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God of War Unlock Hidden Chambers: How to Break the Seals

Hidden Chambers can be found in God of War (they’re actually not that hidden), and contain some of the game’s most powerful items and gear. However, even though you’ll spy them now and again from the start of the game, there’s no obvious way to unlock hidden chambers. Fortunately, we’ve got the info you need to break the seal to unlock and open hidden chambers in God of War.

How to Unlock Hidden Chambers in God of War by Breaking the Seal

The first time you’ll see a sealed door to a Hidden Chamber is as early as the first story quest. These diamond-shaped seals look sort of like a non-reflective mirror and bar the way through a quite a few doors in God of War.

Of course, you can strike the seals all you want with your ax, and they won’t budge. Unfortunately, the only hint you get towards unlocking the Hidden Chambers for the first part of the game is Atreus stating that you don’t have what you need to get past them.

Fortunately, discovering the method to unlocking the hidden chambers in God of War is completely unavoidable. However, you’ll have to play through a sizable chunk of the game before you get to the main quest that provides you the means to break the seals.

God of War Kratos Hidden Chamber Door

During the eighth chapter is the first time you’ll get a chance to break through a seal on a Hidden Chamber, and you actually have to do it to proceed in the game. However, the majority of sealed doors in the game are optional and contain loot and side quest objectives.

To break through a seal on a Hidden Chamber, you’ll have to strike the seal with a particular item. You can choose in the options to make this automatic. Otherwise, you have to play a small mini-game for each seal you open. In the mini-game, you have to move the item to the right place on the seal until it’s practically bursting into flames. When it’s red hot, you can strike to seal to punch a hole in it. After two or three strikes you’ll bust through and unlock the Hidden Chamber.

Be warned, though, these chambers are hidden and sealed for a reason. Some of the strongest enemies in God of War lurk behind the doors of the Hidden Chambers of Odin, and even with high-level gear, they’ll present a challenge.

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