Mario Party 8 FAQ/ Walkthrough

Mario Party 8 FAQ
By: Emmika Elkin  (pinkcow)
Started: 6/11/2007
Finished: 6/13/2007
Version 1.0

Hello all. So I’ve decided to make a walkthrough for Mario Party 8. I will most 
likely add on to this guide as I play it and find other important things to 
include. If you see something I have left blank (for example, what the Bowser 
space does in some gameboards), please help me fill it in! I only have one 
other walkthrough on Gamefaqs right now and it’s for Donkey Kong 64. 
Fortunately I’ve received nothing but positive feedback on that FAQ so I’ll try 
my best with this one as well. Please feel free to e-mail me any questions you 
may have. I love getting questions! Also feel free to e-mail suggestions for 
improvement. Please be sure to title the e-mail something like “MP8 Questions” 
or something else that I won’t delete! [email protected]
Please do not send me spam. Thanks!


-Table of Contents-
0001 Characters
0002 Modes/Game Areas
    2.1 Party Tent
    2.2 Star Battle Arena
    2.3 Minigame Tent
    2.4 Extras Zone
    2.5 Fun Bazaar
0003 Different Squares/Candy/Stars
    3.1 Different Squares
    3.2 Different Candy
    3.3 Different Stars
0004 Board Overviews 
    4.1 DK’s Treetop Temple
    4.2 Goomba’s Booty Boardwalk
    4.3 King Boo’s Haunted Hideaway
    4.4 Shy Guy’s Perplex Express
    4.5 Koopa’s Tycoon Town
    4.6 Bowser’s Warped Orbit
0005 Mini Games Overview/Explanations
    5.1 4-player
    5.2 2-vs.-2
    5.3 1-vs.-3
    5.4 Challenge
    5.5 Duel
    5.6 Battle
0006 Legal Disclaimer
0007 FAQs

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~0001 Characters~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Playable Characters:

Dry Bones
Blooper (unlockable)
Hammer Bros (unlockable)

Bowser: Of course Bowser returns in this game as he does in all Mario games. He 
makes his appearance in every gameboard by use of “Bowser Spaces” and also has 
a gameboard of his own. His ultimate appearance is as the “final boss” of the 
game at the end of the Star Battle Arena.

Shy Guy: Shy Guys also make an appearance in this game on their personal 
gameboard “Shy Guys Express”. The Shy Guys you want to pay attention to are the 
ones at the end of the train which will give you +10 coins every time you reach 

Donkey Kong: Donkey Kong can be a lifesaver in this game. Not only does he have 
his own personal board “DK Treetop Temple”, but he also has his own squares on 
each board. If you land on a DK space, very good things will happen to you (for 
example he will give you a star, give you candy, or launch you straight to a 
star, etc.)

Koopa: The Koopa’s main appearance is in the gameboard Koopa’s Tycoon Town (one 
of the best boards of this game in my opinion).

King Boo: In the Haunted Mansion board, you will have to locate and pay King 
Boo for a star.

Goomba: In the boardwalk board, you will have to reach the King Goomba at the 
end of the path and give him enough coins to take the star from his treasure 
chest. If you don’t have these coins he will kick you back to the start.

Ballyhoo & Big Top: The “Master of Catastrophe”, MC Ballyhoo (who bares a 
STRIKING resemblance to Chuck Quizmo commonly known through his appearance in 
Paper Mario 64) is our host for this game. Not to be forgotten, Ballyhoo’s hat 
(Big Top) also helps run the show.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~0002 Modes/Game Areas~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Welcome to the Star Carnival!

There are 5 places to play in this game (all listed under “Play Choices” in the 
beginning of the game):

                                2.1 Party Tent
In the Party Tent you can play Battle Royale, Tag Battle, or Duel Battle. The 
difference between them is the number of people you play against. In the Battle 
Royale, you play against 3 other people (computer or human), in a Tag Battle 
the gameplay is team based and in a Duel Battle you play against one other 
person. In each you may choose how long you play for and change the Minigames 
and Bonus Stars options.

