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                        (HARD MODE) W A L K T H R O U G H


                        AUTHOR: PAUL MICHAEL (VHAYSTE®)

                          CONTACT: [email protected]


     Table of Contents


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     I.Author&rsquo;s Note


     III.Basics   ----- (Beginners, read this first!)

     A.About the Game &#8211; Overview   ----------------------- ABT001

     B.About the Game &#8211; Einjerhar  ----------------------- ABT002

     C.About the Game &#8211; Combat     ----------------------- ABT003

     D.About the Game &#8211; Skills     ----------------------- ABT004

     E.About the Game &#8211; Items and Equipment  ------------- ABT005


     A.Chapter 0

       + Artolian Mountain Ruins  ------------------------ WLK001

     B.Chapter 1

       + Solde Catacombs --------------------------------- WLK002

     C.Chapter 2

       + Salerno Academy --------------------------------- WLK003

       + Nethov Swamp  ----------------------------------- WLK004

     D.Chapter 3

       + Oddrock Caves ----------------------------------- WLK005

       + Brahms' Castle ---------------------------------- WLK006

       + Clockwork Mansion ------------------------------- WLK007

     E.Chapter 4

       + Cave of Thackus --------------------------------- WLK008

       + Dark Tower of Xervah ---------------------------- WLK009

       + Tower of Lezard Valeth -------------------------- WLK010

     F.Chapter 5

       + Arkdain Ruin ------------------------------------ WLK011

       + Citadel of Flame -------------------------------- WLK012

     G.Chapter 6

       + Lost City of Dipan ------------------------------ WLK013

       + Sunken Shrine ----------------------------------- WLK014

     H.Chapter 7

       + Forest of Spirits ------------------------------- WLK015

       + Tombs of Amenti --------------------------------- WLK016

     I.Chapter 8

       + Arianrod Labyrinth ------------------------------ WLK017

       + Celestial Castle -------------------------------- WLK018

       + Palace of the Dragon ---------------------------- WLK019

     ENDING A &#8211; Asgard Hill ------------------------------ END001

     ENDING B &#8211; Joutenheim Palace ------------------------ END002

     EXTRA &#8211; Seraphic Gate ------------------------------- SPC001

     A.Defeat/ Recruit Lezard Valeth --------------------- SPC002

     B.Defeat/ Recruit Brahms ---------------------------- SPC003

     C.Defeat/ Recruit Freya ----------------------------- SPC004

     D.Defeat Gabriel Celeste ---------------------------- SPC005

     E.Defeat Iseria Queen ------------------------------- SPC006




                     [  A U T H O R' S  N O T E S  ]



  | Hello dear readers, and welcome again to yet another faq for one of |

  | my all time favorite titles. Since I played the game in the         |

  | Playstation many years back, VP never lost its magic and the        |

  | excitement in playing the game is still there. I am sure other VP   |

  | fans will agree as well.                                            |

  |                                                                     |

  | I have two versions of this faq; one is an illustrated PDF guide*,  |

  | complete with screenshots and the second is the one you have right  |

  | now, this is for most readers that needs instant help.              |

  |                                                                     |

  | This is a guide while playing in HARD mode. If you just grabbed the |

  | game and a new player in VP, I suggest playing in NORMAL or EASY    |

  | modes. Aside from that, I will be both covering endings A & B in    |

  | this guide. Only some dungeons are changed in Hard Mode. You can    |

  | still use this guide when playing Normal mode but you need to       |

  | traverse the dungeons not found in this faq by yourself.            |

  | SPOILERS will be avoided from this guide, unlike the PDF version    |

  | (it can't be avoided.)                                              |

  |                                                                     |

  | Any feedback from you guys is very much appreciated. If you have    |

  | corrections or suggestions tell me so; remember that I am doing this|

  | for FREE and I am investing my time and effort to make this guide as|

  | helpful as possible.                                                |

  |                                                                     |

  | I can&rsquo;t assure you that I can answer all your questions, but in the |

  | best of my ability I will. Thank you for grabbing this faq and      |

  | enjoy.                                                              |

  |                                                                     |

  |                                            - Paul &lsquo;Vhayste&rsquo; Michael |




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Expect a prompt response whenever possible.

                 <><><><><> B A S I C S <><><><><>

- About the Game &#8211; Overview ------------------------------------- \ABT001

     Ragnarok, or the end of the world is coming near. The war between

     the Gods and the forces of darkness is at its peak. Your mission

     as a Valkyrie on Midgard is to recruit chosen souls of slain

     warriors and mages, to fight against the dark legions. There are

     8 chapters in the story, with 24 periods each (most chapters have

     28 periods in hard mode). At the end of each chapter, Freya will

     evaluate your performance. Also note that the more satisfied Freya

     is, the more Materialize points you&rsquo;ll get and the better items

     you&rsquo;ll be awarded. This can be done by sending Einherjars that

     meets the minimum requirements as requested by Freya.

     There are no shops here like a traditional RPG or the need to

     visit each town. Everything you do consume periods; Spirit

     Concentration, visiting dungeons, visiting towns (recruiting

     characters) Since time is limited, exploring is limited as well.

     Items must be purchased in the world map or in save points.

     The currency in the game is called MP (Materialize Points) which

     is awarded by Freya during Sacred Phases. These are also limited

     as well; though there are handy Convert to MP option in the Items

     Menu, you may find yourself in trouble if just buy items/equipment

     without thinking.

- About the Game &#8211; Einjerhars -----------------------------------\ ABT002

     Einjerhars are the chosen souls of fallen mortals to fight alongside

     with the gods.  Recruiting these would-be heroes for the impending

     battle is your main goal. Each of the characters you will be getting

     have their own stories; which are not related to the main plot. For

     some, these can be considered as sidequests. But in the game, it is

     a requirement.

     You can send up to two Einjerhars each chapter. You need to make sure

     that they have the necessary hero value and other skills/ traits as

     well. In this guide you will find Freya&rsquo;s requirements each chapter.


    Hero value determines an Einjerhar&rsquo;s character. Most of them start

    with negative values, which can be increased by leveling them up (+2

    Hero Value/ Level). Aside from that, players can also increase their

    Einjerhars&rsquo; hero value by allotting Capacity Points (CP) to positive

    traits of the character.


    | TIP: Characters with too many negative traits and very low Hero   |

    | Value? No worries, equip them with an accessory called Amber of   |

    | Happiness. This is available in the very start of the game and can|

    | be equipped in any of the last three POS equipment slots.         |

    |                                                                   |

    | Now, try putting CP on those negative traits, watch their Hero    |

    | Value skyrocket!                                                  |


    Freya sometimes requires traits that are not listed in the Traits menu

    of the character. Some of these are being a &lsquo;Negotiator&rsquo;, &lsquo;Can Swim&rsquo;,

    &lsquo;Brave&rsquo;.  In these cases, you need to equip the character you&rsquo;ll send

    with specific accessories that will give them those abilities. In this

    case, a Negotiator needs to have Angel&rsquo;s Lips equipped,  Pearl of

    Karula will enable a character to swim and to be Brave, the Flame

    Bandanna is needed.

    If you want to conserve much valued CP, you just buy tomes when Freya

    requires a character with Demon/ Monster/ Undead Knowledge. These

    traits can be acquired by leveling them as status skills.


    As mentioned in the topic above, characters gain +2 hero value for

    each level up they get. So five levels (+10 Hero Value) is really a

    great help if you want to meet the required hero value without

    maximizing/ investing CP to the characters&rsquo; traits.

    In normal mode, the characters&rsquo; levels are fixed when you get them.

    This means their CP is at full when you get them (999 pts), most of

    it are excised/ wasted. In hard mode however, all characters starts at

    level 1, which means you can maximize their growth.

    There are two important accessories you should consider when leveling

    up your characters are the Emerald Necklace (+100 CP after level up)

    and the Bracelet of Zoe (+300HP after level up). These two are

    invaluable. Both of these can be acquired as early as Chapter 2 or 3.

    Acquired event experiences when exploring dungeons and opening

    artifacts are stored in what the game calls an &lsquo;EXP Orb&rsquo;. This option

    can be accessed from the Party menu. Collected event experiences here

    can be distributed to your low level characters.


    Sending Einherjars will permanently take them off from your party.

    However, you may need to change party members often if you want to

    maximize their skills and train them.  Also, your characters can also

    &lsquo;die&rsquo; once sent to Asgard. This happens if you sent them with no/

    inadequate equipment, very few skills and at a very low level. You

    need to be very careful when sending somebody. When you send heroes

    exceeding Freya&rsquo;s minimum requirements (or sending two each chapter)

    expect really great items from Odin. This is good if you are just

    playing the game as is; for those who want Ending A, they may need to

    consider this.

    Sending heroes to Asgard also increases Valkyrie&rsquo;s Seal Value. This is

    really important to take note if you are aiming to get the A ending.

    (Best Ending). Details how to get there will be discussed in the main

    walkthrough. Also, getting the path to Ending A will complete your

    movie gallery.

- About the Game &#8211; Combat ----------------------------------------\ABT003

    Valkyrie profile introduces a unique battle system. Each party member

    is assigned to a button. Depending on the equipped weapon, characters

    can attack up to three times, where each attack adds energy to the

    combo gauge below the battle screen

    Not only that; when the combo gauge reaches 100%, attacking characters

    will get the chance to perform a special attack. Each character has

    their own special attacks. Freya and Valkyrie calls their special

    attacks &ldquo;Divine Assault&rdquo;, other warriors call theirs &ldquo;Finishing Strike&rdquo;

    for the mages, its either a &ldquo;Great Magic&rdquo; or the chants for a

    powerful version of their spell.

    Each special attack adds a certain amount of energy in the combo gauge;

    you can link up to four special arts to inflict devastating damage to

    an enemy, so long as the gauge reaches 100% after each special attack.

    After performing special attacks and spells, your characters will have

    what the game calls as &lsquo;Charge Time&rsquo; (CT). There is the number of turns

    needed before the character/ mage can use special attacks or cast

    spells respectively.


    | TIP: In tight boss battles, reducing the CT is very, very important.|

    | These can be done by either using a consumable called &lsquo;Charge Break&rsquo;|

    | (Reduces CT at a cost of some DME) or attack the target while it    |

    | lays flat in the ground to drop CT orbs. Equipping your characters  |

    | With Fairy Rings, Fairy Earrings, Haste Ring and Haste Earrings will|

    | reduce CT significantly every turn.                                 |


    Experience Crystals can be dropped by enemies when you perform a combo

    while they are in mid-air. Treasure chests can be dropped by enemies

    when attacked either in mid-air or while on the ground. But the most

    effective way of forcing them to drop is by landing heavy blows after

    the basic combo.

- About the Game &#8211; Skills -----------------------------------------\ABT004

    There are four types of skills. Remember that fighters, archers and

    mages may have different Skills under certain categories.

    A. Reaction Skills (e.g First Aid, Cure Condition, Guts)


    Reaction skills are triggered by certain situations. For example, Cure

    Condition is automatically triggered when a party member is inflicted

    with a negative status. Depending on the skill level, the success rate

    of curing an abnormal status is higher, not to mention that more

    status abnormalities can be cured as well.

    B. Support Skills (e.g Splash, Combo Counter, Reverie)


    Support skills, obviously provides additional effects to attacks.

    C. Attack Skills (e.g Wait Reaction, Slanting Rain, Charge)


    Attack skills enhance the character&rsquo;s offensive capabilities. They can

    be considered as offensive support skills.

    D. Status Skills (e.g. Fight, Survival, Attack Power)


    These are the skills you will be leveling up often. They increase the

    status of your characters permanently. This is very crucial specially

    when you are planning to train a low-level character.

    The required CP increases when the skills also increase in level. LV8

    is the maximum level. Also note that Reaction, Support and Attack

    Skills must be SET UP before they are activated. Status skills are

    automatically activated once you allot CP in them.

    Skills can also be used to allow all characters learn additional


- About the Game &#8211; Items and Equipment ---------------------------\ABT005

    Equipments and weapons are essential to survive VP&rsquo;s hostile world. 

    Learning equipment attributes will allow you to choose the best

    without wasting too much MP.



    1. Attack        = Attack value of the weapon

    2. 1_X/O         = Determines the number of attacks the weapon has.

                       The numbers indicates the type of attack(s) the

                       equipped character can perform. (Check their

                       Ability list)

    3. Attack Thrust = Determines the consistency of damage dealt to the

                       opponent. A weapon with a low attack thrust deals

                       random damage (including 1 or 0)

    4. Hit Thrust    = Determines the capability of the weapon to guard

                       crush enemies. Also determines the hit rate.

    5a. <elemental> / Death  = any enemies weak to the specified element

                               will be killed instantly.

    5b. <elemental> / DMG+X% = deals additional damage to enemies weak to

                               the weapon&rsquo;s element



    1. Reduce Damage   = Defense Rating of the Armor/ Helm/ Greaves or Guard

    2. Defend Thrust   = Also considered as the block rate of equipment.

                         Guards have high defend thrusts.

    3. Special effects = <element>/ DMG-50% = Reduces damage dealt from the

                         specific element.


    Some weapons have a chance of breaking. These weapons are usually

    powerful than the unbreakable ones.  Once broken, they are lost

    forever to be careful when using them.

    All &lsquo;Slayer&rsquo; weapons are breakable.  They deal massive damage to

    specific enemies. USE THEM ONLY DURING BOSS BATTLES and when the

    situation calls forth. (E.g Dragon Zombies, Dragon Warrior and

    Manticores blocking the way) They are very rare so avoid using them

    as normal weapons. These weapons will save your life.

    Element and Ether scepters allow your mages to perform devastating

    great magics, however they have a high break rate. If you&rsquo;re having

    problems defeating a boss, you can equip this.

    Items such as Angel Curio and other Charms break after being activated.


    Transmuting is basically converting an item to another one. Spellbooks

    can be transmuted to another spell. (example: Fire Storm = Fire Lance,

    Heal = Normalize). These can be done with Skill Books as well. Valkyrie

    starts with Transmutation Level 1. As it levels up, better items can be

    transmuted. Her transmutation level can be raised up to LV3 &#8211; max.

    Transmutation levels only increase when equipping either a Creation Gem

    or Creation Jewel.


    | TIP: Transmute Golden Eggs or the Holy Grail (!) to a Bracelet of  |

    | Zoe. Note that equipping two BoZ&rsquo;s will not increase the HP by 600 |

    | after leveling up.                                                 |



    When short in MP and you still need to buy something important, you

    can convert some items in your inventory to MP. Note that artifacts

    have the highest converted cost.


                        [  W A L K T H R O U G H  ]


    ----------------------------------                           /------,

    Chapter 0 - ARTOLIAN MOUNTAIN RUINS':-----------------------:' WLK001|

    ----------------------------------/'                         '------'

    1.Eye of Heaven

    2.Iron-Barred Key

    3.Vegetable Seed, Book of Everlasting Life

    4.Vegetable Seed

    5.Angel Curio, Savory, Quartz Gem, Nightshade

    6.Element Scepter

    7.Foxglove, Fire Lance

    8.Treasure Search*, Angel Curio

    9.Lapis Lazuli

    This dungeon is straightforward and basically your starting point. Freya

    will give you instructions along the way. Here you can familiarize

    yourself with the controls and the overall system.


    - Continue to the right, past the first route to the rear. Enter the

      2nd room to the rear. Get item (1). 


    - Continue to the right, upstairs. Continue left again, then enter the

      room to the rear. Find item (2).

    - Backtrack to the first room to the rear that you passed a while ago.

      Examine the iron gate. After it opens, head downstairs.



    | Here you will need to practice your jumping and crystal shooting    |

    | skills. Remember that you can do a lot of things with your crystals |

    | so feel free to experiment with them.                               |



    - Take note of Freya's tutorials. After grabbing the items (3), head to

      the bottom right. Exit to the next screen.

    - Slash the pillar here to unblock the path above. You will gain 500

      event experience. Now head to the down to the lower left of the map

      and find a path leading to the front.


    - Head to the left, then take the path to the rear. In this room, beware

      of two enemies that will fall from the left. Defeat them and create

      crystal footholds until you reach the top of this towering room. YOu

      should find chests (5)


    - Exit the room, then go to the right this time. YOu should find a large

      room with spikes at the bottom, and a floating platform. Defeat the

      enemy first then ride the platform.


