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Hitman: Blood Money FAQ/ Walkthrough

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--------------------------------<BLOOD MONEY: WALKTHROUGH & FAQ - FINAL VERSION>

May 31, 2006 (last update: 14:54 18/06/2007 - 28,908 Words, 77 Pages)
Written, edited, and arranged by: Mike Penance
    e-mail: [email protected]
    or look for me in the forums of the sites in the allowed list

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"Be  extremely  subtle,  even  to  the  point  of  formlessness.  Be   extremely
mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness.  Thereby you can be the director
of the opponent's fate ..." - Sun Tzu, The Art of War

1. Introduction .........................................................[HIT01]
              - A Word from Mike ........................................[INT01]
              - Notoriety; Causality in Effect ..........................[INT02]
2. Controls .............................................................[HIT02]
3. Tricks of the Trade ..................................................[HIT03]
4. Weapons ..............................................................[HIT04]
              - Melee/Close Combat ......................................[CQC01]
                  - Baseball Bat ........................................[CQC02]
                  - Cane Sword ..........................................[CQC03]
                  - Fibre Wire ..........................................[CQC04]
                  - Fire Extinguisher ...................................[CQC05]
                  - Hammer ..............................................[CQC06]
                  - Hedge Cutter ........................................[CQC07]
                  - Kitchen Knife .......................................[CQC08]
                  - Meat Cleaver ........................................[CQC09]
                  - Screwdriver .........................................[CQC10]
                  - Shovel ..............................................[CQC11]
                  - Stiletto ............................................[CQC12]
                  - Stun Gun ............................................[CQC13]
                  - Syringe (Sedative) ..................................[CQC14]
                  - Syringe (Poison) ....................................[CQC15]
              - Handguns ................................................[HAN01]
                  - Bull.480 (Taurus Raging Bull) .......................[HAN02]
                  - Custom 1911 (Colt M1911) ............................[HAN03]
                  - Desert Eagle ........................................[HAN04]
                  - Nail Gun (Pro 2000 Nailer) ..........................[HAN05]
                  - SLP.40 (H&K USP) ....................................[HAN06]
                  - SLP.40.S (H&K USP w/Suppressor) .....................[HAN07]
                  - Snub Nosed Revolver (M36 Chief's Special) ...........[HAN08]
                  - Silverballer (AMT Hardballer) .......................[HAN09]
                  - Six-Shooter (Schofield Model 3)......................[HAN10]
                  - WWI Pistol (Mauser C96) .............................[HAN11]
                  - WWI Pistol - Prop ...................................[HAN12]
              - Assault Rifles ..........................................[ASR01]
                  - F.N.2000 (F2000) ....................................[ASR02]
                  - M4 (Colt M4 Carbine) ................................[ASR03]
                  - M14 Grand ...........................................[ASR04]
                  - S.G522 Commando (SIG 522) ...........................[ASR05]
              - Sub-Machineguns .........................................[SMG01]
                  - MP5 (H&K MP5) .......................................[SMG02]
                  - MP7 (H&K MP7) .......................................[SMG03]
                  - MP9 (Ruger MP9) .....................................[SMG04]
                  - SAF SMG (FAMAE MT-40) ...............................[SMG05]
                  - SMG Tactical (H&K MP5) ..............................[SMG06]
                  - TMP (Steyr TMP) .....................................[SMG07]
              - Shotguns ................................................[SHG01]
                  - Shotgun (Remington 870) .............................[SHG02]
                  - SP12 Shotgun (Franchi SPAS-12) ......................[SHG03]
              - Sniper Rifles ...........................................[SNR01]
                  - Air Rifle (Beeman Break-Barrel) .....................[SNR02]
                  - Dragunov SVD ........................................[SNR03]
                  - Elephant Rifle (Browning BAR Mk. II Safari) .........[SNR04]
                  - KAZO TRG (SAKO TRG) .................................[SNR05]
                  - W2000 (Walther WA2000) ..............................[SNR06]
              - Special Weapons & Equipment .............................[SWE01]
                  - Binoculars ..........................................[SWE02]
                  - Coin ................................................[SWE03]
                  - Enhanced Detonator ..................................[SWE04]
                  - Extra Mine ..........................................[SWE05]
                  - Flak Vests ..........................................[SWE06]
                  - Foil Padded Suitcase ................................[SWE07]
                  - Health Items ........................................[SWE08]
                  - Lockpicks ...........................................[SWE09]
                  - RU-AP Mine/Detonator ................................[SWE10]
5. Walkthrough ..........................................................[HIT05]
                  - Death of a Showman ..................................[SIA01]
                  - A Vintage Year ......................................[SIA02]
            <rev> - Curtains Down .......................................[SIA03]
            <rev> - Flatline ............................................[SIA04]
                  - A New Life ..........................................[SIA05]
            <rev> - The Murder of Crows .................................[SIA06]
            <rev> - You Better Watch Out ................................[SIA07]
            <rev> - Death on the Mississippi ............................[SIA08]
                  - ... Till Death Do Us Part ...........................[SIA09]
            <rev> - A House of Cards ....................................[SIA10]
                  - A Dance with the Devil ..............................[SIA11]
                  - Amendment XXV .......................................[SIA12]
                  - Requiem .............................................[SIA13]
6. Cheats, Codes, and Easter Eggs .......................................[HIT06]
7. F.A.Q's <rev> ........................................................[HIT07]
8. The Happy Lawyer Department ..........................................[HIT08]
9. Credits & Outro ......................................................[HIT09]

1. Introduction [HIT01]

Agent 47  is back on the job ... technically ... that’s a bad thing because it’s
wrong to kill strangers.  Does that mean it's  okay  to kill people you do know?
That seems  wrong also ... can’t  kill  strangers ... can’t  kill  acquaintances
(that Flonne cracks me up).  Fortunately, 47 doesn’t have  such  qualms and will
quite literally kill anyone for enough cash.  Last time we saw our anti-hero  he
was left clinging to life after a failed  assassination – Blood Money shows  the
events leading up to it and the  aftermath of 47’s revenge.  Ooh, it's going  to
get nasty, better them than me.

- A Word from Mike [INT01]

I never quite got  around  to  starting  that  Contracts  guide  (admittedly  it
would’ve been easier than this one) that I wanted  to write ... this time I’m on
the ball, by now everything should be nicely finished.  Where does the time  go?
No, really - I want it back!

As a new (experimental) thing - I'm  adding instant messenger  support (MSN) for
anyone who needs more help than this guide can muster.  Use the following  email
address FOR INSTANT MESSAGING ONLY - [email protected] - any  email that
gets sent to this address WILL NOT BE REPLIED TOO.

And yes my friends, this is actually  the  final version of this guide.  I  hope
you've  enjoyed  my attempt  at being useful with  this  guide  to Hitman: Blood
Money, I'm sure you've been a great audience, see you next Hitman - MKP.

- Notoriety; Causality in Effect [INT02]

Notoriety ... why doesn’t that sound like a good thing?  The big new feature for
Blood Money is  the  notoriety  meter; depending  on how you tackle your current
mission  you’ll alter the course of your future ones.  After each mission you’ll
be  taken  to  a  sleaze-rag ... er,  I  mean  newspaper report  on  the  recent
assassination.  If a civilian sees you performing a suspicious action, once  the
hit goes down they’ll give your details  to the police.  Not only will Guards on
future missions  be  issued with your current description  but  you may actually
bump  into  the  same  civilian.  At first, the description leaked to the papers
will be as vague  as hell – ‘a male suspect’, ‘a bald man’ etc. but  the  higher
your  notoriety gets, the better the description (being caught on camera and not
retrieving the tape  awards higher notoriety  than a witness report).  Notoriety
also affects your cover, if you’re dressed as a Guard and they’re  looking for a
bald man – you’ll  still rouse  suspicion, if your costume includes a hat you’ll
blend in more.  It’s not the end of the world if  your  notoriety hits the  roof
because with a  bit of hard cash  it’ll  all go away.  After every  successfully
completed mission you’ll be  taken to the bribe  screen, from here you can lower
your  notoriety  by paying  off witnesses (- 15) and  even bribing the  chief of
police  to lose vital  evidence (- 40).  If it’s  still too  much you can  pay a
whopping $200,000 to purchase a completely new identity (- 100).   The  cheaper,
more time consuming  method is to replay  the missions that you messed up on and
achieve a lower notoriety  score than last time (if your score is less than last
time, the difference will be deducted from your total).

Eventually the  Cops are going  to  have a  cast-iron  description  of  you  and
eventually your true  identity will be revealed - the fun part though, is seeing
some of the newspaper reports.  For the first seven missions they had 47 down as
a 'gay psychopath' who looked scarily like Barry Burton (Resident Evil), for the
next few  missions  after that  they  had  him  down  as  a  Dan 'Homer Simpson'
Castellaneta look-alike - either that or Richard O'Brian - it's a hoot.

2. Controls [HIT02]

L1: - use this button to crouch (to hide  behind  things) and to sneak (to avoid
      detection).  Pushing  this button while  up  a  ladder or  other climbable
      object will make 47  jump off - handy when you really need to be somewhere
      else, fast.

L2: - this button opens and closes the map, remember that the game still carries
      on in the background and is not paused.

L3: - hold this button to bring up an aiming  reticule, release  the  button  to
      throw whatever item you have in your hand (the longer you hold the  button
      the harder your throw will be).

R1: - this button will use firearms and attack with melee  weapons; it  is  also
      used to engage in close combat.

R2: - reload, that's it, just a reload button.

R3: - push this button to enter sCope mode (if the equipped weapon has  a sCope)
      or enter first-person mode.

Square: - this little button will holster  and  draw  your  weapons and open and
          close the inventory (hold to open, release to close).  Switch  between
          the map and the legend.

Triangle: - drop whatever item that you have in  your hand, it's  also  used  to
            exit the map.

Circle: - use this button to pickup items or open the item pickup window (hold).

Cross: - carry out an  action  or  open  the  action  menu (hold).  Spy  through
         keyholes while crouching.

D-Pad U/D: - zoom-in with the sniper sCope or binoculars.

D-Pad L/R: - scroll through maps.

Select: - open briefing menu.

3. Tricks of the Trade [HIT03]

Agent 47  has quite  a few tricks up his sinister sleeves; if you fail to  grasp
these basics fully, that Silent Assassin rating will always be out of reach (was
that too melodramatic?  Discuss).  47’s various techniques sit in the categories
of attack, defence, and movement.  Learn to  master each one and  learn to apply
them effectively each time ... or something like that.

- Melee Attack:

If you push the R1  button while standing in front of  a budding  victim  you’ll
deliver a grappled headbutt, pressing R1  against the newly stunned  victim will
deliver  a knockout  blow.  This  is probably  the most sought after addition to
Blood Money, the  ability to fight  back  without  weapons.  The  headbutt/punch
combo is as violent as it sounds and once you headbutt  someone they’re unlikely
to  forget  you  (or forgive you but that’s an entirely  different  matter).  If
you’re in a secluded  spot and you actually intend to finish  them  off – by all
means do it (the blood can give you away if you're not careful).

- Giving them the Push:

A tap of the R1 button while standing behind  someone will give them a push, not
too great on its own but if you push them  downstairs (personal   favourite)  or
off a ledge you can  fake an accident.  Sometimes you can score  multiple  kills
by pushing one punk onto another, although that requires near perfect timing ...
and Spider Senses ... mainly timing though.  Another important use for the  push
is that  you  can shove  someone  so that  they  knock themselves out on a  hard
surface - very handy when you're out of Sedative Syringes.

- Elevator & Up:

In some elevators (okay, most) it’s possible to climb through the ceiling  hatch
and onto  the  top  of the elevator.  If there  happens  to be  someone standing
directly  below the hatch  you can  equip your Fibre Wire  and press  the  cross
button  to  strangle  them  and pull them up.  It’s  a silent kill  and  instant
concealment – dandy, eh?

- Lock and Roll:

The title ...?  Oh, it just came to me (I bet  you  couldn’t  tell).  All  doors
have locks and Agent 47 has guns ... nope, can’t think  of a  thing!  Oh, wait –
if you fire at a door lock (preferably in  first-person view) it’ll  break.  The
benefits of which is that you  can avoid  picking locks altogether – the bad bit
is that it makes quite a bit of localised noise and it leaves a physical mark on
the door (yup, people will  notice).  In real life  no  self-respecting  weapons
specialist would ever  shoot  out a lock – the  ricochet could quite easily kill
them.  Who says that reading my guide isn’t a learning  experience?  Doors  that
are opened via key card (like the daemonic  devices you  get in hotels) can't be
picked or shot open (unless you posses a card to the door) ... not  like  you've
ever tried ... right?

- Disarming:

If you push the R1 button while standing near an armed opponent you’ll perform a
grapple  for their  firearm.  There are two outcomes to the disarming technique,
you’ll  either  successfully win  control of  the gun causing a  small localised
noise  or  you’ll win  control  of the gun  but it’ll  go  off in  the  struggle
(injuring your  target in the  process), this of course  creates a lot of noise.
Do it if you need it but don’t make a habit of it.

There is a 'shooting disarm' but frankly I think that's purely limited to Guards
and the like (seeing as how I’ve never, ever done  it  or seen it done).  If  it
happens  to  you, you'd  better  pull  your finger out and pick up your gun - in
shootouts, one  rogue shot can screw up your chances of even scraping through by
the  skin  of  your teeth (especially if you don’t have a backup peace on hand).

- Human Shield:

If you can manage  to sneak up behind  someone with  an  appropriate  gun  drawn
(single-handed use only) you can use the cross button to grab them  as  a  human
shield  (I  say ‘sneak’ but as  long  as you can get  behind someone).  A  human
shield  by  definition  should  be  quite  handy – angry  men  with  machineguns
evidently don’t read the dictionary.  If you cause too much trouble and kill too
many  people while  you have a  shield, people are  likely to  shoot back!  When
you’re done with them you can shove them to the floor with triangle or knock em’
out with the  cross button.  Alternatively  you can fake  an accident by pushing
them from a high ledge.

R1: - this  button  will  discharge  your  chosen  firearm.  That's  it, really.

R2: - reload, that's  it, just a reload button.  When  reloading  with  a  human
      shield, 47 will drop into a kneeling position to reload - this leaves  him
      momentarily  vulnerable  to  being  outflanked  (the  enemy gaining ground
      behind you).

Triangle: - give your victim a hearty slap on the back - oh, it's not hearty and
            it's not really a slap.  47 will shove his victim to  the  ground, a
            shove near some railings or stairs  will  result  in  a  very  fatal
            experience - if no one is  around to witness this, it'll be  classed
            as an accident.

Cross: - pushing this button will pistol-whip your hostage's light out  in  what
         can only be described as the painful alternative to sedation.

- Disposal of Bodies:

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they need to hide a body ... oh  wait
... pretend  I didn’t say that!  Even  when  going for a  Silent Assassin rating
the bodies can  mount up ridiculously fast.  To achieve the Silent Assassin rank
you need to  be able to hide and dispose  of  bodies when  necessary.  There are
various  ways  to  temporarily  or  permanently  dispose  of  the   ultimate  in
incriminating evidence.  Every level  contains a dumpster, a  hopper, or a chest
freezer (basically the same, if not a little colder or  smellier than the last).
As long as you remember  to  put the lid down they should  provide  an  adequate
hiding place for civilian/police/agent bodies – although it is worth  mentioning
that dumpsters outside of cafes and  restaurants are used  frequently by waiters
and the like.  Dark areas will do when it comes  to stashing bodies, the  darker
the  better – matter-less  of  how dark  the area is; if  it’s  used  frequently
someone may see something sooner or later.  Permanently disposing of bodies  can
be  a  godsend when  faced  with  multiple targets, places like  swamps, garbage
trucks, and furnaces  will  do  the  job nicely.  Although  the  more unpleasant
ways of disposal tend to add to your violence  rating quite quickly – if you can
try and use large bodies (see what I did there?) of water to  cover your tracks,
that’d be  great.  It's purely  a  case of  using  your  best  judgement ... get
discovered or be a little rough, each  level  walkthrough will tell you the best
way to hide or  dispose of  bodies in a  discreet  enough manor  to earn you the
mantle of Silent Assassin.

- Diversions:

It isn’t all about shooting and pure stealth; sometimes  to succeed you need  to
be able to cause  a  diversion.  The obvious choice  of  diversion is to use the
Coin, simply throw  it  and with a bit  of luck, your  target will wander off to
investigate – giving you the chance to eliminate them quietly or simply sneak on
by.  Coins are  great  but for a longer  lasting  diversion you can actually use
your attaché case – if  you  throw  it in a similar manor to a Coin, your chosen
target will pick it up and take it to the nearest security room (a civilian will
run off to let someone  know  about  the  case – either  way, win/win).  A  firm
favourite of mine (and Agent 47’s ... probably)  is  to  simply  toggle a  light
switch, when  someone  comes  to  turn  the  lights  back  on you  can  use  the
opportunity to  take  them down when they turn their back or sneak past (its all
good, baby).

You’re not purely limited to  the basics, on some missions there will  be  level
specific diversion  like  fire alarms and laser tripwires that can be exploited.

- Costume Changes:

Hitman may be good  and  he  may  have  a  big bald, bar-coded  head  but  there
are times when 47  needs  to acquire some  new  pants (okay, and the rest) to be
able to  achieve  his  mission  without  raising  suspicion  of  an  undue kind.
Usually, obtaining a costume is as simple as smacking someone across the back of
the head and  selecting  the  costume from the pickup menu and then bundling the
naked guy into  a  box (any body armour  other than Flexible Kevlar will be lost
when you  change  from  your suit).  Different  costumes have different areas of
access (an FBI agent  can walk unhindered just about anywhere without question –
even bypassing metal  detectors) and  allow you  to carry certain weapons freely
(e.g. a worker can  get away with carrying Hammers and Nail Guns without getting
his face blown off).

Providing  that  you  don’t  keep trying  to  enter  unauthorised  areas  or  do
uncharacteristic things (waving  your  firearm at partygoers usually does it for
me), your cover  should remain intact.  Only  Guards wearing the same threads as
you can become suspicious  of you  and  blow  your  cover (unless  you’re  doing
something totally stupid).  The  best way to completely obliterate your cover is
to have a body discovered and identified – this tells every Guard on the mission
exactly who they should be looking for, even  the  smallest amount of suspicious
behaviour will plunge  you  into the red.  A  neat  little feature that’s new to
Blood Money is that changing costumes will now lower the  suspicion meter – this
is an absolute lifesaver  should  you screw  up  but still remain  on  target to
complete the mission.

Retrieving your suit is vital to obtaining a Silent Assassin rank on Expert  and
Professional  difficulties – try and  leave it somewhere secluded but accessible
for when the time comes.

- Navigating the Environment:

Evidently Agent 47 has been on an outward bounds weekend between games – and  it
shows.  I want to  make  this  sound technical  and  cool ... but  basically ...
pushing forward  will do everything.  If you  want to  climb something (trellis,
ladder, drainpipe, etc.) just push towards it – pushing up  goes  up and pushing
down goes down (well  I  never).   If you’re in a  hurry  to  get down, push  L1
to  drop straight  to the ground (depending on how high up you are you’ll suffer
varying amounts of  damage).  The  same goes for jumping  from ledges – push  in
the direction that you want to go and Mister Hitman will do the rest.

To traverse ledges (in a wall hugging fashion no less) simply push  towards  the
ledge and 47  will  automatically  do what needs  to be  done  (shimmy-shimmy) –
should  someone see you and raise  the alarm you’ll be unable to defend yourself
(the whole balancing precariously bit puts pay to that).

As you may have guessed, these are all highly suspicious actions (hanging from a
drainpipe, suspicious!?!) so watch what the hell you’re doing, eh?

