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Halo 3 FAQ/ Walkthrough

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*Halo 3*



Halo 3 FAQ/Walkthrough

For Xbox 360

Version 1.6 (10/24/07)

Written by Brad Russell "TheGum"

(email at the bottom)


Version 1.0 - finished all, what's left? No multiplayer, and I don't intend to

add any.


Version 1.2 - small fixes and added Skulls and Terminals.


Version 1.5 - redid most of the main game, went in depth with the skulls.


Version 1.6 - ha, not really anything added to this guide; please refer to my

website for the new thing (it's just a skull guide); go to bottom for details.



Table Of Contents


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1. A Brief Foreword

2. ControlsCON2222

3. Starter TipsTIPS333

4. WalkthroughFAQ4444

Sierra 117 / LandfallSPAR117

Crow's Nest / HoldoutCROW222

Tsavo Highway / The RoadTSAV333

The Storm / AssaultSTOR444

Floodgate / CleansingFLOOD55

The Ark/ RefugeARK6666

The Covenant / Last StandCOV7777

Cortana/ The KeyCORT888

Halo / ReturnHALO999

5. WeaponsGUNS555

6. EnemiesBAD6666

7. Skulls / TerminalsSKTE777

8. Copyright/Credits


* 1. A Brief Foreword *


Welcome to the biggest game of all time, so far. What more can I say? I

cannot add or take away from the experience for anyone. There's nothing more

to say. It is like playing a movie though, whatever that means.

I will say that I was one of those few who got the Limited Edition version,

though I didn't have to buy mine. Yes, it was scratched, but at least the

game worked fine. It is the first limited edition game I own, and the extras

were fine, and I liked the little book included. Plus, the box just looks


Also, I will have to say that I have not made this guide with any intentions

to include multiplayer info. It's basically a whole other monster that would

need its own guide.

Happy slaying,



* 2. Controls ( CON2222 ) *


Just in case someone doesn't have the booklet or the poster thing.

XBox 360


A - jump

B - melee

X - equipment

Y - swap weapon

RB - hold for action; reload right gun

LB - dual-wield; swap grenade type; reload left gun

RT - fire right gun

LT - fire left gun; throw grenade

RS - aim/look; click to zoom

LS - move; click to crouch

D-Pad - Up for flashlight; multiplayer talk

BACK - multiplayer score

START - pause menu


* 3. Starter Tips ( TIPS333 ) *


Just some advice to help you get going.

*Save the Grunts for last - that means go for the leader, usually a Brute,

so that the Grunts become demoralized. You should almost never waste scarce

ammo on the little guys.

*Don't forget to smack a fool - if you're close to a bad guy, hit him. Simple

as that. You save ammo and you give a lot of damage.

*Waste the handgun ammo first - it's actually a good gun, as I found out on

later plays. But you don't find much ammo for it. Use up its rounds and then

toss it.

*Battle Rifle and Carbine - for most of the game these guns are the best.

*Two guns is better than none - by this I mean that two Spikers with full ammo

will do you better than an almost empty rifle. Dual-wielding any weapon combo

will always work out fine (just don't grab a Plasma Pistol unless you're that


*Only two grenades, but don't conserve - you only get two of each type, but

there is a healthy amount of grenades throughout the game. Basically, don't

waste them, but don't horde them either.

*Aim for the head - very basic, but even though your headshots from rifles

don't result in instant-kills, focus on the head area.

*The AI can't drive for nothing - seriously. The first driving section is fine

for you to go gunner, but you should drive most of the time after.

*Run for cover when you're red - even though you might run out of shield and

you think it's too late, you would be surprised how many times running for

cover will save you.

*Always watch your ammo - keep track of how much ammo both of your guns have.

If one is low keep an eye out for a better gun.

*When in doubt, backtrack - if for some reason you can't go forward and you

don't understand my directions, just go backwards.


*Legendary is for the birds - no really, just get a high perch, a good old

sniper rifle, and stay behind cover. There are more enemies and there are

more snipers. Just play it safe.

*Run like heck - seriously, you can run past many fights with no consequences.

Well, I noticed that the checkpoints will not pop up if enemies are around.

But if you can make it, just run. This is not a tip for the lower difficulties,

but higher ones may consider more chickening out.


* 4. Walkthrough ( FAQ4444 ) *


This guide was made using the default settings, including normal difficulty.

And trust me, other than a few spots and most of the Flood encounters, the

game is really easy on normal.

I refer to each level in two ways, just in case someone goes by one way and not

the other. I'll name each section by the name in the theater, and by the name

of the achievement after you beat a level. And if all else fails, just count

the levels and you'll know which one you need.

Also, it's best if you read ahead of where you are just a bit. If you're afraid

of spoilers, don't be, but I can't promise nothing. If I do spoil something

for you, it will be when you get to that point in the guide. So if you can't

handle that, I don't know what to say.

Last thing, I have a few terminals in the game, but if you're one that wants

to get everything in one game (which is a bad way to do it) then you need to

visit my skulls section and plan everything out accordingly. But, I still say

just play the game once, THEN go back and get the achievement stuff.


Sierra 117 / Landfall( SPAR117 )


Walk It Off

Into the opening cutscene you will need to look up and down. That is all.

When you finally get a gun in your hand you can follow the group along the

jungle path. Be sure to press A to jump over the log in your way. Keep going

until the group stops. You will split from the rest and follow the Arbiter.

Him and you will take point up high in preparation for the coming enemies. Look

down the river once you're to the sniping position and watch as the Grunts

appear. Let them sorta get out into the open and then start firing. Your buds

will help, and it's not a tough fight. You can even go for the big guy on

higher ground if you want.

After the encounter, your group will move further down the river. They stop

in front of a bunker for a spell, and then they keep moving. There is a pod to

the right of the bunker with a gun inside, but you don't need it. Soon a

dropship appears and spills more Covenant into the river below. Again, so long

as you don't die, you'll be fine.

Get down there (there is a ramp to the left) and look for a gun called a Spiker

near the big guy. Dual-wield it with your handgun if you want to test it out.

*NOTE: You'll notice that the Brutes like to drop Bubble Shields a lot in

this level. It would be wise for you to get inside those to chase them away,

and do it throughout the level.*

Follow the path to a shadowy area to the left of the waterfall. There will be

another group just like the last two; so just focus on the big guy and pick off

the rest.

*NOTE: It's a good time to let you know that the Pistol is actually a decent

gun. Headshots are brutal, so keep that in mind.*

Go the the red flares at the back and get through the tunnel. Keep going and

stop when you overlook a wide open area. Don't shoot at the Grunt you see.

Your group lets you know that they are sleeping. You can jump down, jump over

to that guy, and press B to knock him out. There should be another one down

below. There should be a total of five in this area, but don't wander too far

or you'll run into the big group of Covenant across the swamp-water.

When you're ready, begin your attack on that small army. They are really just

two groups of what you've faced so far, so no need to worry too much. I found

it best to just attack from the open area in the middle where the sun shines

down, but any way to kill them is fine. Your marines will help on the ones

that get close, and the Arbiter will snipe from on high. And if you want to

speed things up, flank the group from the left side.

After the place is clear, go up and finish off any survivors. There are plenty

of Needlers in the area, but it's up to you if you want to use them. I would

advise that you test out dual-wielding two Spikers, if you can find another.

When you move along the ledge there will be some survivors, so deal with them

and proceed.

When you go around the corner you should see a marine in the arms of a Brute.

Quickly unload on the Brute to save him. Finish off the minions and then take

the ramp at the back to get on the path. After you cross the log there will

be some Jackals. Kill them and take out another pack of Covenant. There is a

Battle Rifle nearby some dead marines, so pick that up if you please. Drop of

the ledge for a Cortana chime-in and proceed. Checkpoint.

Charlie Foxtrot

Move along and you'll drop down near a dock area. Quickly take out the enemies

before they notice your arrival. There is just one small group near the

dock, so take them out quickly. So long as you have some guns with decent ammo,

don't worry about stocking up, but if you have to, do so and be quick about it.

The coming battle can only go one way or the other. Either you are quick and

deadly with your grenades, or you piddle around too long and get whipped. The

best way to handle this group is to quickly get up there with some grenades in

hand (which were around the dock area). Take the path through the rocks on

the left which will be guarded by two Jackals. Then you need to pelt the Grunts

in your way with some rifle ammo, but don't waste too much time. Whenever you

see anything bigger than a Grunt, toss a grenade, and don't miss. Maybe your

friends will help you, or maybe not. The main goal is to take out that big

Brute with the grenade gun. Give him a grenade, finish him off, and then

clean up the mess that remains.

Before you move on, be sure to resupply. You will probably have spent all your

grenades, so search for more in pretty much anywhere, especially around the

dock. There will be a Brute Shot (grenade gun) and a Battle Rifle (sniper

rifle). I say take the rifle, but you can do as you wish. Or you can keep your

Assault Rifle, but you should be low on ammo.

When you go around the corner there may be another standard battalion of

Grunts and a leader.

*NOTE: You probably picked up a Bubble Shield during the last segment. Simply

press X to deploy it, but you can save it for now. Not sure if I'll have the

best time to use it, so use it when you please.*

*NOTE: Click the Right Stick to zoom while you have a gun with a scope.*

Back into the jungle, follow your squad until they tell you about Jackals

with Carbines. They will run along the path and engage the enemies, but you

can take a raised path on the left for better use of your rifle. There are just

about four of them, and you can follow your group and take the enemies out

from the ground. But you might also consider taking a Carbine yourself.

Then they will move to another ledge as the Arbiter goes up a ramp. Don't go

over the ledge instead go up the ramp with your pal and use your sniping skills

to take out the enemies all around. When you're satisfied, drop off the ledge

and get ready for some heavy fighting.

You can run forward and toss a grenade into a group of Grunts around the corner

if you want, but then you have to watch out for the Jackals above you. There

are two: one in the trees and one on the side of the cliff. Then another group

of enemies will come from the side, not to mention any survivors who might be

above you as well. After you lose probably a few of your teammates and the

battle is over, follow the path.

Should encounter another group at the bridge, but using a Brute Shot on the

enemies should make things easier. Before you enter the tunnel, turn around.

By the cliff you will noticed a downed Pelican. Jump down to it and collect

munitions. Sniping will be the priority of the next segment, so be sure to have

a Battle Rifle. You may also consider bringing a Sniper Rifle, but that's up

to you. I wouldn't swap a Carbine for a Sniper Rifle if I were you, there are

just way too many enemies upcoming. Now move onward.

Quid Pro Quo

After the cutscene, lots of enemies all around. Make the ones below you the

first priority. Use your Battle Rifle to snipe the Jackals, then the Brutes,

and then try to headshot the Grunts so that you don't waste ammo. When the

area on your side of the dam is clear enough, follow the path behind you and

get down there.

Kill whatever is in your way and get to the structure that leads to the only

way across the dam. On the other side you should see not only a Chieftan, but

a whole bunch of enemies with him. Focus on the smaller enemies first with your

sniping, just save the big guy for last. When you run out of ammo you will have

to cross over and get into the fray. Be careful of hiding enemies as you cross.

The big bad guy with the big staff in his hand is the priority here. Toss

grenades and unload all your ammo until he dies, otherwise you will get

hammered, literally.

After him, just clear the place of lesser opponents. You can pick up that big

weapon of the chief, it's called a Gravity Hammer. It's essentially a small

grenade you unleash on the ground in front of you when you use it. It's a nice

toy, but you need to have at least one solid gun with lots of ammo. I suggest

hunting down either a Brute Shot or Battle Rifle.

Proceed to the building where you saw Johnson get kicked into, taking out the

last remaining Grunts. Quickly hold RB in front of the shield to free him.