    In order to reach the item in the upper ledge, create a full crystal

    (shoot two crystals in the same place) and as you pass by, shoot it

    again to create a shimmering foothold. Jump on it and grab the item.

    Be careful though, it is rigged with a large explosive.   

    You may need to do this more than once in order to get the item. It is

    a good weapon early on. (6) After getting it, continue to the right.


    - Enter the room to the rear to find a couple of items(7). Backtrack

      to the main room.


    - Make your way to the top right and enter the next screen. Grab item

      (4) and continue further to the right. Here you will find two chests.


    The green chest contains a very invaluable item, the Treasure search.

    The item of interest here is the Treasure Search. By normal means you

    won&rsquo;t be able to reach the other side easily. You just need to position

    the chest near the ledge and put some crystals in it to extend your

    footholds. Remember that the chest has an explosive trap and you may

    need to do the same process again to obtain the treasure.


    Equip it immediately upong getting it. Go downstairs.


    - In this room, you need climb to the rightmost part. You should find an

      opening there to the next screen. Go there and grab item(9).


    - Exit then make your way to the top right screen. Save at the savepoint

      and prepare for the boss battle.




    BOSS:  Elder Vampire        HP: 4800

       Dragon Servant x2    HP: 500/ each

       Exp: 1000


    Freya will not join you in this battle; instead, she will

    lend you the Reiter Pallasch sword. This sword will enable Valkyrie to

    attack three times. It is just enough for you to complete a combo.

    At the start of the battle, all of your party members will have one

    CT each, which means you won&rsquo;t be able to perform any special attacks

    for the first turn. Also, the Dragon Servants in the front can guard

    combos, so break their guards by attacking all at the same time or

    wait for Jelanda&rsquo;s magic attack to hit before performing a combo.

    Since Valkyrie can attack thrice, time your attacks so that it will all

    hit and you reach 100% in your combo gauge. Don&rsquo;t use it on the Dragon

    Servants though. Save it for the Elder Vampire. Once you defeated all

    the Dragon Servants, take your chance to pour all your special attacks

    to the main enemy. This guy should be down in no time.


    Jeweled Blade &ldquo;Grimrist&rdquo;  = 100 Event Exp

    Sealed Box                = 100 Event Exp

    Obtain 3000 exp after opening all artifacts. 


After the battle, make your way to the exit. Freya will leave the party,

and she will leave you with a fairy where you can ask your questions.

When ready, exit the dungeon to start the real chapters.







    | NOTE: You can visit dungeons or recruit characters in any order you |

    | like. Spiritual Concentration consumes 2 periods, but REMEMBER that |

    | when you do a SC and Valkyrie didn&rsquo;t detect any new dungeons or     |

    | Characters, no periods will be deducted. So, it is alright to do all|

    | the spiritual concentrations as you start the chapter. (As long as  |

    | you can remember the places)                                        |

    |                                                                     |

    | Also if you&rsquo;re after Ending A (Best Ending) do not visit Weeping    |

    | Lily Meadow and Gerabellum yet. Keep that in mind.                  |

    |                                                                     |

    | If you ever acquire &ldquo;Broken&rdquo; items (e.g. Broken Blade, Armor, Sword)|

    | Do not transmute or sell them. Save them for later. You will thank  |

    | yourself later on by doing so.                                      |



Periods:        24

Dungeons:       2

Characters:     2


    1. Spiritual Concentration &#8211; Locate Solde Catacombs (-2)

    2. Spiritual Concentration &#8211; Locate Cave of Oblivion (-2)

    3. Spiritual Concentration &#8211; Locate Belenus/ Lassen (-2)

    4. Spiritual Concentration &#8211; Locate Llewelyn/ Crell Monferigne (-2)

    Consumed: 8/24

Towns/ Characters:

    1. Visit Artolia, obtain Dragon Slayer inside Arngrim&rsquo;s house. (-1)

    2. Visit Lassen, recruit Belenus (-1)

    3. Enter Lassen again once more, and go inside Belenu&rsquo;s house. Receive

       Pressed Flower. (-1)

    4. Visit Crell Monfereigne. Recruit Llewelyn. (-1)

    5. Enter Crell Monfereigne again, head straight to the right to reach

       the Forest. Obtain Goddess Pendant. (-1)

    Consumed: 13/24


    1. Enter Solde Catacombs. (-2)

    2. Enter Cave of Oblivion ** (-2)

    **Enemies in the Cave of Oblivion in Hard Mode are extremely powerful

    for your current level at this moment. Just ignore this for the

    meantime and just come back for it later.



    ---------------------------                                  /------,

    Chapter 1 - SOLDE CATACOMBS ':------------------------------:'WLK002 |

    ---------------------------/'                                '------'



    1. Attack Power

    2. Short Bow

    3. Avoid

    4. Fire Lance

    5. Broad Sword, Eye of Heaven

    6. Element Scepter

    7. Magic Power, Frigid Damsel


    The only and simple puzzle in the dungeon you need to solve is all

    about destroying statues and moving stone slabs. You will find them in

    pairs. Just destroy the statue and move the slabs to the statues&rsquo;

    position. You will gain 1000 event experience for each.



    - From your starting position, jump to the hole. Immdiately find item

      (1). Defeat the Dragon Servant blocking the way and head left.


    - Grab item (2) from the ledge and continue to the next screen

    - Enter first room up. Destroy the guardian statue and move the huge

      stone slab there. Exit the room after that.

    - Head to the next screen to the left. Now, enter the room in the under

      the ledge. Do the same thing as well. Exit, then on the main room,

      grab the item in the leftmost part of the ledge. Slide under to reach

      the next room to the front.


    - There should be another statue and slab here. Just do the same thing

      and go the next screen to the right. Grab the item (4) and make your

      way to the top right, and yet another path to the front.


    - In this room, you should see the last statue. Destroy it to open the

      large iron door and 10000 event experience. Grab the items (5) in

      both ledges and continue right to the next screen.

Clear the enemies in the area, grab the item (6) in the far right and

save. Equip Valkyrie with a bow, or the shortbow you have acquired earlier.

If you have trained Llewelyn, this could make the battle a lot easier. If

not, it is just fine as well.


    Enter the door to the rear. You will be engaged in a boss battle.





      Drow Shaman HP: 1000 each     Ramaphiticus      HP: 4000

      Weakness: None                Weakness: None

      Exp: 350                      Exp: 2660




      There will be two Drow Shamans in the rear and a tough Ramaphiticus

      guarding the front. These Shamans can annoyingly eat up your DMEs

      with those long range, damaging magic attacks. 

      With Valkyrie equipped with a bow and another archer in the party,

      you can get rid of the Drow Shamans in the rear. Just concentrate

      your attacks on them, including Jelanda&rsquo;s magic. Once the Drow

      Shamans are gone, then the ape is dead meat.


    Emerald Necklace*   = 600 exp

    Secret of Damascus  = 600 exp

    Crown of Felmar     = 600 exp

Obtain 10000 exp after opening all artifacts.

You MUST take this artifact. Ignore the other two since they seem to be

pretty useless.





    | You decide which artifacts you want to keep or not. I will just     |

    | suggest the artifacts worth keeping.                                |



Before you exit, grab the chests in those two pillars. They contain Magic

Pow and Frigid Damsel, respectively. Exit the dungeon by climbing the

ladder to the left.   


Now you can do whatever you want. As mentioned earlier, you can try

entering the Cave of Oblivion. All the other extra stuff are also

included in the introduction of this chapter, like getting the Dragon

Slayer from Arngrim's house etc. Just don&rsquo;t forget to send Belenus or

Llewelyn or both of them to Asgard before entering the Sacred Phase with

Freya. Once all the periods are spent, you will enter the Sacred Phase.   



    | SACRED PHASE 1-2                                                    |

    |                                                                     |

    | Sacred phases vary on how well you did during the last chapter. I   |

    | will just mention the requirements as Freya requested.              |

    |                                                                     |

    | Hero Value: 50 / Warrior                                            |

    | Skills: Tactics, Leadership, Identify                               |









Periods:    28

Dungeons:   3

Characters: 3


    1. Spiritual Concentration &#8211; Locate Lawfer/ Artolia (-2)

    2. Spiritual Concentration &#8211; Locate Nethov Swamp (-2)

    3. Spiritual Concentration &#8211; Locate Jun/ Hai-Lan (-2)

    4. Spiritual Concentration &#8211; Locate Salerno Academy (-2)

    5. Spiritual Concentration &#8211; Locate Nanami/ Hai-Lan (-2)

    6. Spiritual Concentration &#8211; Locate Cave of Oblivion (-2)

Consumed: 12/28

Towns/ Characters:

    1. Visit Artolia, recruit Lawfer (-1)

    2. Visit Hai-Lan, recruit Jun (-1)

    3. Visit Hai-Lan, recruit Nanami (-1)

    4. Visit Hai-Lan after recruiting Nanami, go to the temple to obtain

       Dragonbane* &#8211; (1)

Consumed: 16/28


    1. Enter Nethov Swamp (-2)

    2. Enter Salerno Academy (-2)

    3. Enter Cave of Oblivion (-2)**

Consumed: 20/28

* Dragonbane is a great wand for mages until you get the Unicorn Horn




    ---------------------------                                  /------,

    Chapter 2 - SALERNO ACADEMY ':------------------------------:'WLK003 |

    ---------------------------/'                                '------'   


This is one of the dungeons exclusive only in Hard Mode. The puzzle here

is intermediate and there are a few items only.    

    1. Slanting Rain

    2. Eye of Heaven

    3. Icicle Edge

    4. Element Scepter

    5. Flame Jewel (!!!)


    - From the entrance, head to the room to the right. There will a save

      point there. Save if you want. The journal containing the clues for

      the puzzle is located here as well.

    - To start off, go down for two screens, then left to find a large

      room filled with large red flowers. Defeat the enemy there and jump

      in the mud to obtain the we'll just call the 'red odor'

    - Now go up for one screen, then right, then down again. Slash the

      vine and get the item from the chest (1).

    - Continue to the right, inside the room with the yellow capsule and

      some enemies. Jump over the table and examine the capsule to obtain

      some acid.


    - Exit out from the room and go down. Before approaching the Red Vine

      to the left, grab the Eye of Heaven in the far right of the screen

      to the right.


    - Approach the Red Vine. Since you have the 'red odor' on, it will die.   

      Use the acid on where the vine once was. Just press X over the

      previous position of the vine. You will obtain 11000 worth of event



    - Now enter the room to the left. The is filled with a cloud of 'yellow'

      odor. Defeat the enemies if you want. Exit the room and take the route



    - Kill the Yellow Vine by walking past it and examine the human female

      corpse to obtain 'blue odor'. Now run all the way back to the room

      with the acid and get another vial of it.


    - Exit the room and this time, go up. Approach the Blue Vine to kill it

      and use some acid as well. Grab the item in the far right of the



    - Now go back to the room where the 'yellow odor' was. Backtrack past

      the Blue Vine, then take the path up. Go past the Yellow Vine and

      voila! You just finished this part of the puzzle.



   | TIP: During the vine killing process, try not to stray away too much|

   | and enter different rooms/screens other than the paths in between   |

   | the vines. For some reason, some of them will grow back even if you |

   | used acid on them already. (Especially the red vine)                |



    - In this part of the path past the yellow vine, DO NOT TAKE THE PATH

      DOWN. If you did, you will find yourself back in the area before the

      Acid Room and you need to do the whole puzzle again.


    - Enter the room to the left, past the Yellow Vine and defeat the

      enemies to get the Element Scepter. Now exit, then head up.


    - Enter the room to the left and grab the ++FLAME JEWEL++ from the

      chest. Get the 'red odor' on you too. Head to the left this time.


    - Do not walk past the fountain since it will just wash the odor off.

      Instead, use the vines to climb to the roof and reach the other end

      to the left.

    - After reaching the other end of the vine, save and prepare for the

      next boss battle.



BOSS:   Harpy     HP: 12000

        Weakness: Fire/ Poison

        Exp: 7000


At the start of the battle, Harpy will cast Reflect Sorcery to itself.

This will reflect all magic attacks to the caster. It will only stay up

for 3 turns so you can just have your mage provide support or heal. Harpy

has also high AVD rate which will enable her to evade most of the attacks

thrown at her. Equipping Valkyrie with a bow will make this battle easier.


      Holy Grail*                = 1100 event exp

      Faim Fenn                  = 1100 event exp

      Tiara of the Holy Empress**= 1100 event exp

      Obtain 30000 exp after opening all artifacts.


    I suggest grabbing the Holy Grail and the Tiara. Both are useful

    in the early part of the game.



    ---------------------------                                  /------,

    Chapter 2 - NETHOV SWAMP    ':------------------------------:'WLK004 |

    ---------------------------/'                                '------'  



    1. Shadow Servant

    2. Shadow Servant (Green chest, hidden in the far right)

    3. Holy Crystal

    4. Flare Baselard, Cure Condition, Quartz Gem, Daemon Slayer

    5. Charge

    6. Holy Crystal, Wait Reaction, Eye of Heaven, Element Scepter


    - From your starting position, go left a bit and go to the path that   

      leads up.


    - Continue to the rightmost side of the swamp and grab item (1). Go

      left this time.


    - Defeat enemies along the way and grab the item(2) above, hidden to

      the right. Take the path up from the upper ground. Grab the item (3)

      and exit.


    - There are no items further left but if you want to cleat the map and

      defeat the enemies for experience, then go there. Once done, backtrack

      to your starting point and go to the left. Take the path down.

    - Head to the left, then down again. Save at the save point, and

      continue to the right. Take the first path leading down.


    - Now there are four items(4) hidden in the mud. They are actually

      grouped by pairs. After getting them, go back up and head to the

      right. In the next screen, attack the rotten tree trunk. You will get

      5000 event experience by doing so.


    - Cross the swamp using the fallen tree as a bridge. Grab the item (5)

      in the right side of the screen. Take the path up.


    - Head to the left, just beware of two enemies that may surprise you.   

      Defeat them and get the hidden items (6) in the other side. Exit

      and take the route down.


    - Just save before the bossfight. Make sure you equip Valkyrie or

      any of your warriors with a Dragon Slayer.





      Dragon Zombie    HP: 13400

      Weakness: Fire, Lightning, Holy

      Exp: 4200   



This boss is a giveaway battle if you have the Dragon Slayer. Just hit it

with magic first to open its guard and give it a slash or two from the

blade. Battle finished.

It is possible to defeat it without using the Dragon Slayer. Magic attacks

are most effective, but hey, that weapon is created for this purpose.

Why not use it, eh?


      Bark of the Dryad* = 1100 exp

      Inscribed Fragment = 1100 exp


      Obtain 20000 exp after opening all artifacts.

* You must take this artifact.This will prove very important in the later



Now you still have a good number of periods left. Do whatever you want;

revisiting dungeons to earn extra exp and train the Einjerhars you will

send. Just make sure you have them equipped with just normal equipments.

Their starting equipment is just fine. Just make sure you leveled up their

required skills before sending them. Once ready, just spend all the periods

to initiate the Sacred Phase.




    | SACRED PHASE 2-3                                                    |

    |                                                                     |

    | Hero Value: 65 / Archer                                             |

    | Skills: Find Trap, Survival                                         |









Periods:    28

Dungeons:   3

Characters: 2


    1. Spiritual Concentration &#8211; Locate Kashell/ Camille Village (-2)

    2. Spiritual Concentration &#8211; Locate Janus/ Crell Monfereigne (-2)

    3. Spiritual Concentration &#8211; Locate Clockwork Mansion (-2)

    4. Spiritual Concentration &#8211; Locate Cave of Oblivion (-2)

Consumed: 8/28

Towns/ Characters:

    1. Visit Camille Village, recruit Kashell (-1)

    2. Visit Camille Village, after recruiting Kashell, obtain Vainslayer

       and entrance to the optional dungeon, Oddrock Caves (-1)

    3. Visit Crell Monfereigne, recruit Janus (-1)

    4. Visit Crell Monfereigne, after recruiting Janus. Obtain Raven

       Slayer from Janus&rsquo; house (-1)

Consumed: 12/28


    1. Enter Clockwork Mansion (-2)

    2. Enter Brahms&rsquo; Castle    (-2)!!!

    3. Enter Cave of Oblivion  (-2)**

Consumed: 14/28

!!! &#8211; Brahms&rsquo; castle will be available here. You can enter the castle and

      collect the treasures. If you are after Ending A, AVOID ENCOUNTERING

      BRAHMS AT ALL COSTS at this point of the game. Save it for later.      