4. Weapons [HIT04]

"The victim was  dispatched in  an  expert manor by a ... frozen banana  to  the
head!”  Well, yeah if 47  didn’t have any  kind of  weapon that’s  the  headline
you’d  see quite a  lot at the end of level  screen.  Knives, guns, and  various
blunt objects make up a vast majority of Mr. 47’s arsenal – how  you use them is
entirely up to you.  A little note to stop me having  to  slap  some people  for
bringing it up later - weapon upgrades that are unlocked after a certain mission
will only be unlocked if you have all the missions before and including that one
completed with a Silent Assassin rank.

“There is a time and place for the use of weapons.” — Miyamoto Musashi, The Book
of Five Rings, The Ground Book

- Melee/Close Combat [CQC01]

Without close combat you’d see your violence rating soar, close combat is silent
and always deadly and  professional.  In  many  situations you’ll  be unable  to
carry or use a firearm  due to metal detectors  and the like.  Weapons  like the
Syringe  and Fibre Wire  are undetectable and can  easily  incapacitate or  kill
instantly.  Melee  weapons aren’t limited  to your default  equipment, there are
many spur-of-the-moment objects lying around like Fire Extinguishers and Kitchen
Knives.  Of course, if  you never expected  to come across one of these weapons,
things may not go to plan in a big mission  when  you go to use  them.  Practice
makes perfect.  Just so you know, folks - you can't  collect  melee weapons like
you could in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin ... boo.

A quick  little note  about  bloodstains - certain  melee  weapons  will  become
covered in blood after 'use'.  Needless to say, but, even  when  dressed in  the
appropriate costume, bloodstained  weapons  are  a no-no (for  obvious  reason).

- Baseball Bat [CQC02]

FOUND: Death of a Showman, A New Life

‘Bat’-Man Returns ... The Good, the ‘Bat’, and the Ugly ... ‘Bat’ to  the Future
... <sigh> that’s me  done.  It’s a  Baseball Bat, be creative, be  spontaneous,
be Babe Ruth  if  you like.  It’s not a technical marvel, you just swing it  and
people fall over.

- Cane Sword [CQC03]

FOUND: A Dance with the Devil

It’s a  sword ... no, it’s a cane ... well; it’s  actually a bit  of  both.  The
Cane Sword starts automatically holstered (pushing the square button  will  drop
it); a quick flick of R1 button  will  unsheathe it and deliver a vicious slash.
It’s quick and  painful, and is guaranteed to  create  quite a bit of noise (and
mess).  The coolest thing about the Cane Sword is its  stealth attack - a rapier
-style thrust through the back - sadly this  weapon  is absolute  pants  because
only Vaana can walk about unhindered with it.

- Fibre Wire [CQC04]

FOUND: Default

The Fibre Wire is a Silent Assassin’s weapon of choice, no mess and no fuss, and
always available.  Press R1 to  tighten the Wire  and enter sneak mode  (another
one of those  handy little tweaks that make things easier); simply  releasing R1
behind  your  chosen victim  will  kill  them  instantly.  It’s an  awkward  but
necessary  weapon to  master and it's silent  and doesn’t add to  your  violence
rating (even one can wreck your chance for a Silent Assassin  ranking).  A nifty
new  feature (like I  mentioned before) is  that  you  can  pull  people through
ceiling hatches thus killing them and hiding them at the same time.

- Fire Extinguisher [CQC05]

FOUND: Death of a Showman, A Vintage Year, Death on the Mississippi

Fire isn’t  the only thing that  this can  extinguish (see that, play on  words,
brilliant) – the Fire Extinguisher can make an impromptu bludgeon if need be.  A
blow from behind will always do the job in one hit, from the front and depending
on how good a shot they receive they may need a couple of blows, although it’s a
pretty certain knockdown.

- Hammer [CQC06]

FOUND: Death of a Showman, A Vintage Year, Curtains Down, Requiem

<Singing> If I had a Hammer, I’d chase you in the  morning, I’d kill you in  the
evening ... <ahem>.  I’ll leave you to  ponder the uses of  a Hammer (clue: they
involve hitting people across the back of the head), make sure you’re dressed as
a workman unless you can explain why a theatre-goer needs  a  Hammer.  Amusingly
enough, the Hammer can be thrown for a fatal long distance attack - if you  want
it back you'll be in for a long distance sprint (fact). 

- Hedge Cutter [CQC07]

FOUND: A New Life, Requiem

Hedge Cutters, we’ve all got them (well, presuming  you have a hedge) and we all
know that they’re as sharp as  hell.  Apart  from being able to clip hedges with
them (not  like  I’ve seen him clip hedges  with them), 47 can  deliver a rather
violent double-stab  attack from behind – from  the front however, 47 delivers a
feeble little jab ... I know which one is better.

- Kitchen Knife [CQC08]

FOUND: Death  of  a  Showman, A  New Life, The Murder of Crows, You Better Watch
       Out ..., Death on the Mississippi, Requiem

Strangely, this is probably the most well rounded weapon in the game!  You  have
a powerful  frontal  attack, a stealth  attack, and  you  can  throw  it  for  a
projectile attack (it can be retrieved from a target - in  a  fire fight  that's
never a good thing to attempt). This  is  purely one of those ‘find in level but
can’t bring  home’ kind of items so  use it  while you  can  and don’t  get  too
attached to it.

- Meat Cleaver [CQC09]

FOUND: A Dance with the Devil

Just when you  thought  it  was  a  safe to  go back  in  the kitchen!  The Meat
Cleaver, as the name  suggests, cleaves  meat – that also happens to include any
bone that gets in the way.  Being the nice guy that he is, Agent 47  will gladly
hit people in the back of  the head with  it in what has to be the most gruesome
sight of the game.  What else?  Well, you can throw it just like a knife (albeit
in a much cooler way) and its frontal attack seems marginally stronger (although
it’s still a bit crap).

- Screwdriver [CQC10]

FOUND: Curtains Down, Requiem 

I once almost put a Screwdriver through my hand, not  a  very nice  experience I
can tell you.  Of course, nobody  told this to 47 – let’s just say you shouldn’t
let him do your DIY.  It’s very cool, it’s very messy ... and it’s very  47.  As
an added bonus, it can be  thrown in a similar way  to a knife ... is there such
a thing as projectile DIY?

- Shovel [CQC11]

FOUND: Death on the Mississippi, ... Till Death Do Us Part, Requiem

The Shovel is purely a  limited use weapon, well you  can whack people all  day,
but what  I mean is  if you don’t stay  dressed  as  a furnace  worker, keep  it
holstered, and  never leave  the furnace  area then  you’ll cause all  kinds  of
ructions (on the other missions its much harder).  A well aimed swing  from  the
front  will  send  a target flying, from behind however, you’ll deliver a couple
of quick blows to your victims’ head, finishing them instantly (and making quite
a bit of noise).  Like I say, if  its there then  you may  as well try it  once.
The Shovel also appears on the final level but there  is very little opportunity
to use it without getting shot in the face.

- Stiletto [CQC12]

FOUND: A Dance with the Devil, Requiem

A Stiletto is a long-bladed knife that’s primarily designed for stabbing  rather
than  mindless  slashing.  If you  use  this  like  you’re  supposed  to  you’ll
probably not notice much difference between this and the Kitchen Knife, throw it
and stab things, ya know, the usual.

- Stun Gun [CQC13]

FOUND: Flatline

The Stun Gun is so brilliant that I thought  they’d let you keep it (with a  bit
of jiggery-pokery you could grab one in the  original Hitman but  it didn’t work
properly).  You can’t keep it  and so far I’ve only seen it on one  mission.  By
holding R1 you charge the Stun Gun, by releasing R1, people  fall over.  One zap
from the front will incapacitate anyone, the stealth attack should  prove  quite
fatal ... but it doesn't ... in my world we obey the laws of biology.

- Syringe (Sedative) [CQC14]

FOUND: Default

The needle-man cometh and ... er, that’s a bad  thing.  If you need to acquire a
new  uniform  or  remove a  civilian  from  the equation  in  a  safe  and  more
importantly anonymous way, the Syringe  is  always the best way forward.  I find
that  it’s quite handy for faking accidents, a quick shot in the neck and up and
over the nearest balcony rail to the  floor below.  You can also  dope  people’s
drinks (and the odd sausage) but I prefer to do things personally.  You only get
two uses from the Syringe, using them  sparingly is often vital to your success.

- Syringe (Poison) [CQC15]

FOUND: Death of a Showman, default

If you harbour the desire to murder rather than sedate, the Poison Syringe  will
be up your ally, silent, quick and  deadly  but totally  non-violent.  Like  the
Sedative Syringe you can lace food (producing  the  possibility  of  eliminating
multiple targets).  Remember, when poisoning food you can’t always dictate  when
and where your target will eat it – they may collapse almost instantly  or  they
may get  far  enough for you to  safely hide them, like I said you can’t dictate
these things.  If  you  poison someone and  then throw  them off a balcony it’ll
still class as a  poisoning  rather than just being  suspicious.  Two  jabs  and
that’s  it, but unlike the sedative variant you’ll use this one specifically for
elimination of key  targets.  Incidentally, if you end up having to incapacitate
someone in a physical  sense  you can  still  finish  them  while  they’re prone
(another one of those handy little tweaks).

- Handguns [HAN01]

Handguns are a great commodity in the world of Hitman (even  more so  this  time
round).  A good, reliable Handgun  should always find  its way into your pockets
at the start of each mission.  They’re concealable and dependable, Sniper Rifles
and Shotguns  are  all well and  good  but they  each have  their time and place
before  they’ll  work  perfectly.  Handguns  are  suitable  for  all  situations
(especially with a Silencer and a Scope).

- Bull.480 (Taurus Raging Bull) [HAN02]


FOUND: A New Life, Death on the Mississippi

This  is one meaty  weapon; it’s kind  of  like a Charles Bronson special!  This
hand-cannon can blow a plate-sized hole in whatever  you  aim at.  I  mean, yeah
it’s powerful but man is  it  slow.  I’d give  your lunch  money to  have  had a
customisable magnum revolver in Blood Money (custom barrels, twin  auto-loaders,
etc).  Unless you’re intending to ‘rip it up’, one shot is  going  to wreck your
Silent Assassin  rating.  I’ve  only  seen  Bull  ammo  lying  around  once  but
there is a large  concentration of  Bull.480’s on  the  Death on the Mississippi

- Custom 1911 (Colt M1911) [HAN03]

  AMMO TYPE: Magnum

FOUND: Amendment XXV, Requiem

The Custom 1911  is  almost exactly the same as the Desert Eagle – as  to why we
have it, I don’t  know.  It only  appears  twice  anywhere  and  it  isn’t  even
collectable (and  like  the WWI Pistol it doesn’t even  appear on  the  standard
equipment list).

- Desert Eagle [HAN04]

  AMMO TYPE: Magnum

FOUND: Death of a  Showman, The  Murder  of  Crows, Death  on  the  Mississippi,
       A Dance with the Devil, Amendment XXV

If you need to make some noise then this  is the gun to  use, baby.  This  is  a
semi-automatic powerhouse that makes you  happy by just  being  there.  I rarely
use it  but if I can, I always take it with me (that or my trusty Silverballer).
Magnum ammo is pretty damn  scarce but don’t  be  surprised to find large caches
from time to time.  There are plenty of opportunities  to grab a Desert Eagle or
two, try high profile Bodyguards or targets if you’re desperate.

- Nail Gun (Pro 2000 Nailer) [HAN05]

  AMMO TYPE: Nails
COLLECTABLE: Yes (standard equipment screen only)

FOUND: Curtains Down, A New Life, Amendment XXV

Technically ... not strictly speaking that is ... it’s  not  really  a  firearm.
It’s a cordless Nail Gun that uses a  CO2 cylinder to fire nails  over  a  short
distance.  If you want to give it  a  go you can use it as  a  replacement for a
silenced pistol – headshots  only  I’m  afraid, otherwise  you’ll  be  there all
day (and night, and day again).

- SLP.40 (H&K USP) [HAN06]


FOUND: Death of a Showman, Curtains Down, Flatline, A New Life, Murder of Crows,
       A House of Cards, A Dance with the Devil, Amendment XXV, Requiem 

The SLP.40 is pretty much standard issue for every goon and Guard  from  here to
eternity.  It’ll be the  first gun you  ever find and the first gun to ever kill
you – that  is  Hitman’s one and only truth.  I have  never found  a  reason  to
deviate from  my Silverballer for this.  It’s  accurate enough  and  it’s pretty
powerful, but for  a .45ACP it’s not as powerful  as you’d expect.  Grab one for
your collection and then avoid it completely.

- SLP.40.S (H&K USP w/Suppressor) [HAN07]


FOUND: The Murder of Crows, A House of Cards

This is ... okay, I think.  It’s  exactly  the same  as the SLP.40 but  with  an
added Silencer, if this were Contracts I’d say that this were a fine addition to
your arsenal, but  due to the customisable Silverballer, this comes second best.
If I had to choose  one or the other  I wouldn’t choose this one ... however, if
your Silverballer isn’t  quite  up to your desired spec yet  because you’ve been
burning money, then this may be adequate for a short time.

- Snub Nosed Revolver (M36 Chief's Special) [HAN08]

  AMMO TYPE: Pistol

FOUND: A Vintage Year, Death on the Mississippi

The  Snub Nosed Revolver (more commonly  known  as  a Derringer) – officially  a
ladies gun it was also favoured by the  likes of Al Capone (I think James Cagney
had one in  one of his  films ... which one?  I can’t remember  for  the life of
me).  Unlike the Derringers I’ve seen, this one holds six shot (instead if two).
Anyway, at close range this  weapon can be quite, quite  powerful  (due  to  the
short barrel) but over a distance, where you’ll be  using it most, it can’t  hit
for  toffee  (mmm, toffee) and  when  it does it won’t leave too much of a mark.

- Silverballer (AMT Hardballer) [HAN09]

  AMMO TYPE: Low Velocity/.45ACP/Magnum
   CAPACITY: Upgradeable
 TWO-HANDED: Yes, if dual is selected

FOUND: Requiem, Default

The Silverballer has been the staple of the Hitman series  since  day one  (back
then it was way too loud and  only  held  7 shots).  Over the  series  it’s been
gradually  beefed up and on  some occasions  doubled up.  This  time around, the
Silverballer  takes full  advantage of the  new customise feature.  By splashing
your ill-gotten gains you can increase its speed, power, and  versatility beyond
that of any other Handgun.  We’re  talking Silencers, dual wielding, Scopes, and
a whole host of extras.

Level 1 Upgrades: $50,000
      (Available as default)

          - Low Velocity Ammo  - More silent
                               - Less recoil
                               - Excludes other ammo 

          - Silencer Type-1    - Medium silenced 
                               - Excludes Silencer Type-2
                               - Excludes Long Slide

Level 2 Upgrades: $75,000
      (Complete 'A Vintage Year')

          - Extra Ammo  - 2 extra clips
                        - Expands all clips

          - Rail Mount  - For Scope

          - Laser Sight - Laser Aim
                        - Medium Precise

Level 3 Upgrades: $100,000
      (Complete 'Flatline')

          - Magnum Ammo  - Penetrates doors
                         - More recoil
                         - Excludes other ammo

          - Long Slide   - Better precision
                         - Less recoil
                         - Excludes Silencer

          - Dual Action  - Two guns
                         - Twice the fun
                         - More recoil

Level 4 Upgrades: $150,000
      (Complete 'The Murder of Crows')

          - Red Dot Sight  - Small zoom
                           - High precision
                           - Requires Rail Mount
                           - Excludes Scope

          - Large Clip     - More bullets
                           - Double capacity

Level 5 Upgrades: $200,000
      (Complete 'Death on the Mississippi')

          - Silencer Type-2  - Max silenced
                             - Excludes Silencer Type-1
                             - Excludes Long Slide

          - Scope Type-1     - Medium zoom
                             - Extreme precision
                             - Requires Rail Mount
                             - Excludes Red Dot Sight

          - Full Auto Fire   - High rate of fire
                             - Requires Large Clip
                             - More recoil

- Six-Shooter (Schofield Model 3) [HAN10]

  AMMO TYPE: Pistol

FOUND: ... Till Death Do Us Part

When I knocked my first hillbilly unconscious and rifled  through his pockets  I
was initially  excited to  find  the Six-Shooter.  I  thought that  surely Clint
Eastwood and  Revolver Ocelot <cough> would know a winner when they saw it – how
wrong I was.  There  is very little  accuracy backed up by very little power.  I
collect them, that’s what I do ... why’d I bother collecting this?

- WWI Pistol (Mauser C96) [HAN11]

  AMMO TYPE: Mauser

FOUND: Curtains Down

Is this the real one or the  fake?  Admittedly this weapon’s only purpose is  to
kill  Alvard D’Alvade  in  a crafty way – I don’t think that we were really ever
meant to ‘use’ it in the traditional sense (hence it not being collectable).  If
you really want  to  use it, bear in mind that  it’ll  only  have nine shots and
unless you go for headshots it’ll probably take that many to kill someone – yes,

- WWI Pistol - Prop [HAN12]

  AMMO TYPE: Blanks

FOUND: Curtains Down

Hmm ... something tells me that this might just ... not be  real.  The  Prop WWI
Pistol is as the name suggests a prop.  Not to cast  dispersions, but if you use
this you’ll be firing blanks – this is the weapon used to ‘execute’  Cavaradossi
at the end of the third act.  It can’t even deliver a chafing powder burn (“take
that you villain”, “ow it chafes”).  If you  have  this in your  possession then
you’re either planning something in  a  cunning fashion  or you’ve just lost the
plot – either way it's still best not  to  run  around  firing  at  people - no,

- Assault Rifles [ASR01]

Assault Rifles make no claim  to  being stealthy  or intelligent; whichever  one
will get them into  any  kind of trouble.  Capable  of  incredibly high rates of
fire and as inconspicuous as  two  children standing on  each others  shoulders,
wearing  a  trench coat,  and  trying  to  get  in to see Death Wish.  Generally
speaking, an Assault Rifle  is way too  big to start a  mission with – check the
Agency case.  If you  really  must  go down  the ‘kill em’, kill em’ all’ route,
remember  your clean  underwear  and  fresh  body armour.  Like all  rifles, the
differences are clearly there  to  be seen  in  accuracy, fire power, and  added

- F.N.2000 (F2000) [ASR02]

  AMMO TYPE: Rifle
CONCEALABLE: Yes, with case 

FOUND: Death on the Mississippi, A Dance with the Devil

Sadly, it  doesn’t come with  the case you find  it with – because that would’ve
made it extra special.  Of all the Assault Rifles this is probably  one  of  the
most stable and accurate that you’ll ever find.  The drawback is  that  it  only
holds 20 rounds in each magazine, so you spend  more  time  reloading  the  damn
thing than you do shooting it.  The  whole point of it being so compact is so it
could fit inside a case ... no case means you’re better  off  sticking  with the
much larger and more capable rifles.

- M4 (Colt M4 Carbine) [ASR03]

  AMMO TYPE: Low Velocity/Rifle/Armour Piercing
   CAPACITY: Upgradeable

FOUND: Default

Surprisingly,  this  is  the  ultimate  in  Assault Rifles ...  oh,  you're  not
surprised?  Of course not – even  if  you  left  it  unmodified  it’d  still  be
the best rifle of its kind.  It’s surprisingly stable even in full-auto and once
you outfit it with a Scope and a Silencer you’ll be able to re-enact scenes from
the Rambo Trilogy.  It’s recommended you purchase some large  clips  and AP ammo
as soon as possible if you intend to go down the action route.

