Rogue Galaxy Full Walkthrough




             ##### /##                                           

          ######  / ##                                           

         /#   /  /  ##                                           

        /    /  /   ##                                           

            /  /    /                                            

           ## ##   /       /###     /###    ##   ####      /##   

           ## ##  /       / ###  / /  ###  / ##    ###  / / ###  

           ## ###/       /   ###/ /    ###/  ##     ###/ /   ### 

           ## ##  ###   ##    ## ##     ##   ##      ## ##    ###

           ## ##    ##  ##    ## ##     ##   ##      ## ######## 

           #  ##    ##  ##    ## ##     ##   ##      ## #######  

              /     ##  ##    ## ##     ##   ##      ## ##       

          /##/      ### ##    ## ##     ##   ##      /# ####    /

         /  ####    ##   ######   ########    ######/ ## ######/ 

        /    ##     #     ####      ### ###    #####   ## #####  

        #                                ###                     

         ##                        ####   ###                    

                                 /######  /#                     

                                /     ###/                       


        # ###              ###                                          

      /  /###  /            ###                                         

     /  /  ###/              ##                                         

    /  ##   ##               ##                                         

   /  ###                    ##                                         

  ##   ##            /###    ##      /###     /##    ###  ##   ####     

  ##   ##   ###     / ###  / ##     / ###  / / ###  #### / ##    ###  / 

  ##   ##  /###  / /   ###/  ##    /   ###/     ### /###/  ##     ###/  

  ##   ## /  ###/ ##    ##   ##   ##    ##       ##/  ##   ##      ##   

  ##   ##/    ##  ##    ##   ##   ##    ##        /##      ##      ##   

   ##  ##     #   ##    ##   ##   ##    ##       / ###     ##      ##   

    ## #      /   ##    ##   ##   ##    ##      /   ###    ##      ##   

     ###     /    ##    /#   ##   ##    /#     /     ###   ##      ##   

      ######/      ####/ ##  ### / ####/ ##   /       ### / #########   

        ###         ###   ##  ##/   ###   ## /         ##/    #### ###  


                                                             #####   ###

                                                           /#######  /# 

                                                          /      ###/ 







                      +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+

                      |E|N|G|L|I|S|H| |V|E|R|S|I|O|N|

                      +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+




                         IN DEPTH FAQ / WALKTHROUGH


                        AUTHOR: PAUL MICHAEL (VHAYSTE®)

                          CONTACT: [email protected]





III. ABOUT THE GAME                ABT000

     [CONTROLS]                    ABT001

     [CHARACTERS]                  ABT002

     [BATTLE SYSTEM]               ABT003

     [REVELATION]                  ABT004

     [HUNTING SYSTEM]              ABT005

     [POWER LEVELLING]             ABT006

     [ITEM CREATION]               ABT007

     [MAP COMPLETION]              ABT008



IV.  WALKTHROUGH                   WLK000

     CHAPTER 1                     WLK001

     CHAPTER 2                     WLK002

     CHAPTER 3                     WLK003

     CHAPTER 4                     WLK004

     CHAPTER 5                     WLK005

     CHAPTER 6                     WLK006

     CHAPTER 7                     WLK007

     CHAPTER 8                     WLK008

     CHAPTER 8.1  (JURAIKA)       [WLK8.1]

     CHAPTER 8.2  (ZERARD/ TWR1)  [WLK8.2]

     CHAPTER 8.3  (ZERARD/ TWR2)  [WLK8.3]

     CHAPTER 8.3  (VEDAN)         [WLK8.4]

     CHAPTER 9                     WLK009

     CHAPTER 10                    WLK010

     CHAPTER 11                    WLK011

     CHAPTER 12                    WLK012

     CHAPTER 13                    WLK013




      THE TOMB GUARDIAN            [QRY002]

      THE CAVE BANDIT              [QRY003]

      THE STEEL SHIPWRIGHT         [QRY004]

      THE WAYWARD PHANTASM         [QRY005]


      THE JUNGLE MASTER            [QRY007]




      THE TOWER PREDATOR           [QRY011]

      THE TOWER MATADOR            [QRY012]

      THE DESERT IDOL              [QRY013]

      THE WINGED TRAVELLER         [QRY014]

      THE ROCK 'N ROLLER           [QRY015]

      THE FALLEN MONARCH           [QRY016]

      THE ANCIENT FAIRY            [QRY017]

      THE LABYRINTH TERROR         [QRY018]

      THE ROGUE PIRATES            [QRY019]  

      THE ENVOY FROM ON HIGH       [QRY020]

      THE SEASIDE TERROR           [QRY021]


       - - - - - - - - -           [QRY023]

       - - - - - - - - -           [QRY024]



VI.  REVELATION FLOW                REV000

             JASTER                [REV001]

             KISALA                [REV002]

             LILIKA                [REV003]

             STEVE                 [REV004]

             SIMON                 [REV005]

             ZEGRAM                [REV006]

             JUPIS                 [REV007]

             DEEGO                 [REV008]


VII. INSECTORS                      INS000

     INSECTOR COLISEUM              INS001




       KNIFE BEETLES              [IST001]

       BAZOO BEETLES              [IST002]

       STAGGY                     [IST003]

       CUTTERPILLAR               [IST004]

       MANTIS                     [IST005]

       FLUTTERBUG                 [IST006]

       SPRINGTAIL                 [IST007]

       STINGBEE                   [IST007]

       LADY BEETLE                [IST008]

       FLIPPERBUG                 [IST009]

       DUNG ROLLER                [IST010]

       ITSAHORSE                  [IST011]

       HERCULES BEETLE            [IST012]

       FAERIE                     [IST013]

       BOMBSNAIL                  [IST014]

       SILKSPIDER                 [IST015]

       DARK EMPEROR               [IST016]

VIII. FACTORY                      FTY000

      BLUEPRINTS                   FTY001

      MATERIALS                    FTY002

      MACHINERIES                  FTY003

      FACTORY OPERATIONs           FTY004


         EASY LAYOUT:

                  SHOCK DEFENSE   [LYT001]


                  ALEXANDER       [LYT002]

        ADVANCED LAYOUT # 1:

                  DEVASTATOR      [LYT003]

        ADVANCED LAYOUT # 2:

             HEAVEN'S GUIDE BOW   [LYT004]


             DEEP DRILL FINGERS   [LYT005]

IX.   HUNTING RECORDS             HNT000

     CHAPTER 1 = 001-007         [HNT001]

     CHAPTER 2 = 006-016         [HNT002]

     CHAPTER 3 = 017-022         [HNT003]

     CHAPTER 4 = 023-033         [HNT004]

     CHAPTER 5 = 034-041         [HNT005]

     CHAPTER 6.1 = 042-049       [HNT006]

     CHAPTER 6.2 = 050-057       [HNT007]

     CHAPTER 7 = 058-065         [HNT008]

     CHAPTER 8.1.1= 066 - 073    [HNT009]

     CHAPTER 8.1.2= 074 - 082    [HNT010]

     CHAPTER 8.2 = 083 - 097     [HNT011]

     CHAPTER 8.3 = 097 - 106     [HNT012] 

     CHAPTER 9 = 107-115         [HNT013] 

     CHAPTER 10 = 116-126        [HNT014]

     CHAPTER 11 = 127-136        [HNT015]

     CHAPTER 12 = 137-146        [HNT016]

     CHAPTER 13 = 147-156        [HNT017]

     GHOST SHIP = 157-170        [GST001]

     GHOST SHIP = 171-200        [GST002]                 

     ALISTIA   = 201-212         [ALS000]

X .  EXTRAS                       EXT000

     ALTERNATE COSTUMES           EXT001

             JASTER              [ALT001]

             KISALA              [ALT002]

             LILIKA              [ALT003]

             STEVE               [ALT004]

             SIMON               [ALT005]

             ZEGRAM              [ALT006]

             JUPIS               [ALT007]

             DEEGO               [ALT008]


     SIDEQUESTS                   EXT002

         STARSHIP FACTORY        [SDQ001]

         ALISTIA                 [SDQ002]

         GHOST SHIP              [SDQ003]

         GHOST SHIP EX           [SDQ004]

     RARE ITEMS                   EXT004

         LUVANDA BLADE           [RTM001]

         SHISKA'S NECKLACE       [RTM002]

         L. MAMMOTH TUSK         [RTM003]        

         MIRROR OF TRUTH         [RTM004]       

         ANNALS OF HADES         [RTM005]

         CHARACTER MUG           [RTM006]

         ARBIN'S CHALICE         [RTM007]

         RAKSHASA'S HEART        [RTM008]  

         MAID ROBOT BETTY        [RTM009]

         OTHERS                   OTH000






                         [  C O P Y R I G H T  ]


  This document is copyrighted to me, Vhayste®. It is intended for

~PRIVATE~ use only. It cannot be used in ANY form of printed or electronic

media involved in a commercial business, in part or in whole, in any way,

shape, or form. It cannot be used for profitable or promotional purposes,

regardless of the situation. Breaking any of these rules is in direct

violation of copyright law.

This document is protected by copyright law and international treaties.

Unauthorized reproduction and distribution of this document, or any portion

of it, may result in severe civil and criminal penalties, and will be

prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under the law. Any characters,

names, places, or miscellaneous objects are copyright of their respective


Permission is required from the author in case any site or individual

will like to refer to, or use a portion of this this document. Requests

for posting this faq to other websites aside from the ones the author

originally contributed to still needs to be emailed to the author first.

Expect a prompt response whenever possible.


1.0 -- 10:20 AM 3/19/2007 - FAQ STARTED

       Faq progress halted - got bad disc; game freezes in EP7

1.1 -- 02:17 PM 3/31/2007 - Got original disc from IGN (Thanks S!)

       Continued main walkthrough

1.2 -- 02:18 PM 4/3/2007  - Started the Insector Section;

       03:58 PM 4/4/2007  - Added basic draft for Quarries

                          - Added Status Modifiers

1.3 -- 06:59 PM 4/5/2007  - Found my lost handwritten notes!

                          - Added common/ enemies

                          - Reformatted main faq, starting from Chapter 1

                          - Added more detailed info about Quarries(#1-12)

1.4 -- 7:16 AM 4/6/2007   - Continued faq revising, now CH5

                          - Added Mio's Game completion Checklist.

                          - Added hidden chest locations in Vedan

                          - Added some details in blueprints and using

                            the Frog Logs

1.5 -- 10:11 AM 4/7/2007  - Added Factory section

                          - Added Revelation Flow section

1.6 -- 9:11 AM 4/8/2007   - Added medium and advanced layouts in the


                          - Defined each character's revelation flow

                          - Added Alternate Costumes Section

                          - Added basic draft for the Sidequests section

1.7 -- 8:30 AM 4/9/2007   - Added 4 new Quarries (#15,#17, #22, #23)

                          - Added new layouts

                          - Added more Blueprint entries

                          - Added reward for Mio's Game completion

                            Checklist. (#1 in Hunter Rank)

                          - Added entries to the hunting records.

1.8 -- 1:27 AM 4/10/2007  - Added new section: Rare items

                          - Continued main walkthrough


1.9 -- 5:29 PM 4/11/2007  - Added new character revelation flows

                          - added new Info Edge entries. 

2.0 -- 9:31 AM 4/12/2007  - Played CH9, entered new entries for the

                            Hunting Records

2.1 -- 9:24 AM 4/13/2007  - Added new Quarry, Revelation Flow,

                            completed Alistia Walkthrough, continued main


2.2 -- 11:19 AM 4/15/2007 - Added completed materials list, continued main


2.3 -- 3:11 PM 4/17/2007  - Continued main walkthrough. Corrected some

                            minor details in other sections.

                          - Added new Revelation Flow Entries and new

                            beasts for the Hunting Records

2.4 -- 11:13 AM 4/18/2007 - Added some Revelation Flow entries, Quarries

                            some Info Edge entries; continued walkthrough

2.5 -- 7:54 AM 4/19/2007  - Almost finished with the main walkthrough (ch12)

                          - completed 9 rare items

                          - added new quarry, some new Revelation Entries

2.6 -- 8:27 AM 4/21/2007  - Finished the game, Completed Ghost Ship.

                          - Added new entries to hunting records

                          - Added guide for the Ghost ship.

2.7 -- 12:53 PM 4/22/2007 - Completed Ghost Ship; Currently completing

                            GS EX.

                          - Fixed some revelation flow entries.

                          - Added some info on bosses for GS EX

2.8 -- 12:43 PM 4/24/2007 - Completed GS EX twice, added new info about

                            the Black Emperor insector.                         


                   -----==================--- - - -

                           A U T H O R ' S   N O T E

                    - - - -----==================----()()()()()()()()()

Welcome reader. I presume you have either some questions or stuck in a

particular part of this game. Well, I hope that this document will be able

to help you in your journey or quest to finish the game. Just a few

clarifications I would like to point out before we start.

First, this faq, along with my previous works are written based on my

experience in the game. As much as possible, I wouldn't post personal

comments if not necessary. Expect a spoiler-free read since its my own

guideline to create faqs that assists the readers; not dictates the story

for them.

I started this faq 2nd week of March but since all the copies of RG sold

in our country are defective, I almost gave up hope on finishing this

faq. But thank goodness, IGN has featured me as their Faq Writer of the

Month for March and along with that, they sent me a original RG disc -

just like what I needed. So, I would like to thank IGN (specifically S

for recognizing my hard work) about the developments which lead to this

faq's progress. I am more inspired ever to create more comprehensive faqs

whenever I can.

Although I would like to make this complete as much as possible, I just

discovered how long the game is and how immense this game was. However,

since I need to balance work, family and personal life, some details maybe

omitted or missed out. Moreover, I encourage you guys to send your questions,

suggestions or if you want to include additional info or hints not found

on this faq. I will compile it and include it on my next update. Rest

assured you will be credited for it. If you need further help, check out

other in depth faqs in other gaming sites. I will be glad, however to

answer any of your questions the best that I can.

Worthless emails with really uncomprehensive questions, hate mail or

anything like that will either be politely ignored or will recieve a

response in kind. Let's be civilized and act as true gamers/ people.

Lastly, I hope you enjoy the game as much as I do. Game on!


!!DISCLAIMER: This guide is created entirely without the use of the

  Rogue Galaxy Official Guide or any other related documents. Its entirely

  a product of hardwork, several sleepless weeks and invaluable investment

  in time. Any information found on those faqs are protected by copyright

  by their respective owners/ authors.



                   -----==================--- - - -

      ABT000            A B O U T  T H E  G A M E

                    - - - -----==================----()()()()()()()()()




(L) -- Move character

(R) -- Rotates camera

L3  -- Select Active Character

R3  -- First Person View

/ -- Opens main menu

X  -- choose selection in menu screen/ Talk to people, open chests

() -- JUMP/ cancels selection in menu screen

SELECT -- Opens Map



D-pad -- Moves cursor

/ -- Opens battle menu; press again to enter the main menu

[] -- Attack with Subweapon

 X -- Attack with Main Weapon / choose selection in menu screen

() -- jump/ cancels selection in menu screen

R1 -- Guard / Recharge AP (Action Points) when empty

Hold X  -- Performs a charge attack (required to break enemy shields/armor)

R1 + X  -- Lift the enemy, press [] to throw the enemy

R1 + [] -- Execute character's BURNING STRIKE skill

L1/L2 -- Executes action suggested by AI controlled ally (5 second limit)

L3    -- Cancels the suggestions

R3    -- Rotates the camera

SELECT -- Camera View (Low/High)





A little something about the characters that you keep and control in the




MainW: Sword

SubW:  Gun

Desc:  An aspiring young lad, dreaming of making it to space. His life

changed after a massive beast attacked their desert town and he met a

mysterious and powerful hooded man. He was mistaken for the legendary

bounty hunter, "DESERT CLAW".



MainW: Dual Daggers

SubW:  Boots/ Shoes

Desc:  The sole daughter of the mighty space pirate Dorgengoa. she is a

sweet and beautiful young lady, completely contrasting her father's




MainW: Bow and Arrow

SubW:  Hatchet

Desc:  A proud warrior leader of the Barkaqua tribe in the primitive but

luschious planet of Juraika. she has a strong sense of pride and honor

whilst possessing a rather short temper.



MainW: Sword

SubW:  Shuriken

Desc:  Probably one of the most formidable member of the group. This

mysterious figure, also known as the "LONE WOLF" prefers working alone.

He was hired by Dorgengoa to aid him in his ultimate quest...



MainW: Gun

SubW:  Missile Pod

Desc:  A stout, short man(?) that doesnt show his real face. Little is

known for his past but it is confirmed that he is one of the Dorgen

Ark's first main crew.



MainW: Knuckles, Fists

SubW:  Orbital Pods

Desc:  A superb android that can express human feelings. He is rather

gentle and intelligent. However, there is really something that links

him to humans...



MainW: Spear

SubW:  Weapon Box/ Dispenser

Desc:  A genius working for Daytron's Space-Time research. He is rather

classy and he still found a place in a bunch of space pirates.



MainW: Axe

SubW:  Hand machine gun  

Desc:  A soldier that has a blood-soaked and painful past. He is trying to

reclaim his lost honor and pride so he ventured out to space with

Dorgengoa's crew.




Rouge Galaxy's battle system is somewhat FFXII-like. However, RG has a

fully active battle system and has RANDOM battles. Battles are well

balanced and enemy encounters are really normal, not enough to give you

a frustration.

Here are some quick battle notes you should read:

+ Every action consumes ACTION POINTS. When empty, a blue gauge will appear

  over your character's head and you wont be able to attack unless that

  fills up completely. GUARD by pressing R2 and when an enemy hits you

  while guarding, your Action gauge will fill up instantly.

+ Projectile Subweapons consume ammo. Not particularly in figures but in

  gauge rather. After emptying the whole after some rounds, you need to

  wait for it to fill up before you can fire again.

  You can still attack with your main weapon as it refills, as long as you

  still have remaining action points. Remember that Melee Subweapons (such

  as Kisala's Shoes and Lilika's Hatchet) still use a subweapon gauge but

  they technically they are not using any ammo at all.

+ Speaking of gauge, when using a WEAPON-ENHANCING revelation, the weapon

  will be imbued with elemental properties that can cause status ailments

  on the target. The effect wears off as soon as the gauge is emptied.

+ The battle field is cluttered with throwable objects; use these by

  throwing them to the enemy. It will make the enemy dizzy, open for attacks

  in a few seconds. You can also hit the objects when the enemy is over or

  beside it.

+ Aside from throwing objects, small and medium sized enemies can be lifted

  and thrown to other enemies as well. Also note that a lifted enemy is

  vulnerable; your allies can slash it while you are lifting it.

+ Know your enemies. Some beasts can be damaged only by hitting a certain

  spot or breaking thier shields. Here are some notes:

  SHIELDED enemies have a shield icon over thier heads. You can't damage

  them unless you break thier shield. Hold X to perform a Charge attack.

  The range and type of the attack is character specific.

  BARRIER enemies have barrier protection. You can immediately identify

  them when a barrier appears when you try to hit them. Charge attacks are

  worthless against these type of enemies so you need to equip the BARRIER

  BREAK SHOT subweapon. It is a unique gun that will be acquired during the

  course of the story. Of course, these enemy types will only appear after

  you get the gun.

  Lastly, some enemies needs to be attacked on a specific spot before you

  can damage them. For example, Undead Bandits, Volcanoes and their kind

  needs to be attacked in the head or their tops to damage them. Some

  enemies however, like the SMILEY in the Juraikan forest, you need to

  stomp over them, MARIO-style to open their petals and damage them.

  Dont forget also that using BURNING STRIKE against any of those enemies

  mentioned above nullifies their protection. It means that you can deal

  damage while performing BURNING STRIKE on them.




As part of any game, battles often cause different status ailments. These

are removed after the battle or can be cured immediately by using a

recovery item.



   STATUS        CAUSED BY          CURED BY           EFFECTS

 - --------------------------------------------------------------------

  UNCONSCIOUS*  Fatal Damage,     Resurrection     Unable to take actions

                Death Skills     


  SLEEP         Special Skills    Wake-Up Drops    Unable to take actions


  SHOCKED       Electric Attacks  Electroless      Unable to take actions;                                                   HP decreases gradually


  CONFUSED      Special skills    Relaxing Aroma   Character attacks other        

                                                   party members


  FROZEN        Ice attacks       Hot Breath       Unable to take actions


  ON FIRE **    Fire attacks      CO2 Powder       HP decreases gradually 


  POISONED      Special skills    Antidote         HP decreases gradually


  PARALYZED     Special Skills    Paralysis Cure   Unable to take actions


  DAZED***      Hard hitting      Stamina Extract  Unable to take actions



 * When a character HP reaches zero, they fall unconscious. Bring them back

   by using a Resurrection item. If the character you're using falls

   unconcious, the battle menu will come up and you can use an item to

   recover him.

   If all your allies became unconscious, its game over. This applies also

   if you are fighting alone. Obviously, unconscious characters can't take

   any actions.

 **You can also move into a nearby body of water            

 *** Quickly move the left analog stick to quickly cure this condition



Technically, REVELATIONS are SKILLS that can be learned by collecting and

interconnecting the required materials to learn them. It is not level-based

so you can learn almost anything as long as you have the correct materials.

There are several categories of Revelations/ Skills each character can

learn and use, this is according to what I call them.

WEAPON ENHANCING -- When activated, the weilder's weapon is imbued with

                    elemental properties. The length of effectiveness is

                    measured by a gauge. Usually, elemental attributes can

                    cause status ailments on the targets.

SELF BUFF        -- As the name implies, it will enhance the weilder's

                    stats better paired with Weapon Enhanching skills.


PARTY BUFFS      -- This actually enhances the entire party's specific

                    stats, such as ATK UP or DEF UP. The effectiveness is

                    also temporary but there are no gauges present to

                    check the length.

GROUP DAMAGING   -- These are offensive revelations that will allow you to

                    damage ALL the enemies in the battefield.

INNATE           -- These are permanently added to your stats after

                    learning them. It could be added ATK, DEF and





Since you play as an aspiring bounty hounter, the game included a HUNTER

SySTEM where you have an option to hunt down a certain number of monsters

and exchange points to improve your overall RANKING. Further details will

be explained below. You can view these after getting the BATTLE RECORDER

event item early in the game.




As you go out and defeat enemies, your kills are tallied in the BATTLE

RECORDER. There are certain quota that you must meet for every monster.

Common monsters have higher quotas compared to the uncommon ones. For

example, if the BR (Battle Recorder) indicates MISHA X 30  1000 Pts, it

means that you need to defeat a total of 30 Mishas to get 1000 pts.

All your accumulated points are tallied in your overall score. You belong

to the top 100 hunters in the galaxy and you need to make your way to the

top by earning points.



Some monsters can be encountered easily, some are rare. If you want to

complete your list, you need to be patient when hunting them down. For the

first half of the game, you dont have an option to choose your destination

yet so to prevent too much work later, I sugges hunting down all the

enemies in the area.

Note also that some enemies after more frequently on specific areas. Try to

remember where encountered the rare beasts the most.




Your overall ranking increases whenever you exchange points for hunting

rewards. As you climb the ladder, you will be able to recieve numerous

rewards from other hunters you just bypassed. For the top 10 hunters,

they all have items. Most items that can be acquired as a RANK reward are

unique; so it is really worth to hunt beasts and earn points.




Hunter Licenses can only be acquired by exchanging HUNTER COINS. Licenses

allow you to buy better items and get discounts in all shops. These are

available in EPISODE 6, once you can get back to the planets you have

visited before.

SILVER - 20 Coins

GOLD   - 40 Coins





Hunter coins can only be acquired for winning "CHALLENGES" and defeating

fairly powerful beasts called "MIMICS". Further details are discussed



  Challenges come in diffrent types and is timed. This is quite random

  and the enemies that you will face are not Challenge Specific only.


  To win this challenge easily, just activate each of your party member's

  group damaging skills.




  In this challenge, just stay away from the enemy and avoid YOURSELF from

  taking damage. Just step back and/or use offensive, group damaging



  This challenge can be hard or easy, depending on the enemies you will

  be facing. Just use your mainW or subW and finish the battle as quickly

  as possible.

  FINISH THE BATTLE WITH <insert character here> ALONE!

  This challenge can be won only if the mentioned character damages the

  enemies. You will lose this challenge if any of your allies put a finger

  on any of the enemies. So use the TEAM COMMAND - STEP BACK! and start

  defeating the enemies all by yourself. Or if your Group Damaging skill

  can knock the beasts in one blow, then use it.



  No, this is not those human-sized cockroaches from the movie. Instead,

  it is a beast taking the form of a treasure chest. It is fairly powerful

  but still manageable. Defeating a Mimic always reward you a HUNTER COIN.

  Remember that MIMIC is just a generic name. This applies to all beasts

  taking form of a treasure chest (Regardless of the actual names)

  You wont know that you have a MIMIC until you open the chest. You will

  learn immediately if its a mimic when THE CHEST PAUSED A SPLIT-SECOND

  while opening. A mimic will always catch you off guard so you'll start

  with zero or charging action points.

  TIPS for defeating Mimics:

  1. Set your Team Command to GO ALL OUT (Make sure that you have a fair

     stock of healing and recovery items)

  2. Quickly use GROUP buffs then WEAPON-ENHANCING skills for all

     characters. Status effects also works wonders in mimics.

  3. As much as possible, attack from the back. Mimics can only attack

     targets in the front and they do deal massive damage.


+ QUARRIES + <see QRY000 for details>

  This is similar to the HUNTING MARKS in FFXII. However, the main

  difference is that you need to BUY THE HUNTING CONTRACT IN THE GALAXY

  CORP and you need some certain items to draw them into battle. (Further

  details will be discussed on the QUARRIES section of this faq)

  Hunting contracts only first become available after getting the mainframe

  back up and running. Further contracts will be available as the story


  Quarries are optional bosses that pack a punch and lots of extra EXP and

  money. Not to mention some rare/uncommon goodies as well. Not to mention

  that they have large bounties on their heads. So defeating one can

  greatly skyrocket your ranking by several levels!




Power levelling is the term used for excessive battles for farming

experience points and money. However, even if you haven't noticed, if you

are hunting for a certain number of beasts (specially the rare ones) you

are actually power levelling already. It is very effective when you're

doint this on an area near a savepoint.


+ Quick level up

+ Additional credits/ Money

+ Quick weapon level up

+ Better chances of getting items, even those needed for revelation


+ Time exhausting

+ Frustrating sometimes

+ Tests your patience.




Aside from the normal items you can get and buy in shops, the game further

enhances your playing experience by allowing you to create your own items.

TOADY - Not your ordinary toad... <see FRG000 for details>


After the event in Juraika, Toady will join your group; not as party member

but as an item. Yes, you need to access him in the ITEM MENU and use him to

combine weapons. Every successful, unique/ uncommon weapons created will be

recorded in the FROG LOG.


- Remember that you can only combine weapons and subweapons for the same

  character only.

- You can only combine weapons with MAX or MASTERED status. A combined

  weapon starts with zero experience.

- Combined weapons are oftentimes more powerful. Finding the right

  combination can be daunting so make sure that you use Toady's ANALYZE

  ability. He will actually tell you what will be the best combination for

  that specific weapon/ subweapon.

- Analyzed weapons with RARE/ UNCOMMON by-products will be recorded in the

  FROG LOG; Although it would appear as an open slot until you successfully

  create the weapon.

- Be sure to analyze a weapon as soon as you max it out then immediately

  open the Frog Log to check what weapon is available to synthesizing. You

  will know this because the "OK" button is lighted BLUE.

- You will learn that you created a rare/ uncommon weapon when Toady


- Upgraded versions of the weapons (example: Vajra's Might vs Vajra's Might EX)

  can be achieved during weapon synthesis.

- Another rule in synthesizing: FOLLOW THE ORDER SPECIFIED ON THE FROG LOG.

  For example: Rock Crusher + Shining Horn = Wild Edge; If you tried

  feeding Toady the Shining Horn first then the Rock Crusher, you will get

  a different weapon. This is very crucial when trying to synthesize rare


- Synthesize weapons with the EXACT REQUIRED MATERIALS only. For example, a

  weapon that requires [Aqua Slashers EX + Rune Breakers]. Combining with

  just an ordinary Aquary Slasher may result to a different weapon. You

  cannot substitute a unique weapon with an ordinary/ different one.

- KEEP ALL YOUR WEAPONS, until you get Toady or until you find the correct

  combination for it. Remember that it is hard to level up weapons since they

  take several battles to max out, even for low level weapons.


  Seeker, Freeze shot, Monography Shot and Barrier Break Shot. Combining

  ANY sword with the Desert Seeker will always result to a normal Desert

  Seeker. For the guns, it may result into the same thing.


FACTORY       [see FTY000 for details] 


You will only gain access to the factory after defeating Jupis in Zerard.

After that you can remotely access it to create items. You need to make

sure that you have the proper materials and blueprints. Please refer to

the FACTORY portion discussed later on this faq.


Blueprints contain all info regarding the actual setup and materials needed

for that particular item. Get these blueprints from different people

thoughout the galaxy. You will notice if the NPC has blueprints if they

have AN ORANGE ORB ABOVE THEIR HEADS. Talk to them to learn the blueprint.

Note also that some blueprints cannot be acquired from one person only. You

even need to talk to several people before acquiring a single blueprint!

Usually, these items are powerful and rare. Note that they it doesn't

matter whether who you talked first just make sure you talk to people with



Materials are grouped into MECHANICAL, METALLIC, GEM, ALCHEMY and CIRCUIT.

Find these in shops or enemy drops


Processing materials is not as easy as it seems. Every type of material

needs a specific part to process it into processing form. Every part also

have their own TIME requirement to process the materials. All materials

much reach the ASSEMBLER in the EXACT TIME so calculating how long the

materials will reach the assembler is the key to successfully create the



After you successfully created the item, it will be available in some

specific shops (indicated on the item)




Once you used all the transporters in the planet, you will recieve a

message after you use the last transporter. This will display ALL the

chests left unopened, both locked chests and the basic ones. You won't be

able to complete maps until deep later in the game.




Talking to Mio in the Galaxy Corp and choosing the 3rd option will allow

you to know the details on how much you completed the game. Mio will give

you an item (alternate costumes for each characgers) for each criteria that

has been completed. Here is the criteria.

HUNTER RANKINGS     --  This is your overall rank in the top 100 hunter's

                        list. Getting the first rank (bypassing Desert Claw

                        as the galaxy's top hunter) will get you a 100%

                        completion in this criteria. Rank # 1 to complet this.

           REWARD: Desert Claw's Outfit


RARE ITEMS          --  There are nine rare items in the galaxy, 3 of

                        them are the Key Pieces themselves. THe others, you

                        need to find out yourself by talking to different


QUARRIES            --  IF you were able to defeat all quarries, you will

                        get a 100% for this.

HUNTING RECORD      --  If you hunted all the beasts in the list (not only

                        encountering them but completing their required

                        kills) then you have completed this criteria.

INSECTRON           --  I am sure that the number and type of insectors you

                        have capture doesn't count. This is for the

                        insectron tournament. If you conquered all the

                        ranks and became the Rank S champion, then you got

                        this completed.

REVELATION FLOW     --  If you have completed all the revelation flows for

                        each character, then you have completed this task.

FROG LOG            --  This could be one of the most daunting task to

                        complete. IF you have been analyzing since you got

                        Toady, no prob. But you still need to find more

                        weapons and max them out. Im not sure if getting

                        the finished product counts, though.

FACTORY             --  This is for the blueprints and the finished

                        products you have created. Obtain all the blueprints

                        and create them.



                   -----==================--- - - -

      WLK000            W A L K T H R O U G H

                    - - - -----==================----()()()()()()()()()


From this here on, is the main walkthrough. I will write it in outline

format so that it will be easy to follow and you can immediately find

what you are looking for. For the locked chests, I will call them by the

Key that unlocks them.


[C H A P T E R  1 ]    - WLK001


----------          "D E P A R T U R E"            ----------------

    -----------------------       ------------------------------


Location:      Planet Rosa

Locked Chests: Earth Chest - 2 (*requires Earth Key to open)

               Sun Key     - 1 (*requires Sun Key to open)

               Star Chest  - 1 (*requires Star Key to open)

ENEMIES:       Common:              Uncommon/ Rare:

               ------------         --------------

               Baphu                Gold Child  

               Sand Tortoise        Statue Dog

               Dragonfly            Cactulus



- Watch the scenes. You will now control Jaster. You and the Hooded Man.

Will be in a battle against some Baphu. Just familiarize yourself with the

battle controls.

- In free roam, go inside the Church for a chest containing HEAL POTION

(x3). Another one is located on the other side of it. (SNOW CREST X3)

- Go to the first save point (Transporter), save your game. Take the path

in the upper right to find two boxes, one of them is a STAR CHEST. 

- Follow the path and enter the houses. There should be another chest in

one of those house. On one house there is an Earth Chest. Climb the

ladder beside the lady to reach another chest containing a MAX HEAL.

- Move forward and just swim across the river, by the broken bridge.

Grab the the two items (CO2 Powder and Heal Potion x3) and save your game

in the transporter.

- After receiving the tutorial for ABILITIES, enter the house to the right,

before the path turning left. Ignore the first chest in the right since it

is a SUN CHEST. Climb the ladder to reach the other chest

containing a DIVINE HEALING.

- Go out the house and walk down the street to trigger a scene. Watch the

events and you will recieve one of the Seven Galactic swords, the

DESERT SEEKER and the battle recorder. Just read the tutorials if you want

to. Jaster will be thrown into a fight against...



BOSS   : GIANTS   (x2)

REwARDS: Heal Potion (x4)

         30 EXP

TIPS: These guys hit hard and you may receive your first 'GAME OVER' if

you're not careful. Remember to block often and watch your HP. Do not

hesitate to use healing potions. They are quite abundant and you have

access to them almost everywhere. IF you have learned Flash Sword, it will

be very useful here. Remember that you can only damage them by hitting the

head of the Giants.

Its a good idea to block when they are attacking and when you see and

opening, jump and perform a 3-hit combo in the air. When paired with Flash

Sword, you can deal greater damage than a normal attack would do. The

third strike will knock them down.

Just focus your attack on one Giant at a time.



- After the battle, a scene takes place. Simon and Steve will join your

party. You can now SWITCH CHARACTERS amd issue TEAM COMMANDS in battle.

Make sure to check your new team mates' Revelation Flow Chart and

have them learn whatever skill they access at this time.

- Continue forward to the next transporter, use it. Enter the Salgin Shop

and resupply/ upgrade as needed. Grab some CO2 powders as well. Don't

bother buying those Sanchez Fruits for the meantime unless they are needed

for revelations. There is a chest inside the shop, so check it out. Exit

the shop and continue forward to find another chest along the way.

- Continue south. You may be introduced to Sand Tortoises. A tutorial will

appear giving you hints on how to deal with Shielded enemies. Use a charge

attack to break their defense. You will reach what seems to be a dead end.

- Jump and grab the ledges in the rubble to get across it. There is a chest

on the side. Just follow the path and you should find another chest and

further out, another save point. Walk past the gates for a cutscene/ boss




BOSS   : Salamander Type VIII

REwARDS: Resurrection, Tri-Heal


TIPS: Target and destroy all the metal collars on its legs. After

destroying the collars, the beast's weak spot on the back is revealed.

After some scenes, Simon will give you an event item, Monography Shot.

Equip it.

The battle will resume but you can only control Jaster for this part of

the battle. Use the footholds to reach the top back of the beast. Just

attack the exposed part. After a few seconds the footholds will disappear

so you need to repeat the process again. Just equip the monography shot

to do it again.

After weakening the beast, the last phase of the battle will start. Attack

the boss on the head. Beware of its fire breath since it can cause the

"ON FIRE" status. Just use a CO2 powder to put it out. Just abuse using

your FLASH SWORD skill and continue attacking. Keep an eye to your HP and

just guard against its melee attack.

!!Note that this is your first quarry. Remember to exchange points for this

beast. Further info for Quarry monsters are discussed briefly above and

will be featured on a dedicated section of this faq.


- After the battle, Jaster will be alone again. New enemies will be here

so make sure to complete your hunts before moving forward in the story.

Save your game and check out the other places you haven't visited yet.

- To the left of the exit, there is a chest containing and IZERIUM. It is

rigged with a trap so be careful. Navigate the Residential Area to find

three more chests. Check out the Space Port too to find four more chests,

including one EARTH CHEST.

-- Teleport to the Church and go inside. A short scene will take place.

There will be 3 new chests here so make sure you grab them. The chest on

farthest left side of the church is rigged with trap as well.

-- Now, teleport back to the Residential area and check out the two shops.

IN the Item Shop, grab some Iron Cube for Revelation purposes. You can also

grab newer swords for Jaster. I suggest getting both swords so that you

can level them up and can be used for weapon synthesis later.

!! DO NOT SELL ANYTHING !! If you are short, win a few battles until you

get enough. Selling is not recommended specially if you have just a few

items. That applies to weapons as well. You can store unused weapons


- After resupplying and upgrading weapons, you may now proceed as you wish.

Rent a Yago from Katahari and leave.

- watch the next few scenes and Episode I ends.



[C H A P T E R  2 ]    - WLK002


----------    "T H E   J U N G L E   P L A N E T"      ----------------

    -----------------------       ------------------------------

Location     : Dorgenark

Locked Chests: 0

Enemies      : Devilers (Mini-boss fight)


- You will start the episode aboard the Dorgenark. Save your game and then,

talk to Steve. Take the elevator, then head north to the exit. You will be

in the deck and there will be a short scene with Kisala. After that, you

will be thrown into a mini-boss battle.



BOSS   : Devilers (x4)

TIPS: All of these beasts attacks are blockable. To end the battle quickly,

use Flash Sword and Kisala's Dagger Slash (you must learn this first) to

deal more damage. These guys move fast and they float around the field,

making them harder to hit. Just slash with your sword up close and then

use your gun to hit at a distance. Battle will end when you defeat at least

one of them.


- The ship suffered extensive damage, forcing them to crash land in the

  jungle planet of Juraika.

Location     : Planet Juraika

Locked Chests: Star Chest  - 1 (*requires Star Key to open)

               Earth Chest - 1 (*requires Earth Key to open)

ENEMIES:       Common:              Uncommon/ Rare:

               ------------         --------------


               Horrorwood           Blue Thunder

               King Bee             Moui

               Mutch                Mutch






- Your main objective is to collect Fire Fruits to make some booster oil

for the ship. For this whole ordeal, your party will be joined by Zegram

and Kisala. Anyways, from the deck, take the landing gondola down. Shop

if you want then save your game in the transporter. Just get some status

recovery items for each type if you like.

- Make sure that you get some revelations activated for both Zegram and

Kisala as well.

- Grab the first chest near the Shop for Jaster's Graverosse gun. Head

north while following the winding path. Once you reach the Creekside,

there should be a little uphill, past the second transporter. Head up and

go near the statue. There is an EARTH chest along the way but you

wont be able to open it until later. A scene will trigger. After that, go

back to the creekside.

- The path east leads to a treasure chest and two mimics. If you are

confident about your levels and skills, I suggest taking them first for

some extra experience and hunter coins.

- After conquering the East, backtrack a bit, save in the Transporter then

head West.  Keep heading west until you find a chest containing a Myriad

Branch. Then head south to find a transporter and a hut.

- Go to the hut and you will then meet Filio. After some more scenes, you

will recieve the event item, POWER GLOVE. The chest inside Filio's hut

requires a Star key. You can just use the tranporter to teleport

to the creekside transporter or just walk to hunt some new beasts for the

battle recorder.

- Make your way to the huge statue. There is a THINKING CIRCLE there. Step

on it and press X. You will then need to choose the Power Glove you just

got. Watch the scenes.

- Continue forward and find two chests along the way. Head up to the other

side of the river, then activate the transporter. Continue forth, there

should be a large boulder blocking your path and another thinking circle

for your disposal.

- Back track a bit and head west this time. There should be a shop there

so resupply and upgrade your weapons when needed.

- The first chest here is a Mimic so be warned. As you continue, you

shall be thrown into battle against some Gorras. You will recieve a

Ancient Scroll I, giving you access to your Burning Strike Revelation.

I suggest use the scroll to Jaster. Continue to the westernmost part of

the path and find yet another chest and transporter. Go near the hut for

a short scene.

- Watch the scenes and you will recieve a BOMB from Dario. Now, teleport

to the transporter by the river or just walk to continue hunting.

- In front of the large boulder, examine the thinking circle and use the

Bomb Dario gave you.

- Continue north and examine the chest on the west side. You will

then reach an intersection. The west contains 2 chests and 1 mimic. The

east leads to the Spring that has a Transporter, two chests and one Earth

Chest. After visiting those places, head north.

- YOu will meet Fable along the way. After a short conversation, he will

give you a Insector Trap I, Rearing Cage I and a Sanchez fruit. You

set this up now if you want. <refer to INS000 for more info about


- Just continue north and you will be stopped by the locals, denying you

entry to their village. Go back to the intersection then take the east

path leading to the springs. Save your game, watch some scenes and

prepare for a boss battle.




REwARDS: Heal Potion

         Rock Crusher

Kisala will be out in this battle but Lilika will replace her temporarily.

Its most damaging attack probably will be the electric attack. It dips its

electrically charged tentacles on the water and deals continous damage.

This attack however is blockable. Just set the strategy to GO ALL OUT if

you cant keep an eye on the healing. Also, its a good idea to maintain a

good close distance. Getting too close to the Mud Whooper can actually

damage you as well. Just use your gun at a distance, then abuse FLASH

SWORD. IF you have learned Illusion Sword then use that instead.

The guy should be down after a while.


- On your way out of the springs, a scene and Toady will join your

party. A tutorial about weapon synthesis will be shown so take note of

that. You will recieve a new sword also for this event. I stronly suggest

that before combining/ synthesizing weapons, ANALYZE them first. The

combination will be saved in the Frog Log even if you haven't created the

weapon yet. <refer to ABT007 for the overview of this topic>

- Save your game and go back to the village. A scene will take place and

the Chapter ends.




[C H A P T E R  3 ]    - WLK003


----------     "T H E   S T A R  G O D 'S  A L T A R"      - --------

    -----------------------       ------------------------------


Location: Planet Juraika / Burkaqua Village

Locked Chests: Earth Chest - 2 (*requires Earth Key to open)

               Earth Key - Inside the Chief's House

ENEMIES:       Common:              Uncommon/ Rare:

               --------------       ----------------

               Maurya               Muu Muu

               Shadow Wood          Stinger


               Red Spider

- There is a transporter inside the village itself. Start navigating the

village for chests. There are chests inside the Mish pens. check out each

houses and the lookout tower as well. One of the houses also contains

an EARTH CHEST, but you need to come back for it later.

- After checking it out, head in the upper level and enter the Chief's

house  (the one with the guards in it). Watch the scenes.

- After the scenes, you can go visit the shop just south of the Chief's

house. Again, resupply or upgrade weapons as needed. I suggest maxing out

your weapons first, analyze them, then combine them if necessary. This

will ensure that you will always have powerful weapons.

- When night falls and after the cutscene, go back to the Chief's house.

Grab the chest beside him to get the !!EARTH KEY!! You can now go down

and enter the house containing the locked Earth Chest. (Kisala's Wishing

Stars) You can also head north to the Valley of Departure to activate

another transporter and find a chest. IF you want, you can also take time

to search the whole area.

- You can actually head to the Maiden's shrine or just take time to

explore the other places in the Path to the Altar. You can also head back

and get the other EARTH CHESTS you passed earlier. If you are ready, go

back to town and enter the house with the Star on it.

- when day comes, you need to follow Lilika and Miri. If you have

navigated the area the night before, you should be well familiar with all

the key areas here, not to mention that you have access to different

transporters in the area.

-- Exit north of the village, to Path to the altar. Just behind the wooden

gate, there is a chest. Grab it.

--Head to the northern part of the path first, to the place where the

destroyed cruiser is. After the event you should get the broken FREEZE

SHOT. Grab the two chests behind the cruiser. There is EARTH CHEST across

the tranporter. Walk uphill and you should find another chest by the

waterfall. Also jump and look a chest on the side of the cruiser. It

contains Zegram's FROZEN SLASHER.