** - Check if you can defeat the enemies here without difficulties. If you

     can, then clear all the Caves of Oblivion you left a while ago.


    ---------------------------                                  /------,

    Chapter 3 - ODDROCK CAVES   ':------------------------------:'WLK005 |

    ---------------------------/'                                '------


    1. Bastard Sword (Guarded by Dragon Zombie)

    2. Defend

    3. Flare Baselard

    4. Eye of Heaven, Sap Guard, Dragon Slayer (Guarded by Dragon Zombie)

    5. Warhammer, Trick Step

    This is a small dungeon but has you can take advantage of some

    additional items and experience. Collect the items in the first

    part of the dungeon as indicated in the map. (1-3) Note that this

    dungeon can be found inside Camille Village, after getting Kashell.


    - From the entrance, jump down and go to the right. Defeat the Dragon

      Zombie and get the item. (1)


    - Head to the left, and enter the first room leading up. Grab the

      skill Defend(2) from the room. Exit out and continue to the right.


    - Take the ladder up, just be careful with those freeze beams. Enter

      the room (Defeat all the enemies for some exp boost) and grab the

      item. (3)

    - Take the path down (front) and continue to the far right. There is

      a weird pillar that you cannot slash. Now create a crystal on the

      floor, and make sure that the freeze beam will bounce to the pillar.

      Just adjust it as necessary. Once frozen, slash it to destroy it.

      You will gain 6000 event experience. Continue to the right.

    - Jump down. Defeat the Dragon Zombie in the bottom left room to get

      the goodies (4), including a new Dragon Slayer. Get the items also

      in the bottom right(5). Backtrack up


    - Now continue to the left and find the only path that leads down.

      Here you need to do the same thing but you need to create three

      crystals and place them strategically for the beam to reflect and

      hit the pillar to the far left. Just create one or two crystals first,

      observe the angle of the beam and take note of the positions. It may

      take a few tries but it is quite easy if you adjust. Now slash the

      frozen pillar to gain 6000 event exp.


    - Continue to the next screen. Go downstairs and do the same. Defeat

      the Dragon Zombie guarding the path  and continue forth.


    - The room to the left contains a save point so save if you want.

      Continue to the right and find another pre-boss save point. Save and

      make sure to equip any of your warriors with the DAEMON SLAYER.

      (This is one of the hidden items in CH2: Nethov Swamp)




      Greater Demon    HP: 22000

      Weakness: None

      Exp: 9100



    This boss is quite strong if you will fight it normally. Its attacks

    are deadly and can chip away your character&rsquo;s DME by large chunks. It

    is weak against magic attacks but it has high AVD vs ordinary attacks.

    It is always recommended to equip your mages with the &lsquo;Wait Reaction&rsquo;

    skill to help you break the guard of the enemy.

    Also, this boss is quite agile and can counter your attacks as well.

    As long as you can break his guard and attack him while he is open,

    then the better.

    Anyways, one slash from the Demon Slayer is enough to get rid of this

    demon once and for all.


    Golden Fowl*  = 1600 exp

    Grand Sting** = 1600 exp


    Obtain 30000 exp after opening all artifacts.

* You must take this artifact.

** The Grand Sting is one of the legendary Great Swords. Not that it has

   that much impact in the story but if you want to collect it and still

   have a high evaluation, keep this artifact. It is also a powerful

   weapon for either Arngrim or Kashell early on.







    ---------------------------                                  /------,

    Chapter 3 - BRAHMS' CASTLE  ':------------------------------:'WLK006 |

    ---------------------------/'                                '------   


    1. Unicorn&rsquo;s Horn (!!, Hidden), Moonflax

    2. Normalize

    3. Vegetable Seed

    4. Burgundy Flask

    5. Throw

    6. Beast Slayer (!!)

    7. Combo Counter, Nightshade

    8. Flare Baselard

    9. Heal

    10. Savory, Stone Torch (hidden)

    11. Warhammer, Lapis Lazuli, Mithril Ore


Once you enter the castle, the 4-minute timer will start. Remember that

opening the map, menu or engaging in a battle will freeze the time.   


The items of interest here are the Unicorn&rsquo;s Horn (#1) and the Beast

Slayer (#6). It is possible to navigate the whole area within the given

time. If the time runs out, the castle will &lsquo;vanish&rsquo; and you will find

yourself in the world map again. You can always come back to the castle.

Below is the quick guide to get all the items.  


    - From the entrance, go up twice.

    - Go left. Find items (1). The Unicorn Horn is hidden behind those


    - Continue to the right. Enter the room down and get item #2.

    - Exit, continue further right, enter room down, get item #4

    - exit, continue to the right, enter next room down. Get item #6.

    - Go to the next screen to the right. Go upstairs to grab #7.

    - Go back downstairs, and go down three times.

    - Go to the right, save.

    - exit to the left, continue, enter the first room up. Grab #9.

    - exit, continue to the farthest left of the map, get # 8.

    - backtrack and enter the path up, beside the room with item #9.

    - enter the door to the left to get #3 and the room up beside it to get

      #4. Continue upstairs.

    - Continue to the left to find Dragontooth Warrior. Enter both the

      rear (up) and front (down) rooms to get items # 10 & 11.



    | The possessed Dragon Warrior in the upper floor is quite powerful  |

    | and can take down your characters with one hit. Using a Dragon     |

    | Slayer against it will be very effective. Defeat it to gain a good |

    | amount of exp, much like from a mini-boss like it.                 |



    - Head to the left and save.


    Once you reach the save point and you still have time, wait until the

    time runs out. Or, if you want to see what happens next, save in the

    save point and go to Brahms&rsquo; throne.



    If you still want to see the good ending. Wait until time runs out and

    you will find yourself in the world map. YOu can now head to the next

    dungeon if you still haven't cleared it yet.





    -----------------------------                                /------,

    Chapter 3 - CLOCKWORK MANSION ':----------------------------:'WLK007 |

    -----------------------------/'                              '------'


    1. Guts, Adept Illusion

    2. Eye of Heaven


    This is a very small and straightforward yet the HARDEST dungeon

    because of its puzzle. It is the most difficult and annoying puzzle in

    the game. The incomplete part of the map in the center is the rotating

    rooms. Without the proper directions, you won&rsquo;t be able to finish this

    dungeon. Fortunately, you won&rsquo;t need to undergo the frustration I had.

    Proceed to the starting point of the rotating room and receive a

    scroll, which is technically the guide of the rotating room.


    - From the starting point, go to the right. Continue past the room

      with stairs and go further to room to the ight. Get item #2.

    - Now exit out and fall down. Continue to the left and into the large

      room and get items (1).

    Climb up the ladder, go back to the first ladder and continue up to the

    right. You will receive a scroll.



    Follow this direction to get out of the rotating rooms.





  |NOTE: You need to follow the directions without any detours. Making a|

  | mistake will complete lose your track (e.g. if you fell to the wrong|

  | hole) and you need to start from the beginning. In that case, you   |

  | need to wait for a floating mask and jump towards it. It will warp  |

  | you back to the starting point.                                     |



  After solving the puzzle, you&rsquo;ll get 20000 event experience. Just run

  towards the save point and save. Again, to make this battle easier,

  equip a Beast Slayer. If you plan to fight it normally or you don&rsquo;t

  have the Beast Slayer (which can be found inside Brahm&rsquo;s Castle) then

  make sure you get at least two of your characters with Freeze Checks

  and level up their Cure Condition skill to at least level 4. You will

  learn why later.   





       Chimera HP: 20000

       Weakness: None

       Exp: 12600


       This boss is quite strong if you will fight it normally. It will

       have the first strike in battle and its very first attack is the

       Three Deck attack as shown above. This attack deals damage,

       inflicts poison and freezes characters. Having 1-2 party members

       frozen is a big deal, especially in the middle of a boss fight.

       Those characters equipped with Freeze Checks or better yet Poison

       Checks are the best ones to have high Cure Condition levels. This

       boss is not particularly hard; its defense is quite low compared to

       other bosses. As long as you survive its initial Three Deck attack

       with all your characters intact, you can dispose this boss with

       just linked Special Attacks. This boss drops a Bracelet of Zoe as


       Anyways, one slash from the Beast Slayer is enough to defeat this



       Mirage Robe        = 1600 exp

       Mirror of Pleiades = 1600 exp


       Obtain 50000 exp after opening all artifacts.

I suggest keeping both of them. The Mirage Robe is a great armor for mages

until the later chapters while the Mirror of Pleiades is invaluable in

providing 50% chance of reflecting enemy magic back to the caster- which

greater power.




At this point you can do whatever you want, clear some unfinished Cave of

Oblivion and other stuff. Remember to send your qualified heroes (check

skills, hero value and equipment) before going through the Sacred Phase.

Once ready, proceed to meet with Freya. If you are after the Good Ending,   

(Ending A) then TAKE OF THE NIBELUNGEN RING before meeting Freya. It will

reduce Valkyrie's Seal Rating and starting evaluation by 2.



    | SACRED PHASE 3-4                                                    |

    |                                                                     |

    | Hero Value: 80 / Negotiator                                         |

    | Skills: Trick, Demon Int, Hear Noise                                |









    | NOTE: This is the most crucial chapter if you want to set things for|

    | the good ending. (Ending A) If you haven&rsquo;t done anything major that |

    | will lower Valkyrie&rsquo;s seal value (visit Gerabellum, Weeping Lily    |

    | Meadows or Meet Brahms) then you are safe. If not, try as much as   |

    | possible to get Valkyrie&rsquo;s seal value down to 38 before the Sacred  |

    | Phase 6-7. During this chapter, you need to take off Valkyrie&rsquo;s     |

    | Nibelungen Ring. You can replace it much some bangles or something. |

    |                                                                     |

    | Read the guidelines below CAREFULLY. Otherwise, skip the chatter and|

    | play the game normally                                              |  




Periods:    28

Dungeons:   5 (3 are optional)

Characters: 3


    1. Spiritual Concentration &#8211; Locate Aelia/ Villnore (-2)

    2. Spiritual Concentration &#8211; Dark Tower of Xervah (-2)   

    3. Spiritual Concentration &#8211; Locate Yumei/ Hai-Lan (-2)

    4. Spiritual Concentration &#8211; Locate Cave of Thackus (-2)

    5. Spiritual Concentration &#8211; Locate Cave of Oblivion (-2)

    6. Spiritual Concentration &#8211; Locate Lorenta/ Flenceburg (-2)

Consumed: 12/28

Towns/ Characters: *

    1. Visit Hai-Lan, recruit Yumei (-1)

    2. Visit Hai-Lan, after recruiting Yumei, obtain Fragment of Lapis Gem


    3. Visit Villnore, recruit Aelia (-1)

    4. Visit Gerabellum to trigger an event. (-15 Seal value, -1 Period)

    5. Visit Weeping Lily Meadow (-15 Seal value, -1 Period)

    6. Visit Brahms in his castle (-10 Seal value, -2 Periods)

    7. Visit Flenceburg, recruit Lorenta, defeat Lezard in his tower.

       (-15 Seal value, -1 Period)**

Consumed:  20/28

*To help you manage Valkyrie&rsquo;s Seal value, train the characters you want to

send by visiting any of the dungeons (Cave of Thackus and Dark Tower of

Xervah) and send them BEFORE doing any of the major events. Each character

you&rsquo;ll send with raise Valkyrie&rsquo;s Seal Value. (+12) Remember that our main

objective to get a good ending is to lower her seal value to the lowest

point possible.

** It is recommended to save Lezard&rsquo;s Tower for last. The enemies there

are fairly powerful and the area itself if quite large. You will be in

trouble when you are under leveled. You can leave the area but remember

that the event to battle Lizard will not trigger if you do other major

events such as clearing another dungeon or doing any events for the good



    1. Enter Cave of Thackus (-2)

    2. Enter Dark Tower of Xervah (-2)

    3. Enter Tower of Lezard (immediately accessed after getting Lorenta)

Consumed:  24/28


    -----------------------------                                /------,

    Chapter 4 - CAVE OF THACKUS   ':----------------------------:'WLK008 |

    -----------------------------/'                              '------'

    1. Eye of Heaven

    2. Strike Edge

    3. Flare Baselard

    - Continue to the left. Defeat the Dragon Survey along the way. Go

      to the top right once you reach the 3rd screen to the left. Find

      item (1).

    - Further left, you will find a narrow space. Slide under to reach

      item #2.


    - Enter the front, jump on the plant and slash downwards. It will float,

      lifting you as well. JUmp to the right and save. Examine the

      sorcerer's body twice to get the Sluice Key. After getting it, head

      further left then take the path down.

    - After the path goes down (front) continue to the right and jump on

      the water. There will be a secret path to the front. Continue to the

      left then enter the room UP (to the rear) to find another weapon.

      (3) Backtrack outside and take the upper left path this time.

    - Continue to the left and take the lower path first. Shoot the

      floating sphere to make it light. Now backtrack to where the path

      splits and take the upper path this time. Activate the switch to

      block the water supply and to drain the water. You can jump to the

      hole. Continue to the left.


    - Save and set your Mage's ability to either Firestorm or Fire Lance.

      Your warriors can also equip the Flare Baselard to enhance your

      damage. Continue down the seal and it will burst, engaging you to

      a boss battle.




      Kraken HP: 24000        Crab Giant (x3) HP: 1000/each

      Weakness: Fire          Weakness: Fire

      Exp: 16800              Exp:420         


    Fire storm or Fire Lance is great for this battle. To start off, if

    your mage has the Firestorm spell, even if it&rsquo;s not equipped, press

    SELECT to open the battle menu then Magic. Use Firestorm to all the

    targets. This will surely eliminate all the Crab Giants.

    Concentrate on the Kraken. It does have some damaging attacks,

    including the Tentacle Whip. Just link your special attacks and this

    boss will end up in a barbeque stick.


    Bracelet of Zoe* = 2100 exp

    Coin of Fortune  = 2100 exp


    Obtain 60000 exp after opening all artifacts.

    * At this point, the bracelet may mean little to you. It&rsquo;s up to your

      whether you will take this or not.

On your way out, talk to the sorcerer again to obtain 500 exp points.




    -------------------------------                             /------,

    Chapter 4 -DARK TOWER OF XERVAH ':-------------------------:'WLK009 |

    -------------------------------/'                           '------'   


    1. Eye of Heaven

    2. Poison Blow

    3. Bastard Sword, Auto-Item, Warhammer

    4. Hit

    5. Mandrake, Quartz Gem

    6. Flame Jewel (!!!), Mage Slayer (!!)

    7. Fire Baselard, Holy Relic

    8. Savory

    9. Invisibility Potion

    10. Lightning Bolt (Guarded by Iron Golem)

    11. Noise Arrow

    12. Invisibility Potion, Poison Blow

    13. Vegetable Seed, Lapis Lazuli

    - To start off, from the entrance, grab the Eye of Heaven in the top

      ledge on the second room. The top right door leads to items #2 and #3.

      Just follow it the path. Backtrack after getting the items. 


    - The second door leads to the giant heart that you need to attack

      in order to continue forth. Grab item #4 along the way. Continue to

      the upper left room to find the heart and attack it. Obtain 12000

      Event Exp by doing so.


    - Take the bottom path. Continue to the next large room. Grab the items

      on the ledges. The fire elementals are weak to ice so Icicle Edge is

      the most effective way to defeat them in groups. In the next room,

      you will find an opening on the floor that looks like a mouth.

      Jump on it intentionally, and you will be taken the separate room

      indicated in the map.


    - All 'mouths' lead to this room and where you exit depends on which

      gray intestine will you step on. Before that, find the Flame Jewel

      and the Mage Slayer chests hidden behind the large organ to the right.

      Stand over the intestine in the middle and you will taken back in the

      upper right ledge of the room where you started.

    - Take the bottom right door, past the tooth-like barrier which opens/

      closes in a regular interval. Just get past it (you will be damaged.

      no matter how good your timing is) and continue to the next tall


    - Make your way to the upper left rooms and find item #7 in the top

      left room. Exit back and fall all the way down to the bottom.

    - Head to the left, make sure to AVOID falling from those mouths.

