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Fortnite Downtime Error Fix: What is Downtime, What You Can Do

There is a Fortnite Downtime Error that players are dealing with right now as the game is currently down and unable to be played. This is an unfortunate development, as it causes players to be unable to play currently against others in online Battle Royale matches. As such, it can be frustrating.

The Fortnite Downtime Error is one that players will want to deal with so that they can get back online and play in Battle Royale matches. This error is affecting players across all platforms from mobile to PC to console, so it is one that millions of users across the world are dealing with. Here’s what’s going on.

What is Fortnite Downtime Error?

The Fortnite Downtime Error is an error that basically means that the servers are currently down so no one is able to play online. This is an unfortunate occurrence, but it has nothing to do with you specifically. You haven’t done anything wrong at all, as this is something that is totally in developer Epic Games’ court.

This Fortnite Downtime Error could be because of the servers being down for routine maintenance or because of too many players overloading the servers or an impending update. At the time of publishing, we believe that it is due to an update that is arriving tomorrow.

How to Fix Fortnite Downtime Error

Because the Fortnite Downtime Error is unrelated to your internet connection, there is little you can do right now except wait. We recommend checking out the official game’s Twitter page to see when the downtime will most likely end. Epic Games is great about responding to issues swiftly. You can also keep an eye here for any updates regarding the situation.