--Follow the objective marker heading south while picking items along the

way. You should reach a path along the river. Just follow it until you

reach the next transporter. Continue to Sherio's house and watch the


-  Just leave the STAR CHEST located inside Sherio's house for the

meantime. After getting the fixed Freeze Shot from Sherio, go back to the

intersection you took. This time, head west in the map towards the


- The falls has a shop and a transporter in it. Save your game, restock

items then swim to the little rock across the waterfalls. Stand on the

Thinking Circle, and use the Freeze shot. After freezing the waterfalls,

stand on the Thinking circle again and use the Monography shot.

- Jump on the footholds and make sure to grab the JUNGLE COAT, a secondary

costume for Jaster, along the way. Upon reaching the top, swim to the far

end of the waterfalls. There is a single treasure chest along the way so

dont miss it.

- As soon as reach the far shore, Zegram will leave the party. Continue

forward with Kisala and activate the transporter. Take this time to

complete your hunting records since you won't be able to return to Juraika

in a while. Once ready, save your game.

- Watch the scenes and you will then need to do battle with Kisala only.


Boss: Star God - Individer

- The Freeze Shot you just got will be very useful here. You wont be able

to damage this enemy in its normal form. And occasionally, it will drop

some alive, snake-like parts of its body. Just freeze him for a few seconds

then start slashing away. It will be very effective if you use weapon

enhancing skills such as Flash Sword (Illusion Sword if you have it already)

and Dagger Slash for Kisala.

Remember that the Freeze Shot has a rather slow recharge speed so remember

to guard against the attacks while the freeze shot is recharging. You can

also kill those smaller minions if they start getting in your way.

This boss loves to jump around around the area so make sure you fire the

Freeze Shot when you are near him. This will save precious seconds since you

can attack him immediately instead of running towards him to attack.

Occasionally, the Individer will release some web that will paralyze any

characters caught in it. Avoid it since you are open for his damaging


After depleting the boss' HP to a certain point, Lilika will join the

fight. use the same tactics and destroy the boss completely.


- After the fight, watch some scenes and Lilika will join the party. You

will get the event item, BOOSTER OIL.


[C H A P T E R  4 ]    - WLK004


----------     "T H E   G R E A T  E S C A P E"      - --------

    -----------------------       ------------------------------

Location: Planet Zerard / Rosencaster Prison

Locked Chests: Earth Chest - 4 (*requires Earth Key to open)

               Sun Key     - 1 (*requires Sun Key to open)

               Star Chest  - 3 (*requires Star Key to open)

- You will need to renew your Galactic Visa. For this mission, Lilika and

Simon will come with you. There are 5 chests in the area where the Dogenark

is docked. Also within the Space Port, there are two more chests, one is a


- On the main street, head up. There should be a shop beside a transporter.

Be sure to grab to item on the west side of the map. If you want, I suggest

checking out all the shops in the WESTERN and EASTERN sides. There are also

several chests along the way; their locations are pretty obvious so I wont

enumerate them individually. Just teleport to the main street after

checking it all out.

Note: In the Northeastern part of the map, beside a transporter is the

entrance to the Insectron Stadium. You will meet Fable. Here, you can buy

an Insectron License (3000z), an Insector Trap II and Rearing cage II.

You can also get some Insect Feeds/ Revelation items here if you still have

the cash. You can also start battling here but you should have at least 5

insectrons and they should be, well, raised a bit.

There is also a soldier blocking the a path in the EAST side, just past

the Insectron Stadium. You won't be able to enter the area until later.

- When ready, go to the main street. After the shop beside the transporter

in the main street, head to the path leading east. Grab the two items there,

head back to the north and enter the Galaxy Corp.

- Inside the Galaxy Corp, try to walk around the area since there are

several chests here; 1/6 is locked and requires a Star Key. After

collecting it, head towards the main counter. Watch the next unexpected




+R O S E N C A S T E R   P R I S O N +


ENEMIES:       Common:              Uncommon/ Rare:

               --------------       ----------------

               Crow                  Nelvoron

               Livid Ape             Roller

               Savage Dog            Petit Pooch

               Shadowman             Phantom Tail




!!NOTE: If you are completing your Hunter Records, the Petit Pooch appears

        only in the Interior Pathway Area, and is very rare. I suggest

        just hunt the other beasts here and wait until the next chapter to

        continue your hunt for the Pooch.

- You should find yourself in the Rosencaster Prison. When you have control,

talk to the hooded prisoner and head towards the bars to activate another


- Once you gain control, there will be a shop. Before heading down, enter

the two seemingly empty cells on the other end of the cell you were held.

There should be items there ready for the taking. Once ready, take the





- You will be in the 3rd level. Your way of exit is by entering the red-lit

doors. Before doing that, examine the area thoroughly, including the bottom

level for two chests, in the NW. There should be chests also in the upper

floors. After collecting the goodies, take the red door. One of the chests

contain a Dargon God Skull, I believe. Use it to start Lilika's revelation

flow by learning her first ability, WARRIOR GOD's CRY.

- Keep heading west until you reach a merchant. Restock as needed. If you

want to, you can upgrade Lilika's main weapon. Don't buy Jaster's

Binding Frost and Lilika's Triton Hatchet since they can be found in chests

later on. There should be another transporter on the next room. I suggest

do some power levelling for extra exp, z, and hunter records.

- Enter the next area. A short event will take place, and you will be in a

fight against a protobeast. After the battle, make your way, slowly scanning

each ramp for items. One key item, the PRISON BARRIER KEY in the middle

ramps. Jaster's Binding Frost gun is also located on the bottom floor. After

looking around, head to the red door and step on the THINKING CIRCLE. Use

the PRISON BARRIER KEY as needed. Move on.

- Keep heading west, until your party reaches another large room with

several floors. Do not bother searching the bottom floor since it doesnt

have any items. Move up the ramps on each floor, while opening chests along

the way. There are 4 chests here so make sure you don't miss them. Exit

through the red door heading west.

- Move through the corridor to reach the elevator. Don't forget to grab

Lilika's Triton Hatchet near the elevator.




- Upon disembarking out of the elevator, there should be a shop and

transporter nearby. Save your game, then open the two chests in the corners.

Open the southwest door to continue.

- Continue forth while grabbing all chests along the way, on each floor.

DOn't miss Simon's Electro Nozzle on the top floor. Head out to the door

to NW. Grab the two chests lying beside the exit.

- In the next area, be sure to check every floor for items. There are 6

chests in total. 3 chests are in the lower floors, 2 chests on the third

floor and a chest on the other end of the exit. There are no random

battles here fortunately.




- You will enter another multi-floored area. Go to the 3rd floor, and grab

two chests containing some Heal Potions and Resurrections respectively.

There is a Mimic near those two chests. Make your way to the very top of

the floor and grab the final chest (absolute zero stone) for this area.

You can now jump to the bottom of the floor and enter the door there.

- Find two chests in the corridor and then go through the door. Exit

through another door ahead and enter a room with 3 chests. The mimic is

the 3rd chest from your left (while facing the chests). Grab the items

then go through the southwest door.

- Jump to the bottom floor and the get Steve's Killer Grenades from the

Chest. Head up to the second floor and get the Silver Bagles from the chest.

Finally, open the last two chests in the top floor, one containing the

event item EV STARTUP CHIP.

-- Continue to the next room and find a transporter, a merchant and the

Thinking Circle. Save and resupply as needed. Use the Startup Chip in the

thinking circle and use the elevators to go up.

Interior Pathway A3


- Lilika's Sea Gazer Bow is located in one room by the corridor. Continue

through the corridors until you reach another Transported. Enter the door

for a scene.

- Starting from this area, grab the chest hidden just beside the dead

Salamander's head. Head up the stairs to reach the next room.

- Head north and find two chests, one of them is a mimic. Take the hallway

leading south and a scene will trigger. Enter the door after the scene.

- There are two paths but they both lead to a single exit. Anyway, take

any of the paths since they both lead to rooms with items in them.

Interior Pathway A2


-His is rather a straightforward path and a lot of new enemies so remember

to save frequently. Don't bother opening the door on the easternmost part

of the area since it is locked until later. Make your way to the

transporter and make sure to save in the end of the path. Prepare for a

boss battle.


Boss: Rosencaster

- This boss has multi-hit, damaging combos. Have your party "GO ALL OUT"

team command. The safest way to attack him from the behind while using

Group Buffing skills. His rocket launcher can cause burn and his whip

has a decent attack range as well. He will also take advantage of the

field by dashing/ ramming your party members while having enough

distance to launch his long-ranged attacks.

Stay away from his line of attacks. There are fairly powerful so expect a

hard time if you are low in underlevelled. Abusing the use of guns in the

battle is permitted. Its better to land 3 hit successful combos so that ]

you will still have time to react and guard against his attacks.

Halfway on his life, he will be use a shield which will deflect any

normal attacks. I suggest use weapon enhancing skills such as Flash

Sword. After his shield breaks, just apply the same tactics you've used

on the first half of the battle.


- After finishing him, some events will take place and you will be taken

back to the city. Head back to where you came out of the Rosencaster

Prison. Activate the transporter then and get the two chests lying in there.

- Make your way back to the Main Street. On your way, there will be a short

cutscene. Save your game and move forth for another cutscene.

Chapter Ends.



[C H A P T E R  5 ]    - WLK005


----------     "T H E    M A S T E R   H A C K E R"      - --------

    -----------------------       ------------------------------


Location: Planet Zerard / Daytron Ship Factory

Locked Chests: Earth Chest - 1 (*requires Earth Key to open)

               Star Chest  - 1 (*requires Star Key to open)

!!Note: Save a least one MIRROR UNIT; You will need this to summon a Quarry

in the next chapter. The factory has abundant supply of Mirror Unit drops

from enemies.

- Make your way to the main street, to the fountain. Watch the events.

After that, Simon will leave the party and Steve takes over. Make sure

to check his revelation flow and upgrade his weapons.

- Head to the Galaxy Corp and talk to Mio. You will have yet another

mission to complete before able to renew the long due galactic visa.

- If you have visited all the places as I suggested earlier, you should

remember one place in the Eastern alleys that you cant enter before. It is

near the Insectron Stadium so just teleport there. If you havent, just

check out the Eastern path and make sure to check out all shops there,

including the Insectron Stadium for some revelation items and new weapons

as well.

- There is a transporter as soon as you enter the area. Activate it and get

near the entrance. Watch the short scene. There will be two items by the

sides of the Factory entrance, one is a Star Chest.



 + S T A R S H I P   F A C T O R Y+



ENEMIES:       Common:              Uncommon/ Rare:

               --------------       ----------------

               Cleaner Bob          Type-K

               Shock Gem            Yellowbolt

               Oilder               Petit Pooch




!! As mentioned earlier, the Petit Pooch is also a rare beast here but it

appears here by 4's. So you have better chance of hunting them all versus

1-2 Petit Pooch spawns in Rosencaster Prison.

- Enter the factory and you will have another short scene. After that you

will be surrounded by Maxes. Just use a group damaging skill such as

Jaster's DESERT  WIND or Lilika's VOODOO DANCE to dispatch them quickly.

Head inside afterwards.

- In the Entrance Hallway, there are several corridors leading to two paths.

The southern area is where Tarantulas and Petit Pooches spawn more

frequently but they spawn on the first few rooms as well.  If you take the

northeastern part, there should be a transporter and a door. It leads to

Assembly Line 1. If you take the southern door, it still leads to Assembly

Line 1 but near the elevator. There is also and item nearby. Take the

elevator up after getting the item.

Assembly Line 1


- As soon as you enter, grab the chest on the left side of the wall. Head

south to find an elevator. Use it to get to the upper levels.

- Check out the ledge and find the FACTORY KEY in the chest. Jump on the

moving platform or jump over the hanging platforms and head to the

southeastern portion of the area, where the THINKING CIRCLE is located, in

front of the door. Make sure to grab the two chests in the northeastern

ledge (the door will be locked for now; but you can come back to check it

out later <see [SDQ002]>). Use the Factory Key and head to the next area.


Assembly Line 1 Hallway


- There are two paths here leading to the same area; Assembly Line 2. The

locked door on the northeast opens in the next chapter. Take the

southeastern path to reach the next assembly room. A scene will trigger

upon reaching the door in the Southeast.

Assembly Line 2


Once you reach the Assembly Line 2, save in the transporter. Grab the item

in the south. Jump down. There is an elevator on the southeastern corner of

the area. Take it up and find a Earth Chest behind the crates. Grab it.

- Jump down and get the two items on the Northern part of the Assembly

Line. Take the door in the east to continue. Avoid touching the hot metal

planks in the conveyors since it can damage party members.

Assembly Line 2 Hallway


- Although there are a lot of corridors here, they only lead to one exit.

Just continue East until you reach another transporter. Save your game and

move to the next area.


Assembly Line 3


- After the short scene, you will be in a fight against two Assault



BOSS: Assault Walkers (x2)

These machines will start the battle with the shield on. Use charge

attacks to break their shields. Start casting weapon enhancement skills

for any of your party members; include casting buffs as well.

Illusion Sword works wonders here, combined with Warrior Cry. Just

concentrate on one enemy first. Avoid getting caught in the middle since

they can really damage quickly. Just move out, and attack them from behind.

Once of them is down, the other one should go down quickly.


- After the fight, you will be in Dr. Pocacchio's Lab. There is a Sun Chest

there. Leave it for the meantime and save your game.


Assembly Line 3A Hallway


- You can take the path east and exit out in Assembly Line 3A.


Assembly Line 3A


- (Take note of this area, because this is where one quarry can be found

later on) There is a shop on the NE ledge above. There are also two items

and one mimic. After you're done shopping, backtrack and take the path SE.

Save, then enter Assembly Line 3B.

Assembly Line 3A Hallway


- Proceed to the southeast and activate the transporter just outside

Assembly Line B. Enter the assembly line after saving.

Assembly Line 3B


- Grab the item box by the wall. Head to the center of this area, near the

southern part, find the chest containing another FACTORY KEY. Head back to

the northwestern corner of the assembly line.

- Take the elevator up and jump on the moving platform. Use it to get to

the SE corner for two chests, one of them is a mimic. Jump back on the

platform and then jump to the center aisle, above the ship. Now jump on the

second moving platform. There is an item on the NE ledge also so be sure to

grab that. Make your way to the SE ledge and use the Factory Key on the

Thinking Circle to open it up and move on.

Assembly Line 3B


- There is only one exit here so just continue heading east. Save your game

in the transporter before the entrance to the Mainframe Room and prepare

for a boss fight.



Boss: Johnny Robot

The big guy is protected by a barrier. So you need to keep on avoiding its

attacks for the meantime. Heal often as needed. After a while, a scene

takes place. You will get the event item/ subweapon BARRIER BREAK SHOT,

courtesy of DR. Pocacchio.

Use the Barrier Break Shot that you got from the good Dr. After breaking

the barrier, its time to attack! If you have levelled your characters

enough and you have good weapons (synthesized or upgraded) then this battle

should be a breeze. You need to be careful with your HP though since Johnny

packs more than a punch. Use party buffs and weapon enhancing skills to

have better advantage.

Be on your move so that you won't be an easy target. Do not hesitate to

burn AP casting buffs and enhancements after their effect has worn out.

After depleting his HP to a certain amount, it will transform into the

Johnny Super Deluxe mode. This time his attacks are a bit more powerful

and his defense as well. But that is not that noticeable. Just continue

attacking, rebuffing and enhancing the party as needed. You need to be

careful about the status effects like Burn and Daze.



- After this battle, you will now gain access to the Factory in your main

menu. Initial details will be available on the tutorials; further details

will be discussed further in a separate section of this faq.

- You will be inside Dr. Pocacchio's room, and also a shop for raw

materials to be used in the factory. Grab what you can and head back to

the Galaxy Corp.

- Talk to Mio and after a short scene, you will recieve your renewed

galactic visa as well as her #78500 Membership Card.

- Teleport back to the Dorgenark and walk towards the central part of the

control room. After a short scene, Jupis will join your party.

Chapter Ends.





[C H A P T E R  6 ]    - WLK006


----------            " T H E    G U I D E "             - --------

    -----------------------       ------------------------------

Location: Dorgenark

Locked Chests: NONE

- Explore the ship and go talk around everybody. After a few moments, Simon

and Steve will show up. Go back to the control room to meet Dorgengoa.

After some scenes, you will tasked to go to Vedan.

- Use the transporter and there will be a short scene between Steve and

Dr. Picacchio. During the course of the game, this short scenes will now

appear when you use transporters.

- Head out to the deck with Kisala and you shall have another scene. After

that scene, you will receive a notification that you are free to travel

to any destination or planet.

- During this chapter, you can also do a lot of stuff. You can now take

control of the ship and decide what planet to check out. Do this by

examining the steering wheel in the control room. For now you can go to the

following locations:

ROSA    - A desert planet under the control of the Longardian Federation

JURAIKA - A green planet rich with vegetation. Its inhabitants are somehow

          not too advanced due to their attachment with old traditions.

ZERARD  - Considered as the most civilized and advanced planet in the


VEDAN   - A rich mining planet where the majority of the gems are mined


ROSE NEBULA - A concentration of space dust and gas. It arrays in different

              lovely colors worth seeing.

- With all those locations available, spend a few minutes visiting them

  and get some extra items.




There are two item boxes in town that requires the EARTH key.




- If you haven't visited the Valley of Departure during your first visit

planet, then this is where the Dorgenark will land. Go to the deck then

take the landing gondola. Grab the chest and use the Transporter.

- Teleport to the Altar of the Star God to grab two more items.



Go in the Galaxy Corporation. Talk to Mio to exchange your hunter coins for

a HUNTER LICENSE. Hunter licenses gives you access for new items and store


- Now go to the Counter behind her. You can now start buying Quarry

contracts or info sheet. This will give you the target and its location.

Remember that they appear normally. You must use the THINKING CIRCLE and

use the item the hint describes.

For now you will get the following targets:

THE TOMB GUARDIAN (8500 Pts) -- Vedan: Myna, North Observation Deck

THE CAVE BANDIT (18000 Pts) -- Vedan: Mine, Great Tablet Hall

THE STEEL SHIPWRIGHT (14500) -- Zerard: Factory/ 3A Hall

!!Note: There is a special item needed to summon the Shipwright. At this

point of the game, you dont have it yet. (Advanced PUMP) And no, pressure

pump doesnt work. Also he appears only after defeating the Tomb Guardian in


!!Note: Have at least one MIRROR UNIT in your inventory. This will be used

to summon the TOMB GUARDIAN in Myna, Vedan later on.

- If you havent done yet, go to the Zerard Spaceport on the southernmost

part of the map. There is a transporter there and five chests.



Since you have access to use the Factory now, its time to get some




Salgin/ Residential Area


Alban - Rosa/ Salgin Residential Area: South Gate (in front of Katahari,

        where you rented a Yago before)

Yorkman - Rosa/ Salgin Residential Area (Plaza): Weapon Shop

Mukajinir - Rosa/ Salgin Residential Area (Plaza): Item Shop



West Side


Maddox - Beside the transporter

Elbim - Inside Item shop

East Side


Sando - Beside the Weapon shop, right before the Factory area

Museen - Inside of item shop

Insectron Stadium


Osmond - Inside the Stadium, talking to Fabre

Kabter - Infront of the NE table.



Kobitt - Before the entrance of the Factory, near the save point

Eman  - Inside the Factory's Entrance.

Korbo - NW corner in Assembly Line 1, behind a large machinery.



Drapp - Located west of the item shop, just before the entrance to the

        Cancer King's Ruins (blocked by a kid in this Chapter)

Minth - Inside the item shop, beside the counter

Shukowa - Standing in the underpass east of Shop Corbis

Trimble -  Inside the Weapon Shop.



 + M Y N A /  V E D A N +


Location: Planet Vedan

Locked Chests: Earth Chest - 1 (*requires Earth Key to open)

               Sun Key     - 2 (*requires Sun Key to open)

               Star Chest  - 4 (*requires Star Key to open)

               Star Key  - Angela's Bar (requires the Earth Key)

                         - Can be accessed in CH8 in case you missed it

- Kisala will be in the party. Make sure to check your equipments and

inventory before heading out. Take the landing gondola to reach another

platform. Take it to reach the lower level. There is a shop, a transporter

and two chests. Resupply when needed, then take the door.

- Moving forward, grab the item by the corner. Go down and find the other

chest in another corner, next to a pile of crates. When ready, take the

train to reach the Myna Station.




ENEMIES:       Common:              Uncommon/ Rare:

               --------------       ----------------

               Death Crow           Junk Phantom

               Jellyman             Steel Child

               Zombie               Gigabird

               Stray Dog





These are located in high platforms and the only way to get them is by

jumping over the passing traincar and grab on the platform. There are 3

such chests in Vedan and though you may me able to spot them in the map

later on in the game (After using all transporters in Vedan) it is really

an advantage to be able to grab them from the start. They are not obvious

on the normal view, you need to actually "look up" to spot them.

Hidden Chest # 1 - SILVER AXE


In the end of the tunnel just east of Angela's Bar. 


Hidden Chest # 2 - PHANTOM ROBE (Kisala's 2nd Costume)


Near the traincar stop just NW of the Myna Weapon Shop.


Hidden Chest # 3 - ULTRAVIOLET SABRE


Near the traincar stop, just east of Item Shop Corbis 

- You need to wait for the traincar to stop. Remember that if you are

stepping on the track, the traincar will stop someplace. Im not sure how

they were able to detect that, but the traincar does take about 5 MINUTES

to make a round trip around the town - including its brief stopovers

in "train stops". So I suggest waiting in front of those chest locations,

wait for the train. Once you spot it, immediately jump into the track to

stop it. You can then jump over it and to the ledges that contain those


- The train travels counter-clockwise. You can just take a shortcut to

save time and wait for the train there. You can also have a joy ride

above the train if you like. (LOL)

!! +++++++ !!!

- After arriving in the station, make your way to the exit. Ignore the

chest there for the meantime because it requires the Star Key. Continue,

find another item by the corridor. Go downstairs to start a scene.

- After a brief conversation, You will also meet the annoying little old

guy, Burton. You will also need to fight some the notorious Morarty Clan

members. Defeat them all immediately using any group damaging skill.

- After the battle, go to the Transporter to save and heal. Go downstairs

and look behind the metal tower to find a chest containing a SPIRIT BELL.  

There is another chest directly across the stairs. Be careful since its

a DUSTBOX, a stronger version of a mimic. Head down to the southeast.

Before entering the tunnel, look up to the building beside the tunnel

entrance. One of the hidden chests I mentioned can be found here. Wait for

the train and stop it. Jump over the train and quickly jump to the ledge.

Grab the Silver Axe (Deego's MainW).

- Continue past the tunnel. As you exit, there are two chests on your right.

One is a STAR CHEST, the other one contains a Mellow Banana. Walk further

and you will trigger a cutscene.

- You will find yourself in the plaza. Walk around to the west and find

a chest beside the buiding. Head to Angela's bar in the southeast. Use the

transporter and grab the two chests on the east side of the bar before





- a scene will take place and Deego will join your group. After the scene,

Deego will join the party. Enter the bar and be sure to grab the EARTH

CHEST on your immediate left. It contains yet another very important key

item, the STAR KEY. Your objective will be buying a MINE ID Card in the


- After getting out the bar, you can actually visit the Observation Deck

(Daytron view) by going west, past a short tunnel. It has a transporter,

two chests and a Shop. The observation decks are where the Death Crow

and Phantom Junks usually appear. Just remember the place in case you need

to hunt those, especially the uncommon Junk Phantom.




- Make your way to the item shop. (If you have visited this before going

to Angela's bar, this is previously locked.) Also, I suggest finding all

the other blueprints available at the moment. <Refer to the blueprints

section FTY001>. On your way to the item shop, in the path where it separates

into a western and eastern path (the correct way), head to the west path

first and find 3 chests, one is a SUN CHEST.

- Upon reaching the item shop, grab the two chests first on both ends. One

is rigged with trap. Go now to the counter then buy the MINE ID CARD for

1500z and other supplies as needed. Exit the shop.

- As soon as you exit, a group of hitmen will appear and ambush you. Again,

just like a while ago, get rid of these suckers using Desert Wind or any

group damaging abilities you prefer.

- You will now need to return to Angela's bar. If you haven't looked around

city yet, I suggest you do so. Continue east, past the underpass. (Shukowa

is standing there with a blueprint). There is a chest there. Now head north,

then go west. There are two chests just upstairs. One of them contains the

very rare (in this point of the game) Stella Crystal. DONT USE IT FOR

REVELATION OR IN FACTORY YET! You will need this to summon a quarry deep in

the mines.

- If you want to take down your second quarry, head northeast past the tunnel

to the Observation Deck.



- Aside from being a great place to hunt down gigabirds and Phantom Junks,

is also home to a huge beast. That is your target. Grab the two chests in the

area, one is hidden on the far southern deck, beside the railing/ wall.

- Activate the transporter and save. Head down to the lower platform towards

the Tomb-like monument. You should see the Thinking Circle there. Now step

on the thinking circle and user a MIRROR Unit. The quarry should appear

after a short entrance scene. (refer to [QRY002] for strategies./ further

details about this beast.)



- If you're done with your business with the Tomb Guardian, you may want to

visit the Weapon shop. Or if you if you want to, you can do it the other way

around. Anyways, from the the Observation deck, head west. The shop has a

transporter near it. Activate the transporter then enter the shop.

- In the shop, grab the two items on both sides. One is rigged with a trap

so be careful. You may want to upgrade your character's weapon, if you have

the cash.

- Head out and grab the Phantom Robe inside a chest located near a trainstop

just past the weapon shop. <Hidden Chest # 2 - PHANTOM ROBE- check the info


- After getting almost all of the chests in the area, teleport to Angela's

Bar. (Just walk if you plan to complete some entries in your battle recorder)

As you get near Angela's Bar, a scene will take place.

Next stop: Rockbelter mines.




- If you havent visited this place yet just follow the event marker on your

map. It should lead you to the southeastern part of Myna where the station

is located.

- After entering the station, just follow the path to until you reach the

train. There will be a STAR CHEST beside the crates that contains a Magic

Lipstick. If you forgot to get the Star Key then you will need to wait

until Chapter 8 before you can go back to Angela's bar and get it.

- Now get on the train headed to the Rockbelter Mines.




- as you reach the station, grab the chests in the right of the escalator

and another one just beside the cargo crates. Walk down the ramp to the

west, past the waiting room to enter the Mines itself.




ENEMIES:       Common:              Uncommon/ Rare:

               --------------       ----------------

               Hypher               Glaring Eye

               Moleman              Ghost Animal

               Killer Mountain


               Undead Bandit


- activate the transporter and follow the path down into the mines. A

short scene will take place. Go north and find a chest obviously placed.

Take note of an NPC named Nommid here, he will be one of those hard to

find blueprint guys. He won't give you anything unless you completed CH9

at least. Continue forth to the First Strata.




- Moving forward, the chest located on your immediate turn is a Mimic. Just

defeat it to obtain hunter coins. Make your way east, if you want to, you

can just discover the alleys but most of the dead ends here have nothing

to offer. Upon reaching the first footbridge, jump to the south to find

a chest. Now jump back to the bridge and continue east.

- On your way east, until you reach an overhead footbridge along the way,

find another chest on your left. Just stay on the path and you will find a

transporter beside the elevator on the easternmost part of the map. Dont

forget to grab the item in the alley to the west.

- Save, take the elevator to the next area. Note that the uber-rare Ghost

Animal (same family as Petit Pooches) only appear in the 1st Strata. I

don't know any ways to increase their encounter rates since the chance to

find them is probably 1/25 or 1/30 battles; probably lower. Im not sure.




- From this point on, the most common enemies you'll probably encounter

will be Killer Mountains and Undead Bandits; both beasts require hits on

their heads to damage them. You can also find the rare/uncommon Glaring

Claw beast here if you wanted to complete your hunting records in this


- As soon as you step out from the elevator, grab the chest behind you.

Move forward until you reach an intersection in the path. Go south, past

an overhead footbridge, continuing south then another footbridge. You

should find Jagley there. He is a merchant so start resupplying as needed.

- From this footbridge, jump off and head east, then a SE to find a chest

in a dead-end. Backtrack to the footbridge with Jagley on it then head

south.  On your way, there should be another overhead footbridge. Grab

the chest there.

- Now follow the southeastern route to east. You'll find another

transporter and the elevator leading to the lower levels. You can spend

also some time hunting near the transporter to save items. Once you are

prepared, take the elevator down.




- This is a short path. Grab the only chest on this path and continue

heading to the large dome-like area. The game will take over and you just

need to watch a few scenes. After the scenes, it will be a bossfight.



As you start off, make sure to activate buffs and weapon enhancing

abilities. For now, your party will be composed of Kisala, Deego and

Jaster. For the meantime, you can only damage his arms. I suggest taking

care of his left arm since its projectiles can deal Shock status. Just

concentrate one arm at a time and don't be too agressive. This boss hits

hard and you should be careful.

Another thing to note is that this moves quite fast so block often then

attack. Use your gun if he jumps away. As long as you have a good supply

of healing and recovery items, you should be able to win this battle.

Once both of the Drill's arms are destroyed, it will start firing its

other weapons such as missiles and lasers. But the good thing is you

can damage him by attacking him anywhere. So rebuff if they already

expired, and attack him continously.



- After the battle, a short scene will take place but the battle is not

over yet....




Even if he is not riding the Drill, do not drop your guard against Gale or

suffer the fatal consequences.

He mainly attacks with his guns. Since you will be fighting him one on

one with Deego only, make sure to block often and attack only when after

his combos. His kick can knock you back or daze you a bit. You need to

keep an eye on your HP here, just make sure it doesnt go below 5o%, just

to be safe.

Don't dare use combos too often since Gale can still continue attacking

even as you land hits on him. He might even stagger you which can be

pretty dangerous since he attacks fast. There are instances that Gale

will just taunt you and do nothing. Don't miss this oppurtunity to score

a few hits on him and even have the chance to knock him down and deal

a bit extra damage.

Just always watch Deego's HP and you should win this battle.


- cutscene follows after the battle. You will also receive an Officer's

Coin event item from Gale. Now after the battle, you should be able to

grab all the chests here; including one STAR CHEST and a trap chest.

- Continue forth to the Great Tablet Pit, an even larger area, and save

in the transporter provided. If you have purchased the hunting contract

for the CAVE BANDIT, the Thinking Circle should be visible there. (For

details on how to defeat this beast and summon it, refer to <[QRY003]>,

the Quarry Section of this faq.)

- Inside this massive hall are 3 chests, including one that contains

Deego's second alternate costume. Find one of the chests just downstairs,

beside the stairway. Now turn to the southeast, and find another chest

behind the large boulders. After that go northwest this time, in the other

side of the hall and find the HEAVY ATTACHMENT in a chest hidden again

behind a large rock.  

- Once done, you can continue hunting the beasts you need in your records

or just teleport to Angela's bar for a somewhat, touching scene.

Chapter Ends...



[C H A P T E R  7 ]    - WLK007


----------      " T H E    G R E A T   T A B L E T "       - --------

    -----------------------       ------------------------------

- At the start of this chapter, after the scene, you will get Dorgengoa's

Coin. I wanted to keep it but its actually a revelation item to unlock

Jaster's SHOOTING STAR skill. Its not that much but unless you unlock it,

you won't be able to have access to other abilities in the revelation

flow (refer to REV000 in case you want to check Jaster's Revelation Flow)

- Save in the transporter but a scene between Mark and Dr.Poccachio will

take place. So just watch it or skip it then save your game otherwise.



 + R O S A /  S Y L V A ZA R D   D E S E R T +


This is just a very short chapter so I suggest don't do too much exploring

for the meantime. You can visit the locked chests in Rosa and hunt for new

enemies to be found in this new area.

You can also start switching in between characters whenever you want so

select the party you want to use then prepare to set out.




- You can check out the area for some new shop inventories and blueprints.

<see FTY001 for details>

- Teleport to the residential area and go near to the event marker. After

a short scene, you will need to head out to the desert.




ENEMIES:       Common:              Uncommon/ Rare:

               --------------       ----------------

               Scorpion             Vulture

               Killer Mish          Worm

               Shisa                Living Lava

               Lord Bee             Black Horn


- This is just a straight forward path. Just make your way to the south.

Don't bother with the first branch you'll see, they'll just converge into

one road only. On the second branch in the road, go to the dead end one

because obviously, it contains items. After grabbing them, continue south

to reach the ruins.




- Activate the transporter then get the two chests. Follow the winding

corridor to the next area with a merchant. Resupply as needed.

- Go first to the SE dead end and find a chest. Now backtrack a bit and

take the narrow corridor to the west this time.

- In the next area, go right (north) amd find a chest. If you bought all

the hunting contracts you can find in Zerard, then there should be a

Thinking Circle in the lower grounds. This is for the Wayward Phantasm

quarry. It requires a Crystal Staff which you don't have right now.

- Just make your way to the other side. Look in the Sw to find another

item in the corner.

- Now go south, around the narrow path or through the opening in the wall

to the next area. There should be a nearby transporter on your right with

two items.




- You can jump and head to the open area to the SW. Go downstairs to the

first set of stairs you'll see. Then head north, then east upstairs. You

should find another chest in the ledge. Now head down and make your way to

the West. From your current location, just go south, and find a pillar

bridge overhead. Just jump to the platform and head southwest.

- Follow the path to the next area, then open the STAR CHEST

- Moving forward, as soon as you enter the second open area, you should

spot a chest by the stone block. After grabbing it, head farther NW to find

another chest beside a stone block.

- Make your way west to the next open area. On the NW, there should be some

holes in the floor that leads to an underground room. Intentionally jump

down the holes and find a room with 8 chests. One of them is a mimic;

another one contains an alternate armor for Steve.

- After collecting your items, take the west exit and head upstairs.

- Go right (south). then make your way further west. Don't forget the item

in the NE corner of the last area before the transporter.

- Grab the two items to the left of the transporter, then save.




- Head upstairs to the next area. the game will take controls. Watch the

  scenes. After that, you'll be thrown in a bossfight.



TIPS: This mysterious masked warrior is powerful so be careful. He attacks

with combos, has a burst attack that can blast you and your allies aside.

He also spins his sword to create a shield that deflects any attacks.

So, don't hesitate to throw in a lot of healing items to keep your party

afloat. Avoid attacking him at the same time he's performing a combo since

not only his damages hard but he almost can't be staggered. I found the

best way to knockhim down is after every combo.

Use buffs and enhancement abilities for added effects.

You don't need to win this battle. Just damage him whenever you can or

just order the party to step back and guard. Either way, the battle will



- after the scene*, the chapter ends and you will find yourself back in the



*Just to let you know guys, this is where my disc and any other RG disc

I got freezes.





[C H A P T E R  8 ]    - WLK008


----------    " C H A S IN G   A   L E G E N D "       - --------

    -----------------------       ------------------------------

!! This is a rather long chapter since you need to complete 3 Ancient Ruins

(4 if you'll include Alistia). You can start in whatever location you'll

prefer. So, I will just put here the order I took for the three ruins

in my playthrough.

-Basically you need to obtain each of the Ancient King's Key Pieces. So,

let's start with the Leo King, in Juraika.



   |  PLANET   |     KING    |     SYMBOL |



   | JURAIKA   |     LEO     |     LION   |


   |  ZERARD   |    LIBRA    |    SCALES  |


   | VEDAN     |   CANCER    |     CRAB   |



 + + + + + + + + + + ++ + + + ++ + + + + + + ++ + + + + ++ + + + + + +


 JURAIKA/  PATH TO THE RUINS              [WLK8.1]



ENEMIES:       Common:              Uncommon/ Rare:

               --------------       ----------------

               Dancing Doll         Ancient Mish

               Fancy Fowl           Red Horn

               Smilier              Go Oak

               Poisonous Fly

               Infernal Fruit



- Teleport to Burkaqua Village, and check the shop's new inventory. Now

head to the once blocked exit south. Follow the path and activate the






!!This is area is frequented by Ancient Mishes. So come back to hunt them

here if you want.

- follow the path; On the second turn, grab the item by the ruined pillar.

  continue forward, there should be another item along the straight path.

- continue past the first bridge then follow the path. On the square like

are in the map, find an item on your right. Continue forth until you

reach the Midpoint Transporter.





- Moving forward, you should find  merchant Koteiwa along the way, and a

chest before the narrow path. Continue forth.

- On the broken bridge, grab the two items underneath, and another one on

the SW corner, beside the bridge.

- There are two paths. The South path past the bridge and the Eastern

path along the canal. The Eastern path is longer and doesnt contain items

at all so I suggest take the Southern path. If you want to complete the

map though, your're free to do so.



- Make your way to the broken bridge then to the canal. Follow the path

heading east; Ignore the bridge that you will find along your way. There

will be three chests, ones beside the tree and the other two just

by the waterfall in the end of the canal. You can then backtrack to the

path leading southwest. Follow the path until you reach the first plaza.

- Talk to Mesod to have a new Info Edge entry. ("Where's that Seven Star

Sword Now? 1-B"; see OTH000 for details) Nothing much here so continue

following the path.

- On the second plaza, there are four chests up for grabs. 3 are in the

north, the other one is on the southern side. Continue along the tight


- Grab the item on the first turn, continue to the 3rd plaza. 

- There will be three items here, two are in the NW, beside the fallen

pillar. One is a SUN CHEST. The other one is in the SE corner of the

plaza. Continue forward.

- On the last plaza, grab the chest on the northwest corner. There is also

another on beside the pillar on the east. Save in the transporter then

continue south.

- Follow the path leading west until you reach the third and last bridge.

Don't bother searching the canal since there are no items of interest

there. Get past the bridge and grab the items to your right (south).

- Continue to the next wide area in the path. There should be a ramp

heading up and a sign there. Don't forget to open the chest behind you

(east) by the tree. It contains Lilika's 2nd costume. <see [ALT003] for


- After getting the chest, head up the ramp. And continue.




- Save in the transporter and enter. Watch the scenes. After that, a




Well, you just need to cast buffs and attack their heads. Now, they do

hit hard so its actually recommended to stay away from the middle or

you will have a hard time escaping their attacks.

Just take care of them easily since they will be just normal enemies

in the later part of the castle.


- After the battle and some scenes, continue forward.

- This place is quite large and almost every corner looks identical which

can be confusing. So, don't bother checking every single corner of this

area since they are too time consuming and the fact that the last

transporter that can be accessed is the one before the Altar. Remember that

using all the transporter in the planet reveals all unopened/ locked

chests across the map. So just look around and grab what you can find.

- From this on, the path will be pretty much straightforward so Im gonna

just include the chests I can find along the way.

- So from your starting location, head west then find a chest in the

bottom floor in the south side, beore the first turn to the north. Now

make your way to the NW corner of the map, where a chest lies beside the

broken wall; before the underground corridor.

- Jump to the upper path, then find a STAR CHEST before the door to the

next area. Continue forth.

- There will be a short scene. After that, head forward, don't forget

the chest on your right (north), just beside the first pillar. Go

past the door and activate the transporter.

- Typically , it looks like the first long hallway you took a while ago.

Now to start off, head to the easternmost hallway and find a chest in the

bottom floor in the SE. Backtrack to the transporter.

- Head south from the transporter and find a chest by the first corner.

Follow the upper part and you should find another chest beside the pillar

on your second turn. After that, jump down to the bottom floor and find

another chest on the SW corner.

- Follow the path, until you reach the path branching north and south.

Head north first, then jump in the NE corner to grab the item. Backtrack

to the branching paths and take the other one this time. Grab the chest

on the next turn.

- Follow the upper path, until you reach a door. Enter it and save in

the transporter. Now head west, resupply via the merchant and grab the

item in front of the merchant. There is also a STAR CHEST just a bit past

the merchant.

- Now follow the upper path. Upon reaching the 2nd turn starting from

the merchant, go down. Find another chest there. Backtrack to the upper

level, then continue forth. Save in the transporter.

- Now continue moving forward, check out the place if you want to. Now make

your way to the final savepoint. The whole Juraikan map should be

visible now, including the unopened items. They will appear as yellow

dots in the map. Take this time to come back for them. When you're done,

head back to the last transporter before the Altar.




- After saving, move up to the stairs and enter a scene with the Mad

Witch. You will be thrown to a boss fight.



This enemy loves to move/teleport around the whole place making it hard

to hit her. Don't try to use combos on her since she seems to move

before the third strike connects. Her attacks are fairly damaging, and

it has also a good range.

So use Illusion Sword here and any other projectile attacks. Remember to

cast buffs here as well. Don't worry, the Mad Witch has low HP compared

to Normal bosses, so continue attacking her and she will go down in a

few minutes


- After the scenes, you will obtain the Leo King's Keypiece.


!! Note that aside from the normal scenes, you will also have a short

hint that the planet Alistia is now accessible. Head there if you want.

<see [SDQ002] for further details/ walkthrough about this sidequest>







 + + + + + + + + + + ++ + + + ++ + + + + + + ++ + + + + ++ + + + + + +


 ZERARD/  GLADIUS TOWERS (Tower 1)                         [WLK8.2]



ENEMIES:       Common:              Uncommon/ Rare:

               --------------       ----------------


               Ancient Knight       Will o' Wisp

               Red Jellyman         Dark Buffalo 

               Ancient Baron        Phobos           

               Type-G               Baroque

               Ancient Sword        Stealth Hornet

               Redbolt              Death Gold 

               Hellcorpse           Devil Hawk 




- This is one long mission; some may save this for last but finishing it

earlier can give you the zehn and experience boost you may want. Also

this dungeon has really straightforward paths most of the time so you

may read my 'follow the path' directions quite often.

- To start, go to Zerard. You may want to check the shops for any new

inventory you may find. Then go to the Galaxy Corp. While you're there,

you can check your status with MIO'c completion check and also verify

if there are any new quarries for you to hunt. In this stage, you should

have the contracts for the Tower Predator and Tower Matador.

- Exit to the north. Take either of the paths; once you reach one tower's

entrance, you will discover that a barrier protects the entrances

themselves. After a short scene, you will be taken to Dr. Poccachio.

- After the scene, you will have the event item 'Burst Mode Switch'. Now

head back to the Galaxy Corp and go to any of the entrances. In my case, I

started out with Tower 1.

- So, exit the Galaxy Corp to the north and head to the west path, leading

to Gladius Tower 1. There will be a thinking circle there. Stand on it

and use the Burst Mode Switch you just acquired. After a short scene,

the barrier will be destroyed so continue forth.





I just want to point that out since some people get lost while navigating

this place and forget that they only entered one entrance.





- As soon as you enter, a short scene will follow. You will obtain the

LIBRA KING'S SWORD in the process.

- After the scene ends, head upstairs and save in the transporter. Don't

bother looking around since this area has no items and no random encounters.

Take the elevator up.



 1st TOWER / 2F


- Go a bit north, then take the path west. Follow the path, head upstairs

then follow the path. Grab the chest on the north wall after your first

turn. That's the only item in this path so head back east.

- Take the path east this time; ignore the path upstairs north since

you will end up to that path anyway. So follow the path east. You will

then reach some stairs leading north. GO upstairs.

- As soon as you go upstairs, you'll find a chest by the east wall. Turn

left (north) and you'll find another chest by the rubble. Continue east.

- Follow the path until you reach another set of stairs leading up to

the open corridors (doesn't it look similar to the Pharos of Ridorana;

FFXII?) Anyways, don't bother checking out the north since it doesn't have

anything to offer. Head south and follow the corridor as it turns west

then north again.

- The stairs leading down is actually the straight part leading from the

elevator. Just ignore it and continue following the corridor. On the last

turn heading north, grab the item  then go left (west) downstairs.

- Continue heading straight. Save in the transporter then take the

elevator up.



 1st TOWER / 3F


- Continue straight north, upstairs to the open hallway/ corridor. Just

follow the path until north you reach a path leading down (east). Don't

forget to grab the chest in the south edge. Head down.

- Head straight until you reach a door. Grab the two items beside it.

Open the door and continue to the first connecting bridge. There is a

merchant there so make sure you resupply. He also sells one Stella Crystal,

so if you need this rare crystal, don't miss this oppurtunity to buy it.

Continue to the blue door.