      In the 2nd room to the left, you will find three sensitive intestine-

      like pillars. Grab the item(8) in the chest first and jump your way 

      to the other side.


      In that room, you need to jump over those organic pillars. Remember

      that you need to step on them only once as you jump! Any split

      second delay will send you falling down those mouths. You will be

      taken again to the room where the Flame Jewel and Mage Slayer are

      found. To avoid backtracking a distance, jump to the rightmost

      &lsquo;intestine&rsquo;. You&rsquo;ll exit 2 screens from that room. This may several

      tries if you&rsquo;re bad at timing your jumps (like me, heh) If you

      managed to get past, proceed to the next room.


    - Find the Iron Golem mini-boss guarding a lesser valued

      Lightning Bolt in the lower left portion of this room. This is a

      good way to vent the frustration you had earlier. This boss is not

      that hard but does contain a good amount of exp so this is worth

      the trouble. After that, head to the top left room.

    - Take the top right room first to find another large heart. Attack it

      and obtain the same amount of event exp you recieved a while ago.

      Grab the item (9) as well.

    - Now continue down those tall rooms, grabbing items 11,12 and 13 along

      the way. Once you reach the bottom floor, continue to the right and

      save. Prepare for a challenging boss battle.





    Hel Servant (x2)    HP: 22000/ each

    Weakness: None

    Exp: 14000/ each


    This pair is already hard as they are. The only way to defeat them is

    to kill them both at the same time. If you did not, one will revive

    the other with FULL HP. You wouldn&rsquo;t want that to happen since 1)

    they have pretty high endurance and damage resistance; 2) their

    attacks are really damaging; 3) you wouldn&rsquo;t like your ass to be

    kicked by some floating eyeballs with overgrown worms (yeah, I know

    they&rsquo;re snakes)

    Alright, concentrate on one of them first. Watch out when you&rsquo;re

    performing your special attacks. Do not overdo it. The lower their

    HP gets, the better. Do this on both of them. Now once you&rsquo;ve

    damaged them both and you think you can defeat all at the same time,

    don&rsquo;t perform combination attacks. If you have some attack crystals

    (Holy Gem, Shadow Gem, etc) have all your warriors use them while your

    mage casts a magic targeting all units. Hopefully, if you estimated it

    right, the two of them should go down.

    You can also have your mage switch equipments to an Element Scepter for

    her to cast a devastating great summon.

    It doesn&rsquo;t matter whether one of them dies first. What matters is that

    you kill them both before they get their turn.


    Manual of Resurrection (!!!)    &#8211; 2100 exp

    Holy Sword "Seraphy"            - 2100 exp

    Spear "Basilisk"                - 2100 exp

    Obtain 60000 exp after opening all artifacts.

All of those artifacts are worth keeping, except for the spear, unless you

are using Aelia in your party. The Manual of Resurrection will be a very

good treasure to have. For now it is worthless&hellip; but wait until later.

For seasoned VP players, they should know what I am talking about. ;)




After clearing these dungeons, you can send anybody you want. After

sending them, then do the major events to lower Valkyrie&rsquo;s seal value.

Without any resting periods, you should still have 4-5 periods remaining

to visit Flenceburg, get Lorenta and meet Lezard in his Tower.   





    ---------------------------------                           /------,

    Chapter 4 -TOWER OF LEZARD VALETH ':-----------------------:'WLK010 |

    ---------------------------------/'                         '------'     


    1. Book of Everlasting Life (!)

    2. Warhammer, Eye of Heaven

    3. Splash

    4. Nightshade, Frigid Damsel

    5. Teachings of Asa

    6. Dancing Sword, Lapis Lazuli, Citrine

    7. Creation Gem, (!!!) Timer Ring (!!), Ether Scepter


Lezard&rsquo;s Tower is a small maze itself. Remember that the paths don&rsquo;t go in

circles. Your main objective is to reach the bottom floor and to activate

the two switches. You will obtain 12000 event exp for each. Unfortunately,

the paths for those switches are littered with tough and annoying enemies.

Have some Tome of Alchemy ready (Transmuted Element Scepter) when the

going gets tough.

Lorenta is your mage of choice her, since she has Mystic Cross by default.

This is not the best spell but it does more damage than any spell that you   

may currently have right now.

    - Head up the first door, past the save point. Ride the elevator

    - Get off on the first floor where it unloads. Go up.

    - Head to the left and defeat the Manticore. Use the Beast Slayer to

      get rid of it easier.

    - head all the way to the right and take the path leading down.

    - Now walk two screens to the left and go up.

    - Go to the right, and defeat another manticore. Defeat it and find

      item (1) in the far right of the room.

    - Backtrack to the elevator and drop off from to the last drop off

      point. You can clear the area of enemies, just for additional

      experience boost and map completion.

    - After that, head back to the elevator and you will be dropped off

      in the starting point again. Save.

    - Head to the left screen and take the elevator. Get off on its first

      stop. Grab items (2). Enter the elevator again.

    - Get off on the next floor, go down and continue to the left to find

      item #3. Now continue to the left and defeat the Dragon blocking the

      path. Defeat it to gain a good amount of exp. Continue to the left

      and take the door up. Continue to the right afterwards.

    - You should find a path leading down (front) in the far right end of

      the room. Take it.

    - Continue going to the left. Ignore the door up (elevator) for the

      meantime and continue to the far left. Enter the door up.

    - Continue heading to the right and take the path that leads down.

    - Continue to the left and defeat the Manticore in the far left. Grab

      the chests (4). You can now backtrack to the elevator I told you to

      pass by a while ago.


    - Get off from the first drop off point and go to the left. Kill the

      Dragon Zombies along the way. Find item (5) in the far left.

    - Go right this time and take the path down (front)


    - Defeat the manticore blocking the path. take note of this area

      because you will need to come back here later to get more goodies.

    - Continue to the left and take the door up.


    - Continue to the right (you may want to try evading the enemies here

      for the meantime) and enter the door once you reach it.

    - Continue upstairs to the left. Defeat the Manticore blocking the path

      and enter the room behind it.

    - Attack the crystal and it will light up. Obtain 12000 event



    - Backtrack to the main path and head left this time. Head up through

      the door. In the next room, walk upstairs to the left. Take the

      path that leads down (front)

    - Follow the path and go to the left downstairs. Enter the door and 

      continue to the left then down. Defeat the Dragon Zombie and continue

      to the right. Slash the crystal to activate it as well. Obtain

      12000 event experience.


    - Now, remember the spot where you defeated a Manticore and I have told

      you to take note? Go back there and you should find a teleporter.


      Take it and follow the path. You should find the most important items   

      in this dungeon. (7) The chests are rigged with freeze traps so stay

      down when you open them. You will obtain the much awaited Creation

      Gem in one of those chests. Now, the magic starts. :D


    1. Equip the Creation Gem. This will increase Valkyrie&rsquo;s transmutation

       level to 2.

    2. Transmute Manual of Resurrection to get an Orihalcon

    3. Transmute Orihalcon to get the Creation Jewel.

    4. Equip the Creation Jewel and start transmuting really powerful

       weapons and equipment. You can even get high level recovery items

       from ordinary items. Check out the partial list below.


    Vegetable Seed    &#8211; Noble Elixir

    Savory            - Noble Banish

    Mithril Ore       - Ring of Learning

    Bark of the Dryad - Dimension Slip

    Book of Everlasting Life &#8211; Icicle Sword*

    Holy Relic        &#8211; Icicle Sword*

    Broken Armor      - Glare Sword**

    Unicorn Horn      - Unicorn&rsquo;s Horn***

    Broken Sword      - Glare Guard****

    Broken Spear      - Crimson Edge

    Broken Bow        - Elven Bow



*As you noticed, these weapons have high attack power. Icicle Sword can

 even freeze enemies and cause instant death to enemies weak to ice.

 Although its attack thrust is only 1, it is not that noticeable.

**Like the Icicle Sword, the Glare Sword has similar effects. It can turn

  enemies to stone (Much better) and cause instant death to enemies weak

  to stone.

***This is probably the best rod you can get your mages in normal

   gameplay. Of course much powerful rods can be found only inside the

   Seraphic Gate. (Learn more about it later.). Aside from its high magic

   and resistance bonuses, this will enable your mages to perform

   devastating great magicks during their special attacks. The best

   thing about is its UNBREAKABLE.

****Although its Defense thrust is low compared to the guards you can get

    at this point of the game, this is very effective equipment that can

    stone attackers that are successfully blocked.


After getting these goodies, it is payback time. If you want, you can

defeat all those enemies you kept of avoiding a while ago. OR just slip

past them by equipping the Dimension Slip.

In any case, make your way to the teleporter past the save point. Grab the

chests there and teleport. Before heading left, grab the chests containing

Normalize and Base Metal on the other side of the teleporter. Go left to

initiate the next events.


After a brief conversation, you will be engaged in a battle against Lezard.



    Lezard Valeth  HP: 10000   

    Weakness:      None       

    Exp:           28000           


    Dragon-Tooth Warrior (x2)  HP: 14000/ each   

    Weakness:                  None   

    Exp:                       1750/ each


    If you managed to have all the great equipments mentioned a while ago,

    then battle is a breeze. If not then prepare for a tough battle.

    When one of the Dragon-Tooth Warriors dies, its allies became

    &lsquo;possessed&rsquo; &#8211; this increases their stats. Not to mention that Lezard

    can resurrect those Dragon-Tooths as well. It will seem like a

    mini-slugfest until you defeat them all.

    Just concentrate your attacks one target at a time. Reserving your

    mage's great magic in the 3rd or 4th time will deal greater damage to

    take out the two Dragon-Tooths. Remember that after you successfully

    attack Lezard, even once, he will be in the front for the rest of the





If you have done things correctly to get Ending A, your Seal Value should

be around 41-45. It is safe now, considering that you sent the required

Einherjar before doing any major events, including this meeting with

Lezard. If you haven&rsquo;t done it yet, remove the Nibelungen Ring before

entering the Sacred Phase.



    | SACRED PHASE 4-5                                                    |

    |                                                                     |

    | Hero Value: 90 / Warrior                                            |

    | Skills: Nimble, Can Swim, March                                     |

    |         Attack Power, Resist Damage, Defend                         |








Periods:      28

Dungeons:     3

Characters:   3


    1. Spiritual Concentration &#8211; Locate Mystina/ Flenceburg (-2)

    2. Spiritual Concentration &#8211; Locate Lucian/ Gerabellum (-2)

    3. Spiritual Concentration &#8211; Locate Grey/ Arkdain Ruins (-2)

    4. Spiritual Concentration &#8211; Locate Arkdain Ruins (-2)

    5. Spiritual Concentration &#8211; Locate Citadel of Flames (-2)

    6. Spiritual Concentration &#8211; Locate Cave of Oblivion (-2)

Consumed: 12/28

Towns/ Characters:

    1. Visit Flenceburg, recruit Mystina (-1 period, -15 Seal Rating)

    2. Visit Flenceburg, after recruiting Mystina, obtain Infinity Rod

       inside Mystina&rsquo;s Room (-1)

    3. Visit Gerabellum, recruit Lucian (-1 period, -20 Seal Rating)**

    4. Visit Arkdain Ruins, recruit Grey (-2)***

Consumed:  17/28


    1. Enter Arkdain Ruins (-2)

    2. Enter Citadel of Flames (-2)

    3. Enter Cave of Oblivion (-2)

Consumed:  23/28

**After getting Lucian, I suggest you train him by clearing a dungeon or

  two using him. You may send him to Valhalla for this chapter since he

  perfectly fits the requirements. Remember that it is required to send

  Lucian to get the good ending!

  At this point as well, your Seal Value should be dwindling at around

  2-6. Since our target is to maintain 38 Seal Value below to trigger the

  events for Ending A, it is now safe to send one hero up to Valhalla

  during chapters 5 and 6 (+24 Seal, +12 for each character sent).

  If you messed up earlier, you may skip sending someone for one chapter

  &#8211; but that will be costly, in terms of the supposedly good rewards

  you&rsquo;ll never get, low evaluation and low MP.

***You can recruit Grey even if you haven&rsquo;t cleared the ruins yet.



    ------------------------                                    /------,

    Chapter 5 -ARKDAIN RUINS ':--------------------------------:'WLK011 |

    ------------------------/'                                  '------'    



    1. Raptor&rsquo;s Claw

    2. Sap Power

    3. Nightshade

    4. Resist Magic, Eye of Heaven

    5. Stun Check

    6. Resist Damage, Ether Scepter, Lapis Lazuli

    7. Quartz Gem, Sap Power, Savory

    8. Vegetable Seed, Darkness Arrow, Estoc

    9. Daemon Slayer (!!), Combo Jewel*

    10. Sap Guard, Beast Slayer (!!)

    11. Mighty Check (after the bossfight, behind Lyseria&rsquo;s crystal)

    12. Stun Magic

    13. Ranseur

    14. Ether Scepter, Sap Guard

    15. Dark (can be transmuted to Reverie when Creation Jewel is



    This dungeon is pretty small. Most of the chests here are trapped with

    enemies. Also, this is one place where you can farm experience without

    losing precious periods. After clearing the dungeon, exit through the

    main gate and enter again. All enemies in the dungeon will be reset.


    - Start by getting item (1) in one of the platforms there. Continue to

      the right.

    - Grab item (2) in the next room, but continue first to the right.

    - Get item (12) and enter the door to the rear.

    - Grab chest (13) in the bottom right. Make your way to the top left.


    - In the next room, grab item (14) from one of the platforms. Now

      jump down to the bottom floor and take the route down. Grab the lone

      chest (15) there.


    - Backtrack to where item #2 was and take the path down (front)


    - Get item (3) in one of the ledges there. Continue to the next room

      to get item (4) as well


    - The next room is empty but leads to a save point. Use it if you want.


    - Continue to the next room. Grab the item (5) in one of the ledges

      there. Ignore that path to the rear, that is located on the bottom

      floor. Instead, take the top right exit.


    - In the next room, take the path that leads up to an lone room. Get

      the items there (8), exit out and continue to the right.


    - Jump down and go to the bottom left exit. Get all the items (6) in

      this room. After that, backtrack to the room where you found item #5

      and take the path leading to the next area from the bottom floor.


    - Head right to the next room. The door will be locked. Defeat all

      enemies within the room to unlock the door. Get the items (7) as well.

    - Now getting to the upper platforms is a little tricky. You need to

      create a full crystal on the ledge, with the save point. Then, shoot

      it to create a shimmering platform and jump on it quick. This may

      take several attempts but don't be frustrated. You are almost there.


    - Once you reach the upper ledge (be careful not to fall down), continue

      to the left side first. Grab the items (10) way up, near the ceiling.


    - Exit back to the save point and grab the items above as well (9)


    - Save and prepare. Then head to the room to the right to initiate a

      boss battle.




    Reaver Lord (x3)   HP: 16000/ each

    Weakness: None

    Exp: 14000 exp


    Their attacks are damaging but they are not that hard to take down.

    Just use your characters&rsquo; special attacks; Holy attacks such as

    Mystic Cross/ Celestial Star work best against these enemies. Cast

    Celestial Star for best results.


Star Guard            - 2600 exp

Holy Wand &ldquo;Adventia&rdquo;  &#8211; 2600 exp

Robe of Brytain       - 2600 exp

    Obtain 60000 exp after opening all artifacts.

    The artifact worth keeping here is the Robe of Bryttain. Mages don&rsquo;t

    have that high RDM. This is one of those equipments exclusive for

    mages that has high RDM value; a must for any mage.

    Believe or not, the Star Guard and the Holy Wand will be given to you

    by Odin during the next Sacred Phase. So unless you are a collector or

    item whore, return those two to Odin. Also, you won't be changing the

    Unicorn's Horn until you get the Wand of Apocalypse in Chapter 8.

    Don't forget to grab the Mighty Check behind Lyseria's crystal as well.



    ---------------------------                                 /------,

    Chapter 5 -CITADEL OF FLAME ':-----------------------------:'WLK012 |

    ---------------------------/'                               '------'

    1. Eye of Heaven

    2. Shadow Servant

    3. Soul Slayer (!!; Hidden in the rightmost corner)

    4. Estoc, Dark Savior, Ghoul Powder, Stone Torch

    5. Ranseur, Flame Jewel

 In this dungeon, you will see how the Icicle Sword(s) owns the enemies

 here. Have your mages learn Icicle Edge/ Frigid Damsel and set them as

 your active attack spell in the &lsquo;Ability&rsquo; menu.

