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PUBG PTS Xbox One Times: All Public Test Server Times Here

Many console gamers are super excited to jump back into (or for the very first time) the new map Miramar using the PUBG PTS Xbox One Times. As of right now, the popular battle royale game’s second map, Miramar, is only available on Xbox One through the PTS, or public test servers.

Unfortunately, the developer has chosen to focus currently on only allowing players that jump in during the PUBG PTS Xbox One Times to be able to enjoy the new map. Unlike the PTS on PC, the Xbox One version only allows players to play on the public test servers during certain times which we will detail below.

PUBG PTS Xbox One Times Detailed

Like we mentioned above, if you are looking to play Miramar on Xbox One, you will need to know all about the PUBG PTS Xbox One Times. We’ve got all the info you need on the public test server times, including the fact that it isn’t available right this minute.

If you are reading this, then you probably already know that you aren’t able to play right now. That’s because the new PUBG PTS Xbox One Times haven’t been released yet for players. While we knew when we could play the Miramar map and other changes last week, new times have yet to be given.

This is unfortunate if you were hoping to jump in this week but worry not. We suspect that new PUBG PTS Xbox One Times will be given soon enough because of how utterly popular the test servers were recently. Below, you’ll find the previous test server times to give you an idea of when you might be able to land in Miramar next:

  • PDT 4/25, 5pm through 4/29, 11pm
  • CEST 4/26, 2am through 4/30, 8am