                           2.2 Star Battle Arena
In the Star Battle Arena, you will play through all stages (Bowser’s being 
last) and will need to win each round in order to get a seemingly awesome prize 
(a life time supply of candy!). You will find that each gameboard differs a 
little from the ones in the Party Tent and you only play against one other 
character in each stage (selected randomly except for the Hammer Bros. at the 
end). Once you beat the stages you will fight Bowser (as is normal in Mario 
games). Goodluck!

                             2.3 Minigame Tent
Well, this place has exactly what you think---Minigames. I don’t spend much 
time here so I will just quote the mini-descriptions written by the creators of 
this game. The Free Play Arcade is “Play any minigames you’ve found on the 
board maps”. The Crown Showdown “Play minigames to rack up the set number of 
wins!”. Flip Out Frenzy “Win minigames to take control of the most spaces!”. 
Tic-Tac Drop “Win minigames to earn the right to make the next move!”. And Test 
for the Best which has you play an assortment of games in order to get the 
highest ranking and move the balloon.

                             2.4 Extras Zone 
This area has a bunch of games not found in regular play. It includes games 
like bowling, Trial by Tile, Flagging Rights (you’ll need a nunchuck for this), 
Canyon Cruises, Table Menace, Puzzle Pillars, Chomping Frenzy, and Moped 
Mayhem. You can use your Mii’s instead of MP8 characters in this area.

                             2.5 Fun Bazaar
Here you can check your standings on minigames and can also trade Carnival 
Cards for some cool stuff (including minigames which you haven’t unlocked yet). 
There are a few places we can visit in here, including:

-Carnival Wagon: The Carnival Wagon shows us all the Carnival Figures we’ve 
collected so far.

-Minigame Wagon: Here you can give the Shy Guy your Carnival Cards to purchase 
the ability to play not-yet-unlocked minigames. 

-Records Board: You can look at both Minigame Records and Minigame Sets.

-Surprise Wagon: You can trade Carnival Cards for games and trophies. Here is a 
list of all items you can purchase at the Surprise Wagon:
   =Table Menace (Table tennis) (50 cards)
   =Puzzle Pillars (50 cards)
   =Chomping Frenzy (50 cards)
   =Moped Mayhem (50 cards)
   =Very Hard Mode (lets you use the Very Hard mode) (50 cards)
   =Heckling Voices (lets you use Heckling Voices on boards) (50 cards)
   =Test for the Best (50 cards)
   =Staff Best Records (lets you view the staff’s best records) (50 cards)
   =Character Voices (lets you hear game characters voices) (50 cards)
   =Carnival Music (lets you hear the party boards sounds) (50 cards)
   =Minigame Music (lets you hear minigame sounds) (50 cards)
   =Staff Credits (lets you see the names of all the staff) (100 cards)
   =DK’s Balancing Act
   =DK Barrel Cannon
   =Dolphin Shuttle Swirl
   =Shipwrecked Goombas
   =King Boo’s Revenge
   =Hideaway Breakout
   =Perplexed Chef
   =Express Engine
   =Koopa Crane
   =Hotel Happiness
   =Warped Space Shuttle
   =Space Colony Tower
   =Super Shaken Soda
   =Sugar Rush Surprise
   =Bullet Blitzer
   =Party Karting
   =Spinning Boat
   =Sweet Saucer
   =Flip the Chimp 
   =Big Bob-omb’s Blast
   =Baby Penguin Frolic
   =Lava Bubble Burst
   =Potted Piranha Plant
   =Chain Chomphouse
   =Poppin’ Party Tent
   =Star Carnival Stage
   =Barrel of Fun
   =Bowser’s Fury
   =Ballyhoo and Big Top
   =Test Take Off

-Carnival Calliope: You can listen to voices (including Ballyhoo’s laugh!)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~0003 Different Squares/Candy/Stars~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

                            3.1 Different Squares

As you may have guessed already, the different colored squares on the 
gameboards mean different things. Not only that, but there are additional 
surprise squares that either help or destroy you (depending on the square).

Blue squares: Every time you land on a blue square you will get +3 coins.

Red squares: Opposite of blue squares, every time you land on a red square you 
will get -3 coins.

Lucky Squares: These are the yellow squares with the music note on them. In 
every gameboard they take you to a secret place where you can get a bunch of 
coins and some other really cool items to help you win (including stars, 
special candy, and sometimes even two stars!).