    - To start, head to the right, past the fire rain. You can slide and

      slash the fire to avoid being hit. The item there contains an Eye of

      Heaven. If you have any difficulties getting it, just leave it.

    - Continue to the far right and get item (2). Jump/ Climb down.


    - Be careful of the Beetle Giants here. Find item (3) hidden in the

      far right corner of this room. Go to the far left and examine the

      sphere on the pedestal. Activate the switch. Obtain event experience

      for doing it.


    - Climb up and head to the left. Find a new path leading to the rear.

      Take it to reach the next area.


    - Jump down and find an Estoc in the leftmost corner. Now to reach the

      items located in those hanging platforms above the running river of

      lava, try creating some crystals, slash them and throw them in the


      Use them as footholds as you try to get the items. There are 3 items

      to get. Once you get to the first platform, create a crystal there

      and slash it. Grab the shard and throw it/ release it.

      That will give you a safe ground for the next platform. Repeat the

      process for the other items. Exit the area from the door in the far


    - Follow the path to the left, then down the ladder until you reach

      a large room.


    - In this large room, one of the eight Flame Jewels can be found; it is

      a bit tricky to access, unless you know the easy way. But first,

      activate the switch to open the path. To do this, go to the upper

      right corner of the map. Use crystals as footholds.


      Now to get to the Flame Jewel, you need to make your way to the

      middle platform. Now jump and shoot crystals so that they

      attach to the sides of the next platform. Backtrack again and jump

      on the footholds you created.


      To get to the Flame Jewel, create some footholds beside the platform

      where it is located, just to be safe. You need to jump as precisely

      as you could since you could hit the low ceiling of the platform and

      make it short. Once you get the Jewel, head to the center of the



    - The next path is in the middle of the platform. By normal means, you

      won't be able to reach it easily. The easiest way to get to the other

      side is to face to the right, create a full crystal (shoot twice) and

      shoot it again so that it will &ldquo;explode&rdquo; into shimmering light. You

      will be thrown backwards, exactly to the exit. Head up.

      You will obtain 40000 event exp by doing all these successfully.


    - In the next room. defeat the two enemies first then save. Take the 

      only path leading to the rear.


    - Grab the pot to the left and slowly walk past the low lying wall.

      Just bring the pot to the other side. On your way, you will step on

      the switch, activating the fire rain.


      You just need to 'catch' those fire balls using the pot. After

      catching a certain number of fireballs, the pot will break and you

      will be engaged in a boss battle. An easy one.





    Fire Elemental    HP:36000

    Weakness: Ice

    EXP: 31500


    This boss is one of the giveaway battles if you know its weakness.

    The Icicle Sword makes short work on this guy, not to mention that one

    hit is enough to kill him &#8211; and you have more than one Icicle Sword

    (you should). If you don&rsquo;t have the Icicle Sword, Frigid Damsel and

    Icicle Edge spells are good bets too. Just &lsquo;shake&rsquo; him with ground

    attacks to have him drop CT orbs, needed to lower your mage&rsquo;s

    wait time.


    Eternal Lamp**        - 2600 exp

    Infernas              &#8211; 2600 exp

    Holy Water of Mithra  - 2600 exp

Obtain 120000 exp after opening all artifacts.




    In all those artifacts, the Eternal Lamp is the most important. It

    prevents freezing by just having it in your inventory. No need to

    equip whatsoever. (This will be very useful when fighting against one

    of the last bosses in Ending A).

    The Infernas is a good great sword but still, the Icicle/ Glare Swords

    you have are the best for now. But if you are after the good ending,

    KEEP IT. You will be using it against one of the last bosses in Ending


    The Holy Water of Mithra is one of those items you would like in your

    inventory in case of emergencies; just like the Tome of Alchemy. So

    you can keep this one as well.


    | TRIVIA: Mithra is the first mage in Alicia/ Silmeria&rsquo;s party in the |

    | PS2 prequel of the game, Valkyrie Profile Silmeria. You can get the |

    | Holy Water from him once you release his soul and return as a living|

    | human.                                                              |

    |                                                                     |

    | Also, if you watched the FMV when meeting with Brahms, you will see |

    | Silmeria trapped inside a crystal. More of those interconnecting    |

    | stories can be found in the VP Silmeria.                            |



    With all the dungeons conquered, you now have at least 7 periods left.

    Do whatever you want like training a bit or clear some/ all of the Cave

    of Oblivions. Just remember that before the chapter ends, send someone

    to Freya. I would send Lucian at this point. To enable a character you

    will send to swim, equip him/her with a Pearl of Karula.

    In all the Einherjars, Lucian is the most special. You will see a short

    event with him and Lenneth.

    After sending him up, your Seal Value will increase a bit, may around

    18. It is still safe to send another einherjar in the next chapter.

    When ready, consume all the periods in any way you want and the

    chapter ends.



    | SACRED PHASE 5-6                                                    |

    |                                                                     |

    | Hero Value: 100 / Sorceress                                         |

    | Skills: Brave, Monster Int, Hit                                     |










Periods:     28

Dungeons:    3

Characters:  3


    1. Spiritual Concentration &#8211; Locate Jayle/ Crell Monfereigne (-2)

    2. Spiritual Concentration &#8211; Locate Shiho/ Hai-Lan (-2)

    3. Spiritual Concentration &#8211; Locate Badrach/ Villnore (-2)

    4. Spiritual Concentration &#8211; Locate Shrunken Shrine (-2)

    5. Spiritual Concentration &#8211; Locate Lost City of Dipan (-2)

    6. Spiritual Concentration &#8211; Locate Cave of Oblivion (-2)

Consumed: 12/28

Towns/ Characters:

    1. Visit Crell Monfereigne, recruit Jayle (-1)

    2. Visit Hai-Lan, recruit Shiho (-1)

    3. Visit Villnore, recruit Badrach (-1)

Consumed:  15/28


    1. Enter Lost City of Dipan (-2)

    2. Enter Shrunken Shrine (-2)

    3. Enter Cave of Oblivion (-2)

Consumed:  19-21/28

No special notes in this chapter. If you followed the instructions on

getting the A ending in the previous chapters, then it is safe to send one

more Einherjar.



    -----------------------------                               /------,

    Chapter 6 -LOST CITY OF DIPAN ':---------------------------:'WLK013 |

    -----------------------------/'                             '------'


    1. Eye of Heaven

    2. Dark Savior

    3. Ranseur

    4. Triple Distress

    5. Neckless Doll

    6. Burgundy Flask

    7. Invoke Feather

    8. Estoc, Reflect Sorcery (Hidden from view)

    9. Ether Scepter, Nightshade

    10. Mystic Cross, Concentration, Ruins Fate

    You will be immediately thrown into a boss battle once you enter this

    stage so be prepared. After a short conversation, you will face&hellip;






     Barbarossa    HP:62700

     Weakness:     none

     Exp:          14000


     Barbarossa&rsquo;s Malice Grudge attack deals damage and inflicts different

     status effects, most common would be cursed. To make this battle

     easier, you can have all characters with Guts setup, then two in

     Auto-Item (Union Plume 100%) and two in Cure Condition (Level 6-8).

     His melee attacks are damaging as well. At this point you can actually

     defeat him by linking 3-4 special attacks, including a great magic.

     You will need to fight him twice.

Artifacts: None



    - Continue to the right then head downstairs. In the next room, continue

      to the right first, then to the left. Enter the time machine in the

      leftmost part of this path.


    - After a brief conversation, you will be taken back in time. Just

      read through the conversations. Once you have free control once again,

      you can check out the very first house near the castle's entrance.

    - Go upstairs and enter the room. Talk to the old lady there to learn

      about the secret room inside the castle.


    - Exit and run all the way to the secret room. To get there, you need

      head upstairs.  in the 2nd screen from the exit.


    - Continue to the right and just follow the path. The room you wanter

      to check is located in the top floor, to the leftmost side. Once you

      reach the secret room, examine the bookshelf to open a hidden path.


      You will obtain Barbarossa's crown after a short conversation with

      Malabeth.After a short scene, an FMV and a conversation Valkyrie will

      be taken back to her time. After talking to Barbarossa, he will calm

      down and his spirit will be free. Now its time to clean house.


    - Now the palace is officially littered with enemies. The most dangerous

      enemies would be the Evil Eyes. They are not that threatening when

      they are alone. But be cautious when they come in pairs or worse,

      threes. Just like the Hel Servants in Dark Tower of Xervah, you need

      to defeat them all at the same time. A good technique to defeat them

      is to concentrate your attacks one target at a time, but just good

      enough to lower its HP. Then, when ready, sweep them clean with

      high damaging great magics like Celestial Star (Mystic Cross), Meteor

      Swarm (Shadow Servant) and Gravity Blessing (Prismatic Missile).

      Oh, each one of them is worth 18000+ exp, so just take them if

      you can.


      TIP: These enemies will restore their fallen allies with full HP.

      That is a problem if the one it is gonna revive is another of its

      own kind.

      Also, they are immune to Tome of Alchemy so don&rsquo;t waste any on them.

    - The paths here are all straightforward so it is impossible to miss

      anything. I wont bother giving you directions on how to get the

      items since I am sure you are not reading this guide word by word and

      while playing the game.


    Once you cleared all the floors, you may ask where the bosses are

    located. Well, I could have revealed it to you earlier but you may be

    unprepared yet to face them. Clearing the floors will give you the

    necessary exp to level up and learn skills.


    So in common, where do bosses usually stay? Near SAVEPOINTS. So,

    proceed there.



    - Now, you need to create a full crystal on the floor, then jump and

      create another one on the wall. If you can, it will be easier to just

      create a shimmering foothold and jump on it. Slash the painting just

      above the savepoint to reveal a hidden room. You will obtain 35000

      event exp for completing this.


    Defeat all the Evil Eyes here and save again. Also, before you enter

    the boss battle, have your current mage learn Reflect Sorcery. This

    will help you survive the fight with no scratches. You can equip your

    Mage Slayer but that is just optional.


    Enter the path up in the leftmost part of this room to battle the






    Walther   HP:30000

    Weakness: none

    Exp:      28000

    DallasHP: 18000

    Weakness: none

    Exp:      700

    GyneHP:   18000

    Weakness: none

    Exp:      700



    Immediately cast Reflect Sorcery as soon as you get the chance. Now get

    rid of Gyne (upper mage) because he can cast Invoke Feather and revive

    his fallen allies. Now the effect of Reflect Sorcery lasts only for

    three turns. When you attack them, you may want to attack them while

    downed on the ground to receive a lot of CT orbs, just to enable you

    mages to have turn. Fight normally as you could. As long as Reflect

    Sorcery is active, you can defeat them easily.


    Rust Red Circlet  - 3100 exp

    Dragoon Tyrant    &#8211; 3100 exp

    Obtain 180000 exp after opening all artifacts.




The Dragoon Tyrant is a good spear, if you are using Aelia and you haven&rsquo;t

gotten the Crimson Edge yet. The Rust Red Circlet is not that important.

You may want to pass up with this one. Exit the area and head to your next





    ------------------------                                    /------,

    Chapter 6 -SUNKEN SHRINE ':--------------------------------:'WLK014 |

    ------------------------/'                                  '------'   



    1. Eye of Heaven

    2. Sacred Javelin

    3. Dark (Reverie)

    4. Angel Curio

    5. Lapis Lazuli, Prismatic Missile

    6. Footman&rsquo;s Axe, Ruin&rsquo;s Fate

    7. Charge

    8. Flame Jewel (!!!)

 In this dungeon, the GLARE weapons and Poison Spells work best against

 enemies. Make sure you equip at least one of your warriors with a Glare

 Sword or any weapons that has +Poison DMG attribute. Set Poison Blow as

 the default spell of your mages. As much as possible, try to successfully

 cast Petro Disruption (Poison Blow great magic) to take care a group of

 enemies at once. Please note that there are some annoying Inferior Eyes

 roaming around the area as well.

    - To start off, continue to the right, underwater. Step on the

      platform. Two Dragonhead Statues will move. You will gain 3000 event

      exp. Use them as a stepping platform. Continue to the next room.

      Grab item #1 along the way.

    - Ignore the mechanical lever and continue past the water control

      switch. Pull the stone tablet as far you can to the left.


    - Now head back to the mechanical lever and grab on the LEFT BAR. Stay

      there until the lever goes down TWICE. Obtain 5000 event exp.


    - Now go to the control switch, and pull the two sides of the switch.

      Water will fill up this part of the dungeon. Obtain 5500 Event Exp.

      Exit the room to the right.


    - Swim up to upper right room to get item #2. Now you can&rsquo;t reach item

      #3 for the meantime. Head to the room where the tablet was and enter

      the next room. Here you will find a spherical switch that controls

      the platform overhead. Hit it twice. You will get 3000 Event Exp.

      After hitting the switch, you should feel the place rumbling.

      Now exit the room and head back to the water control switch.


    - In the water control room, push in the two sides of the switch to

      drain the water. Now exit to the left, grab the LEFT BAR of the

      mechanical lever again so that it will lower all the way.

    - Now head back to the water control switch and flood the place again.

      As you exit to the right, you should be able to reach the highest

      room. You will find item #3 guarded by an Inferior Eye. Defeat it and

      grab the item. Continue to the right. You should find another water

      control switch. Push in both sides to drain the water. Exit to the


    - You should find the platform there and an opening to reach item #4.

      After grabbing the item, go back to the second water control switch

      you just passed a while ago. Drain the water again. Now backtrack to

      the spherical platform switch and hit the sphere twice. So backtrack

      again to the 2nd water control switch above and drain the water.

      You should be able to reach the lower door when you exit to the

      right. Enter it.

    - Grab the items and defeat all the enemies to clear the area and make

      things faster. Now on dry ground, create a crystal, slash it, grab

      the shard and bring it underwater. Go below the plug release the

      shard so that it pushes the switch. Exit to the next room.


    - In the next room, you should find a Dragonhead the fires Freeze Beams

      and an orb. If you had cleared Oddrock Caves in the earlier chapter,

      you should know what to do. After successfully deflecting the beam

      towards the floating orb, the gate will open. Enter it.


    - In the next room, grab the items underwater. To reach the other side,

      you need to create a shard and ride it as it floats up. Exit to the

      next room.


    - There will be two plugs you need to fill. Do that and the door to

      the lower left will open. Enter it and immediately jump/swim your

      way up, before the walls close in on you. Grab Charge in the chest

      above. Enter the next room and find the Flame Jewel (!!!) lying in

      the open. Grab and continue along the path.


    - In the room just before the exit, lie three orbs you need to hit with

      the freeze beam. The upper two orbs can be hit without any problems.

      The bottom orb is the trickiest. Just place the orbs directly above

      the orbs and another one just above the door; of course create one to

      reflect the beam from the left.

      The door will open BUT, there are two Inferior Eyes guarding the save

      point. What a bummer! If you have the Dimension Slip accessory

      (Transmute Bark of the Dryad using Creation Jewel), equip it and slip

      past those annoying enemies and save. If you don&rsquo;t then you can&rsquo;t do

      anything but to fight them or gamble and try to slip past them.

      Remember that one of those Inferior Eyes has a group of THREE.

      Very, very dangerous.

Anyways, after saving, you can now face the boss. Change your mage&rsquo;s spell

to Mystic Cross/ Shadow Servant/ Prismatic Missile. You will need high

damaging spells to end this battle quickly.




    Wraith    HP: 100000

    Weakness: none

    Exp:      70000



    This boss has really damaging spells, not to mention he can cast

    Gravity Blessing every 3rd or 4th turn. It is possible, however, to

    defeat him in a single attack run, if you successfully link all 4

    special attacks. If you&rsquo;re familiar with your characters&rsquo; attacks

    and how much energy they contribute, then there is no problem.

    You won't win against this boss by endurance. The quicker you end this

    battle, the better.


    Reflect Armor               - 3100 exp

    Slashing Sword &ldquo;Farewell&rdquo;   &#8211; 3100 exp

    Tear of the Cosmos          - 3100 exp

    Obtain 300000 exp after opening all artifacts.



 The Reflect Armor is the best armor you can get in this point so get it.


 The sword is weaker than what you currently have so it is up to you to

 keep it for collection purposes or ignore it if you want to get a + in

 your evaluation.

