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BioShock PC Cheats

.INI file cheats

This cheat changes the file "defuser.ini" in the game directory where BioShock is stored on your computer. It is recommended that a back-up of the original "defuser.ini" file be saved prior to any alterations are made.

To enable the cheats, create key bindings line of code in the file (e.g. "F9=ghost"). The example sets the "ghost" cheat to the key F9. If F9 is pressed during gameplay, the "ghost" cheat will be activated. Here is a list of available cheats that can be bound:

walk Disable Fly and Ghost cheats
god Become Invulnerable/Invincible
ghost Disable Clipping
fly Fly
igbigbucks Gives $500
givebioammo Gives EVE
givehealth Immediately refills your health bar to max
killpawns Kill All Enemies on Level
suicide Kill Self
slomo Slomo Mode
teleport Teleport to Crosshair
toggleshowAIs Toggles the presence of enemy On/Off
freezeframe Freezes the game
GEP [Plasmid/Tonic name] Gives you a specific tonic or plasmid, (e.g. GEP ElectricBoltThree)
shot Takes a screenshot in BMP format and places it in the same folder as BioShock.ini

Note: During area load screens and intermission sequences, these cheats may be turned off. If so, just hit the assigned keys during gameplay to reactivate the cheats.


1.) Make a text file called Plasmid.txt

2.) In the file DefUser.ini, located inside the Release folder, set up a key with the following command:

exec Plasmid.txt

3.) Edit the text file you have just made with any of the following commands and place it into your BioShock "Release" folder.

4.) Once you are in the game, hit the button you bound to "exec Plasmid.txt"

5.) Head to a gene bank.

Code Effect
GEP ArmoredBodyTwo Gives you the Armored Shell+ Tonic
GEP EfficientCrafter Gives you the Clever Inventor Tonic
GEP DeepResearcherTwo Gives you the Damage Research+ Tonic
GEP ElectricBodyTwo Gives you the Electric Flesh+ Tonic
GEP ElectricBoltThree Gives you the ElectroBolt++ Plasmid
GEP FreezingNimbusTwo Gives you the Frozen Field+ Tonic
GEP SuperHeatedTwo Gives you the Human Inferno+ Tonic
GEP SummonProtectorTwo Gives you the Hypnotize Big Daddy++ Plasmid
GEP IncinerateThree Gives you the Incinerate++ Plasmid
GEP InsectSwarmPlasmidThree Gives you the Insect Swarm++ Plasmid
GEP ChameleonBlood Gives you the Natural Camouflage Tonic
GEP EyeForDetailTwo Gives you the Photographers Eye+ Tonic
GEP ThoroughScavenger Gives you the Scrounger Tonic
GEP ExtendedShutdownTwo Gives you the Shutdown Expert+ Tonic
GEP FastTwitchTwo Gives you the Sport Boost+ Tonic
GEP ChargedBurstsTwo Gives you the Static Discharge+ Tonic
GEP DecoyHuman Gives you the Target Dummy Plasmid
GEP Telekinesis Gives you the Telekinesis Plasmid
GEP IcicleAssaultThree Gives you the WinterBlast++ Plasmid
GEP MeleeMasterTwo Gives you the Wrench Jockey+ Tonic
GEP SneakAttackTwo Gives you the Wrench Lurker+ Tonic

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