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Fork Knife Game: What is Fork Knife, How to Play It

If you’ve been lurking around the interwebs lately, you’ll find yourself wondering “What is Fork Knife Game?” This is a great question to ask, as it is currently one of the hottest topics around in the gaming community. If you’ve found yourself reading posts and comments from young gamers, you’ll see Fork Knife a lot.

But what is Fork Knife the game and how do you play it? What platforms is it available on? Is it a mobile game? These are all important questions to ask regarding this popular game that is sweeping the school yard in swarms. Kids everywhere are playing it right now at school and at home.

What is Fork Knife? How to Play Fork Knife

The answer may surprise you, but Fork Knife is actually just a special moniker for a certain game that is already out right now called Fortnite. We’re sure you’ve heard of that game or else you must live under an internet-less rock, in which case, how are you reading this post right now?

Fork Knife the game, or Fortnite as it really is, is currently available on an insane amount of platforms across the world. iOS, PC, PS4, Xbox One, Mac, and even Android soon enough. You can currently download the Battle Royale PvP portion of the game on any of those platforms for absolutely free right now.

The slang Fork Knife for Fortnite is one that teens and kids everywhere have been using for a while now. Whether it’s to simply sound cool or hide what they’re talking about/playing at school and elsewhere, this is a new term that has taken the internet and YouTube videos by storm. Fork Knife especially went viral after a recent meme tweet. Now you know!

Image Credit: Kotaku