 The Tear of the Cosmos can be transmuted to a second Holy Water of Mithra.

 You may want to consider this as well.


 This should complete the primary dungeons in this chapter. You should

 still have a lot of time left, so you can do whatever you want. I would

 normally train my characters and clear the any Caves of Oblivion

 available. Don&rsquo;t forget to send the qualified Einjerhars. WATCH YOUR

 SEAL LEVEL here. If you followed the guide, then it should still safe to

 send someone in this chapter.


 When ready, just enter the Sacred Phase. Freya will request the




    | SACRED PHASE 6-7                                                    |

    |                                                                     |

    | Hero Value: 110 / High Level Sorcerer                               |

    | Skills: Repair Accursed Flame Gem                                   |

    |         Avoid, Undead Int, Resist Magic                             |



 In addition, you should see a short scene with Lucian in Valhalla. If you

 got these scenes, then it is GUARANTEED that you will get the sequences

 for Ending A. You can relax now and play the game normally. You can also

 send two sorceresses in this chapter if you want to recieve more MP and    

 better artifacts from Freya and Odin.


 During this sacred phase also, Odin will also give you a hint about a

 legendary and powerful sorceress named Lyseria. You will need to recruit

 her in this chapter.  








Periods: 28

Dungeons: 2

Characters: 2


    1. Spiritual Concentration &#8211; Locate Suo/ Hai-Lan (-2)

    2. Spiritual Concentration &#8211; Locate Forest of Spirits (-2)

    3. Spiritual Concentration &#8211; Locate Cave of Oblivion (-2)

    4. Spiritual Concentration &#8211; Locate Tombs of Amenti (-2)

Consumed: 08/28

Towns/ Characters:

    1. Visit Hai-Lan, recruit Suo (-1)

    2. Visit Arkdain Ruins, recruit Lyseria (-2)**

Consumed:  11/28


    1. Enter Forest of Spirits (-2)***

    2. Enter Tombs of Amenti (-2)

    3. Enter Cave of Oblivion (-2)

Consumed:  15-19/28

 **You will need to fight Lyseria in order you recruit her. Don&rsquo;t worry,

 she is not that strong during the fight against her. If you still don&rsquo;t

 know, she is the lady inside the large crystal in the boss area of Arkdain

 Ruins. She is a high-level sorceress, perfectly fit for Freya&rsquo;s request.

 However, I opt to keep her in my party instead. You can get her before

 clearing any dungeons.

 ***You will need to enter the Forest again after repairing the Flame Gem

 if you wish to battle the real boss. You won&rsquo;t be able to complete the map

 on your first visit.  



    ----------------------------                                /------,

    Chapter 7 -FOREST OF SPIRITS ':----------------------------:'WLK015 |

    ----------------------------/'                              '------'    


    1. Eye of Heaven

    2. Wassail-Rapier (guarded by Mandragoras)

    3. Sacred Javelin

    4. Dampen Magic

    5. Golden Egg, Lapis Lazuli, Invoke Feather

    6. Lucerne Hammer

    7. Sap Power, Golden Egg

    8. Timer Ring, Dampen Magic, Golden Egg, Reflect Sorcery

    9. Mystic Cross

    10. Heal, Sylphan Robe (!!)

    Once you get in the Forest, you can either continue along the main

    path and proceed with the mission or stray around and look for the



    Also, be careful of Mandragoras. These girls-in-a-bulb are pretty

    deadly at this point of the game. Their Hellish Invitation attack is

    really damaging. Be careful when facing these; you may want to kill

    them all in the first attack run. Fire Storm/ Ifrit Caress or Fire

    Lance/ Calamity Blast will be your saviors against these enemies. This

    is effective too against those pesky Giant Crabs. Normal attacks do

    very little or no damage against these oversized crustaceans.


    In any case, proceed to the leftmost part of the map. An Elf is

    waiting for you there. You will learn that you need to collect four

    materials to complete the Gem. It is also recommended to use Fire-based

    attacks. Most enemies here are weak to fire.


    For each of the materials you obtain, you will get 1600 event exp each.

    Here are the basic stats of the three mini-bosses you need to face.

    They are not that hard really but for your info, I will include that as


    Cockatrice       HP: 50000 | Weak vs. Fire | 35000 exp

    Sivapheticus     HP: 42000 | Weak vs. Ice  | 35000 exp

    Venomous Spider  HP: 30000 | Weak vs. Holy | 350 exp

    On your first visit, there is no major boss here. Note that some of the

    items indicated on the map are hidden well from view, located in top of

    the branches. Be careful also of enemies falling from trees.


    - Once ready, head out to collect the materials. The easiest should be

      the Polar Drops. From your position, walk to the right and take the

      first path down. Go to the left, and in the next screen, approach the

      spring. You will automatically get the Polar Drops.


    - After getting the polar drops, continue to the right. Take another

      path leading down again.

    - In this screen, get item (9) to the right. Move to the left, next


    - Get past the area littered with enemies and into a deadend.


    - Get Heal from chest(10). Jump to the base of the tree and then, jump to

      the branch to get the hidden Sylphan Robe there.


    - Backtrack to where you got item (9) and continue up. Head to the right

      and get another item (8)


    - After getting #8, head up four times until you reach the end of the

      path. Continue to the left, next screen.




    - This area is filled with dangerous Mandragoras. Be careful when

      jumping on those branches. Get item (2) in one of those branches.


    - Left next screen. Take the very first path leading down. Grab the

      items(5) hidden on the braches. Continue to the right and face the

      Giant Spider.


      This is a giveaway battle so I won't be listing any strategies to

      defeat it.


      You will obtain the Silver Thread and a bit of event experience.




    - Backtrack now and run all the way to the left, past another path

      leading to the front. Find another spellbook(3) there. Backtrack to

      the right a bit and take the 2nd path leading down.


    - Get item #4. Go down one more screen and right to the large area.

      The Giant Ape is located in the topmost branch. Make your way there

      and defeat the mini-boss. Obtain the Golden Candlestick and some event

      experience as well


    - Now get down and head to the left. In the next screen where you came

      from, continue heading left to find another item(6) and a path that

      leads up.


    - In the next screen, head to the left then take the path down. Get the

      items (7) and save. Continue to the right to fight the cockatrice.

      Defeat it to obtain the Charm Feather.


    - Now backtrack all the way back to the elves' sanctuary. After a short

      while, you will be able to get the repaired Flame Gem in the chest.

      Still you have the chance to keep it or return it. In any case, the

      decision is yours.


    - Now at this point, you may have swept clean the area. So, head to the

      exit and enter the Forest again.



    - Continue to where the Elven Sanctuary once was. You will find a misty

      maze instead. The correct path to reach the boss is DOWN-LEFT-DOWN.



      Continue to the left and you will find another cockatrice waiting.





    Cockatrice     HP: 100000

    Weakness:      Fire

    Exp:           35000



    This boss is not that hard; much more as a giveaway battle. 1-2 special

    attacks plus a link 3 Calamity Blast owns this guy pretty much.


    Arectaris   - 3100 exp

    Elven Bow   &#8211; 3100 exp

    Obtain 240000 exp after opening all artifacts.

These two are actually decent weapons &#8211; if you don&rsquo;t have the ones

transmuted from the Creation Jewel.





    ----------------------------                                /------,

    Chapter 7 - TOMBS OF AMENTI  ':----------------------------:'WLK016 |

    ----------------------------/'                              '------'



    1. Eye of Heaven

    2. Flame Jewel (!!!)

    3. Base Metal

    4. Darkness Arrow (hidden behind those boxes to the left)

    5. Mithril Plate (!)

    6. Stone Check (hidden behind the 3rd urn)

    7. Resist Magic (rightmost part of the room with large floating stone head)

    8. Ruin&rsquo;s Fate

    9. Unicorn&rsquo;s Horn (!!)

    10. Lucerne Hammer

    11. Iron Ore

    12. Mystic Cross

    13. Wassail-Rapier

    14. Invoke Feather

    15. Reflect Sorcery (behind the boxes)

    16. Raven Slayer (!)

    17. Flame Jewel (!!!)

    18. Basilisk Scale

    19. Lapis Lazuli

    20. Guard Reinforce

    21. Raven Slayer (!) (On top of the ledge)

    22. Ether Scepter

    This dungeon is probably one of the most annoying and frustrating you

    need to clear yet. It is really large and has a good number of various

    annoyances that will test your patience. Also note that enemies here

    are weak to HOLY attacks. So Mystic Cross/ Celestial Star and Sacred

    Javelin/ Seraphic Law are the attacks of choice here.


    - From the start of the dungeon, grab item #1.

    - In the next room, to reach item# 2 above the door, you need to run up

      the stairs, run back down and jump while shooting a crystal. You will

      need to create a shimmering foothold.


    - In the next room tall room, make your way to the upper left. Beware

      of the firejet traps. When you reach the top left door, defeat the

      Dullahan for some good exp boost. Obtain the Base Metal behind that




    | TIP: Useless as it may look, Base Metals can be transmuted normally |

    | into Ebony Powders. Now equip the Creation Jewel and transmute those|

    | Ebony Powders into Material Potions.                                |

    |                                                                     |

    | Material Potions add 100 DME to any character PERMANENTLY.          |



    - Jump down and make your way to the location of the Blue Jewel. Be

      careful of the traps along the way. Grab the jewel and you will

      obtain 60000 event exp. Now the door will close on you. To open it,

      you need to put some weight on the pedestal where you took the jewel.

      To make your life easier, create a full crystal and slash it. The

      shards will provide enough weight to keep the door open for you.

      Exit, jump down and go to the right.


    - Run past those fiery urns. Find item # 6 past the 3rd urn to the


    - Jump down, go left until you reach the save point. Save.

    - Jump to the top right room. Smash the floating stone head&rsquo;s beard

      and chin. Slide underneath it and get item #7 in the far right end

      of the room.

    - Backtrack down, take the bottom left door. Two spikes will approach

      you. Attack the lower one with your sword to stop it. Jump over it

      and take item #8.

    - Now head back, and take the bottom right path and fall down to the

      bottom of this large room. Enter the doors to the rear.

    - Continue to the right. You will see another chest above the door.

      Grab it to obtain another Unicorn&rsquo;s Horn. Immediately create a

      second one.


    | TIP: You might consider using two mages in your party. One great    |

    | magic is good for eliminating most enemy parties. How about casting |

    | two?                                                                |

    |                                                                     |

    | Just make sure that the mage you&rsquo;ll put it front has maxed out      |

    | Defend, Avoid, Resist Damage, Hear Noise, Survival and Fight.       |

    | Also make sure that she has the strongest armor set you can get at  |

    | this point of the game.                                             |

    |                                                                     |

    | Note: Mages in front will be most likely targeted by enemies. You   |

    | may also want to change their reaction skill to a defensive one     |

    | such as Adept Illusion or Dancing Swords.                           |




    - Continue following the path. Grab item #10 along the way. Take the

      path up front, then go up, take the top left door.

    - In the next room, jump down to the lower left door. You should be in

      the other side of the large rooms, with a chest on the floating

      platform. Get it to obtain item #11. Now you can just jump down to

      the bottom of the large room and backtrack your way to the tall room.

    - Instead of going up front, you need to jump to the upper left room.

    - In this room with falling spikes, find item #12 behind the broken

      pillar to the right. Continue running to the left.

    - Reach the top left platform. Continue, grab item #13 along the way.

      Defeat the Dullahan blocking the path as well. Make your way to the

      large chamber where the red jewel is.


    - Grab the red gem to obtain 60000 event experience. Do the same thing

      you did you open the door in the blue jewel&rsquo;s chamber. Exit out and

      continue to the left.


    - In this next room, two floating stone heads will approach you on both

      directions. Quickly destroy the beard and chin of the left stone

      head. You will obtain 35000 event exp for doing so. Slide out to the


    - Defeat the Dullahan guarding the exit. Enter the door to the rear.

      Defeat another Dullahan guarding the other end. Head to the right.

    - Follow the path while avoiding those fiery urns and looking out for

      items. When you jump down the tall room to the right, you will find

      item #15 behind the boxes to the right. Continue to the left.

    - Intetionally get hit by one of those floating statues. You will be

      transported into a closed room. Destroy all the three faces on the

      wall to open the door. You will obtain 20000 event exp for the first

      time you do this. Now head back to the rooms with the floating heads.

      For most players, this is the most frustrating part of the dungeon.

      For me, it is the fastest.

      The Secret: Dimension Slip


      If you don&rsquo;t have the Dimension Slip (Bark of the Dryad transmuted by

      Creation Jewel) then you will to use all your wits to avoid these

      strategically placed annoyances, not to mention you need to avoid

      other traps and look out for enemies as well. Anyways, make your way

      to the lower left room.

    - When you reach that large room, you will find it is littered with

      different moving platforms, spikes and enemies. Grab items #18 and

      #19 in the lower rooms. The exit is in the upper left part of the

      room. Grab the item located above the ledge. Tired? Don&rsquo;t worry,

      you are almost there.

    - Continue following the path. Don&rsquo;t forget to grab the other items,

      especially the ones located above the ledges. From here on, it is


    - After you reach the savepoint, continue forth. You will be asked to

      answer a question. Technically, all choices are the same. But you

      need to choose &ldquo;HOMO-SAPIENS&rdquo;. The door to the royal burial chamber

      will open.

    - Grab the Ether Scepter in the far right end of the burial chamber.

      Now place the two gems you acquired earlier on the pedestal. Wait

      for a few seconds and you will be thrown in to a boss fight.




    Akhetamen   HP:130000     Undead Slaves (x2) HP: 19000

    Weakness:   Holy          Weakness:          Holy

    Exp:        140000        Exp:               1680



      If you have managed to stick power leveling one party, then your

      level should be sufficient enough to defeat this boss. You won&rsquo;t be

      able to defeat him in one attack run though. First, if you are on the

      defensive side, you can cast Reflect Sorcery first. The main boss is

      in the rear so; you need to get rid of those Undead Slaves as well.

      Once you get them out, concentrate your attacks again him. Remember

      that two consecutive level 3 or 4 Celestial Stars is enough to

      inflict heavy damage to this boss.

      Also note that once his HP is critical, Akhetamen will heal himself

      completely. Just make sure you kill him quick and he won&rsquo;t be able

      to use it.


      Richebourg              - 3600 exp

      Mask of the Dead King   &#8211; 3600 exp

      Ruby Music Box          - 3600 exp

      Ambrosia                - 3600 exp

      Bracelet of the Basilisk- 3600 exp.

      Obtain 1000000 event exp after opening all artifacts.

Seriously, you spent a good deal of time in this dungeon and you&rsquo;ll get

junk artifacts? The Ambrosia will probably be the most important artifact

here so get it. Also, the Mask of the Dead King is a good mage equipment

as well. The other artifacts are just plain junk.





Once this helluvah place is done, you can now do whatever you want. Just

the same routine, transfer Einherjars, revisit dungeons to level up and

clear any Cave of Oblivions you find.

Once ready, consume all your periods to enter the last sacred phase.

Actually Freya will inform you that the Dragon Orb has been stolen.

This is related to the short scene with Loki and Lucian during Sacred 6-7.

Well, this is the final chapter so let us start.








    CHAPTER 8   


    Periods:    28

    Dungeons:     5

    Characters:     1


    1. Spiritual Concentration &#8211; Locate Arianrod Labyrinth (-2)

    2. Spiritual Concentration &#8211; Locate Palace of the Dragon (-2)

    3. Spiritual Concentration &#8211; Locate Cave of Oblivion (-2)

    4. Spiritual Concentration &#8211; Locate Celestial Castle (-2)

Consumed: 08/28

Towns/ Characters:

    1. Recruit Gandar (Defeat him the Palace of the Dragon)

Consumed:  8/28


    1. Enter Arianrod Labyrinth (-2)

    2. Enter Palace of the Dragon (-2)

    3. Enter Cave of Oblivion (-2)

    4. Enter Celestial Castle (-2)

    5. Enter Weeping Lily Meadow (-1)

Consumed:  17/28

You will need all these dungeons to boost your needed experience for the

last battles. You can decide which ones you would like to clear first.

Arianrod Labyrinth is the easiest in navigation because you just need to

teleport to rooms. But the enemies here are really tough. Celestial Castle

is medium in both. Palace of the Dragon has easy enemies but has tough

puzzles. Make your choice.

