Dynasty Warriors: Gundam PS3 Cheats

Extra Characters and Mobile Suits

CharactersHow to Unlock
Any Mobile Suit for a PilotFinish their story mode at least once.
Char's GelgoogComplete Amuro Ray's Official Mode
Char's Zaku IIComplete Char Aznable's Official Mode
Gundam Mk-II (Black)Complete Kamille Bidan's Official Mode and Complete Heero Yuy's Original Mode
Gundam ZZComplete Judau Ashita's Official Mode
Hyaku Shiki (Gold Gundam)Complete Char Aznable's Official Mode Mission 4
Master Asia and Master GundamFinish Domon Kasshu's Original Mode
Milliardo Peacecraft and EpyonFinish Heero's story in Original Mode.
Musha GundamBeat Original mode with all 6 protagonists - Amuro, Kamille, Judau, Domon, Heero & Loran
Official: Char AznableComplete Amuro Ray's Official Mode
Official: Haman KarnComplete Kamille Bidan's Official Mode
Official: Paptimus SciroccoComplete Judau Ashita's Official Mode
Original: Amuro RayComplete Amuro Ray's Official Mode
Original: Char AznableComplete Char Aznable's Official Mode
Original: Elpe PuruComplete Judau Ashita's Official Mode & Domon Kasshu's Original Mode
Original: Emma SheenComplete Char Aznable's Official Mode & Complete Rolan Cehack's Original Mode
Original: Haman KarnComplete Haman Karn's Official Mode
Original: Jerid MessaComplete Kamille Bidan's Official Mode & Complete Heero Yuy's Original Mode
Original: Judau AshitaComplete Judau Ashita's Official Mode
Original: Kamille BidanComplete Kamille Bidan's Official Mode
Original: Paptimus ScriroccoComplete Paptimus Scirocco's Official Mode
Original: Puru TwoComplete Elpe Puru's Original Mode
Original: Roux LoukaComplete Judau Ashita's Original Mode & Complete Haman Karn's Offical Mode
QubeleyComplete Judau Ashita's Official Mode
Qubeley Mk-II (Red)Complete Elpe Puru's Original Mode and Complete Rolan Cehack's Original Mode
Qubeley Mk-II(Black)Complete Judau Ashita's Official Mode and Complete Domon Kasshu's Original Mode
The OComplete Kamille Bidan's Official Mode