take the first gate then go through the gate on the right. Enemies

         will attack you. Defeat them to open a gate on the other side. Go

         back to the room where you came from and enter the other gate. A new

         enemy will appear, called Damned Knights. Just use your hard hitting

         blows to take them down.

         After all enemies are defeated, just go back to the blue room then

         enter the door on its right. Get Vital Star S and fight some enemies

         to open doors. Go back to the room where you just came from, then

         enter the red room.


         Defeat the enemies that will come up then enter the plain room. Go

         through the next few gates and fight some more enemies. The door

         leading to the Blue Orb Fragment should open and also the exit to the

         next area.


         A green orb is in the place where you obtained to Blue Orb Fragment

         earlier above the Divinity Statue. Enter the small door.


         Defeat the enemies along the way and enter the blue portal.

         [LOVE PLANET]

         Take the door leadinf to Bullseye Bar. Destroy all destrucdible

         objects to get some red orbs, then take the door leading outside.


         Collect the orbs again on the ruined building to the left and get a

         holy water from the top of the last building to the right. Jump on

         the back of the truck on the building to find another Holy Water and

         some orbs. Walk to the tower to complete mission.

  ` ~ ~ ~~~""""""                         ~~ ~ ~ ~~  ~~~ ~

 {MISSION 15 {           T H E   G A T E C R A S H E R

     ~~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~_~_~~_______________________________  """"""""


                    "Control the tower, control your destiny"


         Take the door with a tri colored pattern. Door will be sealed and

         a new enemy type will appear. You need to attack thier wings to

         expose thier vulnerable faces in thier bodies. If they ever plunge

         thier weapons in the ground, move away since it will explode.



         A few spiders will attack. Defeat or ignore them. Take the door.



         Run upstairs to find an elevator panel requiring 3 diffrent items

         to power it up. Enter the door across the stairs.



         Jump on the walls beside the entrance to get to the red orbs above

         the entrance and an orb formation also. Go downstairs and jump to

         Leviathan's eye fro some more orbs.

         Light up the firewheel to activate an event (mandatory)

         Backtrack and enter the Provisions Storeroom again.


         The gate blocking the firewheel should be lifted by now. Just light

         it up once and the tower will "rotate". The actual color on the

         tricolored door will rotate as well. Take that door.



         The gears will restart by now. Just like the rounded pathway, stay

         away from the bladed edges of the gears. And also, some Bloodgoyles

         are waiting inside so be careful. Ignore the firewheel for the

         meantime and head to the room on the other end.


         There will be a whole length of massive traps alongside with some

         Dullahans will block your way. This can be tough. Just wait for them

         and lure them to the space before the first set of traps, so that

         you can battle them safely. Make your way to the traps and obtain

         ORIHALCON FRAGMENT on the other end. Backtrack to the exit and leave.



         Hit the firewheel the change the room. Jump to the small gear moving

         up and down. Go back to the tri-colored door.



         Again, stay away from the rotating blades, defeat or evade the

         enemies. Again, ignore the firewheel for the meantime.


         FIght the spiders and obtain another ORIHALCON FRAGMENT. Exit the




         Light up the firewheel to change rooms and head to the end door.



         Collect the red orbs in the path. Open the blue door on the other



         Alright, the rotating blades are now horizontal. Time your jump

         carefully. Fight or ignore the Soul Eaters in this room and make

         your way to the end of the path to get the final ORIHALCON FRAGMENT.

         Exit the room.



         Light up the firewheel again to rotate the tower. Enter the

         tricolored door again.


         Walk through the next few doors and go downstairs to enter the

         bridge of the Underground Arena.




         Enemies will ambush you. Defeat them and fall down to the area below

         the bridge to obtain a BLUE ORB FRAGMENT. Take the floating platform

         to return to the top of the bridge. Run to the Top Subterria lock.


         Light the firewheel again to change rooms. Enter the tricolored door

         once again.


         The doors will be sealed shut and spiders will attack you. Fight them

         and get back to the elevator.



         Place all Orihalcon Fragments to the control switch and enter the



         Walk out the elevator to finish mission.

  ` ~ ~ ~~~""""""                         ~~ ~ ~ ~~  ~~~ ~

 {MISSION 16 {                W I N   O R   L O S E

     ~~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~_~_~~_______________________________  """"""""


                        "Stand up for your beliefs! "


         The door requires a sun and moon engraved items to open. It doesnt

         matter which door you take first.