Level 1 Upgrades: $50,000
      (Available as default)

          - Low Velocity Ammo  - More silent
                               - Less recoil
                               - Excludes other ammo

          - R.I.S. Handguard   - Special Handguard
                               - Required to upgrade

          - Butt Stock         - Lightweight Butt Stock
                               - Less recoil
                               - More precise

Level 2 Upgrades: $75,000
      (Complete 'A Vintage Year')

          - Armour Piercing Ammo  - Penetrates doors
                                  - More damage
                                  - Excludes other ammo

          - Rail Mount            - To mount Scope

          - Extra Ammo            - 2 extra clips
                                  - Expands all clips

          - Laser Sight           - Laser aim
                                  - Medium precise

Level 3 Upgrades: $100,000
      (Complete 'Flatline')

          - Silencer Type-1  - Medium silent
                             - Excludes Silencer Type-2

          - Pistol Grip      - Extra support
                             - More steady
                             - Requires Handguard

Level 4 Upgrades: $150,000
      (Complete 'The Murder of Crows')

          - Double Clip   - 2 clips
                          - Less reload times
                          - Excludes Drum Magazine

          - Red Dot Sight - Small zoom
                          - High precision
                          - Requires Rail Mount
                          - Excludes Scope

Level 5 Upgrades: $200,000
      (Complete 'Death on the Mississippi')

          - Silencer Type-2  - Max silenced
                             - Excludes Silencer Type-1

          - Drum Magazine    - 100 rounds
                             - Large recoil
                             - Excludes Double Clips

- M14 Grand [ASR04]

  AMMO TYPE: Rifle

FOUND: Amendment XXV

In my mind  this  is the traditional Assault Rifle  of  the group – not as  fast
-firing as the others  but just as powerful.  Because it needs to fire in  three
-shot bursts (it can fire one shot at a time, very accurately but it  is way too
slow to be of any real use in times of crisis - it doesn't have  automatic  fire
so you'll need to be quick on the trigger) to be of any real use, it tends to be
a little on the inaccurate, ammo consuming side.

- S.G522 Commando (SIG 522) [ASR05]

  AMMO TYPE: Rifle

FOUND: The Murder of Crows

<Sigh> what  we  have here is yet  another run of the mill Assault Rifle – let’s
see, it’s accurate, it’s powerful, and  it’s  stable.  Apart  from  the  usual I
think that it may be fitted  with  a partial Silencer ... well, it won’t collect
itself, get to it.

- Sub-Machineguns [SMG01]

Sub-Machineguns are all about rapid-fire death combined  with  easy  concealment
(that’s why they’re  synonymous with just  about every  Mafia going); of  course
there are myopic cowboys with better aim but who cares?  There are various kinds
of SMG to be had, the one-handed Gangster’s  favourite  right  down to heavy two
-handed military machineguns.  In  essence they’re  all pretty  much the same in
terms of their rate of fire and power, so  you’ll often  find yourself going for
the ones with the best  features (Silencer, etc).  With  this being the case you
won’t stray far from your Tactical SMG unless you’re a bit of  a collector (just
like me, baby).

- MP5 (H&K MP5) [SMG02]


FOUND: Curtains Down, A Dance with the Devil, Amendment XXV

The Heckler & Koch MP5 is the daddy of Sub-Machineguns and is favoured by police
organisations  across  the world (if I’m  correct  I  think that MP  stands  for
Military Police ... although it could be  Machine Pistole ... I forget).  Highly
stable  and deadly accurate even at a distance (due to the two-handed approach),
the  MP5 is only bettered by  the  SMG Tactical (which is essentially a modified
MP5 anyway) and  that’s  only because of the Silencer and Scope.  In Blood Money
the MP5 is mainly carried by high-ranking FBI agents.

- MP7 (H&K MP7) [SMG03]


FOUND: A New Life, A Dance with the Devil, Requiem

The MP7 is a  more professional approach to  single-handed  machine-pistols like
the TMP, fast-firing and  accurate to a suitable degree  over  short  distances.
Favoured  by  low-ranking FBI agents and Bodyguards everywhere – the MP7 bridges
the gap between  the  fully-fledged MP5  and  the  much  smaller  MP9, and in my
opinion it does a pretty good job.

- MP9 (Ruger MP9) [SMG04]


FOUND: The Murder of Crows

It doesn’t promise much and it  doesn’t  disappoint – it’s  an  incredibly  fast
-firing weapon that loses accuracy over even  the  shortest of  distances, ideal
for  confined  spaces  and  cramped  corridors  but  entirely  impractical  (and
occasionally too fast for its own good) everywhere else.  Both the MP5  and  the
MP7 are concealable and  seeing as they’re all guaranteed to make  a  noise, you
may as well go in with the big guns.



FOUND: A Vintage Year

The trouble  with  the SAF is that  what it can do  has already  been  done  and
at times, done  just as good if not better by the  other  Sub-Machine Guns.  The
SAF couldn’t  be  any more stable when firing even if you  bolted it to a table,
couldn’t be any  faster even if you fired from a cannon (that’s the best I could
come up  with), and  couldn’t sound any louder even if  you strapped it to  your
head (although  it  wouldn’t do  any  good for the  ole’ fillings).  Whether you
choose this or the MP5, it’s all down to taste and preference.

- SMG Tactical (H&K MP5) [SMG06]

  AMMO TYPE: Low Velocity/SMG/Magnum
   CAPACITY: Upgradeable

FOUND: Default

Upgradeable right down to the finest detail, it's  exactly what  we’ve  come  to
expect from the new customise system (in the end it  looks  like something Solid
Snake or Sam Fisher  would  be  proud  to  own, Sylvester Stallone had something
vaguely similar in Cobra).  Once you’ve added a Silencer you’re ready to take it
on your first mission, with a Laser Sight and  some  extra ammo you’ll be set to
use it full time (and you can) you’ll need to splash  some cash on some accuracy
improvements (adding a Butt works well)  and  the  slow reloading  time (a whole
host of options await for that one).

Level 1 Upgrades: $50,000
      (Available as default)

          - Low Velocity Ammo  - More silent
                               - Less recoil
                               - Excludes other ammo

          - Butt Stock A       - Less recoil
                               - More precise

          - Butt Stock B       - Less recoil
                               - More precise

Level 2 Upgrades: $75,000
      (Complete 'A Vintage Year')

          - Extra Ammo  - 2 extra clips
                        - Expands all clips

          - Rail Mount  - For Scope

          - Magnum Ammo - Penetrates doors
                        - More recoil
                        - Excludes other ammo 

Level 3 Upgrades: $100,000
      (Complete 'Flatline')

          - Silencer Type-1  - Medium silent
                             - Less damage
                             - Excludes Silencer Type-2 

          - Short Barrel     - More damage
                             - Less precise

          - Rapid Fire       - Extreme rate of fire
                             - More recoil

Level 4 Upgrades: $150,000
      (Complete 'The Murder of Crows')

          - Laser Sight  - Laser aim
                         - More precise

          - Double Clip  - Fast reload

Level 5 Upgrades: $200,000
      (Complete 'Death on the Mississippi')

          - Silencer Type-2  - Max silenced
                             - Less damage
                             - Excludes Silencer Type-1

          - Red Dot Sight    - Small zoom
                             - High precision
                             - Requires Rail Mount

- TMP (Steyr TMP) [SMG07]


FOUND: Death of a Showman, A Vintage Year, Flatline, A House of Cards

This is probably  the most common SMG in the game, used primarily to bolster the
security of Gangsters  and  Bodyguards (higher  ranking  Bodyguards  carry  much
better  MP5 – MP9’s).  Best  suited  to  sporadic  bursts of  fire  rather  than
continuous, its many failings don’t bother the AI because  they have backup, and
even if you kill them, twenty  more  will  come  running  round the corner, (its
called ‘hive mentality’ – as long as the greater  good  is  served, they  as  an
individual don’t matter).  Very  noisy, pisspoor at long distances, never use it

- Shotguns [SHG01]

Shotguns are an iconic part of both film and video games  alike, these days it’s
almost considered blasphemous not to include at least three.  Shotguns by  their
very nature are loud, inexplicably deadly, and  about as  practical  as a  horse
riding a unicycle (while juggling chainsaws).  Even  with  a full-spec boomstick
in hand, faster  firing  weapons  will  take  you  apart – you’ll fail miserably
unless you can  exploit  some tactical position.  Because Shotguns are so large,
if you elect to start a mission with one it’ll be placed in an Agency crate near
the start of the level.

- Shotgun (Remington 870) [SHG02]

  AMMO TYPE: Shotgun

FOUND: Death of a Showman, A  Vintage Year,  Death  on the Mississippi, ... Till
       Death Do Us Part

Admittedly this is someway up from basic, but as far as we’re concerned this  is
the bottom rung of the ladder.  On levels where Guards openly carry Shotguns you
can move quite inconspicuously in  the right uniform, such opportunities are few
and far between so if you desperately need this for your collection, the easiest
place to nab one is on A Vintage Year.  For  any other occasion it’s the SPAS 12
all the way.

- SP12 Shotgun (Franchi SPAS-12) [SHG03]

  AMMO TYPE: Flechette/Shotgun/12 Gauge
   CAPACITY: Upgradeable

FOUND: Default

The SP12 (SPAS 12) is a highly customisable Shotgun – whatever the task, there’s
a modification that’ll  let  you  do it.  Depending  on  what  ammo  you’ve  got
equipped you can either play the stealth game (Silencer and Flechette rounds) or
the all-out action game (short barrel and 12 Gauge  rounds).  The  problem  with
the SP12 is that it’s still too damn big – the fact that no one else in the game
carries it means that even in uniform there’s a zero percent  chance of blending
in (and you know what happens when you don't blend in).

Level 1 Upgrades: $50,000
      (Available as default)

          - Flechette Ammo  - 18 Dart Slugs
                            - Less Damage
                            - More precise
                            - Excludes other ammo

          - Butt Stock      - Less recoil
                            - More precise

Level 2 Upgrades: $75,000
      (Complete 'A Vintage Year')

          - 12 Gauge Shots  - 12 Gauge Slugs
                            - Max damage
                            - Excludes other ammo

          - Extra Ammo      - 2 extra rounds
                            - Expands all rounds

          - Reload Boost    - Mounted Shells
                            - Faster reload times

Level 3 Upgrades: $100,000
      (Complete 'Flatline')

          - Rail Mount    - For Red Dot Sight

          - Short Barrel  - More damage
                          - Less precise
                          - Excludes Silencer

Level 4 Upgrades: $150,000
      (Complete 'The Murder of Crows')

          - Laser Sight  - Laser aim
                         - Medium precise

          - Magazine     - 4 extra slugs
                         - High rate of fire

Level 5 Upgrades: $200,000
      (Complete 'Death on the Mississippi')

          - Silencer Type-1  - Medium silenced
                             - Excludes Short Barrel

          - Red Dot Sight    - Max precision
                             - Requires Rail Mount

- Sniper Rifles [SNR01]

Sniper Rifles are your greatest asset in the world of Hitman as there are  times
and places when  normal elimination  of a target is impossible (you’ll still get
your Silent Assassin rank  if  you go for  headshots and stick to your targets).
Because Sniper Rifles  are  pieces  of  high-precision equipment it’s incredibly
easy to see the difference  between  them.  Not every Sniper Rifle is guaranteed
to be accurate or silenced; in fact, the only silenced rifle in the game is  the
W2000 (making the rest a little bit obsolete).

- Air Rifle (Beeman Break-Barrel) [SNR02]

  AMMO TYPE: Darts/Tranquiliser
   CAPACITY: 1 (Bolt-Action)
 SCOPE INFO: 2X Additional Zoom

FOUND: A New Life

Now this is an odd little addition  to 47’s  world, it’s  a  tranquiliser  rifle
that’s  capable of sedating  both  man and beast  at  long range (it has 2X zoom
which is better than most ‘actual’ Sniper Rifles).  If it came with its own case
this  would  be  the  ultimate   in  stealth  weaponry ... it  isn’t ... bummer.
Although, being an Air Rifle it operates using  compressed air  and doesn’t make
a sound.  IO missed  a great  opportunity  to  give  it  its  own  case  and  an
assortment of different darts (poison, tranquiliser, etc).

- Dragunov SVD [SNR03]

  AMMO TYPE: Sniper (7.62mm)
   CAPACITY: 10 (semi-automatic)
CONCEALABLE: Yes, with case
 SCOPE INFO: 1X Additional Zoom

FOUND: Death of a Showman, A Dance with the Devil

The Dragunov was a disappointment last time around (out of all the Sniper Rifles
it was the worst – I don’t think it had a Silencer then either).  Because of its
semi-automatic status (rather  than the much  more precise Bolt-Action) and  its
lack of a  Red Dot Scope I found the Dragunov at times to be a shear pain in the
arse  to  use.  Like I said, no Silencer – it  wouldn’t be  so  bad  if  it  was
inaccurate but silenced, that way you could miss once or twice and think nothing
of it.  Without  a Silencer, you need to  master its constant wobbliness and hit
first time – hell no.

- Elephant Rifle (Browning BAR Mk. II Safari) [SNR04]

  AMMO TYPE: Sniper (7.62mm)
   CAPACITY: 10 (semi-automatic)
 SCOPE INFO: 1X Additional Zoom

FOUND: ... Till Death Do Us Part

It’s an ‘Elephant Rifle’ as opposed to an  ‘Elephant Gun’ – an  actual  Elephant
Gun  looks like some  kind  of bastardised blunderbuss  (now that  would’ve been
cool).  Well what do we get?  It’s a clumsy  Sniper Rifle (I  say ‘Sniper Rifle’
but it’s  more  of a regular rifle  with  a sCope  stuck to it).  Its  big, it’s
powerful, and it has an okay zoom - one additional is  better than  some that  I
could mention <points downwards>.


  AMMO TYPE: Sniper (7.62mm)
   CAPACITY: 10 (semi-automatic)

FOUND: The Murder of Crows

Dear Dragunov I hereby issue a grovelling apology ... it appears that you’re not
as crap as I  first  thought - it appears  that the KAZO TRG is worse.  The KAZO
may be a tad more accurate but it's sure as hell just as loud, loud  and  unable
to  zoom.  That’s  right;  the  TRG  has  one  poultry  level  of  magnification
(that’s pressing R3 twice, not  the  actual zoom button).  Let’s see, do  I take
this on a mission or do  I  take a real  Sniper Rifle?  Let  me  think.  You can
collect it, and you can dust it, just don’t use it.

- W2000 (Walther WA2000) [SNR06]

  AMMO TYPE: Low Velocity/Sniper (7.62mm)/Armour Piercing
   CAPACITY: Upgradeable (variable)
CONCEALABLE: Yes, with case
 SCOPE INFO: Upgradeable - up to 3X Additional Zoom

FOUND: Default

My first major paycheque went on a Silencer and Low Velocity ammo; my  next  few
went on upgrading my sCope and ammo and that’s when I was on my way, baby.  This
is your greatest asset, do not  abuse it (but do use it), purchase every upgrade
and if you can, always take it with you.  If you  purchase  the Foil Sniper Case
from the equipment menu, you can even pass through metal detectors!

Level 1 Upgrades: $50,000
      (Available as default)

          - Low Velocity Ammo     - Less sound
                                  - Less recoil
                                  - Excludes other ammo

          - Double Clip Capacity  - High rate of fire
                                  - Excludes Bolt Action

Level 2 Upgrades: $75,000
      (Complete 'A Vintage Year')

          - Lightweight Frame  - Lightweight parts

          - Scope Type-1       - Medium zoom
                               - High precision
                               - Excludes other Scopes

          - Extra Ammo         - 1 extra clip
                               - Expands all clips

Level 3 Upgrades: $100,000
      (Complete 'Flatline')

          - Silencer Type-1       - Medium silent
                                  - Less damage
                                  - Excludes Silencer Type-2

          - Armour Piercing Ammo  - Penetrates doors
                                  - More recoil
                                  - Excludes other ammo

Level 4 Upgrades: $150,000
      (Complete 'The Murder of Crows')

          - Carbon Fibre Barrel  - Less recoil
                                 - High precision

          - Extra Ammo           - 2 extra clips
                                 - Expands all clips

          - Bolt Action          - High precision
                                 - Requires Light Frame
                                 - Excludes Clip 

Level 5 Upgrades: $200,000
      (Complete 'Death on the Mississippi')

          - Silencer Type-2  - Max silenced
                             - Less damage
                             - Excludes Silencer Type-1

          - Scope Type-2     - Max zoom
                             - Extremely precise
                             - Excludes other Scopes

- Special Weapons & Equipment [SWE01]

Is it really special? Well, it can be.  Normally the Special Weapons & Equipment
category is limited to  better lockpicks, meds, and  body armour, but  every  so
often something extra special  will come  along ... how special?  Just you  wait
and see for yourselves.

- Binoculars [SWE02]

Level 1 Upgrades: $50,000
      (Available as default)

          - 7x50 Binoculars  - Incremental zoom
                             - Better vision
                             - Distance

You can use Binoculars for  long distance recognisance  on targets  or even scan
for possible  forms  of entry to an area.  Some  people  swear by  them and some
people swear  at  them – it’s a matter of opinion.  My  opinion  is  that you’re
better off just using the  default Binoculars  rather  than forking out $50K for
a bit of added zoom and a crisper image.

- Coin [SWE03]

FOUND: Default

47 has an unlimited  amount of Coins littering  his  nefarious  pockets – is  he
saving  for a rainy day?  Nope, he throws  them  to distract  people  and divert
attention – another  new  dynamic for the series that actually works quite well.
Some Guards fall for it, others don’t – make sure your intended rube doesn’t see
you or it’ll defeat the whole  point of making  them  follow the  shiny  object.

- Enhanced Detonator [SWE04]
Level 2 Upgrades: $75,000
      (Complete 'A Vintage Year')

          - Long range Detonator

It may not seem like much but you’ve gotta understand that when a bomb goes off,
the entire  area  gets swarmed by Guards and police, and  the like.  The further
away you are  when the explosion goes off, the  less  likely you’ll be to arouse

- Extra Mine [SWE05]
Level 3 Upgrades: $100,000
      (Complete 'Flatline')

          - 1 extra Mine

Hmm ... I wonder  what this could be?  Well, it’s  a  Mine  you  dunderhead – an
extra Mine.  You can use it to plot in a devious fashion or if you’re a bit of a
cack-handed sod, you get a second chance at getting it right

- Flak Vests [SWE06]

Level 2 Upgrades: $75,000
      (Complete 'A Vintage Year')

          - Kevlar Vest  - Absorbs 25% damage
                         - Lost at new outfit

Level 3 Upgrades: $100,000
      (Complete 'Flatline')

          - Flak Vest  - Absorbs 35% damage
                       - Lost at new outfit

Level 5 Upgrades: $200,000
      (Complete 'Death on the Mississippi')

          - Flexible Flak Vest  - Absorbs 35% damage
                                - Fits all outfits

Flak Vests are a professional’s choice of underwear.  I mean  we’re supposed  to
be Silent Assassins here, people – we technically  shouldn’t need one.  However,
we’ve  all had  those ‘mission gone wrong at the last minute’ moments  where  we
still have  a  chance  to  complete  the mission anyway (and  unlock  some  more
upgrades).  With a Flak Vest, our chances have increased (albeit incrementally).
Being a vest and not a hat ... getting shot in  the  head is still fatal ... you
might want to make a note of that.

- Foil Padded Suitcase [SWE07]

Level 4 Upgrades: $150,000
      (Complete 'The Murder of Crows')

          - Non detectable
          - For custom Sniper Rifle

I bet if you gave this to Agent 47 as a Christmas present he’d probably kill you
and take the case ... but  he’d  appreciate  it ... as he was wiping  your blood
from it.  This foil padded (apparently wipe clean) beauty can not only hide your
W2000 from prying eyes  but  it  can  render it ‘invisible’ to  metal  detectors
(strangely, even X-Ray).  This  may  not  sound like  much but I guarantee  that
you’ll be surprised by the amount of new opportunities that it opens up for you.