Upgrade your equipment. If you have enough MP to buy the Orihalcon, do so.

You can transmute it to GRAM, a very powerful sword until you get the

Levantine. You can convert those useless artifacts you have looted. I will

start with Arianrod Labyrinth because it contains very good weapons that

will make the other dungeons easier.

Remember that if you have successfully initiated events for Ending A, you

should leave at least one period to enter Weeping Lily Meadow.

If you consumed all your periods this chapter, you will be automatically

taken to Joutenheim Palace, even if you have located Weeping Lily Meadow

during your Soul Concentration.

I will also suggest forming your final party now. It is better that way

since you can concentrate powering up your characters. My final party will

be Mystina, Lyseria and Arngrim.



    -------------------------------                              /------,

    Chapter 8 - ARIANROD LABYRINTH  ':--------------------------:'WLK017 |

    -------------------------------/'                            '------'   



    1. Eye of Heaven

    8. Magic Blade &ldquo;Cromrea&rdquo;

    11. Flame Jewel (!!!)

    13. Eternal Fault

    14. Foul Slayer (!)

    21. Wand of Apocalypse (!!)


    You would need to use some basic math to get through this area. I will

    try to make it clear so that you won&rsquo;t get lost. Again, enemies here

    are weak to Holy attacks.


    The number on the display indicates the floor where you are going to be

    transported. The sphere beside it is the controller. Each panel has two

    destinations or numbers.

    When there are two panels, just add the numbers on the displays, unless

    there are some indicators. Remember also that if you entered the room

    that you don&rsquo;t want by accident, you can&rsquo;t enter the portal again to go

    back where you came from. The floor that you will be transported

    depends on the number on the display.

    I will give you the exact orders of the floors you will visit to get

    all the items and find your way to the boss. Note that the enemies here

    are powerful but they pack a lot of experience so, it is worth

    defeating them when you find them.

    The save point is located on floor 17.

    The boss is located inside floor 25.

     1 &#8211; 10 &#8211; 8* - 18 &#8211; 16 &#8211; 21* - 13* - 12 &#8211; 14* - 7 &#8211; 6 &#8211; 11* - 17 &#8211; 25

    Once you reach the 25th floor, you will enter a boss battle.




    Dark Lord    HP:210000     Demon &ldquo;Vallan&rdquo; (x2) HP: 70000

    Weakness:    Holy          Weakness:           Holy

    Exp:         45000         Exp:                10500



    The Dark Lord is on the rear and won&rsquo;t attack unless you defeat the two

    demons in front. Just don&rsquo;t hesitate the cast your great magics to

    defeat these enemies fast. The main boss is not that hard. Yes, he may

    have damaging attacks but not enough to give you a hard time. With

    Wand of the Apocalypse in your hand, your Celestial Star will deal

    more damage than usual.


    Shadzard          - 4100 exp

    Secrets of Zolon  &#8211; 4100 exp

    Unicorn&rsquo;s Horn    - 4100 exp

    Obtain 500000 event exp after opening all artifacts.

You can get the Shadzard and the Unicorn&rsquo;s Horn but stay away from that

Secrets of Zolon. It is plain trash.





    ---------------------------                                 /------,

    Chapter 8 -CELESTIAL CASTLE ':-----------------------------:'WLK017 |

    ---------------------------/'                               '------'



    - As you start in this dungeon, enter to the right. There will be stairs

      leading down and some stairs leading up. The rooms upstairs are a

      deadend; the correct path is downstairs. Also, in those rooms you can

      find Ghoul Powder and Eye of Heaven.

    - When ready, go downstairs and defeat the Forager guarding the path.


    - Immediately find another Flame Jewel as soon as you enter the room.

      Continue to the right and go down to the front.

    - In the next room, the rightmost door up has some enemies. You may

      defeat them for extra experience; otherwise take the middle door.

      Go downstairs and you will then emerge to the trickiest part of the


    Here you need to reach the other side without FALLING OFF. If you fall,

    you will be outside of the castle and you just lost two periods. And

    also, enemies will respawn when you make your return trips so be very

    careful with this part.

    Fortunately (insert sarcasm here), these chests are rigged with

    explosive traps, with the force enough to throw you at a distance.

    Remember that after opening them, you will only have one second to

    move away from the explosion. You can grab the chains also.

    The items here are not that important so if you find yourself having

    difficulties collecting them, ignore them and proceed with your

    mission. The Harpies here pack a lot of experience so you can engage

    them. You need to pass through two similar screens.

     Here are the items you can collect on these two screens.

     Vegetable Seed, Wassail Rapier, Shield Critical, Quartz Gem

     Reflect Sorcery, Concetration, Lucerne Hammer, Agua Vitae*

     Ghoul Powder

*Agua Vitae can be transmuted into an Icicle Guard. Other than that, it has no use.



    - Once you reached the other side, just continue following the path

     until you reach a small garden. Kill all the butterflies to open

     the path to your left. Obtain 80000 event exp for doing this.


    - Do the same thing on the second screen; just be careful of those orbs

      firing freeze beams.

    - Continue along the path, save and grab the Sword of Silvas from the

      chest. Follow the path until you reach the stairs heading to the

      right. Fight your way upstairs and save before the room with the

      boss. Get ready.



    Genevieve   HP: 188800      Demonic Baron (x2)   HP: 42000

    Weakness:   Holy            Weakness:            Holy

    Exp:        140000            Exp:                 1400



    Most of Genevieve&rsquo;s attacks are magic based, which means you can

    protect your characters by casting Reflect Sorcery. Get rid of the

    Daemonic Barons in the front to open a path of attack to Genevieve.

    Pummel her with your linked special attacks.


    Berserker Bow*       - 4100 exp

    Harp of Atrasia      &#8211; 4100 exp

    Armor of Aleph**     - 4100 exp

Obtain 500000 event exp after opening all artifacts.

* This is the most powerful bow you can get at this point.

** This is a great armor. Make sure you keep it.

The Harp is as worthless as the trash you have checked out earlier. But

you may consider keeping it for MP conversion purposes.







    --------------------------------                            /------,

    Chapter 8 - PALACE OF THE DRAGON ':------------------------:'WLK017 |

    --------------------------------/'                          '------'



    1. Eye of Heaven, Wassail-Rapier

    2. Lapis Lazuli

    3. Lapis Lazuli

    4. Quartz Gem, Guard Reinforce

    5. Ether Scepter

    6. Burgundy Flask

    7. Lucerne Hammer, Fire Storm

    8. Sacred Javelin

    9. Eye of Heaven

    10. Frigid Damsel

    11. Shield Critical

    12. Dragon Slayer

    13. Lightning Bolt, Quartz Gem

    14. Might Reinforce, Spell Reinforce

    This dungeon is divided into two parts, where you will be going back

    and forth to complete puzzle.


    - Go to the rightmost room; examine the painting, "XVI The Tower".

      Obtain Full Moon Stone and 1600 Event Exp.

    - backtrack; enter the open path (not the Sun Door)

    - Examine the statue and put the Full Moon Stone.



    - Get items #1 and #2. Push the tablet blocking the path up. Enter it.

    - Get item #3 to the right. Go to the large room to the right. Take

      note of the positions of the statues there.

                               Top    - facing left

                               Right  - facing front

                               Left   - facing right

                               Bottom - facing rear

    - enter the lower right door. Defeat the Eternal Chimera. Examine the

      painting "X Wheel of Fortune" to obtain Eclipse Stone.

      1600 Event Exp)

    - backtrack to the portal and use Eclipse Stone.



    - You will be back in the starting area. Now you can enter the door

      with the Sun Emblem. Enter it. Grab item# 5 and continue to the

      large room to the right. You will find the same room with statues.

      You just need to arrange them as the first room.

    - After arranging them properly, you will gain 5000 event exp.

      The bottom door will open.

    - Examine the painting "IV Emperor". Obtain Crescent Moon Stone.


    - Now push tablet to open the path to the room that contains item #7.

    - Enter the Sun Door to obtain item #6. Examine the painting of Death

      to obtain "Darkspot Stone"

    - Return to the portal. Use Crescent Moon Stone.



    - Go left. You will find some paintings here. These are clues to

      solve the puzzle later on. If you want to solve the puzzle yourself,

      I suggest writing down the numbers on each painting.


    - head to the leftmost room; defeat the Eternal Chimera guarding it.

      Examine the painting (VII Chariot) to get the Darkpath Stone.

    - backtrack to the portal and use the Darkpath Stone



    - here, you need to enter the doors according to the numbers on the

      paintings you saw a while ago. You need to enter them in ascending

      order, excluding the zero-you will need to enter it last.

    - For your convenience, the solution to the puzzle is as follows:

               Paintings' Numbers:  16  13  04  12  10  22  7  0

               Order:                6   5   1   4   3   7   2  8

    - earn 20000 event exp after solving the puzzle. The door to the left

      will now open. Enter it and examine the painting "XII Hanged Man" to

      get the New Moon Stone. You will obtain 1600 event exp.

    - Go back to the portal and use the newly acquired New Moon Stone.



    - Proceed to the left and operate the machine. Grab item #9 along the


    - Backtrack to the portal and use the Darkspot Stone you have

      acquired earlier.


    - Grab item #10 from the upper ledges. Now take the bottom door.

    - Save and proceed to the right. Grab item #11.

    - Follow the guardian statue. Avoid getting hit by it since it will

      transport you back to a room with a Dullahan. Just in case, defeat

      it and find a teleporter statue. Use the Darkspot stone and backtrack

      your steps. To avoid doing it again, just save and reload again.

    - Just follow the guardian statue. It will then open a path in the

      center of the room. Now, on the next room, avoid the guardian statue

      again to get the treasures here. Now enter the left rear door to


    - This could be the most frustrating part of the dungeon. You need to

      jump over this guardian four times. If you get hit by any chance,

      you will be transported to that same void area. Timing is very

      essential here. To make it easier, create a full crystal and wait for

      the statue to approach. Remember that once the guardian spots you,

      he will charge at you. You need to time this with your jump.

    - After the fourth jump, the statue will slow down and stop on the

      left side of the room. Examine it and you will obtain the Blood Red

      Stone. Now head to the portal and use it.


    - In the next room, Save and prepare for a bossfight.




    Gandar      HP: 35000

    Weakness:   None

    Exp:        126000



    This boss is not that hard; much more as a giveaway battle. Just use

    your special attacks and this battle should end quick.


    Dragoon Faith          - 4100 exp

    Scroll of Golem        &#8211; 4100 exp

    Hourglass of the Gods  - 4100 exp

    Obtain 500000 exp after opening all artifacts.

Keep the Dragoon Faith for sure. The Scroll of the Golem is worthless in

every way. But you can keep if for MP conversion.

The Hourglass of the Gods can take you five periods back in the past which

can be handy in case you need more time.



The item in the top of the ledge further left is a great spear for Aelia

or Lawfer. To get it, just create some footholds by putting those opened

chests on top of each other and some crystal shards as well. Now create a

full crystal and shoot it again to break it and step on the shimmering

particles slowly descending.    


Now that all the dungeons are cleared, you can do whatever you want. You

may wish to revisit dungeons again such as Arianrod to earn some extra





    | NOTE: If you have taken the path to Ending A, then you should have  |

    | Weeping Lily Meadow as one of your dungeons. Leave at least a free  |

    | period to visit the meadows. Remember also that once you enter, you |

    | won&rsquo;t be able to come out again so make sure you did everything you |

    | want first before entering this area.                               |

    |                                                                     |

    | If you consumed all your periods then you will automatically start  |

    | in Ending B&rsquo;s Joutenheim Palace.                                    |









    ---------------------                                    /------,

    ENDING A: Asgard Hill ':--------------------------------:'END 001 |

    ---------------------/'                                  '------'


    As you enter the Meadows, the scenes before the final stage will take

    place. In those scenes, you will need to battle Lenneth&rsquo;s elder sister,

    Hrist along with Bhrams , Lezard, Mystina and Arngrim. Her stats are as




     Hrist     HP: 12000

     Weakness: None

     Exp:      700


    The battle is easy so you don&rsquo;t have to worry. Just read/watch through

    all the scenes and you will find yourself in Asgard Hill.

    I will just list the boss stats and strategies here since Asgard Hill

    is really a one path dungeon. Enemies here respawn if you leave the

    screen, making it possible to train your characters if you are having

    problems defeating the bosses, especially Bloodbane.

    Alright before you start, check out your skills. You will rely mostly

    in surviving the attacks of the bosses &#8211; no matter how leveled up your

    characters are, their attacks will even exceed your max HP even at full

    health. If you still haven&rsquo;t figured out yet, the most important skill

    every character must have is GUTS and AUTO-ITEM. Setting up Auto-Item

    with 100% of Union Plume will increase your chance of survival against

    the attacks of the enemies, especially those Great Magicks.

    You can put in other items but instead of reviving your characters,

    they may just heal themselves, wasting the precious turn.

    With those said, just make sure you have the strongest equipment you

    can get. The most damaging attacks you can deal with will be coming

    from your mages so make sure you have Magic Bangle and Fairy Ring

    equipped on them. The spell of choice would be Mystic Cross/ Celestial

    Star or Shadow Servant/ Meteor Swarm.

    Alright, prepare for your hardest battles yet. Good luck!



    Bloodbane     HP: 222000

    Weakness:     None

    Exp:          140000


    This legendary dragon is the first hindrance you need to take down. He

    has several attacks, all are damaging. Don&rsquo;t bother healing your

    characters; this boss can easily chip away large chunks of their DME

    with his attacks. Try to link all four special attacks when you have

    the chance; you will definitely need them.

    Once you&rsquo;re able to bring his HP down to ¼, he will be using Gravity

    Blessing EVERY TURN. Just pray that your characters can hold on after

    every attack and that they will use Guts when you need it. Just attack

    him at every chance you can. Having weapons that will allow you to

    perform multiple attacks is very important here to build your combo


Artifacts: Demon Sword &ldquo;Levantine&rdquo;

The Levantine is the most powerful sword in the main game scenario.

Continue further to face the next boss.





    Fenrir     HP: 250000

    Weakness:  Fire

    Exp:       175000


    If you have the INFERNAS then you have no problems with this battle. It

    is a great sword artifact that is acquired from the Citadel of Flames.

    The Infernas has the Fire/Death attribute that will kill ANY enemies

    weak to fire, just like Fenrir.

    If you don&rsquo;t have that weapon but you have kept the ETERNAL LAMP then

    you are a bit fine. Just use some fire-based attacks, preferably

    Fire Lance and hit him with your Special Attacks.

    If you don&rsquo;t have both, consider equipping your characters with

    Freeze Checks and use fire-based attacks.

Artifacts: None





    Continue forth and you will face the last boss. Also note that once you

    reached and used the last save point, Seraphic Gate, an optional

    dungeon, will be available. This is where your Flame Jewels will be



    However, it is not related whatsoever to the main game scenario. Thus,

    even if you powerlevel there, you won't be able to carry those changes

    over to your main game save to pummel Loki.






    LokiHP:    400000

    Weakness:  None

    Exp:       210000


    When you first battle Loki, you just need to survive the attacks.

    After that, a scene will automatically trigger. After the scene, you

    will now be in the real fight. Note that if you &lsquo;game over&rsquo; this you

    will need to do the whole fight-cutscene-fight again. Also, after the

    &lsquo;creation&rsquo; event, Valkyrie will now be able to use her Full Nibelgen

    attack pattern. Try to perform her Nibelung Valesti and you will see

    the difference.


    Start the battle by casting Guard Reinforce or other buffs. If you want,

    you can start with the offensive as well. Valkyrie will deal most of

    the damage here, so if possible, try to activate her special attack on

    LV3 or 4.

    Probably, his most damaging attacks will be Extension Force and Carnage

    Anthem. Dragon Orb is cool but it is less damaging compared to those

    two. Try to down him first, then attack for him to drop those valuable

    CT orbs. The more CT orbs he drops, the more frequent you can use your

    special attacks.

    Again, don&rsquo;t bother healing your characters if his attacks can take

    them out in one shot. You will just be wasting your turn. If you

    characters are strong enough to survive most of his attacks, including

    his great Magicks, then by all means, heal frequently.

    Loki also has some basic spells which can be blocked by Reflect

    Sorcery. This is optional though. Concentration for your mages will

    help a lot here.

    After you defeat him, the ending scenes will now initiate. I had hoped

    for a longer, much better one but unfortunately, a generic ending is

    what we get.