         [ENTRANCEWAY] (Blue Door)

         Enemies will appear as you enter. Just take them out and head to

         the end of the path.



         Door will be sealed and you will need to face Bloodgoyles and Enigmas

         Just defeat them in order to continue.


         Light up the firewheel. A skullsphere will drop down from the ceiling

         and you need to crush the sphere before the lights on the firewheel

         dies out. Just use the ordinary combos connected with hard hitting

         strikes to destroy it. Obtain GOLDEN SUN.

         Doors will be sealed off and another set of damned chess pieces will

         appear. Thier attacks are predictable and easy to evade, just hit

         them hard. After the battle, examined the white glowing glyph on the

         right wall for a secret mission.

          ` ~ ~ ~~~""""""                      """""''''!!'''{

        !{SECRET MISSION 10 {  G U I D I N G   L I G H T  '"     

           ~~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~_~    ___ _________   _"" _  _


         Solve the Crystal Puzzle.

         You need to only light one of the two recieving statues and there

         were actually at least five or six diffrent solutions here. Im sorry

         I wont be able to provide you solutions for this one since I consider

         this puzzle a fairly easy one. Obtain a Blue Orb Fragment.

         [ENTRANCEWAY] (Red Door)


         As usual, enemies will appear as you enter. Defeat them. If you

         want a Devil Star, proceed to the end of the path to reach the door

         upstairs. You need to battle a set of enemies though.

         When ready just go inside the cracked hole in the wall.

         [CHAMBER OF SINS]

         Light both firewheels to have the two skullspheres to drop. You need

         have both of them to collide and break. After that, railings will

         open and you'll gain ONYX MOONSHARD.


         The entrance will be sealed and two Fallens will attack you. Defeat

         them and seal will be broken.


         Examine the panels on the closed door, place the GOLDEN SUN and

         ONYX MOONSHARD. Door will open.



         Alright, Bloodgoyles + Enigmas. Good. You need to make use of your

         trusted guns to survive. Jump up the debris to get to the next area.



         Bloodgoyles and Lusts will ambush you. You can get rid of them or

         run from them.



         Walk downstairs and take the large red door in the end.


         Arachnes and Bgoyles will be waiting below. Again, you can fight them

         or run. Take the door in the end.



         There is a VItal Star S in the end of the pathway. Use the Divinity

         Statue since there is a bossfight next.



         Either attempt to take the door or head to the library- it doesnt

         matter; scene will occur.

         !! BOSS - LADY

         Lady is one heck of a gunner. She moves a lot and is fast. You need

         to actively lock unto her to know her position. Try to keep her in

         sight as much possible.


         1. Bazooka -- she will fire a hard bazooka shell in your face. She

                       will always try to get behind or adistance from you

                       to activate this attack       


         2. Grenades -- She will jump in the platforms above the shelves and

                        will use time delay grenades. She is open for a few

                        hits while throwing the grenades.

         3. Grappling hook - NOt really an attack but her way to get into

                          another position. She will pistol away as she


         4. Homing Rockets - she kneels down and loads her RL. Once fired,

                           several homing projectiles will chase you. You

                           can cancel it by hitting here before the launcher


         YOu need to use fast, hard-hitting attacks here. She will run around

         and the shelves are actually good to protect you from her long ranged

         attacks. She staggers a bit so when that happens, score a few free

         hits on her.

         You'll obtain KALINA ANN rocket launcher (Dante only)


         [HIGH-FLY ZONE]

         Bounce using the glowing spots to reach the topmost door available.

         Get the orbs along the way. Open door to end mission.

  ` ~ ~ ~~~""""""                               ~~ ~ ~ ~~  ~~~ ~

 {MISSION 17 {             I N N E R  -  D E M ON S

     ~~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~_~_~~_______________________________  """"""""


                           "Confront your shadow"

          [DARK CORRIDOR]

          Jump to the wall to get a Vital Star S on the wall. Also, get all

          the orbs overhead. Enter the cracked wall past the door. This area

          is only optional and the reward you'll get is a GOLD / YELLOW ORB



          This is basically the same as the original trial. Light up both

          fire wheels to disable the enemies' devil triggers and hurt them.

          Remember the enemies here are frustratingly difficult and annoying

          at times.

          [GOD CUBE CHAMBER]     


          There is a orb pillar in the back of the room. Score a "STYLISH"

          ranking on the Combat Adjudicator using Beowulf (dante) to get

          another BLUE ORB FRAGMENT. Just hop your way using the blocks.