- Health Items [SWE08]

Level 1 Upgrades: $50,000
      (Available as default)

          - Pain Killers  - Small health boost

Level 3 Upgrades: $100,000
      (Complete 'Flatline')

          - Adrenaline  - Moderate health boost

Are things getting you down?  Do you have the  Machinegun blues?  Then  why  not
try all new Pain Killers ... and now with added Adrenaline for  all  those aches
and pains.  I have no idea how some aspirin will cure gunshot wounds – don’t ask
me, I can understand the Adrenalin bit though.  They  work especially  well when
used in conjunction with a Flak Vest (of your choice, no less).

- Lockpicks [SWE09]

Level 1 Upgrades: $50,000
      (Available as default)

          - Improved Lockpick  - 25% faster lockpicking

Level 4 Upgrades: $150,000
      (Complete 'The Murder of Crows')

          - Craft Shultz Lockpick  - 50% faster lockpicking

Getting shot in the back of the head just as you’ve picked that crucial lock  is
much more than a pain in the head (the pain in the head being the obvious one) –
its downright demoralising (locked doors that  can’t  be  picked without  taking
down two or three Guards – bah humbug).  With an Improved Lockpick you  can pick
any lock with confidence – when you finally upgrade to the Craft Shultz Lockpick
it’ll never feel  like  you’re picking  a lock again  (I mean, man that thing is

- RU-AP Mine/Detonator [SWE10]

FOUND: Death of a Showman, A House of Cards, default

There’s nothing like tactical explosives to leave a mark, plant them on walls or
floors (in toilets too but don’t ask) and then hit  the  Detonator.  Of  course,
things are never quite that simple – the accepted use for them is to attach them
to fixings and winch controls to bring down lighting  rigs  and  chandeliers  on
victims’  heads.  RU-AP  (Remote-controlled  Undetectable  Anti-Personnel) Mines
make one hell of a noise when they go off so unless  the explosive  is  set  far
away from human ears  you  can  kiss  your  Silent Assassin Merit Badge goodbye.
Eventually you’ll be able to increase  the range of the Detonator and the number
of Mines that you can carry.  I  know I don’t  need  to say  this  but <whisper>
... don’t stand anywhere near it when you push the  little  red  button  because
the ensuing explosion can be deceptively large.

5. Walkthrough [HIT05]

There  are many, many ways to do each mission (apart from the  training level) –
not every way through produces a  Silent Assassin rating  but  the  walkthroughs
that you see here  are  guaranteed to do just that.  If you have your own twists
on  things  or you just want to clear some things up, by  all means let me know.
I've checked and  rechecked - each walkthrough will work  for  every  difficulty
setting - on Expert and Professional, remember to retrieve your suit and guns to
get the Silent Assassin rank.

A teeny little note about spoilers - it’s obvious that you’ve got to kill people
(... yeah, unless your name  happens to be Vash the Stampede), but what isn't so
obvious is why you have to kill them or what bearing it has  on  the story.  So,
basically what I'm saying is ... I'm not briefing you  and  you  can't  make  me
<sticks tongue out>.

- Death of a Showman [SIA01]

ELIMINATE: Joseph Clarence A.K.A The Swing King



[Note] You don’t get rated for your performance on this  mission; your  only aim
is  to stay alive.  Any weapons that you purloin on  this mission can't be kept.
That is unless you pull a crafty one and  shove them in the ICA crate  near  the
Swing King's office.

Sightseeing, I  love sightseeing ... murder;  hey, you said that we  were  going
sightseeing!  Make your way up and over the  various  pieces of debris to  reach
the pier, you can’t deviate from your preordained course so don’t bother trying.
Straight  ahead  of  us  is a  big ole’ abandoned  theme park.  That’s  right; a
villain in a bad costume is scaring away the punters, it’s your job to catch him
(preferably using a trap constructed from barrels, liquid soap, and  a  big net)
... wait,  that’s Scooby Doo!  Well, anyway, approach the gates and wait for the
smooth-talking Guard  to  come  speak with you.  After a little conversation, 47
will <ahem> let himself in.

Once inside the park (note the cunningly blocked short way round), pop  into the
gift shop  (I wonder  if  they  have  plush  penguins ... wait, that’s  a  zoo).
Outside of the window  (conveniently located near our exit) are  two more Guards
– oh whatever  shall we do?  Take a coin from your evil pocket (that makes it an
evil coin) and  throw  it out of  the window, dumb and dumber will  both  go  to
check it out, leaving you to make a run for the theatre.

Inside, the next bit is entirely optional, you  can  either  kill  the  Gangster
that’s ‘upsetting’ the  divorce  lawyer or  you can climb the red trellis to the
right and be on  your  merry  way (I mean, we didn’t exactly receive the mission
‘save lawyer’).  Whatever you  decide to do, you need to be all sneaky about it.
At the top you’ll  need  to jump  from balcony to balcony  (I say ‘jump’ but its
basically  pushing forward  and  watching Mr. 47 as  he  does it).  If you  were
concerned about our current lack of firearms, worry ye  not  because that  looks
like a Shotgun.

You’ve seen it in the  movies  where they shoot the lock off the door  and  then
burst in to dispense justice, haven’t you?  I want you  to do just  that – there
are  two  Gangsters  sitting  at  the table in  the  next  room, go  to  it (use
first-person view).  With  the  Gangsters  dead and gone you need to shove their
bodies inside conveniently located hoppers (open the lid and drag the body near,
a ‘dispose of body’ command will appear, hey presto but  don’t  forget  to close
the lid) before you’re allowed to progress.  Once that’s done  and  dusted, hide
in the closet (note the Kitchen Knife stuck in  the door) and as if by  magic, a
chemist appears, climb  out and do what needs to be done.  Take his key card and
his pants (hey, those are the rules) and  head  through  the newly available key
card door.  Inside  the atrium, keep walking all  nonchalant-like until you come
to a room, inside  the room (on the table) is  an SLP.40 and an innocent looking
crate.  Stash the gun inside the Baking Soda Crate before  emptying your pockets
of metallic weapons (you can’t keep the Kitchen Knife so don’t cry).  With crate
in hand, carry  on  in the direction that we were heading, the Guard at the door
will use a metal  detector to search  you  (the  idiot  won’t  search the crate.
If YOU however  were  an idiot  and didn’t remove  your  weapons, push the cross
button to surrender them).

Reclaim your gun and drop into the lift shaft (after another cutscene) with your
Fibre Wire and strangle  the  Guard  standing below  the hatch (did you ever see
Leon?) before dropping down.  The junction box  on the wall isn’t just for show,
walk up to it and sabotage it.  Sabotaging the box will knock the lights out  in
the next room giving you a couple of  minutes to  sneak through (just follow the
left wall all the way around to  the  toilets).  When  you  reach  the  toilets,
you’ll find a Gangster who just happens to be in the  middle of something (yeah,
you fill in the blanks), take his TMP off  the  basin and  grab  him as  a human
shield.  Why?  Because it’s kind of cool  and  because it’s  helpful ... just do
it.  Mosey on around the corner and kill his  friends at the  table, the gunfire
will  no  doubt  draw some unwanted attention from the other room  so climb that
ladder like a monkey (kill the human shield if you want but I  think you can get
away with just knocking him out).  At the  top  of the  ladder  you’ll encounter
another cutscene  and a Russian Sniper Rifle (ooh), unpack the rifle and head to
the round window (‘what’s through  the round window today ...?’ a murderous bald
man that’s who).  Your task should you choose to  accept it is  to take down the
three Guards, there’s one on the ground, one on the roof  of the office, and one
on the big wheel (the last two also have rifles).  Take  the snipers  out  first
and leave  the  guy  on  the ground  until last, if you’re a  little off  target
there’s some more ammo in the corner.

With the Guards slightly more out than down, head outside and down the drainpipe
(you could take the Dragunov if you like), straight  across  the  yard  are  the
doors to the Swing King’s office (almost done).  Inside, grab the Poison Syringe
from the foot of the stairs and proceed silently up the stairs (ideally when the
Guard is distracted by the secretary).  When  the  coast  is clear, sneak up and
use R1 to shove him out  of  the  window – if you’re quick you should be able to
sneak in  and  lace the secretary’s drink with  the  Syringe (knocking  her  out
instead  of killing her can save you some money but it’ll more than likely leave
her as a witness).  With the secretary dead/incapacitated  its  Swing King time!

Enter the Swing King’s  office and  after a  brief cutscene (the ‘I’m gonna kill
you’ kind) Clarence gets all weepy (in the ‘don’t  kill me’  kinda  way) – mercy
isn’t a word in 47’s vocabulary, walk  behind him and grab him as a human shield
before taking him to the window (from before) and  using  the  triangle  button,
shove him out.  With  all that done and dusted (and murdered) head back into the
office and out the side rear window and out onto yet another balcony <gasp>.  Of
course, this  isn’t an ordinary balcony; this one contains a specially delivered
Agency pickup, an RU-AP Mine  and  Detonator (the irony  being  that whoever was
close enough to deliver the bomb was also  close  enough to  kill  the  target).
Grab them both (for obvious reasons) and continue to  the  window  at  the  end.

Inside the final room, plant the RU-AP on the winch  control (in  a  timely  and
stealthy manor, naturally) – this small bomb has a very  large boom so make sure
you’re one hell of a way away  before using the Detonator.  When the bomb blows,
the   lights  come  crashing   down,  killing  Scoop’s (yeah,  funny)   henchmen
(personally  I  prefer Droogs or  Vassals).  All that’s left for you to do is go
down there and eliminate Scoop (for personal  pleasure  but mainly  because he’s
shooting at you) and the only remaining witness (has to be done).  The exit ...?
Try the door with the big orange sign, baby.

- A Vintage Year [SIA02]

ELIMINATE: Don Fernando Delgado
ELIMINATE: Manuel Delgado



<Grins sheepishly> this is probably one of the easiest  missions  to  achieve  a
Silent Assassin  ranking on and in a record time to boot (about three and a half
minutes).  We don’t need  any additional  equipment  this time around so skip on

To reach our targets safely we need to be able  to  walk  around  unhindered – a
Guard’s uniform  is  what we need, don’t  you  agree?  To get  inside  the  main
compound  just  follow  the  rest  of  the tour group, the Guardhouse is located
directly to  the left of you (up those little steps); I guess that’s where we’re
heading.  Inside  the entranceway is a junction box, tamper with it and wait for
the Guard to come out.  You thought I was  going  to  say ‘wait  until  he turns
around and bop  him on the head’ didn’t you?  With the  Guard distracted for the
next minute  or so, sneak through the bunk room  and out through the door to the
left (it may  be dark but it is there) into  the dining room.  On the table is a
Guard uniform, all  pressed  and  waiting  to  be  tried  on  (ya see, the Guard
checking  the  box was  Guarding this  room (and  he's a light sleeper), meaning
he’d  kinda see  you  in  your undies).  If you’re feeling like a cheeky  little
sod, when the  lights come back on  you can  go back to the bunk room  and steal
some weapons :)

Exit the Guardhouse  the  way you  came in  and  head  left, The wine cellar  is
straight ahead, you can’t miss it.  Quickly make your way down  the  stairs - at
the  bottom, you  should  come  face to  face  with  Manuel Delgado.  Before  he
trundles upstairs  like the super-villain  he  is, he'll  wander  off  into  the
shadow of the staircase - this is your chance to finish  him  quickly  with  the
Poison Syringe.  With Manuel out of the equation, its Fernando time (kinda  like
like Chico time but less stupid).

Exit the wine cellar and return to the Guardhouse - this  time  we're  going  to
exit through the dining hall and out into the courtyard.  Now turn  a  little to
your right (so you’re facing diagonal, towards  a  wooden  storage area) and run
that way.  Climb the drainpipe in  the  corner (you see, there  was a reason) to
gain access to the roof – hop through the open window  and into  the music room.
If Don Fernando isn’t here, entertain  yourselves  politely  until  he  comes in
and sits down by the window to play his cello.  After  a  little  extended  play
I've discovered that Don Fernando  doesn't  need  to  go  skydiving <sigh>  just
poison him and leave him where he is and  you'll  be fine as wine, my friend. If
you want  your suit - you can retrieve it by once  again  tripping the lights in
the Guardhouse and sneaking in to get it.

If you’re planning on escaping, you should exit the compound via the  main  gate
and head right (your  right when you leave the gate) until  you see the mountain
path.  The path leads down to the cove and  the aforementioned  Sea Plane.  Keep
following  the  path down until you reach the docks; that  guy  having  a  smoke
can be pushed  into the water without affecting  your  rating (he’d be a witness
if you left him – now it’s an accident.  The Guard isn't a big deal ... you see,
you can just sneak up on him and sedate him - leave him where he  falls  because
we'll be gone in a matter of seconds.

- Curtains Down [SIA03]

ELIMINATE: Alvard D'Alvade
ELIMINATE: Richard Delahunt

RECOMMENDED EQUIPMENT: W2000 Sniper  with  Silencer (optional -  acquired  after
                       Flatline) and Low Velocity Ammo


The  best  way  to  do this is  grab  ourselves  a workman’s  costume, which  is
really quite convenient because there’s going  to be  one going into the toilets
in  about 45 seconds  from  now.  Now  go entertain yourself  in a  polite manor
inside  the toilets (watch out for the idiotic  civilian  in the brown shirt and
white hat).  Anyway, when the workman comes in and turns his back on you, sedate
him and steal his clothes  before dumping him in that conveniently placed hopper
(if  we spook this guy  even  a little  he'll just turn around  and leave - thus
screwing  things up).  Don’t  bother  grabbing  his  toolbox  because  we  don’t
need it (you can stash things in it if it so pleases you), just grab your trusty
attaché case or it’ll get confiscated by  a policeman ... in about seven minutes
I think (I mean you could stand here and count or you could get a move one).

Head down the stairs and follow the corridor around to the right (you’ll need to
be a bit more careful because workmen don’t normally carry around  attaché cases
so people  will  be  extra  cautious around you), right at  the  end you’ll  see
someone painting a door (a painter, duh), through that doorway and then down the
stairs is where we’re heading.

Head all the way down and in the next area, take the small set of stairs to  the
right of the stage entrance door (big green sign), okay now take the second door
on the left side (down the steps) – don’t worry, we’re getting there.  Turn left
and take the exit  door (again, big  green sign) and  follow  the  twisting  and
turning corridor and then take the steps up to the boiler room.  The door to the
right is the women’s changing room (bad, yet  good in so many ways) and women in
changing  rooms like  to scream a  lot  when you walk in  on  them (not like ...
I  mean  I’ve  never ... honest) so  take the  door  on the left and cut through
the men’s locker room.

We’re  finally backstage, yeah  baby – hang a right  and carry on straight until
you come across the double doors on your left.  This here  is where the lighting
men hang out - you're a fit guy, right?  Head up those stairs at full speed (all
two-hundred or so) and  up onto the  gantry (nice view of  the stage, eh)?  Head
over to the door across the  other side (its  easier to  fall then you'd think).
Run up to the winch control for the chandelier and  plant your RU-AP Mine before
tackling those stairs one more time.  We're close to being done - how about that
for timely?  Before we leave the stage area completely, we need one more thing -
the key card to the light control area.  Where is it?  There are some stairs  to
the  left  of the  toilets that D'Alvarde's Bodyguard  frequents.  Obviously you
need to head up there, so do it - the room at  the end contains the key  that we
need (on the far-left desk if ya must know).

With key card and attaché case in hand, make your way  all the way  back through
the winding corridors until you reach the lobby once more (sorry).  From here we
need to reach the third circle (which means taking even more stairs - you  can't
miss them so get  to it, soldier).  The room in  the very centre  of  the  third
circle is the one that we can  use our card to get into.  Its  not a very pretty
room but it does give a great view of the stage.

Unpack your W2000 and take aim at the stage.  From here you can get a clean shot
on D'Alvarde - the only catch is that our gun is still quite the noise-maker, to
counter this we need to  time our shot with the gunshot sound effect  that plays
at  the end of  the act.  Once Delahunt clocks on  to the fact that his 'special
friend' is really dead, he'll come running.  Now, take  out  your Detonator  and
wait for him to arrive, he'll trip and fall before reaching the  stage  and that
will be your cue  to bring the house down (you don't have to worry about the guy
in the lighting area who sometimes takes his breaks in the winch area  because I
have never seen him take his break while D'Alvarde is on stage).

The mission is over, repack your  rifle  and head back to the toilets to reclaim
your  suit  and head back  to the entrance (although, you'll know from Contracts
that the night is far from over).

- Flatline [SIA04]




Be super fit and jog all the way up the path (you’re fit aren’t ya?)  until  you
see a little seating  area  to your left (with  a fat man smoking a cig, you see
him?), on the bench are some Admission Papers (quite  how  they  got  there, who
knows)?  Sneak up  and  grab them  before finishing  your little jog at the main
entrance (note the P-I-P view of a guy lifting weights and someone stashing some
booze – very important).  Inside, place your  Admission Papers  on  the  sign-in
desk and enter the changing room.  Grab  the  patient  robes  and  leave  behind
anything that can’t  be taken through a metal detector before continuing inside.

Do you wanna be a policeman?  Of Course you do, that being the  case, head  left
and through the double doors  at  the  end  of  the  dining  room  to  enter the
residential area.  The  second  room  on the right is the security room.  Sedate
the Guard sitting in the chair and drag him outside (to avoid the gaze of anyone
inconsiderate enough  to open the door, and they will) before taking his uniform
and er, dumping  him in  the dumpster.  Now head back inside and rob the weapons
chest for a SLP.40, a TMP, and  a Stun Gun!  There’s a key card on the table and
a videotape to steal (this puts the cameras out of action).

Use the key card on the security door and head down the corridor and  through  a
second door to  reach the medical wing, we’re not wanted here so sneaking is the
order of the day.  Sneak  up  to  the window and wait  for the Guard to grab his
coffee and leave – this  is  our cue  to climb through the window and sedate the
guy in the chair (if you're quick enough, you'll be able to do it before the guy
comes back from his coffee break).  Take his uniform  and  his  cell key  before
stashing him in the nearby hopper (yeah).  Head  down  the  metal  staircase and
search the cells for a redheaded man – this is our agent, go talk to him.

Hey  look  who it is!  After  the  brief  chat Agent Smith (not from the Matrix,
pity) will give you a  photo  of  your  intended  target, make  sure  nobody  is
watching and  use the experimental death serum on Agent Smith and you’ll receive
updated objectives from Diana at the Agency.

ELIMINATE: Carmine DeSalvo (optional)
ELIMINATE: Rudy Menzana
ELIMINATE: Lorenzo Lombardo (optional)

[Note] Before you point out that I've made a mistake as to what target is what -
they are completely randomised this was the order I got when writing this guide.
If it just  so  happens to  be the case  that they're in a different order, just
read this section in a different order.

Return to  the  dining  room and enter the double doors at the end (that’d be to
the right of  where you first entered) – run to the end of the corridor to reach
the gym.  Entertain  yourself  politely  until  our target comes in to pump iron
(Rudy Menzana, main target).  He has  a  couple  of Bodyguards so you’ll have to
weight (see what I did there?) until they leave before using the barbell to kill
him, technically  the  mission is  over – however, there  are a couple of lesser
targets that’ll net you an extra $100,000 for five minutes more work.