 2nd TOWER / 3F


- continue east, head upstairs. Follow the path until you see two paths.

One is straight south and the other is downstairs west. So just turn west

and grab the item by the rocks (north wall). Go downstairs.

- Follow the path until you reach another stairs leading up. Go upstairs,

and after a few turns, downstairs again. Follow the path until you reach

an intersection. Go north upstairs first to the open corridors. Now take

the corridor leading east. Grab the chest on the edge of the broken hallway

to the north.

- Backtrack and continue heading south and save in the transporter. Take

the elevator up.



 2nd TOWER / 4F


- as soon as you step out, head north upstairs. Find a chest on the SE

corner by the rubble. Now backtrack and take the other path this time.

- head west then take the north turn. Find an item and head upstairs.

Don't worry about the other path since it still leads to this same area

upstairs. Follow the hallways and jump down.

- Go north to the intersection. Dont miss the item on the west deadend.

Now go east upstairs to the open corridors. Go left (north) and follow


- After your first turn and a few steps after, there should be path north,

leading down. Go downstairs then straight upstairs to find a lone chest.

Jump down and backtrack. Continue heading south by the open corridors.

- Upon reaching the end of the corridors, head downstairs east. Continue

forth, grab the item along the way and head upstairs. Just follow the

path leading downstairs. Save in the transporter, then take the elevator.



 2nd TOWER / 5F


- Continue straight upstairs to the open corridors and grab the item on

your right (north). Backtrack a bit and take the path north, upstairs.

Follow the path as it goes down, then straight south. There will be

two turns but just take the first turn since the other one is empty. Be

sure to grab the item as well. Head upstairs.

- Follow the hallways leading west; in the end, go downstairs then

upstairs again. There is some stairs heading down in the north. Take them,

follow the hallways and find a chest in the dead end. Backtrack up and

continue west.

- Go downstairs then head upstairs north. On the way, there is a chest

hidden behind some rocks. Don't miss it. Then continue north downstairs


- Go upstairs again then turn. Exit through the blue door to the second

connecting bridge. Cross it and enter the orange door.



 1st TOWER / 5F


- Take the south path first. It also branches in two different deadends.

Head to the east upstairs and find a chest in the deadend. Now backtrack

and continue to the main path west. (The north deadend is empty)

- Head upstairs to the open corridors and follow the path leading west.

There is a chest just north of the downstairs path. Go downstairs.

- Take a turn south then upstairs. Jump down and grab the chest on the

bottom. Continue south.

- Just ignore the deadends here since they don't have anything. Go south

and save. Take the elevator up.



 1st TOWER / 6F


- Go upstairs and turn north. Grab the chest and head down. Turn south

and find two chests in the southeast deadend. Now backtrack and go


- Take the turn north and jump down. Take the two items in the east wall.

Backtrack and continue the path west, then turn east. Find a chest on the

east wall. Go north and jump downstairs. Go east upstairs to the open


- Continue the path east. Along the way, there will be another path

heading east downstairs and find a lone chest. Backtrack to the open

hallways and continue north. Go downstairs.

- From this on, its just straightforward. Save in the transporter then

take the elevator up.



 1st TOWER / 7F


- Grab the two items beside the stairs. Go up.

- This is pretty much straightforward. Just follow the hallways. Dont

forget to grab the chest before the exit to the connecting bridge. Exit

to the connecting bridge. You will then need to fight Seed... again.



TIPS: Nothing has changed since the last time you fought him. His attack

patterns are the still the same, and he still can damage you a good

amount. Just use the same tactics before.

You won't win this scripted battle. After a few minutes and losing a

fair amount of HP, the battle will end.


- scenes -

- After the fight and if you bought the contract for the Tower quarries,

you should see a Thinking Circle here. Just approach it and use a

Perfect Elixer to summon the quarry. <see [QRY011] for more strategies

and pointers for this quarry>



 2nd TOWER / 7F


- Continue the path east; Grab the item by the ledge and jump down. Now go

upstairs to the open corridors. Just take the north path. The path then

turns east, then downstairs north again. Just follow it.

- From this on, its just straightforward. After the turn and before the

stairs up, get the two chests beside it. Go upstairs.

- Just save when you reach the savepoint and prepare for a boss battle.





- A scene will take place. Then, a boss battle will ensue.



TIPS: This boss has many tricks on his sleeve. He has several attacks

that can knock your characters down or deal continous damage. Don't

hesitate to throw in healing items when needed.

You can either use Jaster's Flash Sword or Illusion Sword. Just pair it

with other buffs.

One thing to note is that this boss has the same attack patterns during

the battle - which makes it easier to predict his movements. Just block

when he attacks, hit him with projectiles if he teleports away and then

slash like crazy when you're near him.

Basically this battle is not as hard as it looks. Just apply your normal

boss battle tactics and you should do fine.


-after the scene, you need to backtrack to the Galaxy Corp, exit north and

this time, take the eastern path to the entrance of tower 2.




 + + + + + + + + + + ++ + + + ++ + + + + + + ++ + + + + ++ + + + + + +


 ZERARD/  GLADIUS TOWERS (Tower 2)                       [WLK8.3]



ENEMIES:       Common:              Uncommon/ Rare:

               --------------       ----------------


               Ancient Knight       Will o' Wisp

               Red Jellyman         Dark Buffalo 

               Ancient Baron        Phobos           

               Type-G               Baroque

               Ancient Sword        Stealth Hornet

               Redbolt              Death Gold 

               Hellcorpse           Devil Hawk 




 2nd TOWER / 1F


- Basically there are the same the number of floors and the same enemies

you'll encounter. SO make sure you resupplied already or checked any

new equipments you can get.

- Start off with the bottom floor. Nothing much here, so activate the

transporter and take the elevator up to the second floor.



 2nd TOWER / 2F


- Turn left (west) first then head upstairs. Grab the chests just beside

the pillars and continue forth. Jump down and follow the path until you

reach another set of stairs leading up. Grab the two chests there.

- Backtrack to the main path, head upstairs north to the open corridors.

Follow the corridor north; and go downstairs in the path east. The other

corridors in the north are all empty.

- Head straight east and find a chest in the end of the straight path.

Grab it then turn north, upstairs. Follow the path, then go down.

Continue north this time, take the stairs up.

- Follow the path and you'll need to jump down again. The remaining is

very straight forward. So on your way to the transporter, a guy named

Silma there. Talk to him to have your IE updated. His info is actually a

part of a multi-event action to acquire one of the Seven Star Swords.

<see OTH000 for details >Save in the transporter and take the elevator up.


 2nd TOWER / 3F


- In this area, head to the left first (east), go upstairs. Grab the item

to the south, by the debris. Then, continue east, grab the item by the

ledge. Dont bother jumping down since there is no chest in the bottom

whatsoever. So just backtrack to the main path and head west this time.

- Just follow the winding hallways until you reach the stairs leading up

to the open corridors. Just follow the path west, then go downstairs

upon reaching the western hallway. Again, follow the winding path, go

upstairs. Find a SUN CHEST on the eastern side, just take note of its

location so that you can come back for it later. Exit to the door

and into the connecting bridge. Head to the orange door (1st tower)


 1st TOWER / 3F


- Walk a bit NE then jump down. Its just another set of winding hallways,

so just follow it. Once you reach the first upstairs in the end of this

winding hallways, grab the item on the west wall. Continue forth. Jump

down and follow the path again.

- After a series of upstairs and downstairs, just before the next

elevator, go east to the dead end instead of going down. Grab the item

there then head to the elevator. Just ignore the path heading upstairs

to the open hallways; that place is empty.

- Save in the transporter then take the elevator up.


 1st TOWER / 4F


- Grab the chest in your right (east) neside the boulder. Head upstairs.

Here there should be two paths; the NW leads to the open corridor and

to the NE shoul be another set of winding corridors. Nevertheless, they

still connect to one area. Just ignore the path on the NW since it doesnt

contain any items at all.

- Take the eastern path. There is a chest to the north wall, after your

first turn. Continue east after getting it. A few steps later, there

should be another chest on the north, by the rubble. As you turn north,

and after a few more steps there should be another chest in the west

wall, between a boulder and a pillar. Jump down.

- continue north, upstairs. Jump down at the dead end in the NE. Take

the item there, go back upstairs and head west this time. Ignore the path

leading South then turns to a deadend east. There is no chests in there.

Continue west until you reach an intersection leading to the transporter/

elevator and to the open corridors. Activate the transporter and take the

elevator; the other way contains nothing.


 1st TOWER / 5F


- The path leading south to the open corridors again contains nothing so

head east instead. Grab the chest in the south turn, continue east and

take another item in the end of the hallway. Backtrack to the intersection

then go upstairs east.

- As you go south, take the chest in the south wall, just before the turn

east. After the second turn, jump to the east and take another chest

facing the one you opened in the deadend a while ago. Backtrack upstairs,

continue south. Exit the SE door and continue past the connecting bridge.



 2nd TOWER / 5F


- Follow the path east, jump down. After the turn east to the stairs,

grab an item on your right (south). Continue to the open corridors. Follow

the path to the NE. Take the stairs down.

- Ignore the deadend in the east path then continue west. After a few

turns, save in the transporter in the north, take the elevator.



 2nd TOWER / 6F


- Go upstairs west, and find a lone chest in the deadend. Backtrack to the

main path and head upstairs south to the open corridors.

- Follow the path southeast then go downstairs south upon reaching it.

- Grab the two obvious chests beside the stairs. Go upstairs.

- After the first turn, go east, grab the chest in the east wall. Follow

the path and jump down; find two more chests in the deadend. Backtrack up

and go west this time. Jump down.

- Follow the winding hallways to reach the transporter/ elevator in the

end. Save and go up.



 2nd TOWER / 7F


- Just go upstairs north, grab the item in the NW, between two statues.

Continue following the hallway, and after the 3rd turn, you should see

two chests together beside some columns. Continue north, jump downstairs.

- Grab the item just beside the west exit door. Exit to the connecting

bridge and find a Thinking Circle for the Tower Matador if you purchased

a contract back in the Galaxy Corp. <see [QRY012] for details>. After

defeating it, enter the door.



 1st TOWER / 7F


- Continue heading south. After a few turns, go upstairs south and grab

the only chest in the top. Jump down and continue west. Follow the

winding hallways and go upstairs to the open corridors.

- Take the northwest corridor first and grab the item in the end. Bactrack

a bit then continue northest. Go downstairs north.

- After the turn to the west, grab the chest near the stairs. Go upstairs

and continue south. Grab the chest in the dead end, save then take

the elevator.





- A scene will take place. Then, a boss battle will ensue.



TIPS: Like his brother, this boss almost has the same attack patterns.

He still tends to move/ teleport around the place. Well, his HP is not

that large so expect this battle to end quickly. Just don't forget to

block whenever needed, and attack.

As usual, start the battle with buffs, Illusion Sword recommended for

Jaster. He does deal a fair amount of damage with his attacks so just

make sure you heal your allies as necessary.

With all those mentioned above, you just need to watch as his HP is

drained like a meter.


- After the battle, there will be some scenes of course, and you will

obtain the Libra King's Key Piece. You can then freshen up a bit by doing

some sidequests or you can go directly to Vedan. You can check out new

quarries as well.


 + + + + + + + + + + ++ + + + ++ + + + + + + ++ + + + + ++ + + + + + +


 VEDAN/  CANCER KING'S RUINS                            [WLK8.4]




ENEMIES:       Common:              Uncommon/ Rare:

               --------------       ----------------


               Great Raiden         Lapis

               Dark Kong            Killer Wind

               Metalman             Red Strap

               Ice Slime


               Wise Stump







- There will be an event star once you arrive here. It leads to the

previously blocked alley. Go to that place, cutscenes will trigger once

reach the event star.

- After the cutscene, you will be engaged in a battle against the guards.

Just use your group damaging skills to get rid of them quickly.

- After that more scenes and you will find yourself underground, in the

Orphan's Hideout.






- During the scene with Harry, you will recieve the event item, "Harry's

Bell". Grab the two items by the crates. There is also a shop here so

resupply as needed and head out.

- Go and climb up the ladder up in the NW. There is a chest in the NW

corner, near the exit so grab it along the way.




- As you climb out, you should find Jobman with a blueprint. Now go up

west and talk to Minty for some new clues <see [RTM008] for details>.

Grab the items in the east corner and in the west. Go back down to the





!!This place is quite large and the chests are just lying around anywhere.

I suggest grab whatever you'll find and check what you missed later; the

final transporter in this planet is within this area so you'll find all

unopened chests later on.

- Head southeast a bit, find a chest by the bridge, near the canal. Now,

go to the NE corner of the area, and find Nico talking to his colleague.

Talk to him and get additional info about the Seven-Star Sword 'Cosmolore'

<check WHERE'S THAT SEVEN STAR SWORD NOW?     1-A for details> .

- Head south, grab the chest by the canal, just before the tunnel south.

- Go inside the tunnel, and as you exit, go to the SE corner to find an


- Grab the item before the ladders down. Jump to the exit to the next





- Just examine the Thinking Circle here and use Harry's Bell. Another

scene will follow. After the scene, find 2 chests in the NW, just beside

the ledge where you landed.

- Cross the footbridge then get the item in the immediate  SW. Head SE,

find two chests beside the other ledge. Jump down to the next area.





- Jump in the NW of the ledge and find the item there. Head east, grab the

chest on the bridge, beside a pillar.

- Head to the easternmost side, grab the item. Head south this time, then

west to the Cross-shaped tunnel. Find the Thinking Circle there and use

a Smoked-Rainbow Newt to summon the "Shapeless Assassin" Quarry. <see

[QRY008] for details.>

- After defeating the quarry, exit to the west then this time, go south

a bit and turn to the NE to find 3 chests.

- Head southwest, grab the item by the ledge, then save. Jump down to

the next area.





- a short scene will take place and you need to battle another common

enemy. Guess what, its Seed - again!




TIPS: This is another scripted battle so I won't lay down much of the

obvious details anyway. So, just drain his HP good and the battle will

end automatically.


- After the scene, head south and jump to the last area.





- Near the ledge, there is a shop. So resupply as needed, then head west

for a chest. Go south a bit, save in the transporter just beside the tunnel.

The tunnels here offer to treasures at all, only a lot of enemies.

- Jump to the southeast of the transporter and find another chest beside

the falls. head further east, and grab another item by the bridge.

- Either ways lead to a single path south so find another transporter by

the canal. Find another chest south of the transporter.

- Head further south, grab the chest beside the bridge/canal.

- Continue SE, there is a SUN CHEST by the ledge before the altar so take

note of its location so that you can check it out later.  Save in the






- as soon as you step foot in this area, a scene initiates. After that

you will be in a very easy bossfight.



TIPS: These are the same machines you fought in the Starship Factory in

Zerard. The battle will start with their barriers on so equip Jaster's

Barrier Break Shot and destroy the barriers of the AS's.

Use buffs and enhance your weapons. Just concentrate on one target after

another for maximum effectivity.


- a scene will follow and you'll obtain the final piece, the CANCER


Congrats! You just finished this very long chapter!

!! After getting the last piece, you can still check around all the areas

   here, and do whatever you want. I also suggest stocking up all healing

   items at max since the following events will be quite long and you can't

   save until later.

!! Equip Zegram with the weakest equipments you can give him. You'll know

   why later

Once ready, teleport back to the Dorgenark and the new chapter will start.



chapter ends....



[C H A P T E R  9 ]    - WLK009


----------    " T H E   M Y S T E R Y  O F   E D E N "       - --------

    -----------------------       ------------------------------


The chapter starts with a scene. After that, you will find yourself

chasing then eventually fighting....



TIPS: Note that he will be using his current equipment so if you changed

his weapons to the weaker ones, that will help minimizing the damage he


Zegram, like any other bosses are agressive. He tends to perform a combo,

then step back and throw shurikens at you. Anyways, all his attacks are

blockable, so be sure to guard when he is performing a combo then counter

with your own.

One cheap way to win is to use Illusion Sword and use your the most

damaging gun you can get at this point. He will step back most of the time

so it will be a hassle to just chase him and slash.

He can be staggered but with lesser frequency compared to you. Since this

is a one-on-one battle, keep an eye to your HP.

You don't need to win this battle. After draining his life to half, the

battle will end and more scenes will follow.



- more scenes will follow, and you will be taken to Rosa. This time,

another one-on-one boss battle will commence. If you're expecting you'll

be Jaster, you're dead wrong... 




TIPS: Before the battle starts, make sure that you change to Zegram's

best equipment. Apply buffs such as Fire Sword or better yet, TWIN SWORD.

Seed still has the same attack patterns, but he is still powerful,


So, just block often, attack him only when he is done with his combo.

He still has the 'blast' skill that will knock your character down and

he still protects himself with a deflecting shield.

So just heal as needed, and don't hesitate the cast buffs every now and


Like the first battles with Seed, you don't need to win this one. After

Seed loses a good amount of HP, the battle will end.



- Again, more scenes will follow. And you will continue battling Seed.

This time there will be three of you. Kisala, Jaster and Zegram.




TIPS: As the battle starts, immediately cast buffs and order your team to

"GO ALL OUT". Just deal as much damage as you can, while applying the

same tactics you used before when you battle him. His attack patterns

will still stay the same.

After a while, the battle will be interrupted with a short scene. Now you

need to put the other 2 Key Pieces to the other two pedestals. The battle

will end and you will have more scenes.

!!NOTE: If you're able to deplete his HP almost completely (because either

you're high-levelled or your weapons are just powerful) you will notice

that his HP gauge will still have a very small amount of HP left but no

matter how hard you hit him, it won't kill him. It will seem that he

is invulnerable at that time.

So, that means that you damaged him too early for the scenes to occur.

Which is good actually, since it proves that poor Seed is no match for

you right now.



- If you think this is over, think again. And if you had the feeling that

this series of battles almost seemed like the final battles, I won't

blame you. I felt those also.

- So after the scene, you will need to fight Seed. But a different and

more dangerous one.





TIPS: If you have some spare Plasma/ Elec shields, equip them to your

characters. He will move around the area so just damage him using your

projectile weapons.

Beware of this slash attacks; they are one of his most damaging attacks.

Be sure you block if he raises his weapon to strike. Make sure to have

some Electroless ready since his lightning attacks can cause shocks to

your characters.

Other than that, he can attack only those in his front. Just do the cheap

way to attack him behind to avoid all 3 of you getting damaged. By now,

depending on how much damage you received, you could be low on healing/

recovery items.

After draining his HP to half,  another scene will take place.



- Tired of the battles already? Well you shouldn't be. This is the last

battle and guess what, its a one-on-one battle against Beast Seed.




TIPS: Fortunately you will start this battle with Jaster on "Hypermode".

Your stats are all raised significantly; paired with buffs and powerful

weapons, you'll own this enemy in a few seconds.

Just keep an eye to your HP and since you are battling this boss alone,

expect that you need to attack him in front.

Just apply the tactics you used to battle him earlier.


- After that whole series of battles, you will need to watch a long scene.

After that, you will have control over your party again, and you just need

to go downstairs and find a much awaited transporter there to freshen

things up.






ENEMIES:       Common:              Uncommon/ Rare:

               --------------       ----------------


               Wall Gigant          Dark Spirit

               Cone Sheep           Rolling Stone

               Panek                Killer Stinger

               King Mish            Arthur

               Ancient Duke

               Death Mask*

               Gold Mask*


* IN the Maze of Temptation, you will have numerous encounters with these

beasts. Though they don't belong to the group of enemies you will find in

this area (open your battle recorder and check their numbers) This will

be covered later.






- Go down and grab the two chests (Trumpet of Glory and Ancient Scroll

III) beside the door. Enter it.





- head to the SE room, then SW to another room. On the room with stairs,

turn west and find two chests, one is a STAR CHEST containing the Rose

Pump shoes for Kisala.

- Head upstairs, take the northern door. Follow the winding path to the

next room. Well, nothing much to find here so head to the west door.

- Go west, down the ramp to the next room. Well, its just an empty room

so head south and grab the chest along the way.

- Follow the path. A scene will trigger once you reach the next room.

- After the scene, continue west to the room with stairs. There is a chest

to your right (north). Go upstairs and enter the next room. Again, another

empty room so continue and take the winding corridors. Grab the chest

along the way.

- When you reach the next large room, find 2 chests on your right (north).

One is rigged with a trap and the other one is a mimic. COntinue to the

next room.

- Save in the transporter then go down the ramp and enter the next area.

- after a short scene, you will engage into a mid-level bossfight.



TIPS: Ragnar has a variety of attacks. He has this spinning attack that

will damage anybody around him, he also releases a series of of punches.

He also have some satellite orbital beams like Steve's. Also, those

laser beams sorround Ragnar and leave flaming trails behind.

So, start a boss battle like always - buffs. After that, avoid sticking

close to your allies most of the time since there is always a large

possibility that all of you will be damaged by a wide ranged attack.

His attacks are good but not something to worry about. You need to

watch out if his satellites are out. They can damage really quickly and

the flames they leave behind can drain HP.

Fortunately, this boss has low HP so expect to pummel him after a couple

of minutes or so.


- After the battle, a Thinking Circle will appear infront of Ragnar. You

need to venture deep inside the Labyrinth to get the required item for

this. For the meantime, head back and save since there next save point

is quite far. You may also encounter a scene with Steve/mark and Dr.

Poccachio while you're trying to save.

- Now go past Ragnar and enter the next area of the Labyrinth.





- Grab the chest on the southeast, then enter the west room with the

stairs first. Find a chest in the NE ramp. Now get to the other rooms.

You will soon reach the a room where the other path actually converges,

so take the path heading up (east) first and grab the two chests in the

southwest corner. Now continue west.

- In the next room with stairs, go to the path on the south and follow

it. Grab the chest on the way.

- In the next room, go to the west exit this time and open the chest

near the exit itself. Head down to the next room.

- Take the NE room first and just continue your path to the NW. In the

small hallway, there is a chest containing an Izerium Alloy.

- In the next room, open the EARTH CHEST located in the bottom floor.

- head to the next toom and find a merchant. Resupply as needed then head

back to the north room first. Grab the item there.

- Backtrack a bit until you reach a samll hallway. There is a chest in

the NE corner. Now backtrack all the to the room with the merchant then

go down the ramp this this time.





- Head south of the room and grab the chest (Ancient Scroll III). Take

the exit, and follow the narrow corridor. Go past the empty room, go

to the other room with stairs.Grab the chest on the southeaston the

bottom floor.

- Enter the southern room, then go to the room on the SE. Nothing much

here so go to the north exit. Follow the narrow corridor. The first chest

that you will see here is a mimic, so be careful.

- In this room, head to the NW exit to the next room with stairs. Head

upstairs, exit to the next room. Another empty room so just continue

forth to the western room. Find trap rigged chest on your right (north).

Save the transporter then go down the ramp to the next room.

- Just head inside the room with stairs, which is also empty btw, so head

north and follow the winding corridors. In the next room with stairs,

go to the NE corner and find a chest beside the stairs. Go to the next


- Get the chest in your left (NW). Head north, to the winding corridors

again, until you reach another room with stairs. Go to the west room,

and after that just head directly to the southernmost room. Grab the

chest in your right (west).

- Go south, follow the winding corridors, just open the chest along the

way. In the next room, go to the northern room and grab the chest near

the exit.

- After the room with stairs, go upstairs and exit the room to the west.

Save, then enter the door. Head down the ramp and a scene will follow.





TIPS: Don't be intimidated by this huge, mushroom like biggie. Attack its

tentacles (feet), using group damaging abilities recommended, until

it turns black. Most of his attacks are blockable but due to the enemy's

size, you may not be able to notice his tentacles attacking you.

After all the tentacles are blown, the Sand Kraken will then burrow

itself, regenerating its tentacles again but exposing his head. Run

quickly to its head and jump attack. Remember that some of his

tentacles will still whip you but don't mind it. After that, he will

rise again with fresh newly regenerated tentacles.

Just repeat the process. Depending on how fast you attack and how

much damage you can inflict, it will take around 2-3 repeats to

completely defeat this gigantic beast.



- after the battle, there will be a scene and you will obtain the

 - ANCIENT CIRCUIT - event item.

_ Now teleport to the Maze of Temptation and head to the event star

(Ragnar's Room). Step on the Thinking Circle and use the Ancient Circuit.

- another scene will take place, and more secrets will be revealed. You

will obtain the "ETERNAL KEYPLATE" event item.

- The scene will continue and this time you will get the STAR PENDANT.

- A series of scenes will follow and after those, you'll be back in

the Dorgenark.

- Teleport near the church to find the event star there. As you approach

the gates, a scene will trigger. Exit the gates after the scene.

Chapter ends....



[C H A P T E R  10 ]    - WLK010


----------    " T H E   I L L U S O R Y  O A S I S "       - --------

    -----------------------       ------------------------------





ENEMIES:       Common:              Uncommon/ Rare:

               --------------       ----------------


               Flame Tortoise       Hill Giant

               Jarvil               Stone Worm

               Pad Worm             Fire Doll


               Death Skeletar

               Dark Vulture



- In the NE side of the Gate, find two chests. Save in the transporter.

You may get a long, touching scene with Steve/ Mark & Dr. Poccachio.

After the scene, continue forward. You will trigger yet another short


- After all of those cutscenes, you may now continue west. In the fork

in the road, check the deadends on the SW. There will be 3 chests there.

- Backtrack a bit, then head NW this time. In the branching road, grab

the item beside a stone pillar. Continue onwwards.

- There will be another scene here; after that, continue west and find a

merchant along the road. Resupply as needed. Go forward.

- Before you reach the save point, you will have a scene with an old man

asking for water. I chose to give him. He disappears after thanking you.

(I didn't test what'll happen if you refuse). Save in the transporter.

- From here on, there will be 3 paths, all contain items. They all lead

to a single path further west. I suggest taking one route at a time to

make sure you don't get confused or miss items.




- Head to the NW path on the fork. There is a STAR CHEST along the way

containing the rare Biofeedback Circuit. Head further NW and find another

chest. Continue forth.

- As you continue forward, there will be a scene. The girl will ask you

to suck the poison. Choices are Y/N. So, being a sucker, I chose yes.

(I haven't tried saying No) After the scene, save in the transporter.

- Continue forth and you will find the bottleneck of the branching roads

and the teleporter. Save/ teleport to the transporter near the merchant.




- Take the center path, and find a chest along the way. Head further to

spot another item.

- Continue forth and grab the chest on the 2nd intersection. Futher down

is the transporter in the bottleneck path. Save/teleport again to the

transporter by the merchant.




- Follow this road. Along the way, there is an innocent looking chest which

is actually a mimic. Be careful since its a bit powerful and sturdy from

the ones before. As you continue forth, you will spot a dead body. Come

near it and a scene will trigger. You will then need to choose wether to

keep the Bag of Coins or not. I chose to keep it. (Again, Im not sure

what will happen if you say no.)

- Continue forward to find another item. You will then reach the

transporter in the end of the path. Save and move along the road.





- As you continue forward, you will have another scene with a woman. Just

answer Y/N/Y to her 3 questions. Move forward and grab another chest along

the way. Save in the transporter and move forward for another scene.





ENEMIES:       Common:              Uncommon/ Rare:

               --------------       ----------------

               Jarvil               Dark Vulture

               Wall Gigants         Fire Doll

               Gold Mask

               Death Mask


- Grab the item in front of the windmill. After that, go to the SW and

enter the house. Grab the chest inside.

- Head out of the house and go to the plaza. There is a merchant there

so resupply as needed. (Buy also all his rare materials). Find a chest

under a tree. There is another chest under a tree, this time near the


- If you turn NE, you will find yet another chest under the tree (mimic)

and another one in the NE corner, by the house.

- Head upstairs in the SW, find another chest under a tree. Head upstairs

to your right. Enter the house

- There will be two items here, one contains the SUN KEY. After that, head

to the Event Star. A scene will follow.

- Exit the Elder's home and go down to the path to the western part of the


- Save in the transporter. This is the last transporter in Rosa so by

activating it you just completed all transporters in the planet. All

unopened chests will be visible on the map from now on. Head uphill and

find a chest under the NE tree.

- Now find two more chests beside the stairs leading to the house's

entrance. Enter the house for a scene. After the scene, a bossfight.




TIPS: This will be a one-on-one battle. Equip Jaster with a Fire Shield.

She has several attacks. She summons Lightning Bolts that spread in an

area around her. She also sends fireballs (unblockable )that can cause

instant ON FIRE status. Aside from that, she also floats in the air and

fire an energy beam in the ground. And last, she will create 3-4 copies

of herself, which has individual life bars.

To start off, ILLUSION SWORD is very useful here, and I recommend it.

Johannas moves in the battlefield quite fast and its hard to land

successful hits on her. Illusion Sword's projectiles guarantees that you

deal damage even at a distance.

Sooner or later, she will create copies of herself. They will attack

with their own spells thus increasing threat level significantly. Use

Desert Wind twice or thrice to get rid of the copies, at the same time

deal fair amount of damage to the boss. Just keep your eye on your HP

and use CO2 powders as needed.

After draining half of the boss's HP, Jaster will enter Hyper Mode, further

increasing your attack power. Just abuse Illusion Sword and this battle

should be over in under a minute.


- After the battle, there will be a long scene. And more secrets revealed.

Enjoy the story.

- Afte the scene, you will need to return to the Tablet Pit. But before

that, teleport back to JOhannasburg/ Near Johanna's house and enter it.

There will be two items there, one containing Lilika's Star Traveler


-Also, since you got the Sun Key, you can now return to the places with

locked SUN CHESTS and loot them. Also, you may want to return to Zerard/

Galaxy Corp for some new Quarries. <see [QRY013] & [QRY014] for more


- When ready, go to the Tablet Pit. Use the Eternal Keyplate on the

Thinking Circle. A scene will follow.

- After you gain control, head back to the Control Room and examine the

steering wheel. You will be asked if you're ready or not. Select Yes.


Chapter ends....




[C H A P T E R  11 ]    - WLK011


----------    " L E G E N D A R Y   P L A N E T"       - --------

    -----------------------       ------------------------------

- The chapter will start with a very long scene. Just enjoy watching.





- After you gain control, find a chest behind the Queen's Throne. It

contains a very cool outfit for Kisala. There is also another item in

the east side of the chamber, beside the piano.

- Take the stairs down, and go to the eastern side of the room. Find 2

chests there. Now head to the west side this time, find two chests, one is

a SUN CHEST. Save in the transporter.

- After getting the treasures, go now to the north door. It will exit to

Mariglenn's Space Port/Depot.






- Down the ramp is Narcissus, a weapon's merchant. Buy any weapons

you want. You can also buy Zegram's Swordsman's Gi outfit from this


- Head further south, and before the ramp leading to the Dorgenark, find a

chest on your left, in the grassy areas. Activate the transporter here,

then go east this time.

- Find an item before the gates. From there, head south to find another

chest beside the canal. Enter the gates. Proceed to the NE, in the grassy

area. There is a chest there. Now, go to the southwest corner this time.

Get the item and proceed to the west gates.

- Enter the west gates. Find 2 chests in the SW, beside the canal. Go to

the NW to find another chest. Backtrack to the palace, then take the

elevator down.





- As you get off the elevator, go around it and find a chest to the north.

Backtrack a bit then go downstairs to the west wall. Find 3 chests there.

- Further south is a merchant, so resupply as needed. Get past the first

gate and grab the lone chest along the way. Exit through the second gate

and continue your long run along the straight pathway.


- As you get near Yuvan, a scene will trigger. After that, save and follow

the path south, along the tunnel. You will exit to...






ENEMIES:       Common:              Uncommon/ Rare:

               --------------       ----------------

               Monkey               Water Wyrm

               Flammy               Dark Condor

               Clumpy Jr.           Babylo

               Aurora Slime         Phantom

               Silver Bee

               Dark Ape


- To start off, head to the SE corner to find a chest under a tree. Find

another chest in the NE corner of the first area, uphill.

- COntinue east, find a chest along the way.

- Go to the SE uphill, find another chest. Then go SW downhill for another

item. Continue south to find another item by the river.

- The SE chest beside the falls is actually a mimic, so be careful. Head

NW, and find a blue orb guy by the river. Talk to Palao and obtain a new

info in your Info Edge. (The Sword of Knightmares). From there, go to the

SW corner to find another chest. Head SE this time for a transporter. Save.

- Go past the transporter, then proceed SE this time to find another chest.

head further north, past the spring and find a beast merchant.

- Swim to the other side of the waters, then go uphill to the get the item

by the tree. Head further east, then south. Grab the item along the way.

- Follow the path. Get the item by the transporter you'll find and save.

- Continue eastward. After the turn and an overhead rock, find a chest on

your right (north) concealed beside the large tree. Continue forward.

- On your way, spot a chest by the trunk of a fallen tree. Grab it then

follow the path around and find another chest and a transporter. Save.

!!There will be a boss battle ahead and as a precaution, make sure you

equip your active party members with Mind Guards, stock a lot of Hot

Breaths and Relaxing Aromas, and of course, healing items.

- Proceed through the tunnel and into the open area. A scene will trigger

as you exit.

After the scene, a boss fight will ensue.



TIPS: This boss may give you a headache. His attacks has status ailments

along with it. His Ice Breath can freeze your characters. But just pop

out a Hot Breath and you should be okay. The most annoying attack he has

is the wind/confusion attack. He will fly in the air, then blast you

with confusing winds CONTINOUSLY for a few seconds. Make sure that you

get rid of the Confusion status immediately since if your characters'

equipments are already powerful, they can kill you in one hit. Both

of those major attacks are unblockable/ guard breaks.

Unfortunately, this boss can only be damaged by attacking its head, which

puts you in his line of attack. He also charges out of the way when

cornered. Again, Illusion sword is a lot of help here since it gives you

a safe distance at least. Just get out of the way when he lifts off from

the ground. While airborne and attacking, you won't be able to reach him

at all.

If you have Mind Guards equipped then you will have better chances of

resisting the Confuse status ailment. Just abuse your buffs and continue

attacking until he's done.


- a scene will follow after defeating Beast Albioth. YOu will receive

Kisala's DERIGELLUM OF KINDNESS. View this in your SP folder.

- Backtrack a bit, then save. Resupply if needed or take a break too.

Chapter Ends...

!! New quarries will be available. Teleport back to the Dorgenark and

   visit Zerard. You can now also start searching for rare items 1 & 2.



[C H A P T E R  12 ]    - WLK012


----------       " A L L   G O O D   T H I N G S"       - --------

    -----------------------       ------------------------------





ENEMIES:       Common:              Uncommon/ Rare:

               --------------       ----------------

               Manticore            Solon  

               Magic Priest         Ice Eater

               Hecaton              Clumpy Sr.






- Follow the tunnel. A scene will trigger once you reach the open area.

!!Note that the Magic Priests in this area drops the Crystal Staff. It is

used to summon the long due, Wayward Phantasm in Rosa/ Ancient Ruins.

- Turn east and find a chest. Jump to the south. Continue forth and find

a chest near the cliff. Continue south.

- After the 2nd turn south, there is another chest. Continue forward,

then grab another item, just under the overhead rock bridge.

- After getting the item, backtrack a bit then follow the path. Grab

a chest along the way. Continue until you reach the main path.

- Continuing forward, you should find a shortcut leading east. Its just

and empty shortcut so take it if you want to.

- A little distance from the shortcut is another chest, beside the rocks.

Continue east, and before the turn north, find another item. Follow the


- Save in the transporter that you'll see then continue further east. Find

3 chests in the lower road, before the path turns south. One of them is

a mimic so be careful. Continue south. There will be another item past the

rock bridge.

- Backtrack a bit, then take the rock bridge and follow the trail. In the

end of the bridge, find a SUN CHEST by the cliff.

- Continue south, follow the road until it turns east. On the small deadend

on the path, turn left (north) and find another chest.

- Moving forward east, you will find a merchant. Resupply as necessary.

If you read the sign behind him, it actually tells you that a quarry is

to be found in a nearby area. Continue.

- Along the way, just as you exit the tunnel, find another chest in the SE

corner. Continue forth, and save in the transporter at the center. There

are a lot of paths here and you can actually take any of them in any order;

except Mother's Lair in the easternmost path.

- Also, if you managed to buy the hunting contract for the beast called

"The Envoy from on High", a Thinking Circle should be visible also. In any

case, just remember the place.

- Since you can take any of them in any order, I'll just enumerate them

according to color. I will start from the southernmost path

counterclockwise. By reading the signs within the paths, you will know

what color the sphere in the end is (Basically telling you the character

that will receive his/her Derigellum) You will find the collected

Derigellums in your Item Menu's SP folder.

!!Note: Fortunately, there are no bossfights when you get each of your

character's Derigellums. You just need to take a long walk to the

spheres and you will obtain their Derigellum after a brief scene regarding

their pasts.




- Follow the path south. After the first turn right, (west) find a STAR

CHEST in the lower road, between the rocks. Continue following the path


- As you continue south, the ambient light will turn light maroon. There

is a chest on on the west. Continue forth.

- Enter the Yellow Sphere/ Field. A scene regarding Simon's Story will be

shown. You will obtain DERIGELLUM OF COMPASSION. After the scene, you will

be transported back to the Plaza. Save then head to the next path.





- Follow the long path south. After the 2nd turn on the main road, find a

chest in your left (east). Continue to the rock bridge.

- FOllow the path. After the turn south on the main road, find another

chest in the lower path, just across the deadend. Just continue following

the path

- Moving on, you'll soon reach the tunnel with a different hue. Just

continue moving forward and enter the Green Sphere.

- Lilika's scene will take place. You will obtain the DERIGELLUM OF COURAGE.

Again, you will be teleported to the Plaza. Save then proceed to the next






- Past the sign, proceed to south then grab the item in the east/deadend.

Move along the path.

- Before the 3rd turn south, grab the item along the way. Continue further.

- Just follow the long path until you reach the Sky Blue Sphere. Enter it.

- Jupis's scene will take place. Obtain the DERIGELLUM OF PRIDE.

You will be teleported to the Plaza. Save then proceed to the next path.


!! Anytime after getting the fourth Derigellum ()





- After the first turn south, find two chests in the lower road. (One is

a mimic)

- Continue forth, around the rockbridge. In the end of the rock bridge,

go underneath it and open the chest.

- Move deeper into the path. Just enter the blue sphere to start the


- Steve's scene will take place. Obtain the DERIGELLUM OF DESIRE in the






- Continue along the path, find a chest by the wall.

- Moving forward, a narrow path to the east will appear in the map. This

is a shortcut so again, take it if you want to.

- Past the shortcut and along the main path is another chest. Get it and

move onward.

- Follow the path until you reach the purple sphere. Enter it and watch

Zegram's scene this time. Obtain the DERIGELLUM OF LOVE before the scene






- Head north. After the first turn east, grab the item along the way.

- On the 5th turn east, find a SUN CHEST behind the rocks, in the small

deadend. Continue following the path.

- Enter the Red Sphere and Jaster's scene will start.

  Receive the Derigellum of Dreams.

- Head out and save.





- Once you enter, there will be two paths; the south one is just a deadend.

So head north and follow the path.

- Find a chest after the first turn north. Continue.

- Before the turn east, find another chest containing Deego's Destructo

Attachment outfit. Continue east.

- Along the north path, there should be another chest in the main path.

- Continue forward the orange sphere. Deego's scene will start.

  You will receive the Derigellum of Friendship and the Keepsake Coin**


- After the scene, save.

** If you noticed, the Officer's Coin you're trying to insert in Deego's

Revelation Flow won't fit. The Keepsake Coin is it's "True Form" and after

this event, you can use that coin to unlock Deego's 'Our Song' party-buff



!!After collecting all the Derigellums, you can now head to Mother's Lair.





It is alright if you visited this place before getting all the Derigellums;

You should be stopped by Yuvan anyway.

Head east. Grab item to the north deadend. After the first turn south, find

a chest in the lower path, between the rock pillars.

- Continue east, cross the rock bridge. There is a mimic along the way

so take caution. Continue forth.

- After reaching the end of the long rock bridge, jump down and grab the

chest below the bridge.

- Move east, get the item first west of the transporter then save. Continue

forward and meet Yuvan along the way. You will be asked if you are ready

or not. Choose yes when ready.

- A scene will take place and you will recieve the Sacred Sword Zeo

Zychros. Its a little weaker than what you may have equipped for now

(my Jaster carries a mastered Absolution Halo) but max it out otherwise.

After the scene, chapter ends...



[C H A P T E R  13 ]    - WLK013


----------          " T O   E T E R N I T Y . . . "     - --------

    -----------------------       ------------------------------


!!This is very important. From here on, make sure that you have a good

supply of recovery items; the transporters here are far apart from each

other and the enemies are fairly powerful/ dangerous. Don't worry though,

if you don't die often, you will survive long without saving; enemies

drop party recovery items most of the time. Just don't hesitate to use

them especially in dire need.

!!This is the final stage and chapter. So expect everything to be hard.

Well at least there are a few goodies. Most merchants sell their goods in

infinite stock. That means you can buy those hard to find items and

materials and buy a whole bunch of them. Visit ordinary merchants/ shops

for some of those rare items.

!!You need to use UNBLOCKABLE skills against shielded enemies here. There

are a lot of them and they appear quite frequently. Using Unblockable

attacks such as Flash Sword, Dagger Slash. Fire Sword, etc can increase

your chances of survival by breaking enemy shields while dealing damage.

Charge attacks won't help you much here without being cancelled by enemy


!!Dispatch your enemies by abusing high level group attack skills. Desert

Wind Lv3 is not very helpful here but Flash Bomb Lv3, Angel's Kiss Lv3,

Wild Thing Lv3 can easily destroy unshielded and non-jump-attack type

enemies @ 8000-10000+ Dmg each. Try each character's group attacks and

check what is the most effective.






ENEMIES:       Common:              Uncommon/ Rare:

               --------------       ----------------

               Alacan               Dragon

               Face of Evil         Platinum Kite

               Bit                  Hell Sorceror

               Magic Fighter


               Red Baron



- CH13 starts off immediately after Ch12 so just continue deeper and cross

the lava. Go east and find an item by the rocks. Find another chest as you

turn south. Cross another lava 'line'

- There will be two paths; one that leads north and the other that leads

south. The north is a dead end which has some chests on it. If you want

then head there. If not, take the south.




- Follow the path to the north; find a chest in one of the pits. Continue


- Find another chest in the east, continue.

- Grab the last item on the path east, before the opening to the ledge.

Bactrack then head south.




- Grab the item along the way. Follow the path, then grab the chest on the

path to the east.

- After the 2nd turn, find another chest on the turn leading north. Cross

the lava.

- There is a mimic on the north, deal with it then turn east. COntinue

then save in the transporter.





- Continue south. After the first turn, find a chest in the lower path

(behind those large stones) Continue.

- Get past the lava line, and continue. The road with split into two again.

Head to the west first, then south and find a chest in the deadend.

Backtrack a bit then take the opposite path.

- Cross another line of lava, then get the SUN CHEST on the turn north.

- After the turn leading east, find a chest on the south wall. Continue

following the path.

- Cross the line of lava after the turn east, grab item behind the large

rocks just beside the lava. (west) Continue forth.

- Before the turn west, find a chest in the lower path. Continue forward.

Be careful on your way down to the north. Below is a deposit of lava and

you need to jump from ledge to ledge to make it across. Don't worry if

you fell accidentally. Just get out of the lava as quick as you can to

prevent continous fire damage.

- Find a chest in the bottom of the path. Follow the straightforward path

to find a transporter. Save





- The path is divided to the east and west. To the east is a long deadend

but has a couple of chests. Take it if you want since you still need

to way your way back to this transporter.





- Head east then north cross the lava line. Continue following the path.

Grab item along the way and turn south.

- Continue south, past another lava line. On the 2nd turn westm there will

be another chest. Deadend. Make your long way back to the transporter.





- Go west, past the lava line. Grab item and the path splits into two again.

This time its north and south. The south path is a deadend that contains

3 chests. Its not long as the eastern path a while ago so just take it

and grab your loot.




- Continue south, past the lava line, then grab the item (north). Continue

forth and grab another chest along the way.

- Proceed west, and find a chest by the steep cliff. Backtrack to the

midpoint transporter if you want then save. Take the other path.




- Proceed to the north then west, past the lava line. Follow the path

north, then past another line of lava to the path east.

