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Far Cry 5 Omega Outfit: How to Unlock the Omega Outfit

Customization is key to making your character feel like your own and changing your outfit is one way to do that. The Far Cry 5 Omega Outfit is one of the very best (and honestly, coolest) outfits you can get in the entire game. However, getting the Omega Outfit isn’t as simple as purchasing it or anything like that.

No, the only way to unlock the Far Cry 5 Omega Outfit is to complete a very specific and even difficult to find side quest in the game. Doing this side quest is the only way to grant you ownership of this awesome outfit that can be equipped for your character and shown off to your friends online. Here’s how to get it.

How to Unlock the Far Cry 5 Omega Outfit

The Far Cry 5 Omega Outfit (seen above) is an awesome looking outfit that is like some sort of futuristic motorcyclist and the only way to get it is to complete the side quest called Quiet on the Set. To unlock this quest, you must travel to Faith’s region and find the Grimalkin Radon Mine.

To locate this mine, you will need to head either east of Hope County Jail or directly southeast of Moonflower Trailer Park. Upon arriving at the mine, speak with Guy Marvel to begin this side quest towards unlocking the Far Cry 5 Omega Outfit. This side quest is a simple one that tasks you with taking out some “noisy” enemies and obstacles around the area.

Completing this pretty easy side quest will net you the Far Cry 5 Omega Outfit upon completion. You can then equip it by opening up your menu, heading to character customization, and equipping it under outfits.

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