<OPTIONAL TARGETS>--------------------------------------------------------------

Return to the dining/entrance area and run into the room opposite the main doors
(with the large wooden globe).  Open  it  and after  a brief check to see if the
coast is clear, poison the  hooch and put the lid back down (optional number one
done and dusted).  Return  to where you dumped the Cop in the dumpster and check
the map to see if there’s  a Guard  up  on the balcony – if there is you can use
coins to  distract him long  enough  to  climb  the drainpipe and reach the roof
(or you can wait a while until he  wanders off, your choice).  Once on the roof,
head left  and enter the room of Lorenzo Lombardo, who happens to be making some
chilli  and  seemingly he doesn’t mind  you being  there.  Kill him quietly  and
stash his body in the  bathroom (optional  number two  taken care of - if on the
off chance he isn't there - the stove can be tampered with to cause an explosion
next time its used).

--------------------------------------------------------------<OPTIONAL TARGETS>

We’re done here so head  outside  (after  reclaiming your suit from the changing
room) and run down to the morgue (the locked building to the right of  where you
started).  The doors to  the morgue are  only opened after  you’re informed that
Agent Smith has been moved – if you’re ahead  of  time, er, fidget.  Wait  until
the mortuary assistant leaves before applying the antidote (unless  you're  into
freaking people  out), the  exit  is  located  in  the corner.  Congratulations,
you’ve done it again - no, really.

- A New Life [SIA05]

         ELIMINATE: Vinnie Sinistra



Oh, this is ... an easy one ... easy  and cool.  Keep  running  until  you  come
across Corky the Clown’s, er, Clown Car – yeah, I  know  you  love it.  Wait for
Corky to come back to his van and sedate the red-nosed freak (watch out for  the
jogger and the bin man) and steal his funny clown pants, his  comic  braces, and
his big red nose before bundling him  into the back of his  own  van (carefully,
never hurt  a clown, its bad luck you know – I think a clown told me that once).

The Guard at the door has a metal detector so unburden yourself, well  you  know
the drill.  Once inside, take the doors to your right and cut through the living
area (stop at  the second  single door that  you come to and check the map for a
patrolling Guard - or spy through the keyhole).  With the Guard  gone, enter the
room  to  your  right, as you may have  guessed  this  is  the  swimming  area –
Vinnie’s wife likes to spend her time here.  Next to the  sauna is an agent suit
(don’t ask me why) so ditch the clown getup and blend in, baby.  When she enters
the pool area she’ll canter round then get in, to save time wait until she’s  as
close to  the  sauna  area  doors  as  possible  before  sedating her.  Take the
Microfilm Necklace and hide her body  in the sauna (door  opens out, watch that)
– almost done, man you’re good.

Cut through the swimming area and out onto the patio, run through the  doors  to
your left and up the stairs.  Right, now the first door on the right is Vinnie’s
office (he’ll go there right after he watches TV) – hide behind the door and jab
some poison in his neck when he turns his back (don’t bother to try and hide the
body because strangely that counts against you).  Holster his Bull.480 (well, he
doesn’t need it now) and run for your suit and then the exit before his body can
be discovered (not like that matters).  Win-Win-Win, Me-Me-Me!

- The Murder of Crows [SIA06]

         ELIMINATE: Mark Purayah Jr.
         ELIMINATE: Raymond Kulinsky
         ELIMINATE: Angelina Mason

RECOMMENDED EQUIPMENT: Silverballer with Silencer and Red Dot Sight


We’re in a swanky hotel ... we should throw a party with booze and strippers ...
ah, forget the party ... ah, forget the booze.  We can’t stay  because  you have
to save the Politician's brain!  There are three clubs in the area, a blues  bar
(Blue Oyster), a rock bar  (Rocker’s Choice), and  a  salsa  club (Latin Fever).
Our first  task  is  to  track  down  Raymond  (Everyone Kills Raymond); Raymond
(Richard?) appears randomly in the top room of one  of  the  clubs (every thirty
seconds or so, Raymond will wander out onto the balcony of his chosen club) - if
you wait for a while, he  should  reveal  his location).  Each club has a strict
dress code and won’t let  you through the  front door  without  the  appropriate
clothes.  However, each club also has a back ally  and a  backdoor  or window to
sneak through.  As an added bonus, the Chef in the Blue Oyster bar is all on his
own and can  easily be incapacitated and  robbed of his whites.  This, of course
will allow you full access to each club, making finding your target easier.

Once  you  find  and kill  Raymond, take his oversized bird suit and his walkie-
talkie (and his lovely Desert Eagle too).  With the  Walkie-Talkie Angelina  and
Mark. Jr will appear on the map – while dressed  as  Raymond, stay the hell away
from Angelina  or  she’ll go total  psycho on you, no  really.  With the Raymond
costume you  can safely enter the large building at the top of the map, upstairs
you’ll find a  lone  Guard and in the  next  room, Mark. Jr (what a gimpy name).
Wait until the  delivery  bird  has  been and gone before sedating the Guard and
pilfering  his outfit (after you kill Mark. Jr you can safely  stalk  Angelina).
Mark. Jr isn’t a pushover  like everyone else; he  seems  to  know  when  you’re
sneaking up  on  him and  at  the last  conceivable moment he’ll turn around and
catch you.  The remedy to this is just to stand  behind his  chair and  wait for
him to sit down, and then - well, you fill in the blanks (well whatever the case
may be, you can leave Mark the corpse where he is.  Angelina time, well it  will
be after you steal that case of diamonds from Mark. Jr’s desk.

Angelina will kindly keep you informed of her intended  location  via  Raymond’s
walkie-talkie so it’s  just  a  case  of getting there  before she does.  If the
place is too crowded or it looks too tricky to get a silent kill, wait until she
moves somewhere that suits you.  I find that the eastern courtyard (the one with
the four exits/entrance) is ideal as you can take her hostage  and drag her into
the nearby  building (she passes  this  way when heading  to Latin Fever).  With
Angelina (not the  ballerina)  down  you may as  well take  her SLP.40.S  before
recollecting your thoughts and the diamonds ... go on, grab your  suit  from the
club, champ, and head for the exit.

- You Better Watch Out ... [SIA07]

         ELIMINATE: Lorne De Havilland
         ELIMINATE: Chad Bingham Jr.

RECOMMENDED EQUIPMENT: Silverballer with Silencer and Scope


It's virtually impossible to get  inside Playboy Mansion Mark II  without  being
caught on camera - I said virtually.  Make your  way from  the  yacht  and  head
towards the elevator at the end of the pier (when approaching the  elevator, hug
the wall and  walk  behind  the  Guard to  avoid the bloody  camera altogether).
Sometimes you can’t always seem to call  the elevator yourself, if that happens,
just hang back  and wait for one of  the guests to do it for you and then hop in
(well, not literally hop – that’d be stupid).

At the top, take a sharp left and enter the building through  the  double doors,
immediately take another left  and keep walking  until you see the door with the
staff only sign next to it.  Entertain yourselves  politely  until a Guard comes
out, when he’s gone feel free to sneak into the staff area.  Quickly run through
and into the kitchen and waylay Santa!  Frankly being drunk in charge of a Santa
costume should  be a crime – so relieve  him of his costume and shove him in the
chest freezer (that’ll  sober him up, that or kill  him ... remember  kids, kill
Santa and catch holy hell).  If you’re a bit of a magpie (shiny, shiny objects!)
you can take that Kitchen Knife, you won’t need it but it is shiny – either way,
make sure you take the sausage  from  the  counter (yeah, a sausage, you  got  a

Leave the staff area  altogether  and direct yourself  to  where  the  party  is
happening (youth speak ... figures).  Big heart ... must  go  to ... big  heart!
That’s the special member only area; with special perks (I find the main problem
with secret clubs is thinking of a cool handshake).  It’s  almost  like a grotto
or something ... cool.  Behind the waterfall in this area is  a  little shortcut
to  the ‘special place’ (I’m  on  a  child-friendly  kick ... or  is  that ‘kick
friendly children’)?, cut  through  the  double  doors and  into  a gourde  pink
hallway.  Go right and up the  stairs to  reach the balcony ... just follow  the
balcony and tell me when you reach the doors at the end, eh?  Inside and through
the doors to the left and through the door just after that is the security room,
go get em’ while I, er, wait here.

<LADY ?>------------------------------------------------------------------------

One of the rooms in the gourde hallway contains  an optional target - enter  the
room that  she's in and you'll  see  a  brief  cut-scene, once   she's  finished
talking she'll draw a gun and try to aerate the back of your head (if you move),
if you don't, you'll be in for a fatal cut-scene.  Knock her down and finish her
off - as to why she wants to kill you I don't know - what  I  do  know  is  that
she'll only appear as a target if you see  the cut-scene, kill  her before  that
and she'll remain a civilian.  I guess  that this raps  up the concern about the
? on the loading screen.  Now we just need to know  why ... although I  do  have
one or two ideas ... more later, eh?

------------------------------------------------------------------------<LADY ?>

Inside the security room is a very perceptive Guard – we need to pick  that lock
over there, the problem is that mister perceptive has a friend that keeps coming
and going.  When it’s just the  two  of you, you should be able to pick the lock
quite  easily (the  advanced lockpick works wonders).  By  now  his  friend  has
probably returned so you’ll need  to wait for him to  leave again – when our man
turns his back, give him  a push with R1 and he should hit  the  desk  and knock
himself out (yay).  Quickly drag him through the door and  into  the  stairwell,
to hide the body, simply take  out your silenced pistol  and shoot out a  light.
Take his pants  and his  cool glasses (and everything  in  between - except  his
undies because they're used goods).  You may as well return briefly to  take the
video tape out of the machine to prevent any  more  cameras  capturing your good
side today, now back to the stairwell.

Be  fit  and sprint up the  stairs, keep going  until you reach a hallway, cut a
left and into the  AV room.  In the machine on the table is the  tape  that  our
target wants  retrieved – the  Guards in this  room  have Spider Sense  so tread
carefully.  Take  the  only  other  exit   from   this   room  and  cut  through
De Havilland’s bedroom and out onto the balcony.  The  old man and  his dog come
here often, check your map and when you see him coming, throw down  the  sausage
to distract the dog’s attention long  enough for you to  shove De Havilland over
the edge (you can  dope the  sausage  with  the  Sedative Syringe if  you  like,
honestly we won't be here that long anyway).

Return to the gourde pink hallway from before – if you follow the  corridor  all
the way around you’ll find a door that leads to the basement (yes, more stairs).
What’s at the bottom?  A  very  pointless  little  balcony  that  gives  you  an
excellent view  of the underside of Chad’s glass Jacuzzi – for that professional
touch, draw  your  Silverballer with  Red Dot Sight  and zoom-in.  Shoot out the
glass  and  score  one  for  the  accident-man  (technically  five ... but who’s
counting)?  We’re  done here so head back to the  kitchen  and  grab  your  suit
before returning to the pier (no need to avoid the stupid  camera  like  before)
and exit via the yacht – and no, you can’t keep it!

- Death on the Mississippi [SIA08]

        ELIMINATE: Skip Muldoon
        ELIMINATE: The Gator Gang (6)



A paddle steamer ... that’s cool, eh?  Onwards and upwards, literally because  I
want you to run down the left side of the ship and up the large  metal staircase
to your right.  And as if by magic, a Sailor appears - sneak  behind  him before
sending him to lullaby land with the Sedative Syringe.  Drag him  into the  room
opposite of where he came out of and try  on  his one-size-fits-all uniform (the
key on the desk will save you a couple  of seconds during  the  next bit so feel
free to liberate it).  Head back down and enter the engine room - in here you'll
find a couple of Stokers and target numero uno.  The  Stokers  are usually quite
preoccupied so when  the Gator goes to inspect one of the  engines you  can push
him over the rail without so much as a problem.  That’s accident number one  and
Gator number one taken care of (and we've only just started).

Return to where you  started and head up  those fancy stairs, it  doesn’t matter
which branch you take just as long as you enter one of the sets of doors  at the
top.  Up the next set of stairs is the restaurant deck but  we’re not interested
in that just yet so opt to take the  door between the stairs – this is the cabin
area.  Oh look, is that one of  our targets?  We  can’t  touch him  yet  because
he’s on his way  to some  woman’s cabin (309) to ... er,  play  Monopoly.  Well,
whatever  he’s  doing it  doesn’t take long  so just wait.  When Gator-boy comes
out, follow  him outside, he’ll  ever  so helpfully  stand next to a rail – make
sure no one is around and give him a shove in the wrong direction (so to speak).
Strike another one up for the diabolical mister accident.

Return to the cabin area and follow the corridor, turning left  when  you  reach
the  first junction – in  the  darkened  corner you’ll  find  a  not  so obvious
staircase that  leads down into  the Guard quarters – this area is off limits to
regular folk so just as well we nabbed that Sailor suit.

We need to be  in the room  below  the one with the flashing ‘!’ marker, it’s as
dark as hell but if  you  find the light  switch you should see a Purser uniform
(fancy-arse waiter) waiting to be taken.  Change and head back to the restaurant
deck (yes, finally  up those stairs).  Mingle through the dining area and out of
the only  available exit at the far side.  The door at the end of this next area
leads into the kitchen (its not used in this walkthrough and they don't have any
sandwiches, I checked) and the double doors next  to  it lead  to the  VIP (Very
Irritating Pricks) bar area.  As  soon as  you enter, the  toff to the left will
accost you and in a fine Beauregard accent ask you  to deliver some  fancy-pants
champagne to his room ... best  part is  he’ll give you his room key.  Return to
the cabin area and this time head right to the end and through the second set of
doors, room 323 is the first door you’ll  find on the right-hand  wall.  Because
the pretentious  fop  didn’t  give  you a tip I demand that you steal his tuxedo
and take is VIP Pass from the table.

Now that we’re dressed to kill (...), proceed up the stairs at the back of  this
area and into the VIP area.  Take the bottom left door in this room, it leads to
the main  hall  don’tcha know.  Check  your map  for a flashing ‘!’ symbol, like
before it’s the room next to it that we want – it's another staff only  area  so
we can’t just walk in.  We  need to wait  for the sailor Guarding the door to go
in and come back out (because the door will open outwards, obscuring the view of
the second Guard  just  long enough to allow you to sneak in).  Inside this room
is a 1st class  Purser uniform for the taking, with this we can access the Gator
deck.  Head  into the kitchen (the room with the ‘!’).  Inside you’ll be charged
with the special task  of  delivering a cake to the Cap’n, if  you feel the need
and remembered to bring it you can hide your Silverballer inside – we’re passing
a scan point so make sure to dispose of any other weapon  you may have  on  you.

Head out onto the deck via the kitchen door and head up the stairs  to  the  5th
deck.  When you reach Skip’s cabin  you’ll  be  searched  by  a  redneck  with a
Shotgun (see, told you), with the all clear  keep  going  until  you  reach  the
Captain's cabin.  Ignore the Purser that heads off to the shower and concentrate
on killing Skip, when he turns  his back take him out  in  a  suitably  stealthy
fashion  and  hide  his  body  in  the  adjoining  room  (marked  with  a  ‘!’).
Conveniently enough this is where the safe is kept – take the  photos  and  turn
the lights out when you leave (we just killed the guy, we can't going running up
a huge electric bill also - that'd be wrong).

The Captain may be down and the photos retrieved but there are still four Gators
to go ... soon to be three.  Every couple of minutes one of the Gators will come
in and check on the Captain, hide behind the door and when he comes  in, use the
Poison Syringe to  do  the job before hiding  him with the Captain.  The redneck
without a shirt must drink a lot because he pees like a horse, he’s the only one
who uses the bathroom so you can safely kill him in there (as long as you toggle
the lights  before you leave, same  reason), that’s three down and three  to go.

The Guard outside the door with the Shotgun can be taken down easily if you hide
behind the closest wall  to the door – when he thinks you’re gone he’ll turn his
back slightly towards you making him an easy target (again, hide the body in the
toilet), that’s five down.  Head back down the steps and wait for the patrolling
Gator to pause  and face out over the river, give him a push and that’s accident
number three (and all six dead).  Return to the starting  point and take reclaim
your suit before re-entering the engine room (again, the Stokers aren't too hard
to avoid) and exiting  through the far door.  The life boat at  the end is under
the watchful eye of yet another Sailor - when he turns his back you can drop him
and make your escape.

- ... Till Death Do Us Part [SIA09]

                ELIMINATE: The Groom
                ELIMINATE: The Bride's Father



Make your way from  the dock and head out  onto the central wedding area (people
dancing and stuff like that) – there’s  a  drunken hillbilly  ever so eloquently
puking his  guts up on the lawn (better  than your shoes).  After  he’s finished
he’ll go on a little  wander to a dark and secluded place (the inner recesses of
my mind?) – follow him and knock  him out when he stops, take  his  clothes, his
Six-Shooter and more importantly his Party Invitation, he’ll be alright where he
is, now head for the mansion.

Inside the mansion, take the doors behind the stairs and into the  party  room –
from the party room, take  the  doors directly in front of you (with the Guards)
and head outside.  Boy it  sure is  dark, eyuk ... oh no it’s contagious ... I’m
becoming a hillbilly ... I.Q. decreasing!  Head around the corner to  the left –
we need  a  uniform and  that  Guard is going to give us  his  (kinda).  ‘Pappy’
LeBlanc is going to wander by him so  make sure he’s out the way before sedating
the Guard (after he sits down), once he’s  out, drag him  into the corner (he’ll
be fine - dragging him to the box in the corner is risky business) before making
your way towards the Guardhouse.

Now  that you’re  dressed to  impress, follow  Pappy to  the  graveyard, when he
pauses briefly at the open grave, sneak up and  push  him in – the  accident-man
cometh.  Return  to  the doors where you came out by and run around to the right
this time, keep going until you come to the kitchen window.  Make sure nobody is
watching and climb inside, poison  the cake  and  leave  the  way  you  came  in
that’s it, you’re done.  Make  your way back to the jetty (stopping only to grab
your suit – damn hillbilly wouldn't look right in it anyway) where  you  started
and wait for the Groom to eat the poison icing – nice one.

- A House of Cards [SIA10]

     ELIMINATE: Sheikh Al-Khalifa 
     ELIMINATE: The Scientist
     ELIMINATE: Hendrick Schmutz
STEAL DIAMONDS: (optional)

RECOMMENDED EQUIPMENT: W2000 with  Silencer, Bolt-Action, Carbon  Fibre  Barrel,
                       and Scope-2


Our first two targets  are  so  incredibly easy to deal  with  that  I’m  almost
inclined  not  to tell you what needs doing (... hey what do ya mean its  in  my
contract ...)?  Okay, run  into the casino and round into  the lobby.  Sprint up
the stairs  like  a super ... fast ... thing (I  shouldn’t  have  returned  that
analogy book to the library) and  push the call button  for  the  left elevator.
When the doors have closed, climb the hatch in a sinister  way and take out your
Fibre Wire in a sinister manor, and wait in a ... okay, I’m bored now.  In a few
minutes the Scientist will  be  entering the building and  through the powers of
clairvoyance  I’ve  determined that this  is the elevator that he’ll use.  Don’t
worry  about his armed escort; he’ll  get ditched  when science-boy  enters  the
elevator.  Strangle him and take his 8th floor key card, leave your Sniper Rifle
sitting safely  on  the roof of  the elevator and take the case of diamonds with
you – where are we going?  We’re  going to hide inside the elevator to the right
and wait  for Hendrick Schmutz – I told  you  it  was easy, just  kill  him in a
similar fashion and  leave your diamond case on top of the elevator like you did
with you Sniper Rifle.

By now Al-Khalifa has made his entrance with his entourage  of  Bodyguards – for
now we  can’t  touch the guy but  that’ll change, baby.  To get him to leave the
safety of the lounge we need a cunning plan ... get to it.  Return to the ground
floor  and  take the  steps down  into the  casino proper (if you're planning on
making use of the Agency crate, now would be a good  time to grab  your room key
from the check in desk), take the door to the right, take a left in the corridor
and enter the first  set of  toilets that you come to.  We’re waiting for a lone
Bodyguard to come  and take a  pee, in  preparation for his  arrival  we need to
knock  out the civilian  using the  cubicle nearest  the door (just push him and
close the  cubicle door).  When the Bodyguard comes in he’ll head to the cubicle
nearest to the staff door – just like before, push him  down and  knock him out.
He shouldn’t need moving so strip him  of his clothes and leave him where he is.