Quickly run out after you free the Sergeant and get back to the bridge.

You will hear about and see a Phantom dropping more enemies on the side of the

dam you started from. If you are quick enough, you can get over to the point

where they were dropped off and you can toss them a few frags. Follow that up

with a couple of Brute Shots and that will be the end of them. You should stay

under cover until the incoming Pelican clears both Phantoms out of the sky.

Then go to the Pelican when it waits for you on the bridge. Hold RB and end



Crow's Nest / Holdout( CROW222 )


Know Your Role

After a bit of talking, follow a marine to the lower area. At the bottom of

the stairs there will be some ammo racks on a wall. Pick up the two kinds of

rifles and full ammo and keep moving. In the open cavern there are more guns

on the sides, but the rifles are your best options. Move up and toward the

green door to meet your allies. There are some grenades by the door, and when

you are ready just hold RB to open the door.

*NOTE: The choice of rifles is the safest option, but if you want to be

wreckless and look cool doing it, pick up a Battle Rifle and two SMG's. The

SMG's will tear through enemies, but you will have to charge into battle

if you want to use them effectively; none of that sit behind cover and wait


There is only one way to go, so follow your crew down the corridor. Open the

next door they stop at and you will be greeted by an explosion. Run out with

your Battle Rifle in hand and start picking off the enemies coming from the

left side. Since they are so far away, snipe the little guys, then take out

the Brutish fellow in a game of peek-a-boo. And try not to kill your friends,

they will get in the way.

Go to where the dead lie and pick up the many grenades. Your guys will enter

a hallway, so help them out. But then go back out into the drive-through

tunnel and follow it to the end for a fun bit with some marines (humor in

uniform). Now back on the warpath.

Move down the hall and take a left to reach another checkpoint. You'll hear

some friendlies under fire in the next area, so go help them out, and please

keep trying not to kill them. But don't dilly around too much. Jump down on

either side to a turret platform that overlooks the loading bay. Perhaps the

turrets will both be on the same side, but either way you need to find one

and hold RB to get on. Don't press B to detach it, just use it to mow down

the incoming bad guys. Then a Phantom will come in. Aim for the gun at the

front of the ship and then take out the guys it spills off. There will be one

more Phantom, so do the same thing.

When your guys start moving, pick off any survivors, careful not to kill your

own. When all is well, go ahead and take the minigun with you (press B). You

may think that Pelican is your ticket out of here, but it's not. Watch as your

friends load up and wave bye bye. You can go to the edge of the bay and look

out to the insanely pointless battle in the air, or never-ending shall I say.

Not much else to do; trust me, I explored this whole area and there wasn't

much for it. Just turn around and start backtracking.

You'll pick up two scare'dy cats along your way, and you might start getting

worried yourself. Make your way back through the long corridor from before and

it would appear everything is okay back at the base. And alas, twasn't meant

to be. After you see a marine get killed, run out and start unloading on the

Drones. Kill the bugs near you first, hiding behind a pillar or cover if you

need to rest. Then pop out into the open and take burst shots with your turret

gun (a burst shot is just pressing RT to let a few bullets go, not holding down

the shoot button). It may take some time, but eventually you will get all of

the Drones. Clean up what remains and drop your almost-empty turret. On the

left side of the room is a raised rock by a pillar that will have another

turret on top. Grab that one and backtrack to the start of the level. Don't

forget to stock up on supplies if needed.

Gift With Purchase

Return to the computer room to get your next duty. Johnson leads you to the

doors to the barracks, but first swap out your weakest gun for one of those

new Shotguns in the crate. Open the first and next door and you're in.

You got lots of options on how to tackle this little room. As you can see it

is infested with Brutes. I had success just standing behind the green cover

barricade (as soon as you enter the room) and sniping the dudes in the head.

But, if you brought along that fresh turret from the caverns, lucky you.

You can move past the barricade and just next to one of the vehicles to

start unloading your rounds. But don't get too close or the Brutes will start

flinging Spike Grenades your way. Just fire into their general direction with

burst fire, even if you can't really see them too well. Gradually move forward

as you sense their numbers falling, but always be alert if you see a grenade

or spikes come from your side. As long as you stay in this lower ramp area,

you should have decent enough cover. Don't let them get close, especially the


There is also another turret on the walkway above you, but you would have to

be extremely lucky to get up there and get on the turret without being rushed

by the Brutes first. Just save it for later.

After you clear the place, stock up. Go and grab the turret after it's use

here is done. And on your way out of the room, don't forget to grab either a

Deployable Cover (the red sharp things) or a Grav Lift (the blue things).

*NOTE: Deployable Cover just makes a big blue shield in front of you. You can

destory these if you encounter them by shooting toward the front.*

Move into the next room which looks like a dead end at both ends. But go the

the right and fall down through the hole for another Cortana moment. Look down

the way and you will see Drones flying back and forth. Move up closer and use

your quick reflexes to shoot at them as they move. More will appear if you hit

one, so be ready. Keep moving and fall down another hole, again. You will meet

up with the Arbiter on the outside of the barracks. Shake hands and enter.

*NOTE: Seriously, the quicker you get through this section the better. You can

zip right through it with the turret, or you'll be in for a long fight. Your


The next area is heck. All I can honestly say is move swiftly, tear through

the Brutes with you turret, and save as many Marines as you can. At the bend

in the room, with the shower area in the corner, you might get into a game

of hide and seek with a few bad guys, so just play it until one of you is

dead. By then you should be out of turret ammo, so switch to the sniper gun.

Look down the way and aim for the heads of enemies in your sights. Now go all

the way around the bend in the room to get on the other side where you fight

the last group of Brutes. These guys are tough because they have lots of

weapons and equipment at their disposal. Just snipe, dodge, toss grenades, and

hide until they are all dead.

If you just can't seem to get a clear read on the last group, find a door

in the wall that divides the room in half. Open it and open the next door.

This small hall leads you to the side of the Brutes, so drop a grenade and

run back the way you came. Usually if you use this method you will divert some

of the enemy fire and free up your friends to effectively assist you. Be sure

to take out the big guy with the Plasma Cannon first.

After the carnage you will notice a large following of humans behind you. This

is your chance to explore the area for supplies. In the shower area I found a

new piece of equipment called a Power Drain, so you might want to pick it up

for kicks later. You don't have to explore too much, but I will say there is

an interesting ventilation system in the ceiling that you can reach by some

ladders; nothing up there, but it's nice to know you had options.

When you're ready you can leave through the door on the other side of the room.

If your team gets stuck and doesn't follow you, they are probably stuck

behind some debris from the battle. Just ram yourself into the obstructions,

or nudge your friends in the right direction. Be sure to grab that Plasma

Cannon on your way out, and any other weapons you would like for later.

With your team in full force and waiting for you at the elevator, call it

down. Step inside, make sure all the kids are tucked in, and get going up.

Go out through the other side and move onto the landing pads for some heavy

fighting with the Brutes, Brutes with jetpacks! No, with all your friends

around it's actually not that tough; though they do like to toss the grenades

at you and you only. Just tear through the enemies as you see them, look up

for more, and make sure to shoot at whoever shoots at you. Not as tough as you

would think, especially with that Plasma Cannon.

Well, after the Pelican flies down you think this time it's for you - wrong

again. Watch your friends depart to the news that you must go back and do

the heroic stuff. Also, if one of your friends is stuck, and the Pelican isn't

flying away, nudge him to the back of the ship and then all is well (but you

don't have to).

Behind the landing pad is a door that leads up to a control room. Grab a

Cloaking equipment if you wish and return to the big room. Get on the ground

level and back into the tunnels.

Last One Out, Get the Lights

Another Cortana moment toward the end. Go through the door and quickly shoot

the gunner. Take the turret and make your way down to the next turret, shooting

enemies as you go. Look down from this new position and clear the way, then

take the new, fresh turret. Make your way to the barricade that has two turrets

and take out the enemies that you can see. Don't be afraid to waste ammo, drop

one turret, and then pick up another. Three turrets will be in this room, which

is a place you have been before (remember the first fight with the Brutes?).

Follow your footsteps back to the control room, with a fresh turret in hand.

The old room is packing about four Grunts, two Brutes, and one big Brute. You

can take out the normal Brutes before they notice you, and then pick off the

Grunts. The big guy is tough because of a Fuel Rod Gun, but you can simply

drop your turret and toss a grenade at him to get the job done.

When the place is cleaned, go arm the bomb (hold RB). Now don't get confused,

you are to go back down to the cave area and basically retrace your steps of

when you first started this level. The caves are crawling with Grunts, but

most are in a state of panic and won't bother you. There might be some Jackals

in the area, but you can just run through without bother. A Cortana moment in

the corridor.

When you re-enter the tunnels, don't worry about the Drones, they are fleeing.

But the Grunts might get in your way, so toss a grenade or two and bolt past

them. Enter the hall that you took to reach the first loading bay. In fact,

that is where you're going. Make your way there, after another moment, and

there is more panic, but again, the Grunts aren't a treat. Let the Phantom

fly away and then you go pick up that one turret you left behind. Use it to

tear up the Jackals on the bay as you make your way to the elevator on the

right side of the room. Or you can just make a mad dash, the game doesn't

really care. Use the elevator when you get there. Cortana moment, scene, and

end level.


Tsavo Highway / The Road( TSAV333 )


Full Contact Safari

Yep, you were the one left out of the escape-safely party. Press Up on the

D-Pad to turn on your flashlight. Follow the men when then move to the next

room. Now, I know you just love to drive Warthogs around, but I prefer the

right way to do this. Regardless of whether someone claims the Warthog's

turret, you take his spot. I repeat, my guide will only cover the turret

portion of this section of the game.

After witnessing how iffy the AI must have passed driver's ed, you will run

into some enemies after not too long. Just squeeze the trigger and focus your

aim to clear them all out. You keep rolling and you run into some Covenant near

a wrecked vehicle. Take them out as well. Just to note, you need to take out

all the enemies before the driver moves along.

*NOTE: If you did choose to drive, then all you're doing differently is ramming

over and into aliens. Same difference.*

After you go up an incline there will be two snipers by some wreckage, but

don't hit your friends when they drive by. You might get stuck, but the driver

will eventually get you back on track. Then there will be a hover pad with one

guy on top. Not far away will be another group.

Rolling right along, you will see a Phantom around the corner. When you arrive

you should aim for the Phantom's gun, then the ground-based turret, then

the Brutes, then the snipers in the hover pads, and then the lowly Grunts.

This part sucks when you are trying to get a good read on a target, but the

driver is going the wrong way. Play through it, aim well, and you'll eventually

move on, even if you leave a few survivors.

You will soon hit an outpost or something where you run into two (hold on while

I look at the book) uh... I don't know what those silver things are. Oh well,

shoot them anyways because they not good. Kill them and all the other aliens

in the area so you can proceed. Here you have to blow up the hover pads, so

just shoot the pads even if you can't hit the enemy on top. Then you move over

to the tunnel, but don't jump out just yet. Drones will fly out first, so

handle them while you have the turret. Then press RB to get off your post and

then go behind the barrier to break the shield box (just smash it with B).

*NOTE: Chopper, that is what those silver things are.*

Some punk might try to steal your turret, but slap him and say, "Oh no she

didn't!" Jump back on and keep cruisin'. Actually, in the tunnel the game's AI

really didn't do so well, but I hung with it and we eventually made it over

the extremely formidable slope (yeah, took a minute to get over the smallest

hill in the world). And then we flipped over and crashed on the other side!

Speaking of which, just press RB to flip the Hog over yourself and get back

inside; no harm, no foul.