          Try moving the camera using the right analog stick to get better



          A Hell Vanguard escorted by some enigmas will attack you. You need

          to defeat them to unseal the door.


          [AZURE GARDEN]

          Take the path to the elevator. Find a BLUE ORB FRAGMENT on the floor

          and some red orbs near the ceiling. Backtrack to the God Cube


          [GOD CUBE CHAMBER]

          Make your way to the third level by double jumping on the cubes.




          Either take the portal to battle Jester optionally, or take the



          [TRIAL OF WISDOM]

          Get behind the Dullahans and chip away thier crystals on the back.


          [TRIAL OF SKILL]

          Basically the same as before, dodge the spikes. Reach the cracked

          wall and use the glowing circle to jump to the next area.

          [PITCH-BLACK VOID]

          Collect the orbs and examine the glowing statue for a secret mission



          ` ~ ~ ~~~""""""                             """""''''!!'''{

        !{SECRET MISSION 11 {  O N  P I N S   A N D  N E E D L E S  '"     

           ~~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~_~    ___ ______________________-   _"" _  _

          Avoid the spikes and obtain the Blue Orb

          Try to stay in the middle portion and use Devil Trigger to move

          faster. You should be able to make it through without a scratch.

          Ontain BLUE ORB FRAGMENT. Take the blue door.

          [SKULL SPIRE]


          Doors will be sealed again and you will be pitted against a new wave

          of enemies. Just defeat them and continue.

          [MOONLIGHT MILE]

          Use the Divinity Statue. Bossfight ahead.


          Run to the top of the tower and enter the darkness.



         !! BOSS - - DOPPELGANGER

         All around the place are light bulbs that you need to hit 3-4 times

         to open. You just need to evade his attacks, lure him to your

         position near the bulb. As he rushes towards you, begin hitting the

         the bulb to light it up, leaving him vulnerable for a few seconds.

         You will need to repeat the patterns since he will try to shut down

         the bulbs time to time. Also, he will not attack you if you stay on

         the light.

         Using Beowulf in this battle can deal serious damage to him when he

         is stunned by the light.

        You'll receive DOPPELGANGER style after the battle. (Dante) Enter the




        Run upstairs to finish mission.


  ` ~ ~ ~~~""""""                         ~~ ~ ~ ~~  ~~~ ~

 {MISSION 18 {            I N V A D I N G   H E L L

     ~~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~_~_~~_______________________________  ""

               "Break the seal and battle into the depths"


        Just go straight ahead and take the portal.


        You need to take out the king when you have the chance. Just take care

        of the pawns first then when the other official pieces makes thier

        move, just evade and use your projectile weapons to take them out


        Take note the the pieces do "phase in" and "phase out". When they turn

        gray, they will be invulnerable. Also the Damned Rooks revive

        destroyed pieces. Not to mention they will protect the king by

        "castling" with him. Just be careful on the Queen itself since it is

        the most mobile and dangerous.

        After destroying the King, other pieces shall fall.


        Follow the path. Two Fallens will appear. Get rid of them. Before

        taking the portal to the next area, go to the right side of the foot

        monument to find an orb crystal. Run around to the left side of the

        foot again to find some red orbs and examine the glyph on the side of

        the stone foot for a secret mission.

        Take the portal after the mission.



          ` ~ ~ ~~~""""""                             """""''''!!'''{

        !{SECRET MISSION 12 {  F I N A L  A S C E N S I O N  '"     

           ~~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~_~    ___ ______________________-   _"" _  _

        Obtain the Blue Orb Fragment.


        You should have Sky Star LV2 with Air Hike. Jump on top of the cube

        to the left of the door. There is a rotating cube above you so double

        jump to reach it. Wait for the cube you're standing on floats away

        then starts to float back towards the door. You may need to rotate

        your camera to find the cube that moves up and down. You need to

        double jump then Sky Star (air dash) to get to that cube. Wait until

        the cube moves all the up. Then, double jump to the cube that is about

        to float overhead. You need timing to avoid being pushed and fall to

        the bottom. Rotate your camera if needed to find two rotating cubes

        moving up and down. You need to double jump then air dash to the left

        most cube when it reaches the top. Upon landing on that rotating cube,

        you need to immediately turn around, double jum then air dash to reach

        the Blue Orb Fragment.


        There is a divinity statue you can use. Each of the glowing tablets

        teleports you to the previous bosses you have fought already.

