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Overwatch BC 101 Login Error Explained: What You Can Do

There is an Overwatch BC 101 Login Error that players are dealing with right now across the console versions of the game, specifically. This is an error that is less common for PC players but that doesn’t mean you won’t get it as well. However, this is mostly relegated to users on PS4 and Xbox One.

The Overwatch BC 101 Login Error is an annoying one that prevents you from being able to go online with the game, which essentially renders this online-focused title unusable in the meantime for affected players. Thankfully, we’re going to go over what’s happening with the error and what you can do.

Overwatch BC 101 Login Error Explained

The Overwatch BC 101 Login Error is oddly named, but simple to explain. The issue comes because of an error associated with logging into the servers on any of the game’s platforms. This causes you to be unable to play online, rendering the game essentially unusable until a fix is given. Here’s what you can do.

Overwatch BC 101 Login Error: What You Can Do

The Overwatch BC 101 Login Error is a weird one since it could be different for each person. First and foremost, we recommend checking that there aren’t any issues currently with the game’s servers that can be causing this error widespread for many users.

To check and see if other players are experiencing the Overwatch BC 101 Login Error, we recommend checking out the Down Detector for the game as well as the official Blizzard Help Twitter. If all checks out there, here’s a couple of steps you can take regarding the issue.

First, we recommend double-checking that your internet is working correctly on your platform of choice. To do so, we suggest doing a hardline wired connection instead of a wireless one. Also, check and see if you can play other games on your system. If both of those are fine, then your last option for the Overwatch BC 101 Login Error is to submit a ticket to Blizzard here.