Eventually you will keep moving, but I wouldn't blame you if you switch to

the driver's seat, but I still prefer the turret. Also, you may have gained one

of those silver vehicles to your squad; it's friendly, so don't shoot it. After

a death-defying leap you will run into a dead end. That's right, ride's over.

The Broken Path

You can get a vehicle through that opening, trust me, but it's all for nothing.

Just follow your guys across a beam on the bridge, or if you fall off there is

a ladder on the other side. At the marker, go to the right to save some friends

fighting a Brute. Pick off the remaining Brutes in the debris, but don't waste

good ammo on the Grunts.

You will see that you have allies cornered in the second building on the left,

but as soon as you arrive there will be Brutes and a Phantom to greet you.

Grenades pay off big time, but you can survive by jumping around and using

those concrete pipes for cover, plus your buddies will help. But when the

Phantom arrives, go to the area up the slope that the marines were hiding in

and pick up that turret. Be sure to take out the chief Brute.

Then a Wraith shows up after your victory. So jump on and start meleeing it

to death. You do this by running toward it, pressing RB when you're close, and

then mashing B until one of you is dead. And if you have a grenade you can

jump on at press LT to tag it. Either way.

Now that you have saved the day, a Pelican will then drop in a drop off a

Warthog. But first, go to the back of the place where your friends made their

stand. In the area you should find a true Sniper Rifle, not just a rifle with

a scope on it. And when you're ready, hop onto the gun of the Warthog to get

things rolling again.

*NOTE: It might be a really wise idea to be a driver this time, and just

read the rest as if you are trying to get your gunner into position for a good


The next part is tricky. Shoot the sniper in the nearby platform when you get

moving, but then watch out for those Choppers. If they ram into you, it's

to Spartan heaven for ya. Hope that your driver takes to open field or else

you're pretty much done. Kill all three drivers and you will move on. Don't

worry about losing the other ally vehicle. Whenever you cross into the next

area there will be two Choppers sitting idle on the road, so kill the drivers

before they can buckle up.

Next will be another fight with more Choppers. Two, and then another two. I

lost my drivers of my Warthog, which was funny after I realized I was just a

sitting duck, and even funnier after I thought the AI had stroked off again

on me. But it was no sweat. Just do your job and then hop into a Chopper if

you must, or into another ally vehicle.

*NOTE: If you don't know how to pilot Halo vehicles, repent now and then look

into the manual. Simply put, you look in a direction and then your steering

will apply to that direction and all you have to do is press up to go forward.

So look in one direction and press up to go that way. No need to turn left

or right, you instead look left or right.*

Actually, I had a blast using the Chopper in Chopper-on-Chopper fighting. If

you go along the path you will run into about three more under a bridge. It's

pretty tense if your zooming around in one of these, because any collision

means you're dead. You have to rush by your enemy, turn, and start shooting,

but you can't stay still and that's the beauty of the game. High stakes and

fast, good times. Watch out for the turret up on the rocks to the right, and

then the Wraith pelting you from the bridge above.

There may be another Warthog in the area, and it too may have lost most if not

all of its crew. If so, it would be wise to jump on that turret and let the

AI drive you along. Or you can stay in a Chopper if you like, doesn't matter.

Actually, it might. You see, you need to go around the rocks and get up to

that bridge area. But the AI is terrible at driving and there are turrets and

another Wraith up there. You might want to take a Chopper and do the driving

and firing yourself.

If you would prefer, use a Chopper to get close to the Wraith on the ground,

just close enough to shoot the turret gunner, but out of range of the Wraith's

cannon. When that gunner is dead, the driver of the tank should hop into the

turret, so kill him too. Now the Wraith is empty and you can take it. I

recommend you do. Use the cannon to stay on the ground and aim up just above

the hill so that you hit the Wraith up there. And if you just can't aim quite

right, just run up there and tag the Wraith with a grenade. Proceed down the

bridge when the music relaxes.

At the end of the bridge will be a blockade - no surprise there. This would be

an excellent time to jump out of your vehicle far from the block and use your

new Sniper Rifle to clear it of enemies. Get out that big gun and use click

the RS twice to zoom up close. Two shots will usually kill the Brutes, or one

well-placed headshot. You should use up the rifle's ammo, but at least the path

is clear. You could even try use the Chopper to dash through the left side of

the obstructions, but the Brutes will most likely catch you. But before you go

through the barricade, be sure to pick up another Sniper Rifle in those ammo

canisters on the road.

*NOTE: If you didn't think any of your buddies from before made it, one or

two might run up the road and join you, so don't be alarmed.*

Beyond the barricade is a world of fun. Yeah, because about twenty Brutes,

a turret, bombs everywhere, debris, and lots of shields is fun. The first

thing you need to get rid of is that turret. If you can make is to the downed

Pelican and chase the gunner out of his machine, you can pretty much terrorize

the dumb lugs. The Brutes with Fuel Rod guns are your next targets. Again, just

post up on the Pelican and you should be fine to snipe at your own pace.

*NOTE: If you have a Wraith, it is possible to get through the barricades. You

have to press LT to dash into the obstacles and keep doing so until you squeeze

by. You can launch artillery fire instead of sniper rounds into the first

roadblock. Then when you get to the last area, just destroy the turret first

and then get close to finish off the Brutes, but don't get too close. I was

able to do this without wasting a single bullet, without putting myself in

danger, and without spending too much time.*

The place isn't completely clear until the low background music goes away.

You don't need to collect ammo or nothing, just go bust the barrier device

and clear out the Brutes. Scene and end level.


The Storm / Assault( STOR444 )


Ghost Town

Cool, your killing in the rain now. Just let the game drive you to the stop

point not far away. You'll jump out and then the mission starts. Everyone

gathers in front of the big door, but instead look around. To to the edge of

the cliff and locate a Battle Rifle to swap with your lowly Pistol. You can

also find at least one Plasme Grenade nearby. Then go open the door.

Inside there isn't much in the immediate area. Go up the stairs and follow

the path to the next room (you're trying to lead that Warthog through the

facility). Some enemies will be in the next room, so be ready. But as soon

as you get in, go right and press the green button above the door to let the

Hog in. Then handle the remaining vermin.

When everyone is ready, you can open the next door with the green button on

your side. Or you could go around the path on the right and get some early

frags into the enemies waiting in the next room. Either way, you have to fight

that group. It might be best to bring your buddies involved, like open the door

and then take the other path to flank your enemies. A couple of well-placed

grenades will clear it up fast.

At the end there might be a Brute inside a Ghost, so just hijack it. After the

battle you should collect any Plasma Grenades you can find.

When you're ready, open the next door to return outside. Now you can jump on

the Warthog as either driver or gunner. But a better option is to use the

Ghost. Jump in one and go through to the battle outside. This battle is

chaotic. Your goal is the Anti-Air Wraith that is on the ground. But first you

must dispatch the other Ghosts, which is not that hard. Just aim for the Grunts

driving the Ghosts and they drop off quickly. Then drive over to the Wraith

on the ground, jump out, jump onto the front of it, and press LT to drop a

grenade (if you have one). That takes care of that. Then use a broken bridge

piece in the ground to get up to the other side where the regular Wraith is

firing. Again, you can jump out and place a grenade on this one too. Then it's

just a matter of clearing the field of bad guys.

*NOTE: An even easier way to kill Wraiths is to go behind them and aim for a

blue circle at their backs, blow it off, and then aim inside of the opening to

hit the power core.*

After the battle you could move through the open door at the other end and

keep moving along, but don't. Walk around the path is covered with walk-through

crates to restock up on grenades and ammo. Make your way to the pier-like

structure in the middle of the area and go to the top of it. Swap out your

weaker rifle for that Sniper Rifle. You can take another Ghost from the ground

if you like and make your way back to the door at the other end. A new Warthog

should be waiting for you, but just stay in a Ghost and go inside.

Again, the enemies should be up the steps. It might sound crazy, but you CAN

get your Ghost up there to destroy the group. When everyone is dead, go back

to the path on the ground and go through the door when it opens. In the next

room all you have to do is wait, look up, and shoot at the Drones that pour

in from above. Some will go away after a while, so hang in there.

In this room you will also notice an ammo box with some Rocket Launchers. You

can take one if you wish, but don't drop that Sniper Rifle. Move down the path

to find a battalion of Mongooses (or would it be Mongeese?), after another one

of those Cortana things. There should be one that has an open spot for a driver

and you should take it. You could jump on back, but don't. Follow the gang

outside to the next battle.

*NOTE: You have made a huge mistake if you decided to be the shooter...*

There will be Choppers to greet you, but leave them to your friends. You swing

right and around the AA Wraith (anti-air) until your bro takes it out (and

they are pretty good shooters). Then move along to the area over the hill and

possibly jump over one of those ramps (if you're so bold, and you should try

to land on the ramp in front of it). Again, swing around the AA Wraith here

too, but don't fall off the ledge; there's room to drive behind the Wraith,

but don't be too wreckless.

After, there will be much movement in the skies. Some Banshees and eventually

a Phantom that drops more Ghosts onto the field. Just drive around and let

your gunner do his job, and please don't crash and flip out too much.

There is nowhere to go after the Phantom goes away, but you're told something

is inbound, something big. Ooo, all this futuristic equipment and no one can

tell you exactly what's coming.


Oh, that title sounds weak and meager. Yeah right.

A Pelican will drop another friendly into the field and then you wait for the

big thing to show up. Yep, a Scarab. For this fight, think the Lord of the

Rings: Return of the King, and how the horse dudes had to ride under those big

elephants - that's the idea here too.

It likes to hang out near the cliff, so that is where you must drive to. And

oh by the way, if you wish to switch to the gunner, go ahead, but I wouldn't

advise it. You need to keep driving like a madman underneath the Scarab and

don't stop for a moment. Being near the cliff, one blast near you and you will

go flying over. So stay fast and focused, and only risk crashing if you must.

I repeat, the object is to ride UNDER the thing. Don't drive around the field

in wide circles, it won't work. Just go back and forth under it. And yes,

it does usually target you for its attacks. And you only really need to move

to avoid its stomping legs.

Eventually you will see it start to malfunction and it will crash to the

ground. Remember from, oh I don't know, Halo 2, when you jumped on a Scarab?

Again, same idea. Jump on from the front, or whatever spot is lowest to the

ground. You can use your rockets before you get on, but you don't have to.

*NOTE: If the Scarab fell with its butt to the cliff, you probably have to

jump on and kill it yourself, but if its back side faces the field, you don't

have to get on. Granted that you have a Rocket Launcher, and you should, go

behind the thing to get in view of a big glowing spot on its back. Shoot three

rockets into this spot and it will blow off. Now you can see another glowing

spot around a red area. Launch to rockets into this spot and that will do it.

The machine will start to shake and shock and then it will go. There are

also two Missile Pods on the walkways behind of the big building, so you can

use those if you just don't have the guts to get on the Scarab to finish it


When you're on you aren't trying to get inside the thing like you did in the

last game. This time you want to clear the side walkways and then grab one of

the Plasma Turrets. Use it to clear a path to the back and then unload your

firepower on the power box in the back. Press B to drop the gun after the

voice tells you to run. Drop the gun, hop off, and run a bit away from it. It

will blow up in all next-gen glory and then Pelicans arrive to drop off the

Arbiter and the gang.

Meet them near the ramp by the big building and they will be off, but you

might want to bring that Missile Turret with you. Follow them inside the

complex and through the ranks of some wounded marines. There will be another

Cortana moment, and you might want to bring a Machine Gun Turret instead, but

who could resist the Missile Pod? Actually, it's better to bring the turret,

but either way.

