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Overwatch in Queue Explained: Why is There a Queue?

There is an Overwatch in Queue error that players are facing right now that is extremely annoying and bothersome for anyone who wanted to jump in. For those that are completely unaware of what a queue is, it’s basically a long digital line that Blizzard has set in place for when too many people are trying to play.

With thousands upon thousands of gamers across the world trying to jump online at the same time, the Overwatch in Queue error is presenting itself to everyone. But why is it happening and what does it mean? Let’s dig right in and find out.

Overwatch in Queue Error Explained

Why is the Overwatch in Queue error happening? Well, it’s happening because, like we mentioned, there are too many players trying to jump in right now and play the game online. The queue happens as a security measure due to the sheer number of players online right now. It keeps the servers from being overloaded too much and crashing down for everyone.

However, that does mean that the Overwatch in Queue error is pretty annoying and a problem that everyone trying to play will face. This is most likely happening because of the recent reveal of the latest developer update, new mode, and the Anniversary release date. Unfortunately, this means that there is little that you or Blizzard even can do right now to fix this.

The Overwatch in Queue error requires you to have some patience in the meantime. Thankfully, the queue tells you how many players are ahead of you in the line and it doesn’t take too long for people to get in. Some users have reported that if you are behind 10,000 people, that it only takes around 10 minutes before you can get into the game and play a match.