Drawn to Life DS Cheats

Cheat Codes

Enter draw mode and press the following button sequence while holding down the L button.

X, Y, B, A, AUnlock Alien Templates
B, B, A, A, XUnlock Animal Templates
Y, X, Y, X, AUnlock Robot Templates
Y, A, B, A, XUnlock Sports Templates
A, X, B, B, YInvinciblity
Y,X,Y,X,Y,X,AHeal all damage


Deposit the amount of coins into the town fountain to unlock the following.

Unlockable                                              How to Unlock
10 Extra Lives6000
2 Extra Lives200
20 Extra Lives8000
5 Extra Lives500
Developer's Grove (town)10000
Music available "Alt."7000
Music available "City Funk"3000
Music available "Special"1000
Palette available "Horizontal"2000
Stamp available "Shape2"5000

Unlock The Secret Town

To unlock the secret town, throw 10,000 rapo coins into the town well. Once you have done that, you can switch between the normal town and the secret town at any time simply by tapping on the wishing well on the bottom screen with your stylus.


Five Alive

While the game is paused hold L and press X, Y, B, A, A to get 5 more lives.


Thanks to Revolution Reader Nick Piper!