Move through the winding path and you will get into a storage-crate area where

the Brutes wait for you. Jump around and aim for the feet of enemies as you

test out that missiles. Move up the steps on the left and jump atop the crates

to get a bird's-eye-view of your enemies. They will rally behind some crates

and shields, but that makes them easier to kill. And watch out for the smaller

bodies on the field, those are your guys.

Keep moving as you gain workers into your group of merry men. There will be

an ammo box with rifles and then more Brutes around the corner. After that,

keeping moving into the next area for your first run-in with the Hunters. Don't

just start unloading on them, that won't work. They have tough armor in their

fronts and they are unaffected by grenades. So, if you still have that Rocket

Launcher from so long ago, whip it out and charge straight at the beasts (you

heard me). When they lower their shoulders to ram into you, jump over them,

turn around, and nail them with a rocket to the back. That works best and it

shouldn't be hard to pull off, and of course a sniper bullet or grenade to the

back will do well too.

*NOTE: The Hunter's side is also a weak spot, so anywhere but the front is

a good place to shoot.*

There is a Battle Rifle on the ground as you emerge back outside, but make sure

you first use up your rockets on the enemies out here. After you get rid of

the first and second group, turn around if you must and swap your depleted

guns for fresh ones, like that Battle Rifle. Then join your group and move on.

The group actually stops where another Battle Rifle lay. Look into the open

storage bin on the right of them for some grenades and the gun. Now move on.

Watch as a ship gets blown out of the air and then run to the turret nearby.

Get on it (don't you dare detach it yet) and use it to mow down the enemies.

You should see them up the small hill and far away, but you can still hit them.

When you get tired with shooting at air, detach the turret and bring it with


Clear your path to the top of the hill and eliminate the Grunts at the top.

Then move to the left and up the mound so that you are on high ground. Look

right and under the big gun to find a group of Covenant shooting green plasma

at you. Avoid these blasts because they tear you up quick. You must move around

and keep firing until they stop shooting. You may even consider dropping your

turret for the moment to snipe the big dudes. There are two of them, and once

they are gone you can resume your normal routine with the remainder.

Some enemies may have actually fallen behind the rocks and will be waiting

for you en mass. Just flank them from either side and clear out the area.

Behind those rocks is a weapon pod with a Fuel Rod Gun, but if you have a

Rocket Launcher still, that is fine too. Go under the AA Gun and wait for it

to fire. When it does a large blue orb will drop down, so shoot it. Three good

shots is all it takes to end the level. Then watch the goodness, or badness,

however you look at it.


Floodgate / Cleansing( FLOOD55 )


It Followed Me Home

Ah yes, your favorite enemy in Halo, the Flood. Finally, at last! No but

really, those Flood levels from Halo 2 still haunt me.

Now you must backtrack a bit. Just keep moving to the tune of men screaming.

You will eventually arrive at a spot where some marines are camped out, but

of course you know that won't last. The Flood are back with a vengence! They

drop down by the door and you had better toss a bunch of grenades their way.

Kill what ever survives but watch out for those marines of yours, they will

most likely turn, so take them out once they do. If I'm not mistaken, the

Flood will reanimate dead Flood victims, so you can't rest until all the little

critters are all dead.

Once things are relatively safe, go behind the sandbags for some guns. Now

might be the best time to carry a Shotgun, if you have never used one up to

this point. Take the path around the door to encounter more scourge, and don't

think you can save any of the marines, you can't. Move into the room where you

first fought the Hunters to find a lot of Flood-things in the area. There are

marines in here, but good luck saving them. Just get in close and use your

Shotgun to its best.

When all is clear, collect the ammo and grenades and move along. Follow in your

footsteps (a common theme in Halo) and fight the Flood in the storage area.

Always use the Shotgun up close, and get the ones that jump while they glide

through the air. Keep moving and go up the steps on the right. Don't miss the

Flamethrower on at the top. Pick it up and follow the Arbiter. Drop through

the hole for another moment, and then keep up with your friend.

At the sandbags is a decision time moment. Yes, there will be many Flood in

the weaving path up ahead, but your Flamethrower is not the best weapon for the

occasion. You can drop it and fight the Flood as before, or you can try your

best shot with the fire gun. Either way, enter the winding area and take out

the Flood. When using the Flamethrower, resist the urge to aim low and always

keep backing up (and by urge I mean the auto-aim feature, you will have to

fight that). The gun actually works well, just keep aiming a bit up at all


Where there was once a bunch of wounded and steadfast marines, there is now

just one man in need of a happy place. There is a piece of equipment behind the

sandbags called a Regenerator, so get if if you please. This thing will keep

you healthy in the heat of battle, I think. Keep moving back out to the field

where you matched wits with the Scarab.

Shadow of Intent

At least you get some good news: the Elites have decided to show up. Move along

the walkway and take the ramp down to the fight, which you don't even need to

help the dudes with. Move with them and it might be best if you drop that

Flamethrower now.

The group will run into an ambush of Flood, so be surgical with your Shotgun.

Lots of Flood will jump from the left of the cliff and seriously mess you up,

but just don't die, and try not to kill your friends. Near the ramp there will

be a pregnant Flood-thing, so grenades are in order here. You may lose some

Elites, but that just means a free Energy Sword for you. Swap it with your

rifle to have all close-quarters weapons on hand. Move up the ramp and move

inside the place where you suited up for that Mongoose battle.

*NOTE: You may want to hold onto your Battle Rifle, if close combat isn't

your strongest skill.*

*NOTE: My Arbiter got stuck here, so if your's does too, just nudge him in

the right direction.*

Down the corridor is more Flood, but a lot with guns. Either toss grenades

like crazy, or get in close. At the closed door will be another ambush from

above. Then more will come in from the walkway above the door. You can run up

the ramp on the right to get in close. After the encounter, consider picking

up that Battle Rifle on the floor.

Follow the walkway to the next room and then go outside. You learn of Cortana's

survival, and then you run into a Flood-Hunter. The good news is that these

things are slow, just pull out your sword and slash them. Then more Flood will

greet you. Go to the left, jump on the turret, but quickly detach it so you

can avoid all the attacks and leaps from the Flood below. Kill anything that

moves in the shadow and then move along either the lower path, or raised path.

More Flood to jump in, so keep dispatching them, and I recommend you take the

higher path if you have the turret. Not far you will run into some new kind

of Flood that are moving turrets. Use your Battle Rifle on these things, or

get up close. You can tell which ones they are because they will look like

moving legs when not shooting. After you run into a near what I presume is the

crash site, get out your Energy Sword and just start hacking through the almost

countless Flood-things. There will be marine, Brute, Hunter, and turret Flood

all in one small area, and make sure to go for the Hunters first.

Then you will overlook a strange area of debris below. Hop down and you can

stock up on supplies, but you don't really need to. Move up the wreckage and

drop down.

Infinite Devil Machine

Move along for a new type of moment, a Gravemind moment. There will be plenty

of swords along the way, so you might switch those for your Hammer, if you

must. Drop down another hole and proceed through the creepiness. Another

moment and then jump onto the blue glowing thing on the floor. Retrieve

Cortana for a scene. And then the plot thickens... end level.

*NOTE: Did anyone else notice how a computer is affected by... physics?*


The Ark / Refuge( ARK6666 )


Installation 00

Follow the army dudes along the path for quite a ways and then you they will

stop behind a Covenant outpost. Use your Sniper Rifle on the big guys first,

and then work your way down. Shouldn't be too hard as you will be out of their

range. Collect your ammo from a canister and keep moving.

Take out any survivors and keep going until you get to the hover pad. Get up

top and rip off a turret. More ammo in the canisters and then keep moving.

You end up at another AA Gun. Take up a good sniping position and start again

with the big Brutes and work your way down. You will have to drop your turret,

but you can always pick it up later, but you probably don't need to (I didn't).

*NOTE: I hope you've realized it by now, but just in case, you don't have to

waste Sniper Rifle ammo on Grunts. Grunts are no real threat when they lose

their leader.*

After a while a Phantom will arrive and drop off two Hunters. You don't have

a Rocket Launcher, but the same rules apply. A good strategy is to clear out

all the lesser bad guys first, then let the Hunters move into the open. Then

you hop down and run behind them. What you're trying to do is allow your

teammates to shoot at the beasts' backs, and your friends are probably on the

curved walkway. Just jump back and forth like a madman, shoot their backs

with your Battle Rifle, toss a Plasma at their backs if you can, and keep doing

so until they are dead.

*NOTE: You press LB to switch grenades, just FYI. You haven't needed to up

to this point, but better to learn late than never.*

Now move along the path and keep fighting the enemies in your way. You don't

have to do anything with this AA Gun, as you can see it's not doing anything.

Enter the cave and approach a door. Go through the quick hallway to emerge

back outside and gain some more friendlies.

Snipe more enemies down below, and only two of them are Brutes. Then move along

the edge and toward the vehicles, but don't get in. Instead, back up to the

higher ground and watch as two vehicles called Prowlers rush in. The enemies

should jump out, so snipe them quickly. If they don't jump out, or if they do

and then they jump back in, use the Battle Rifle to get the Brutes.

First visit the wreckage and swap your most depleted weapon for the Rocket

Launcher. Now you have some choices. You can either drive or man the gun on a

Prowler, or you can drive or be the gunner on a Mongoose. The Mongoose choice

isn't good here because your friends don't have Rocket Launchers, but you do

and you could be the gunner this time. But gunning a Prowler is the best way

to go.

Whatever you do, when you start heading down the path you will jump from up

high to way down below, so be ready to stick the landing. Assuming you don't

crash and you avoid hitting someone, then the battle starts with enemy vehicles

all around. At any time, especially if you lose a gunner, hop out and change

rides. And then it's just a matter of following the path and shooting bad guys

as you move.

After you make another jump you will arrive at an open area where some Choppers

will drop in. Remember that if you're gunning in a Prowler, shoot where the

enemy will be, not where the enemy is. Then you must go up on that bridge

thing and clear both ends of enemies.

*NOTE: You didn't have to visit the wall first, but it doesn't matter.*

After that, backtrack a bit and take the other path. Two Ghosts will be

waiting for you. Keep going and you will run into a fight between humans and

Covenant. Take out the Jackals and then focus on the Ghosts when they show

up. Switch vehicles if you lose your crew. In fact, it will be best if you jump

out and switch to a Chopper or Ghost.

Move through the opening in the rock and there will be a Wraith to deal with.

Rush to it, jump out, and tag it with a grenade. Be ready for two Ghosts to

appear. It might take a while but you want to eliminate a driver and then

take a Ghost, especially if you lost your other ride. Just use your Battle

Rifle, backpedal, and jump around until you get a free Ghost. Get in and go

over the hill to find two AA Wraiths and a bunch of other Brutes. The Wraiths

are busy, so you can jump out and take that turret on the hover pad. You can

use the turret as is, but you might not be able to see, so detach and handle

the Brutes if you must. Then either use your Rocket Launcher on the Wraiths,

or tag each with a grenade, same difference.

Now the Pelican will arrive, as will a big ship.

Forward Unto Dawn

Stand back of the big ship as it drops a whole battalion of tanks and vehicles

for you to play with. Jump in the driver's seat of a Scorpion and make your

way back to the wall.

*NOTE: The Scorpion's controls are different. You steer with the LS and then

you move the turret with the RS. Fire with RT.*

Now comes the fun part. You will run into a few enemies on your way out of

the landing area, but you can be pretty far away and still be deadly accurate.

The Scorpion shells fly fast, so you can kill anything with ease. When all the

rift-raft is dealth with, make your way to the hole in the rock to kill two

Hunters. And when you go through the hole there will be a Phantom on the other

side. Aim for the guns on it first, and then you can take it down with a few

hits. Also, don't forget to take out the enemies on the ground.

