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PUBG Update 13 PC Patch Notes: New Aviator Crate, Parachute Skins and More

The PUBG Update 13 PC patch notes detail the significant number of changes implemented by the latest patch. Update 13 is currently being trialed on the PUBG Test Server, giving players who have downloaded the optional test build a chance to experience the new features early. Coming in at just under 8GB, the patch clearly contains some large assets. Here’s what you need to know about the PUBG Update 13 PC patch notes.

PUBG Update 13 PC Patch Notes:

Despite the patch’s large size, the PUBG Update 13 PC patch notes don’t include much in the way of new content. The major additions include the new PUBG Aviator Crate and parachute skins. Then there’s a bunch of bug fixes which continue to make the game more stable and less prone to bugging out or crashing.

The PUBG Aviator Crate is a new paid-for cosmetic loot box, which requires “Aviator Keys” to open. Drops include new caps, sneakers, shirts, goggles, and a rare pair of “fringed hotpants.” You can see the full list of drops and their respective drop rates below.

PUBG Update 13 PC Patch Notes

In addition to these new cosmetic items, a new PUBG parachute skin is available to purchase for $4.99. The “Bengal Tiger” parachute skin is only available through a standalone purchase and the item can’t be traded through the Steam Market.

PUBG Update 13 also includes a few minor weapon balance adjustments. The first shot from the M16A4 now has less recoil, there’s an overall decrease in the spread of shotgun pellets, and shotgun chokes and duckbills are now less effective at decreasing spread.

As for the bugs squashed by PUBG Update 13, here’s the full details on all of those nasties:

  • Fixed an issue where certain buildings in Miramar were shown with default textures
  • Fixed some walls in Miramar that could be partially passed through
  • Removed the white mark that appeared alongside the aircraft icon on the minimap
  • Scope reticle settings should no longer reset when weapons are dropped and picked up again
  • We’ve improved the holographic sight’s reticle. It’s now the same size as a character silhouette seen from 100m away
  • Certain animations on the buggy and minibus have been fixed
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused characters to sit at odd angles if entering into vehicles from a prone position on a sloped surface
  • Fixed an issue causing red dot and holo sight reticles to get smaller and blurry when swapping weapons
  • “Damage-received” sounds should no longer play after winning a game

Expect to see PUBG Update 13 make its way to live servers after a few days of testing. If all is deemed to be stable and working on the PUBG Test Server, all of these changes will be moved over to live servers.

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