- Save in the transporter then grab the item south of the save point.

- Head north, past the lava river. There will be a merchant there so

resupply if you want. Continue north.

- In the end of the path west and before the turn south, there should be

a chest up for grabs. Continue further south and past another lava line.

- Continue the path south then turn west past another lava line. Follow

the path north, then east.

- Proceed forward, past another lava line in the west. Continue down the

ramp south. Go west then jump from ledge to ledge downhill to avoid falling

from the lava.

- Save in the waiting transporter below.




- Continue NW. Find the item along the way. Continue to the west, past

the lava line, then go southward down the ramp. Just follow the path to

another ramp east leading down.

- Proceed east, down the ramp. Grab the item on the turn south, just

before the lava line. Continue.

- There will be two paths branching here. The path to the south is a

deadend. There is one chest in there, and its a Mimic. So just battle it

if you want; otherwise, continue west.

- Continue past the lava line going west. Go down the ramp, then south

past another lava line. Continue east down the ramp and find another

chest by the northwall.

- Continue east, past the line of lava and find a transporter. Save,

resupply and stuff. Save your game and prepare for the final battle.




- after some scenes, you will enter the battle with Mother. This is it!




TIPS: Mother has major attacks such as her beam attack and smashing you

guys to the ground. All attacks are blockable so make sure you do so.

From time to time, she will hang her head near you guys - that's the

indication to attack.

Immediately cast attack enhancing buffs and start pummeling Mother. You

may need to repeat this 2-3 times, depending on how fast you can deal


Don't worry, Mother's HP is not that high so expect this to be over quick


- after defeating Mother, there will be some scenes. She will then show

her true form.



TIPS: You will start this battle with Jaster on Star-King-Hyper-whatever

Mode. On this battle, Ilzarbella will stay at a distance, so the only

way to hit her is by using projectiles. Remember that damage from Illusion

Sword is very helpful here. As for your party, just make sure they can

fire projectile subweapons.

This boss has long distance attacks. She still has her proton beam that

is quite damaging as well but not that dangerous. She also sends out

multiple unblocking spheres. Just get out of the way.

Just continue attacking here and you'll notice how easy this boss is.


- After defeating Ilzarbella, of course there will be more scenes. It

may look like the battle is over but think again...

- After the scenes, you will obtain the Derigellum of Prayer. Jaster will

also be able to use the Mariglenn Blade. From here on, this will be a

one on one battle for each of the characters. If your character growth

is well-balanced, then there is nothing to worry about. Equip your best

weapons (level 45+ weapons recommended) for each of your characters.

- Before you go, CONTINOUS weapon/self buff abilities are recommended here.

These are the skills whose effectivity doesn't have a time limit. You will

need to increase your damage since you need to use the attack/block/

withdraw tactic most of the time. Alright, let's start with the first





- This boss is simple. If the hand is clenched or closed, you won't be able

to damage it. So, use your projectile weapon to hit the ring. After hitting

the ring, the palm opens. Close in and attack. Jump attacks are effective

here since they are faster.

- The hand has several attacks.


   - Smashes your character

   - Armband's spikes grow larger, arm strecthes to reach any location

   - Swing


   - Smashes your character

   - Eye Beam

All its attacks are blockable so guard if you see it ready to strike. If

you get hit, you will be dazed so make sure you move the analog strike

quickly to snap out of it.

With that, just try to get away from the beam. The hand is invulnerable

a few seconds before, during and after firing the beam. Also, if you jump

attack exactly as the hand closes (it will remain open after 4-5 attacks)

and you hit the ring, the hand will not close but will remain open for

another few seconds.

- Just repeat the process and WATCH your HP. Make HP400 your treshold to be



- after the battle, a scene will take place. We will move one to the next





- Don't be discouraged with this 3-in-1 situation. At level 65, each

hit is like around 40-60 DMG. And they don't hit quite often if you move


- The problem here is the bomb walker since it does move around. But it

has the same firing pattern nonetheless.

- Remember that Simon is great for long distance attacks. A powerful

subweapon is very useful here. So, use Gelanamin X and attack the

batteries first; be warned though, the Bomb Walker's firing rate will

increase after downing the batteries. But eliminating them will give

you more breathing space. The batteries has rather low HP so after 6-7

hits, they should be destroyed.

- With both batteries taken care of, you just need to concentrate on the

bomb walker. This time, it fires a barrage of five shots in a wide area.

But remember that there IS always a blind spot or a safe space where the

projectiles will likely pass by you.

- If he fires to the left, go to the opposite. Do not try to outrun the

projectiles - you may be likely to get hit. If you see a projectile coming

your way, move sideways a bit. It doesn't have splash damage so you won't

be hurt if it explodes near you.

- Just fight the battle with distance. Your damage is much higher than

the enemy can deal. You can try to close in but you'll just get hit more

often than staying at a distance and dodging those shots.

Threshold: HP250+



- after the battle, a scene will take place. We will move one to the next





- The tactics to used here is just like Simon's. Just use Steve's Armored

Core-sque satellite cannons since you can fire them rapidly. Just run

around while it is reloading.

-Again, go for the batteries first then strafe while counterattacking

the Bomb Walker.


- Another scene will take place after the battle. After that, you will

be controlling your next character.



- The core is the large thing with wires and pipes on it. There is a

larger Bomb Walker guarding it so be careful.

- Im not sure wether you need to dispose of the Bomb Walker first since

the Core seems to reincarnate the BW in full health. So what I did was

I defeated the Bomb Walker first then attacked the Core ONE ARROW AT A

TIME with Serpentine Arrow/ Blast Arrow active, while dodging the

cannon attacks of the BW.

Just in case you want to know, I will tell you the attacks of the BW.

If you attack from a distance, it will retaliate with cannons. It will

continue attacking you that way until you attack by melee. It will switch

to close combat once you damage it by melee so stay aside and attack it

with arrows.

LONG RANGE: Cannons (Low DMG)


             Kick (Med DMG)

Just attack the Core whenever you have the chance.





-Use the same tactic as discussed in Deego's battle. The only difference

is that this battle may take a while since Jupis doesn't have a good

Continuous Weapon/Self Buff ability. (Crashball doesn't help).


- You may want to use Aromatic Boost whenever the hand opens but that will

wast AP for attacking. So just attack normally, block and heal as






- You need to be careful in this battle. First let me list here his attacks.

LONG: Homing lasers x4 shots (Med DMG, Guard Break)

SHORT: Swipe (High DMG)

       Eye Laser (High DMG)

       Laser Drop x 4 shots (Med)

- As you see, there are two targets - his head and his core. The most

annoying attack would be the homing lasers. There is no way to outrun them

since they are 95% accurate and if you guard, it will break your defense

and the leave your character open for the remaining shots. At LVL65 it

deals 115 dmg/shot.

- So, get close to him, careful with his attack patterns and jump attack

targetting his core (on the right side) The third downward slash from the

jump attack will likely hit the core.

- Izel will get 'confused' in the process and will strike the ground with

his good left hand. Just stay put as he does this. After sticking his

hand in the ground, quickly use his arm as a ramp then activate TWIN

SWORDS. (recommended) Smash the attack button like crazy, be careful not

to fall off.

_ Repeat the process until he dies.






- Now this is a giveaway battle. Why? Because Norma has only one attack.

And that attack is blockable though it can inflict SHOCK status.

- To start, just equip Kisala with a Shock Guard or something. At level

65, a direct hit from Norma's lightning strike inflicts 69 DMG only.

Blocking it further decreases the damage. Just use Electroless everytime

she gets electricuted.

So, activate Dagger Slash and just jump-attack, block, then jump attack

again. The length of this battle depends on how much dmg you inflict

per hit.

All in all this battle is a breeze.






So this is the real final battle. The huge, kickass sword Jaster is using

is called the Mariglenn Blade. Jaster will start the battle in Hyper Mode

already, but he can't use abilities; only items.

Let's list some of Valkog's attacks. (Forgive me for making these attack

names up. I just don't know how to call them)

 - VALKOG BLAST - ultra-powerful beam inflicting massive dmg

 - SLAM         - Attacks the ground with both hands, knocking Jaster down

                  and inflicting massive damage

 - BLAST SPHERES - Several spheres appear in front of Valkog, direct hit

                   knocks character down while inflicting massive dmg

 - SPITTING EARTH - Sharp metal blades protrude from the ground dealing

                    medium damage.

So with all that, let's discuss the strategy for this battle. Take note

that the first 3 attacks are blockable, and the last one can be easily

avoided. Now his attack patterns.

He will use the beam every now and then, and also shields himself with

his hands. USE JUMP ATTACKS HERE. Attacking on the ground is much slower

and the damage is still the same. Just make sure you don't time it during

his attack. At lvl 68, his attacks deal around 350-500 Dmg.

If you attack him while his Shield (for FFXII fans, let's call this

'paling') is up he will most likely summon his Blast Spheres. You will know

this by seeing bolts of electricity forming in front of you. Block if you

want or better yet, just get out of the way then attack Valkog.

The patterns are the same basically. Just block/evade/attack/heal your way

to victory.

Watch your HP closely. Make sure your threshold is HP450-500 to be safe.

Heal whenever you can, don't hesitate to use any recovery item you may have.

Remember that YOU HAVEN'T SAVED YET and dying here will require you to

DO EVERYTHING AGAIN, starting from Mother.

Since you can't use abilities, you may want to use Strength Stars or

Brave Symbols if you have a good supply of them. This will allow you

to inflict 600-800 dmg per hit with Valkog.


- after the battle, just set the controller aside, relax and watch the

ending scenes.





#####                        #      #     #           ###  # #  

##    #### ### #### ###  #  ####  # #  # ###  ### ### #    # #  

##    #  # # # #  # #   ###  # #  # # ### # # # # # #  #        

##### #### # # #### #  #   # # #### ##   ## # ### # # # #  # #  


                # #  





After the credits rolled up completely, watch the last scene. After

that you will be prompted to save your file. Do so. (Don't worry, you

will still be able to continue from the last save point you used but there

will be a STAR on your saved file)

- Exit the save screen and you can now continue. You can now access the

GHOST SHIP <see SDQ003 for details> from the Planet Select Menu in the





[ Q U A R R I E S]             QRY000


Quarries are the most wanted beasts. They give a good amount of hunter pts

which can really boost your rank. Beware though, they are much stronger

than ordinary beasts. Also, defeating the available quarries unlocks

the others.

To hunt these quarries, you need to get into the location first. Then,

you need to find a THINKING CIRCLE. Step on it and you will be given a

clue about what item you will need to use to summon the Quarry. For your

convinience, I already included here the required items for them. But,

they are worth the hard work since they do reward you with TONS of exp,

money and even rare items.

I was not able to take note of their dropped items, EXP and gold


!!NOTE: Mio will consider your quarries complete by defeating all 24 beasts

listed or sold in the Galaxy Corp. After defeating all of them. (The last

quarry can be defeated in CH12) return to Mio and get your reward.


 . . . . . . .. . . ..

[G E N E R A L  T I P S]


* When fighting Quarries, make sure that you have a good stock of healing

  and recovery items. RG does not include any healing skills on any

  character so the only way to heal is by using items.

* To concentrate more on the battle, using the team command "GO ALL OUT"

  is very useful. Don't worry about how the AI allies use it; they are

  efficient in using items.

* If you have obtained a rare/ uncommon revelation item (ex. Stella

  Crystal). KEEP it for the meantime. Use it only if you're able to get

  other copies of it. This will ensure you that you have a summoning item

  to use just in case.

* Used summoning items DONT DISAPPEAR. They are just used to attract the

  attention of the target beasts. You are not technically consuming it.

* THERE IS NO TIME LIMIT. If you don't have the necessary item to

  summon the quarry, you can always come back later.





1.* <QUARRY's TITLE>   <Hunter PTs>     [CODE for the FIND function]


AREA         : Planet/ Area: Sub-area

REQUIRED ITEM: Item needed to be used to summon the Quarry.

DESC         : The quarry's description, based on the contract.

DIRECTIONS   : Directions on how to find the Thinking Circles and the

               Quarry's locations.

STRATEGY     : Battle tips and strategy to defeat the Quarry.







AREA         : Rosa/ Salgin


DESC         : A giant beast recently spotted in the Guin System. Only

               rarely appears in Planet Rosa

DIRECTIONS   : Steps already covered by the walkthrough

STRATEGY     : Check out the main walkthrough regarding the strategies

               needed to defeat this beast.


   /-------- --------------

2.* THE TOMB GUARDIAN 8500P*            [QRY002]


AREA         : Vedan/ Myna: North Observation Deck


DESC         : Attacks visitors to the monument honoring those that died

               during the  construction of Myna

DIRECTIONS   : In the North Observation Deck, head down the stairs on your

               right. The Thinking Circle is just behind the Tombstone-like


STRATEGY     : This battle shouldn't be a problem. Just use buff and

               weapon enhancing skills. You need to target its eye or head.

               Remember to block often since his attacks can damage

               everybody around him, not to mention that it has knockback.

               Just have a stock of Heal Potions and Resurrections and

               order the party to GO ALL OUT. I observed that he is somehow

               weak against lightning so feel free to use Jaster's FLASH

               SWORD. Fortunately, there is a transporter nearby if you

               need quick healing and a shop as well for resupplying.



   /-------- ------------

3.* THE CAVE BANDIT 18000P*            [QRY003]


AREA         : Vedan/ Great Tablet Hall


DESC         : Rumored for years among miners, its actual existence was

               only confirmed recently.

DIRECTIONS   : In the large cavern where you fought Gale, there should be

               an opening leading to the Great Tablet Hall. Save at the

               transporter then check out the Thinking Circle.

STRATEGY     : This guy's main and most damaging attack is his "ground

               slam"; he jumps, rolls in mid-air and hits the ground with

               his weapon. This creates a shockwave and can knock you and

               allies down. This is blockable, however.

               If you have Jaster's Illusion Sword, use it. Try to target

               his head since it seems to be where he is most vulnerable.

               Don't bother firing projectile subweapons at him since he

               seems to be resistant to those attacks.

               His attack patterns are all predictable and his attacks

               can be anticipated. Make sure you block his attacks since

               it can really kill you if you are not careful.

               As always, order your party to GO ALL OUT, block his

               attacks, then attack. Just let your guys do their own.

               Remember to cast group buffs and weapon enhancing skills

               to pwn this enemy.



   /-------- -----------------

4.* THE STEEL SHIPWRIGHT 14500P*        [QRY004]


AREA         : Zerard/ Factory, 3A hall

Required Item: Cyclone Pump**

DESC         : A self styled shipbuilder that appears in the ship

               construction hall and feeds off destruction.

DIRECTIONS   : Make your way to the 3A hall, take the elevator up. The

               Thinking Circle is in the Ship, in the middle. You may need

               jump via the moving platforms.

STRATEGY     : At this level, you should be around Lvl 45+. No special

               strategy needed except that you just need to attack his

               head. Use Illusion Sword for greater damage. This is just

               a bonus battle anyway. (Drops Grandius - Deego)

**Cyclone Pump can be purchased from Bivine, in the same location. You need

to jump to the NE corner ledge.


   /-------- -----------------

5.* THE WAYWARD PHANTASM 12000P*        [QRY005]


AREA         : Rosa/ Sylvazard Desert, Ruins Zone

REQUIRED ITEM: Crystal Staff

DESC         : Named after the beast drwan on the ruin's mural. Link to

               ancient civilization unknown.

DIRECTIONS   : You will come across the Thinking Circle while navigating

               the ruins in the Sylvazard Desert, Rosa.

STRATEGY     : By the time you'll get the required item, you'll be far

               later in the game. (Probably late Ch11 or Early CH12), So no

               special strategy to win this battle. This is a give away

               battle, really.


   /-------- --------------------

6.* THE VORACIOUS WANDERER  10000P*        [QRY006]


AREA         : Rose Nebula/ Ship Deck


DESC         : Galactic carnivores that fly in groups and eat all living

               things... Foraging in Rose Nebula?!

DIRECTIONS   : Leave any planet you are in, then travel to the Rose Nebula.

               Teleport to the Ship Deck. The Thinking Circle is located

               in the bow of the Dorgenark.

STRATEGY     : Called the "Hammerhead", this is a large Deviler similar

               to the ones that attacked your ship in Chapter 2. You can

               apply the same strategy you used before to defeat them.

               However, this beast has lesser agility compared to the

               Devilers, but he hits harder. So same thing, use buffs,

               weapon enhancements. Jaster's Illusion Sword or Flash

               Sword helps a lot here. Just remember to use your gun if

               the target goes out of sword range. Other than that, there

               should be no problems defeating this quarry. 



7.* THE JUNGLE MASTER  45000P*              [QRY007]



AREA         : Juraika/ Path to the Ruins, Plaza


DESC         : A massively strong beast that has long been king of the

               jungle. Remarkable fighting ability.

DIRECTIONS   : Teleport to Path of the Ruins: End Point. You should find

               the Thinking Circle there. Just step on it then use the

               Cursed Mask.

STRATEGY     : This battle is not hard since this beast attacks only in the

               front. For the first few seconds of the battle, target its

               head. You wont be able to deal any damage to it unless you

               target the head. After enough damage has been dealt, a short

               scene takes place where the Rune on the boss's head breaks.

               Now this is where the fun begins. After breaking the Rune,

               you may now damage the beast in any direction. You can

               attack him from behind. Illusion Sword is very effective

               here. When he jumps, just block.

               Occasionally, he will jump to the edge of the battlefield.

               Get out of the way because he will perform a damaging charge

               attack. Just use your projectile subweapons when he is in

               this position. Overall, you shouldn't have any problems with

               this boss.



8.* THE SHAPELESS ASSASSIN  13500P*          [QRY008]


AREA         : Vedan/ Cancer King's Ruins Area 2


DESC         : 80% of the missing were apparently eaten by it. Thought to

               be a mutated insector.

NOTE         : Jupis' 3rd alternate costume will be rewarded after the


DIRECTIONS   : Deep inside the ruins, in the small area (pass the hall

               where you battled the two-faced boss), you should find a

               cross shaped sewer or tunnel. The Thinking Circle is right

               on the middle.

STRATEGY     : This boss is a give away. His attacks are not that damaging, and

               his HP and defense are kinda low compared to the previous

               quarries you have fought. So, just apply the basic attack

               procedures here and this battle should be over in a few




9.* THE SIN-STEEPED DRIFTER  17500P*                   [QRY009]


AREA         : Juraika/ Road to Barkaqua, Blind Alley


DESC         : Often seen walking quietly in the jungle; but actually a

               brutal ill-tempered killer.

DIRECTIONS   : Teleport to the Creekside transporter (where the path splits

               into four directions) and take the eastern path. Go to the

               uphill path and circle around until you cross the tree

               bridge. This is the place where you fought one of the mimics


STRATEGY     : If you have finished the Leo King's ruins in Juraika first,

               then you should know that this quarry is similar to the

               Ancients in the ruins. If not, then just buff your party,

               enhance your weapons and target its head or face. Illusion

               Sword recommended. This battle is a giveaway.



10.* The Rumored Lady-Hunter  16000P*                   [QRY010]


AREA         : Vedan/ Myna, Tunnels near the station


DESC         : A lecherous beast that prefer females of all types. Was

               almost caught by a female hunter.

NOTE         : Kisala's 3rd costume, Tribal Two-Piece is dropped by this


DIRECTIONS   : Teleport to the South Myna Station then go inside the tunnel

               southwest. You should know that you're in the right area

               because there is a sign there saying that a beast is

               attacking women passing in that area.

               Switch to Lilika as your character then use the Magic

               Lipstick. (Kisala won't work.)

STRATEGY     : This beast is like a beefed-up version of the Gorra and Dark

               Kong enemies. His attack patterns are the same though they

               are a bit damaging. No worries about this one since its a

               giveaway battle. If you defeated the Shapeless Assassin

               before this primate, then you should notice the ease of



               The quarry has low hp and defense. Just use party buffs and

               weapon enhancement skills to defeat him.



11.* THE TOWER PREDATOR  13000P*          [QRY011]


AREA         : Zerard/ Gladius Towers/ Bridge


DESC         : Many sightings at the tower's high connecting bridge. May

               be a long extinct type of mammoth.

DIRECTIONS   : Make your way to the last tower bridge leader to the

               Tower 1. The Thinking Circle is in the middle of the bridge.

               Its impossible to miss.


STRATEGY     : This enemy is like a bull-mammoth. Well, fortunately, it

               can only attack targets in front of it. Just apply the

               basic tactic discussed earlier. Buffs, enhance your weapons.

               One good way of defeating this boss easily is attack it

               from behind. Its horns are its main weapons but they don't

               do that much damage to consider it as threatening. Just

               keep on attacking and you should pwn this guy.




12.* THE TOWER MATADOR  9800P*             [QRY012]



AREA         : Zerard/ Gladius Towers/ Bridge


DESC         : Many sightings at the tower's high connecting bridge. May

               be a hunter in the towers.

DIRECTIONS   : Similar to reach the Tower Predator, enter Tower 1 and make

               your way to the last bridge leading to Tower 2.

STRATEGY     : This is a little tougher since he is just like a larger

               version of Phobos (rare beast in the Towers). You actually

               need to hit his head to damage him. You can attack him from

               behind early on but in a short while he will begin moving

               backwards, leaning his back on the other end of the bridge,

               by the door. This prevents attacks from behind while you

               and your allies are forced to attack in the front where

               he can easily smash you.

               Don't worry. Just GO ALL OUT, use some buffs, and I

               recommend using Jaster's Illusion Sword when attacking.

               This guy is down in no time.



13.* THE DESERT IDOL      13500P *          [QRY013]


AREA         : Rosa/ Kuje Desert, central Core area

REQUIRED ITEM: Alluring Lamp

DESC         : A beast distributed throughout Draxian territory. Its

               Longardian presence is unknown.

DIRECTIONS   : Teleport to any of the 4 transporters in the braching

               pathways of Kuje Desert. The nearest one probably is the

               transporter on the North Kuje. Just head to the center

               of those branching roads. The Thinking Circle is in front

               of the Longardian soldier named Radan.


STRATEGY     : This boss doesn't have any special attacks but he is a

               hard hitter, nonetheless. Using his bladed hands, Ranfaoh

               can slash, swipe and drill. He can also attack one target

               at a time except when he does his swipe.

               Nothing special about this boss. Just apply your normal

               boss fighting pattern here. (Go All Out, Weapon/ Party

               Buff, etc)



14.* THE WINGED TRAVELLER  15000P*          [QRY014]


AREA         : Rosa/ Johannasburg/ Fountain Plaza

REQUIRED ITEM: Hoho Bird Feather

DESC         : An avian beast that tranverses time. Legends bound widely.

               Recently seen in Johannasburg.

DIRECTIONS   : Teleport to Johannasburg. The thinking Circle is located

               obviously beside the Fountain Plaza. YOU NEED TO MAKE

               JUPIS YOUR ACTIVE cHARACTER then use the required item.

STRATEGY     : Brutish Hawk does have a few attacks that is fairly

               damaging. He does a normal flying enemy's dive attack,

               he flaps his wings to attack and sends out wind to topple


               Well the most effective way to defeat this boss easily is

               by using Jaster's Illusion Sword/ Flash Sword, then Jump-

               Attack the beast. It will knock it to the ground, helpless.

               You and your allies will have a few seconds scoring few

               free hits. Just repeat the process if he flies again.



15.* THE ROCK 'n ROLLER   12000p *          [QRY015]


AREA         : Juraika: Road to the Altar/ Crash Site


DESC         : Thought to be living off the remaining energy of the ship.

               Rarely seen; Maybe a new species

DIRECTIONS   : In Juraika, teleport to Path to the Altar: Crash Cruiser.

               You will immediately see the thinking circle beside the



STRATEGY     : This beast is a burning tortoise. He starts the battle with

               a shield. use a charge attack to break it. After the shield

               is destroyed, start attacking it. Kisala's Dagger Slash

               (Ice element) owns this beast. Not to mention that you

               can push it to the stream and use Flash Sword for added

               effects. (Drops Evil Breath - Simon)



16.* THE FALLEN MONARCH  22000P  *         [QRY016]


AREA         : Mariglenn: Ti'Atha Forest/ Waterfall

REQUIRED ITEM: Alexander <see [LYT002]>

DESC         : Resembles an ancient ruler, may not be the ancient lord who

               resisted the Star King in tradition

DIRECTIONS   : Teleport to the Midpoint of Ti' Atha Forest. Swim past the

               first small lake you'll see then past the sign. The Thinking

               Circle is found a bit before the walking merchant


STRATEGY     : Winged Garuda VII is actually a beefed up version of ancient

               knights/swords/barons/dukes. Although its attack patterns

               are the same and his attacks are fairly damaging, it has

               some unique moves such as evading.

               The battle starts with his barrier up so use the Barrier

               Break Shot to destroy it. After that, just use buffs and

               weapon enhancements then start slashing away.

               This boss doesn't have that high Hp so this will be a breeze.



17.* THE ANCIENT FAIRY    16000P *          [QRY017]


AREA         : Juraika: Leo King's Ruins/ Entrance

REQUIRED ITEM: Zipangu's Axe**

DESC         : A descendant of Fairies that lived in the jungle for ages.

               Turned evil by Rune.

DIRECTIONS   : Teleport to the Leo King's Ruins/ near the Entrance. You

               should find the Thinking Circle in the middle of the

               large hall.


STRATEGY     : Although he hits hard, you just need to encircle him and

               attack from behind. Note that he doesnt attack that

               frequently, so be aggressive on this beast. Just use

               recovery items if needed. (Drops Unicorn Hachete - Lilika)


** If you don't have the Zipangu Axe, you can just teleport to Burkaqua

Village first and buy it from there.



18.* THE LABYRINTH TERROR  17500P *         [QRY018]


AREA         : Rosa: Labyrinth/ Ante-Chamber

REQUIRED ITEM: Nebuladon Egg

DESC         : A box that used Ancient Knowledge to hold all the world's

               evil. Became beast via Rune.

DIRECTIONS   : Teleport to the Maze of Chaos. In the Antechamber room,

               head west and find a thinking circle.


STRATEGY     : This enemy starts off the battle with a barrier. And not to

               mention, Pandora looks like a super-mode MIMIC or DUSTBOX.

               Anyways, after the barrier is down, use all your weapon/self

               and party buffs.


               His attack patterns are very much the same in the ordinary

               Mimics you encounter so there shouldn't be any problems.

               Be careful since they are not that weak too. Just prepare

               to throw in healing items as needed.

               Its a general knowledge that Mimics are very vulnerable to

               status ailments. But Pandora is very resistant or immune

               against any negative status. SO don't bother inflicting

               Status effects on him.

               Basically use the same tactics you're using to defeat

               ordinary mimics and you should be good.



19.* THE ROUGE PIRATES   19000P   *        [QRY019]


AREA         : Rosa/ Salgin, Spaceport Entrance


DESC         : Curious beasts that appeared after the energy leaked out

               from Mariglenn's Gate.

DIRECTIONS   : Teleport to the Spaceport, then exit out. Go to the open

               area NE, as you exit. 


STRATEGY     : There are three of them but they share a single life bar.

               It doesn't matter who you strike first. Illusion Sword

               works like magic here since the projectile from each slash

               passes through enemies, dealing extra damage.

               They can damage fairly; other than that, they have no

               threat to worry about.




20.* ENVOY FROM ON HIGH   12000P *         [QRY020]  


AREA         : Mariglenn: Gulza Santuary/ Plaza

REQUIRED ITEM: Sealing Sunsphere

DESC         : A beast that appeared from from another dimenstion through

               a galactic rift. Unrelated to Rune

DIRECTIONS   : In the Gulza Sanctuary Plaza, the Thinking Circle is

               conviniently located near the transporter.


STRATEGY     : The Lightning Dragon starts the battle with a barrier also.

               After using the barrier break shot, immediately cast buffs

               and weapon enhancements. This boss can hit really hard and

               you will find yourself using recovery items like crazy.

               His common attack is Thrusting/ Biting. This is one of the

               most damaging attacks he has. Also, it can knock you and

               cause daze as a bonus.

               He also has a Fire Breath attack where it has knockback

               and ON FIRE effects.

               This beast is also airborne, meaning you can only damage

               it by the 3-hit jump attack combo. Using Illusion Sword

               helps a lot since this boss moves around frequently, evading

               attacks while getting into striking position with your


               Another thing to note that the large beast and the small

               battlefield can sometimes ruin the camera angle if you

               get cornered. You won't see your character so better move

               into a better position.


21.* THE SEASIDE TERROR   12000P *         [QRY021]


AREA         : Alistia/ Nalvasa Seaway

REQUIRED ITEM: Pirate's Grog

DESC         : A carnivore with a taste for Sleegs. Very few in existence

               but even one can wipe a village.

DIRECTIONS   : In Alistia, teleport to Nalvasa Seaway: Beginning. There is

               a sign there, heading to the beach. Go to the beach and

               you should spot the Thinking Circle there.

STRATEGY     : This enemy, like the common Phanter Eels in the area,

               burrows from time to time - which makes it unvulnerable

               for a few seconds. It also has a wide swipe attack that can

               knock down/ daze your characters. You anticipate that

               attack because he will bend his body before that attack.

               He has other attacks but they are not that damaging compared

               to this one.

               He has no elemental weakness but use weapon enhancements

               and party buffs whenever you can. Just use the block/ attack

               pattern and he should go down in less than 5 minutes.

               (Drops Vice-Predator)





AREA         : Alistia/ Nalvasa Seaway


DESC         : A legendary raft that takes the souls of the living to

               the underworld.


DIRECTIONS   : In Alistia, teleport to Nalvasa Seaway: Endpoint. Head south

               to the beach, facing the wrecked ships. The Thinking Circle

               should be visible immediately.

STRATEGY     : Like the Skeldon you faced before, this guy has no elemental

               weakness. You will need to use a lot of recovery items

               in this battle. He has two major attacks you should look

               out for; a swipe attack with wide range and the charge/dash

               attack that deals continous damage if you're caught in the

               line of the attack. His swipe attack breaks guards also but

               he doesn't attack that immediately.

               One thing you should know is that he can only attack those

               in front of him. And as I observed, he can't turn to any

               other direction; he just moves back and forth. Anyways, just

               attack his sides and rear; block the swipe attack, and

               get out of the way when you see he is preparing for a


               Just keep on attacking and blocking. Depending on your level

               and weapons, this battle could take more or less than 5




23.* ????????????                           [QRY023]


AREA         :


DESC         :







24.* ????????????                           [QRY024]


AREA         :


DESC         :








 + R E V E L A T I O N  F L O W  +       REV000


Revelations are basically skills or abilities used in battle. As discussed

in the overview earlier in this faq, they are your party's lifeline during

heated battles. To learn them you need to obtain specific items. Some are

common such as recovery items, or even rarer ones like the Stella Crystal.

The easiest way to obtain these items is by item drops from beasts.  If you

are a power leveller (like me), you can easily learn abilities by defeating

beasts, not to mention the extra cash and experience you won't get just by

playing through a mission.



Each character has their own unique set of skills, abilities and even

revelation flow. This is where you use the required revelation items to

have the party members learn the skills available.

Also, I categorized their Revelation Flow by BLOCKS for easier reference.

Each block is initiated or started by specific skill (the starting

abilities) you can get the characters early in the game.

I will list each character's revelation flow and the description of their

abilities. I will be using my own terminology here so don't be confused or

ask me what Im talking about.

# <Ability name>

  PROPERTIES: <Continous/ Instant/ Unblockable/ Guard Break>

  ELEMENT   : <fire, wind, ice, lightning, holy>

  EFFECT    : <added status effect inflicted on the enemy>

  DESC      : <description of the ability>

PROPERTIES - These are the additional effects of the ability. I will just

             run a quick overview about each.

    Continous - The skill doesn't have a time limit. It will have a gauge

                instead, if it depletes, the character needs to cast the

                ability again to use it.

    Instant   - The ability is executed instantly. Any effects it may have

                will take effect immediately.

  Unblockable - As the property suggests, the ability can't by blocked by


  Guard Break - Breaks the shield of the target.

  Elemental Up- Increases the element of the attack, for example an ability

                with a flame icon inside a sphere means that it increases

                /adds fire element to the attack.

  Effect      - Effects are often status ailments inflicted on the target.

                Example; a lightning element attack can cause shock to the




+J A S T ER+                      



  |SELF-BUFF/ WEAPON ENHANCEMENT|                               [REV001]





  PROPERTIES: Continous/ Unblockable

  ELEMENT   : Lightning

  EFFECT    : Shock

  DESC      : Infuses the blade with the power of lightning, increasing its

              attack power 


  PROPERTIES: Continous/ Unblockable



  DESC      : Doubles the power and range of thrown objects



  PROPERTIES: Continous



  DESC      : Increases movement speed and enables direct contact attacks


  PROPERTIES: Continous/ Unblockable



  DESC      : Enables Long distance projectile energy attacks using the



  PROPERTIES: Continous/ Unblockable


  EFFECT    : Unconscious

  DESC      : Transforms the standard charge attack into a powerful, high

              speed energy blow








  EFFECT    : Daze

  DESC      : Stirs up the fierce winds of the desert to attack all enemies.







  ELEMENT   : Fire, Lightning, Holy

  EFFECT    : None

  DESC      : Jaster, Kisala and Zegram's ultimate combination attack



  ELEMENT   : Fire, Lightning

  EFFECT    : Burn

  DESC      : Jaster & Kisala's love damages all enemies.





#  HP UP        - Increases MAX HP

#  ATK UP       - Increases basic attack power

#  DEF UP       - Increases basic defense power

#   WIND UP     - Increases the Wind Element in attacks

#   FIRE UP     - Increases the Fire Element in attacks

# AP Efficiency - Reduces AP consumption when using abilities

# Fire Resist   - Increases resistance to Fire Element Attacks

# Wind Resist   - Increases resistance to Wind Element Attacks

# Unconscious Defense   - Increases resistance to UNCONSCIOUS status

# Confusion Defesnse    - Increases resistance to CONFUSE status

# Burning Strike - Enables the use of X hit attacks (Depends on the level)




[J1] Flash Sword = Thunder Stone

     (Opens J2, J3 and J4)

[J2] Attack Up = Alluring Lamp, Strength Star

     (Opens J2A)

[J2A] Attack Up Lv2 = Sealing Sunsphere, Flame God's Stone

                      Ultraspicy Pepper, Wake Up Drops

     (Opens J2B)

[J2B] Attack Up LV3 = Crystal Staff, Juraikan Coffee Beans

                      Wake-Up Drops, Ultraspicy Pepper, Flame God's Stone

[J3] Burning Strike Lv1 = Ancient Scroll I

     (Opens J3A)

[J3A]Burning Strike Lv2 = Ancient Scroll II

     (Opens J3B)

[J3B]Burning Strike Lv3 = Ancient Scroll III

[J4] Flash Sword Lv2 = Flame God's Stone, Iron Cube

     (Opens J4A, J5)

[J4A]Flash Sword Lv3 = Queen Bee Stinger, Thunder Stone, Sealing Sunsphere

                       Iron Board

[J5] Shooting Star = Dorgengoa's Coin, Recharge Drink

     (Opens J4A, J6)

[J4A]Shooting Star Lv2 = Hoho Bird Feather, Recharge Drink, Hot Breath

                         Mermaid's Scale

[J6] Supernova = Sealing Sunsphere, Mirror Unit, Flame God's Stone


     (Opens J6A, J7)

[J6A]Supernova Lv2 - Lucky Clover, Star Earrings, Mirror Unit

                     Flame God's Stone, Diamond

     (Opens J6B)

[J6B]Supernova Lv3 - Galactic Compass, Flame God's Stone (x2),

                     Thunder Stone, Diamond, Resurrection

[J7] Fire Up = Hot Breath, Trumpet of Glory




[J8] Break Throw = Silver Bangle

     (Opens J8A, J11)

[J8A]Break Throw LV2 = Ruby, Sanchez Fruit, Stamina Extract

     (Opens J9, J10)

[J9] Confusion Defense = Absolute Zero Stone, Relaxing Aroma

[J10]Defense Up Lv1 = MIrror unit, Recharge Drink

     (Opens J10A)

[J10A]Defense Lv2 = Divine Healing, Iron Board, Myriad Branch,

                    Sealing Sunsphere

[J11]Desert Wind = Dreamflower Ash, Sanchez Fruit, Hotbreath

     (Opens J12, J11A)

[J11A]Desert Wind Lv2 = Dragon God Skull, Dream Flower Ash

                        Sanchez Fruit (x2), Hot Breath

     (Opens J13, J11B)

[J11B]Desert Wind Lv3 = Rose of Passion, Dream Mushroom,

                        Hoho Bird Feather, Hot Breath, Sanchez Fruit

[J12] Wind Up = Hoho Bird Feather, Sanchez Fruit

[J13] HP Up Lv1 = Primeval Beef, Stamina Extract

      (Opens J13A)

[J13A]HP Up Lv2 = Yago Milk, Stamina Extract,

                  Sanchez Fruit, Sealing Sunsphere





[J14]Fire Resistance Lv1 = Dream Mushroom

     (Opens J14A, J15)

[J14A]Fire Resistance Lv2 = Stella Crystal, Absolute Zero Stone

      (Opens J14B)

[J14B]Fire Resistance Lv3 = Snow Crest, Sealing Sunsphere

                            Iron Board, Hard Candy

[J15] Illusion Sword = Star Earrings, Diamond

      (Opens J15A, J17 )

[J15A]Illusion Sword Lv2 = Lapis Lazuli, Iron Board, Lubricant

      (Opens J16 )

[J16] AP Efficiency Lv1 = Relaxing Aroma, Alluring Lamp

      (Opens J16A )

[J16A]AP Efficiency Lv2 = Lubricant, Relaxing Aroma,

                          Hard Candy, Lucky Clover

[J17] Whirlwind = Recharge Drink, Hoho Bird Feather

      (Opens J17A )

[J17A]Whirlwind Lv2 = Captain's Sock, Hoho Bird Feather,

                      Hard Candy, Recharge Drink

      (Opens J18, J19, J20)

[J18]Unconscious Defense = Nebuladon Egg, Yago Milk

[J19]Wind Resistance Lv1 = Nebuladon Egg, Sticky Gum

      (Opens J19A)

[J19A]Wind Resistance Lv2 = Mellow Banana, Sticky Gum

                            Smoked-rainbow newt, Rose of Passion

[J20] Fated Passion = Rose of Passion, Dreamflower Ash, Hotbreath

      (Opens J20A)

[J20A]Fated Passion Lv2 = Rose of Passion, Dreamflower Ash, Hotbreath

      (Opens J20B)        Divine Protection, Mermaid's Scale

[J20B]Fated Passion Lv3 = Spirit Bell, Rose of Passion, Magic Lipstick

                          Divine Protection, Hotbreath,

                          Galactic Compass




+K I S A L A+                                                   [REV002]






  PROPERTIES: Continous/ Unblockable/ Guard Break

  ELEMENT   : Ice

  EFFECT    : Freeze

  DESC      : Infuses daggers with the power of ice, increasing their

              attack power








  ELEMENT   : none

  EFFECT    : none

  DESC      : The power of ancestral spirits protects all allies from

              status abnormalities.






  ELEMENT   : Holy

  EFFECT    : Confuse

  DESC      : Invokes the power of the stars to damage all enemies with

              Kisala's Charm



  ELEMENT   : holy

  EFFECT    : none

  DESC      : A maiden's holy kiss attacks all enemies




  ELEMENT   : fire

  EFFECT    : burn

  DESC      : Summons countless stars from the sky, causing explosive

              damage to all enemies



  ELEMENT   : Ice

  EFFECT    : Death

  DESC      : Unleashes the ultimate odor, sending the enemies to their








  ELEMENT   : Holy, Ice

  EFFECT    : none

  DESC      : Kisala and Lilika's Cooperative dance gathers energy from the




  ELEMENT   : fire, holy

  EFFECT    : unconscious

  DESC      : Kisala, Jaster and Deego's ultimate combination attack.





#  HP UP        - Increases MAX HP

#  ATK UP       - Increases basic attack power

#  DEF UP       - Increases basic defense power

# Lightning UP  - Increases the Lightning Element in attacks

# Holy UP       - Increases the Holy Element in attacks

# AP Efficiency - Reduces AP consumption when using abilities

# Lightning Resist   - Increases resistance to Lightning Element Attacks

# Evil Resist        - Increases resistance to Evil Element Attacks

# Shock Defense       - Increases resistance to SHOCK status

# Paralysis Defense   - Increases resistance to PARALYZE status

# Burning Strike - Enables the use of X hit attacks (Depends on the level)




[K1] Star Charm - Star Earrings

     (Opens K1A, K3, K4, K5)

[K1A]Star Charm Lv2 = Stella Crystal, Star Earrings, Strength

     (Opens K1B, K2)

[K1B]Star Charm Lv3 = Sealing Sunsphere, Star Earrings, Diamond

                      Iron Cube

[K2] Holy Up = Alluring Lamp, Lapis Lazuli

[K3] Defense Up Lv1 = Mirror Unit, Recharge Drink

     (Opens K3A)

[K3A] Defense Up Lv2 = Sealing Sunsphere, Myriad Branch, Mellow Banana

     (Opens K3B)

[K3B] Defense Up Lv3 = Lucky Clover, Myriad Branch, Mellow Banana

                       Diamond, Divine Protection

[K4] Burning Strike Lv1 = Ancient Scroll I

     (Opens K4A)

[K4A]Burning Strike Lv2 = Ancient Scroll II

     (Opens K4B)

[K4B]Burning Strike Lv3 = Ancient Scroll III

[K5] Angel's Kiss = Magic Lipstick, Divine Healing

     (Opens K5A, K6)

[K5A]Angel's Kiss Lv2 = Alluring Lamp, Magic Lipstick, Divine Healing

     (Opens K5B)

[K5B]Angel's Kiss Lv3 = Mermaid's Scale, Dreamflower Ash

                        Magic Lipstick, Divine Protection

[K6] Paralysis Defense = Dark Music Box, Yago Milk




[K7] Dagger Slash = Snow Crest, Iron Cube

     (Opens K11, K7A)

[K7A]Dagger Slash Lv2 = Alluring Lamp, Absolute Zero Stone, Iron Board

     (Opens K8, K9)

[K8]Spinning Moon = Lunar Ribbon, Hoho Bird Feather, Lapis lazuli

                    Divine Healing

     (Opens K8A)

[K8A]Spinning Moon Lv2 = Biomemory, Spirit Bell, Hoho Bird Feather

                         Lapis lazuli, Divine Healing

     (Opens K8B)

[K8B]Spinning Moon Lv3 = Lapis lazuli, Divine Healing, Hoho Bird Feather

                         Galactic Compass, Spirit Bell,

                         Mermaid's Scale

[K9]AP Efficiency Lv1 = Premier Toy Box, Hard Candy

     (Opens K9A, K10)

[K9A]AP Efficiency Lv2 = Hard candy, Relaxing Aroma, Lubricant

                         Trumpet of Glory

[K10]Lightning Up = Iron Cube, Thunder Stone, Lunar Ribbon

[K11]Evil Resistance LV1 = Myriad Branch, Divine Healing

     (Opens K12, K11A)

[K11A]Evil Resistance LV2 = Lapis lazuli, Divine Protection,

                            Dragon God Skull, Stella Crystal

[K12]Shock Defense = Smoked Rainbow Newt, Electroless




[K13] Lightning Resistance LV1 = Myriad Branch

      (opens K14, K13A, K15)

[K13A] Lightning Resistance LV2 = Myriad Branch, Stella Crystal

      (opens K13B)

[K13B] Lightning Resistance LV3 = Myriad Branch, Sealing Sunsphere

                                  Queen Bee Stinger, Sanchez Fruit      

[K14] Starshine = Ruby, Silver Bangle

      (opens K14A)

[K14A] Starshine Lv2 = Diamond, Mirror Unit, Lunar Ribbon

      (opens K14B)

[K14B] Starshine Lv3 = Diamond, Mirror Unit,Divine Protection

                       Crystal Staff

[K15] Tones of Purity = Spirit Bell, Relaxing Aroma

      (opens K15A, K16, K17, ) 

[K15] Tones of Purity LV2 = Stella Crystal, Spirit Bell, Relaxing Aroma

      (opens K19) 

[K16] Attack Up Lv1 = Lunar Ribbon, Recharge Drink

      (opens K16A, K18)

[K16A] Attack Up Lv2 = Wake-up Drops, Sanchez Fruit, Flame God's Stone

                       Lucky Clover

[K17] Deadly Stench = Captain's Sock, Hot Breath

      (opens K17A)

[K17A] Deadly Stench Lv2 = Captain's Sock, Skull Necklace,

                           Dreamflower Ash, Antidote

      (opens K17B)

[K17B] Deadly Stench Lv3 = Dreamflower Ash, Antidote, Captain's Sock

                           Smoked Rainbow Newt, Hoho Bird Feather,

                           Lucky Clover

[K18] Star-Linked Venus = Lunar Ribbon, Magic Lipstick, Dreamflower Ash

      (opens K18A)


[K18A] Star-Linked Venus Lv2 = Izerium Alloy, Lunar Ribbon, Star Earrings

                               Alluring Lamp, Divine Healing

      (opens K18B)

[K18B] Star-Linked Venus Lv3 = Lunar Ribbon, Ruby, Divine Protection

                               Resurrection, Lucky Clover

                               Rose of Passion

[K19] HP Up Lv1 = Primeval Beef, Stamina Extract

      (opens K19A)

[K19A] HP Up Lv2 = Electric Eel, Stamina Extract, Yago Milk

                   Rose of Passion



+L I L I K A+                                                  [REV003]






  PROPERTIES: continous

  ELEMENT   : fire

  EFFECT    : none

  DESC      : Infuses the arro with the power of fire, increasing their

              attack power


  PROPERTIES: Continous/ Unblockable/ Guard Break

  ELEMENT   : lightning

  EFFECT    : none

  DESC      : Focuses the energy into the machete, increasint its attack




  ELEMENT   : Ice, Lightning

  EFFECT    : Freeze

  DESC      : Chains together arrows of light to attack the enemy.