Keep backtracking and keep handling the lowly Ghosts. Take out all enemies

from afar if you can. When you reach the area with the door, a Phantom will

drop more Wraiths. Follow the path on the left that hugs the cliff wall and

take out the two Wraiths in the way. But don't stop moving, keep going to

get on the bridge thing and take out the Wraith on it too. Watch out for the

deadly fire of the Brutes and clear both ends of turrets.

Go to the door and allow the floating thing to open it. Get out and go through.

Atop the rampway will be a piece of equipment called an Auto-Turret, so pick

one up. Follow the bot down the ways and in the next area extend the bridge.

There is a terminal behind this button, but its purpose and its value is

beyond me. Keep moving and join up with your friends on the other side of the


No, don't freak out about that Scarab, at least not at the moment. Either

drive or gun the Warthog that picks you up and move along the path taking out

the Ghosts that appear. Around the trail will be a small outposts of Grunts,

but you can fly past them if you wish. Meet up with your team at the bottom

and quickly take control of a Scorpion. Start moving and start taking out the

three Wraiths firing at upon you. And then take out whatever is left.

Make your way further down the slope and then you run into the Scarab. Don't

even think about getting on top of that central structure and doing something

from there - doesn't work. The best thing to do is drive under the Scarab, and

this time you can just stay under it for as long as you can. Focus fire on the

legs and in no time the thing will fall to the ground. Then all you have to

do is jump into the back of it, get up to the mid-section, rip off a turret,

get to the power thing at the same spot as the last one, and blow it up. You

don't get a message saying to run like last time, so after the screen starts

shaking, that's a good sign to run for dear life.

Your tanks should be in good enough shape, so hop back into control of the

best one and make your way up the ramp. Clear it of the enemies, but you can

only take it up one level. Take out as many enemies as you can and then hop off

to hoof it to the top. Regroup with your pals inside.

Real Men Don't Read Maps

There is a bit of a scene with the Oracle, and then you enter a room with more

sleepers. Kill the a few and then go for the Brute, but it might take a few

whacks to bring him down. Keep moving and you will hit a room that has

two points of entry: top or bottom. Take the high road and use your grenades

to clear the place out, or hit the Brute first and pick off the little guys

with ease.

Descend and in the next narrow room will be plenty of enemies. Use grenades to

clear out the big guys and then use any equipment to finish the rest off. It

might get cramped and that kingly Brute will cause you grief. Use the cover

all around to recharge your shields and take out all the enemies.

Keep going and you will emerge outside. Go and activate the cartographer right

there in front of you. Scene, but no end level just yet.

After, follow the Oracle back inside. In the previous room is yet another big

fight. Take out the Grunts as soon as you enter, then the Brutes on the left,

and then the Brutes near the doors. Take the Plasma Cannon on your way out.

Down to the next room, these Brutes will use Cloaking, but they aren't that

hard to see. If you see a moving outline of a Brute, shoot it. Get into the

lower area and make your way to the back, where some Jackals will be waiting.

But if you're running low on ammo, turn around and go find the weapon crates

that will give you dual-wielding Spikers. Now take the door at the back.

*NOTE: You may have noticed a new type of grenade, the Incendiary. Just toss

it to bring up small flames.*

*NOTE: If the chief drops an Invincibility equipment, pick it up and use it.*

Follow the path down and you emerge back outside. There area will have a bunch

of Brutes seemingly cheering for a victory. And you'll notice a lone enemy

sitting in the center. You need to eliminate that guy first. The Spikers don't

really work. Your best bet is to use grenades on him and take his hammer. All

I did was toss two Spike Grenades, stole his hammer, thrashed a few Brutes,

and then I hid under the ramps to recharge my shield. There are plenty of

places to hid, so you should be home free after you steal the hammer. Any

surviving party members will also help draw the Brutes attention while you

bash them. Once all is clear, it's evac time. Scene and end level.


The Covenant / Last Stand( COV7777 )



You are coming in hot, as usual.

*NOTE: Ever notice how Master Chief is always this close from death in the

many cutscenes?*

You start out with the Spartan Laser, so switch to a lesser gun for now. Deal

with the immediate enemies, then use the charge-shot on the laser to clear

out both turrets and the AA Wraith on the other isle.

There are more Brutes over there, and the leader has a Fuel Rod Gun. Now they

stand on a little mound, and to the right of them is a path in the shadow that

leads to a downed Pelican. Near this Pelican is another Spartan Laser. You

can try to rush the enemies and drop some grenades on them, you could even

try to snipe them, or you could try to use this other laser gun, the choice is

yours. I found it easy to use the Spartan Laser from a distance, but you'll

have to dodge the chief's attacks as you aim.

When all is cleared, a Pelican drops in and gives you some vehicles. The

Mongoose's gunner won't have a Rocket Launcher, so don't do that. Just opt

to drive the Warthog. Go down the path and around the corner to find a two-

route path that leads up the hill. Engage the Ghosts that appear, and handle

the turret and Grunts at the top. Keep rolling until you find some Grunts and

parked Ghosts. Take out the little guys before they can get mobile.

Shortly down the slope, you should really zoom down and get to that Wraith

across the water before it tears you up. But, this little battle is way too

tough for you to handle, and you actually don't have to. All you need to do

is drive around everyone and go down a tunnel hidden to the right, in the

rock. Just drive around the Wraith and all the enemies and get your Hog down

the ramp. Jump out and run through the door.

*NOTE: If there is a way to defeat all the enemies, it's not worth the effort.

The reason is because with you driving the Hog, the gunner doesn't hit what

you want to hit. And you as the gunner equals the AI driving you right into

Death's arms. The best thing would be to jump out and take them on by foot,

but that's not very safe either.*

Inside will be a larger-than-usual group of enemies. It's best you clear them

out, starting with the little guys. Any equipment will help, so will that

Fuel Rod Gun. Be sure to pick up a Carbine before you leave through the door

at the other side. More enemies in the next area, so do your thing. Swing

around and up to the bridge above the first room and use the elevator.

But first jump across to the area on the left for some ammo, and there is

another access terminal if you wish. Then take the elevator.

*NOTE: Those blue box things can be blown up, FYI. Just do it when you can.*

At the top some Brutes will greet you, but you should be able to stay around

the elevator. Use grenades on the ones that get close, and then zoom in to

shoot the ones farther down the way. With enough ammo, you can clear the whole

room from without moving very far at all. And if you still have a few rounds in

that second Spartan Laser, use them up now and trade that for two Spikers. You

should have those and a Carbine - that means avoid the Hammer. When you're

ready, press the button.

Take the elevator back down and head back outside; what would Halo be without

backtracking? A few small fries in your way, but nothing to worry about. Jump

back in your steed outside, load up the pals, and head back. Thankfully, there

will be no enemies outside, or anywhere along your backtracking. Drive all the

way back to the beach area. You'll see some Hornets land and that's your cue

to jump out and take one.

If You Want It Done Right...

This part is fun. The steering is not too bad, just go up and down with the

RS, and backward and forward with the LS. Press LT for the missiles, and RT

for the turret. The missiles will seek, but only if your crosshair was red

when you launched them. So only fire when close to enemies.

The ride is not difficult. You and a supporting cast will fly beyond the second

tower and end at the third tower. The second tower is where you need to shoot

an AA Wraith off an isle, and you need to get as many Banshees as you can.

Don't shoot the green Elite Phantom and try to not shoot your allies.

At the third tower you need to first take care of the remaining air units.

The Banshees and an enemy Phantom will circle the sky, so get them out of the

way. Start with the Banshees and then fire some missiles into the Phantom.

Next you need to focus on the two AA Wraiths on both sides of the tower. Then

Go for the two turrets on the tower along with the normal Wraith. Or you can

do any of these in whatever order, it doesn't matter. When your friends start

hitting the ground, glide into the tower with your Hornet and try to clear out

the surviving Brutes. Avoid hitting your own and get out only when there is

nothing left to shoot.

Join your friends as they charge the door, but toss a grenade at the door

before it opens to get a couple of Brutes as they come out. Finish off the

rest, but don't go inside just yet. Plan things out. You have a choice of

weapons out here, but none will have full ammo. You can take an Elite's Plasma

Rifle, or pick up one of the other guns on the ground. I took a Carbine and

dual-wielded two other guns.

Enter the tower, and before you go into the main area, there will be two

Plasma Rifles at full ammo. I seriously advise you dual-wield both of these.

As you enter the main area, take the path that goes right and wait for a swarm

of Drones to attack. With the rifles, all you have to do is back up and shoot

in bursts until they are all gone. In the center of the room are two Hunters

that are probably engaging with your Elites. Use this time to get some free

hits on the big guys' backs. And then do the jumping over them to finish them


*NOTE: Trust me, the Plasma Rifles make the rest easy, so shoot in bursts to

make the ammo last longer. I had 50 in both by the time I made it to the


Move through the door and into the next room for more Brutes. Use grenades and

whatever to take them out and clear the path to another room. Up here will

be more Brutes and then another batch of Drones, and also a gun called a

Mauler (not a great gun though). Get on the elevator and you will have to go

up alone, but again, you can jump across a gap to find another access terminal

before you go up.

Provided you still have the two rifles and you have a Carbine, the control

room is cake. There will be about four normal Brutes with cloaking on, so just

watch for any movement and snipe them; you don't even have to leave the

elevator, just stay on the sides. Aim for their heads and take out the chief

with the Plasma Turret with a couple of shots. Shouldn't need to collect ammo

or the turret, but you can if you wish and only if you are out of the Plasma


*NOTE: You may have noticed that you've picked up a fourth grenade type called

the Incendiary Grenade. The only thing they're good for is killing the Egg-

Flood, the ones that blow up to let out those parasites.*

You may want to drop the turret and run to the elevator and get going down, or

you can try to mow a path to the elevator control. Either way, get to the panel

and head back ASAP. Back downstairs will be just a few Flood fighting your

friends, so use up what remains of your two rifles. Search the area for some

more Plasma Rifles with more ammo. Approach the door and kill the normal Flood

outside, but don't shoot fat ones. Instead, drop your second gun (press Y),

then press LB until you select your incendiary grenades, and then toss those

on the Egg-Flood, or whatever they're called. Then just mop up on your way to

the vehicles at the base of the tower (on the right side).

You better choose the Scorpion. Move through the tunnel ahead.

Journey's End

Move down the snow-covered path and take out the enemies along the way. It

will be tough to avoid hitting your faster allies. When you get into the cliff

area, wind your way down the mountain side as you dispatch the enemies in your

way. There will be a rough spot with two turrets, and then there will be a

Wraith. And always shoot down entire hover pads with one bullet, don't even

aim for an enemy or wait to see if an enemy is inside.

Shortly after you will see two Hornets land. Relinquish your tank and get

airbourne. Move forward to find not one but two Scarabs appear on the snow!

Your guns will tear through their legs quickly, and it works best if you aim

to the lower parts of the legs. Be sure to pop some shots into the Banshees

when you can. When a Scarab falls down, just get to their backside and aim

for the removable cover over the power core (the glowing spot), then pour

missiles and lead into the core until the whole thing shakes. Stay in your jet.

On your way to the other one, destroy the Banshees and Ghosts all around. Then

do the same. Real simple, honestly.

Once both are down, head toward the center structure and wait for the Oracle to

extend the bridge. Follow the Arbiter and get inside that big building. Another

Cortana moment as you move inside and then a scene. Ah, too bad, and then the

weirdness. Huh?


