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What Actor is the Voice of Kratos in God of War 4?

Who voices Kratos in God of War 4? This is a question that a lot of players are wondering right now as the latest game in the franchise and the most different one yet has arrived on PS4 to massive critical acclaim including us. Other games like Metal Gear Solid V returned with a new voice for its protagonist, so is the voice of Kratos different?

Veteran players will want to know the answer to who voices Kratos in God of War 4 because they may want to know that one of their fan-favorite characters is still going to sound like they remember even if just about everything else you know has changed. Meanwhile, new players will want to know who voices this surprisingly nuanced character. Let’s find out.

Who Voices Kratos in God of War 4? Has He Changed?

So, who voices Kratos in God of War 4? Drum roll, please. The answer to that is Christopher Judge. If that name doesn’t sound familiar to you as a fan of the series, you wouldn’t be wrong. Christopher Judge replaced T.C. Carson (Terrence C. Carson) as the new voice of Kratos for this latest game.

Now that you know who voices Kratos in God of War 4, you may be wondering why Sony would change his voice all of a sudden many games in. Well, the answer seems to be due to height and chemistry. Apparently, the developer wanted someone who could voice and do motion capture alongside the voice of Kratos’ son Atreus.

The previous voice actor T.C. Carson was too short to provide the motion capture needed. In addition, the voice of Atreus, Sunny Suljic, liked the new Kratos actor Christopher Judge the most. It seems that the setting isn’t the only thing to change in this game, as so did who voices Kratos in God of War 4.