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Destiny 2 Lost Fragments Rewards: How Many, What You Get

The Destiny 2 Lost Fragments are the newest collectibles to join the online shooter. The Fragments launch alongside the second expansion for the game, Warmind. There are a ton of them to collect as you would expect from previous, similar content that was in the first game so prepare accordingly.

For anyone interested in taking on the Destiny 2 Lost Fragments and finding them, you will be happy to know that there are some fantastic rewards (notice: more than one) that you can get from finding most and all of them. We’re going to dive into everything you need to know.

Destiny 2 Lost Fragments: How Many

In total, there are a lot of  Destiny 2 Lost Fragments to collect that veteran players won’t be surprised about. There is a grand total of 45 Fragments to find throughout Mars. In fact, while you are on Mars, you can check your map and see a Data counter of the 45 Fragments in the bottom right corner. This is great for keeping track of how many you’ve collected.

Now, finding the  Destiny 2 Lost Fragments is only half the fun. To actually get them, you must shoot and destroy each one which only takes a few shots to accomplish. However, the real challenge in shooting them comes from the fact that each of the 45 has a specific elemental alignment designated by their color. There is red, orangish yellow, blue, and purple. Now, the orange, blue, and purple are self-explanatory; you just need to use the correct elemental weapon to destroy it. Red requires the new Valkyrie Relic Weapon, though.

Destiny 2 Lost Fragments Rewards

Should you successfully collect 35 of the  Destiny 2 Lost Fragments, you will receive the unique Worldline Zero Exotic Sword. Should you collect all 45, you will then receive an Exotic Sparrow so finding all of them is certainly worth doing as part of the endgame and as you complete the Warmind story.