Team up with these new allies and let them go ahead of you. Sit back and assume

a sniping role, and then proceed. The Flood will clear most of the way for you

and all you have to do is clean up the survivors. It might take some getting

use to, but try to restrain yourself from killing the Flood. Move through

the door at the other end and through the short hallway.

The next section will be essentially more of the same. Kill one enemy Brute

and the Flood will make him an ally. Repeat this and keep your weapons fresh as

you move down the way. The Brutes at the door on the other end will put up a

fight, but they really stand no chance. The chief with the hammer might cause

you some grief, so tag him with a grenade or whatever. On either side of the

door will be fresh Plasma Rifles, so I say get two.

The next area will be cleared for you. All you have to do is make it to the

other side and extend the bridge. Scene. But you're not done yet.

*NOTE: One of the few times I'll refer you to the Skulls section of my guide.

The reason, this skull is so far into a long level, and you may as well get

it while you're here. If not, keep reading. The skull is called: I Would Have

Been Your Daddy.*

*NOTE: After doing the skull, I found that it's actually easier to fight

through the Flood, so long as you have the dual Plasma Rifles.*

After the movie, don't even bother fighting, just run. Run back the way you

came, again. You should be fine until you make it to the door, but if you toss

a grenade before you reach the door you should clear the Flood that come out.

Catch your breath in this room and then run out when you're ready, and you

don't have to wait for your friend, or keep up with him.

In the next area you get some help by the bots in the air. It might be best to

clear out the enemies here, and then get fresh weapons. Again, a grenade at

the other door will get the Flood that come out. A Cortana moment as you

pass through this last set of doors.

On the other side just make a mad dash for the elevator. Run past all the

Flood in your way and jump down the blue hole at the back. Scene and end level,



Cortana / The Key( CORT888 )


*NOTE: Dual-wielded Plasma Rifles is the key to this level, and you are

provided with them throughout.*


Start moving forward, but you can take your time and try to kill the parasites

at the start with your Battle Rifles, it's real easy. Then you can take your

time. And when you hit a spot with more and some Flood-Elite, kill them and

all the buggers. If you do that, then you can take your sweet time, but don't

go through the first door just yet.

There is a dark path behind where you fought the Elite-Flood, so find it and

take that to reach the top of this room. I say swap both your guns for fresh

Plasma Rifles. You could go Energy Sword, but it will make things tough on

you. Drop back down to the bottom of the room and pass through the living door

Just a Gravemind chime-in and then you fall through a hole in the floor.

In this big room, after Cortana chimes in, use your rifles to clear out the

six or so Flood with guns. Hide behind cover to draw them in closer. Pick up

a Bubble Shield (still near where you fell), and then just wait for two Egg-

Flood to approach. Have your Incendiaries ready and burn them away. When you

are good and ready, make your way up the slope through the path.

Now, the rest of this room, I stronger advise you blaze a trail through it.

Don't go left toward the opening up top with the crashed Pelican, take the

lower path down to the right and through another door.

*NOTE: In the previous big room, it is possible to kill all the Flood, but

good luck with that. You will find an almost endless stream in the room and

there are lots of those weird crawling ones that morph into bigger forms. I

fought through them all, but it's tough. You can collect two SMG's from this

room and get ammo by the Pelican before you leave.*

A Gravemind moment in the tunnel and then a strange moment toward the door at

the end. Weird.

Beyond the door is small room. Go to the right and there will be parasites

trying to infect some dead Elites and Brutes. Kill as many bugs as you can

and then get rid of the infected; one grenade might be the solution. When all

is calm, go to the small, raised area behind you for two fresh Plasma Rifles.

Then go up the slope to find more dead Elites. It might be wise to swap your

second weapon for an Energy Sword, maybe. The Carbine is very effective

against the Flood, but the sword will kill the big guys in one hit. It's a

toss up. Either way, bring dual-wielded Plasma Rifles in hand. Keep going and

drop down another hole in the floor.

This area is not as bad as it seems. Either rush forward and toss grenades into

the central platform area, or sit back and use the good range of your guns to

pick off all the targets. Be sure to aim for the joints of the bigger Flood

that have armor.

*NOTE: This is the room of the Tilt skull.*

When all is calm in this big room, you hear Cortana talking. She is down

below in a computer room. Drop off to the right side and you will find the path

to her in an access terminal (different from the other terminals). After you

hear her, search this room for some Maulers if your guns are low, and be sure

to swap your equipment for a cloaking on the right side. Come back out and you

should go into a small corridor on the left side of this room and pick up two

more Plasma Rifles. Maybe keep one Mauler in your pocket, but you need those


*NOTE: You may have noticed by now, but the bulging egg sacs on the walls of

this place will spew out more bugs, so avoid. It's more so in the next area

because you might hit some by accident.*

*NOTE: You can kill the Egg-Flood by tag them with a Plasma Grenade, just don't


The Egg-Flood in the tunnel should be burned or avoided. At the end you

emerge in a narrow room that slopes upward. Kill the Flood nearby and take

the path to the left; to the right there is a Flamethrower in a broken space

of the ship, but you don't really need it. Up the slope you encounter some

mean Flood. There will be plenty of the type that can morph, so kill them

quickly. I advise clearing out the middle of the ramp and use a Carbine (one

is at the bottom of the slope) to pick off the turret things. When you try to

get to the top of the incline you will run into a pack of Flood with guns. A

well-placed grenade or good shooting will get them out of the way. When the

gun-toting bad guys are gone, just make a mad dash for the tunnel beyond.

Just an angry Gravemind moment in the tunnel, then go through the door.

*NOTE: If you have a Cloaking equipment, use it in the part upcoming. It's

symbol under your grenade counter will be a triangle with an eye, and I did

tell you pick one up along the way.*

In the next room of fun. Cloaking helps. There is one cloaking equipment in

this room, so if you already have one, use it and make a run to the left as

soon as you enter. Go up the ramp and around the bend, and you should have

another cloaking near the dead bodies. Stop, wait for your first cloak to

die off, then turn on your other one (there is another one at this spot in

case you fall off). Now quickly jump across the gap in the shadow, then run

left and jump across the gap in the open. Run up the curving path and take a

short rest. Kill any Flood up here, run out, and go left into a corridor behind

the wall. Kill the Flood here with your rifles, pick up a Deployable Cover,

toss it into the opening so that you block access, and then swap your rifles

for the two fresh ones by the dead Elite. Now follow the corridor to the end,

come out, and quickly jump across the final gap as the turrets fire at you.

Run through the door and you're done with that room.

In the next tunnel is just a combo chime-in. Follow the wet path to the door.

In the next big room, run to the right and along the walkway. You don't have

to kill anything if you like. Just run and then turn left and head toward

the center platform. Find the bridge that extends to the other side of the

room and cross it. On the other side, go right just a wee bit until you can

take a door on the left. Go through that door, and then pass the rest of the

doors to the room at the bottom.

In the room, go to the glowing orb in the center and press B until you break

it open. Scene. Is the princess in this castle?

Nor Hell A Fury...

Reunited at last. Go through the door ahead of you and keep moving up through

more doors after another calling from Gravemind. When you get back out, go

left, kill the Flood here, and grab another Plasma Rifle.

Now the goal is to get to the center platform and expose the power things. You

should first make sure all the enemies in the room are dead. Go around to

every inch of ground in the area and seek out all the Flood and kill them.

Thankfully most of the morphers won't be doing anything, but kill them just

the same. You may want to find some fresh rifles after you slay the monsters.

Now press the button to drop three columns. Shoot at their riveted section

until they burst.

After you nail the last one you will need to escape. Follow the path behind

the button on the central platform and enter in the red tunnel that opens up.

Drop down the hole in the floor and head down the path. You will arrive at

what should be a familiar spot; you're back at that horrid slope.

Go back down and mow away the Flood in your path. At the bottom will be a ton

more, so I suggest trying to jump over them to reach the path at the very back;

not the paths leading to dead ends on either side. If you survived, keep

running down the tunnel as your shields recharges.

*NOTE: If you can't get past this point by avoiding battle, then try fighting.

Toss a couple of grenades and then running past the bugs may be your best

and only move.*

Back at the almost-intact room, take out the gang of Flood gathered at the door

and go through. Kill the three Flood in here, and then a big guy will

bust through the wall on the right. Either quickly kill, or run around him and

jump inside the hole he made. Follow it right, then make a sharp left up a

dark path.

Follow the tunnel and drop down a hole. Move forward and back into what should

be somewhat familiar territory, killing the Flood in your way. Go through the

door and through this tunnel. The big group of Flood should either be avoided

by jumping over them, or toss some grenades at them. In either case, keep

moving and through the door.

You end up back at the first big room. Ignore the Egg-Flood and kill the

Marine-Flood in your way. When you see the Arbiter with his Flamethrower,

quickly jump up to his area. Run behind him and go toward the opening in the

wall. Find the Pelican and run into its compartment, all the way, and you will

be done with this cursed place.


Halo / Return( HALO999 )


Full Circle

You crash-land in the snowy lands of a halo. Follow the long path up and

around and through the mountain to end up near a structure. Pods will land and

disperse some Flood. Start running to the back of the building, but go to the

right side of it. The whole time, jump and ignore all the foes. If a big

group gets in your way, just toss a grenade in them. Keep jumping and running

and you should make it up the path with little to no damage.

But once you make it to the walkway at the back of the tower, things get so

bad I don't even want to talk about it. You want to stop and just kill all

the bad guys before you move on, but that doesn't work because they just keep

coming. And if you do start moving it means you have to run through a swarm of

Flood and half of them have Shotguns and other killer guns. Good luck. Run

through them and hope your friend the Arbiter can help you a bit. Just keep

jumping and hope for the best.

When you get through the first bend in the walkway, clear the enemies and rest

in the corner for a moment. You should hear that Johnson is helping you, so

make your way to the back and up a ramp.

Now you should be on the second level. But, if you want to help yourself out,

stop and take a breather under the ramp. This should draw some of the bad guys

from the second level off and down. Then you can go up and face much less of

them. And don't forget to grab fresh guns along the way. When you get to the

other side of the second level, take another pit stop under this ramp before

you go up.

On the third level, it's just fighting for supremecy. All you do at the top is

fight off all the Flood; yes, every single one. You'll go through a few guns

and you'll waste all your grenades, but do what you must to hang in there.

I found that the dual-wielded Plasma Rifles will help you out the most. After

all is clear, Johnson will join you and the door will open. Go through and

follow your friends to the control room. Scene, and betrayal!

The Oracle becomes a boss, if you want to call it that. Just avoid his laser

and keep shooting. Eventually Johnson will fire and then you should take his

Spartan Laser. Use the laser to blast the Oracle a good three times. Scene.

The Way the World Ends

It's very appropriate that the game ends with more backtracking. Run back the

way you came and take out the Flood that appear, and you might want to take

their Plasma Rifles. Make a sharp right turn when you get back outside and

climb up the ice slope to get on the cliff. Follow the path all the way to a


Inside there will be a big fight between Flood and robots, so let them have

at it. Keep running until you hit the the corner and rest up before you enter

a hallway filled with pregnant Flood-things. Run through it when it's somewhat

clear and hang a left. You will find a Warthog, so hop in. You will notice

that a dead Arbiter will reappear to join you.

Drive forward and make a right when you get to an open area. When you get

through the archway you will see a red building in the distance and your

marker. Drive around the holes being made in the floor and make a right when

you get to the circular structure. Steer through the narrow path as your friend

takes care of the Flood.

After you make a Hollywood-style leap, dodge the lasers and the holes in the

ground and make your way to the tunnel, ASAP. Inside you are reminded of a

similar section in a past Halo game. Follow the middle path, dodge the falling

debris, and then take the left path toward the end to make another jump.

