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God of War Anchor of Fog Locations: How to Get Anchor of Fog

The Anchor of Fog in God of War is an item you need to access Realm Tears in Niflheim. While most Realm Tears can be opened just by Kratos jamming his hand into them, the three in the central chest room of Ivaldi’s Workshop require an Anchor of Fog to open. While this is an item that spawns at random locations, we’ll show you what the best method is to get an Anchor of Fog in God of War.

How to Get Anchor of Fog in God of War

When you make it to Niflheim in God of War, you’ll get the chance to take on Ivaldi’s Workshop. One of the marked sidequests in the workshop involves opening up three realm tears with an Anchor of Fog. However, you don’t really get any hint on where you need to go to get the anchors.

Like Aesirbane, Niflheim Alloy, and Haze Weave, the Anchor of Fog spawns randomly in chests you find throughout Ivaldi’s Workshop. The anchors are a legendary item and the rarest of the Niflheim specific items. That means to get the three you need to open the tears you’ll have to grind through the workshop quite a few times.

God of War Anchor of Fog

There are a few things you can do to make the chance of getting an Anchor of Fog in God of War increase:

  • Open All Chests: Each time you open a chest in a run-through of the workshop you increase the likelihood of the next chest containing rarer items.
  • The Better the Chest, The More Likely it Contains an Anchor: The chest rarity figures into what item you’ll get, even in Niflheim. You’ll likely only find an Anchor of Fog in a gold chest.
  • Keep Going Until the End: The anchor is more likely to appear the closer you are to the end of a path. From the first room, which leads to the mound where the realm tears are, pick the right or left branch and stick with it.

The main drawback of hunting for the Anchor of Fog is that the mist will continue to sap at you. Considering that the anchor has the best chance of spawning at the end room of the right or left branch, there’s always a chance you’ll grab one and not be able to make it back to the entrance fast enough.

Also, there seems to be some sort of precondition you have to meet to get the third Anchor of Fog in God of War. The theory is that you either need to clear each room on both the left and right paths before it will spawn, or you need to kill the Valkyrie before you can get it. I had already downed the Valkyrie before I started looking for the anchors so I can’t confirm whether she’s a hurdle to getting the third one or not.

What Do I Get for Opening the Realm Tears With the Anchor of Fog in God of War

God of War Niflheim Realm Tears

If you’re looking to get full sets of the Mist Armor then opening the realm tears with an Anchor of Fog is the quickest way to do it. You’ll also need to do it to get 100% completion.

For opening each realm tear, you’ll get the following in order:

  1. 10,000 Mist Echoes, Gift of Apollo Blades of Chaos Heavy Runic Attack
  2. 15,000 Mist Echoes, Talisman of Cursed Power
  3. 20,000 Mist Echoes, Misbourne Axe Pommel

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