? Squares: These do something different in each board. Sometimes they’ll be 
beneficial, sometimes they’ll be horrible. It all depends!

DK Squares: In each board these do something different, however they always 
help you. Sometimes they’ll give you candy, sometimes they’ll give you a star, 
sometimes they’ll throw you directly to a star, etc. Once you land on this, the 
square turns into a Bowser Square.

Bowser Squares: Beware of the Bowser Squares! They do nothing but pure evil. 
Sometimes they’ll take stars from you, or coins, etc.

Candy Stores: There are Candy Stores in each board. Here, depending on how much 
money you have, you may purchase candy to help you along in the game.

                           3.2 Different Candy


-Bullet Candy: Transforms your player into a bullet and allows you to hit 3 
dice blocks for a possible 30 space move maximum. It takes one star from each 
player you pass and puts it in your star collection. This appears in Bowser’s 

-Bowser Candy: Places a Bowser suit on your player and allows you to hit 2 dice 
blocks for a possible 20 space move maximum. Each player in your path loses 2 
stars which are then donated to you. This appears in Bowser’s gameboard.

-Thwomp Candy: Transforms your character, enabling them to thwomp anyone and 
everyone in their path, reducing their coin collection by half.

-Duelo Candy: Sets your character on fire, enabling them to hit two dice blocks 
and duel with the first person they come across. The winner darts for a prize.

RED (Dice Block)

-Slowgo Candy: Slows the dice down so you can hit the number you want, however 
it reduces the block from 1-10 to 1-5.

-Twice Candy: Lets you hit the dice block twice (maximum amount of spaces to 
move: 20).

-Thrice Candy: Lets you hit the dice block three times (maximum amount of 
spaces to move: 30).

YELLOW (Affective after hitting the dice block)

-Bowlo Candy: Turns your player into a bowling ball and lets you hit the dice 
block. If you roll over anyone during your turn, they are forced to donate 10 
coins to your own pocket.

-Weeglee Candy: Turns your player into 3 mini players who take a piece of candy 
from everyone they pass during that turn and give it to you.

-Bit-Size Candy: Turns your player into an 8-bit version of the character and 
places old-school Mario coin boxes on all the squares that you run across 
during your turn (earning you 3 coins per square). This gives you a maximum of 
+30 coins (as long as you hit a 10 on the dice block).

-Bloway Candy: Turns the bottom half of your character into a tornado, blowing 
anyone in your path back to the start.

GREEN (Affective before hitting the dice block)

-Springo Candy: Turns your character into a spring, allowing them to jump to 
another player’s position on the gameboard. The person you jump to all depends 
on which player you dart on the dart board. You will share the person’s space, 
not switch places with them. You will also get a chance to hit the dice block 
after you land.

-Vampire Candy: Your player sprouts vampire wings and darts for an amount of 
coins which they will steal and claim from each player.

-Cashzap Candy: You will throw a dart at a dart board containing a picture of 
all your opponents. The person you land on will get half their coins zapped 
away by lightening bolts.

                            3.3 Different Stars

Bonus stars are awarded to people at the end of each stage. The extra stars are 
rewarded for the following: (Note-Some star names are incorrect)

-Candy Star: Goes to the player who ate the most Candy.

-Green Star: Goes to the player who landed on the most Green Spaces.

-Shopping Star: Goes to the player who bought the most items.

-Red Star: Goes to the player who landed on the most Red Spaces (they’re good 
for something!).

-Minigame Star: Goes to the player who won the most minigames.

-Travel Star: Goes to the player who traveled the most spaces.

-Blue Star: Goes to the player who landed on the most Blue Spaces.

-Lucky Star: Goes to the player who landed on the most Lucky Spaces.

-DK Star: Goes to the player who landed on the most DK Spaces.

-Bowser Star: Goes to the player who landed on the most Bowser Spaces.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~0004 Board Overviews~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The object of all these boards is to be the one with the most stars at the end 
of the set number of turns. Remember there are additional stars that are 
rewarded to the players after the stage is over. If you want to know more about 
these extra stars, see the previous section (0003 Different 

NOTE: I will be explaining each board as played by Battle Royale in the Party 
Tent. In some cases, a small amount of the things I say may be slightly 
different. (For example, Star Battle Arena boards vary slightly).