        Black:      Doppelganger

        White:      Beowulf

        Purple:     Nevan

        Green:      Agni & Rudra

        Blue:       Geryon

        Light Blue: Cerberus

        Yellow:     Gigapede

        Orange:     Hell Prides, Lusts, Gluttonies, Sloths, and 2 Vanguards

        Red:        Heart of Leviathan

        Everytime you defeat a boss, thier corresponding crystal lights up.

        To open the portal, you need to connect the crystals by lighting them.


        1. Entire circle connects

        2. Half of the circle connects

        3. 3 Crystals on the middle connects


        Walk throught the portal to end mission.

  ` ~ ~ ~~~""""""                         ~~ ~ ~ ~~  ~~~ ~

 {MISSION 19 {           F O R C E S  C O L L I D E

     ~~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~_~_~~_______________________________  ""


                "Topple the great beast with fate's bullet"


        Defeat the enemies and a portal will appear.


        The room is surrounded by mirrors and the only way you can damage the

        enemies is by hitting the mirror with a greenish hue, obviously the

        one that has reflections.  Once the portal appears, jump to the

        top of the chandelier to the right facing it to obtain a Vital Star L.



        You need to defeat the enemies before the sand on the hourglass runs

        out, otherwise the area will be resetted and you will be brought back

        to your starting point.

        After defeating them, a bridge leading to the hourglass will appear.

        Obtain the SAMSARA. Go to the portal that will appear.




        Go back to the portal you just took a while back.


        Place the SAMSARA on the golden statue of the lady. Enter the portal

        to continue.

        [END OF THE LINE]

        Follow the path, use divinity statue. Boss battle up ahead.



        !! BOSS - ARKHAM

        You can run up to him and socre a few slashes. He will attack using

        his tentacles, just jump to evade and attack in the air.

        He will also submerge himself, leaving a group of slimy slug-like

        enemies. Use wide-ranged attacks to defeat the slugs or they'll mob

        you and deal continuous damage. Kalina Ann is good in crowd control.


        When attacking Arkham, you may need use Beowulf's attacks since his

        combos includes jumping in the air and smashing downwards, giving you

        more chances on evading his attacks. Also, you can use your Devil

        Trigger here since you will not be able to use that in the second part

        of the battle.

        Halfway on his health, you will be joined by Vergil (Dante) or Red

        Vergil (Vergil). If you have a second controller and buddy, you can

        just press the start button to gain 2nd player control to your shadow/

        brother. The 2nd player is invulnerable so, you just have him do

        the slashing and you take care of the blasting (using your guns)



  ` ~ ~ ~~~""""""                         ~~ ~ ~ ~~  ~~~ ~

 {MISSION 20 {         

     ~~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~_~_~~_______________________________  ""



        !! BOSS -- VERGIL / RED VERGIL


        This guy is fast, has devil trigger and hits hard. Be sure to have

        a lot of Vital Star L  that you can afford at the moment. He is really

        agressive and tends to attack you most often. Just evade his combos

        so that you can interrupt him or perform a counter-attack while he


        When he Devil Triggers, stay away from him while firing projectiles

        away. He recovers HP while in this mode so keep hitting him with

        your guns to chip away the life he recovers.

        Do not attempt to continue attacking him once he parries your attack.

        In most instances, he will dash in front of you then combo the hell

        out of you.

        Also, in the latter part of the game, he will use Judgement Cut

        rapidly and will vanish while running around the area leaving a trail

        of air slashes that deal good amount of dmg.

        You can use you own Stinger move to get to him quickly or to counter

        him when he's open. Rebellion and Beowulf are the weapon of choice

        here. For guns, Ebony and Ivory or either Spiral or Kalina Ann. But

        you wont be able to use the secondary weapons often because of thier

        slow firing rate.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


--13th Avenue

--13th Avenue, Combat Adjudicator

--Secret Mission 1


--Incandescent Space


--Endless Infernum, Combat Adjudicator

--Secret Mission 2


--Dark Corridor, Combat Adjudicator


--Dark Corridor

--Secret Mission 3

--Pitch-Black Void

--Lift Room, Combat Adjudicator


--Leviathan's Stomach

--Secret Mission 4

--Leviathan's Intestines, Combat Adjudicator


--Subterranean Garden

--Subterranean Lake, Combat Adjudicator

--Secret Mission 5


--Secret Mission 6


--Secret Mission 7

--Altar of Evil Pathway

--Temperance Wagon, Combat Adjudicator


--Secret Mission 8

--Secret Mission 9

--Obsidian Path, Combat Adjudicator


--Lair of Judgement Ruins, Combat Adjudicator

--Hell's Highway


--Underground Arena


--Secret Mission 10


--God Cube Chamber, Combat Adjudicator

--Azure Garden

--Secret Mission 11


--Secret Mission 12

--Lost souls Nirvana (Defeat all the bosses)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


13th Avenue

--Break the wall on the second building on the left.