At another circular structure, go left and get through the tricky path all way

to the other side where you can jump onto the next metal pathway. Follow it

up and then go right to stay on the metal path (don't go up and keep going


After another death-defying leap, you land at another round building. Go right

and do the driving thing again. Avoid the turrets and the Hunter-Flood to

jump onto more metal flooring that leads to another tunnel. Follow the middle

path if you like and hope the robots don't blast you from the sky when you

make your first jump. Whatever you do, don't take the lower paths, you probably

won't make it. Just stay on the higher roads.

After another leap, go right (if it's getting repetitive, I know). And around

the corner go left when you see the tower falling. More intense driving and

then take either the high or low path, but I recommend you take the low road.

You will hear that the halo is at 90% when the target marker is in sight. Just

push it to the end when you hear you must hurry. Take the final jump at

full speed. You'll make it, I hope. Scene and end game, enjoy.

Don't forget to stick around after the credits. Good stuff.

Great game, especially the Mongoose part.


* 5. Weapons ( GUNS555 ) *


The booklet that comes with the game helped create this section. So if you

have the booklet, you basically have this already.





Your standard handgun. Nothing special. It's decent enough and will take out

some Brutes, but there are better options.

Submachine Gun (SMG)


Very good by itself, but even better when dual-wielded with another. With one

in each hand you will tear up enemies in no time.

Assault Rifle


The standard rifle. Not to be confused with the other rifle. This one does

not have a zoom, but it's still the solid gun of choice - you can't go wrong.

Battle Rifle


This rifle is better than the last one, just with the zoom alone. It's also

stronger, but the flip side is that you can't carry a lot of ammo. It's a

good sniper rifle, and even decent up close.



The gun of choice for close-quarters action. Great against the Flood.

Sniper Rifle


The opposite of the Shotgun. This baby is supreme at long range, but it's

worthless up close, unless your aim is awesome. Don't forget that x2 zoom.

Rocket Launcher


Save the rockets for big targets. One-hit kill most of the time.

Spartan Laser


This thing is pretty good. You simply get the laser onto a target, hold down

the fire button, and then it fires a huge laser blast. Only good for five

shots, so make them count. And no, you don't have to stand still or hold it on

one point.

Covenant Weapons


Plasma Pistol


Eh, you can disable shields and stop moving vehicles, but I can only carry

two weapons with me. It might be a good multiplayer gun, but it has very little

use in the main game.

Plasma Rifle


This gun is perhaps the best one-handed gun in the game. Even better if you

get two. They heat up after too much use, so fire in bursts. They could be

the best guns in the game in pairs, so get them when you can.

Brute Spiker


One of the new additions. This gun takes the place of the Needler in the

dual-wielding department. It's not extremely powerful, but it's decent enough.

Most effective in pairs. The bullets will bounce off walls, in case your enemy

is around a corner. A solid fall-back gun if there is nothing else around.



This gun has been nerfed a bit from the last game. It may be a bit stronger,

but you can only carry one, rather than dual-wield like you could in 2. It's

still better than a lot of the other guns. I could never find a good time to

use it over anything else during the main game.



The Battle Rifle of the Covenant. Not extremely powerful, but it is a decent

enough sniper rifle with the zoom.

Brute Shot


Essentially a grenade launcher, but better because the grenades follow a

straight line; so it's more like a rocket launcher. It's not good at long

range, unless the enemy stands still for real long. A solid choice for semi-

close quarters. Don't get me wrong, it's not as strong as a rocket or grenade.

Beam Rifle


Hard to find in the main game, but you'll find them on the higher difficulties.

It's just a Covenant version of the Sniper Rifle.

Fuel Rod Gun


It's the Covenant equivalent to the rocket launchers here on earth. Almost the

same thing, really.

Energy Sword


THE weapon for a close quarters fight. One hit and it's over, usually. When

you use it on the Flood there will be times when you are slashing at air.

Press RT for a charged attack, and B for a slash.

You actually don't need this during the main game, except in tight spots.

Gravity Hammer


Not mentioned in the book. Perhaps better than the Energy Sword. Use it on

a bad guy and it's like unleashing a grenade under your feet that doesn't harm

you. But, I no longer endorse this thing's use in the main game. It's just to




Sorta like a single-handed shotgun for aliens. Not as strong, but it has a

better range. I didn't like it that much, but it can be dual-wielded.

I hear this gun is better in multiplayer, but you never run into many in the

main game.



Frag Grenade


Standard grenade that you toss and it blows up after a while.

Plasma Grenade


This is the better grenade because it sticks to stuff, mainly it sticks to


Spike Grenade


The new addition to the family. It will stick to enemies and blast spikes up,

and the explosion is similar to the Plasma Grenade.

Incendiary Grenade


Use this on the Egg-Flood, but the radius is so small. The RE4 version owns

this one.



Bubble Shield


Exactly what it sounds like. Toss it and you're safe, until someone walks

through it. And it doesn't last a heck of a long time, so it's more like a

temporary solution. It's best used if you need time to restore your shield.

Trip Mine


Explodes with contact.

Grav Lift


Set it down and you have a jump pad.

Deployable Cover


Set this down and you have cover from one side.



Find the several Brute Chiefs in the game and kill them to get this valuable

equipment. Swap whatever you have for this and use it when you're surrounded

or just want to rush through a segment. It doesn't last too long, so make it




You turn invisible for a short time.

Energy Drain


Suck the energy out of the room. Will take away shields and power down any

vehicle. It even explodes after it's spent.



Use this to heal yourself as long as you stay in the field.



Drop this to have a helpful little friend.

Support Weapons


Machine Gun Turret


You find these early and often. Very powerful, but limited ammo, inaccurate,

and it's heavy.

Plasma Turret


Same as the machine gun, no real difference.

Missile Pod


I only found these at one point in the game. It's essentially a rocket launcher

that is more accurate.



The worst of the four. It throws flames, it slows you down, and it isn't very

good. You may as well try it out once.

Really, people keep saying, "It's good against the Flood," but two Plasma

Rifles not only works better, they don't slow me down.

UNSC Vehicles




The smallest vehicle. Just a two-seater and enough room for a driver and a

passenger. The rider stands in the back and can fire like a turret, but you

just use the weapons you have.



The old favorite. Get a driver and then a gunner. Real simple.



This has to be the best vehicle, hands down. You can drive and shoot the cannon

at the same time. The controls are different, but nothing difficult.



This thing is darn close to being the best ride in the game. You can fly and

shoot a powerful machine gun. The only problem is that the controls are a

bit strange, what with the three dimensions of movement and all.

Press LT for missiles that somewhat seek the target, and press RT for the

machine gun.



You can't fly these, but they lend support in the main game.



Not a very wise choice of ride if you are by yourself. This vehicle is ONLY

intended for a team game. The idea is to have you and your friends defend one

of these from the other guys; sorta like the Mumakil from LotR (that's twice

I've referenced that movie, I think someone at Bungie likes those movies too).

Covenant Vehicles




Fast and has a powerful gun. Solid all around.



I refer to them as turrets, because they are.



The big tanks for the Covenant. Not as direct with the fire, because it shoots

upward. It's more like artillery than a tank. Best to jump on and tag it with

a grenade.

Or if you have a vehicle, go around a Wraith, aim for a glowing spot on their

backside, shoot it off, and then aim for the juicey power core.



The flying ships for aliens. You don't get a spot where you have to fly one

in the game. Aim behind these to hit the pilot inside.



The support ships for the Covenant. If you ever find one, shoot out its gun

in the front and then go for the sides.



A new addition. These things are strong and tonka-tough. A bit hard to drive,

but you can have fun driving.



A four-seater beast that is new to the game. It's like a Chopper crossed with

a Warthog, so it's a solid ride. The turret packs a good punch. Only used about

once in the main game.


* 6. Enemies ( BAD6666 ) *


There aren't many in this game. They all come in different rankings at points

in the game, like a Brute Chieftan.



The little guys of Halo. They can do damage, so don't take them lightly. If

you take out the leader of their group it causes them to panic. Don't waste

good ammo on them if you can help it.



You usually find them hiding behind shields. Either aim for the legs, the

tiny slits on the sides of the shields, or shoot the shield directly to knock

them back.



They aren't as tough as in the last game, because they are so common in this

game. They usually carry Spikers or Brute Shots. Aim for the heads to get

their armor off quicker. Either way, you must get their armor off with enough




These bugs fly from above and you only run into a couple of times in the game.

Just keep tearing away at their numbers, and quickly before they overwhelm you.



The biggest of the bigs. You don't run into many, which is good. But when you

do all you need to do is jump over them and hit their backs/side. One rocket

or a bunch of well placed shots from strong guns would be nice.



Ah, the best thing about Halo. These things will start as little critters

that scurry on the ground. The bugs will attack you for small damage, but they

really want to find a dead body to take it. There can be Flood variations of

all Covenant, humans, Elites, and more Flood. That's right, they will even

continue to revive fallen Flood. Either completely blow away these things,

or use the close-combat set of weapons, such as the Energy Sword and Shotgun.



You run into four throughout the main game. Each time you must aim for the

legs, the lower parts, and with enough damage the things will crash to the

ground. That is when you board them and go to their backs to find and destroy

the power source.

Lots of people have informed me that the backs of the Scarabs can be broken

off to reveal the power core without having to board the beast. I say those

people are whimps, but they have a point. They don't because I already knew

that, but it's been mentioned in almost every email I've received. So you

can stay in the comfort of your vehicle, get up high, and aim for the thing's

back until it blows.


* 7. Skulls / Terminals ( SKTE777 ) *


I made this a separate section because I believe you must pursue these things

in a second or separate playthrough of your first one. I have left a few

terminals in the main walkthrough.

I have a real cool guide on my website that has pictures for those that need

just a little extra help. Go here: (type it just like

it is here). It's a pdf, so I had to think outside the box to get it to the





When you find a skull, just hold RB until you pick it up, then drop it and

you get credit for finding it. And you must start from the beginning of the

level in order to find any skull, so you can't start from a major checkpoint.

You can get these on any difficulty setting except easy. You can find the

skull and then save and exit if you like to unlock it.

The skulls add points to your meta-game, where you play the main game for

points. So turn them on to up that score. You simply beat the game, get some

skulls, press X when you're choosing a level in the campaign lobby, and then

turn on the score counter along with any skulls for modifiers.

And note that grenade jumping is when you toss a Plasma Grenade to your

feet (not sticking yourself) and then you jump as it explodes to get more air.

I have even done it with a frag, so I know it can be done.

Silver Skulls


Name: Blind

Reward: Your HUD and gun will go away.

Level: Sierra 117

Location: After the first Phantom drops off enemies in the pool of water,

go straight ahead to the cliff and go to the far right. Look down and drop

to the rock sticking out and pick up the skull.

Name: Grunt Birthday Party

Reward: Confetti thrown for Grunt headshots, and it does just a wee bit damage.

Level: Crow's Nest

Location: In the Drone Sewer before you drop down to the Arbiter, stop before

you fall down the pipe (this is before the Arbiter is in view). Under your

feet is a small space that you can see below the floor. Hug the side and try

to fall so that you land back into that space. Reload your last checkpoint if

you fail.

Name: Cowbell

Reward: Stronger explosions.

Level: The Ark

Location: One of the harder ones to get. You must first get a Grav Lift in

the building near the Scarab battle. Take this lift with you into the building

up the ramp as if you are continuing the mission.

After you fight some enemies in a room with the exploding boxes, the skull

is in the corridor leading downward. At the curve, set the Grav Lift down and

try to make it to the areas above. The skull is on the highest platform, so

if you fail then you need to reload your last checkpoint and keep trying. My

best idea of where to place the lift is somewhere in the middle of the ramp,

toward the bottom, and on the higher ramp of course. If placed right, you

will hop right up there. And for some reason, jumping as you hit the Grav Lift

seems to help.