  ELEMENT   : none

  EFFECT    : none

  DESC      : The power of the Warrior God increases all attack power.







  ELEMENT   : None

  EFFECT    : death

  DESC      : A powerful curse decreases enemies' defense and causes damage



  ELEMENT   : Fire, Wind

  EFFECT    : none

  DESC      : Rains down arrows from the sky to attack all enemies






  ELEMENT   : Fire, Holy

  EFFECT    : Burn

  DESC      : Lilika and Jupis's combination attack, joining nature and



  | OTHERS | 




  ELEMENT   : none

  EFFECT    : none

  DESC      : Summons a powerful beast and commands it in battle.





#  HP UP        - Increases MAX HP

#  ATK UP       - Increases basic attack power

#  DEF UP       - Increases basic defense power

# Holy UP       - Increases the Holy Element in attacks

# Wind UP       - Increases the Wind Element in attacks

# AP Efficiency - Reduces AP consumption when using abilities

# Wind Resist   - Increases resistance to Wind Element Attacks

# Evil Resist   - Increases resistance to Evil Element Attacks

# Confusion Defense   - Increases resistance to CONFUSE status

# Daze Defense        - Increases resistance to DAZE status

# Burning Strike - Enables the use of X hit attacks (Depends on the level)




[L1] Warrior God's Cry = Dragon God Skull

     (opens L1A, L2)

[L1A]Warrior God's Cry Lv2 = Alluring Lamp, Flame God's Stone, Yago Milk

      (opens L3,L4)    


[L2] AP Efficiency Lv1 = Sealing Sunsphere, Relaxing Aroma

     (opens L2A)    

[L2A] AP Efficiency Lv2 = Relaxing Aroma, Lubricant,

                          Crystal Staff

[L3] HP Up Lv1 = Lunar Ribbon, Stamina Extract

     (opens L3A)

[L3A] HP Up Lv2 =  Stamina Extract, Yago Milk, Electric Eel

                   Trumpet of Glory

     (opens L3B)

[L3B] HP Up Lv3 = Mermaid's Scale, Sanchez Fruit, Electric Eel

                  Stamina Extract, Yago Milk, Mellow Banana.

[L4] Beast Call = Nebuladon Egg, Yago Milk

     (opens L4A)

[L4A] Beast Call Lv2 = Dark Music Box, Primeval Beef, Yago Milk

     (opens L4B, L5)     

[L4B] Beast Call Lv3 = Galactic Compass, Smoked Rainbow Newt

                       Primeval Beef, Yago Milk

[L5] Advent of the Sun = Sealing Sunsphere, Mirror Unit, Divine Healing

                         Primeval Beef, Yago Milk

     (opens L5A)

[L5A] Advent of the Sun Lv2 = Mirror Unit, Flame God's Stone,

                              Divine Protection, Lucky Clover

     (opens L5B)

[L5B] Advent of the Sun Lv3 = Divine Protection, Flame God's Stone,

                              Mirror Unit, Spirit Bell, Rose of Passion

                              Crystal Staff.




[L6] Blast Arrow = Flame God's Stone, Queen Bee Stinger

     (opens L6A, L9, L10)

[L6A] Blast Arrow Lv2 = Nebuladon Egg, Flame God's Stone

                        Ultraspicy Pepper

     (Opens L7, L8)

[L7] Confusion Defense = Sealing Sunsphere, Relaxing Aroma

[L8] Attack Up Lv1 = Skull Necklace, Wake-up Drops

     (opens L8A)

[L8A] Attack Up Lv2 = Wake-up Drops, Flame God's Stone, Sanchez Fruit

                      Lucky Clover  

[L9] Burning Strike Lv1 = Ancient Scroll I

     (Opens L9A)

[L9A]Burning Strike Lv2 = Ancient Scroll II

     (Opens L9B)

[K9B]Burning Strike Lv3 = Ancient Scroll III

[L10]Evil Resistance Lv1 = Mirror Unit, Divine Healing

     (Opens L10A, L11)

[L10A]Evil Resistance Lv2 = Lunar Ribbon, Dragon God Skull

                            Divine Healing

[L11] Holy Up - Electric Eel, Myriad Branch

     (Opens L12, L13)

[L12] Daze Defense = Lubricant, Stamina Extact

[L13] Serpentine Arrow = Skull Necklace, Cursed mask, Queen Bee Stinger

                         Dragon God Skull

     (Opens L13A)

[L13A] Serpentine Arrow Lv2 = Skull Necklace, Cursed mask,

                              Queen Bee Stinger, Medusa's Locks,

                              Silver Bangle, Rose of Passion



[L14] Voodoo Dance = Cursed Mask, Relaxing Aroma

     (Opens L14A, L16, L17)

[L14A] Voodoo Dance Lv2 = Cursed Mask, Relaxing Aroma, Ruby

                          Dark Music Box

     (Opens L14B, L15)

[L14B] Voodoo Dance Lv3 = Ruby, Skull Necklace, Wake-up Drops

                          Galactic Compass

[L15] Wind Up = Hoho Bird Feather, Rose of Passion

[L16] Defense Up Lv1 = Mirror Unit, Sanchez Fruit

     (Opens L16A)

[L16A] Defense Up Lv2 = Izerium Alloy, Myriad Branch, Diamond

                        Sanchez Fruit

[L17] Shellbreaker = Sanchez Fruit, Electric Eel

     (Opens L17A)

[L17A] Shellbreaker Lv2 = Sanchez Fruit, Diamond. Alluring Lamp

                          Dragon God Skull

     (Opens L18, L19)

[L18] Wild Thing = Lunar Ribbon, Medusa's Locks, Flame God's Stone

                   Divine Healing

     (Opens L18A)

[L18A] Wild Thing Lv2 = Sanchez Fruit, Myriad Branch, Hot Breath

                        Hoho Bird Feather

     (Opens L18B)

[L18B] Wild Thing Lv3 = Mermaid's Scale, Queen Bee Stinger, Sanchez Fruit

                        Hoho Bird Feather, Hot Breath, Myriad Branch

[L19] Wind Resistance Lv1 = Lunar Ribbon

     (Opens L19A)

[L19A] Wind Resistance Lv2 = Sticky Gum, Lucky Clover

     (Opens L19B)

[L19B] Wind Resistance Lv3 = Crystal Staff, Myriad Branch,

                             Smoked Rainbow Newt, Sticky Gum



+ S T E V E +                                               [REV004]






  PROPERTIES: Continous/ Unblockable/ Guard Break

  ELEMENT   : Lightning

  EFFECT    : none

  DESC      : Infuses Steve's fists with electrical energy, increasing its

              attack power


  PROPERTIES: Continous

  ELEMENT   : none

  EFFECT    : none

  DESC      : Enables full system operation mode, increasing attack power







  ELEMENT   : none

  EFFECT    : none

  DESC      : Creates a shield beam that increases all allies' defense.






  ELEMENT   : Ice

  EFFECT    : Freeze

  DESC      : Shoots out cold beams from both eyes to attack all enemies



  ELEMENT   : Lightning

  EFFECT    : Shock

  DESC      : Emits a strong electrical charge from the body to attack all




  ELEMENT   : Lightning

  EFFECT    : Confuse

  DESC      : Damages mechanical beasts with a powerful electromagnetic







  ELEMENT   : Holy, Ice

  EFFECT    : Death

  DESC      : Steve and Deego's combination attack



  | OTHERS | 



  PROPERTIES: Continous

  ELEMENT   : none

  EFFECT    : Paralyze

  DESC      : Draws attention to Steve, distracting and immobilizing all






#  HP UP        - Increases MAX HP

#  ATK UP       - Increases basic attack power

#  DEF UP       - Increases basic defense power

# Lightning UP  - Increases the Lightning Element in attacks

# Ice UP        - Increases the Ice Element in attacks

# AP Efficiency - Reduces AP consumption when using abilities

# Lightning Resist   - Increases resistance to Lightning Element Attacks

# Ice Resist         - Increases resistance to Ice Element Attacks

# Freeze Defense     - Increases resistance to FREEZE status

# Shock Defense      - Increases resistance to SHOCK status

# Burning Strike - Enables the use of X hit attacks (Depends on the level)




[S1] Ice Eye Beam = Snow Crest, Wake-up Drops

     (Opens S1A, S2, S3)

[S1A] Ice Eye Beam Lv2 = Mirror Unit, Absolute Zero stone, Recharge drink

      (opens S1B)

[S1B] Ice Eye Beam Lv3 = Absolute Zero stone, Iron Cube,

                         Diamond, Biomemory

[S2] Center of Attention = Mirror Unit, Wake-up Drops

     (Opens S2A)

[S2A]Center of Attention Lv2 = Wake-up Drops, Sealing Sunsphere

                               Alluring Lamp

[S3] AP Efficiency Lv1 = Smoked Rainbow Newt, Relaxing Aroma

     (Opens S3A, S4)

[S3A]AP Efficiency Lv2 = Relaxing Aroma, Lunar Ribbon, Mellow Banana

     (S5, S6)            Hard Candy

[S4] Wave Jammer = Iron Cube, Lapis Lazuli, Electric Eel


[S4A]Wave Jammer Lv2 = Dark Music Box, Smoked Rainbow Newt, 03 CPU

     (S4B)             Iron Cube

[S4B]Wave Jammer Lv3 = Galactic Compass, Walkie Talkie, 03 CPU        

                       Queen Bee Stinger, Revolva Alloy

[S5] Lightning Up = Sealing Sunsphere, Revolva Alloy

[S6] Zap = Forbidden Add-on, Medusa's Locks


[S6A]Zap Lv2 =  Medusa's Locks, Rose of Passion, Thunder Stone, Sticky Gum


[S6B]Zap Lv3 =  Medusa's Locks, Thunder Stone, Sticky Gum, Electric Eel,

                Crystal Staff




[S7] Protection = Silver Bangle, Recharge Drink

     (S7A, S9, S10, S11)

[S7A]Protection Lv2 = Dragon God's Skull, Iron Board, Recharge Drink


[S8] Shock Defense = Electric Eel, Electroless

[S9] Burning Strike Lv1 = Ancient Scroll I

     (Opens S9A)

[S9A]Burning Strike Lv2 = Ancient Scroll II

     (Opens S9B)

[S9B]Burning Strike Lv3 = Ancient Scroll III

[S10]Ice Resistance Lv1 = Dreamdflower Ash


[S10A]Ice Resistance Lv2 = Mirror Unit, Snow Crest


[S10B]Ice Resistance Lv3 = Hellpot Flame, Skull necklace, Relaxing Aroma

                           yago Milk

[S11]Hyperdrive = Premiere Toy Box, 03 CPU, Lubricant

     (S11A, S13)

[S11A]Hyperdrive Lv2 = Izerium Alloy, Lubircant, 03 CPU, Wake-up Drops


[S12] HP UP Lv1 = Trumpet of Glory, Stamina Extract


[S12A]HP UP Lv2 = Lucky Clover, Electric Eel, Stamina Extract

[S13] Defense Up Lv1 = Lunar Ribbon, Iron Board


[S13A] Defense Up Lv2 = Trumpet of Glory, Mellow Banana, Diamond


[S13B] Defense Up Lv3 = Mermaid's Scale, Diamond, Myriad Branch

                         Mellow Banana




[S14] Electro-Punch = Thunder Stone, Iron Board

     (S14A, S16)

[S14A] Electro-Punch Lv2 = Electric Eel, Diamond, Iron Cube,

     (S15)                 Recharge Drink

[S15] Strange Beam = carbon Alloy, Lapis Lazuli, 03 CPU, Forbidden Addon


[S15A] Strange Beam Lv2 = Carbon Alloy, Lapis Lazuli, 03 CPU,

     (S15B)               Lucky Clover, Smoked Rainbow Newt                     

[S15B] Strange Beam Lv3 = 03 CPU, Lapis Lazuli, Iron Board,

                          Lubricant, Smoked Rainbow Newt, Crystal Staff

[S16] Lightning Resist Lv1 = Electroless, Myriad Branch


[S16A] Lightning Resist Lv2 = Electroless, Myriad Branch, Sturdy Gum

                              Alluring Lamp

[S17] Attack Up Lv1 = Smoked Rainbow Newt, Stamina Extract

      (S17A, S18)

[S17A] Attack Up Lv2 = Sealing Sunsphere, Flame God's Stone

       (S19)           Strength Star, Sanchez Fruit

[S18] Freeze Defense = Lunar Ribbon, Snow Crest


[S19] Ice UP = Snow Crest, Mermaid's Scale





+ S I M O N +                                                  [REV005]






  PROPERTIES: Continous/ Unblockable

  ELEMENT   : Fire

  EFFECT    : none

  DESC      : Doubles the weapon's damage and firing range.



  PROPERTIES: Continous

  ELEMENT   : Holy

  EFFECT    : Confuse

  DESC      : Simon's gun is infused with holy energy, increasing its

              attack power.







  ELEMENT   : none

  EFFECT    : none

  DESC      : An energy drink that raises all allies' attack and defense







  ELEMENT   : Fire

  EFFECT    : Daze

  DESC      : Fires a countinous missile barrage from the skies to attack

              all enemies.



  ELEMENT   : Lightning

  EFFECT    : none

  DESC      : Shakes the earth, damaging all enemies



  ELEMENT   : Fire

  EFFECT    : Burn

  DESC      : A furious dragon of flames appears and attacks all enemies.







  ELEMENT   : Fire, Lightning, Holy

  EFFECT    : Burn

  DESC      : Simon and Jupis' combination attack.



  | OTHERS | 




  ELEMENT   : Wind

  EFFECT    : Confuse

  DESC      : Unleashes a thick layer of smoke, confusing enemies.





#  HP UP        - Increases MAX HP

#  ATK UP       - Increases basic attack power

#  DEF UP       - Increases basic defense power

# Fire UP       - Increases the Fire Element in attacks

# Ice UP        - Increases the Ice Element in attacks

# AP Efficiency - Reduces AP consumption when using abilities

# Fire Resist   - Increases resistance to fire Element Attacks

# Ice Resist    - Increases resistance to Ice Element Attacks

# Fire Defense    - Increases resistance to On Fire status

# Freeze Defense  - Increases resistance to Frozen status

# Burning Strike - Enables the use of X hit attacks (Depends on the level)




[M1] Amplification = Silver Bangle

     (M1A, M2, M3, M4)

[M1A] Amplification Lv2 = Flame God's Stone, Sticky Gum

[M2] Burning Strike Lv1 = Ancient Scroll I

     (Opens M2A)

[M2A]Burning Strike Lv2 = Ancient Scroll II

     (Opens M2B)

[M2B]Burning Strike Lv3 = Ancient Scroll III

[M3] Raging Dragon = Cursed Mask, Hellpot Flame.


[M3A] Raging Dragon LV2 = Sealing Sunsphere, Nebuladon Egg,

     (M3B)                Ruby, Sanchez Fruit

[M3B] Raging Dragon LV3 = Nebuladon Egg, Ruby, Sanchez Fruit, Flame God's

                          Stone, Crystal Staff


[M4] Fire Resist = Snow Crest

     (M5, M4A)

[M4A]Fire Resist Lv2 = Snow Crest, Absolute Zero Stone

     (M4B, M7, M8)

[M4B]Fire Resist Lv3 = Absolute Zero Stone, Divine Protection,

                       Sealing Sunsphere, Hard Candy

[M5] Fire Up = Queen Bee Stinger, Wake-up drops


[M6] Fire Defense = Dragon God's Skull, CO2 Powder

[M7] HP UP Lv1 = Electric Eel, Stamina Extract


[M7A] HP UP Lv2 = Electric Eel, Stamina Extract,

     (M7B)        Sealing Sunsphere, Yago Milk

[M7B] HP UP Lv3 = Electric Eel, Stamina Extract, Yago Milk

                  Lucky Clover, Mellow Banana

[M8] ATK UP Lv1 = Lunar Ribbon, Recharge Drink


[M8A] ATK UP Lv2 = Lucky Clover, Flame God's Stone,

                   Wake-up Drops, Sanchez Fruit




[M9] Wall Of Smoke = Snow Crest, CO2 Powder

     (M9A, M10, M12, M14)

[M9A] Wall Of Smoke Lv2 = Snow Crest, CO2 Powder, Absolute Zero Stone


[M9B] Wall Of Smoke Lv3 = Dark Music Box, Dreamflower Ash,

                          Lapis Lazuli, CO2 Powder

[M10] Ice Up = Dream Mushroom, Wake-up Drops


[M11] Shake-Shake = Mellow Banana, Medusa's Locks


[M11A] Shake-Shake Lv2 = Medusa's Locks, Primeval Beef, Sticky Gum


[M11B] Shake-Shake Lv3 = Sanchez Fruit, Smoked Rainbow Newt,

                         Rose of Passion, Electric Eel.

[M12] Ice Resistance = Lubricant, Hellpot Flame

      (M12A, M13)

[M12A] Ice Resistance Lv2 = Hellpot Flame, Lunar Ribbon, Sanchez Fruit

[M13] Last Resort Meteor = 03 CPU, Iron Cube,

      (M13A)               Izerium Alloy, Thunder Stone

[M13A] Last Resort Meteor Lv2 =  Thunder Stone, Iron Cube, 03 CPU

      (M13B)                     Lucky Clover, Hellpot Flame

[M13B] Last Resort Meteor Lv3 =  Crystal Staff, Hellpot Flame,

                                 Thunder Stone, 03 CPU,

                                 Divine Blessing, Carbon Alloy

[M14] DEF UP Lv1 = Wake-up Drops, Dragon God's Skull


[M14A] DEF UP Lv2 = Sealing Sunsphere, Myriad Branch, Iron Board




[M15] Missile Squall = Cumulus Pendant, Recharge Drink

      (M15A, M16, M17)

[M15A] Missile Squall Lv2 = Dragon God's Skull, Snow Crest, Paralysis Cure


[M15B] Missile Squall Lv3 = Paralysis Cure, Sealing Sunsphere,

                            Revolva Alloy, Absolute Zero Stone

[M16] AP Efficiency Lv1 = Forbidden Add-on, Relaxing Aroma


[M16A] AP Efficiency Lv2 = Relaxing Aroma, Hard Candy, Lubricant

                           Mermaid's Scale

[M17] Gelanamin X = Magic Lipstick, Stamina Extract

      (M17A, M18)

[M17A]  Gelanamin X Lv2 = Stamina Extract, Smoked Rainbow Newt,

     (M19)               Lucky Clover 

[M18] Ghost Buster = Izerium Alloy, Dragon God's Skull, CO2 Powder


[M18A] Ghost Buster Lv2 = Dragon God's Skull, CO2 Powder, Lapis Lazuli

                         Mermaid's Scale, Silver Bangle.                       

[M19] Freeze Defense = Lucky Clover, Hot Breath




+ Z E G R A M +                                                 [REV006]







  PROPERTIES: Continous/ Unblockable/ Guard Break

  ELEMENT   : Fire

  EFFECT    : Burn

  DESC      : Infuses the balde with the power of the flames, increasing

              its attack power.


  PROPERTIES: Continous

  ELEMENT   : none

  EFFECT    : none

  DESC      : Use of warrior's Wisdom to increase evasion rate.


  PROPERTIES: Continous

  ELEMENT   : Ice/ Wind

  EFFECT    : Daze

  DESC      : Unleashes the legendary two-sword technique. Twice the sword

              twice the attack power!







  ELEMENT   : none

  EFFECT    : none

  DESC      : The power of Grog increases all allies' attack power!







  ELEMENT   : Lightning

  EFFECT    : Shock

  DESC      : Calls down lightning bolts to attack all enemies



  ELEMENT   : Lightning/ Evil

  EFFECT    : none

  DESC      : Sends enemies to their deaths with a cursed sword dance.

**Enemies killed by Death Break does not yeild any EXP points.






  ELEMENT   : Fire/ Wind

  EFFECT    : Burn

  DESC      : Zegram and Simon's wind and fire combination attack.




  ELEMENT   : Wind/ Evil

  EFFECT    : none

  DESC      : Zegram, Jaster and Lilika's ultimate combination attack.




#  HP UP        - Increases MAX HP

#  ATK UP       - Increases basic attack power

#  DEF UP       - Increases basic defense power

# Fire UP       - Increases the Fire Element in attacks

# Lightning UP  - Increases the Lightning Element in attacks

# AP Efficiency - Reduces AP consumption when using abilities

# Fire Resist   - Increases resistance to fire Element Attacks

# Lightning Resist   - Increases resistance to Lightning Element Attacks

# Daze Defense  - Increases resistance to On DAZE status

# Poison Defense  - Increases resistance to On POISON status

# Burning Strike - Enables the use of X hit attacks (Depends on the level)




[Z1] Parry = Spirit Bell

     (Z1A, Z4, Z5)

[Z1A] Parry Lv 2 = Mirror Unit, Relaxing Aroma, Hard Candy

      (Z2, Z3)

[Z2] Fire Up = Sealing Sunsphere, Ultraspicy pepper

[Z3] Inferno Vortex = Nebuladon Egg, Flame God's Stone, Myriad Branch


[Z3A] Inferno Vortex Lv2 = Flame God's Stone, Hoho Bird Feather,

      (Z3B)                Hot Breath, Rose of Passion

[Z3B] Inferno Vortex Lv3 = Crystal Staff, Cyclonice Pump, Rose of Passion

                           Hoho Bird Feather, Flame God's Stone

[Z4] Fire Resist Lv1 = Hoho Bird Feather


[Z4A] Fire Resist Lv2 = Lunar Ribbon, Absolute Zero Stone


[Z4B] Fire Resist Lv3 = Rose of Passion, Absolute Zero Stone, Hard Candy

                        Divine Protection

[Z5] Attack Up Lv1 = Ruby, Stamina Extract


[Z5A] Attack Up Lv2 = Lunar Ribbon, Ruby, Sanchez Fruit, Wake-up drops


[Z5B] Attack Up Lv3 = Sanchez Fruit, Strength Star, Flame God's Stone

                      Brave Symbol, Lucky Clover




[Z6] Fire Sword = Hellpot Flame

     (Z6A, Z9, Z11, Z12)

[Z6A] Fire Sword Lv2 = Nebuladon Egg, Flame God's Stone


[Z7] Poison Defense = Izerium Alloy, Queen Bee Stinger


[Z8] Gates of Hell = Dark Music Box, Mirror Unit, Ruby, Relaxing Aroma


[Z8A] Gates of Hell LV2 = Rose of Passion, Skull Necklace, Medusa's Locks

     (Z8B)                Ruby, Relaxing Aroma

[Z8B] Gates of Hell LV3 = Ruby, Cumulus Pendant, Medusa's Locks

                          Dragon God's Skull, Relaxing Aroma

                          Galactic Compass

[Z9] Defense Up Lv1 = Mirror Unit, Nebuladon Egg

     (Z9A, Z10)

[Z9A] Defense Up Lv2 = Trumpet of Glory, Diamond, Mellow Banana

[Z10] Lightning up = Revolva Alloy, Sealing Sunsphere

[Z11] AP Efficiency Lv1 = Trumpet of Glory, Relaxing Aroma


[Z11A] AP Efficiency Lv2 = Mermaid's Scale, lubricant,

                            hard candy, relaxing aroma

[Z12] Death Break = Dragon God's Skull, Alluring Lamp


[Z12A] Death Break Lv2 = Dark Music Box, Dragon God's Skull, Ruby


[Z12B] Death Break Lv3 = Hellpot Flame, Ruby, Dragon God's Skull,

                         Mermaid's Scale




[Z13] Drunken Burst = Pirate's Grog, Hellpot Flame

      (Z13A, Z16, Z17, Z18)

[Z13A] Drunken Burst Lv2 = Pirate's Grog, Captain's Sock, Stamina Extract

       (Z14, Z15)

[Z14] Daze Defense = Izerium Alloy, Smoked Rainbw Newt

[Z15] Lightning Resist = Dark Music Box, Sticky Gum


[Z15A] Lightning Resist Lv2 = Lucky Clover, Myriad Branch

                               Smoked Rainbow Newt, Sticky Gum

[Z16] Burning Strike Lv1 = Ancient Scroll I

     (Opens Z16A)

[Z16A]Burning Strike Lv2 = Ancient Scroll II

     (Opens Z16B)

[Z16B]Burning Strike Lv3 = Ancient Scroll III

[Z17] Lightning Resist = Diamond, Medusa's Locks,


[Z17A] Lightning Resist Lv2 = Nebuladon Egg, Silver Bangle, Thunderstone


[Z17B] Lightning Resist Lv3 = Rose of Passion, Silver Bangle, Thunderstone

                       Revolva Alloy

[Z18] Twin Swords = Lunar Ribbon, MIrror Unit, Iron Board

      (Z18A, Z19)

[Z18A] Twin Swords Lv2 = Lucky Clover, Mirror Unit, Iron Board,

                          Dreamflower Ash

[Z19] HP UP Lv1 = Nebuladon Egg, Stamina Extact


[Z19A] HP UP Lv2 = Lucky Clover, Stamina Extact

                   Yago Milk, Electric Eel.



+ J U P I S +                                                  [REV007]







  PROPERTIES: Continous

  ELEMENT   : Wind

  EFFECT    : None

  DESC      : Ties a profectile contraption that attacks each enemy in









  ELEMENT   : none

  EFFECT    : none

  DESC      : The rich aroma and smooth, gourmet taste increases all allies'

              attack power.







  ELEMENT   : Lightning

  EFFECT    : Shock

  DESC      : Shocks all enemies with a electromagnetic yoyo.



  ELEMENT   : Wind

  EFFECT    : Unconscious

  DESC      : Shows off the hottest, dance moves to astound and attack all




  ELEMENT   : Holy/ Wind

  EFFECT    : Paralyze

  DESC      : Creates a lout sync wave that attacks all enemies.



  ELEMENT   : Fire

  EFFECT    : Burn

  DESC      : Spits out scorching hot flames to attack all enemies.


  | OTHERS | 




  ELEMENT   : none

  EFFECT    : Paralyze

  DESC      : Spits out sticky bubblegumm stopping the enemies' movement.






  ELEMENT   : holy

  EFFECT    : none

  DESC      : Jupis & Steve's combination attack






#  HP UP        - Increases MAX HP

#  ATK UP       - Increases basic attack power

#  DEF UP       - Increases basic defense power

# Ice UP        - Increases the Ice Element in attacks

# Wind Up       - Increases the Wind Element in attacks

# AP Efficiency - Reduces AP consumption when using abilities

# Wind Resist   - Increases resistance to Wind Element Attacks

# Ice Resist   - Increases resistance to Ice Element Attacks

# Poison Defense  - Increases resistance to POISON status

# Fire Defense    - Increases resistance to On FIRE status

# Burning Strike - Enables the use of X hit attacks (Depends on the level)





[P1] Aromatic Boost = Juraikan Coffee Beans

     (P1A, P3, P4, P6)

[P1A] Aromatic Boost Lv2 = Juraikan Coffee Beans, Sealing Sunsphere


[P2] Ice Resist Lv1 = Trumpet of Glory


[P2A] Ice Resist Lv2 = Lucky Clover, Hellpot Flame

[P3] Defense Up Lv1 = Revolva Alloy, Sealing Sunsphere


[P3A] Defense Up Lv2 = Guardian Sphere, Myriad Branch,

     (P3B)            Lucky Clover,

[P3B] Defense Up Lv3 = Guardian Sphere, Myriad Branch, Mellow Banana

                       Yago Milk, Galactic Compass       


[P4] Yoyo Shock = Lunar Ribbon, Thunder Stone

     (P4A, P5)

[P4A] Yoyo Shock Lv2 = Biomemory, Premier Toy Box, Iron cube

     (P4B)             Mermaid's Scale

[P4B] Yoyo Shock Lv3 = Thunder Stone, Premier Toy Box, Iron Cube

                       Mermaid's Scale

[P5] Poison Defense = Skull Necklace, Divine Protection

[P6] Five Alarm Fire = Nebuladon Egg, Ultraspicy Pepper.


[P6A] Five Alarm Fire Lv2 = Sealing Sunshphere, Ultraspicy Pepper

     (P6B)                       Hoho Bird Feather.

[P6B] Five Alarm Fire Lv3 = Pirate's Grog, Ultraspicy Pepper,

                            Hoho Bird feather, Lucky Clover,

[P7] Terrible Tune = Forbidden Add-on, Retro Boombox, Speaker Pod

     (P7A)                    hot breath.

[P7A] Terrible Tune Lv2 =  Retro Boombox, Speaker Pod x2,

     (P7B)                 Lucky Clover, Hot Breath

[P7B] Terrible Tune Lv3 =  Speaker Pod x2, Retro Boombox, Hot Breath

                           Military Grade Battery, Crystal Staff





[P8] Crashball = Premiere Toy Box, Thunder Stone

     (P8A, P10, P12)

[P8A] Crashball Lv.2 = Forbidden Add-on, Mirror Unit, Iron Cube


[P9] Attack Up = Rose of Passion, Queen Bee Stinger.


[P9A] Attack Up Lv2 = Crystal Staff, Flame God's Stone,

                      Juraikan Coffee Beans, Sanchez Fruit

[P10] Tornado Dance = Dark Music Box, Thunder Stone, Wake-up drops

      (P10A/ P11)

[P10A] Tornado Dance Lv2 = Retro Boombox, Wake-up drops, Thunder Stone,

      (P10B)               Mirror Unit, Rose of Passion

[P10B] Tornado Dance Lv3 = Galactic Compass, Energy Charger, Retro Boombox

                           Thunder Stone, Paralysis Cure

[P11] Ice Up = Trumpet of Glory, Divine Blessing

[P12] Burning Strike Lv1 = Ancient Scroll I

     (Opens P12A)

[P12A]Burning Strike Lv2 = Ancient Scroll II

     (Opens P12B)

[P12B]Burning Strike Lv3 = Ancient Scroll III

[P13] AP Efficiency = Relaxing Aroma, Iserium Alloy,


[P13A] AP Efficiency LV2 = Relaxing Aroma, Lubricant, Lucky Clover,

      (P13B, P14)          Hard Candy

[P13B] Fire Defense = Galactic Compass, Snow Crest

[P14] Wind Up = Crystal Staff, Hoho Bird Feather, Hot Breath



[P15] Ptooey! = Nebuladon Egg, Sticky Gum

  (P15A, P17)

[P15A] Ptooey! LV2 = Rose of Passion, Sticky Gum, Mellow Banana

  (P15B, P16)

[P15B] Ptooey! LV3 = Sticky Gum, Hoho Bird Feather, Mellow Banana,

                     Mermaid's Scale

[P16] Black HOle = Rose of Passion, Sealing Sunsphere, Mirror Unit

     (P16A)        Military Grade Batt

[P16A] Black HOle LV2 = Lucky Clover, Sealing Sunsphere, Energy Charger

     (P16B)             03 CPU, Ruby

[P16B] Black HOle LV3 = Galactic Compass, Sealing Sunsphere,

                        Flame God's Stone, Super CPU, Diamond

                        Crystal Staff

[P17] Wind Resistance Lv1 = Skull Necklace, Mellow Banana

 (P17A, P18)

[P17A] Wind Resistance Lv2 = Rose of Passion, Smoked Rainbow Newt

 (P17B)                      Sticky Gum

[P17B] Wind Resistance Lv3 = Galactic Compass, Cumulus Pendant

                             Smoked Rainbow Newt, Sticky Gum, Hot Breath

[P18] HP UP LV1 = Lucky Clover, Stamina Extract


[P18A] HP UP LV2 = Mermaid's Scale, electric eel, Stamina Extract

                   Yago Milk


+ D E E G O +                                                  [REV008]







  PROPERTIES: Continous/ Unblockable

  ELEMENT   : none

  EFFECT    : none

  DESC      : Doubles range and damage of thrown objects


  PROPERTIES: Continous/ Unblockable

  ELEMENT   : Ice

  EFFECT    : none

  DESC      : Infuses the axe with fighting spirit, increasing its attack







  ELEMENT   : none

  EFFECT    : none

  DESC      : Creates a powerful shield that increases its attack power.


  PROPERTIES: Continous

  ELEMENT   : none

  EFFECT    : none

  DESC      : The power of camarederie increases attack power







  ELEMENT   : none

  EFFECT    : Paralysis

  DESC      : A vicious howl that creates a sonic wave to attack all




  ELEMENT   : Fire

  EFFECT    : Paralysis

  DESC      : Thows out a flash bomb, damaging all enemies within range.



  ELEMENT   : Lightning

  EFFECT    : Unconscious

  DESC      : Calls in covering fire from the skies to attack all enemies.






  PROPERTIES: continous

  ELEMENT   : Fire/Lightning

  EFFECT    : (Status Up)

  DESC      : Zegram and Deego's combination attack





#  HP UP        - Increases MAX HP

#  ATK UP       - Increases basic attack power

#  DEF UP       - Increases basic defense power

# Fire UP       - Increases the Fire Element in attacks

# Holy UP       - Increases the Holy Element in attacks

# AP Efficiency - Reduces AP consumption when using abilities

# Fire Resist   - Increases resistance to Fire Element Attacks

# Evil Resist   - Increases resistance to Evil Element Attacks

# Unconscious Defense  - Increases resistance to On UNCONSCIOUS status

# Paralyze Defense     - Increases resistance to On PARALYZE status

# Burning Strike - Enables the use of X hit attacks (Depends on the level)




[D1] Break Throw = Flame God's Stone

     (D1A, D3, D4, D5)

[D1A] Break Throw LV2 = Flame God's Stone, Nebuladon Egg,

      (D2)              Sanchez Fruit, Yago Milk

[D2] Flash Bomb = Forbidden Add-on, Carbon Alloy


[D2A] Flash Bomb LV2 = Rose of Passion, Nebuladon Egg, Iron Cube

     (D2B)             Diamond

[D2B] Flash Bomb Lv3 =  Mermaid's Scale, Thunder Stone, Nebuladon Egg,

                        Diamond, Iron Cube

[D3] HP UP Lv1 = Sealing Sunsphere, Stamina Extract


[D3A] HP UP Lv2 = Lucky Clover, Electric Eel,

                  Stamina Extract, Yago Milk

[D4] Defense Up Lv1 = Mellow Banana, Iron Cube, Trumpet of Glory


[D4A] Defense Up Lv2 = Myriad Branch, Iron Board, Mermaid's Scale

[D5] Bone Shield = Alluring Lamp, Dragon God's Skull


[D5A] Bone Shield LV2 = Izerium Alloy, Dragon God's Skull

     (D6)                Revolva Alloy


[D6] Unconscious Defense = Trumpet of Glory, Divine Protection




[D7] Wonder Howl = CO2 Powder, Captain's Sock

     (D7A, D10, D11, D12)


[D7A] Wonder Howl Lv2 = CO2 Powder, Dark Music Box, Primeval Beef

      (D7B)             Ultraspicy Pepper

[D7B] Wonder Howl Lv3 = CO2 Powder, Primeval Beef, Ultraspicy Pepper

      (D9)              Pirate's Grog, Lucky Clover

[D8] AP Efficiency = Trumpet of Glory, Relaxing Aroma


[D8A] AP Efficiency Lv2 = Lubricant, Relaxing Aroma, Lucky Clover

[D9] Holy Up = Lucky Clover, Medusa's Locks

[D10] Burning Strike Lv1 = Ancient Scroll I

     (Opens D10A)

[D10A]Burning Strike Lv2 = Ancient Scroll II

     (Opens D10B)

[D10B]Burning Strike Lv3 = Ancient Scroll III  


[D11] Attack Up = Alluring Lamp, Flame God's Stone


[D11A]Attack Up lv2 = Flame God's Stone, Rose of Passion,

      (D11B)          Strength Star, Sanchez Fruit

[D11B]Attack Up lv3 = Sanchez Fruit, Hot Breath, Flame God's Stone

                      Crystal Staff

[D12] Evil Resistance = Stella Crystal, Divine Healing


[D12A] Evil Resistance Lv2 = Dark Music Box, Dragon God's Skull,

      (D12B)                 Divine Healing

[D12B] Evil Resistance Lv3 =  Mermaid's Scale, Lapis Lazuli

                              Dragon God's Skull, Divine Protection




[D13] Top Dog = Primeval Beef, Yago Milk

      (D13A, D16)

[D13A] Top Dog Lv2 = Dark Music Box, Cursed Mask, Yago Milk


[D14] Fire Up = Trumpet of Glory, Hellpot Flame, Hot Breath


[D15] Our Song = Keepsake Coin*, Rose of Passion, Diamond


[D15A] Our Song LV2 = Galactic Compass, Speaker Pod, Retro Boombox,

                      Relaxing Aroma

[D16] Fire Resistance Lv1 = Alluring Lamp

      (D16A, D19)

[D16A] Fire Resistance Lv2 = Skull Necklace, Iron Board

      (D17, D18)

[D17] Paralysis Defense = Sealing Sunsphere, Yago Milk

[D18] Eternal Soldiers Lv1 = Biomemory, Mirror Unit, Strength Star

      (D18A)                 Military Grade Battery, Revolva Alloy

[D18A] Eternal Soldiers Lv2 = Crystal Staff, Mirror Unit, Strength Star

                              Military Grade Battery, Revolva Alloy

                              Hot Breath

[D19] Covering Fire = Nebuladon Egg, Military Grade Battery, Strength Star


[D19A] Covering Fire lv2 = Trumpet of Glory, Military Grade Battery, 

      (D19B)               Strength Star, Iron Cube

[D19B] Covering Fire lv3 = Mermaid's Scale, Super CPU, Iron Cube

                            Strength Star, Iron Cube


* Officer's Coin to be transformed into Keepsake coin after getting Deego's

Derigellum. Prior to that, it won't fit in.





[ I N S E C T O R S] <INS000>


Insectors are another additional feature of the game which allows you to

catch, raise and battle insectors. They can be captured almost anywhere

and they do come in different varieties. You can also play head to head

against another player with RG save game file on a VS combat.



[I N S E C T R O N  S T A D I U M] (COLISEUM) <INS001>


This is where all battles take place. The tournament consists of 5 ranks,

Rank E being the lowest. Each rank has 5 battles. You don't need to battle

5 times in a row though. After each battle, you will be given an option to

either FIGHT or TAKE A BREAK. Taking a break will allow you to return to

free roam and you can still come back and resume the last fight you left.




 - Battles are tournament style. WIN FIVE MATCHES TO WIN THE TOURNAMENT

 - Insectron battles are 5-on-5 battles. One of the 5 insector in a

   team is designated as the KING. If you defeat the enemy King, you win.

   If yours is defeated, you lose. So protect it at all costs!

 - Designated Kings can only move 1 SQUARE AT A TIME. It applies even to

   flying insectrons (3 square movement range)

 - You can particapate in head-to-head matches by participating in a

   VS BATTLE. This can be selected from the title screen. You need to

   CLEAR D RANK first before accessing this option. You can load insectron

   data from two different memory cards and register your team.

 - there are 1P vs 2P, 1P vs CPU, CPU vs CPU battles.


    This is one of the victory conditions selectable in VS. BATTLEs.

    There are NO DESIGNATED KINGS so the only way to win is to DEFEAT


 - An insectron thrown outside the playing field is out of the battle,

   regardless of status, HP etc.



RANKS             ENTRY FEE               PRIZE


 E                400           Battle Feed x5


 D                800           Feed Formula X5

 C                1200          Murakamo Type -S

 B                2000          Spirit Calibur

 A                3200          Grand Calibur

 S                6000


[R E A R I N G  C A G E S  and  I N S E C T O R  T R A P S] <INS002>





REARING CAGES can hold up to 5 insectrons. Note that insectrons'

conditions may also depend on what type of environment they are raised. If

you see an Insectron's condition is poor even if you feed it, try to move

it to another cage if you have one.

You can only acquire 3 cages and three insector traps.


REARING CAGE I    - will be given by Fable during a short event in Juraika.

                    This cage is modeled after the green, natural

                    environment of Juraika.

REARING CAGE II   - Must be purchased from the Shop inside the Insectron

                    Coliseum. Modeled after the harsh, desert environment

                    of Planet Rosa.

*REARING CAGE III - Must be built using the Factory. This cage is modeled

                    after the dark, messy planet of Vedan

 * Get the blueprint from KABTER inside the Insectron Colliseum.

 * You may need to collect MYRIAD Branches. These can be dropped by

   most Juraikan beasts. Otherwise, you can purchase it from shops as

   soon as you get the Platinum license.




Traps are used to capture insectors. You first need to place a bait on it.

(Yes, even gems are insector's favorite food), then leave it at any place

you want. Remember that the type of insector you will capture depends on

the bait you used and the location where you placed the trap.


INSECTOR TRAP I  -  Will be given by Fable during a short event in Juraika.

                    The most basic trap used to capture common insectors.

INSECTOR TRAP II -  Must be purchased from the Shop inside the Insectron

                    Colisieum. Can catch more types of insectors than the

                    Ins Trap I.

INSECTOR TRAP III - Can only be created in the factory. Can capture any

                    insector types.

 * Get the blueprint from OSMOND inside the Insectron Colliseum.

 * You may need to collect MYRIAD Branches. These can be dropped by

   most Juraikan beasts. Otherwise, you can purchase it from shops as

   soon as you get the Platinum license.



[I N S E C T O R  S T A T U S  and  F O O D S ]    <INS003>







SATIETY   - Determines the health of the insectron. If the gauge is empty,

            feed it to fill the gauge. After a while it will be empty

            again so make sure you feed your insectors regularly.

CONDITION - This is the smiley face in the insector's ability menu.

            Make sure that they are in excellent condition before sending

            them into battle.





Foods are not only for the survival of your insectors. Feeding them with

good foods actually helps a lot in their growth. Different bonuses applied

to their stats are permanent. The often you feed them, the faster and

powerful they grow! Below are the list of the most common food you can

give to your insectors and the bonuses they give.

Insectors have unlimited appetite. Though they don't die if you forgot to

feed them in a while, it will greatly hamper their growth.









