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Far Cry Primal Outfit: How to Unlock It in Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 players can now access the Far Cry Primal Pack (which includes the Far Cry Primal Outfit) through the Ubisoft Club. Prior to the recent patch, players were confused as to how exactly the Far Cry Primal outfit was unlocked and equipped. Now it’s finally available to eligible players. Here’s how you get your hands on it!

Far Cry Primal Outfit: How to Unlock It in Far Cry 5

Thanks to a recent patch, the Far Cry Primal outfit is now accessible to all Far Cry 5 players who have played Primal. The outfit will be unlockable in the Ubisoft Club storefront only by accounts that have Primal on their game history. If you haven’t played Far Cry Primal, you unfortunately can’t yet unlock the Far Cry Primal outfit.

If you’re desperate to unlock the Far Cry Primal outfit, it is possible to play Primal after starting Far Cry 5, and then access the outfit through the store. You could always rent a copy or grab a friend’s disk! (Far Cry 5 checks your played game history with each reboot, so you can play Primal and unlock the Far Cry Primal outfit at any point.)

There have been many players complaining that they had already unlocked the Far Cry Primal outfit through the Ubisoft Club and couldn’t find it within the Far Cry 5 game. Prior to the recent patch, the Far Cry Primal outfit was unlockable, but not actually equippable. That is now fixed and everyone should be able to access it through the in-game stores.

Far Cry Primal Outfit: How to Equip It

Far Cry Primal Outfit

To equip the Far Cry Primal outfit, players need to first ensure it is unlocked through the Ubisoft Club. Then it will need to be unlocked within the Far Cry 5 world through a store. Once acquired from a store, the Far Cry Primal outfit can be equipped like any other outfit. (A recent patch should have fixed any bugs surrounding equipping the outfit, so ensure the game is fully updated if you’re experiencing issues!)