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Destiny 2 Server Status: When Will Destiny 2 Servers Be Up?

Sorry, Guardians, but it seems that the there is a Destiny 2 Servers Down Error going around right now for the game. If you attempt to jump into the popular online shooter, you will find yourself unable to log in for some reason. This is unfortunate for any of you who were wanting to play the game right now and enjoy the new weekly reset.

The Destiny 2 Server Status issue is annoying, as anyone who expected to be able to jump in and see what’s changed this week will be sorely disappointed to find they aren’t able to just yet. We’re going to cover what’s happening and when will Destiny 2 servers be up?

When Will Destiny 2 Servers Be Up

When will the Destiny 2 Servers Down Error go away? When will we be able to access the servers again? This is an interesting question and one that we are pretty sure we know the answer to. Bungie has acknowledged on the official website the problems with the servers, as they are actually for maintenance as a hotfix is being applied to the game.

This hotfix will hopefully fix some major issues that are occurring right now for some players, but it does require all of us to wait for it to be finished in the meantime. Bungie doesn’t expect the maintenance as of publishing to go over the expected end date, so you can rest assured that the servers should be back in a few hours.

In fact, the Destiny 2 Servers Down Error should go away completely by 1 pm Pacific (3 pm Eastern, 8 pm UTC) later today. At that time, the hotfix for the game will be available for everyone to download and install. Like we mentioned, there should be no downtime afterward so it should be ready by then. The weekly reset (which you can read more about here) will be available then as well.