With  the  suit obtained, return  to  the  left elevator and reclaim your Sniper
Rifle before heading up to the 8th floor.  The  Sheikh’s room  is located in the
upper left corner of the 8th floor (check  your  map  for Bodyguards  if  you’re
unsure).  With the suit and  the  card, obtaining  access is easy.  There’s only
one Guard stationed  in  here so taking him down is as easy as it comes – toggle
the light and unpack  your  W2000 before  entering  the  bedroom  area.  Located
conveniently on the table is a mobile phone with the Sheikh on speed-dial – call
the Sheikh and  take  your place on the  balcony (I know you can see it coming).
Zoom-in on the rooftop  with the red light – this is where our man is heading to
answer his phone, take your time and then take your shot when he stops to answer
it – mission complete.  Drop the rifle (although you can place it in the  Agency
crate if you're playing on a level above than Normal) and return to the elevator
with the diamond case stashed on it – if  you like you can return to the toilets
and reclaim your suit before exiting  through the door opposite the one that you
entered when you came down  the stairs and into  the casino  area (run up to the
fence to exit).

- A Dance with the Devil [SIA11]

           ELIMINATE: Anthony Martinez
           ELIMINATE: Vaana Ketlyn

RECOMMENDED EQUIPMENT: Flexible Kevlar Body Armour


Approach  the  reception desk (great, caught on camera again) and  talk  to  the
security Guard (... ’you mean it’s been stolen ...?'), when he walks  off to the
Guard quarters follow  him in and sedate  him when he reaches the lost and found
room.  To lessen the chances of the body being discovered  we need to sedate the
other Guard that  frequents this room (yes, I’ve  been  reading  a  dictionary).
When he comes in and takes a  seat by  the computer screen, sneak  out and knock
him out – just leave him all comfy in his chair.  While you’re at  it  drag  the
body  of the first Guard out of the lost and  found closet and dump him with his
friend (it's darker in here) before taking the uniform of your choice.

Unburden yourself of any weapons and leave via the main entrance – to the  right
of it (your left) is the entrance for the underground garage, to  eliminate  our
camera  woes  we need to get our tape  from  the  security room.  With  our  new
costume we can quite happily stroll inside, however  we can’t just grab the tape
– enter and make  sure the Guards are facing away from you (the one in the chair
is fine but  the one by the window keeps turning around) and throw a coin out of
the door.  If  you’re lucky both Guards should go to investigate – now close the
door behind them and take the tape.

Run down into the garage and make your way towards the flashing ‘!’ mark on your
map – at the  back of the truck  is a guest costume; it’ll get us into the party
area.  Make sure  the coast is clear of any Guards or civilians and get changed.
You’re a smart bunch of people aren’t ya?  You passed some elevators on your way
here – head  back to them and  take the one on the right (if you get it wrong it
doesn’t matter, you’ll just be asked to use the other one).  It says ‘top floor’
so hurry up and  oblige  it already – while  the doors are closed, climb up onto
the roof of the elevator and ready your Fibre Wire.  One of our targets, Anthony
Martinez will eventually (in about five or so minutes if you must know) come and
use the  elevator – when he does, strangle  him and take  his suit (if you don’t
already  have an F.N.2000 you should make the effort to take his case with you).

Take the elevator back up to the top floor – instead of heading into  the  party
room, take the  door on the right and cut through  the  room and  into  the  one
marked with a flashing ‘!’ mark (the suit of  the  devil  is  truly useful).  In
this room you’ll  find the  laptop computer  that  we were  looking for – go on;
check it (you know you want to).  Now  there’s  something, our  objectives  have
been updated.

ELIMINATE: Maynard John

As  luck  would have it, that truly  awful  singer is one of our targets (I knew
that’d make you smile) and as luck would also have it, she  takes  her breaks in
this very room.  When she comes  in, do something particularly  silent and fatal
and leave her where she falls.

Two  down  and two to go – head back down  into  the  garage and take the second
elevator (told ya, suit of the devil) down into the basement.  Our  next target,
Vaana wanders backwards and forwards between the  pyro  stage (the T-shaped room
on the map) and  her private quarters – if she bumps into you she’ll invite  you
back to her place for a little ... well, you  know  (the suit is truly special).
Follow her back  to  her room and do your job (my personal favourite, a Stiletto
in the back of the head).

With Vaana (sadly) taken care of we can now meet Maynard John – he’s the big guy
behind  the  bar.  Maynard is a smart  cookie in  many  respects  and  a, er ...
stupid  cookie  in  others.  He  knows  exactly  who  you  are ... and  then  he
challenges you to a ‘duel’ (the fill you full of holes kind).  Maynard  wants it
all  nice  and  quiet (and  so  do  we) so  he  suggests  following him  to  the
soundproofed  ‘torture chamber’ (disappointingly  not an actual chamber ... more
of a storeroom).

When the duel begins, the lights will go out and Maynard will run off  and  lock
himself  in  the centre or room  (the room has a spiralling mesh cage) and start
firing at you.  Grab  the MP7 and ammo from the table and switch to first-person
mode – watch  carefully for where the muzzle flashes come from, when you see his
location open  fire (hint: the crosshair still turns red when you find a target)
and then  take  cover.  Shelves  tend to fall  down and  beams crumble under the
constant gunfire, so  keep  moving because nowhere can be considered safe.  When
Maynard finally bites  the  big  one the lights will  come back on and the doors
will open up.  Search  his body and ... <stern face> ... hmm, the bastard  had a
better weapon, take  his  MP5 and the storage key (unlocks  the  door).  Mission
complete – head back to the garage and  get changed before exiting via  the  car
marked on the map.

- Amendment XXV [SIA12]

ELIMINATE: Mark Parchezzhi III 
ELIMINATE: Vice President, Daniel Morris

RECOMMENDED EQUIPMENT: W2000  (maxed  out and including  the  Foil Padded Case),
                       a concealable weapon of your choosing.


[Note] This is it ... if you kept your notoriety down to a reasonable level then
you'll be fine.  If however, you  got  a  little  trigger happy on your previous
outings  and  ran  yourself  into  the red, so  to  speak - Guards  will  become
instantly suspicious and shoot on sight.  Unless you want  to  go  in  all  guns
blazing - your game is essentially over - go home.

On  The Murder of Crows we had to save a Politician’s brain ... now  it seems we
need to remove the Vice President’s,  I guess  that means  we’re  going  to  the
Whitehouse!  Saunter through the doors and into the washroom to  the left - make
sure the doors are closed and then  go  about dropping the  gun you brought with
you on the floor (for a sneaky reason).  Now, open the door (keep doing it if it
closes on you) and wait for one of the tourists to spot the gun - she'll  inform
the nearest Guard  in a prompt  and timely manor  and  he'll come running like a
good little puppet.  Close  the door behind him and  incapacitate  him using the
Sedative Syringe.  Now we have  one  free one-size-fits-all uniform to  act  all
nefarious in.

Grab your rifle case  and stroll  through  the  double doors  opposite  the main
entrance like the **** of the walk because  they can't touch you (you still need
to  place your case on the conveyer otherwise you'll blow your cover).  The door
just to your left is the  security room, you  could stand  outside like  a plank
or you could just enter it.  Inside, on the desk is the main building key and an
incredibly easy to steal video tape.  Take em' both  and exit the security room,
take a left  and  head  through  the double doors - keep heading  straight until
you reach the flag room.  At the end of this highly 'patriotic' room is the door
that our key card opens (nice one).

Follow the stairwell to its conclusion and check  your map, Daniel Morris should
be milling around on  this floor - if  he's  not  here then he's probably taking
'Justice' the dog for his constitutional (now that  was clever, don't you agree?
He'll come back  eventually, that's the  main thing, right? - In all honesty you
shouldn't take  anywhere  near  that  much time to reach this point).  There's a
locked  set of doors to the left side of the circular room. What cunning feet of
assassination are we going to undertake now?  Why, we're  going  to lurk in this
room until he comes back.  When  the  VP comes back  from his walk, he'll make a
brief pass through this room.  When he does, inhume him  with the Poison Syringe
and stuff his body in the very convenient blanket box located at  the top of the

With the VP facedown in the bottom  of  a box, take  the  door at the bottom  of
the stairs and head out onto the Whitehouse lawn (not the stairs you came in  by
- just check your map for a second descending stairwell) - just  to  the left of
the door  is  a climbable trellis (ever  since Splinter Cell everyone  wants  to
climb trellis - and unlike real life, it  always  leads  somewhere  interesting,
fact).  Because its there and because you can, I  suggest  you climb it right to
the roof - just keep an eye out for the FBI guy that  walks  around  the edge of
the lawn area.  You  see  that  circular cut-out  on the map?  A  secret service
agent comes out of the door here to take his break – sedate  him  when he  turns
his back and drag around  the opposite side  of  the dome (for that's what it be
- just keep an eye out for a mild-mannered janitor that just happens to take his
breaks here too) before taking his clothes and security card (and his MP5 if you
don't already have one for your collection).

Use your card to enter the west wing, don’t stop and  stare – just  run  through
the office area and out into the stairwell (check the map if you like), take the
stairs down to yet another office area.  Weave your way through the labyrinthine
mass  of  office cubicles (it’s  a  small wonder that  these people get any work
done, it’s certainly  the only place I know of where you need a chirper to go to
the toilet) and  enter  the room marked ‘Oval Office’.  Quick, its Dubya choking
on a pretzel ... do something 47 ... oh, right – on  with the show.  Inside  the
Oval Office is none other than  Mark Parchezzhi III (yes, his  name  does  sound
like that of a board game) – after a  little  talk and a lot of explosives, Mark
will  flee (sending the  whole place into red alert) – well, go after him (I’ll,
er, wait here and sharpen some pencils).

Dash back through the office area and back up the stairs and out onto  the  roof
– Mark III  is waiting for us by the scaffolding ladder – as soon as he sees you
he’ll open fire (well, duh).  Simply keep your distance and  take him  down with
the W2000.  With  Mark III down  and out - victory is ours, well  that  is  when
you pack up your W2000 and head to the  exit (exactly  the  same  place  as  you
started, take the stairs that you entered by - you can nab your suit  on the way
back without any effort) - I suggest you  use it (I  mean  you could go find the
gift shop to see  if you can pick up one of those ‘naked lady’ wiggle-pens  that
I’ve heard so much about - hey, it's a very long journey home).

- Requiem [SIA13]


[Note] You don’t get rated for your performance on this mission; your  only  aim
is  to stay  alive.  Any weapons that you purloin on this mission can't be kept.



"Because I could not stop for Death, He kindly stopped for me; The carriage held
but just ourselves And Immortality" - Emily Dickenson

This is an odd one isn’t it?  I’ve not seen a fake credit  screen  since  Donkey
Kong Country – however if you don’t get your act  together, the cremation at the
end of them will be very real.  Rotate the left analogue stick  as  fast  as you
can to regain consciousness and  immediately  run left and take cover behind the
posts in the  corner  (resist the urge  to  use the  slow motion to waste people
because it'll just get you  shot up, you could  try  and take the priest hostage
but that doesn't always work out  like it should) – we’re  severely  outnumbered
and outgunned so this is our safest option.  The Silverballers  are nice and all
but I’d think about grabbing an MP7 from a dead  Bodyguard as soon as  you  can.
The Guards will have to come at you from either the  left  or  the right, either
way  they'll tend to stand in  an  orderly line - it’s a  quick  and  relatively
painless solution (well, for you anyway).

With  at least twelve or so ‘real’ corpses  now  carpeting the  chapel, exit via
the side and follow the map towards the ‘!’ mark.  We’re not actually interested
in the bizarre cache of melee weapons stashed in the crypt; I just wanted to put
you on the right path.  Follow the cliff-side path all the way round to the gate
– this gives you an  almost unfair  advantage over the  Guard trying to open the
gate (don’t forget the reporter, you  can  leave  him until last if  you  like).
Head  back to your right and gun down the annoying 'guy in the chair'  (thirteen
missions ... that’s how  long  I wanted  to  do that for ... thirteen missions).
With every target eliminated, you’ll now get to see the true ending ... success,

6. Cheats, Codes, and Easter Eggs [HIT06]

Being  a  Hitman is dirty business (blood and guts, and ... blood)  but being  a
cheater is even dirtier business.  I know  them but I don’t use them – because I
know them, you get to know them and if you want to be a cheater then  that’s  up
to you.

<THE MERRY-GO-ROUND BROKE DOWN>-------------------------------------------------

If you reached this guide by taking the link from the cheats page (Super Cheats)
then don't blame me.  I made a comment somewhere along the way to some guy about
maybe  that  'if' the cheats  do  work  then  they  might  need   to  be entered
ridiculously fast.  That was a comment ... not a  contribution.  Surely  if  the
Super Cheats staff posted the codes ... then they would know how fast  they need
to be entered before  they  work  without having  to  paraphrase  little ole' me
<scratches head>.  Oh, well, at least I'm quotable ... always a good thing don't
you think?

- Unlock All Missions:

Press Triangle, Square, Square, Right, Down, Left, R2, X, X at the title screen.

- All Weapons Appear in Your Inventory:

Press Triangle, Triangle, Square, O, R1, O, R2, X, X at the title screen.

Now, these are the  cheats  that  are supplied  by  the Super Cheats staff – and
as much as they terrify me (... I mean ... just  ignore  that), I just can’t get
these damn codes  to  work.  I’ve tried entering them on the title screen (slow,
fast, and while balancing  on one leg, making  chicken noises), tried it  on the
menu screen, on the mission select screen, and on every loading screen possible.
<Catches breath> I’ve  tried  it in-game, and on the intro.  It’s  my grand-high
-exalted opinion that they are dud (hey, all you fine MKP lovers out there can’t
be wrong as well).

If some actual in-game codes do appear, I'd  make  a  guess  at them being about
what name you enter  at  the  profile  screen  (an old favourite of programmers)
rather than a button code.

-------------------------------------------------<THE MERRY-GO-ROUND BROKE DOWN>

- Alternative mission/select screen & Ending Theme:

Complete every mission to unlock an alternative Requiem-styled  menu  background
along with the 'Tomorrow Never Dies' song on the credits screen.

- Last Chance:

Like in the previous Hitman (Contracts), if you score three successive headshots
while you’re dying (ya know, red screen  and  slow motion) you’ll  return to the
game with a small amount of health – my friends, we  have  a do-over.  This  can
only be done once per mission - the second time you let your health reach  zero,
it's over and out.

- Infinite Saves:

If you just can't wait more than a minute between saves then you're an idiot and
this may just be for you.  While saving (on any difficulty other than Rookie  or
Professional, obviously), keep pressing the start button until it finishes.  The
next time you go to  save, you should notice that the number of  saves  you  can
make haven't decreased.

<ACTION REPLAY/GAME SHARK>------------------------------------------------------

Now, I know that it's been a little while since I said I'd hunt down some Action
Replay codes to make up  for  those  'cheats' just  not  working, but  at  last,
here they are.  After some serious trawling through  the  deep, dark undergrowth
that is the internet, I've returned with these  codes (in a jewel-encrusted box,
no less) - just call me  the  'Brigadier', or don't - I  much  prefer  'Penance'




- Infinite Health:               - Infinite Money:

EPUD-93D1-9NC7R                  V0GE-HQ2M-CM6HE
N18M-5UXF-27XJX                  18ZE-6MJE-XYB5H

                                 [The display will change only after you've made
                                 a purchase, even if you  don't have enough  for
                                 the item, you'll still be able to purchase it].

- Infinite Saves:


[As per usual, you  can  only  use the cheat on a difficulty setting where saves
are  permitted  and  aren't  already set to unlimited - i.e. Normal and Expert].


- Infinite Ammo:                 - No Reload:

6MNT-13TK-4ETTE                  NKH9-4NBB-5478B
UK4C-B9K3-4UEE7                  EB7F-MVAN-1Y230

[Both of these codes will work just fine by themselves  but  they'll  work  much
better if you turn the both of them on together].

- All Weapons - Rookie:          - All Weapons - Normal:

0K4B-TZF0-53R16                  J7QQ-RK8Z-8CZRQ
V549-GW9V-H9MVB                  K4VM-6XRB-640QA
8KB9-HCVB-88N4Q                  ZAHE-HTNR-VJ04U
HBMB-X664-PJJC5                  HBMB-X664-PJJC5
YJ6K-UWCB-QHC1G                  P6JT-AFG1-B1XXY
0PDK-X694-M8DTT                  0PDK-X694-M8DTT
F548-GQ4W-C0A1Y                  A5RA-4QCV-ENETK
UNTK-Y3AT-Q2RC9                  UNTK-Y3AT-Q2RC9
2MNJ-CKHU-Q2XG5                  TDR9-3F5C-XUXJU
CDGT-F2KJ-WBM2R                  CDGT-F2KJ-WBM2R

- All Weapons - Expert:          - All Weapons - Professional:

7R63-2MUD-5TYQD                  BCKW-CU7R-U1TG7
Z78U-ZX12-YCNYV                  0VNU-XYNV-GMY0H
72WE-J9H5-J3UYK                  6VR6-W0RH-587YZ
HBMB-X664-PJJC5                  HBMB-X664-PJJC5
Y9K2-EMAB-820JJ                  D0Z9-NPHU-R09WV
0PDK-X694-M8DTT                  0PDK-X694-M8DTT
0ARM-WN5H-CJWJK                  ZQ8T-R1HA-9EZAH
UNTK-Y3AT-Q2RC9                  UNTK-Y3AT-Q2RC9
42K3-VV1F-5RUU6                  N51T-FXGE-DN31F
CDGT-F2KJ-WBM2R                  CDGT-F2KJ-WBM2R

[Every firearm will  appear in the standard weapons box, including the firearms
that can't normally be collected (except the  Custom 1911, the  Nail Gun  isn't
technically a firearm so that won't appear either), this is the only way to get
your  hands  on  the 'genuine' Mark III Rifle - although  it  really is  pants.
Ever so occasionally, activating the weapon codes for every setting  can  cause
the game to crash at the first loading screen, if it keeps happening, switch to
using the code for just the one setting].


- Rookie:                        - Normal:

707Z-N6QU-7181N                  66XR-H6BC-JX6NQ
YYPF-VHV1-YA458                  1P5B-DHD3-HRY10

- Expert:                        - Professional:

G9KN-UZBP-VWHHC                  0MG6-K5WF-CB0JM
Z32V-RX4B-68NGB                  PP2U-F7HM-AXUA5

------------------------------------------------------<ACTION REPLAY/GAME SHARK>

<EASTER EGGS>-------------------------------------------------------------------

- All Good Rats go to Heaven:

FOUND: Hideout

Now, this  is  a novel approach  to  pest control.  If you go up to the shooting
gallery window and look around to the left, you'll see  a steel garbage can.  If
you shoot this, the rats wandering around the central area will run to the boxes
and form an orderly line.  Snuffing  out these poor little  rodents will display
the  message "You sent all the rats to a happy place in X.XX seconds" on  screen
and stay their for the duration of your visit.

- Mister Six Sixty-Six:

FOUND: Death of a Showman

It’s an entirely pointless ‘Easter Egg’ but  its  good  fun  none  the less.  Go
to where you have to distract  the Guards  by throwing a coin out of the window,
there  just  so  happens  to  be  a secret weapon stashed nearby.  Obviously you
need to take care of the Guards first, so  get  to it already.  With the  Guards
gone, you can now rake through the  bin bags in the corner with impunity – after
a little bit of skip-ratting, you’ll  find  a  TMP with 666 rounds of ammo (more
than enough to waste everyone, don’tcha think)?