                            4.1 DK’s Treetop Temple

To get the star on this board you will need to be the first to reach the Star 
Space with 20 coins. After one of the players grabs the first star, another 
will appear in a different location on the board. Like always, you will be 
given 10 coins to start out with.

Special squares in this level: 

Star Space- Find the one which contains the star and you’ll get it for 20 

DK Barrel Cannon- Land on one of the squares with a green arrow pointing toward 
a barrel cannon and DK will appear. As long as you have atleast 5 coins in your 
pocket you will have the option to get shot out of the barrel cannons. Beware 
of where they go, though. Sometimes they’ll be very helpful, and sometimes they 

Yellow Candy Squares- All you have to do is pass over a yellow candy square in 
order to grab the mystery candy that it holds. If you find yourself without 
candy, you can always use the candy store at the top of the map to buy some.

DK Space- Donkey Kong appears, picking up and throwing the character who landed 
on his space directly to a Star Space.

Bowser Space- If someone lands on the DK space after it has been landed on 
already, Bowser will come and move the star’s position.

? Spaces- The question mark spaces chase you backwards. Others on this same map 
(star battle arena, specifically) roll over everyone in their path, taking 
coins. Others on this same map will take 10 coins from you by a piranha plant.

Lucky Space- If you land on the Lucky Space by the DK statue, you will be taken 
to a new area where there are a bunch of coins and a free star. Definitely aim 
at landing on this space as many times as possible!

Chump Charity- Ballyhoo appears giving the person in last place a piece of 
Duelo Candy. He also places money on all of the squares (bags on the red ones).

Notes: Try to use the Lucky Space as much as possible. Not only does it give 
you a lot of coins, but it guarantees you a free star. Also, if you’re positive 
as to where the DK barrel blast goes, make sure you take advantage of that 5 
coin ride.

                          4.2 Goomba’s Booty Boardwalk 

In order to win this stage, you will need to get your character all the way to 
the end of the boardwalk where the King Goomba guards a star in his treasure 

Special squares in this level:

DK Space- DK will take 5 coins from you and place them in a barrel. You will 
then proceed to shake it as hard and fast as you can. The faster you shake it 
in 3 seconds, the more coins you will get. 

Bowser Space- Bowser will place 3 fire balls on the square. They will dance 
around you and eventually come together to attack you. Try to avoid it so as to 
not lose very many coins.

Dolphin Space- You will get the chance to ride a Dolphin Shuttle 20 spaces for 
a bunch of coins. Since your goal is to reach the end with 50 coins, this isn’t 
usually a wise investment.

? Squares- You get tossed forward a few spaces or you get a candy. If you land 
on the ? Square right before the treasure chest you’ll get sent back to the 

Lucky Squares- A dolphin will carry you to an ancient island which has a bunch 
of free coins and a free star! Try to land on this as much as possible.

Chump Charity- 1 piece of Duelo Candy is given out to the last place player. 
Coin bags are placed on red spaces and 1 coin is placed on all the other 

Notes: Since your goal in the Star Battle Arena for this board is to reach the 
end with 50 coins (or you’ll be sent back to the start), try not to waste 
coins. Use the dolphins to skip spaces sparingly and only when you can afford 
it (for example, right after the Chump Charity when all spaces have coins on 
them). It’s no use to skip 20 spaces just to be sent back to the beginning and 
start all over.

                         4.3 King Boo’s Haunted Hideaway

In order to get the stars on this gameboard, you will need to navigate through 
the mysterious halls of King Boo’s Haunted Mansion. You have no idea where the 
halls lead, there is no map except for the places you’ve already ventured in, 
and some rooms lead to dead ends (sending you back to the start). However, once 
you reach King Boo he will give you a star for 10 coins.

Special squares in this level:

DK Space- Donkey Kong will change the dead ends that send you to the start into 
areas where he will give you a star.

Bowser Space- If you have a star, he will steal it. If not, he will give you 10 
coins. Is it true? Does he have a sensitive side?

? Squares- Some have Piranha Plants which take 10 coins away from you, some 
have mirrors which move whichever player appears in the mirror to your 
position, some have treasure chests with pink ghosts which take money, some 
have treasure chests which give you money. It all depends. There are a lot of 
options here!