Silence Statuary

--In the back of the room


Moonlight Mile

--Next to the door


Leviathan's Stomach

--Left of the bridge, after going through the cave.


Forbidden Land, front

--double jump on either side to reach the ledge above the entrance.


Underwater Elevator

--Find the hidden doorway on the left side behind the elevator shaft.


God-cube Chamber

--In the back of the main floor.


Road to Despair

--Go around the left of the stone foot monument.



~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~       



-Complete game once (Contents added to the gallery as each mode is completed)

-Clear game art is added as you gain S and SS rank for diffrent difficulties



-In game cutscenes can be viewed here.

GAME OPTIONS (to be toggled in the options menu)


-Turbo mode

-Lock on Cursor



-Clear game with Dante  

-Have a completed DMC3 save file on memory card

!!NOTE:  Having a completed game save file of DM3 will only unlock the Bloody

Palace and Vergil. Nothing else will be transferred over.



-Clear game with Dante  

-Have a completed DMC3 save file on memory card

!!NOTE: When starting a new game for Vergil, save it as another file. Do not

overwrite you game with Dante since you will lose your file with Dante and

replace it with Vergil.



EASY - die 3 times

HARD - clear Normal mode

VERY HARD - clear Hard mode

DANTE MUST DIE - clear Hard mode

HEAVEN OR HELL - clear DMD mode



COATLESS DANTE - clear Easy or Normal

--This is Dante's default and basic costume.

DMC1 DANTE - clear Normal mode

--This is what he's wearing in the ending when he's shop is opened. Obviously,

this is the outfit he is wearing on the original Devil May Cry. Also note that

in this mode, Dante's Rebellion sword will look like the Force Edge but will

remain as it is.

DMC1 COATLESS - clear Hard mode

--This is the outfit of the original game. The Dante's amulet is visible in

this outfit and also Rebellion will look like Force Edge.

SPARDA - clear Hard mode

--Sparda's outfit, complete with his demon shadow and monocle. Again Rebellion

will look like Force Edge and Ebony and Ivory will look like Luce and Ombra.

Again only the appearance will be change. Nothing else.

SUPER DANTE - clear Very Hard mode

--Same as his default sleeveless outfit. It does give Dante unlimited Devil

Trigger. In this form however, his HP is not recovered unlike the normal

trigger. Also, using Time Lag (Quicksilver Style), Flux (devil trigger

explosion and After Image (Doppelganger) consumes trigger gauge.

SUPER SPARDA - clear DMD mode

--Sparda outfit in infinite Devil Trigger mode. Using Flux, Time Lag and

After Image doesnt consume trigger runes. Also, HP recovers fast, giving

you an impression that you're playing in God mode. Very cool.



COATLESS VERGIL - clear Easy or Normal mode

NELO ANGELO - clear Hard mode

--Vergil will be displayed as Corrupt Vergil / Nelo Angelo, his Devil Trigger

from the original game. Note that when he is using this costume, his moveset '

also changes.

SUPER VIRGIL - clear Very Hard mode

--It is the default outfit but utilizes unlimited Devil Trigger. Using Flux

and Spiral Swords still consume trigger runes, though. Also, just like

Super Dante's outfit, HP is not recovered in this mode.


--Just like Super Sparda outfit, Vergil gets unlimited Devil Trigger while

having rapid HP recovery. Using Flux and Spiral Swords doesnt consume runes in

this mode.



RYDER SUIT - Depends on what Vergil / Dante is wearing.

Since you cannot play as Lady (which could've been better if possible), you

will only see her wearing this outfit during your bossfight with her or

during the credits screen when you're fighting with her.

To see her in this outfit, Dante and Vergil should be wearing:

DANTE                             VERGIL

      -DMC1 Coatless                    -Coatless

      -Sparda                           -Nelo Angelo

      -Super Sparda                     -Super Nelo Angelo


                                C R E D I T S




....primarily to all the gaming sites that hosted these faqs.

I really appreciate it.

....also to all the Filipino gamers that are actively participating and

contributing, helping their fellow gamers alike. my family, especially to my brother and sister on helping on this

faq's completion. my friends, family and office mates.