- The 'Dirty' Rat Club:

FOUND: Curtains Down

Wow, rats really are smart – if you want to see how smart then  you’ll  have  to
follow me and  do  exactly as  I do <belches and scratches crotch>.  Now, access
the  basement  using  the  worker costume like I taught ya.  Normally  we’d  run
all  the  way  through  the  basement and take the  stairs up to the boiler room
behind the changing area – you follow?  In the room  just  before  those  stairs
you’ll find three or four rats all scurrying around doing the things  that  rats
tend to do - <sigh> go and exterminate  the  rats (preferably  with the silenced
Silverballer, although in  a  pinch the Nail Gun will do)  and  a ‘Rat Club’ key
card will appear on the long table (opposite the door you came in by).

Take your newly acquired key card to the backstage area – the door  we’re  after
can be easily  located by taking the stairs near Alvard D’Alvade’s dressing room
up to the second floor (you can’t really miss the door – after  all  it  is  the
only one locked by a card reader).  What is the Rat Club?  Strangely enough, the
Rat Club is a place where rodents come after a  hard days ratting – they  unwind
with some boxing and by playing  poker (the  room  itself  is  tiny, basically a
storage cupboard with  not a enough room  to swing a rat.  The rats are behind a
partition wall – if you want to see these super-smart rodents clearly  just whip
out your Binoculars (and no, that is not a euphemism).

- Mortuary Tunnel:

FOUND: Flatline

Well, now here's something.  Getting into the tunnel that leads from  the  cells
to the mortuary  isn't quite  as hard as it appears (on X-Box, you could  use an
invisibility cheat and follow the guy  taking Smith's body).  To gain access  to
the elevator, plant an RU-AP Mine as close to the  doors  as  possible (try down
the middle) and detonate it.  If an orderly hears the explosion, he should  come
running and  open  the door  to  the elevator for you.  What is in the  mortuary
tunnel?  Well, there just so happens to be three rats and  a  rather interesting
orderly.  In fact this particular  orderly is immortal and has no AI routine (to
the  likes of  you and me that  means that  he won't  recognise you as an enemy,
won't react to gunshots, and the like).

The game won't register his death  or even register  a state of  unconsciousness
(because he's the one that must take Smith's body and without him  being in some
form of working order, the mission  would become impossible from that point on).
Well, anyway - go see the tunnel and marvel at  the  guy's incomplete animations
and AI routine (just don't get trapped in the mortuary).

- The Young and the Lifeless:

FOUND: Death on the Mississippi

"It is natural that such a thing  as a dead man's scream should give horror, for
it is obviously not a pleasing or ordinary occurrence; but I was used to similar
experiences, hence  suffered  on  this  occasion only  because  of  a particular
circumstance" - Herbert West, H.P. Lovecraft's Reanimator

I just liked the name - don't complain.  So what's  this  about  Agent 47 versus
the undead, eh?  To  turn the passenger list  into a  bunch of shuffling zombies
faster than you can say 'Klaatu, Verata, Nictu' just read on.  Also  there are a
couple of passengers here and there that avoid being turned into the undead (you
can't have  survival horror  without  survivors - its a  bit  of shame  that the
'zombies' don't  actually attack anyone other than you (also, the survivors seem
more concerned  about  you than they  do the zombies - and yes, they  will still
shoot at you given the chance).

Read  my  words and heed them  carefully, mortal.  First off, run on over to the
engine room and up the steel steps and incapacitate/inhume the sailor that comes
out of the door.  Now, drag  his  body into the engine room (ya need to pick the
lock on the door, obviously) and throw him over the rail to the RIGHT.  Now head
back out and on to the deck, grab the Gator Gang member (he's heading toward the
engine room  from the  direction  you  started from)  as  a human shield (you'll
probably have  to kill the sailor  that's  patrolling  the  deck).  Now drag the
Gator all the way up and into  the engine room before throwing him over the rail
to the LEFT.

<THE WAYS OF SURVIVAL HORROR>---------------------------------------------------

+ Everyone afflicted with the 'zombie curse' will shuffle around and attack on a
  melee basis - only slightly more powerful than normal.

+ The only way to fully kill  a zombie  is with  a headshot, an insta-kill melee
  attack (Fibre Wire and  Poison Syringe still work), or  by  severe blunt-force
  trauma (i.e. falling  from a height or the  explosion from an RU-AP Mine).  If
  they're killed in any other way, they'll just  stagger back to their feet.  To
  check if a zombie is fully dead, wave  the  crosshair  over the corpse - if it
  stays white, then you're alright - it goes red, then its undead (cool how that
  last sentence rhymed).

  Also, their endurance  is  greatly  increased, allowing  them to take  several
  normally  fatal blows without  succumbing (front attacks from  both the Shovel
  and Fire Extinguisher along with shots to the heart).

+ Being undead (and loving it), all restricted zones have  been removed  and the
  undead will freely  roam the entire  ship, opening doors and whatnot at a whim
  (also, like 'real' zombies they'll travel in large groups when possible).

+ Zombies  that have  been knocked  unconscious or sedated (except  with the Air
  Rifle  because that strangely  doesn't seem to work) can  actually be finished
  without the need of a headshot.  Also, any attack  that  would result  in  the
  victim bleeding to death (stomach wounds) can sometimes be enough to kill them
  outright (but like I said, only sometimes).

+ The mission  can still  be completed in  a 'normal' fashion providing that you
  'fully kill' your designated targets and grab the photos as per usual.

+ For the 'authentic' Resident Evil feel, just bring along a Shotgun (no need to
  explain that one) and  the Bull.480 (to  play  the  part of  the ever-faithful
  44.Magnum).  If you limit yourself to just using these weapons while trying to
  eliminate the targets, it can be rather fun.  Or ... for a laugh, go grab  the
  Kitchen Knife and pretend you're a chunk of Tofu.

---------------------------------------------------<THE WAYS OF SURVIVAL HORROR>

- Make 47 Dance:

FOUND: A Murder of Crows, ... Till Death Do Us Part

<Singing> Yes sir, 47 can boogie, but he  needs a certain song ... boogie-woogie
...<snip>.  To make Agent 47 strut his funky stuff ... and, er ... get down with
his bad self, first off you need to be on a mission with a dance floor (you know
where, baby).  Providing  that  you're  dressed  in  the very heighth of fashion
(although its not really required but it looks much cooler), 47  will  start  to
dance like your granddad if you leave him  idle on the dance floor for more than
a couple minutes.

- The Hillbilly Fight Club

FOUND: ... Til Death Do Us Part

If you look just left of the dance floor you should see a  small crowd gathering
around a couple of fist fighting hicks.  Now, you could stand and  watch  or you
could wade in - as long as you use only your melee attack you can fight the both
of them  without incurring the wrath of the Guards.  Once  both of them are flat
on  their backs, beat  a  hasty retreat because  as soon as they wake up they'll
pull their guns on you (or if you took their guns, they'll point you out to  the
Guards and they'll shoot you).  Yeah, fair I know.

- Naked Bayou

FOUND: ... Till Death Do Us Part

You're gonna need pretty good eyes for this one, either that  or the W2000, your
choice.  You need to be near the left  of the house (where the canoodling couple
are) so run over to that general location while I make myself  a  cup of coffee.
Now search close to where the water meets the wall - after a little  bit  of eye
-strain, you should  see something  resembling a sliver-ish coloured button.  If
you  shoot  this  button, the  hillbilly fight club  will  strip  down  to their
skivvies before running over to give you a well deserved round of applause (then
they'll run back and carry on fighting without their clothes).

- Ten Green Bottles

FOUND: ... Til Death Do Us Part:

If you head on over  to  where the two guys are playing ‘shoot the gator’, there
are some bottles standing on some logs way off in the distance (just yearning to
be broken) - to make  things easier  on yourself, bring along a Sniper Rifle (of
your choosing, surprisingly).  What’s  your  reward?  The  two  brainless  hicks
beside you will hoot and holler every time you shoot a bottle – well, they can’t
all be good.

- Strip Poker

FOUND: A House of Cards:

I mean, hey, you’ve  watched rats play poker; you may as well watch people do it
too.  I say ‘strip poker’ but  it’s really a rather one-sided affair – basically
the showgirl is whooping  the  two guys she’s playing (one happens to be down to
his undies).  Before  you ask, no they won’t deal you in – if you want to take a
sneak peak, shuffle from the 7th floor balcony over to room 705.

- River Dance

FOUND: Amendment XXV

Okay - this is one of the stranger ones that  I've encountered.  Well, first off
you need to be dressed in the very heighth of Guard fashion and be in possession
of the suitcase belonging to the tourist-lady (grab it from behind  the  back of
the coach when she stops for a smoke).  Take this case with you as you go  about
your business until you reach the floor where the VP hangs out.  Do you see that
fireplace?  Take  the case and  throw it  at  the wall  just to the  left of the
it until the case seemingly disappears from view.  When you do get it right, the
nearby Guards will all form a Flatley-esque river dance line.

- Car Number Plates:

FOUND: Death of a Showman, A New Life, A House of Cards, A Dance with the Devil,
       Amendment XXV, Requiem

It's not  really that  special, but  have  you  noticed  that  every car  has  a
weird  registration -  they  include  'BADBLOD' (Bad Blood),  'M 666',  '1LMN3Y'
(Only Money),  and 'IO Interactive'.

-------------------------------------------------------------------<EASTER EGGS>

7. F.A.Q's [HIT07]

"Judge of a man by his questions rather than by his answers" -  Voltaire  (1694)


Q: At the end of level screen it says that I was caught on camera ... what  does
   that mean and how can I stop it from happening?

A: When  you’re  on  a  mission, sometimes you’ll see a green-tinted picture-in-
   picture,  that  means  you’ve  been  caught  on camera, if you want a  Silent
   Assassin rating you’ll need to  locate the security room and  steal the tape,
   failing that  you  might  be able  to sabotage the camera with  a  well-aimed
   bullet before being caught on tape.  On  some  missions  like  A New Life  it
   can be  incredibly  awkward to  retrieve the tape so it’s best to  avoid  the
   routes with cameras even if it takes longer to reach your destination.

   Apart  from  security  cameras  there’s a  television  crew on A Vintage Year
   and several  tourists scattered throughout the rest of the  game.  If  you’re
   filmed or  photographed in this way you’ll  need  to pacify them and retrieve
   your stolen image.

Q: My cover keeps getting blown; I don’t know how it keeps happening, why?

A: It  all  depends  on  where  you  were  or  what  you were doing at the time.
   Sometimes when you get changed a civilian may spot you  (even  if you’re  not
   made aware of it) or you may  have  wandered  into  a restricted area (clowns
   in a private swimming area, I  don’t  think so).  When  you’re  in  a uniform
   sometimes you can get away with  carrying certain weapons/items (workers have
   Nail Guns, Guards carry SLP.40s, etc.) – carrying weapons  and  items  you’re
   not supposed to will rouse much more  suspicion  than  normal.  Another  sure
   fire way to lose your cover is if  the  body where you got the  uniform  from
   is  discovered and identified.  It’s not so bad if there happens to be plenty
   of people dressed the same as you (like a  Guard  or  hotel  worker), they’ll
   just be on the lookout for a suspicious Guard.  If your  costume  is  one  of
   a  kind (clown, delivery bird costume) then your cover will be blown straight

Q: How and where do I permanently dispose of bodies?

A: Not every mission has  a place to permanently remove bodies from  the  prying
   eyes of all.  For the sake of being thorough, here’s a good list for your bad
   self.  Disposing of a body is as simple as dragging it over to the hazard and
   waiting for the command to appear.

   (Mission 02) A Vintage Year: - there are vats of tasty, tasty vino sitting in
   the cellar - just going to waste.  How can we rectify this injustice?  We can
   dispose of bodies in them - as to what that will do to the taste - who knows?
   Apart from this unorthodox method, there is  the harbour, more drowning, yes.

   (Mission 05) A New Life: - you can throw people down the manhole at the start
   (test it out on  the  jogger if you like) or you  can  bundle people into the
   crusher at the back of  the  garbage truck (just like in the Turtles movie) –
   closing the lid  or  waiting for a  little  while will  activate the crusher.

   (Mission 07) You Better Watch Out ...: - basically,  you just have the as per
   usual harbour, push  or throw  people in it  and they’ll disappear  for good.

   (Mission 08) Death on the Mississippi: - you  have  two choices (wow, two) in
   how you dispose  of  people.  The most common  way  is  to just  push  people
   overboard and into the gator infested waters of the Mississippi.  The second,
   more entertaining way is to bundle people into the furnace in the engine room
   – impractical but entertaining.

   (Mission 09) ... Till Death Do Us Part: - more fun with  gators  <grins>, the
   swamp surrounding Pappy’s mansion  is  literally swarming with alligators.  A
   body dumped in the water doesn’t stay where it is for too long.

   (Mission 11) A Dance with the Devil: - we’ve  had  gators  and  now  we  have
   sharks!  You may not have  noticed  this, but  Vaana’s pyro stage is actually
   set above a shark tank - you’ll  need  to  go  down  onto  the dance floor to
   actually  see  some sharks though.  They're Bull sharks, I think - they could
   be Great Whites but to date, only  one  has  ever been  kept  successfully in
   captivity due to their habit of dying (world's most  dangerous predators  but
   as sickly as hell).  It’s the best  looking method of ‘permanent disposal’ in
   the game but the partygoers on  the  dance floor will  notice  the  impromptu
   feeding time (although they usually don't give a stuff).

Q: Why is it  that  when I kill only  my targets  with  accidents  that  on  the
   newspaper screen it says they were murdered?

A: To be honest I  don’t think  that  there is a ‘... committed suicide’ or ‘...
   tragic accident’ headline.  It seems a little odd that  the manual points out
   that you  can ‘use the  veil  of suicide to  push people  from  high  places’
   because you can’t.

Q: How do I make more money?

A: There are five simple rules to follow when making money, drum roll please ...

   [1] Always retrieve  your  suit and any custom weaponry that you  bring  with
       you.  You won't make  any money but you'll save yourself a $5,000 penalty
       per  item  left  behind  (a  maximum of a $20,000 penalty - penalty bad).

   [2] Achieving  a  Silent Assassin rating will  earn  you  a  $150,000  bonus.
       Each time you upgrade your ranking, you'll get to keep the  entire  bonus
       rather than just receiving the difference (like with the other  bonuses).
       To earn more money you could essentially keep replaying  the same mission
       over and over again, achieving each rank bonus.

   [3] Minimising casualties will keep  your cleanup bonus to a minimum - it's a
       $5,000 penalty  for  every  civilian  or  law enforcement  agent  killed.

   [4] Be a  speed  demon, the faster you can complete a mission, the more money
       you will make.

   [5] Don't spend unnecessarily, avoid  Intel  and bribes  altogether.  If  you
       need to lower your notoriety score, replay  the  missions that you failed
       at  and  achieve a lower  rating.  When purchasing weapons and equipment,
       try  to  avoid  the  incremental  upgrades (e.g. Flak Vests or Scopes) as
       you'll be better  off  saving  up  for the final (and the best) piece  of
       equipment - its no great exaggeration to say that this alone can save you
       a fair few million.

   The manual says that there are safes to rob and pillage for some extra cash -
   would you be surprised and amazed to hear that  it's a complete load  of  old
   goat?  Thought not.

Q: Why can't I achieve a Silent Assassin rating?

A: You didn't follow the rules did you ...?  

   [1] Leave no witnesses  (civilians and law enforcers can be killed  by  using
       accidents without affecting your rating).  Also, make  sure to avoid CCTV
       cameras, if you can't, make sure you retrieve the tape.

   [2] Always hide  or  dispose  of  bodies - if a body is discovered  it  won't
       always stop you getting a Silent Assassin rating  but  it  may  blow your
       cover - a blown cover will prevent a Silent Assassin rating.

   [3] Avoid excessive violence - if you're going to  use a firearm to eliminate
       a target, use  headshots  as they  won't  add  to  the  violence  rating.

   [4] Avoid using methods that  create a lot of noise - explosions are cool but
       they'll  raise  your  noise  rating - excessive  noise  means  no  Silent
       Assassin rating.  By the same standard, avoid using firearms  that aren't
       fitted with a Silencer.

   [5] Don't leave your suit or any custom weapons behind (Expert and Pro only).

Q: How do I change what the papers say at the end of each mission?

A: I've seen  and done  a few things and this is what I came  up  with - behold!

   - How you finish people:

   Depending on how you finish your targets or any other character you’ll  alter
   the  story  accordingly.  Killing  someone  with  an  accident  or   a  blunt
   instrument (except  the  main  targets) will  always  result in a ‘mysterious
   death’ – ‘further examination’, etc.  If  you  finish  the  majority  of your
   targets with silent kills, the police ‘insufficient  evidence to profile’ you
   – depending  on  what  kind  of  silent  kill you  perform, it’ll  be  listed
   accordingly (Poison Syringe, Fibre Wire, etc).

   When using guns, the story is  dictated purely by how many shots  you  fired,
   how many hit (headshot  are  duly noted), what kind of weapon  was  used, and
   whether it was silenced  or  not.  Depending on how  good you were, the paper
   will make its own assessments about your ability (‘experienced  shooter  with
   limited skill’, etc).  Killing large amounts of people with 100% accuracy and
   a Silenced weapon will result in  comparisons being  made with the "Legendary
   Agent 47".

   - Who and how many you kill or injure:

   Depending on who you kill and how many you kill, they’ll be  listed under the
   heading ‘caused X number of additional deaths (that’s usually linked  to your
   ranking but not always)’ – it’ll  then  go on to list who you killed exactly,
   e.g. 3 innocent bystanders, 12 law enforcement officers, and  2 hired members
   of security, etc.  If you shoot or stab someone without killing them, they’ll
   be  listed  under ‘surgeons are  trying  to save the life of ... an  innocent
   bystander,  etc.  Main  targets  that  technically  ‘don’t  exist’  won’t  be
   mentioned  or will be listed as 'unknown' (like  the  clone  assassins - Mark
   Purayah Jr. and Mark Parchezzhi III).

   - Who and what you leave behind:

   If you left any witnesses  behind  it’ll mention that X number  of  witnesses
   that fled the scene are being questioned – leaving witnesses alive  will also
   add a ‘supposed likeness’ of you to the front page (I say ‘supposed’ but I’ve
   had everything from Napoleon to  Barry  from  Resident Evil).  Leaving behind
   your  suit  and weapons will be noted as ‘evidence’ (means  nothing  really).

   - Where you go and what you’re wearing:

   Taking a costume and then trying to enter a  restricted area or  having  your
   cover blown will result in you being referred to as a ‘chameleon’ due to your
   frequent  changes  of  clothes  (duh).  What  you’re  wearing  also  seems to
   directly affect the description given by witnesses (47  was  wearing  a Santa
   suit when the Barry Burton look-alike  appeared  in the paper).  Some outfits
   are better at obscuring your  features than others (hats hide baldness; masks
   hide your face, etc).

Q: What are the other rankings ... ya know, rankings?

A: Okay ... for your eyes only ... yeah, and anyone else reading too.  Remember,
   folks, some ranks are separated by teeny tiny amounts so you may not be  able
   to get the one you want on the first try.

[A] is for ...

- Armed Madman: (noise, 6 - violence, 6 - $0).  You have to be ever so  slightly
  righteous here and not kill anyone that's unarmed - I guess if a civilian arms
  himself, he becomes a legitimate target.

- Assailant

- Assassin

[B] is for ...

- Beelzebub

- Berserker

[C] is for ...

