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Overwatch Open Division Explained: What It Is, How to Join, More

The Overwatch Open Division is a huge open tournament of sorts that dedicated players will want to consider as they continue to better themselves and pour dozens upon dozens of hours into the popular Blizzard first-person shooter. As with most shooter games, competition is key to longevity.

That is why Blizzard has made the Overwatch Open Division such an integral part of giving the community of players more to do beyond just getting better. In fact, for some, this could be your introduction to the professional esports scene of competitive player versus player gaming. Here’s everything you need to know.

Overwatch Open Division Explained: What It Is

The Overwatch Open Division is essentially Blizzard’s way of bringing hopeful and aspiring professional players into the esports fold. It is an entry-level tournament that anyone can participate in. Well, if you’re a PC player that is. Sorry, PS4 and Xbox One console gamers, this is solely meant for those that play on PC.

Overwatch Open Division Explained: How to Join

As for how to join the Overwatch Open Division, there are a few steps that we will detail. Of course, you must play with your teammates online on the PC version. Once you have reached level 25 or higher through unranked play, you should begin practicing and hone your skills in the Competitive Play.

Once you feel comfortable enough with your team, this is how you join the Overwatch Open Division:

  • Navigate to this website (if you’re in North America, you can use this one to skip the following steps)
  • Select your appropriate region
  • Choose explore
  • Sign up
  • Register with any open tournaments available

Unfortunately, the second open tournament of the year has already started (at least for North America) so joining it will be a problem. You will have to patiently wait a couple of months. For the record, the first one began in January with the most recent beginning just a couple of weeks ago. We suspect the third one sometime this summer.

As of right now, the Overwatch Open Division does require pre-made teams in order to join, so find some pals you like playing alongside!