SANCHEZ FRUIT            (HP + 3, STR +1, DEF +1)

MELLOW BANANA            (HP + 5)

YAGO MILK                (HP + 1, All resistances + 1 except for 

                          Confusion - 1)



PRIMEVAL BEEF            (STR + 2)

PIRATE'S GROG            (DEF +2)

HARD CANDY               (TH + 2)

STICKY GUM               (KC + 2)

ELECTRIC EEL             (EX + 2)


DIAMOND                  (DEF + 2)

RUBY                     (STR + 2)

LAPIS LAZULI             (HP + 5)

FIRESTONE                (STR + 2)

DARK ONYX                (DEF + 2)

NEBULA OPAL              (HP + 5)

SEVENTHMOON              (HP + 1, All resistances + 1 except

                          Knockback -1)

EDENSIA                  (HP + 2, STR +1, All resistances + 1 except

                         Throw -1 and Poison -1)




[I N S E C T O R  T Y P E S]


This section discusses all the insector types that can be found in the

game. This section does not include the "Black Emperor" insector yet.

Feel free to choose what insectors to raise and use in battle. The maximum

value for each stat is 100. These are just the basic insector types. Higher

ranked insectors, can be achieved by breeding.



NOTES: Considered the leader in the Insector world. Its sword-like horn

makes it a formidable foe in battle.


Jumps high into the air and inflicts great damage with its horn


[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

[ ][ ][X][ ][ ]

[ ][X](O)[X][ ]

[ ][ ][X][ ][ ]

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]


(O) = Insector

[X] = Movement Range

[ ] = 1 square

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

[ ][X][X][X][ ]

[ ][X](O)[X][ ]

[ ][X][X][X][ ]

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]




NOTES: These insectors are known for firing long-range projectiles

directly to opponents. It has low defense ratings so make sure that you

keep it away from the frontlines.


Fires a shell directly to the opponent.

(Straight attack range, cannot attack the target directly if something

blocks the range of fire; friend or foe.)


[ ][ ][X][ ][ ]

[ ][ ][X][ ][ ]


[ ][ ][X][ ][ ]

[ ][ ][X][ ][ ]


(O) = Insector

[X] = Movement Range:

[ ] = 1 square

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

[ ][X][X][X][ ]

[ ][X](O)[X][ ]

[ ][X][X][X][ ]

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]




NOTES: With large pincers capable of tossing opponents, this insector is

one of the frontline favorites. Average stats.


Throw the enemy to the rear. If there is an ally occupying the square

the enemy was thrown into, it will cause additional damage. There is no

damage dealt to the opponent by the SP attack itself.

- an enemy thrown to a square occupied by an insector (ally or foe) will

bounce continously until it reaches an empty square or be thrown out of

the field. Very useful technique in getting rid of strong insectors.

(Can also use to throw opponents out of the playing field.)


[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

[ ][ ][X][ ][ ]

[ ][X](O)[X][ ]

[ ][ ][X][ ][ ]

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]


(O) = Insector

[X] = Movement Range:

[ ] = 1 square

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

[ ][X][X][X][ ]

[ ][X](O)[X][ ]

[ ][X][X][X][ ]

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]





NOTES: An aggressive insector, it slams its opponents using its jaw

and body. The Cutterpillar is also vulnerable after executing the attack.


A powerful moving attack that targets and attacks opponents directly in

front of the insector.

(moves into that position)


(Directly infront of the Cutterpillar.)

[ ][ ][X][ ][ ]

[ ][ ][X][ ][ ]

[ ][ ](O)[ ][ ]

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]


(O) = Insector

[X] = Movement Range:

[ ] = 1 square

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

[ ][X][X][X][ ]

[ ][X](O)[X][ ]

[ ][X][X][X][ ]

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]




NOTES: An exceptional offensive type of Insector you can find. Its

long, sharp claws are intimidating enough to make the enemy think twice

who are they messing with.


A powerful attack that damages all surrounding enemies.

(Allies withing SP attack range is NOT DAMAGED)


[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

[ ][X][X][X][ ]

[ ][X](O)[X][ ]

[ ][X][X][X][ ]

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]


(O) = Insector

[X] = Movement Range:

[ ] = 1 square

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

[ ][X][X][X][ ]

[ ][X](O)[X][ ]

[ ][X][X][X][ ]

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]





NOTES: This is one energetic jumping insector. Capable of jumping even

above past the enemies, it is one ally that can get into strategic



Leap up to 2 squares, passing over any opponents in the way.


[ ][ ][X][ ][ ]

[ ][ ][X][ ][ ]


[ ][ ][X][ ][ ]

[ ][ ][X][ ][ ]


(O) = Insector

[X] = Movement Range:

[ ] = 1 square

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

[ ][X][X][X][ ]

[ ][X](O)[X][ ]

[ ][X][X][X][ ]

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]




NOTES: The main advantage of the Flutterbug is its ability to go almost

anywhere. It is also considered as one of the most elegant insectors



Blast away opponents in its path.

(Can blast opponents off the playing field if used near the edge.)



[ ][ ][X][ ][ ]

[ ][ ][X][ ][ ]


[ ][ ][X][ ][ ]

[ ][ ][X][ ][ ]


(O) = Insector

[X] = Movement Range:

[ ] = 1 square









NOTES: Like the Flutterbug, the Springtail can move across the

battlefield freely. Its specialty is hypnotizing its enemies.


Hypnotizes the opponents and makes them immobile for two turns.


[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

[ ][ ][X][ ][ ]

[ ][X](O)[X][ ]

[ ][ ][X][ ][ ]

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]


(O) = Insector

[X] = Movement Range:

[ ] = 1 square










NOTES: Do not be deceived by its harmless appearance. Deep inside its a

very poisonous insector that can be used in battle.


A poisonous attack using the stinger. If the opponent is poisoned, its

HP/Stamina will gradually decrease every turn.


[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

[ ][ ][X][ ][ ]

[ ][X](O)[X][ ]

[ ][ ][X][ ][ ]

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]


(O) = Insector

[X] = Movement Range:

[ ] = 1 square










NOTES: These are insector's whose main ability is to heal their own.


A skill that recovers some stamina and cures poison on all adjacent


(does not heal the Lady Beetle itself)


[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

[ ][ ][X][ ][ ]

[ ][X](O)[X][ ]

[ ][ ][X][ ][ ]

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]


(O) = Insector

[X] = Movement Range:

[ ] = 1 square

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

[ ][X][X][X][ ]

[ ][X](O)[X][ ]

[ ][X][X][X][ ]

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]




NOTES: Its unique horn comes in different shapes, resembling our daily



Flips over the enemy, making it immobile (and vulnerable) for two turns.


[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

[ ][ ][X][ ][ ]

[ ][X](O)[X][ ]

[ ][ ][X][ ][ ]

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]


(O) = Insector

[X] = Movement Range:

[ ] = 1 square

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

[ ][X][X][X][ ]

[ ][X](O)[X][ ]

[ ][X][X][X][ ]

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]




NOTES: It may have a stupid name and ability but this insector belongs

to the Insector world, too. A defender by nature, its rolled "dung" can

negate any attacks; and he can always roll up a new one.


Fill holes in the field with dung.


[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

[ ][ ][X][ ][ ]

[ ][X](O)[X][ ]

[ ][ ][X][ ][ ]

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]


(O) = Insector

[X] = Movement Range:

[ ] = 1 square

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

[ ][X][X][X][ ]

[ ][X](O)[X][ ]

[ ][X][X][X][ ]

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]




NOTE: This cute(?) err... thing is actually an insector(?). Probably the

only outcast in the insector world and prefers its own way also.


Kicks away opponents in the front and rear

(Can kick away opponents out of the battlefield.)


(attacks opponents in its front and rear)

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

[ ][ ][X][ ][ ]

[ ][ ](O)[ ][ ]

[ ][ ][X][ ][ ]

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]


(O) = Insector

[X] = Movement Range:

[ ] = 1 square

[X][ ][X][ ][X]

[ ][X][X][X][ ]


[ ][X][X][X][ ]

[X][ ][X][ ][X]




NOTES: As the name implies, this "Hero" of the insector world is both

shrouded in strength and mystery.


Uses its solid horns to knockback its opponents one square.

(If there is an enemy behind the first opponent, a chain reaction may



[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

[ ][ ][X][ ][ ]

[ ][X](O)[X][ ]

[ ][ ][X][ ][ ]

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]


(O) = Insector

[X] = Movement Range:

[ ] = 1 square

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

[ ][X][X][X][ ]

[ ][X](O)[X][ ]

[ ][X][X][X][ ]

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]



FAERIE     [IST013]


NOTES: A small alluring insector that can charm opponents and have them

fight alongside with it.


Charms opponents into joining your team.

HP/ Stamina reduced by half.


[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

[ ][ ][X][ ][ ]

[ ][X](O)[X][ ]

[ ][ ][X][ ][ ]

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]


(O) = Insector

[X] = Movement Range:

[ ] = 1 square

[X][ ][ ][ ][X]

[ ][X][ ][X][ ]

[ ][ ](O)[ ][ ]

[ ][X][ ][X][ ]

[X][ ][ ][ ][X]





NOTES: A dangerous mad bomber that attacks enemies using bombs and

self-destructs when cornered. (Special Ability called "BOMBER")


Rolls a bomb forward causing heavy damage to the surrounding area.

Allies can be damaged in the attack as well.


[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

[ ][ ](O)[ ][ ]

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]


(O) = Insector

[X] = Movement Range:

[ ] = 1 square

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

[ ][X][X][X][ ]

[ ][X](O)[X][ ]

[ ][X][X][X][ ]

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]




NOTES: A skilled hunter, that uses its strong web to capture and limit

other insectrons from moving.


Spits out a sticky thread that forces other insectors to move one square

at a time within the affected area.

(Can also catch units that are being pushed back, keeping them in play.)


[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

[ ][ ](O)[ ][ ]

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]


(O) = Insector

[X] = Movement Range:

[ ] = 1 square

[X][ ][ ][ ][X]

[ ][X][ ][X][ ]

[ ][ ](O)[ ][ ]

[ ][X][ ][X][ ]

[X][ ][ ][ ][X]






Fires a bolt of lightning to a single target. It has a very long range

and it comes with INFINITE charges.

The Dark emperor's normal attack has has KNOCKDOWN effect like the

Flipperbug's Over Easy Skill, at it can also push enemies one space

backward. If the target is on the edge, it will be thrown off the battle.

Also, if there is an allied Insector behind the target, the enemy will

bounce off, dealing additional damage. It will bounce to multiple times

until it reaches an empty space or gets thrown off the edge.


[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

[ ][X][X][X][X][X][ ]

[ ][X][X][X][X][X][ ]

[ ][X][X](O)[X][X][ ]

[ ][X][X][X][X][X][ ]

[ ][X][X][X][X][X][ ]

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]


(O) = Insector

[X] = Movement Range:

[ ] = 1 square

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

[ ][X][X][X][ ]

[ ][X](O)[X][ ]

[ ][X][X][X][ ]

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]








[F A C T O R Y]           FTY000



The factory allows you create more rare and better items ranging from

weapons, accessories, even recovery items. You will only have access to this

option after completing CH5: The Master Hacker. Running the factory can

be a bit of daunting, especially with all the materials required and the

type of different setups you need to experiment with.

The factory 16x16 square work area. Although space is limited, the game

is good enough to let you maximize the whole space even when trying to

work out a very advanced and difficult and project.



B L U E P R I N T S    [FTY001]


You can't process an item without a BLUEPRINT. A blueprint is the plan for

the item itself; it includes the materials and the type of setup needed.

You must carefully pay attention to the plans; it will save you time

trying to reconfigure everything again in case something goes wrong.

Blueprints must be acquired from different persons around the planet;

most commonly around Zerard or Vedan. Some blueprints are also available

from different adventurers, deep inside ruins and dungeons. Make sure you

check every corner of any ruins to make sure that you don't miss anything.

People with ORANGE ORBS over their heads have the complete blueprints with

them. Talk to them once and they can give you the full plan. However,

people with BLUE ORBS over their heads have the partial info about a single


You need to find the other people that are sharing the same story. It

doesnt matter who you should talk first. You just need to find the right

person to talk to. Note that some of the people with Blue orbs above their

heads can actually give you clues where you can find those 9 rare items.

Remember that hint that one of the Seven Galactic Swords can be made in the

factory? That is one example of an incomplete blueprint. You need to talk

to several people to obtain the complete plan. Fortunately, you can keep

track of this because these info will be added in your Info Edge.

Also, after every new chapter, check out the places such as shops and other

areas with lots of people. Some NPCs that don't have blueprints with them

before will have one. Most (or almost all) blueprints come from people

in Vedan and Zerard. Oh, check out some in Rosa, too.

Another thing to note is that some of the people you talk to will give

you the blueprints yet its missing/ jumbled info. For example, you talked

to an NPC, you'll get the blueprint but when you check the plan, there is

a (?) on a material. It will very hard to just guess it since that will

affect the layout you created. Finding the other person that has the same

blueprints will complete the plans, displaying the exact items.





+ C H A P T E R  5 +


PLAN    : Magical Smelter

ITEM    : Athanor

NPC     : N/A

LOCATION: Factory (First blueprint available)

PLAN    : Ultra-useful Assembler

ITEM    : Assembler III

NPC     : N/A

LOCATION: Factory (After Athanor is created)

PLAN    : Unconscious Defense

ITEM    : Unconscious Guard

NPC     : N/A

LOCATION: Factory (After Athanor is created)

PLAN    : Freeze Defense

ITEM    : Freeze Guard

NPC     : Elbim*

LOCATION: Zerard/ West Side - Inside the shop near the transporter.

PLAN    : Daze Defense

ITEM    : Daze Guard

NPC     : Elbim*

LOCATION: Zerard/ West Side - Inside the shop near the transporter.

PLAN    : Confuse Defense

ITEM    : Mind Guard

NPC     : Elbim*

LOCATION: Zerard/ West Side - Inside the shop near the transporter.

PLAN    : Shock Defense

ITEM    : Shock Guard

NPC     : Elbim*

LOCATION: Zerard/ West Side - Inside the shop near the transporter.

PLAN    : Flame Defense

ITEM    : Flame Guard

NPC     : Elbim*

LOCATION: Zerard/ West Side - Inside the shop near the transporter.

PLAN    : Poison Defense

ITEM    : Poison Guard

NPC     : Elbim*

LOCATION: Zerard/ West Side - Inside the shop near the transporter.

PLAN    : Paralyze Defense

ITEM    : Paralyze Guard

NPC     : Elbim*

LOCATION: Zerard/ West Side - Inside the shop near the transporter.

PLAN    : Treasure Hunter's Ally

ITEM    : Trap Canceller

NPC     : Korbo

LOCATION: Zerard/ Starship Factory - NW corner in Assembly Line 1,

          behind a large machinery.

PLAN    : Elusive Bug Cage

ITEM    : Insector Trap III

NPC     : Osmond

LOCATION: Zerard/ Insectron Stadium - Inside the Stadium, talking to Fabre


PLAN    : Elusive Bug Cage

ITEM    : Rearing Cage III

NPC     : Kabter

LOCATION: Zerard/ Insectron Stadium - Inside the Stadium, infront of the

          NE battle table.

PLAN    : Miraculous Flames

ITEM    : Perfect Reviver

NPC     : Maddox

LOCATION: Zerard/ West Side - Beside the transporter

PLAN    : Recovery Vial

ITEM    : Tri-Elixir

NPC     : Museen

LOCATION: Zerard/ East Side - Inside Item shop

PLAN    : Sword of Holy Lightning

ITEM    : Alexander

NPC     : Sando

LOCATION: Zerard/ East Side - Beside the Weapon shop, right before the

          Factory area

PLAN    : High-tech Tornado Gun

ITEM    : Twin Tornado

NPC     : Kobitt

LOCATION: Zerard/ Factory - Before the entrance of the Factory, near the


PLAN    : Sword of Vivid Moon Light (Part 1)

ITEM    : Crescent Moon

NPC     : Alban

LOCATION: Rosa/ Salgin Residential Area: South Gate (in front of Katahari,

          where you rented a Yago before)

PLAN    : Healing Vial

ITEM    : Divine Blessing

NPC     : Eman

LOCATION: Zerard/ Factory - Inside the Factory's Entrance.

* For Elbim, you just need to talk to him once and you will recieve the

  blueprint for all the defense plans.



+ C H A P T E R  6 +


PLAN    : Crystal of Power

ITEM    : Brave Symbol

NPC     : Drapp

LOCATION: Myna/Near Item Shop Corbus - Located west of the item shop, just

          before the entrance to the Cancer King's Ruins (blocked by a kid

          in this Chapter)

PLAN    : Seals Away Defense

ITEM    : Guard Seal

NPC     : Minth

LOCATION: Myna/Item Shop - Inside the item shop, beside the counter

PLAN    : Hide From Beasts

ITEM    : Stealth Guard

NPC     : Shukowa

LOCATION: Myna/ Near Item Shop Corbis - Standing in the underpass east of

          Shop Corbis

PLAN    : Seals Away Power

ITEM    : Attack Seal

NPC     : Trimble

LOCATION: Myna/Weapon Shop - Inside the Weapon Shop.

PLAN    : Sword of Biting Gales (Part 1)

ITEM    : Gustbringer

NPC     : Yorkman

LOCATION: Rosa/ Salgin Residential Area (Plaza): Weapon Shop

PLAN    : Sword of Vivid Moon Light (Part 2)

ITEM    : Crescent Moon

NPC     : Mukajinir

LOCATION: Rosa/ Salgin Residential Area (Plaza): Item Shop


+ C H A P T E R  8-9* +


* I wasn't able to check out the places during Chapter 7. I didn't expect

that it will be so short. Here are the blueprints I have checked out in

CH8 and at the start of Chapter 9.


PLAN    : Chaos-Inducing Whopper (Part 1)

ITEM    : Devastator

NPC     : Slumba

LOCATION: Vedan/ Myna: East of Angela's Bar

PLAN    : Shard of the Ancient Sword

ITEM    : Excelsion Shard

NPC     : Suraia

LOCATION: Vedan/ Myna: South Myna Station

PLAN    : Well-Honed Drill Bit (Part 1)

ITEM    : Deep Drill Fingers

NPC     : Jobman

LOCATION: Vedan/Myna: Before the underground entrance to the Cancer King's


PLAN    : Sword of Biting Gales (Part 2)

ITEM    : Gustbringer

NPC     : Lugei

LOCATION: Vedan/ Myna: Inside Weapon Shop

PLAN    : Claw Glowing with Evil (Part 1)

ITEM    : Devil Forks

NPC     : Solgim

LOCATION: Rosa/ Salgin: Near the Item Shop

PLAN    : Chaos-Inducing Whopper (Part 2)

ITEM    : Devastator

NPC     : Sulman

LOCATION: Zerard: East Side: Weapon Shop

PLAN    : Claw Glowing with Evil (Part 2)

ITEM    : Devil Forks

NPC     : Duello

LOCATION: Zerard: West Side: Weapon Shop

PLAN    : Well-Honed Drill Bit (Part 2)

ITEM    : Deep Drill Fingers

NPC     : Rumar

LOCATION: Zerard/ Starship Factory: Assembly Line 1

PLAN    : Mechanical Oddjobber (Part 1)

ITEM    : Maid Robot Betty

NPC     : Louin

LOCATION: Zerard/ Starship Factory: Entrance (In the winding corridors

          between the entrance and Assembly Line 1)

PLAN    : Off the Hook CD Case (Part I)

ITEM    : Homing Shooter

NPC     : Chad

LOCATION: Zerard/ Space Port: Waiting Area, sitting in the northeastern


PLAN    : Gun of the Righteous

ITEM    : Justice Ray

NPC     : Lark

LOCATION: Zerard/ Space Port: Terminal, he is standing on the side

PLAN    : Legendary Demon Spear

ITEM    : Odin's Spear

NPC     : Ricarn

LOCATION: Zerard: West Side: Near the Weapon Shop, standing by the rail

PLAN    : Winged Thunder Bow

ITEM    : Heavenly Guide Bow

NPC     : Masculine

LOCATION: Zerard: East Side: Item Shop, inside the shop

PLAN    : Sword of Frozen Fate (Part 1)

ITEM    : Ixion

NPC     : Agassimo

LOCATION: Rosa/ Salgin: Spaceport. He is standing in a corner just outside

          the spaceport. Teleport there and look for him in the

          southwestern area between the the spaceport and the residential

          area. He should be standing beside a tree.

PLAN    : Sword of Frozen Fate (Part 2)

ITEM    : Ixion

NPC     : Misanna

LOCATION: Rosa/ Salgin, Inside the Church. (I guess you need to talk to

          Agassimo first to get the information "The Sword Whisperer"

          in your info edge before the blue orb appears on her head.)

PLAN    : Off the Hook CD Case

ITEM    : Homing Shooter

NPC     : Pedock

LOCATION: Rosa/ Space Port: Beside the Save point


+ C H A P T E R  9* +



  *After the Labyrinth

PLAN    : Strong Sacred Shield

ITEM    : Deus Shield

NPC     : Likuili

LOCATION: Vedan/ Myna: Inside Item Shop Corbis



+ C H A P T E R  11* +



PLAN    : Star-Blasting Cannon

ITEM    : Dreadnought Cannons

NPC     : Nommid**

LOCATION: Rockbelter Mine, Northwest from the Station

**After completing all blueprints and creating each items, talk to Mio to

  get your reward.



M A T E R I A L S      [FTY002]


These are the raw materials needed to process the item you want to create.

They come in different categories. Remember that you must know what category

they belong to know what type of machines you need to put to process them.

Materials range from the most common to the rarest ones. Since some

materials can be used as revelation items, be careful and decide whether

you will like to  create the item first or just use those item in the

character's Revelation Flow.

Fortunately, materials used in a failed operation, will not be deducted in

your inventory. So, for blueprints with some of certain materials required

is not defined, (giving you a hint, instead) you can freely experiment

until you get the correct combination. It will be pretty tricky though.

For some plans that require an unknown material or you just have a hint

provided to help you out, reading the materials' descriptions will be an

invaluable asset to know what parts to put and successfully create the

items needed.

However, if you managed to find the other person having the same blueprints

he will identify the other material for your convinience.

Here are the categories for the materials. I will also include 5 most

common examples for it.


    MECHA       | METALS        | CIRCUIT         | GEM          |

---------------- --------------- ----------------- ---------------

                |               |                 |              |

Energy Charger  | Iron Cube     | Super CPU       | Diamond      |

Tachyon Motor   | Iron Board    | 03 CPU          | Ruby         |

Moebius Battery | Carbon Alloy  | Nanomemory      | Lapis Lazuli |

Pressure Pump   | Revolva Alloy | Biomemory       | Firestone    |

Retro Boombox   | Zeranium      | Space Compressor| Dark Onyx    |



   ALCHEMY       |



Thunder Stone    |

Hellpot Flame    |

Flame God's Stone|

Hoho Bird Feather|

Snow Crest       |




 B L U E P R I N T <> M A T E R I A L S




 |[36] [35] [34] [33] [32] [31]|

 |                             |

 |[30] [29] [28] [27] [26] [25]|

 |                             |

 |[24] [23] [22] [21] [20] [19]|

 |                             |

 |[18] [17] [16] [15] [14] [13]|

 |                             |

 |[12] [11] [10] [09] [08] [07]|

 |                             |

 |[06] [05] [04] [03] [02] [01]|




PLAN            : Ultra-useful assembler


MATERIALS       : 1. x2 O3 CPU

                  2. x3 Chaos Chip



PLAN            : Magical Smelter


MATERIALS       : 1. x1 Space Compressor

                  2. x1 Moebius Battery


PLAN            : Mechanical Oddjobber


MATERIALS       : 1. x8 Nanomemory

                  2. x1 O3 CPU

                  3. x1 Biofeedback Circuit

                  4. x2 Walkie-Talkie


PLAN            : Elusive bug-cage (1)


MATERIALS       : 1. x7 Myriad Branch

                  2. x1 Space Compressor


PLAN            : Elusive bug cage (2)


MATERIALS       : 1. x6 Myriad Branch

                  2. x1 Walkie-Talkie


PLAN            : Seals away Defense


MATERIALS       : 1. x2 Medusa's Locks

                  2. x2 Dreamflower Ash

                  3. x2 Snow Crest


PLAN            : Seals away Power


MATERIALS       : 1. x2 Absolute Zero Stone

                  2. x2 Dreamflower Ash

                  3. x2 Snow Crest


PLAN            : Crystal of Power


MATERIALS       : 1. x2 Hellpot Flame

                  2. x2 Flame God's Stone

                  3. x2 Ruby

                  4. x2 Diamond


PLAN            : Hide from beasts


MATERIALS       : 1. x3 Dreamflower Ash

                  2. x3 Dream Mushroom

                  3. x1 Hoho Bird Feather

                  4. x2 Diamond


PLAN            : Miraculous Flames


MATERIALS       : 1. x7 Diamond

                  2. x3 Hellpot Flame

                  3. x1 Stella Crystal

                  4. x5 Electric Eel


PLAN            : Healing Vial


MATERIALS       : 1. x2 Dreamflower Ash

                  2. x2 Dream Mushroom

                  3. x2 Hoho Bird Feather



PLAN            : Recovery Vial


MATERIALS       : 1. x3 Flame God's Stone

                  2. x3 Hellpot Flame

                  3. x3 Ruby


PLAN            : Flame Defense


MATERIALS       : 1. x5 Iron Board

                  2. x3 Hellpot Flame


PLAN            : Poison Defense


MATERIALS       : 1. x5 Iron Board

                  2. x3 Queen Bee Stinger


PLAN            : Paralyze Defense


MATERIALS       : 1. x5 Iron Board

                  2. x3 Medusa's Locks


PLAN            : Shock Defense


MATERIALS       : 1. x5 Iron Board

                  2. x3 Electric Eel


PLAN            : Daze Defense


MATERIALS       : 1. x5 Iron Board

                  2. x3 Smoked Rainbow Newt


PLAN            : Freeze Defense


MATERIALS       : 1. x5 Iron Board

                  2. x3 Snow Crest


PLAN            : Confuse Defense


MATERIALS       : 1. x5 Iron Board

                  2. x3 Dream Mushroom


PLAN            : Unconcious Defense


MATERIALS       : 1. x5 Iron Board

                  2. x3 Dreamflower Ash


PLAN            : Strong, Sacred Shield


MATERIALS       : 1. x7  Izerium

                  2. x3  Conductive Liqui-Metal

                  3. x10 Stella Crystal


PLAN            : Shard of Ancient Sword


MATERIALS       : 1. x7 Zeranium

                  2. x5 Myriad Branch

                  3. x2 Nebula Opal


PLAN            : Treasure Hunter's Ally


MATERIALS       : 1. x3 Iron Cube

                  2. x1 Hoho Bird Feather


PLAN            : Chaos-Inducing Whopper


MATERIALS       : 1. x11 Zeranium

                  2. x5  Firestone

                  3. x1  Super CPU

                  4. x3  Chaos Chip


PLAN            : Off-the-hook CD Case


MATERIALS       : 1. x5 Revolva Alloy

                  2. x1 Hyper-Gravity Sensor

                  3. x1 Speaker Pod

                  4. x1 Retro Boombox


PLAN            : Legendary Demon Spear


MATERIALS       : 1. x7 Revolva Alloy

                  2. x5 Zeranium

                  3. x1 Edensia

                  4. x3 Pressure Pump


PLAN            : Winged Thunder Bow


MATERIALS       : 1. x8 Carbon Alloy

                  2. x1 Hyper-Gravity Sensor

                  3. x4 Nebula Opal

                  4. x3 Ho-ho Bird Feather


PLAN            : Sword of Vivid Moonlight


MATERIALS       : 1. x10 Iron Board

                  2. x6  Dark Onyx

                  3. x1  Chameleon Particulate

                  4. x3  Dream Mushroom


PLAN            : High-tech Tornado Gun


MATERIALS       : 1. x2 Cyclonic Pump

                  2. x2 Tachyon Motor

                  3. x1 Military-Grade Battery

                  4. x7 Revolva Alloy


PLAN            : Star-Blasting Cannons


MATERIALS       : 1. x10 Conductive Liqui-Metal

                  2. x6  Firestone

                  3. x3  Super CPU

                  4. x3  Plasma Burst Circuit


PLAN            : Well-honed Drill Bit


MATERIALS       : 1. x6  Carbon Alloy

                  2. x12 Revolva Alloy

                  3. x1  Moebius Battery

                  4. x2  Tachyon Motor


PLAN            : Claw glowing with Evil


MATERIALS       : 1. x7 Iron Cube

                  2. x5 Izerium

                  3. x1 Chameleon Particulate

                  4. x3 Queen Bee Stinger



PLAN            : Gun of the Righteous


MATERIALS       : 1. x11 Iron Cube

                  2. x1  Conductive Liqui-Metal

                  3. x5  Diamond

                  4. x1  Energy Charger


PLAN            : Sword of Frozen Fate


MATERIALS       : 1. x15 Revolva Alloy

                  2. x4  Izerium

                  3. x3  Seventhmoon

                  4. x1  Edensia



PLAN            : Sword of Biting Gales


MATERIALS       : 1. x13 Carbon Alloy

                  2. x1  Chameleon Particulate

                  3. x7  Lapis Lazuli

                  4. x2  Hoho Bird Feather



PLAN            : Sword of the Holy Lightning


MATERIALS       : 1. x9 Iron Board

                  2. x5 Thunder Stone

                  3. x1 Stella Crystal



M A C H I N E R I E S     [FTY003]


These are needed to process raw materials into much more refinable forms.

Take note that a set of machines may be needed to process a single material

so plan where you put them. Remember that each machine has their own

processing time and that some are also specific where is the input material

entering from.

Since the factory workplace is a 16x16 square facility, I will just

include the slots/ squares each part use.





GAME DESCRIPTION: A normal table, well-suited for placing materials on.

NOTES: You won't be adding any of these unless you accidentally removed

       your source tables during setup.






GAME DESCRIPTION: A normal table, well-suited for displaying completed


NOTES: The whole plan only requires one completion table. You just need to

       place one if your completion table is removed by accident.






GAME DESCRIPTION: A plain old electrical cord used to power up machines

NOTES: There are 24 power supply units where you need to connect to the

       power cords too. Depending on what machine you are connecting,

       you should be able run a cord underneath a I-Shaped tube only.

4.I-Shaped Build Tube




GAME DESCRIPTION: A straight, I-shaped circuit part, well suited for use

                  in connecting machines.

NOTES: This is one of the most basic parts you need to use frequently.

4.L-Shaped Build Tube




GAME DESCRIPTION: L-shaped corner circuit part, well suited for use

                  in connecting machines.

NOTES: This is also one of the most basic parts you need to use frequently.

5.X-Shaped Build Tube




GAME DESCRIPTION: X-shaped intersection part, well suited for us in

                  connecting machines.

NOTES: Also considered as another build tube, this tube can help a lot in

       setting up complex layouts.





SLOTS USED : [][][]


GAME DESCRIPTION: A regular old smelter, capable of melting any metal

                  in a flash.

NOTES: This part is the first step to refine METAL materials.



TIME: 3      []

SLOTS USED : [] or [][]

GAME DESCRIPTION: Its main task is to form molten metal into shape while

                  its hot.

NOTES: This is the second step in processing metals. Note that the smelter

       and the Form Press can't be connected to each other directly. Put

       an I-shaped tube at least to connect them.





GAME DESCRIPTION: its main task is to quickly cool formed metal to

                  retain its shape.

NOTES: This is one of the most basic parts you need to use frequently.





SLOTS USED :  [][]


GAME DESCRIPTION: A spirited disassembler that looks ready take apart

                  any machine it faces.

NOTES: This part is used to process MACHINES of all types.







GAME DESCRIPTION: A great washer. You can't do anything without these.

NOTES: This is one of the most basic parts you need to use frequently.





GAME DESCRIPTION: A dream-like machine that takes stones and turns them

                  into items.

NOTES: Grinders are used to process GEMs.



TIME: 6                []

SLOTS USED : [][][] or []

GAME DESCRIPTION: An alchemist's smelter, capable of melting any item

                  in a flash.

NOTES: Athanors are used to process ALCHEMY MATERIALS; Must be made in the

       factory first

13. ASSEMBLER II      


TIME: 7                []

SLOTS USED : [][][] or []

GAME DESCRIPTION: Two input holes,one outhole

NOTES: Used to combine materials from two source tables



TIME: 8                []

SLOTS USED : [][][] or []

GAME DESCRIPTION: There are three input holes,one output hole

NOTES: Can combine materials from 3 source tables; must be made in the 

       factory first.




F A C T O R Y  O P E R A T I O N S   [FTY004]




+ All materials must past through the required machines to refine them

+ All parts should be connected to a power source.

+ Depending on the part that needs to be connected, a power cord can PASS

  underneath am I-Shaped Built Tube.

+ Try rotating machines when you can't run the process even if the parts

are all setup properly. Some machines like the athanor and the smelter

requires thier inclined part as the input hole.



(L)  :  Move Cursor

(R)  :  Rotate Camera

 X   :  Confirm Selection

[ ]  :  Check Plan

 /  :  Cancel/ Go Back

(O)  :  Cancel/ Go Back

 L1  :  Rotate Part/ Machinery clockwise

 R2  :  Rotate Part/ Machinery counter-clockwise

 L2  :  Zoom In

 R2  :  Zoom Out





    View all the blueprints you have acquired so far. Those with the

    silhoutte the shape of the item means that you have the blueprint

    but the item has not been created yet. All items created will be

    viewable here, including what shop can they be purchased. (If



    Put machineries, parts, cords in the area.

()- MOVE

    Move a part or machinery to a different location. Power cords cannot

    be moved


    Use this option to delete or remove any unneccessary clutter in the



    Place the needed materials on the source tables.


    A very helpful option in case you forgot what machinery is needed to

    process a specific material.


    Exit the Factory, return to the Game Menu screen

()- RUN

    Start the process. Make sure that all machineries, source tables, etc

    are plugged in correctly.





+EASY LAYOUT+        [LYT001]


As discussed in the machineries section above, every raw material needs to

be processed into factory grade materials. Now, the secret for successfully

creating items is TIME. After being processed, materials needs to arrive in

the ASSEMBLER IN THE EXACT TIME. Any second delay will result in failure.

You need to calculate the time each part takes and how long your material

can reach the assembler. So, let's take for instance a plan for the

"SHOCK GUARD" accessory.


  Yeah, you'll probably be asking why I had to put this here. Well, due

  to some unfateful encounters with smart alecks and some people that are

  too full of themselves, I just want to clear that these are the layouts

  that worked for me and I put it here just to serve as an example.


  If you have more easier and simpler and easier layouts, by all means, use

  it. This section is for informational purposes only. This is only a guide

  and not a set rule.

  Also note that I won't be putting all the blueprint layouts here. Just

  a few to serve as examples.



MATERIALS: 1. x5 Iron Boards

           2. X3 Electric Eel


                  Alchemy Processing - ATHANOR


     [  1 ]       [  2 ]

        |            |

        |            |

        |            |

        |            |

        |            |








1. Select POISON DEFENSE as your plan and load its default setup. Which

   will look something like this:

      ___          ___

     [ST1]        [ST2]          ST      = Source Table

      ---          ---           ASSMBLR = Assembler

      | |          | |           CT      = Completion Table

      | |          | |

      | |          | |

      | |          | |

      | |          | |

      | |          | |

      | |   .__.   | |

      | ___|A |___/ /   

      ____ |S |____/

            |M |

            |B |

            |L |

            |R |






2. Place the materials first. This will help you keep track on what material

   goes to what tube and what processing machines you should put. Lets put


   SOURCE TABLE 2 (ST2). Let's also call the line from ST1 to the Assembler

   as LINE 1. Same goes for the other as LINE 2.

      ___          ___

     [ST1]        [ST2]          ST1 = x5 Iron Boards

      ---          ---           ST2 = X3 Electric Eel

      | |          | |               

      | |          | |

      | |          | |

3. Now put the required machineries to process these materials. Just MOVE

   the tubes out of the way for the meantime in case you need them later.

   In this case, you need to put a SMELTER, FORM PRESS and COOLER in

   Line 1.

   !!NOTE: You can connect the Smelter directly to the source table

           provided that the INCLINED end of the smelter is connected to

           the source table.


     [ST1]  -------->  ST1  

      ---                             .------------------------------------.

     ( S )  -------->  Smelter       | Notice that I have put an I-TUBE    |

      | |   -------->  I -Tube       | between the Smelter and the Form    |

     [   ]                           | Press. You can't connect two        |

     [   ]  --------> Form Press     | machines to process the materials   |

     [   ],__                        | directly. The tube serves as the    |

      ___,__                        |intermediary between the two machines|

          -=-                         .-----------------------------------.

           +  ------> Cooler



    !!NOTE: The cooler can't cool metals in the L-shaped tube. So I placed

            a horizontal I-tube and positioned the cooler in front of it.          

4.  Calculate the time the materials in LINE 1 will take to reach the

    Assembler. So let us just use a simple diagram for better reference.

    You can include the Source Tables in the calculation.

    [1] - (ST)         ST = Source Table

     |                 SM = Smelter

    [5] - (SM)         IT = I-Shaped Tube

     |                 FP = Form Press

    [1] - (IT)         LT = L-shaped Tube


    [3] - (FP)        


(LT)-  [1]--[1]--[ASMBLR]  




    |So adding them all up, it takes the refined Iron boards 12|

    |SECONDS to reach the assembler. Now we need to make sure  |

    |that LINE 2 will deliver the refined Electric Eel in the  |

    |same time. I did not include the Cooler as you can see    |

    |since it adds no time to the actual process.              |


5.  We move to Line 2 where we need to process the Electric Eels. Put the

    Athanor in Line 2, and since its the only machine needed to process the

    alchemic materials, we should have a more simpler layout here.


              [ST2]  ------- Source Table 2  


               | |  

              ( % )  ------- ATHANOR

               | |

             __| |



    | Line 2 is a bit shorter than Line 1 to compensate with the time |

    | needed for the refined material to reach the assembler. So in   |

    | a simple diagram, we have this:                                 |


               [1] - (ST)         ST = Source Table

                |                 IT = I-Shaped Tube

               [1] - (IT)         AT = Athanor

                |                 LT = L-shaped Tube

               [6] - (AT)


               [1] - (IT)


               [1] - (IT)


      [1] -- [1]  - (LT)  


6. Power it all up. Remember that you can direct the power cords whenever

   you want them. For example, another machine is blocking the path or

   you need to have that kind of setup due to limited space. Draw the line

   around/ past the obstacle, stop, then draw the line again to the

   machine's plug. This could be very useful in complex/ advanced designs.

7. So, both Line 1 and Line 2 can deliver their fully refined materials in

   12 seconds. Now, remove all the unecessary clutter and plug them all up.

   Select RUN to start the operation.

   Once successful, you will obtain a sample of the item you created and it

   will be available in some specific shops. To check that out, just access

   the blueprint and select the item you created. If applicable, the shops

   where the item is exclusively sold will be shown there.

!!NOTE: This setup/ layout can be used on any other "- DEFENSE" plans.

        The ATHANOR or alchemy smelter required for this setup (MAGICAL

        SMELTER blueprint) must be created first. They require x5 Iron

        Boards so I suggest have plenty of them. If you are short, they are

        available in unlimited stock in Dr. Pocchacio's lab (for sale).

        All quantity of achemy items needed also is the same, which is 3

        for each type.

        I will just list down the other alchemy items needed to complete

        the guards.


        As a bonus, you can also create the invaluable Trap Canceller using

        this setup. This item is very useful in opening chests rigged with


        PLAN    : Flame Defense

        ITEM    : Flame Guard

        MATERIAL: Hellpot Flame

        PLAN    : Poison Defense

        ITEM    : Poison Guard

        MATERIAL: Queen Bee Stinger

        PLAN    : Paralyze Defense

        ITEM    : Paralyze Guard

        MATERIAL: Medusa's Locks

        PLAN    : Daze Defense

        ITEM    : Daze Guard

        MATERIAL: Smoked Rainbow Newt

        PLAN    : Freeze Defense

        ITEM    : Freeze Guard

        MATERIAL: Snow Crest

        PLAN    : Confuse Defense

        ITEM    : Confuse Guard

        MATERIAL: Dream Mushroom

        PLAN    : Unconscious Defense

        ITEM    : Unconscious Guard

        MATERIAL: Dreamflower Ash

        PLAN    : Treasure Hunter's Ally

        ITEM    : Trap Canceller

        MATERIAL: X3 Iron Cube

                  X1 Hoho Bird Feather





Now you have your simple operation done, let's try to tackle a medium one.

Since this layout uses the rare Stella Crystal, I suggest using it first to

the "CAVE BANDIT" quarry if you plan to hunt it.



MATERIALS       : 1. x9 Iron Boards (?hunk of iron)

                  2. X5 Thunder Stone

                  3. X1 Stella Crystal


                 2. Alchemy Processing - ATHANOR

                 3. Gem Processing     - GRINDER

                 4. X2 Assembler IIs



      [ 1 ]        [ 2 ]        [ 3 ]

        |            |            |

        |            |            |

        |            |            |

        |____________|            |      

              |                   |

              |                   |






Now, as you can see in this layout, there are three materials needed to be

combined. Note Lines 1 & 2. They are joined in by an assembler, yet the

combined product still needs to be fused with the refined material in Line

3, before combining it to the  final assembler. In this layout, we need to

add the first assembler's time in the total processing time. So, let's


1. Select the blueprint and load the layout. The default layout will

look something like the one indicated on the plan.


     [ST1]        [ST2]        [ST3]         ST      = Source Table

      ---          ---          ---          ASSMBLR = Assembler

      | |          | |          | |          CT      = Completion Table

      | |          | |          | |

      | |          | |          | |

      | |          | |          | |

      | |          | |          | |

      | |          | |          | |

      | |   .__.   | |          | |

      | ___|A |___/ /          | |    

      ____ |S |____/           | |

            |M |                | |

            |B |                | |

            |L |                | |

            |R |                | |

            .__.                | |

            T       .__.      /  T

             T ____ |  |_____/  T

              T______|  |_______T

                     |  | 

                     |  | 

                     |  | 




2. Now place the materials. Let's just follow the layout. We will put

   the Iron Boards in Source Table 1 (ST1) and call the whole line as

   Line 1. Same goes for other lines.

   ST1 = X9 Iron Boards

   ST2 = X5 Thunder Stone

   ST3 = X1 Stella Crystal.

3. We will now set the machines needed. For Line 1, place a smelter,

   form press and cooler, athanor for Line 2 and a Grinder for Line 3. You

   may want to consider first the where the power cables will go. Its

   really frustrating to setup everything only to discover that there is

   no space for the power cords to power up the machines. Now using only

   the I and L built tubes, we will remodel this layout.