Lucky Squares- Land on this space and you will take a secret passage way 
(loaded with coins) directly to King Boo and his star where you will have to 
trade 10 coins.

Chump Charity- Dart Board.

Notes: Learn from your competitors mistakes on this level. King Boo will 
relocate (as far as I know he never relocates to the same room he’s been found 
in to trick you) after the first star is given away. Don’t waste time checking 
back in the same room. Make sure to take as many coins away from your opponents 
as you can. If they find a King Boo room and don’t have enough coins, they’ll 
get sent back to the start and you’ll then know where he is located.

                        4.4 Shy Guy’s Perplex Express

The star for this level is located at the front of the train with the Shy Guys. 
You will need to trade 20 coins for a star. 

Special squares in this level:

DK Space- If you reach DK at the front of the train first, he’ll give you a 

Bowser Space- If you reach Bowser first, he’ll take a star or coins.

Lucky Space- You’ll take a secret passage at a train station where you will get 
free coins and a free star (like most Lucky Spaces).

? Space- One space asks you to identify where Mowz is. Make sure you pay 
attention to where he is so you can answer this question. Another either sucks 
you down into the kitchen, or pushes you out of the top of the kitchen. Another 
has Magikoopa switch the car of whoever landed on the square to the end.

Chump Charity- Dart Board.

Notes: Make sure you pay attention to where the people in the background are so 
if you land on the ? Space where you have to tell them where you last saw 
someone, you’ll be able to answer them.

                         4.5 Koopa’s Tycoon Town

This is a great gameboard. It reminds me of Monopoly. You will have to invest 
coins in hotels. Each hotel you own gives you a star. However, if you invest a 
certain amount of coins into a hotel, the hotel can be upgraded to a 2-star 
hotel, giving the owner 2 stars instead of one. 20 coins for a 2-star hotel, 50 
coins for a 3-star hotel, and 100 coins for a 4-star hotel. You can steal 
hotels from another player as long as you invest atleast one coin more than 

Special squares in this level:

DK Space- DK will add 20 coins to any hotel you’ve already invested in.

Bowser Space- Bowser steals coins from a hotel.

Lucky Space- You will be picked up in a car who will then drive you to an 
otherwise unaccessible hotel which will give you two stars for any investment 

? Space- Some give you 10 coins, some take coins from other people’s 
investments and give them to you.

Chump Charity- Gives the last place player 30 coins and adds coin bags onto red 
spaces and 1 coin onto every other space. 

Notes: Try to win as many minigames as you can so you can get the most coins. 
Use a lot of coin-taking candy on your competitors!

                       4.5 Bowser’s Warped Orbit

There are no star spaces in this one. Instead, you have to get down and dirty 
like Bowser would and steal stars from your opponents instead. Be sure to use a 
lot of Bowser/Bullet Candy!

Special squares in this level:

DK Space- DK will fly in and give you some free candy.

Bowser Space- Bowser will appear, stealing one of your stars.

Lucky Space- You will be taken to a secret part of the gameboard where you will 
get a bunch of coins and both Bowser and Bullet candy.

? Space- Some have Bowser change the direction of the board flow. Use this to 
your advantage as much as possible. Some have Magikoopa mix up all the candy 
and pass them out randomly. Another shoots you through a clear tube with 20 
coins in it to the other side of the board.

Chump Charity- Gives last place player one piece of Duelo Candy and puts money 
bags on red spaces and one coin on every other space.

Notes: Be wise with your Bowser/Bullet Candy. Bullet Candy is very helpful. 
Make sure you remember that the Bowser Candy doesn’t let you travel as far as 
the Bullet Candy and there’s always the chance you’ll only move 2 spaces with 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~0005 Mini Games Overview/Explanations~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

                                 5.1 4-player

Mario Matrix: In this minigame you’ll need to use the pointer to touch the most 
panels that are lit up in 20 seconds. To activate the panel you press A/B.

At the Chomp Wash: You will have to be the first to get all the paint off the 
Chomp. Scrub fast!

Kartastrophe: A two lap race. All you have to do is finish first. Take the 
inside corners to get yourself ahead. 

