Kirby Squeak Squad DS Cheats

In-game reset:

Hold L + R + Select + Start during game play to return to the starting menu.

Boss Endurance mini-game:

Successfully complete the game.

Cake in Collections menu:

Successfully complete the game.

Time Attack mode:

Successfully complete the game with all 120 chests collected.

Bonus world:

Collect the secret map pieces from all worlds to unlock the tower in the center of the world map. Once inside you can get any ability bubble.

Birthday message:

Set the system date to the date entered for your birthday in the system settings. After the introduction sequence, a short "Happy Birthday!" featuring various Kirby characters will appear.

Ghost ability:

The Ghost ability lets you control certain opponents with B. While controlling enemies you can use their attacks with B, jump a lot with A, and destroy them with Select.

Extra abillity's:

Fire sword:

Mix sword bubble with fire bubble

Ice sword:

Mix sword bubble with ice bubble

Thunder sword:

Mix spark bubble with sword bubble

Thanks to Revolution Reader Squeek Sqad School!