                [ST1]                     [L]--[ST3]

                 |                         |

                [SM]                     [|GR|]

                 |                          |             

                [I]                        [L]--[I]--[I]--[L] 

                 |                                         |

                |F |                                      [I]

                | P|                                       |

                 |                         [L]--[I]--[I]--[L]

            CL> [I]                         |

                 |                         [I]

                 -------         --         |

                |ASMB   |--[I]--|A |--[I]--[L]

                 -------        |S |

                 |              |M |

      [L]--[I]--[L]             |B |

       |                         --

      |A|                        |

      |T|                       [I]

      |H|                        |

       |                        [CT]




      ST - Source Tables

      SM - Smelter

      FP - Form Press

      CL - Cooler

      GR - Grinder

      CT - Completion Table

       I - I-Tube

       L - L-Tube

     ATH - Athanor

    ASMB - Assembler



   |                                                                      |

   | The answer is simple. TIME. Both Line 1 (metal) and Line 2 (alchemy) |

   | are following an 11-second processing time to reach the first        |

   | assembler. Now since their by-product still needs to be combined with|

   | Line 3 (gem), YOU NEED TO INCLUDE THE ASSEMBLER TIME. In this case,  |

   | 11 seconds + 7 secs (for the assembler) + 1 sec (for the I-tube)     |

   | which brings our total processing time for the first pair to 19 sec. |

   | We need to make sure that Line 3 will deliver the processed gem in   |

   | 19 Seconds as well. Simple, right?                                   |

   |                                                                      |



4. As you noticed, it doesnt matter if you follow the proposed layout or

   not; as long as the required materials reaches their assembler, that is

   good. For this layout, materials in line 1 (Iron Boards) and Line 2

   (Thunder stones) needs to be combined first and their product to be

   combined with the Stella crystal in Line 3. Below is a more exact but

   a bit technical layout for this plan. I will be using a different set

   of legends here. You can print this plan and just mark out the machines

   and tubes. Im getting dizzy also just by looking at it for too long ;D


   |Like what I mentioned earlier, the whole factory area is 16x16. Now |

   |the power supplies are marked 0 in this model. We will be numbering |

   |them according to X and Y axis. Don't be confused about the         |

   |directions. Let's just say it like this. SOUTH IS WHERE THE FINAL   |


   |YOU LOAD THE DEFAULT LAYOUT FOR THE PLAN.                           |



               7  8  9             10 11 12

     [ ][ ][ ][0][0][0][ ][ ][ ][ ][0][0][0][ ][ ][ ]         

     [ ][ ][ ][ ][+][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

     [ ][ ][ ][ ][X][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]   N O R T H*

   1 [0][ ][ ][X][X][X][ ][ ][ ][ ][L][+][ ][ ][ ][0] 7    

   2 [0][ ][ ][ ][X][ ][ ][ ][ ][:][:][ ][ ][ ][ ][0] 8    /

   3 [0][ ][ ][ ][I][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][L][I][I][L][ ][0] 9    ||

     [ ][ ][ ][ ][@][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][I][ ][ ]

     [ ][ ][ ][ ][@][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][L][I][I][L][ ][ ]

     [ ][ ][ ][$][I][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][I][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

     [ ][ ][ ][ ][/][/][/][I][/][I][L][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

   4 [0][ ][L][I][L][ ][ ][ ][/][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][0] 10

   5 [0][ ][#][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][/][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][0] 11

   6 [0][ ][#][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][I][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][0] 12

     [ ][ ][#][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][!][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

     [ ][ ][L][+][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

 Y   [ ][ ][ ][0][0][0][ ][ ][ ][ ][0][0][0][ ][ ][ ]

               1  2  3              4  5  6



     !!NOTE: The way characters are used in this diagram is the actual

             squares they take up and their positions.

        + - Source Tables

        ! - Completion Table

        L - L-Tube

        I - I-Tube

      ### - Athanor


      XXX - Smelter


      @@  - Form Press

     ///  - Assembler

      $   - Cooler  

      ::  - Grinder    


5. Connect the power cords and make sure that everything's plugged up. If

   you base it on the example layout here, you actually have a lot of space

   to insert power cords to all machines. Just RUN the operation and voila,

   you will be a 'proud' owner of Alexander! (Sword of Holy Lightning)






Okay, so we have tackled the medium layout. Now for the best part. We will

try to create those time-consuming and challenging layouts. For this

example, we will create some other weapons. Note that most of the weapons

created here are raw materials for really powerful weapons for the weapon

synthesis so this is really worth your time. :)



MATERIALS       : 1. x11 Zeranium

                  2. X5 Firestone

                  3. X1 Super CPU

                  4. X3 Chaos Chip


                 2. Gem Processing     - GRINDER

                 3. Circuit Processing - WASHER

                 4. Circuit Processing - WASHER

                 5. X3 Assembler IIs


      [ 1 ]        [ 2 ]  [ 3 ]         [4]

        |            |      |            |

        |            |      |            |

        |            |      |            |

        |____________|      |____________|      

              |                   |

              |                   |







1. Alright to start off, we need to select the blueprint and load its

   default layout. It should look something like this:


     [ST1]        [ST2]    [ST3]        [ST4]

      ---          ---      ---          ---

      | |          | |      | |          | |                  

      | |          | |      | |          | |         

      | |          | |      | |          | |         

      | |          | |      | |          | |        

      | |          | |      | |          | |        

      | |          | |      | |          | |        

      | |   .__.   | |      | |   .__.   | |         

      | ___|A |___/ /      | ___|A |___/ /              

      ____ |S |____/       ____ |S |____/          

            |M |                  |M |                

            |B |                  |B |          

            |L |                  |L |               

            |R |                  |R |                 

            .__.                  .__.        

            T        .__.       /  T

             T  _____|  |______/  T

              T_____ _|  |_______T

                      |  | 

                      |  | 

                      |  | 




  ST      = Source Table

  CT      = Completion Table

  ASSMBLR = Assembler



2. Now place the materials. Again, let's just follow the layout. We will

   put the Zeranium in Source Table 1 (ST1) and call the whole line as

   Line 1. To prevent confusion, we will call Line 1 and Line 2 as Group 1

   while Line 3 and Line 4 is Group 2.

   ST1 = x11 Zeranium

   ST2 = X5 Firestone

   ST3 = X1 Super CPU

   St4 = X3 Chaos Chip


3. Alright, here comes the tricky part. Now place the required machines.

   We need the Smelter, Form Press and cooler for Line 1, a Grinder for

   Line 2, and two washers for Lines 3 & 4. The layout I've used for this

   plan is a bit messy but believe me, it works. Im sure there is a much

   easier way about this (I can't believe I didn't use the X-Tubes here)

   but if you know one, please feel free to use it.


                                  [L]--[ST3]     [ST4]

                                   |              |

                [ST1]             [I]            [L]--[I]--[L]

                 |                 |                        |

                [SM]   [L]--(WS)--[L]                      (WS)

                 |      |                                   |

                [I]    [I]                                 [I]

                 |      |              --                   |

                |F |   [L]--[I]--[I]--|A |--[I]--[I]--[I]--[L]

                | P|                  |S |

                 |                    |M |  

            CL> [I]                   |B |  

                 |                     --

                 -------         --    |

                |ASMB   |--[I]--|A |--[L] 

                 -------        |S | 

                 |              |M |

           [L]--[L]             |B |

            |                    --

           [I]                   |

            |                   [I]

          [GR]                   |

            |                  [CT]






      ST - Source Tables

      SM - Smelter

      FP - Form Press

      CL - Cooler

      WS - Washer

      CT - Completion Table

       I - I-Tube

       L - L-Tube

     GR  - Grinder

    ASMB - Assembler



     |                                                                |


     |                                                                |

     | Now again, we can use a more 'beautiful', simpler setup now    |

     | one question remains. Where are we going to place those power  |

     | cords?!                                                        |

     | As you can see, this setup clearly gives you access to all     |

     | available power sources. There are 24 in all but due to space  |

     | limitation, you won't be able to use it all. I have used this  |

     | layout to at least maximize all available space without        |

     | restricting access from the power supplies.                    |



4. If that 'simple' layout (disregard the sarcasm) is not enough, then

   refer to the more detailed plan below. This model shows the EXACT

   locations and positions of the parts and machines.



               7  8  9             10 11 12

     [ ][ ][ ][0][0][0][ ][ ][ ][ ][0][0][0][ ][ ][ ]         

     [ ][ ][ ][ ][+][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][+][ ][ ][ ][ ]

     [ ][ ][ ][ ][X][ ][ ][ ][ ][L][+][L][I][L][ ][ ]   N O R T H

   1 [0][ ][ ][X][X][X][ ][ ][ ][I][ ][ ][&][&][ ][0] 7    

   2 [0][ ][ ][ ][X][ ][L][&][&][L][ ][ ][ ][&][ ][0] 8    /

   3 [0][ ][ ][ ][I][ ][I][&][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][I][ ][0] 9    ||

     [ ][ ][ ][ ][@][ ][L][I][I][/][I][I][I][L][ ][ ]

     [ ][ ][ ][ ][@][ ][ ][ ][ ][/][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

     [ ][ ][ ][$][I][ ][ ][ ][ ][/][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

     [ ][ ][ ][ ][/][/][/][I][/][L][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

   4 [0][ ][ ][L][L][ ][ ][ ][/][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][0] 10

   5 [0][ ][ ][I][ ][ ][ ][ ][/][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][0] 11

   6 [0][ ][:][:][ ][ ][ ][ ][I][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][0] 12

     [ ][ ][ ][I][ ][ ][ ][ ][!][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

     [ ][ ][ ][L][+][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

 Y   [ ][ ][ ][0][0][0][ ][ ][ ][ ][0][0][0][ ][ ][ ]

               1  2  3              4  5  6



     !!NOTE: The way characters are used in this diagram is the actual

             squares they take up and their positions.

        + - Source Tables

        ! - Completion Table

        L - L-Tube

        I - I-Tube

       && - Washer



      XXX - Smelter


      @@  - Form Press

     ///  - Assembler

      $   - Cooler  

      ::  - Grinder 


     | 11 SECOND RUN                                                      |

     |                                                                    |

     | All lines are running in a 11 second processing time to reach      |

     | their assemblers. The assemblers in turn have another 8 second     |

     | processing time to deliver the by-products created by Groups 1     |

     | & 2 to the final assembler. Since the two assemblers are connected |

     | via a single I-tube, you just need to concentrate on the           |

     | processing time each line needs to reach their designated          |

     | assemblers.                                                        |

     |                                                                    |



5. Just RUN the process and obtain the Devastator. It is Deego's subweapon

   and one material for weapon synthesis.






Now we will discuss about another advanced layout. This plan still

requires 4 materials but the catch is 3 of those materials must be

combined in a single assembler before combining it to the fourth material.

Note that you should have the Assembler III to be able to create this item.

PLAN            :


MATERIALS       : 1. x8 Carbon Alloy

                  2. X1 Hyper Gravity Sensor

                  3. X3 Nebula Opal

                  4. X4 Hoho Bird Feather


                 2. Circuit Processing - WASHER

                 3. Gem Processing     - GRINDER

                 4. Alchemy Processing - ATHANOR

                 5. X1 Assembler III

                 6. X1 Assembler II               



      [ 1 ] [ 2 ]  [ 3 ]    [ 4 ]      

        |     |      |        |

        |     |      |        |

        |     |      |        |

        |_____|______|        |      

              |               |

              |               |







1. Select the blueprint and load the default setup. Now place the

   the materials.


   ST1 = x11 Zeranium

   ST2 = X1 Hyper Gravity Sensor

   ST3 = X3 Nebula Opal

   ST4 = X4 Hoho Bird Feather 

2. We will now use this layout. Since first 3 materials needs to be

   combined and the machines needed take an awful lot of space, we

   need to organize a bit.

   I will just put it down directly in the diagram below. This layout

   is messy (just like the first ones) so please excuse me. I won't be

   bothering to put this layout the grid models we used earlier. Why?

   Because my head is spinning already figuring out these layouts! (LOL)



                    [ST3]--[L]                    [L]--{ ATH }--[L]

                            |                      |             |

                           [I]             [ST4]--[L]           [I]

                            |                                    |

                           [I]                        [L]--[I]--[L]

                            |                          |

           [L]--[L]      [ GR ]                       [I]

            |    |          |                          |

      [ST2][I]  [I]        [I]                        [I]

        |   |    |          |                          |

       [L]-[L]  (WS)       [I]                        [I]

                 |          |                          |

                [I]        [I]           A            [I]

                 |          |            S             |

                [L]--[I]-- ASMBLR--[I]-- M--[I]--[I]--[L]

                            |            B

                        CL>[I]           |                  

                            |           [I]

                           |F |          |

                           | P|         [CT]

                            |     []


                                  []     |




      ST - Source Tables

      SM - Smelter

      FP - Form Press

      CL - Cooler

      WS - Washer

      CT - Completion Table

       I - I-Tube

       L - L-Tube

     GR  - Grinder

     ATH - Athanor

    ASMB - Assembler





Alright, I just figured out a more simpler approach. We will try creating

one last advanced layout I can make as an example. This time, we will

creating a weapon for Steve. If you can create this early, then the better.



MATERIALS       : 1. x6  Carbon Alloy

                  2. X12 Revolva Allow

                  3. X1  Moebius Battery

                  4. X2  Tachyon Motor


                 2. Metal Processing   - SMELTER, FORM PRESS, COOLER

                 3. Mechanical Processing - DISASSEMBLER

                 4. Mechanical Processing - DISASSEMBLER

                 5. X3 Assembler IIs


      [ 1 ]        [ 2 ]  [ 3 ]         [4]

        |            |      |            |

        |            |      |            |

        |            |      |            |

        |____________|      |____________|      

              |                   |

              |                   |







1. Select the bluprint and load the default layout. Place the materials

   on the assigned source tables.

                 ST1 = x6  Carbon Alloy

                 ST2 = X12 Revolva Allow

                 ST3 = X1  Moebius Battery

                 ST4 = X2  Tachyon Motor

2. Now prepare the machines needed. Group 1 is both processing metals while

   group 2 prepares the mechanical parts. So, here is a quick diagram.



  | Diagram may look larger than the actual layout.               |

  |                                                               |







                   [ST1]                            [I]

                    |                                |

                  [(SM)]                            [I]

                    |                                |

                   |F |                          [D][]          

                   |P |                           [][S]                         

                    |                             |

              CL>  [I]                           [I]

                    |                             |

                 .--------.       .---.        .------.

                 | ASMB   |--[I]--|A  |--[I]--| ASMB  |

                 .--------.       |S  |        .------.

                    |             |M  |             |

              CL>  [I]            |B  |            [L]--[L]

                    |              "-"                   |

                   |F |             |                 [D][]

                   |P |            [I]                 [][S]

                    |               |                   |

    [ST2]--[(SM)]--[L]             [CT]      [L]--[I] --[L]




      ST - Source Tables

      SM - Smelter

      FP - Form Press

      CL - Cooler

      DS - Disassembler

      CT - Completion Table

       I - I-Tube

       L - L-Tube

    ASMB - Assembler


3. Plug in everything. Remember that you can direct the power cords

   anywhere you want them to be.

4. It doesnt matter whether you jumble ST1 from ST2 or St3 to St4. As long

   as two refined metals reach the Assembler in Group 1 and Group 2's

   disassembled mechanical parts reach their assembler, it should be fine.

   Note that all the four lines are set to follow a 11 second processing

   time to reach their assemblers then another +8 seconds for Group 1 and 2

   to deliver their by-products to the main assembler.






  [ H U N T I N G  R E C O R D S]         [HNT001]


This section deals mainly about the normal beasts you encounter as you

travel around. Defeating a certain number of them has some corresponding

points where you can trade in any transporter. Tallied points add up to

your overall ranking. As you move from the 100th Rank to the 1st, you

need to at least complete a good number of completed tallies in your

battle recorder. Hunting quarries helps a lot too but that is discussed in

a separate section of this faq.

Im sorry if I can't include the reward points for each beasts. I just

decided to add this section recently.

How to use this faq:

<Record #><rarity*><Beast's name><required number>

         LOC: Specific locations where I normally encountered the beasts.

              (or at least where I stayed to hunt them down)

              Applies only to rare and some uncommon beasts.

(C) - Common beasts. Can be located in the whole area

(U) - Appears occasionally. You need to have several battles before they


(R) - Rare beasts. Requires a LOT of patience and LUCK.

I have also noticed that the deeper you progress in the game and the higher

your level is, the chance to encounter some low-level uncommon and rare

beasts become slimmer. So I suggest if you can hunt them down while you are

still in the area or still in that chapter, do so. You will be thankful

not to come back later only to find that you can't find the beast you're

looking for, not to mention the experience you'll acquire is way too low

for any levelling up.

Also, after/ during CH8, some new enemies found in the ruins may spawn on

normal areas where you don't encounter them. Remember that IT REALL TAKES

TIME to hunt some of the beasts, specially the rare ones and it may

challenge your patience. If you think you already spent enough time running

around and getting random battles, then take a break and come back to that

area later.



+ C H A P T E R  1 - ROSA/ SALGIN (#001-007)                [HNT001]




#001 - (C) Baphu            x30  |


#002 - (C) Dragonfly        x25  |


#003 - (C) Sand Tortoise    x30  |


#004 - (C) Mish             x30  |


#005 - (U) Cactulus^        x20  |



      |* Appears together by 1's or 2's together with some Sand Tortoises|

      |  and/or some Gold Childs. You can find them in the path before   |

      |  the residential area, past the rubble where you need to climb   |

      |  over to cross.                                                  |



#006 - (R) Statue Dog*      x30  |



      |* Appears together with some Mish but they can appear by 3's    |

      |  or by 4's in the closed alley, the upper right path from      |

      |  the first transporter. It is also the area where a STAR CHEST |

      |  is located. You may need to engage with several battles before|

      |  getting these enemies to appear.                              |



#007 - (U) Gold Child       x20  |



      | These beasts are abundant in the residential area but I still |

      | consider them as uncommon because of the frequency of their   |

      | encounters. You can stay in the residential area if you want  |

      | them by groups or hunt them along with the Cactulus in the    |

      | same area mentioned above.                                    |




+ C H A P T E R  2 - JURAIKA PT.1*                       [HNT002]                    


*This covers the common enemies encountered from Path to Burkaqua to the

village it self. Some of them appears also in Juraika's Path to the Altar




#008 - (C) Horrorwood       x30  |


#009 - (C) Smiley           x20  |


#010 - (C) King Bee         x35  |


#011 - (C) Gorra            x25  |


#012 - (U) Mutch*           x30  |



      |*Appears occasionally in the path between the village and the  |

      | Springs. Most of the time comes with some Gorras and Mouis.   |

      | You can also get them in groups of 5.



#013 - (C) Stump            x30   |


#014 - (C) Pirahnite        x20   |


#015 - (R) Moui             x30   |



      |*Appears occasionally in the path between the village and the  |

      | Springs. They appear by 2's if you're lucky; Sometimes appears|

      | with Mutchs.



#016 - (U) Blue Thunder     x30   |



      | Blue thunders are the blue scorpions. They appear along with     |

      | some Gorras from the areas past the Creekside. You can encounter |

      | them also by groups of 3 in the path near the spring.            |




+ C H A P T E R  3 - JURAIKA PT.2*                       [HNT003]                    


* This covers the areas in Path to the Altar to the Star God's Altar. Note

that some of the common and uncommon enemies from the first part may still

appear here, especially the Gorras and the King Bees.


#017 - (U) Maurya           x20   |



      | Mauryas are like walking giant flower bulbs. They appear in groups

      | in the Waterfalls (where you need to use the Freeze Shot). They  |

      | also appear in the riverside heading to Sherio's Hut.            |



#018 - (C) Stinger          x30   |


#019 - (C) Red Spider       x30   |


#020 - (U) Cactugus         x30   |



      | Cactugi are found along with Mauryas by the Waterfall or the |

      | the along the riverside leading the Sherio's Hut.            |



#021 - (R) Shadow Wood      x20   |



      | They appear occasionally on the path before the waterfalls.  |

      | You can actually encounter them a bit more frequently inside |

      | the sunlit tunnel leading to the Star God's altar.           |



#022 - (C) Muu Muu          x20   |





+ C H A P T E R  4 - ROSENCASTER PRISON                      [HNT004]                    




#023 - (C) Roller           X20   |


#024 - (C) Slime            X30   |                 


#025 - (C) Tarantula        X30   |


#026 - (R) Petit Pooch*     X30   |



      |*They appear in 1's and two's with some Livid Apes and        |

      | Protobeasts in the Prison Internal Pathways. I suggest       |

      | waiting until the next chapter since they appear by 4's in   |

      | the early parts of the Starship Factory although they appear |

      | as infrequently as in Rosencaster Prison                     |



#027 - (C) Livid Ape        X30   |


#028 - (C) Shadowman        x30   |


#029 - (C) Savage Dog       x30   |


#030 - (C) Crow             x30   |


#031 - (U) Protobeast       x30   |



      | You can find them in the Interior Pathways area.             |



#032 - (U) Nelvoron         x30   |



      | They usually appear with Protobeasts by 2's or 3's but less  |

      | frequently in groups. Try staying in the corridors within    |

      | Pathway A3. I observed them appearing a bit frequent in      |

      | intersections.                                               |



#033 - (U) Phantom Tail     x30   |



      | They can only be found in the areas of A3 and A2, in small   |

      | corridors. They don't appear in the main pathways so         |

      | I suggest stay away from those.                              |




+ C H A P T E R  5 - STARSHIP FACTORY                        [HNT005]                    




#034 - (C) Cleaner Bob      X30   |


#035 - (C) Type-J           x28   |


#036 - (C) Yellow Bolt      x30   |


#037 - (C) Oilder           x30   |


#038 - (C) Shock Gem        x30   |


#039 - (C) Max              x30   |


#040 - (U) Greenbolt        x30   |



      | They appear with Yellowbolts in the path before the          |

      | Assembly Line 3B and the Mainframe Room.                     |



#041 - (U) Type-K           x25   |



      | They appear occasionally with Type J enemies in any hallways |

      | leading to the Assembly Lines. (Except for the hallway to    |

      | Assembly Line 1)                                             |




+ C H A P T E R  6.1 - VEDAN/MYNA*                         [HNT006]                    


* This covers all the enemies that can be encountered while you're

exploring the town.


#042 - (C) Zombie           x30   |


#043 - (C) Stray Dog        x30   |


#044 - (U) Frogman          x30   |



      | Better chance to encounter them inside any tunnels.          |



#045 - (C) Jelly Man        x30   |


#046 - (R) Junk Phantom     x28   |



      | They appear only in either of the two Observation Decks,     |

      | usually with Gigabirds                                       |



#047 - (C) Gigabird         x36   |


#048 - (C) Death Crow       x30   |


#049 - (U) Steel Child      x25   |



      | They seem to appear more frequently with Frogmen in the      |

      | tunnels.                                                     |                  



+ C H A P T E R  6.2 - VEDAN/ROCKBELTER MINES*                  [HNT007]                    


This list covers all the enemies you will encounter in the Rockbelter



#050 - (C) Volcano          x20   | !!


#051 - (C) Moleman          x30   | !!


#052 - (C) Shellknight      x30   | !!


#053 - (C) Undead Bandit    x25   |


#054 - (C) Killer Mountain  x20   |


#055 - (C) Hypher           x30   |


#056 - (R) Ghost Animal     x25   | !!



      | Probably one of the rarest beasts you'll encounter. They can |

      | be encountered anywhere in the 1st Strata than anywhere else |

      | Appears only by alongside with other beasts by 1's or 2's.   |



#057 - (U) Glaring Claw     x25   |



      | These beasts can be encountered usually in the areas near the|

      | transporter/ elevator in the 2nd Strata.                     |


!! These beasts can only be encountered or fought in the Rockbelter Mines

1st Strata. All the other unmarked beasts are located in the 2nd Strata.



+ C H A P T E R  7 - ROSA/ SYLVAZARD DESERT, ANCIENT RUINS     [HNT008]                    




#058 - (C) Scorpion          x30  |


#059 - (U) Vulture           x20  |



      | The highest chance to encounter them is on the Sylvazard     |

      | desert path from Salgin to the Ancient Ruins. They appear in |

      | groups of 3 or 4.                                            |



#060 - (C) Killer Mish       x30  |


#061 - (R) Worm              x20  |



      | I hunted for Worms in the desert path leading to the entrance|

      | of the ruins. They also appear occasionally in the Great     |

      | Tablet Pit and or any wide, open areas in the Midpoint and   |

      | end point of the ruins. They don't by themselves, usually    |

      | by 1's or 2's. Finding 3 in a single battle is considered    |

      | luck already.                                                |



#062 - (C) Shisa             x30  |


#063 - (C) Lord Bee          x35  |


#064 - (U) Living Lava       x20  |



      | They appear occasionally in the Desert Path. They seem to    |

      | Spawn often in large, open areas like the the ones found in  |

      | Midpoint and Endpoint.                                       |



#065 - (U) Black Horn        x20  |     



      | Black Horns can be encountered in groups of 3 or 4 in the    |

      | open areas like the last part of the desert path or the one  |

      | located in Midpoint. I hunted them on the desert path though |





+ C H A P T E R  8.1.1 - JURAIKA/ PATH TO THE RUINS*         [HNT009]                    



*This section covers the enemies you'll encounter on your way to the

ruins itself.


#066 - (C) Dancing Doll      x30  |


#067 - (C) Fancy Fowl        x30  |


#068 - (C) Smilier           x20  |


#069 - (R) Ancient Mish      x30  |



      | I easily hunted this beast on the first transporter in the   |

      | path to the ruins. They seem to appear more frequently       |

      | (usually in groups of 4-5) in the narrow corridor after the  |

      | the first transporter in this new area.                      |




#070 - (C) Poisonous Fly     x25  |


#071 - (C) Infernal Fruit    x20  |



#072 - (U) Red Horn          x20  |



      | Red Horns can only be encountered in any of the plazas or    |

      | the only wide areas within the route. They appear by groups, |

      | usually by 3-4.                                              |



#073 - (C) Go Oak            x30  |





+ C H A P T E R  8.1.2 - JURAIKA/ LEO KING' RUINS*           [HNT010]



* These covers all the enemies you will encounter upon entering the castle



#074 - (C) Dark Gigant       x20  |


#075 - (U) Angry Spirit      x20  |



      | Angry spirits seem to hang around the starting area or       |

      | somewhere near the altar.                                    |



#076 - (U) Rafflesia         x20  |



      | They can be encountered the around the first teleporter in   |

      | this area. They appear occasionally also in the Endpoint area|



#077 - (C) Stinger Assassin  x30  |


#078 - (C) Club Titan        x25  |


#079 - (C) Mandorla          x30  |


#080 - (C) Evil Monkey       x30  |


#081 - (U) White Ghost       x30  |



      | You can encounter a lot of these enemies in the Endpoint area|

      | Though it may still require a few battles before you can     |

      | Encounter them.                                              |



#082 - (U) Sand Tortoise     x30  |



      | Just like with the White Ghosts, Sand Tortoises appear a bit |

      | frequent in the last area of the ruins.                      |




+ C H A P T E R  8.2 - ZERARD/ GLADIUS TOWERS                [HNT011]



#083 - (U) Will o' Wisp      x30  |



      | Can be encountered in tight corridors of both towers, florrs |

      | 2nd to 4th. Appears with random qroups of beasts.            |



#084 - (C) Ancient Knight    x25  |


#085 - (U) Dark Buffalo      x20  |



      | Better chance of finding this beast in floor 5 of any tower. |

      | I also encountered it occasionally on the 4F but I hunted    |

      | them in greater frequency on 5f                              |



#086 - (U) Red Jellyman      x30  |



      | You can easily find these barrier-types enemies in the open  |

      | hallways of both towers.                                     |



#087 - (C) Ancient Baron     x25  |


#088 - (C) Type-G            x25  |


#089 - (R) Phobos            x25  |



      | Phobos appears with a Baroque or two in tower levels 6-7     |



#090 - (R) Baroque           x28  |



      | Baroques appear with Phobos in levels 6-7. They are          |

      | encountered in rather, long intervals. So you may need to be |

      | patient when hunting these beasts.                           |



#091 - (C) Ancient Sword     x25  |


#092 - (C) Redbolt           x30  |


#093 - (U) Sevenplus         x30  |



      | They seem to be more abundant in the upper levels, starting  |

      | from the 5 to 7th. They are also observed to spawn only      |

      | in wider areas.                                              |



#094 - (R) Stealth Hornet    x20  |



      | This beast can only be encountered on the lower tower levels.|

      | They usually appear by two's alongside with other beasts.    |

      | in wider areas.                                              |



#095 - (U) Death Gold        x30  |



      | A stump-like creature that can be hunted in the open hallways|

      | of the 2nd and 3rd levels.                                   |



#096 - (U) Devil Hawk        x20  |



      | They seem to be more frequent on the 4th or 5th floor. Try   |

      | hunting them in more elevated areas rather than tight        |

      | corridors .                                                  |



#097 - (C) Hellcorpse        x30  |




+ C H A P T E R  8.2 - VEDAN/ CANCER KING'S RUINS            [HNT012]



#098 - (C) Great Raiden      x25  |


#099 - (C) Dark Kong         x30  |


#100 - (C) Metalman          x30  |


#101 - (C) Ice Slime         x30  |


#102 - (U) Lapis             x30  |



      | Seems it likes tunnels and other covered areas. They can be  |

      | hunted easily along with Red Straps and Wise Stumps in the   |

      | tunnels in Ruins Area 3.                                     |



#103 - (C) Vedabird          x30  |


#104 - (R) Killer Wind       x25  |



      | Although the seem to appear anywhere, the chance to encounter|

      | them is relatively small.                                    |



#105 - (C) Wise Stump        x30  |


#106 - (U) Red Strap         x30  |



      | Seems it likes tunnels and other covered areas. They can be  |

      | hunted easily along with Lapises and Wise Stumps in the      |

      | watery tunnels of Ruins Area 3.                              |




+ C H A P T E R  9 - ROSA/ LABYRINTH                         [HNT013]



#107 - (C) Wall Gigant       x20  |


#108 - (U) Dark Spirit       x30  |



      | Can be found anywhere but their encounter rate is low that   |

      | there will be long intervals before you can fight them again |



#109 - (U) Rolling Stone     x20  |



      | Appears occasionally in the later parts of Maze of Temptation|

      | and around the whole Maze of Chaos                           |



#110 - (C) Cone Sheep        x20  |


#111 - (C) Panek             x20  |


#112 - (C) Killer Stinger    x30  |


#113 - (U) King Mish         x30  |



      | They can be hunted in groups of 4 and in greater frequency  |

      | in the Antechamber; the room where the teleporter for the   |

      | Maze of Chaos is located                                    |



#114 - (C) Arthur            x30  |


#115 - (C) Ancient Duke      x30  |








#116 - (C) Flame Tortoise   x30   |


#117 - (C) Jarvil           X25   |


#118 - (C) Pad Worm         x30   |


#119 - (R) Hill Giant       x20   |



      | Hill Giants are found more frequently in the branching roads|

      | in Kuje Desert, preferably the North Kuje Desert path.      |



#120 - (U) Stone Worm        x30  |



      | Though they are rare on their own, Stone Worms oftentimes   |

      | appear with Padworms and Yellow Flies. They can be          |

      | encountered frequently in the early parts of the Kuje desert|

      | and in the first parts of the branching roads.              |



#121 - (C) Yellow Fly        x25  |


#122 - (U) Death Skeletar    x30  |



      | Skeletors are found mostly along the central path in the    |

      | branching roads. They appear by 4's or 5's so you only need |

      | a few encounters and you will hunt them                     |



#123 - (R) Death Vulture     x20  |



      | They could've been uncommon but since some Labyrinth/ Kuje  |

      | Desert enemies also spawn in Johannesburg, it contrasts     |

      | its spawning thus lesser chances of finding this beast.     |

      | Found anywhere in the village.                              |



#124 - (U) Fire Doll         x30  |



      | They appear most frequently near Johanna's house. Near the  |

      | the stairs.                                                 |



#125 - (C) Death Mask       x30   |


#126 - (C) Gold Mask        x30   |





+ C H A P T E R  11 - MARIGLENN/ TI'ATHA FOREST             [HNT015]



#127 - (C)  MONKEY           x30  |


#128 - (C)  FLAMMY           x30  |


#129 - (C)  CLUMPY JR        x30  |


#130 - (U)  WATER WYRM       x25  |     



      | They appear frequently by the fallen tree trunk, between the|

      | midpoint and Near the Plaza transporters. They also  appear |

      | along with Babylos, Flammys and Phantoms.



#131 - (U) DARK CONDOR       x30  |



      | It appears rarely almost everywhere in the forest. They are |

      | a bit frequent in the areas before and after the endpoint   |

      | transporter.                                                |



#132 - (C) AURORA SLIME      x30  |


#133 - (C) SILVER BEE        x35  |


#134 - (C) DARK APE          x25  |


#135 - (R) BABYLO            x25  | 



      | Appears rarely anywhere in the forest. Most frequent around |

      | the Near the Plaza transporter. That's the good place to    |

      | to hunt them along with Water Wyrms.



#136 - (U) PHANTOM           x30  |



      | Phantoms appear too infrequently in the forest. Better      |

      | chance finding them in the area where you fought Beast      |

      | Albioth. They are common enemies in the next chapter, Gulza |

      | Sanctuary so don't bother hunting them too much in the forest





+ C H A P T E R  12 - MARIGLENN/GULZA SANCTUARY             [HNT016]



#137 - (C) Manticore         x30  |


#138 - (C) Magic Priest      x30  |


#139 - (C) Hecaton           x20  |


#140 - (R) Solon             x20  |



      | These are found only the Gulza Sanctuary Plaza.              |



#141 - (C) Luminous          x30  |


#142 - (C) Babel             x30  |


#143 - (C) Blizzard          x30  |


#144 - (C) Devil             x30  |


#145 - (U) Ice Eater         x20  |



      | They are observed to be frequently encountered in the path to|

      | mother's lair and some other SE paths.                       |



#146 - (U) Clumpy Sr.        x30  |



      | It can be encountered in the path before Gulza Plaza or in   |

      | the southern paths.                                          |





+ C H A P T E R  13 - MARIGLENN/MOTHER'S LAIR             [HNT017]



#147 - (C)  Alacan           x20  |


#148 - (C)  Face of Evil     x30  |


#149 - (C)  Bit              x30  |


#150 - (C)  Magic Fighter    x30  |


#151 - (C)  Deimos           x25  |


#152 - (U)  Dragon           x20  |



      | Dragons are found after the midpoint transporter.            |



#153 - (C)  Red Baron        x30  |


#154 - (C)  Togroth          x20  |


#155 - (R)  Platinum Kite    x20  |



      | Platinum kites appear by ones or by pairs between the endpoint|

      | transporter to the Core transporter.                          |



#156 - (U)  Hell Sorceror    x 20 |



      | It can be hunted from any road leading to the Core.           |




+  G H O S T  S H I P +                                      [GST001]                     



#157 - (C) Evil Skeletar     x30  |


#158 - (C) Cosmo Turtle      x30  |


#159 - (R) Evil Relic        x25  |



      | Appears occasionally the hallways near the entrance, and also |

      | along Hall 1.                                                 |



#160 - (C) Sumo Bull         x20  |


#161 - (C) White Wall        x20  |


#162 - (C) Spinner           x20  |


#163 - (C) Wonder Kong       x30  |


#164 - (R) Trash Phantom     x28  |



      | Appears occasionally in the last parts of Hall 3 and within   |

      | Hall 4                                                        |



#165 - (C) Hades Monk        x30  |


#166 - (U) King Deimos       x25  |



      | Appears frequently in Hall 5 and the path to the Treasure     |

      | Trove                                                         |



#167 - (C) Cosmocore         x30  |


#168 - (U) Orochi            x25  |



      | Appears in the same area as the King Deimos. Can also be      |

      | encountered within the Treasure Trove room                    |



#169 - (U) Spiral Sid        x30  |



      | Can be encountered within Halls 1-3.                          |



#170 - (C) Moon Moon         x20  |




+  G H O S T  S H I P   E X T R E M E    +                   [GST002]                     




#171 - (C) Ghost Baphu       x30  |


#172 - (C) Shellknight Zombie x30 |


#173 - (U) Blue Ogre         x30  |



      | These guys can be encountered in floors 14-30                 |     



#174 - (C) Spritz            x25  |


#175 - (C) Black Buffalo     x20  |


#176 - (C) Soul Epitaph      x25  |


#177 - (C) Skullwood         x30  |


#178 - (C) Phantom Claw      x30  |


#179 - (C) Spax              x30  |


#180 - (C) Grand Bee         x35  |


#181 - (C) Big Wall          x20  |


#182 - (C) Mad Stump         x30  |


#183 - (U) Phantom Sword     x25  |



      | These guys can be encountered in floors 35-60                 |     



#184 - (C) Quatro Fowl       x20  |


#185 - (C) Death Round       x20  |


#186 - (C) Ghoul             x30  |


#187 - (C) Cosmo Kong        x30  |


#188 - (C) Exploder          x20  |


#189 - (U) Evil Scrap        x28  |



      | Floors 81+ in Ghost Ship Extreme                              |



#190 - (C) Garm              x30  |


#191 - (C) Devil Cluster     x20  |


#192 - (C) Devil Frog        x30  |


#193 - (U) Dark Monk         x30  |



      | Floors 91-100 in Ghost Ship Extreme                           |



#194 - (C) Devil Armor       x25  |


#195 - (C) Lord Clumpy       x30  |


#196 - (U) Cerberus          x    |



      | Floors 91-100 in Ghost Ship Extreme                           |



#197 - (R) Dark Worm         x25  |



      | Floors 91-95 in Ghost Ship Extreme                            |



#198 - (U) Uruma             x20  |



      | Floors 91-100 in Ghost Ship Extreme                           |



#199 - (U) Solomo            x20  |



      | Floors 91-100 in Ghost Ship Extreme                           |



#200 - (U) King Alacan       x20  |



      | Floors 91-100 in Ghost Ship Extreme                           |




+  A L I S T I A +                                           [ALS000]                    


*Alistia is accessible after clearing one of the three ruins (and obtaining

one key piece)


#201 - (C) Kull Jelly        x30  |


#202 - (C) Man-0-War         x25  |


#203 - (C) Clapper           x20  |


#204 - (C) Skalapper         x20  |


#205 - (U) Chadeath          x20  |



      | They can be encountered anywhere starting from the midpoint  |

      | to the Endpoint transporters (Not including the Daytron Lab) |



#206 - (R) Piranhger         x20  |



      | Find them along beachlines or better yet, near the Endpoint  |

      | transporter. They also appear with some Anglers and Coral    |

      | Mountains infront of the Daytron Lab                         |



#207 - (C) Phanter Eel       x25  |


#208 - (U) Angler            x20  |



      | I was able to hunt them in greater frequency infront of the  |

      | Daytron Lab where they can spawn in groups of 3 or 4         |



#209 - (U) Death Wing        x20  |



      | Occasionally appears infront of the Daytron lab with some    |

      | Anglers, Piranhgers, or Coral Mountains. Other than that, I  |

      | don't know any other likely places where you can find them   |



#210 - (U) Coral Mountain    x25  |



      | Appears frequently in the areas around the Endpoint          |

      | Transporter and in front of the Daytron Lab. Often appears   |

      | by groups of 3, also mixed along with other uncommon beasts  |



#211 - (C) Jig Doll          x30  |


#212 - (C) Pelikinger        x25  |





[A L T E R N A T E   C O S T U M E S]  [EXT001]


During your adventure, you will come across with different alternate

costumes for your characters. They can also be purchased from shops

in different planets so make sure that you check even the small time

peddlers. WHo knows what they have in store for you.

I will just list down the costumes I have unlocked so far. I did not

include their default attires to prevent confusion. Description for each

costumes will be added soon.

Thanks to Gerald of for allowing me to fill in those

outfits Im missing or haven't unlocked so far. You can view his full

faq for the alternate costumes by using this link.

!!Hold R1 when starting a New Game to carry over those outfits you have



+ JASTER +                            [ALT001]               


Jungle Coat          - By the waterfall in the Path to the Altar. The chest

                       is on your left while jumping the platforms created

                       by your Monography Shot.

Pirate's Outfit      - Complete the whole sidequest in Planet Alistia

Desert Claw's Outfit - Rank 1st in the Hunter Rankings. Talk to Mio in the

                       Galaxy Corp to obtain this reward.

*Captain's Uniform   - Defeat Arabis in the Ghost Ship.


+ KISALA +                            [ALT002] 


Tribal Two-Piece     - Defeat the "The Rumored Lady-Hunter" in Vedan


Phantom Robe         - Located in one of the hidden chests in vedan; (see


*Her Majesty's Attire- When you reach Mariglenn, search behind the queen's

                       throne. (Sun Chest)

*Kisala's Swimsuit   - Complete the Ghost Ship Extreme the first time.

*Arina's Sleeve      - Complete the Hunting Record and then speak to MIO.


+ LILIKA +                            [ALT003] 


Royal Servant's Clothes - Leo King's Ruins; before reaching the area "Near

                          the Entrance". The chest is behind a wall.

*Star Traveler's Outfit - Found in Johannasburg, after the battle/scene

                          with Johanna

*Sun's Beloved Wear     - Complete all Quarries and then speak to MIO

*Stealth Clothes        - Defeat the S-Rank of the Insectron Tournament for

                          a  second time



+ STEVE +                             [ALT004] 


Zeranium Armor       - Go back to the previously inaccessible area in the

                       Star Factory. Defeat 3 sets of Assault Walkers and

                       head to the easternmost end of the path. There will

                       be 3 chests there, one containing the Zeranium Armor.

Energy Armor         - Purchase from Dr. Poccachio's Lab (Chapter 9+)

Reflect Armor        - In Sylvazard Ancient Ruins (it is one of the chests

                       in an underground room with one Mimic)

*Izerium Armor       - Create all of the items using the factory and then

                       speak to MIO


+ SIMON +                             [ALT005] 


Cosmo Jacket         - Defeat "VOracious Wanderer" quarry ([QRY006])

Hand Knit Sweater    - Purchase from Item Shop Corbis in Myna/ Vedan.

Traditional Worksuit - Gladius Towers 1st tower, 7F; inside a chest.

*Zero-G Suit         - Collect all 9 rare items and then speak to MIO

*Sho's Clothes       - Finish the Ghost Ship Extreme for a second time




Lupine Coat          - Inside the Cancer King's ruins in Vedan

Wanderer's Coat      - Open the Star Chest in Sherio's hut; Juraika, Path

                       to the Altar.

*Swordsman's Gi      - Purchase in the Queen's Palace (Narcissus) on

                       Mariglenn (Requires Platinum License)

*Midnight Cloak      - Complete the Frog Log for MIO and then speak to her.


+ JUPIS +                              [ALT007] 


Vintage Wear         - Purchase from Peddler A in Zerard/Main Street (he is

                       standing beside the savepoint)

Riding Outfit        - Defeat the "Shapeless Assassin" quarry in the Cancer

                       King's ruins ([QRY008])

*Lab Coat            - In the SUN CHEST inside Dr. Pocacchio's Lab

*Hi-Tech Mobile Wear - Defeat the S-Rank of the Insectron Tournament

+ DEEGO+                               [ALT008] 


Longardian Armor     - Purchase from the Item shop in Zerard, West Side


Heavy Attachment     - Inside a chest behind a large rock in the Great

                       Tablet Pit, Vedan. After entering the great tablet

                       pit, descend first then head NW.

*Destructo Attachment- In a chest on the way to the Orange Drigellum^ (Gulza


*Full Metal Jacket   - Complete all of the Revelation Flows and then speak

                       to MIO


^ See walthrough.




[ S I D E Q U E S T S ]                            [EXT002]


These are basically short quests, mostly areas you weren't able to access

before. More of less they just provide additional treasures so if you can

spare a few moments, then just do them.



+ S T A R S H I P   F A C T O R Y +                [SDQ001]


 - In Chapter 6, go back to the Starship Factory. Teleport to Assembly

   Line 1.


 - Make your way up to the upper NE ledge. Now enter the once previously

   closed path. Make your way to the SE path. In your way, you will

   encounter ASSAULT WALKERS. You need to defeat three sets of them. Once

   you reach the south- eastern most end of the path, you should see three

   chests. One of them contains one of Steve's alternate costumes.




+ A L I S T I A+                                   [SDQ002]


Alistia is an optional planet that will be accessible in Chapter 8, after

clearing at least one of the three ancient ruins. Its not part of the main

story but it does contain lots of items, including high-level weapons for

your characters (and a costume for Jaster). The enemies also here fills up

the #201-212 in your hunting records.





- take the landing gondola down. Activate the transporter then follow the

winding tunnel to Lapatia Village.





- The first house you'll see is a shop. There is a chest beside the

counter which is hard to miss. So resupply as needed.

- Go upstairs, find another room with 4 items one is a SUN KEY. Now go down

then go to the northeastermost house for a short scene.

- After the scene, head out and turn right to grab the chest by the beach,

just beside some plants. Grab another chest in the southwest, by the rocks.

Activate the transporter if you haven't

- Now follow the path leading to the elevator. There is an item by the edge

of the path to the elevator. There will be another one as soon as you get

out from the elevator. Then follow the path leading to the....






ENEMIES:       Common:              Uncommon/ Rare:

               --------------       ----------------

               Kull Jelly           Chadeath

               Man-0-War            Piranhger

               Clapper              Angler

               Skalapper            Death Wing

               Phanter Eel          Coral Mountain

               Pelikinger           Jig Doll



- In this new area, go to the NE and find an item by the cliff. I know the

view is outstanding. And you'll treat your characters a few sightseeing.