    My PDF guide contains some screenshots. If you want to spoil some of the

    fun, you can view it. The link is provided just under the Author's Notes


   ******************Congratulations for finishing HARD MODE!*************








    ---------------------                                    /------,

    ENDING B: JOUTENHEIM PALACE ':--------------------------:'END 002 |

    ---------------------/'                                  '------'



    All your Einherjars can be selected in your party now. If you had been

    following the events for ending A but for some reason you ended up in

    Ending B, you will notice that Lucian is not there. (He was killed by

    Loki, remember?)

    Also, like Asgard Hill, enemies here respawn after leaving the



    - Save your game, take the first door leading to the rear. Find a chest

      containing Mental Reaction.

    - Enter the next room to find Freeze Check and Foxglove.

    - Now continue to the 2nd screen from your position, find a Foxglove

      and Eye of Heaven. After getting those, head to the left, past the

      narrow bridge.

    - You will then reach a room with three fires and an empty torch in the

      bottom floor. Grab the Red Fire and put it on the empty torch.

      Now grab the Blue Flame and combine it with the Red Flame.

      You will get the Daisy Fire and 120000 event exp. Back track to the

      entrance. (this will melt down the blocking ice in the path that

      leads to Bloodbane)


    - Go to the left. Now, if you reach a room with some ice platforms,

      make your way to the top right door. Follow the path and take the

      door that leads to the rear. You will find Vegetable Seed and Flare

      Crystals. Backtrack to where you started and continue to the left.

    - Keep going to the left, find a Flare Crystal along the way. Find

      also an Ether Scepter and Freeze Check in the bottom of the large

      room with platforms and spikes.

    - Continue going to the left to find a Scarlet Edge in the tall room

      that leads up. Be careful of those falling Icicles. If you want,

      you can just create some crystal footholds for you to use and go

      to the top right door.

    - Continue along the way until you reach an opening leading to the

      rear. Head to the left to find an Ether Scepter and Foxglove.

    - Continue forth. Save your game and head to the top right door.

      Jump down and you will enter the battle against Bloodbane.





    Bloodbane     HP: 222000

    Weakness:     None

    Exp:          140000


    This legendary dragon is the first hindrance you need to take down. He

    has several attacks, all are damaging. Don&rsquo;t bother healing your

    characters; this boss can easily chip away large chunks of their DME

    with his attacks. Try to link all four special attacks when you have

    the chance; you will definitely need them.

    Once you&rsquo;re able to bring his HP down to ¼, he will be using Gravity

    Blessing EVERY TURN. Just pray that your characters can hold on after

    every attack and that they will use Guts when you need it. Just attack

    him at every chance you can. Having weapons that will allow you to

    perform multiple attacks is very important here to build your combo


Artifacts: Demon Sword &ldquo;Levantine&rdquo;

The Levantine is the most powerful sword in the main game scenario.

Continue further to face the next boss.


    - After grabbing the Levantine, backtrack to the opening of this path

      and continue right this time. Make sure to grab the items along the

      way, especially the ones hidden in large, spiky areas.

    - Continue going to the right, past the turnpoint where you need to go

      to the leftmost room. Also along the way, you should spot the great

      ice block that is blocking the path up.

    - Continue to the left, past those Van Shizokus and falling icicles.

      To make this job easier, equip the Dimension Slip. If you want to

      farm experience, I will give you a good farming point later. Just

      continue to the left until you obtain the Fires of Purgatory.

      (Obtain 120000 event experience)

    - Now you must quickly run to where the large ice block is. If you

      moved fast enough, then the path up should now be open. Continue

      following it.

    - Follow the path. Some of the platform style jumping here can be a

      bit tedious. Just from here on, it is fully straightforward. On

      your way to the last savepoint, there is a Mithril Golem standing

      by the top left door. You can use this to farm extra exp as needed.

    - When ready, continue forth and save. Make sure that you make some

      final checks before continuing. When you&rsquo;re all set, continue to

      the right, to Surt&rsquo;s Throne Room.





Surt       HP: 300000        Vanir (x2)HP: 22000

Weakness:  None              Weakness: None

Exp:      210000             Exp:4200



    Surt has some damaging attacks but compared to Loki, this guy is

    child&rsquo;s play. His great magic, Ifrit Caress is not even that

    threatening. Just use the same tactics you have used against Bloodbane

    and you should be fine. Get rid of those Vanir first. Note that most

    of the time, he will be attacking one target at a time.

    Also, unlike the battle with Loki, you won&rsquo;t have the Full Nibelgen

    ability so you will really need to rely on all your characters&rsquo;

    efforts, especially your mages. Having two mages in this battle will

    make it easier &#8211; only if you had trained them before this battle.




    After the battle, a dull ending will be presented by Freya and the

    credits will start rolling.




   ******************Congratulations for finishing HARD MODE!*************









    ------------------------                                  /------,

    S E R A P H I C  G A T E ':------------------------------:'WLK017 |

    ------------------------/'                                '------'   


    The Seraphic Gate is an optional dungeon that can be accessed from the

    main menu. This is unlocked as soon as you reach the last save point in

    the game, whether it is in Asgard Hill (Ending A) or in Joutenheim

    Palace (Ending B). This dungeon has no connection whatsoever from the

    main game scenario, so whatever you obtain here will not be carried

    over to the main game when you start or use it against Loki or Surt.


    Though you can also access this dungeon when playing Normal Mode, you

    can only have limited access to the area since you need Flame Jewels to

    open key areas. These are only acquired in Hard Mode, in which the

    locations are already mentioned in this guide. Also note that the

    &lsquo;strongest&rsquo; equipment that you have in the main game and you may be

    proud of are nothing compared to the ones offered here.

    I have recreated the maps since it is composed of four areas and it will

    be confusing to just edit the map as I did to the other dungeons.

    To make you lives easier, I suggest equipping the Dimension Slip when

    you collect items, or just take them off when you are targeting an

    enemy. Enemies here respawn after you leave the screen and you will

    have all your Einherjars in you side here. The maps are available in

    the PDF version of this guide as well.


    You can also check out Capheine's excellent map of Seraphic Gate. It is

    much better than mine (haha, I admit XD)and all areas are covered in

    one gif file. You can download it @



    Note that this map is copyrighted to its author and intended for

    personal use only. All copyright protection applies to this document as




    I will just include the boss stats and strats in this section.



    1st/ Yellow Area


    1. Spell Reinforce, Golden Egg

    2. Golden Egg

    3. Fire Lance

    4. Mighty Check, Gem of Creation

    5. Golden Egg

    6. Might Reinforce

    7. Razor Shaft(!!)*, Eternal Garb (!!)**

    *This is the most powerful bow in the game, which enables Valkyrie to

    use her Full Nibelgen ability.

    **The Eternal Garb is the strongest armor in the game.



    2nd/ Red Area


    1. Golden Egg

    2. Poison Blow, Eternal Garb (!!), Golden Egg

    3. Sap Guard, Fire Storm, Golden Egg

    4. Golden Egg, Eternal Garb (!!)

    5. Soul Sword &ldquo;Kusanagi&rdquo;**, &ldquo;Mystic Sage&rdquo;***

    6. Frigid Damsel, Mighty Check, Golden Egg (X2)

    7. Scout Orb

    ** The Kusanagi is the strongest Samurai blade in the game.

    *** Statwise, the Mystic sage is the second strongest wand in the game.

    However, it can perform great magicks unlike the other. You will learn

    more about it later.



   | Defeat/ Recruit Lezard Valeth ..............................SPC002





    Lezard Valeth     HP: 100000   Hell Gaze (x2)  HP: 20000

    Weakness:         None         Weakness:       None

    Exp:              140000       Exp:            21700



    This battle could be hard since those Hell Gazes can resurrect their

    allies in full HP. Applying the same strategy when battling these

    beasts may help but the problem is Lezard. He is on the rear and he can

    kill your characters with little effort with his spells.

    You may consider casting Reflect Sorcery but the physical attacks of

    those floating eyeballs are enough to convince you to get rid of them


    If you both have the Razor Shaft and Mystic Sage with you, then you

    have better chance of success. Just pour out everything you can.

    After defeating him, you can now use him. He is the strongest mage you

    can get, obviously.





    3rd/ Green Area



    1. Golden Egg

    2. Shield Critical

    3. Golden Egg

    4. Ethereal Divide(!)**, Holy Wand of Telos(!!)***

    5. Golden Egg

    6. Demon Sword &ldquo;Nefarious&rdquo;*, Bloody Duster(!!)****

    7. Icicle Edge

    8. Golden Egg

    9. Eternal Garb (!!), Lightning Bolt

    10. Golden Egg


    * This is the strongest two-handed sword in the game. However, it is a

    Normal enemy drop in one of the enemies in the white area. Although you

    can only do one attack per turn, its damage during special attacks is

    clearly evident.

    ** This is the strongest spear in the game

    *** Statwise, this is the strongest wand in the game. However, it will

    only allow you to cast normal magic during special attacks. Best used

    for multi-hit spells such as Prismatic Missile. Also, if you are using

    a dual mage in your fighting party, this is a must.

    **** The only strongest weapon for Brahms.





   | Defeat/ Recruit Brahms        ..............................SPC003






    Brahms       HP: 172000       

    Weakness:    None           

    Exp:         210000       



    This will be a lot easier since Brahms has a low HP compared to the

    past bosses you have faced and also that he attacks only one target at

    a time. Just attack him normally and after that, he will be yours.

    If you have gotten the Bloody Duster, equip it to him immediately. I

    put him in my party immediately. He will be one of your primary

    attacker. Or just use anybody you want.







   | Defeat/ Recruit Freya         ..............................SPC004







    Freya       HP: 300000       

    Weakness:   None           

    Exp:        0



    Just like Brahms, Freya can take out characters one at a time. Her

    attacks are devastating, not to mention her Ether Strike which deals

    6-digit damage. Again, just fight her normally, though you won&rsquo;t get

    any experience points in this battle.


    - To open activate the switch, you may need to fall directly from the

    room with item #7. You won&rsquo;t be able to do this the first time since

    you need to attack the glass floors. You need to fall all the way

    through those openings in the platform.



   | Defeat Gabriel Celeste        ..............................SPC005






    Gabriel Celeste    HP: 800000       

    Weakness:          None           

    Exp:               210000       



    This is the second to the last major boss you need to defeat. If this is

    the first time you will battle him, then expect a lot of resistance.

    His spells and attacks are devastating. He can also cast Cosmic Spear

    which can deal not less than 5-6 digit damage points. Using your

    strongest party (I used Freya, Brahms and Lezard, all at around LV30-35)

    is recommended.

    Now, I recommend equipping FAIRY RINGS and MAGIC/POWER BANGLES to

    enable your characters reduce their CT turn and increase their

    frequency of Special Attacks. Note that having Freya in your party

    can greatly affect your timing since the intervals of her attacks

    has some delay.

    I recommend that you rearrange her attacks. Make sure that her

    Thunder Sword is her first attack and the Ether Burst her second.


    Just a tip: Once you reach 100% in the energy gauge, just stop your

    attacks to initiate your Special Attack mode. If you continued your

    attacks, especially if Freya is the last attacker, the other

    characters won&rsquo;t be able to initiate their special attacks. Remember,

    every damage you can deal is important. If you are using other

    characters other than the so called &lsquo;Power Team&rsquo;

    (yeah, I just made that one up) then feel free to use them &#8211; so

    long as their attack ratings exceed 10000.

    After defeating Gabriel Celeste, you may not head to the hardest area

    with lots of very tough enemies.



    Note that all the previous bosses you have fought will be normal

    enemies here. If you want, you can also stay a bit and collect voice

    data from them. Remember that all their attributes/weakness is still

    the same. Same goes with Carnage Beast <Fenrir> that is still weak

    against Fire/Death weapons such as Infernas. Also, be careful since

    they are a lot more powerful than they originally were.


    You can also fight Hrist here. Not technically her but the voice data

    are all the same. Note that she can also use her full Nibelgen ability

    like Valkyrie.


    Well enough of that. I was only giving you a little ice breaker before

    the final (hardest) battle. If you haven&rsquo;t yet, I suggest going all the

    way back and save. It never hurts making sure you&rsquo;re safe.

    Before you face Iseria Queen:

    - Get Dainslef and Ether Laser

    - Have a lot of Union Plumes

    - Set Guts and Auto-Item (100% Union Plume ONLY)

    - Set Splash or Reverie (Reverie is more powerful than Splash but

      double may vanish after an effect, compared to Splash which is

      always active)

    - Get your strongest party.

Here, your level doesn&rsquo;t matter. Well, it actually does since it determines

the minimum damage you can deal. But this is actually an endurance battle.

Full details of the battles will be discussed below.

Get ready&hellip;






   | Defeat Iseria Queen           ..............................SPC006






    Iseria Queen    HP: 2300000       

    Weakness:       None           

    Exp:            700000       



    Let me just make it clear. What you are seeing is not 230 thousand.

    It is 2.3 Million. Yes. That much. So if you have faced Loki or

    Surt and it took you a while to defeat them, imagine facing her.

    Don&rsquo;t worry, you should have a few good weapons in your sleeve.

    Now with Iseria Queen&rsquo;s attacks.

    For the first part of the battle, she will cast ordinary spells and

    normal attacks. But they are damaging as hell &#8211; which can take out

    your characters in one hit. Also note that after every 4th turn,

    she will use COSMIC SPEAR. This is the great magic for Dark Savior.

    Expect whooping 5-digit damage for your characters.


    When that happens, at least one of your characters should use GUTS. In

    this point, if your characters&rsquo; Guts level is maxed, they will use it

    65%-75% at a time. After the great magic, she can resume with her

    normal attack pattern and repeat the process again.

    In some occasions, she also uses Extension Force which deals 5-digit

    damage to all party members as well. If one character is left, don&rsquo;t

    hesitate to use Union Plume to revive your allies &#8211;even if Auto-Item is

    already initiated.

    Just remember to link your special attacks and time your combos well.

    If you are using Freya, then remember what I mentioned earlier. Again,

    the 3rd or 4th Special Attack deals the most damage.

    Once you drain her HP down to half, she will then change form. This is

    will further increase her stats. She will also use her unstoppable

    special attack, called Empress Massacre. If Gabriel Celeste was able

    to use this against you, then you should know how much damage this

    attack deals. TT

    The same pattern applies. Just attack whenever you have the chance.

    If you can also down her and attack her while on the ground, do so.

    This will ensure that she will drop a lot of CT orbs that can help you

    getting your turns to perform special attacks much faster.

    Speed is the key here. You will need to survive 4-6 Cosmic Spears and

    over a million worth of damage before you can defeat her. Should you

    agree that in these battles, healing is not important? ;)

    In the first time you beat her, you will get the strongest accessory in

    the game, Tri-Emblem. You will also gain 1.5 Mil event exp. Now you can

    head back to the save point and save.





    | TRIVIA: The Tri-Emblem is most powerful accessory in Star Ocean:  |

    | The Second Story for the PS. It is acquired after defeating       |

    | Gabriel Celeste.                                                  |

    |                                                                   |

    | Gabriel Celeste and Iseria Queen are all secret bosses in other   |

    | Square Enix games such as Star Ocean: Till the End of Time and    |

    | Radiata Stories.                                                  |

    |                                                                   |

    | Also, Lenneth is a secret recruitable character in the PS2 game,  |

    | Radiata Stories                                                   |



    Now, you need to defeat her nine more times to obtain the most powerful

    sword in the game. Expect to gain 3-4 levels after each fight. You just

    need to reload after saving and the dungeon will reset again. Remember

    that facing Iseria Queen also means facing Gabriel again.

    But don&rsquo;t worry, as you progress, Gabriel will slowly look like a poor

    past time and Iseria Queen is not that hard anymore.

    After defeating her you will get the Book of Riddles. These are stupid,

    worthless manifestos from we-don&rsquo;t-know-who. Well, they are just

    riddles anyway. Aside from the large exp after the battle, opening the

    chest will give you 1.5 Mil Event experience as well.

    After reading Book of Riddles #8, it will tell you to defeat Iseria

    Queen again one more time. Now you will get the ANGEL SLAYER after the





    Thank you for using this guide!!


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    To my readers for using my guide. I hope you had found this humble guide


    To my family for supporting me on whatever I do

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