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PUBG Mobile Update Error Fix: What It is, What to Do

There is a PUBG Mobile Update Error that is affecting many users across the world that play the massive Battle Royale-style game on Android and iOS devices. If you find yourself attempting to download the latest update patch for the game on mobile, you could open up the game only to find this error.

Being that the mobile version of the game just released here in the west just a few short weeks ago, it is important to note that there are some bugs that have yet to be ironed out in this version. The PUBG Mobile Update Error seems to be one of these unexpected errors. Here’s what it means and what you can do.

PUBG Mobile Update Error Explained

The PUBG Mobile Update Error is, like we mentioned above, most likely a bug that was unexpected for the developers of the mobile version. This error could have anything to do with the online servers, a strange glitch in the latest update, or even a side effect of the lengthy, major maintenance that occurred recently on both Android and iOS.

PUBG Mobile Update Error Fix: Here’s What You Can Do

Regardless of the reason behind the PUBG Mobile Update Error, here’s what you can do. First and foremost, keep an eye on the mobile version’s Twitter to see any update regarding this error. As of publishing, it seems that the Twitter is not yet aware of the error, so we recommend tweeting at it so that it comes to its attention.

Beyond that, though, there are a few other things you can do to ensure everything is good on your end and hopefully, fix the PUBG Mobile Update Error. Make sure that your internet connection is working well, and that you are able to watch videos and download apps.

If your internet is fine, we recommend checking your device’s storage to ensure there is adequate enough space for everything in the update. If none of that helps, we recommend sitting tight as the PUBG Mobile Update Error is a problem that the developer must fix. Good luck!