Mosh-Pit Playroom: You will have to grab 50 balls of your color. Hint: Only 
focus on your own color. Make sure you remember to jump for the ones in the 

Shake It Up: You will have to shake the Wii remote up and down as fast as you 
can in order to get your soda to shoot the highest. 

Scooter Pursuit: You will have to shoot your foes in 30 seconds in the arena. 
Get the most hits and you win. 

Punch-A-Bunch: Destroy the Bowser statue which blocks the path the fastest.

Alpine Assault: You’ll have to go down the mountain on your snowboard.

Flip the Chimp: Flip your chimp to either side of the tree, making sure to 
avoid the falling rocks.

Crank to Rank: You have to get your flag to the top of the flagpole before the 
rest of the gang does. The faster you go, the better.

In the Nick of Time: You’ll have to match the time shown on the faded clock 
hands before your opponents do. Make sure to not overshoot or undershoot the 

Swing Kings: You have to hit the most homeruns. This is a lot like the Wii 
Sports Baseball.

Water Ski Spree: You will have to ski through a course. Avoid the obstacles and 
go up the ramps for coins.

Speedy Graffiti: You’ll have to trace the outlines on the stones with spray 
paint. Focus on this one!

Lava or Leave ‘em: Avoid the volcano eruptions for as long as possible.

Sick and Twisted: This is a classic side scroller. You’ll have to jump from 
spinning platform to spinning platform in order to reach the end. Avoid the 

Rudder Madness: Get your lilypad to the finish line.

Treacherous Tightrope: You’ll have to keep your balance while walking across a 
tightrope. Make it to the end first and you’ll win.

                                 5.2 2-vs.-2

Rowed to Victory: You and your buddy have to get your boat to the island. You 
have to work together because you each have your own oar. 

Winner or Dinner: You have to run around this oasis collecting coins without 
getting bitten by the Piranha Plants.

Crops n’ Robbers: One teammate has to pull carrots out of the garden and the 
other has to hit the Montys. Work together and pay attention to where your 
teammate is going.

Grabby Gridiron: You’ll have to catch the balls and throw them in the goal of 
your color.

Bumper Balloons: You have to steer your car around to pop balloons that match 
your color.

King of the Thrill: Each partner will face off a partner from the opposite 
team. If two people from opposing teams win, the winner of the next battle wins 
the game.

Lean, Mean Ravine: You will have to reach the end in a hovercraft before the 
other team gets there. Use the jumps to save time.

Paint Misbehavin’: You will sit in a paint shooter across from your foe. You 
will both shoot as many Goomba’s in the middle of the ring as you can. Whoever 
ends up with the most Goomba’s in their color paint wins.

Sugar Rush: You had to make your cake look exactly like the picture of the cake 
in the middle. Grab all the toppings and duplicate!

Boo-ting Gallery: You’ll have to take out all the pink Boo’s as you head toward 
the giant pink Boo and which point you will have to shoot him down too.

                                 5.3 1-vs.-3

Snow Way Out: One player will shoot snowballs at the other 3 players who are 
running around the roof of a cabin in hopes to make all 3 slide off in 30 

Swervin’ Skies: You’ll need to either avoid the shooters or try to use them to 
hit down the other aircrafts (depending on who you are).

Gun the Runner: One player has to climb a tower and try to avoid the other 
three people’s shots. The player will be given 30 seconds to climb to the top.

Chump Rope: One player swings the jump rope trying to trip the other three 
players who are trying to jump in time. If you’re the spinner, make sure you 
alternate between fast and slow swings. 

Bob-ombs Away: One person has to avoid the bombs thrown down by the other 3 
players in a plinko-style maze for 30 seconds.

Picture Perfect: Both teams have to make the picture out of the turning panels 
on each side match the picture in the middle by stopping the panels from 
turning on the right side.

Thrash n’ Crash: Three players have to ride their skateboards through a booby 
trap infested alley. The solo player has to set the traps to try to get rid of 
all 3 skaters. 

Grabbin’ Gold: Both teams will move their baskets to catch the falling coins. 
Avoid spiny eggs!

Power Trip: One player will have to chase all three players off the board by 
trapping them in corners with their hovercar.

                               5.4 Challenge

Pour to Score: Tilt your Wii remote to pour sand onto a weighing scale. As it 
gets closer to the target weight, slow down your pouring so as not to overshoot 

Fruit Picker: You will have to memorize where the 5 fruits are. The wheel will 
turn and ask you to find the specific fruits.