- Cleaner: (noise, 3 - violence, 2 - $15,000).  If you  kill  your targets  with
  the  RU-AP  and  cause  a teeny  little  bit  of  collateral  damage (innocent
  bystanders) everything will work out.

- Clumsy Killer

- Contract Killer: ($5,000).  Like with the 'Cleaner' rank, plant some bombs and
  take out your target and a  few innocents, just don't blow your cover or leave
  any witnesses or bodies to be discovered.

[D] is for ...

- Deranged Slayer: (noise, 2 - violence, 6+ - $15,000).

- Dr. Death: (noise, 2 - violence, 6 - $100,000).

[E] is for ...

- Electrocutor: ($100,000).  Using the Stun Gun a lot is the order of the day, I
  think it may help if you don't blow your cover.

- Eraser: (noise, 1-2 - violence, 3-4 - $15,000).  As a general rule, I used the
  Tactical SMG to waylay my targets, witnesses don't matter, keeping your  cover
  doesn't matter, and  eliminating  Guards/police  doesn't  matter - just  don't
  overdo it.

- Exhibitionist

- Expert

- Evil Eye Gouger: ($100,000).  Stab lots  of  people with a Screwdriver, go on,
  do it <looks away>.

[F] is for ...

- Fierce Offender

- Frenzied Fire-Fighter: (noise, 4  -  violence, 6+  -  £55,000).  Have you ever
  really wanted to batter lots of people with a Fire Extinguisher?  Good for you
  (I think).

[G] is for ...

- Gangster: (noise, 4 - violence, 2 - $25,000).

- Garrotteer

- Ghost: (noise, 0 - violence, 2 - $50,000).  Don't  get  caught and don't leave
  any bodies behind.

[H] is for ...

- Hired Killer: (noise, 0 - violence, 2 - $75,000).  Basically, just kill anyone
  anyway you want just so long as you don't exceed 2 violence.

- Hitman: (noise, 0-1 - violence, 0 - $100,000).  You  need  to  use a  silenced
  pistol, leave no witnesses or bodies to be discovered.

- Hoodlum: (noise, 1 - $75,000).

[I] is for ...

- Insane Florist: ($100,000).  Can you waste people with the  Hedge Cutters?  Of
  course you can - get to it, baby.

- Insurance Agent: (noise, 2 - violence, 0 - $100,000).  You need  to  Kill lots
  of people with accidents and make sure you make some  noise  otherwise  you'll
  just net yourself a Professional rank.

- Invisible Killer

[K] is for ...

- Killer: (noise, 4  -  violence, 5  -  $5,000).  Only  kill  Guards  and  armed
  security, if you need to eliminate witnesses or tattle-tales, you can.

[L] is for ...

- Lean Killer: (noise, 1-3 - violence, 5 - $10,000).  Kill  people  using  a gun
  that isn't silenced, avoid witnesses, and kill at  least  a dozen or so people
  in total.

- Loose Cannon: ($15,000).  Kill plenty of armed  Guards  and  leave  plenty  of
  bystanders in a critical condition (try using the Air Rifle for the last bit).

- Lunatic: (noise, 5-6 - violence, 4 - $5,000).  Kill a dozen or so armed Guards
  and have some bodies discovered, oh yeah, and you need some witnesses.

[M] is for ...

- Mad Butcher: ($15,000).  Just go crazy and  kill scores of people and leave  a
  plenty of witnesses.

- Madman

- Maniac 

- Mass Murderer: (noise, 6 - violence, 8+ - $0).

- Messy Murderer: ($0).  Knock  everyone  out except your targets (kill em' with
  only accidents), leave lots of witnesses, and get caught on CCTV.

- Mobber

- Mugger

- Murderer


- Needle Pumper

[P] is for ...

- Perpetrator: (noise, 4-5 - violence, 1 - $15,000).  Simply  sprint up  to your
  target and kill them without even thinking twice about it.

- Phantom Killer: (noise, 1 - violence, 3-4 - $25,000).  Leave no one to tell on
  you (yeah, you know what I mean).

- Piano Man: ($90,000).  Kill scores of people using the Fibre Wire.

- Prince of Darkness

- Professional: (noise, 0 - violence, 1 - $100,000).

- Psychopath: (noise, 5 - violence, 6-7 - $0).  Kill squillions of people and be
  indiscriminate about it.

[R] is for ...

- Raging Blue-collar: (noise, 5 - violence, 6+ - $40,000).  Go to town with  the
  Hammer in a completely nasty yet stealthy way.

- Russian Hare: (noise, 3 - violence, 6+ - $75,000).  The  Sniper Rifle  is  the
  order of the day - to make some noise, make sure  you're  packing a Dragunov -
  every shot must (ya hear me?) be a headshot.

[S] is for ...

- Serial Killer: (noise, 0-1 - violence, 6+ - $5,000).

- Shadow Killer: (noise, 0 - violence, 3-4 - $50,000).  The  secret  to this one
  is to be violent and stealthy.  How?  The  Fibre Wire can add  to the violence
  rating quite a bit when used on civilians.  Do bodies matter?  To me, the rank
  seems more likely with one discovery than it  does with  none (although I have
  gotten the rank with no bodies ... just a lot less often).
- Silent Assassin: (noise, 0 - violence, 0 - $150,000).  Avoid  any  unnecessary
  kills, don't  have  a  cover  blown, and  don't  have  any  bodies  discovered
  (although target bodies and bodies discovered after accidents  are  okay).  On
  Expert and  Professional settings  you must  finish the mission with your suit
  (and with any custom weapons that you brought with you).

- Slugger: (noise, 2-3 - violence, 6+ - $55,000).  On the 'A New Life'  mission,
  grab the Baseball Bat from Vinnie's garage  and  kill  everything (... but not
  the dog, even Mike Penance has his limits).

- Skull Splitter: ($100,000) get mad  and bad with Hammer - waste as many people
  as you can with the workman's favourite.

- Sociopath: (noise, 0 - violence, 10 - minus $60,000)

- Specialist: (noise, 1 - $75,000).

- Stalker: (noise, 0  -  violence, 1-2  -  $75,000).  Eliminate your targets and
  anyone who is foolish enough to try and stop you.  Make sure that there are no
  bodies discovered and that you have no covers blown, witnesses  are  a  no-no.

- Sushi Chef: (noise, 3  -  violence, 6+  -  $100,000).  Overuse  of the Kitchen
  Knife is the only way to be a true Sushi Chef (although, it’s hardly fish that
  you’ll be filleting).

- Swashbuckler: ($100,000).  Go all shiver-me-timbers down on the dance floor on
  A Dance with the Devil with the Cane Sword for this pirate-like reward.

[T] is for ...

- Terrorist: (noise, 4 - violence, 6 - $0).  Kill a few armed Guards without the
  aid of a silencer and leave one or two witnesses.

- Thug: (noise, 5-6 - violence, 1 - $15,000).  Go and kill  a  small  amount  of
  people (anyone you have a mind to) - witnesses are groovy.

[U] is for ...

- Undertaker: (noise, 1 - violence, 5 - $75,000).  Kill 15 or more people  using
  only silent weapons and leave no one to tell.

[V] is for ...

- Violent Criminal: (noise, 2 - violence, 6+  -  $5,000).  Keep your  statistics
  low (i.e. the  number of  bullets fired, etc.) but  leave  a  high  amount  of

- Violent Thug

Q: Why do I keep getting witnesses when  I've been so damn careful about things?

A: You're experiencing what is  known  as 'phantom witness syndrome' - sometimes
   you'll do something or  kill someone in a way that the  computer  deems to be
   'impossible' and as such it'll magic up  a  witness  report  to  rectify  the
   'mistake' (even if there happened to be no actual witness to what  you  did).
   If the game wants to throw a spanner in the works  from  time  to time, there
   is very little you can do about it - bummer, eh?


Q: When I take a weapon to the exit it won’t let me keep it, why?

A: Melee  weapons like the  Kitchen Knife  and the Stun Gun can’t  be collected.
   Incidentally you can’t keep  any of the  weapons  taken  from  the Death of a
   Showman  (although  they  can  still  be  shipped out using the ICA crate) or
   Requiem missions .  I  don’t  know why ... you just can’t.  Also, while we're
   at it, certain firearms like the WWI Pistol  and  the  Custom 1911  can’t  be
   collected either – sad but true.

Q: You said that knives can be retrieved from their target, I can't do it - why?

A: Admittedly you either can or you  can’t – I think it’s all about whether  you
   move the body before attempting  the retrieval.  Another  sure  fire  way  of
   losing your knife is to take the victim's clothes while they still have it in
   them - you'll  still  see  the  knife but it'll  become  permanently  lodged.

Q: How do  I  collect  the  larger weapons (example: Shotgun) without  having to
   complete the same mission several times?

A: You see those Agency crates scattered throughout the levels?  They work  both
   ways, placing a weapon  inside the crate will mark it for  retrieval once the
   mission is over.  You won't always be able to get away with it but it  should
   help you out.

Q: Why can't I shoot through doors?

A: Hmm ... it  all depends on what ammo the gun takes.  Heavy ammo  like  Magnum
   rounds, Armour Piercing rounds, and Bull ammo can shoot through wooden  doors
   with ease - regardless  of  their power, they still can't shoot through steel
   doors though.

Q: Did you know that  you  missed  a  weapon on Curtains Down, a Mark III Rifle?

A: It’s true that there is a ‘Mark III Rifle’ that’s  carried  by the  Guards in
   the execution scene but its totally fake, a  lifeless  piece  off  wood  that
   can't even fire blanks (hell, you can’t even draw it, it  remains permanently
   holstered), nice try though.  However, there is a genuine Mark III Rifle that
   can be had by entering the 'All Weapons' code - because this is the only  way
   that I know of to get it, I won't be  including  it  in  the weapons section.
   However, it does  seem  to  have  its  own  place in the Hideout (between the
   Shotgun and the M14 Grand) so maybe it'll turn up.

Q: What does the SVD stand for in Dragunov SVD?

A: It stands for <grabs a book off the shelf> "Snaiperskaya Vintovka Dragunova",
   which basically translates  into  English as "Dragunov Sniper Rifle".  In the
   'real' world it is supposedly one of the best rifles money can buy, in Hitman
   it's always been a bit worse than dire.

Q: What is the  difference between a single-action and a double-action revolver?

A: The difference between a single-action and  a double-action revolver  is  how
   many moves it takes to fire it.  With a single-action revolver, you  need  to
   manually **** the hammer before  the  trigger can be pulled.  With  a  double
   -action, an extended pull of the trigger  will  automatically **** the hammer
   and then release it (in effect, allowing you to fire one-handed).

   In theory, the double-action should be the faster of the two types - however,
   when playing Blood Money, I've noticed no difference between them.


- Death of a Showman:

Q: Is it possible to score a Silent Assassin ranking?

A: Nope, even if you engage and disarm everyone you come across (minus the  ones
   that can be killed with  accidents  and  in 'mysterious circumstances') there
   are still some shots that need to be made, and no weapon that you come across
   will have a Silencer.  However, it can be improved  with  some care and a lot
   of close combat (the highest I managed was the Expert ranking).

- Curtains Down:

Q: How come I can't access the Rat Club with my key card?  I  keep  getting  the
   'invalid' message whenever I try.

A: Hey, that's speed readers for you - if you  keep  getting  the 'invalid card'
   message that'll be because you're trying to open the light control room.  The
   Rat Club door is also on the second floor but it can only be accessed by  the
   stairs near the dressing rooms.

- Flatline:

Q: Why should I wait until near the end  before I kill the targets when I can do
   it straight away?

A: The reason you should save  the  targets until  after you've been briefed  is
   because occasionally the game will  fail to recognise the optional targets as
   legitimate targets and you may well end up ruining your ranking.

- The Murder of Crows:

Q: Can I run out of time, ya know, will the Politician actually be assassinated?

A: Yup, if you leave all three alive for long enough, the Politician  will  have
   an extra large hole where his face  used to  be.  Angelina  is  the  spotter,
   Raymond is  the  sniper, and  Mark Purayah Jr. is there to  finish  the   job
   should Raymond fail.  The hit will not go down until  the  payment is  placed
   safely on Mark. Jr's desk - if the chain of payment is broken (i.e. you  blow
   Mark Jr's head off or waylay the delivery guy) then the  hit won't go down as
   planned.  If the payment is successfully  delivered  and Mark Jr. and Raymond
   are killed soon after, their  femme  fatale friend, Angelina, will finish the
   job at knife point (eventually).

- A Dance with the Devil:

Q: Is there a way to avoid battling Maynard John in the Torture Chamber?

A: Well, there is but it’s an incredibly  tricky thing to do.  The gist  is that
   when Maynard leaves the bar to watch Vaana perform, you're supposed to  sneak
   behind the bar and poison his glass.  The tricky bit is  all in the  timing -
   it’s virtually impossible with all those guests around and Guards everywhere.

   The worst bit about  this  method  is that there tends to be a  glitch  where
   Maynard actually starts his conversation with you when you near the bar while
   he's still along the corridor watching the show.

- Amendment XXV:

Q: Is there any way to avoid the totally melodramatic  showdown  with  Mark III?

A: Yeah, make fun of his name until he dies of embarrassment - well, that's what
   I'd  suggest  if  his  surname  wasn't  so  hard  to  find a rhyme  for.  But
   seriously, there is a way to avoid fighting him  but it'll wreck your  Silent
   Assassin rank if you do it.  When you're out on the Whitehouse lawn, you  can
   take a sneaky peak through the Oval Office window - when Mark Parchezzhi sees
   you looking, he'll take off and hide in the adjoining room (that's the square
   one, not the narrow corridor-like entrance - that's because he  has  his  own
   bomb planted there).

   If you go about things like normal (i.e. gain unrestricted access to the West
   Wing), you can plant a bomb-shaped present for Parchezzhi in that room - just
   head back to the window and he'll run right into it.


Q: Can I use your guide on my site?

A: Maybe, maybe not – it  all depends on what policies your  site  has  when  it
   comes to posting a guide.  Send me a full list of your site policies and I’ll
   get back to you.  As long  as  they  don’t  violate my intellectual Copyright
   (i.e. trying to get me to basically  give up my rights to my own guide – yeah
   it happens to people  all  the time) and  as  long  as you  don’t  attempt to
   alter it in anyway then I’ll probably say yes.

Q: I have this Blood Money guide ... would it be okay if I used a part of yours?

A: Part of mine ...?  What would be the point of that?  You  can use my guide as
   reference for things like weapon locations, price  lists, and  the  like (the
   things that I can't own).  You can't  go  lifting entire paragraphs, even  if
   you go and credit me for it.  Don't get me wrong, I'll be  glad to help, just
   not in that way.

Q: If I've  found  something that you were  too stupid to include  or  something
   that you've missed, what should I do?

A: You could take it, turn it sideways and shove it ... <ahem> - just drop  me a
   line and tell me in exact detail as to what it  was that  I screwed up on  or
   missed out.  If you can help me make  this  guide more accurate, you'll win a
   cookie, a kudos cookie (great on  calories, lousy  on  taste).  So contribute

Q: Is this really the final version that you'll be doing  of  the  Hitman: Blood
   Money - Walkthrough & FAQ <sniff>?

A: Yup, this is the end of the road - ever so occasionally (maybe  every  couple
   of months or so until I get bored) there will  be  minor updates  or  changes
   being made if I feel  that  I need to make any, eventually though, they  will
   fade away and this guide will no longer be updated.  Like  I've  said before,
   if  enough  people  want  me  to cover the alternate routes, I  may  consider
   knocking out a few more versions to cover  them all, however, it seems  quite

8. The Happy Lawyer Department [HIT08]

This guide is Copyright under the laws that  govern  the  United Kingdom  (yeah,
real scary I know) and it’d probably be a good  idea  not to take this guide and
do nefarious things with it (distribution  without  the  author’s  knowledge  or
permission  ‘n’  stuff).  This   guide  may  not  be  Copied  in  a  natural  or
supernatural  fashion (Voodoo  Xerox?) or  in  a way that may defy the  laws  of
physics unless it is for personal use only (a Copy may  be  kept  on  your  hard
drive or printed as reference material, providing that the name  of  the  author
remains unchanged and this paragraph remains unaltered). Mike Penance cannot  be
held responsible for anyone actually attempting anything contained  within  this
guide, so  that  means  no  crazy  bald  men on the front page of my local paper

It is also agreed that by posting the current version of this  guide, the person
and/or group doing so agree upon one simple term, that  above  all  else  and in
spite of all else, this guide will always remain  the property (intellectual  or
otherwise)  of  its author.  This  paragraph  may  not  be negated, preceded, or
superseded by any other form of agreement, written or otherwise.

Other than that, enjoy - Mike Penance.

9. Credits & Outro [HIT09]

Well, that’s everything found and everyone assassinated (with a  Silent Assassin
rating, no less).  Enjoy  your  newly completed  weapon  collection, enjoy  your
status  as  the  world’s number  one  Silent Assassin, and ... well, that’s  it.
I’ve been  Mike Penance (still am) and it’s  been  fun – well, kinda. if  anyone
wants to contribute anything still, I’ll  be more  than  happy  to  credit  you.
I know that there are forums and stuff but  last time I checked the  Blood Money
forum it was having a slow day – so send  me  your  questions, suggestions,  and
whatever else it is that people send each other.

Just because this is  the  final  version (man, I  keep  saying that but there's
always something else to do - although, seemingly not this time) of the  Hitman:
Blood Money - Walkthrough & FAQ  it  doesn't  mean  that  I  won't  be  making a
fleeting update now and again.  I'll still answer any questions you may have and
stuff like that but as far as new sections and the like, there won't be many (if
any at all).  Why not cover the  alternate  routes and strategies?  I’ve   given
you  a walkthrough for  each mission  that rewards a Silent Assassin rating; you
have  one  way  so  why would you need another twenty-three or so ways to do it?
Not  every way will reward a Silent Assassin rank and  not every way is entirely
unique or original (i.e. use a bomb instead of sneaking in with  the Fibre Wire,
snipe  from  this balcony rather than that balcony, etc).  I know for one that I
honestly couldn’t be bothered to read that kinda thing and  I  know  that I sure
as  hell can’t  be bothered  to  write  what is  essentially  the  same  mission
walkthrough but with a  go  here instead  of  there, do  this  instead  of  that

If anyone wants to use my guide, then feel  free to ask because that'd be great.


- More kudos being handed out here - this time  to  some bloke named Andy.  Andy
  had kindly  informed  me of the 'Naked Bayou' easter egg  an  eon ago - but me
  being a lazy sod, didn't get around to  adding it until now [6. CHEATS, CODES,

- Angus Hiscoe (Gus) for clarifying  a few things concerning my deep-seated fear
  of gas appliances on Flatline.  The exploding stove indeed does not add to the
  noise rating in anyway.  Also for sending  me  his rather interesting  take on
  the mission itself.  And also for convincing me that I  should  highlight  the
  fact how weapon upgrades are affected by your rankings [4. WEAPONS].

- A special mention goes to Wiley Miester  for  pointing out that Angelina Mason
  can in fact be a murderous little cow and assassinate the Politician in the 'A
  Murder of Crows' mission [7. FAQ's - MISSION SPECIFIC QUESTIONS].

- If for some strange reason, you would actually like to thank me - feel free to
  sign my  guestbook []
  and pledge to serve as my vassal - too far?  Well, just sign it and leave  out
  the 'serving me for all eternity' bit if you like.

The End - no, really!

<Phone Rings>-------------------------------------------------------------------
"No, Mr. President, they have  no idea of my true identity.  Yes, Mr. President,
it all went according  to plan.  Shall I  continue with  the second phase of the
operation?  Yes sir, understood."
----------------------------------------------------------------------<Hangs Up>

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