Cross the the hanging bridge

- After crossing, head West to find another chest by the rockwalls. Now

follow the walls to find another chest below. Continue down and follow the

path to the next area. There is a large are to explore here so just head

NW to find another item by the cliff.

- After getting the item, head east and find another chest under a tree.

There is a shop along the way. Activate/ Save in the transporter.




- Take the uphill path first. Get the two chests in the west cliff that

you'll immediately see as you go up. Continue east, then go right. You

should be infront of a cliff yourself. Grab the item in your immediate

right (S). Get near the edge of the cliff and jump to the other side.

- Jump again after 2 ledges and reach the 3rd one which contains good

weapons for Kisala and Jupis and some items too.

- Now, jump down and follow the path by the beach. There should be another

chest before the uphill path from the beach.

- In the next area, save in the transporter. Now there are two hanging

bridges here. The path on the NE is much shorter while the road to the

east is way longer. There are no items on both paths so it doesnt matter

which one you take. For the sake of map completion, I just completed one

path, reached the Endpoint transporter then teleport back here to take the

other path.




- Let's grab all the items in this area first. From the savepoint, go west

and grab the chest by the rockwalls. From that location, continue a bit

farther and you should find another chest under the tree. Now go to the

other side, and get two chests in the elevated area before the NE hanging


- There is a SUN CHEST north of the transporter so just come back for it

later. There  is a STAR CHEST in the isolated area before the East Hanging

bridge. Either way, take any of the paths until you reach the Endpoint





- Jump on the rocks by the narrow corridor past the transporter to reach

higher ground. Grab the chest in a cliff facing the coastline. Don't jump

down yet, the follow the curve SE to reach another two chests on the other

side. Jump down and find a chest behind.

- Continue past the beach and follow the winding tunnels. There are no

enemy encounters in this area. Save in the transporter then head down.

- A scene will trigger. After that, a bossfight.




TIPS: This is one huge rockcrab. Its only weakness is its head and it

can attack only in front. What luck. Well, this battle may take a few

minutes and it could be hard or easy depending on your levels and weapons.

The boss uses its pincers mainly too attack. It also has a charge attack

the deals continuous damage so beware. You will be jump-attacking the

whole time here remember to block after attacking.

As usual, use all your buffs and enhancements, and cast them again if

they wear off.

After draining his HP in a certain point, he will start jumping away from

the group and fire his massive shoulder mounted cannons. They can be

easily dodged so just keep running sideways towards the enemy. Now

most of the time, the boss will charge forward after firing his cannons

so better get out of the way or expect to use a resurrection often.

Its good to approach him, then block, then attack. There is always and

opening on his every move so anticipate it. You can also use your

projectile secondary weapons to attack him when he's moving out to a

distance. Just use items as needed and you should do fine.



- scene will take place -  (Obtain Pirate's Outfit for Jaster)

- Now you can either hunt those beasts for your hunting records or just

leave the area and continue your main quest.




+ G H O S T  S H I P +       [SDQ003]


The Ghost Ship is accessible after finishing the game once. Its a good way

to obtain several treasures including a new outfit and powerful blade

for Jaster.

ENEMIES:       Common:              Uncommon/ Rare:

               --------------       ----------------

               Evil Skeletar        Evil Relic

               Cosmo Turtle         Trash Phantom

               Sumo Bull

               White Wall


               Wonder Kong

               Hades Monk

               King Deimos


               Spiral Sid

               Moon Moon





- Head north, then save in the transporter. Go to the SW to find a chest.

Go through the door after getting the item.

- Along the way, find an item on the right (east) ledge. Continue forward

and find another chest along the way.

- Head north to the large room. Find a hidden chest in the corner. Go east

to the hallway, a scene will take place. Grab all the chests in the next

room, one is a SUN CHEST.

- Just continue through the hallway to the south. Find a chest before the

door heading east.

- After entering the door, take the north corridors first. Grab the item on

the end before it turns east.

- Turn east then south, find another chest on the north ledge.

- Go east again, find another chest on the north corner. Head south this

time, and jump to the other side, find 3 chests. (one is a Mimic) Jump

below the platform and find two chests. Again, one of those is a Mimic.

- Head to the south room, then west to find another chest. Backtrack a bit

then take the NE corridor. Grab chest on the NE ledge and enter the door.

Save in the transporter.





- Go down the hall for a scene. Go upstairs then through the door east.

Grab the chest on the NE railings.

- Move two rooms, then grab the item on the south room. Continue further

east, then find a chest (Mimic) before the turn south. Continue to the

south to spot a merchant.

- Go west/south/west this time. From this room, find another chest. Go

further south to find another chest.

- Continue further west, to the room with windows. Grab two chests, one

by the window and the other one, a SUN CHEST on the ledge. Make your way

back to the merchant. Continue through the door and save.





- After saving, continue forth. Go downstairs and approach the blue circle.

A scene will take place. You will be "take to your deepest memories". Of

course, this will be a boss battle, against the ones you faced before.




TIPS: Basically, the tactics stay the same but expect the boss to be

tougher than before. Its electric attack still deals continous damage,

and its melee attacks are damaging as well.

Just GO ALL OUT against this boss and abuse using Illusion Sword and other



- after the battle, you can backtack and save. In any case then just

continue upstairs east.

- Go east then turn north. Find two chests in the eastern railings (one

with the purple lock is a Mimic).

- Continue north, then head to the last room north to find a chest.

Head east, then find a chest by the window.

- Just follow the hallways until you reach the large room in the east.

The southern room we haven't checked are actually empty so just head east

and grab the item by the door. Save.





- Go downstairs, then get near the blue circle for a scene.



TIPS: Again, same tactics as before. Quickly equip the Freeze Shot and

use Illusion Sword. Remember that the Illusion Sword's piercing

projectiles are very effective against large enemies since it deals

multiple damage.

Just be careful of its lightning attacks; it deals massive damage and

can electricute your characters. Just freeze it, attack. As it moves

around, run around it as your Freeze Shot reloads. Repeat the same process

and watch its HP go down like a meter.


- After the battle, you can backtrack and save; After that, just proceed

to the east and grab the item (Sword of Sins) along the way. Enter the


- Go to the 2nd room east, find a chest by the north wall. Go to the other

room, find two chests in the south wall this time. Enter through the door.

There will be a scene. After that, you will be pitted against this

mysterious young man. I won't spoil his name for you since it's a surprise

that will be revealed after you defeat the last boss of this dungeon.


BOSS: ????????A

TIPS: This guy is really powerful; at lvl 68 he deals around 400-500+ DMG

PER HIT. He performs deadly combos so change your strategy to STEP BACK

and just guard. Remember to stay away from each other since his attacks

can inflict UNCONSCIOUS status which leaves your characters vulnerable for

his readily deadly attacks. Keep everyone alive. Don't hesitate to use

a lot of Resurrections, Tri-Resurrections, etc.

You DON'T NEED TO WIN THIS IMPOSSIBLE BATTLE. Just survive long enough

and the battle will end automatically.


- After the battle is a scene. Then you will resume control over the game.

So continue exploring.

- Take the path west, then south. Find a chest there whose purple lock

obviously tells you its a Mimic. As you have probably discovered, Mimics

are quite tough here. But there is one secret to defeat them with ease.

One word - PTOOEY. 100%

- Moving forward, go east from the room with a Mimic. On the 2nd room east,

there are 2 chests by the window. Continue following the corridors east.

Find another chest before the stairs.

- Continue east. On the rectangular room (with a small space below it)

before the transporter, get the items. One of the chests below is actually

a Mimic. continue through the door and save.

(You can backtrack to the corridors to the north before continuing)

- North Path -

  - Backtrack west then north. Find a chest on the upper SW ledge. Go to

    the rooms west then north. There is another chest there. Go west this

    time, and find a STAR Chest in the NE corner by the window.

- After checking that out, backtrack to the transporter and save. Continue

downstairs and get near the blue circle for scene.

As you may have expected, this will be another bossfight.




TIPS: He attacks with his shield and lance. He also lobs fireballs from his

horn and has an Aura Blast. Just use the same tactic from before but be

cautious still; since he is more powerful than the Gladius Tower ones.

Just attack from a distance using Illusion Sword. Its very helpful since

his attacks deals massive damage. Not to mention that he also teleports

around the place. Just keep it up with him and you'll sure to win.


- backtrack a bit then save.





- Continue upstairs. Head east then north to the large room. Take the NE

path first.

- On the first rectangular room, grab the chests to the north. Continue

east, theres should be another item before the stairs to the upper

platform. Ctoniue east to the large room. There s a SUN CHEST there.

Backtrack a bit to the large room where you came from.

- Go to the SW corridors this time. Find a chest in the 2nd room west, by

the door on the next rectangular room. Find also 3 chests in the SW


- In the next room, find a chest on the ledge in the NE corner. Continue

west and find another chest in the north room before the large room.

- Bactrack to the 2nd large room you entered and head NE this time. In the

next room, grab the item to the left. Continue east; there is a merchant

there so resupply as needed. Save, then go downstairs.

- Get near the blue circle and you'll need to face another boss to

progress deeper in the dungeons.




TIPS: His attacks are still the same, basically. yet they are more

damaging and you'll be using a lot of resurrections if you're not


His cross slash deals massive damage, but you will have a second to guard

it. He also slashes the ground with his two blades. The most dangerous

attack would be the Tornado he summons to cover him. ANY character caught

within the vortex just doesn't last.

Aside from that, use the same attack patterns you used the last time.

If you don't get through this battle, then that obviously means you're

not ready to face the lord of this Ghost Ship yet.


- backtrack then save/ resupply. Continue to the other hallway east.





- Continue upstairs east to another area. This is a large room with the SE

and SW exits. Go the SE first.

- Grab the chest along the way. Get the item on the next room. In the large

room you'll enter, there is a mimic. Go north, to the other room. Find a

chest above the stairs. Continue east to the next room.

- a scene will take place and you need to battle the same mysterious and

awfully powerful guy from before.


BOSS: ????????A

TIPS: Now you don't need to win this battle again. Just order your guys

to STEP OUT, then take care of the healing. Just keep yourselves afloat

for a minute or so and the battle will end automatically.


- In the same room after the scene, jump to the lower portion to find two

chests. Make your way up then head east this time.

- You can take any of those exits since they don't contain any items at

all. once you reach the large room, head north to the rectangular room.

- Continue further north, get the item on the SE corner before the turn

east. Head east and on the 2nd room, find another chest by the window.

- Further east is the door and the transporter. Save and head downstairs

for yet another boss battle.


BOSS: The Jungle Master

TIPS: This is the same King Lion you hunted back in Juraika. Remember

that you won't be able to damage it without destroying the Rune Crystal

on its head.

So buff yourself and jump attack its head to quickly destroy the rune.

After that's done, you can technically damage him from anywhere. So,

increase your attack power by items/ abilities, use Illusion Sword and

watch his life drain.

Just attack him from behind while your allies are taking his attention.


- After the battle, backtrack then save. Continue further east. Hang on

there, we are almost done.





- Go east and find two chests on the NW railing. Go to the NE corridor.

Find another item by the window. There is a Mimic on the first corridor.

Ignore the SE path since it is empty.

- Continue heading south. Go east this time.

- In the next room, jump to the SW ledge to find two chests. Head south,

then take the SW path. Find a chest beside the stairs. Continue south

to the large room.

- Head east, to another large room. There is a hidden chest in the SW

corner. The corridor on the SE is a deadend so take the SW path instead.

- A scene will take place.  After that, continue east to the large room.

From there, go North to another room with chests (one is a SUN CHEST)

- Continue to the next room to find the last merchant in the ship. Continue

through the door and save. This will be the last transporter so check out

all the items you've missed.

- When ready, continue forth.





- a scene will take place as you enter. Get ready to face the lord of this

Ghost Ship.



TIPS: This guy damages good and hits hard. He has this beam attack

which of course damaging but can be evaded most of the time. He also

summons different elementals to help him but do not worry since they

don't really that annoying.

- His Spin attack can knock characters down and damage a lot so stay away

from him when you see it. Well, you need to use recovery items in this

fight quite frequently since this boss will give you a fight you need.

After losing 1/4 of his HP, a scene will interrupt.

- After the scene, just continue the battle and attack him. Don't worry

too much about this boss; just buff and Illusion Sword will do the trick.

For maximum efficiency, try to enable direct contact attacks with Illusion



- After the battle, there will be a scene. You will also learn who was

that mysterious, powerful guy was. Not to mention that you will receive

the Captain's Uniform and the uber powerful sword, the Dorgenedge.

Teleport back to the entrance and  you should find an ghost named Minoc

just beside the transporter. When you talk to him, he will ask you

"7 Mystery Questions". Answering it correctly will reward the KEY TO THE

UNDERWORLD event item. See next section for an overview about this






+ G H O S T  S H I P    E X T R E M E  +          [SDQ004]


As much as I want to, I won't be able to create a walkthrough for this

place since each floor is randomized. I'll just discuss an overview here

in this section. Pretty much the exploring will be up to you.

For the correct answers for the quiz, I recommend checking out Gerald

Guess's (Double_G) Seven Mystery Questions faq. (

 Its a great cheat sheet that will help you get past those stupid, mind-

reeking questions.




After completing the Ghost Ship, a NPC ghost will appear in front of the

Entrance transporter. Talk to him and he will ask you "7 Mystery Questions"

Answer them right and you will be rewarded with the KEY TO THE UNDERWORLD.

Also, after receiving that, Minoc will be replaced by a Thinking Circle.

Obviously, use that item on that circle.

This is a 100 level dungeon where players need to find their way to the

top by finding the correct elevator to the next floor. Most importantly,

to record their progress without problems, it is recommended that they

find the transporters for each floor.




 - If you leave the area itself, the whole dungeon will be resetted and you

   need to do the whole again.

 - This dungeon holds a few of the most powerful beasts you'll encounter.

   As you go deeper, the stronger they get.

 - Use your recovery items wisely. Although enemies drop them from time to

   time and you find them in chests, who knows when will you'll need them

   the most.

 - Do not hesitate the use group damaging abilities; even if it takes the

   whole party to use theirs. Fighting them by normal means will risk you

   using your recovery items quite frequently. This is to at least avoid

   taking damage and make the battles quicker.

 - Don't bother looking for every corner of each floor. Just find the

   transporter if you want, save then head up to the correct elevator.

   Items here are not that important anyway. Just find your way, and grab

   whateve chests you may find along the way.

   HINT: Elevators with red lights on its lamps are ready to go (the

         correct one) while those that can't be used are colored blue

         or purple.

 - Transporters are always in the same room with elevators - whether its

   the active or inactive one.

 - You cannot go back to the lower floors.





There is a boss for every 10th floor. Also there is a merchant every 30th

floor. Bosses and common enemies here are quite powerful so make sure you

save whenever you find a transporter. There is a transporter on each floor

so seek them out if you feel that you're in trouble. I'm not sure if the

bosses are randomized too but I will just put the ones I encountered here

for the meantime.






    If you remember defeating the Rogue Pirates quarry in Rosa Spaceport,

    then you'll remember these guys. They look like them and attack like

    them but they do hit hard.

    They do share the same life gauge so using group damaging attacks

    consecutively will definitely drain end this battle in seconds.






    This one looks like the Megalomantis Quarry you fought in Vedan. This

    time it only has two attacks but both damaging and devastating

    nevertheless. His scissor slash deals about 450+ DMG @ lvl 73 and can

    knock your character down. He also jumps in the air then slam the

    ground, dealing damage, knocking characters and causing daze.

    Fortunately the Necromantis has rather low HP. A buffed Dorgenedge

    with Illusion Sword can quicken your battle with this boss. Just block

    any of his attacks to maintain your ground and the chance to counter.






    This is just like an enhanced version of Deimos/ Raiden-type beasts.

    It only attacks by swinging its massive club that can send your

    puny characters flying. Not to mention that you can only damage it by

    attacking its head.

    To make it quick, enhance your party's weapons by using 'Continous'

    abilities. You can also further increase your attack power by using

    party buffs. Just jump attack. Its better to stay away from his range

    of attack since it's fairly wide and does pack a punch.






    A Griffin-like relative of the Manticores/Cosmocores. It starts the

    battle shielded which can be brought down in one-hit by using

    'Unblockable' skills.

    His attacks includes a very damaging, unblockable tail beam, Fire

    breath, and Claw Strike.

    He can only attack in his front. You can also evade most of his

    attacks except the tailbeam. Just avoid grouping with your allies

    when battling to avoid getting damaged altogether.

    Just attack it from behind for maximum effectivity.



  50F - PANDOR



    As the name implies, this is those dreaded Mimics/Dusboxes/Pandora's

    relative. It's attack patterns are still the same, though expect

    to see characters fall and frequent consumption of recovery items.

    This boss starts the battle with a barrier so break it first. You

    can shoot all your projectile subweapon's ammo then as it recharges,

    attack the Pandor with melee weapons.


    Unlike the normal Mimics you can defeat easily by using BS

    (Burning Strike) and Status Effects, this battle could be tedious

    since you can't use BS and most bosses are immune to status effects

    such as this. Just activate buffs in the whole duration of the battle.

    So, to start off, quickly get behind it, buff yourselves and attack.

    Having the party in GO ALL OUT strategy is very helpful in most boss

    battles so that you can concentrate on attacking.

    Its fireball can cause ON FIRE status while its tounge slap can knock

    characters back, causing Daze at the same time.

    Just let your allies take the damage since they will most likely heal

    themselves automatically. Concentrate on attacking the enemy from






    This is the first time you will fight a swarm of pesky insectors. They

    damage fast, and they can cause daze 90% at the time. Their numbers

    can definitely take down your party in a few seconds.

    Since these guys share one life gauge, do the same tactic you used

    for multiple bosses. Group damaging skills.

    You need to be fast in using them so that you can deal continous damage

    while minimizing taking some yourself. Just guard while recharging AP

    then use it as soon as its available.

    Remember that if the Gokillas catches you offguard, your characters

    will be dazed and won't be able to use any abilities. Just keep on

    using them in split seconds if possible and end the battle quickly.

    That is one reason why INSECT + SWARM is not a good choice of words.




  70F - Guillotine Eddie



    Well basically this boss is like Paul the Ripper a.k.a "The Cave Bandit"

    quarry. His attack patterns are the same but they are damaging

    nevertheless. His attacks include the basic slash, horn thrust then the

    deadly sky slam which can cause daze.

    As usual, buff yourself, then go all out. Now, try to go around him to

    attack him from behind. Illusion Sword, as I have recommended are very

    effective against most bosses. Just attack and heal when necessary.





    This enemy is basically the shadow version of the Jungle Master quarry.

    Well, same tactics apply here. Destroy the Rune first on its head, then

    attack like crazy.


    Watch his HP drain as fast as you use your Illusion Sword. Use it

    alongside with Strength Star/+atk power buffs for greater damage.



  90F - JABOR


    This is the shadow version of Arabis. His attack patterns are the same

    but they can be devastatingly powerful. Probably the deadliest attack

    you should watch out is his spin attack. It can knock your characters

    uncouncious in one hit, not to mention that it has a large area.

    Avoid fighting in close along with your allies; this is to prevent all

    of you getting damaged/dazed/or knocked back. This is one of those

    battles that'll prove Illusion Sword's effeciency.





    The Doppelganger is actually a more powerful Seed. His attacks are

    still the same. Avoid fighting him in close quarters since he can kill

    any characters in 2-3 hits. Just use buffs and attack him with the

    Illusion Sword's projectile. That's the easiest tactic to win here.

    Well if you do want to do it the old fashioned way, then block first,

    after his last strike lands, counter. This may take a while, not to

    mention that you'll definitely use a lot of recovery items to keep

    everyone afloat.

After the battle, you will obtain KISALA'S SWIMSUIT (sweet!), BEACH SANDALS

and ROYAL FRUIT. The last one is used to capture a special insector the

Dark Emperor. <see [IST016] for details>. If you finish it for the second

time, you will get Simon's alternate outfit (Sho's Clothes) With that

costume, Simon will fight as his original self (Sho).    




+ R A R E   I T E M S +                             EXT004


  If you noticed, there is a SP tab in the items menu where, aside from the

  three key pieces you will get in Chapter 8, are 9 slots beside it, and

  seven slots below. The nine slots are for the 9 rare items you can

  collect in the galaxy. This is also needed if you're after Mio's

  completion checlist.

  Finding these items often require getting hints and tips from different

  people, in turn they add up more info in your Info Edge. Most people with

  hints like this has blue orbs above their heads. The game is great enough

  to mark down those people of interest instead of placing those very

  crucial info on random NPCs. Kudos Level 5.



  # 1 - LUVANDA BLADE         (ROSA)                           [RTM001]



      1. TALK TO MUSKUL.

         Find this guy by teleporting to the Ancient Ruins: Near the Tunnel.

         Go west first to reach the open area then straight north. He is

         standing there in the corner. I only discovered he has info when

         I came back in CH12.

          INFO EDGE ENTRY: 


        | The Ancient Sword in the Labyrinth 1                           |

        |                                                                |

        | In the Sylvaxard Desert in Rosa, Muskul told you a rumor about |

        | a beautiful sword from the era of the Star King that now rests |

        | deep within the Labyrinth at the ancient ruins on Rosa.        |


       HINT: Well the clue is direct to the point. Somewhere deep within

             the labyrinth. I consider it deep starting from the

             Antechamber to the Core. So, Im sure that they will not put

             some special/rare item in a very uninteresting area, I looked

             in the Antechamber first but found nothing. Try looking...




             This little guy is suspiciously obvious; he is running around

             the Core (the large dome where you defeated the Sand Kraken)

             with a blue orb above his head. Talk to him and easily enough,

             he will give you the blade. Aside from the searching, its


          INFO EDGE ENTRY: 


        | The Ancient Sword in the Labyrinth 2                           |

        |                                                                |

        | For some inexplainable reason, a strange beast in the inner    |

        | hall of the labyrinth gave you the Luvanda Blade.              |   




    | A beautiful, artistic sword. Its engravings date back to the era   |

    | of the Star King.                                                  |




  # 2 - SHISKA'S NECKLACE     (ROSA)                           [RTM002]



      1. TALK TO RYDEL.


         He is in Johannesburg. Since this quest will not be available

         during the your first visit here, try visiting back in Chapter 12.

         (Im not sure if this quest is available on CH11, though)

         Another thing to note is that you need to talk to him several

         times and he will tell you different things. After giving you

         all the clues during the conversations, an IE update should be

         given to you.

          INFO EDGE ENTRY: 


        | A Beautiful Hidden Necklace 1                                  |

        |                                                                |

        | In the village of JOhannasburg, Rydel told you a long and drawn|

        | out story.                                                     |

        |                                                                |

        | To sum it up:                                                  |

        |    - He had something precious somewhere                       |

        |    - There was a small pot in front of the house.              |

        |    - Beautiful flowers in bloom.                               |


       HINT: Thank goodness this village is small. After searching several

             houses, (actually there are just a few of them with a flower

             pot in front of them), the correct one is the empty house

             before Johanna's house, in the area after a short yet narrow





         In Johannesburg, go through the narrow path to reach the second

         part of the village. As you enter the area, go upstairs to the

         right (east) and examine the flower pot there. A cursor will

         appear and you will obtain the necklace. After that, you IE will

         be updated.

          INFO EDGE ENTRY: 


        | A Beautiful Hidden Necklace 2                                  |

        |                                                                |

        | You checked the vase in front of the house and found Shiska's  |

        | Necklace.                                                      |




    | "A necklace with a clear jewel. Carrying it makes you wistful for  |

    |  some reason.                                                      |




  # 3 - THE LEPOGNON MAMMOTH  (ZERARD)                          [RTM003]





         Teleport to the Gladius Towers, 7F. Make your way to the connecting

         bridge and find the old man there. Talk to him to have your Info

         Edge updated. (You can only see him there after defeating the

         Mammoth <see [QRY011] for details>) and after obtaining the Libra

         King's Key Piece.

          INFO EDGE ENTRY: 


        |The Lepognon Mammoth 1                                          |

        |                                                                |

        |"When you defeated the Tower Predator, Lepognon Mammoth, on the |

        | bridge of the Gladius Towers, Watchlos appeared and said:      |

        |                                                                |       

        |      - The Lepognon Mammoth Tusks are rare                     |

        |      - You fought so recklessly that the creature's bones fell |

        |        below"                                                  |


       HINT: From that Info Edge entry, we now know that the Lepognon

             Mammoth is probably one of the rare treasures of the galaxy.


             And we also know that the bones fell below. The Gladius

             tower levels 6 below are all within the tower; there is no way

             that the bones are in there.

             Our best bet is to check out what is below the towers.


        2. TALK TO LINDA


        From the Galaxy Corp, exit North leading to the Towers. As soon the

        path separates to the west and east, take east. Linda is behind the

        first western pillar. She may not be visible at first. She is

        talking to another NPC named Cynthia which is visible immediately.

        Talk to her to learn something new about the tusks and obtain

        another valuable entry to your Info Edge.

          INFO EDGE ENTRY: 


        |The Lepognon Mammoth 2                                          |

        |                                                                |

        |"When you spoke to Linda at the Gladius Towers Route, she told  |

        |you about two MIO fans cleaning up after some large bones that  |

        |had fallen from the sky. She said they were planning to dispose |

        |of them in the waste disposal area where they work."            |

        |                                                                |


       HINT: Now, now... two MIO fans? Sounds familiar. Waste disposal

             area? Sounds even more convincing. You know where to go.



         Go to the area where the dead Salamander VIII is resting. When you

         get near it, a cursor will appear above its head. Examine it and

         you'll obtain the treasure. New Info Edge entry will be added as


          INFO EDGE ENTRY: 


        |The Lepognon Mammoth 3                                          |

        |                                                                |

        |"You searched the waste disposal area at Rosencaster Prison and |

        |found the rare Lepognon Mammoth Tusk. "                         |

        |                                                                |




    |"A bone from the biggest, strongest mammoth ever, said to have gone |

    | extinct 1000 years ago"                                            |




  # 4 - THE MIRROR OF TRUTH (VEDAN)                             [RTM004]



        1. TALK TO GYZER


        Teleport first to the Space Port Depot in Vedan, and make your way to

        the southwesternmost part of the station. A man named Gyzer should

        be standing there with a blue orb on his head. Obviously he has some

        info. Talk to him to obtain another info added to your IE.   


          INFO EDGE ENTRY: 


        |The Mirror Of Truth 1                                           |

        |                                                                |

        |"It seems Gyzer in the town of Myna on Vedan can read the       |

        | personality and past of anyone he talks to. "                  |

        |                                                                |


       HINT: Out of sheer curiousity, and the fact the clue mentioned that

             Gyzer can "read the personality and past of anyone he talks

             to", try talking to him using different characters.

             As expected, he will say different things for each characters:


      JASTER - Looks normal at first glance, but has a tremendous weight on

               his shoulders.                                              


      DEEGO  - If he keeps chasing something he lost, then he'll never make

               anyone else happy.

      STEVE  - Worries that he is not a robot; but worrying alone is the

               fact that he does have a heart.

      KISALA - Confident from the outside, but has many worries; she should

               talk about them to her friends sometimes.

      LILIKA - Try taking off the "Warrior's Mask" once in a while. That's

               the only way she can see what's really around her.

      SIMON  - There's a difference between moving forward with his life or

               erasing the past. Keep his mind focused in the present.

      ZEGRAM - He can't protect anything by holding his feelings. Making

               sure he doesn't wind up losing is what really matters.

      JUPIS  - Too much confidence tends to cloud his judgement. Because of

               that, he often loses sight of the most obvious things.

             With that all said, nothing happened even if I talked to him.

             So I just came back later and talked to him and he gave me

             the MIRROR of TRUTH this time.

             Im not really sure if time matters but I guess you can try

             talking to him as Jaster. That's when I got the mirror.              


          INFO EDGE ENTRY: 


        |The Mirror Of Truth 2                                           |            

        |                                                                |

        |"You asked Gyzer about every member of the crew. In exchange he |

        | gave you the Mirror of Truth."                                 |            

        |                                                                |





        |"Its straight, unadorned statements act like words from heaven" |







  # 5 - THE HIDDEN MENU at ITEM SHOP CORBIS (VEDAN)                 [RTM005]



        1. TALK TO TIKO



        You won't miss this guy since he just beside the trasporter infront

        of item shop Corbis. Talk to him and get a clue in your IE as usual.


          INFO EDGE ENTRY: 


        |The Hidden Menu in Item Shop Corbis                             |

        |                                                                |

        |"On Vedan, Myna's famous Item Shop Corbis was selling a book    |

        | called "The Annals of Hades". You couldnt help but pick up a   |

        | copy."                                                         |

        |                                                                |


       HINT: Now, this could be the easiest rare item you can find. After

             talking to Tiko, head inside the shop and purchase the book.

             It requires a PLATINUM LICENSE, though.




        |" AKA 'The Hades Chronicle', a history book written in mysterious |

        | ancient lettering"                                               |







  # 6 - THE SMILE OF THE STOLEN DOLL (ZERARD)                    [RTM006]





      Teleport to the Zerard's East side, near the Insectron Stadium. Now

      take the path leading back to the main street. Oakton is standing

      right infront of the ramp leading back to the Main Street.

      Talk to him and get a new entry.

          INFO EDGE ENTRY: 


        |The Smile of the Stolen Doll 1                                  |

        |                                                                |

        |"On the East Side of Zerard, you met a man named Oakton, whose  |

        | precious character puppet was stolen by a factory worker"      |

        |                                                                |


       HINT: Stolen by a factory worker... since the only Factory here is

       the Daytron Starship factory, we will start our search there.


       2. TALK TO LOUICK


       Teleport to the Starship Factory's entrance. From the transporter,

       turn north. You should be able to locate him right away. Talk to him

       to get another clue and another update for your Info Edge.

          INFO EDGE ENTRY: 


        |The Smile of the Stolen Doll 2                                  |

        |                                                                |

        |"In the plaza of the Starship Factory on Zerard, Louick told you|

        |                                                                |       

        |        - One of his superiors was acting strangely             |

        |        - said superior was hanging around Dr. Poccachio's Lab  |

        |          with some sort of Strange Doll.                       |

        |                                                                |


       HINT: That should be enough clue by now. Go back to the teleporter

             and teleport to Dr. Poccachio's Lab.




       Enter the small lab and try looking for any strange objects there.

       A cursor should appear over the box on the NE corner of the room.

       Examine it and obtain the item, CHARACTER MUG. A new info will be

       added as well.

          INFO EDGE ENTRY: 


        |The Smile of the Stolen Doll 3                                  |

        |                                                                |

        |"You found the Character Mug Doll in Dr. Poccachio's office.    |

        | Whoever took it must have hidden it here."                     |

        |                                                                |


        Head out and find another blue orb person. (IKAROT). Talk to him

        to obtain an item and yet another update in your IE. This actually

        solves who took it.

          INFO EDGE ENTRY: 


        |The Smile of the Stolen Doll 4                                  |

        |                                                                |

        |"Ikarot stole the Character Mug Doll. When you questioned him   |

        | about it, he gave you an item in exchange for keeping quiet"   |

        |                                                                |


         Bribe eh? If you try to return to Oakton and show him the doll,

         he will deny its his. Oh well, we'll gonna keep it anyway.




        |"This doll's smile is said to be the sign of the apocalypse. Its|

        | lips are beginning to curl up"                                 |





  # 7 - THE INHERITED CHALICE  (JURAIKA)                      [RTM007]



      1. TALK TO SOUIE


        In Juraika, teleport to the village. Now exit the gates. You should

        spot him immediately. Talk to him to get a new batch of info. 

          INFO EDGE ENTRY: 


        |The Inherited Chalice 1                                         |

        |                                                                |

        |" According to Souie in Burkaqua Village on Juraika, there's a  |

        | strange chalice in town that's been passed down through the    |

        | ages. The old woman who inherited the chalice dips it into the |

        | water just about everyday"                                     |

        |                                                                |


       HINT: Aside from that, Souie also mentions that the name of the

             woman is 'Balmon'. So we need to find a place where there

             could be water. BUT that's a problem though...since there

             are lots of bodies of water in Juraika.

             To save your time, I will tell you where I found her, after

             checking out any peculiar places that she might be found.




         Well, this could be the most logical place to look first. The

         springs are somewhat sacred for the Burkaquans (remember Lilika is

         "purifying" Miri in this spring). You can find Balmon on the

         northernmost part of the map. She should be standing in front of

         the small waterfall.

         But when you talk to her, she will just turn you guys down. Yet

         another info will be added.

          INFO EDGE ENTRY: 


        |The Inherited Chalice 2                                         |

        |                                                                |

        |" Balmon, the woman who inherited the Chalice was pretty hard to|

        | get along with"                                                |

        |                                                                |


       HINT: Nothing much from this entry.

             Well, since Lilika is a Burkaquan, I tried talking to Balmon

             using her. But that didn't work. Same goes for everybody else.

             She will refer you guys as "outsiders" and refuse to give you

             any more detail.

             Next I tried, changing to Kisala's Tribal Two Piece outfit

             since it fits the jungle. Same thing happened.

             Now with that in mind, I tried equipping Jaster's Jungle Coat

             to no avail.

             SO... after several trial and errors, my brother suggested to

             equip Kisala, Jaster and Lilika's jungle/tribal outfits then

             try talking to the stinking old lady.

             Well, it worked. :) She will give you the chalice after

             convincing here that you are "one with the jungle"

             So as a summary, you need to have the following. Refer to the

             Alternate Costumes section <EXT001> if you need info where to

             get these outfits.

             Jaster - Jungle Coat

             Kisala - Tribal Two Piece

             Lilika - use her default outfit.

             After that talk to Balmon again and she will voluntarily give

             you the Chalice. So as the entry says:

          INFO EDGE ENTRY: 


        |The Inherited Chalice 3                                         |

        |                                                                |

        |"When everyone approached Balmon dressed in jungle attire, she  |

        | was unexpectedly generous and showed you the Chalice; tuns out |

        | to be Arbin's Chalice."                                        |

        |                                                                |


             So if you try to talk to Balmon again she will accuse you of

             stealing her chalice. (Don't worry she won't ask it back)




        | " The Grail of the Dark Elves that flourished long ago; could  |

        |   turn any liquid into wine* "                                 |


             * So maybe that's the reason why Balmon dips it in the water




  # 8 - RAKSHASA'S HEART    (VEDAN)                             [RTM008]



      1. TALK TO MINTY


         When you first visit the Cancer King's ruins, and after the scene

         and battle with soldiers, you will taken to the Orphan's Hideout.

         Now get out of there and find the ladder leading up.

         Above the underground entrance, you should find Jobman (carries

         the blueprint "Well-Honed Drill Bit"). Go upstairs and talk to

         MINTY. (Two chests are there as well)


         He will inform you about the strange heart-like thingy he found.

         Check your IE for further details.

          INFO EDGE ENTRY: 


        |The Demon's Heart I                                             |

        |                                                                |

        |" According to what Minty told you in the Muna Scrapyard, on    |

        |  Vedan, he picked something strange next to Zax Morarty's body |

        |  but it creeped him out so he threw it in a trash."            |

        |                                                                |



       HINT: So that's our first clue. So that means... we gotta search all

             the trashcans in Myna?!

             No, not at all. My first bet was the small garbage dump with a

             dog in it. Sounds plausible, right? But no, its not there.




        So teleport to the Item Shop Corbis. From the teleporter, turn SE.

        The first trashcan you see there is where the heart is dumped.

        Examine it and you will obtain another rare treasure. New info will

        be available in your IE as well.

        I am just not that sure though if the location of the trashcan that

        contains the heart is randomized in other game saves.

          INFO EDGE ENTRY: 


        |The Demon's Heart 2                                             |

        |                                                                |       

        |" You dug through the trash and obtained Rakshasa's Hear        |

        |                                                                |





        | " A heart-shaped crystal; Put your ear to it and hear a    |

        |   strange rhythm"                                          |




   # 9 LEAVE IT TO THE MAID ROBOT!  1 (ZERARD)              [RTM009]


       Talk to Louin in Zerard's Starship Factory; She is located in the

       hallways leading to Assembly Line 1.


          INFO EDGE ENTRY: 


        | Leave it to the Maid Robot! 1                                  |

        |                                                                |

        |" At the Starship Factory in Zerard, Louin handed some factory  |

        |  blueprints for building a robot"                              |

        |                                                                | 



       HINT: Apparently, this is for the blueprint "Mechanical Oddjober"

             for your factory. Im sure there is something to it after

             completing the item that Im not sure since I still lack the

             necessary materials for this blueprint.




       After creating Maid Robot Betty (which is actually a Rare Item)

       your IE will be updated.


          INFO EDGE ENTRY: 


        | " Using the blueprints Louin provided, you built Maid Robot    |

        |   Betty "                                                      |





        | A helper robot, as you'd expect. Despite her looks, she's  |

        | pretty popular among robot fans                            |



+ + ++ + + +

OTHERS                             OTH000


 + ++ + + ++ +

These are other Info Edge related clues not included in the 9 rare items

list. I will just include them here as I progress into the game and more

details will be added as I discover them (or as contributed by anybody)





      Talk to Nico in the cancer King's ruins, Area 1.


          INFO EDGE ENTRY: 


        | Where's that Seven Star Sword Now? 1-A                         |

        |                                                                | 

        |"You met Nico, a surveyer researching the Seven Star Swords in  |

        | the Cancer King's Ruins in Vedan. According to him, the Seven  |

        | Star Sword COSMOLORE is being held by a man named Chrisden Ark"|

        |                                                                | 



       HINT: If you got this clue first then you will be searching blind

             here. You need to search further.





     Talk to Mesod in the midpoint of Juraika's path to the ruins. He

     should be located in one of the plazas there.


          INFO EDGE ENTRY: 


        | Where's that Seven Star Sword Now? 1-B                         |

        |                                                                | 

        |"You met Mesoa, a surveyer researching the Seven Star Swords at |

        | the path to the Leo King's altar on Juraika. According to him, |

        | the Star Sword COSMOLORE is in the hands of an infamous space  |

        | pirate"                                                        |

        |                                                                | 



       HINT: Ahh.... another piece of the puzzle. Well, it may start to

             make sense now. But the info is still a little vauge. Let's

             search some more.





      Talk to Silma, in the 2-3F of Gladius Tower 1.


          INFO EDGE ENTRY: 


        | Where's that Seven Star Sword Now? 1-C                         |

        |                                                                | 

        |"You met Silma, a surveyer researching the Seven Star Swords in |

        | the Gladius Towers of Zerard. According to him, Chrisden Ark   |

        | was apparently friends with someone named Dorgen-something-or  |

        | another."                                                      |

        |                                                                | 



       HINT: So that's obvious alright. With all those clues together, we

             can narrow our search in the Dorgenark. Fortunately, the

             areas you need to search are not that large.

* Entries 1-A, 1-B and 1-C can be acquired in any order. You can do this

only during and after Chapter 8.




      Talk to Carraco in Dorgenark's control room.


          INFO EDGE ENTRY: 


        | Where's that Seven Star Sword Now?  2                          |

        |                                                                |

        |" According to pirate crew member Carraco, the Dorgenark was    |

        |  built by Dorgengoa and someone named Chrisden Ark. Supposedly |

        |  the info is also written in a monument within the ship's hold |

        |  somewhere."                                                   |

        |                                                                | 



       HINT: Now it all makes sense. So, go to either one of the two

             corridors leading to the Captain's room. On the corridor

             itself look in your immediate right or left. A stone tablet

             with green, glowing glyphs should be there. Examine it and

             obtain one of the Seven Star Swords, the COSMOLORE.

             Stat wise, its not something you can whoop enemy asses with

             but the feeling of owning another Seven Star Sword (other

             than the Desert Seeker) is just great. With this, a closing

             entry to your Info Edge.


          INFO EDGE ENTRY: 


        | Where's that Seven Star Sword Now?  3                          |

        |                                                                |

        | " You read the Chrisden Ark monument inside the Dorgenark and  |

        |   found the Seven Star Sword, Cosmolore. "                     |

        |                                                                | 







       After getting the rare item, Annals of Hades, go inside item shop

       Corbis and find Rodullier. Talk to him to start this sq.


          INFO EDGE ENTRY: 


        | Shisa and Caesar 1                                             |

        |                                                                |

        | " On Vedan, in Myna's famous Item Shop Corbis, Rodullier reads |

        |   you an excerpt from the 'The Annals of Hades                 |

        |                                                                |

        | 1. The treasure lies in the ancient ruins of Sylvazard Desert  |

        | 2. The password is:                                            |

        |                   "It's not Shisa; it's Caesar!"               |

        |                                                                | 



       HINT: I tried searching the whole Sylvazard desert ruins to no

             success. I could be missing some necessary info, I don't

             know. I will post updates to this quest as soon as available.





        Talk to Agassimo in Rosa/ Spaceport area. He is located in the

        southwestern area between the the spaceport and the residential

        area. He should be standing beside a tree.


          INFO EDGE ENTRY: 


        |The Sword Whisperer 1                                           |

        |                                                                |

        | At the Rosa Spaceport, Agassimo told you about a woman in the  |

        | church of Salgin whoe can hear swords talking                  |

        |                                                                | 



       HINT: This should be obvious. Leave the are and check out the only







        Talk to Misanna inside the Church. YOu will obtain the blueprint

        for the "Sword of Frozen Fate"


          INFO EDGE ENTRY: 


        |The Sword Whisperer 2                                           |

        |                                                                |

        | " In the church of Salgin, Misanna outlined some factory       |

        |   blueprints for making a sword. "                             |

        |                                                                | 







        After creating the Ixion, your IE will be updated.


          INFO EDGE ENTRY: 


        | "Using the blueprints Misanna described to you, you made the   |

        |  Seven Star Sword Ixion.                                       |







     1. Talk to Palao in the Ti'Atha Forest in Mariglenn. (Refer to the

        main walkthrough for Chapter 11 to find his location.)


          INFO EDGE ENTRY: 


        | "The combo recipe you received from Palao in the Ti'Atha   |  

        |  Forest on Mariglenn says you can make a new sword by      |

        |  combining a Demon Rouser with a Majestic Halo.            |



       HINT: This is not a blueprint, so this is entirely a weapon

             synthesis recipe for Jaster. So you need a Demon Rouser

             and a Majestic Halo. Follow the diagram below to obtain

             these two.

             (1) Metal Breaker + (2) Grand Calibur = Demon Rouser*


             1. Metal Breaker = Purchase from Alice in Zerard

             2. Grand Calibur = Purchase from Wanboko in Juraika

             (1) Spirit Calibur + (2) Adaman Raiser = Majestic Halo


             1. Spirit Calibur = Purchase from Kayo in Vedan

             2. Adaman Raiser  = Purchase from Narcissus in Mariglenn


             *Demon Rouser is also dropped by quarry #20, Envoy from on

              High. <see [QRY020]>


     2. FORGE THE REQUIRED SWORDS (Demon Rouse + Majestic Halo)

       After getting all the materials, synthesize them using Toady.

       You will then get the fourth Seven Star Sword in the game called



          INFO EDGE ENTRY: 


        | Using the recipe Palao gave you, you created the Seven Star|

        | Sword Duke Nightmare.                                      |







        C R E D I T S


First of all I want to say my sincerest thanks to the awesome people of IGN

(specifically Stephen Ng) for featuring me as their Writer of the Month for

March. <> You guys ROCK!

-- and also thanks to my brother for playing the game along with me using

   his separate game file and filling me up with the stuff I missed. It was

   really a great help.

-- To Gerald (Double_G) from for permitting me to

   include some info from his Alternate Costumes guide. And for his

   cheat sheet for the Seven Mysteries Quiz which helped a lot.

-- To all those generous and great websites hosting my faqs.

-- To the people behind for their great online ASCII

   converter ( for the ASCII text

   art in the beginning of this faq

-- To my mom for supporting me by not ranting about my "work"

Thanks also to...

Level 5 and Sony for bringing a great game. Kudos!

and of course...




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   $+           $$$ $++               $+         

   $+  $$$$+     $$$++  $$$$+ $+  +   $+         

   $+  $+ $+      $++   $+ $+ $+  +              

   $+  $$$$+      $$+   $$$$+ $$$$+   $+

- for reading this quide. I just dedicated 1 month of my life to complete

this as it is now. Thanks!