Stampede: You will have to place your characters personalized stamp on all the 
blank white pages. Be sure to avoid the Bowser pages. If you get 20 within the 
time limit, you win.

                                 5.5 Duel

In Duel Minigames, the winner gets the chance to dart for a prize that they 
will take from their competitor.

Shake It Up: Same as the 4 player minigame except only against one other 
person. Shake your can the fastest for 5 seconds in order to get the spray the 

You’re the Bob-omb: You’ll have to hit random switches until you find the one 
that blows up the enormous Bob-omb. This is all luck, ladies and gentlemen.

Attention Grabber: You will need to wave your Wii remote wildly trying to get 
the boat’s attention before your competitor.

Blazing Lassos: You will need to charge up your lasso by swinging it around 
like a real cowboy until it glows. Once it’s glowing you will throw it to grab 
a barrel which has a number on it. Flick your wrist back to get the barrel to 
come into your collection. The number printed on the barrel is how many points 
you’ll get.

Wing and a Scare: You’ll have to steer your aircraft through and around a bunch 
of obstacles, getting to the finish line first.

Lob to Rob: In this game you will have to shoot the mushrooms and avoid 
shooting the Goombas.

Pumper Cars: You will have to pump your Wii remote up and down as fast as you 
can in order to get your car to the end.

Cosmic Slalom: Navigate your ship through a tunnel around obstacles in order to 
get to the finish line first.

Lava Lobbers: You will aim with your Wii remote in order to shoot at your 
partner in the opposing minecart.

Loco Motives: This one can be difficult, so stay on your toes! Each player will 
have three trains to keep their eyes on. You will need to keep your train from 
popping your balloons by changing its direction once it gets close to the 
balloon by clicking on it with your pointer. Its light will flash when it gets 
really close, at which point you need to change the direction fast!

Specter Inspector: You will need to find 3 familiar characters hiding in the 
dark room.

Frozen Assets: You will need to kick or punch the icicles that fall in order to 
get the gems that are frozen inside.

Breakneck Building: Run through a series of mini-mini-challenges such as sawing 
a log in half or hammering a nail. Do these tasks faster than your opponent to 

Surf’s Way Up: You will need to fly through the point goals, making sure to 
avoid the x0 goals. Collect the most points and you’ll win.

Balancing Act: Who knew you could balance on barrels like in the movies? Try to 
balance on a barrel while navigating through the course. Make it to the end 
first to win.

Ion the Prize: This one is one of my worst games. You’ll have to tilt the 
sorter above you in order to get the purple and green blobs which are falling 
down into their correct containers.

Cardiators: You and your opponent will try to do the most damage to eachother 
through randomly choosing cards and hoping they have a high number of damage on 

Rotation Station: You’ll have to rotate the screen angle and get to the top of 
the tower as fast as you can.

Eyebrawl: Use your pointer to circle the eyeballs as fast as possible, 
eventually defeating them. (Much like how we run around the eyeballs to defeat 
them in Super Mario 64).

Settle it in Court: You will have to shoot baskets with the right timing.

                                 5.6 Battle

Battle Minigames collect money from each player and have all four players 
compete for the jackpot.

Saucer Swarm: You have to rotate your ship (your position is fixed) to shoot as 
many invaders as you can. If they reach your ship, they stun you causing you to 
lose shooting time. Whoever shoots the most keeps the most money.

Glacial Meltdown: You will have to knock around your opponents to get them off 
the ice. An extra factor is the Buzzy Beatles which you can also use to attack 
your foes. 

Aim of the Game: A bunch of cards (each with a different value) will fall from 
the top of the screen. Shoot the highest valued cards and get the most points 
to win. Don’t hit the x0 cards or they’ll make your overall score 0. You can 
only shoot 5 cards. 

Snipe for the Picking: You have to shoot the target zones with the high 
numbers. Get the biggest score and you’ll win. Pay attention because the 
biggest number isn’t always in the middle!

Cut from the Team: This is a stressful game. You will each take turns cutting 
wires that may or may not spring you out of the game. It’s all luck here, 
ladies and gentlemen!

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