Name: I Would Have Been Your Daddy

Reward: New dialogue in the game. New dialogue when you play a game with the

skull on. Like the Grunts will say funny stuff.

Level: The Covenant

Location: After Truth is dead, kill all the Flood in the area. The first

area (backtracking now) will be easy. Just try to kill the parasites before

they infect something. The second area is easy with the bots in the sky. And

so is the third area. Hmm, it was actually easier to kill all the Flood rather

than run, provided you had the dual Plasma Rifles.

Now notice the blue rings along the path. Starting from the section near the

elevator, there are two, three, then two. Go into the middle section.

You must jump through the rings along the level in a certain order. The order

is: 4654534. 1 is the ring near start of the bridge, 7 is near Truth. You only

need to use the third set of rings for one, and you don't even need the first

two. Just get to the base of a ring and then jump completely through it. The

rings will all blink on and off if you did it correctly.

The skull appears near the energy bridge that leads to Truth. After you pick

it up, all the rings will glow brightly.

Gold Skulls


Name: Iron

Reward: Death means you restart the level.

Level: Sierra 117

Location: In the dam area (ha, more dam jokes could be said). It's on the

structure behind the building where you find Johnson. Go right, jump up to

a ledge, follow it all the way left, and the skull is in the corner.

Name: Black Eye

Reward: You must melee friends or foes to recharge you shields.

Level: Crow's Nest

Location: Turn around at the start of the level and go up the stairs. Jump

up to the ledge on the left and then up to the pipe. Follow the pipe to the


Name: Tough Luck

Reward: Enemies dodge stuff and fight to the death.

Level: Tsavo Highway

Location: After the first shield blocking a tunnel, at the end of the tunnel

is a big pipe on the left. You can jump on some barrels to get on a small

building at your end of the pipe, and from there jump onto the pipe. Follow

it until you hit a fence. Jump on the little metal things sticking out on the

left of the fence and from there carefully jump over the fence. Immediately

on the other side of this fence, look down to the left of the pipe to see a

platform way down below you in the canyon. Either duck under the metal beam or

hop over at the right spot and fall down to that platform. Go to the end of

the small platform and look left to see a skull sitting on a ledge of the

canyon wall. Run and jump over there to get it.

Getting back is tricky, if you want to resume the level. Just jump back across

and follow the platform to the pillar holding the pipe up. Make two precise

jumps on the left side of this pillar to get to the ground below the bridge.

And if you die, you still have the skull so no worry, I hope.

Name: Catch

Reward: Enemies use more grenades.

Level: The Storm

*NOTE: An easy skull if you can grenade jump.*

Location: In the first open field area where you must kill the Wraiths, don't

kill the Wraiths. Kill the first three Ghosts, then the turret gunner on the

AA Wraith, then wait for two more Ghosts to drop in, and kill them. That clears

the field of almost everything but the Wraiths. Contrary to what I've heard,

you can actually kill the AA Wraith (other sources say you shouldn't kill

either), but all I know is that if you kill the normal Wraith on the platform,

that will cause the skull to disappear.

So as for getting the skull, it's tough when you have that normal Wraith

reigning artillery fire upon you. So the first thing you need to do is drive

up the ramp beside it and get on the platform with that Wraith. Kill the

gunner and then do follow the Wraith by sticking close to it so that it doesn't

blast you. Here's the key: stay close and make sure your back is facing the

field. What you want the Wraith to do is make a dash into you, causing you

some damage, and it should blast toward that ramp, but hopefully the Wraith

will get stuck in the gap between the ramp and platform. If done correctly,

the Wraith will be caught in place and unable to get out.

Now is skull time. Go grab a Ghost and take it to the round structure next

to where the AA Wraith was sitting. Notice that the shortest part from the top

of the structure to the ground is facing the platform, hence why we had to

get rid of the Wraith. Back this Ghost up so that the smooth front is facing

that general direction, and park it right next to the structure. Now go to

the ramp at the other end, flip over a downed Warthog, drive it back over to

the other side, and use the Ghost to prop the Hog up. Now jump on the Hog and

get up there to claim your prize.

The whole point of this is to get on top of that structure to claim the skull.

If there is an easier and more sound way of doing this, I have not yet heard


Name: Fog

Reward: No radar.

Level: Floodgate

Location: Returning from the destroyed AA gun, the start of the level, look

up to the right when you hit the ramp where you picked up the turret. Keep

looking until a Flood pops up. Immediately shoot him and hope that the skull

flies forward and down to you. Otherwise, quickly revert to your last save,

which was just a moment ago, and try again. Please, go to save and quit in

the pause menu because no one wants to play this mission again, unless you

have to.

Name: Famine

Reward: Less ammo in enemy guns you pick up.

Level: The Ark

*NOTE: Another one of those easy-to-get skulls if you can grenade jump.*

Location: This is a mission-halting skull right here, because you might be at

this one for a while. The skull is located on a bridge adjacent to the wall

entrance. That means that the place where you take the tanks to cross over

the wall, to the right of that. It's a small bridge that isn't connected to

anything, but you'll go under it on your way to the frigate (where all the

tanks unload) and you'll cross back under on your way to the wall.

The skull itself is located at the very tip of the last support thing that

hangs over the ground; not at the top, at the tip. It will be sitting in a

little crevice that you cannot reach by normal means. Enter frustration.

Actually, I took care of the frustration. But the easiest way I heard about

was using a co-op teammate to jump off of. That sounds fine, but there is an

alernate way for you lone wolves out there.

Up the path a bit is a circular area where you should blast some enemies. After

they are dead, look to the rock ledge that looks over the way you came. If you

try to walk into that or take a vehicle over the smooth surface, you hit an

invisible wall. But, there is a way around that wall.

Take a Ghost and follow this "wall" to the raised tip of the rock (the part

that overlooks your path). If you feel out the wall you will eventually find

a spot where you can get around it. Remember that spot and take your Ghost

around the slanted edge to the end of the bridge with the skull. But you can't

get the Ghost up there. That's not the goal. Park the Ghost against the rail

of the bridge, get out, and locate a Chopper (either near the fight area, or

at the other wall area). Take the Chopper to the Ghost using the same path and

park it so that its front and the Ghost's front are facing opposite directions,

but be sure they are as close as possible.

The point of the Chopper and the Ghost was to create a ramp for a Prowler.

Hopefully you have the one from the start of this driving segment, but sadly

you must kill any riders; kill them quick or they will be on to you. Take the

Prowler up to the "ramp" and use it to get the big vehicle onto the bridge.

Now for the fun part. Take the Prowler over to the support structure and park

it on either the left or right side, with just the tip of it hanging over the

slope, but you better leave most of the weight on the flat surface. Jump onto

the turret and from there jump to the platform with the skull and that's that.

If you miss and fall you can climb back up by either the opening by the wall

or by the inclining rock along your path, and then try again. Good stuff.

Name: Thunderstorm

Reward: All enemies are stronger (improved ranks).

Level: The Covenant

Location: When you get the Hornet, fly to the tower that the Arbiter disabled

and find the skull in the balcony overlooking the sea. It's just up a small

ramp. You will also find a terminal in the area.

Name: Tilt

Reward: Enemy armor is stronger.

Level: Cortana

Location: In the second big room where you fight a bunch of Flood. It's also

where you find an access terminal that links to Cortana.

After you clear the room of Flood (don't worry about the tiny constant trickle

from the back), go to the left side of the room and find the dirt-like ledges.

If you look up, you will see that the lower set of ledges on the wall will

lead to another set to the right a bit higher up. You need to get to that top

set of ledges to reach the skull.

You do this by standing on a small, round, purple thing that sticks directly

under both sets of ledges. Have you found it? Good. Now jump on the blue

spot on top of it. The only way you reach the lowest ledge is by jumping onto

the protrusion from this point. I mean the smooth surface above the blue spot.

You jump on that, but in a split second you must jump up to the ledge on the

left. You have to land on the left side of this smooth thing and quickly jump,

or else you'll fall off or jump in the wrong direction. Trust me, you'll know

what I'm talking about after you've jumped about twenty times and missed.

Again, you're not jumping from the blue spot, you're jumping from the shield-

like thing next to it that sticks up.

Now that you're on the ledge, look to the wall and look left. You must jump

up to the slightly higher ledge above the one you're on. You do this by

standing at the very edge of the surface and jumping. If you aren't out far

enough, you jump into the curved wall and end up back on the ground.

On the second ledge, now you must jump over the gap and onto the highest set

of ledges, which is really just two very close together. Again, get to the very

edge of the surface you stand on, as far as you can get from the wall, and then

jump up to the upper ledges at their point farthest from the wall.

I know, hard to explain. You just have to get there to know what I'm talking

about. The only issue once you're on the ledges is to avoid jumping into the

wall that curves. Mind that rule and you should make it up in no time.

The skull itself is across the beam-like thing and among some bones on the

purple surface. Trust me, it's a lot easier done than said.

Name: Mythic

Reward: Harder to kill enemies.

Level: Halo

Location: Follow the right rock wall at the start of the level to the skull.

In the first rock tunnel you should find a small path leading you to the final

prize. Sweet mercy, at last!




These are very mysterious things. These is nothing you have to do special,

just find them and read them (though I think all you have to do is get the

alert then be redirected).

There are seven in the game, and only in three levels. When you access one

it will take you to a screen of text, then an alert will pop up, and then

you get taken to another text screen.

The Ark Terminals


1. Soon after starting, the first building will be a door on the left that

leads to a corridor with the terminal.

2. In the building where you let the vehicles across the bridge, directly

behind the control panel.

3. After defeating the Scarab and getting into the final building there will

be a room with sleeping Grunts. Go through the corridor and you run into a

fork in the road where you can enter the next room from either the lower or

bottom door. Drop down and under the ramp is the door leading to the terminal.

The Covenant Terminals


4. Near the first elevator in the first tower, jump across the gap to find

the terminal in a dark room.

5. In the second tower that the Arbiter cleared. It's just near the door. You

will pass by this tower on your way during the Hornet segment. Clear out the

enemies and make a quick stop. It's also near the Thunderstorm skull. And you

can't go to the third tower and then come back, you have to get both along the


6. Same as #4, but in the third tower.

Halo Terminal


7. In the beginning of the level, after the first cave you will see a metal

surface next to a ledge. Go right and toward a beam that leads you to a big

Covenant building. The final terminal is to the left.


* 8. Credits/Copyright *




mets_fan05 - plasma pistol tips

Hamilton Cline - Beam Rifles on legendary

Lord Josmar - found stuff I missed

Clayton Leyva - corrections and tips

C RazyStingray - gun corrections




This little section will address three questions I keep getting from readers.

I should make its own section, but that's not smart.

1. What is the Meta-Game?

A: After you beat the game you can play the camaign again and you are taken

to the Campaign Lobby, just as if you were in multiplayer. From here you select

the level and the difficulty. If you press X you can choose to have scoring

of your playthrough; that is the meta-game. From here you can also see which

skulls you have and you can turn them on for more points in the meta-game.

2. How do you kill a vehicle with equipment?

A: Use the Trip Mine on a damaged vehicle, perhaps a Mongoose.

3. How do you unlock new armor?

A: Unlock the multiplayer achievements, collect the skulls, beat the game

on all difficulties, and play Tsavo Highway and The Ark levels on all three

difficulties. That's about all I know.



Please contact me if you need any help, if you want to praise me, if you want

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Please have 'Halo 3' in the title.

My email:

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