Spider-Man 3 XBOX LIVE Achievements

XBOX LIVE Achievements:

Police Sergeant (30 points): Complete all Bank Robbery missions.

Police Officer (30 points): Complete all Crime Spree missions.

Police Corporal (30 points): Complete all Petty Theft missions.

Cold Blooded Super Master (30 points): Complete all Connors missions.

Deputy (30 points): Complete all DeWolfe missions.

Frequent Flyer (10 points): Collect all Skyscraper tokens.

Splat Master 2007 (20 points): Splat into the ground 25 times.

Police Detective (30 points): Complete 25 random city missions.

Police Chief (30 points): Complete all combat tours.

Punk Rocker (10 points): Collect all Apocalypse Gang tokens.

Sweet Tooth (10 points): Collect all Arsenic Candy tokens.

Fire Breather (10 points): Collect all Order of the Dragon Tail tokens.

Arachnophile (10 points): Collect all Secret tokens.

Pied Piper (10 points): Collect all Subway tokens.

Hitch Hiker (20 points): Ride a car or truck for 5 miles.

Eddie Brock (40 points): Defeat this nemesis.   

Flint Marko (30 points): Defeat this nemesis.

Harry Osborn (30 points): Defeat this nemesis.

Wilson Fisk (30 points): Defeat this nemesis.

Aleksei Sytsevich (30 points): Defeat this nemesis.

Macdonald Gargan (40 points): Rescue this adversary.

Sergei Kravinoff (30 points): Defeat this nemesis.