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Destiny 2 Duty Bound: How to Get Duty Bound Destiny 2

Many players are wondering how to get Duty Bound Destiny 2 Auto Rifle. This Legendary Auto Rifle is a fantastic addition to anyone’s arsenal and well worth checking out if you like the fast shooting of the automatic rifles in the game. However, finding this weapon can be pretty tough to do if you don’t know how.

That’s where we come in. We’re going to not only detail how to get Duty Bound Destiny 2 Auto Rifle, but what it does and what it’s best used for as well. This includes what we think are the best perks for the Duty Bound rifle. Let’s get started.

How to Get Duty Bound Destiny 2 Auto Rifle

Before we get into how to get Duty Bound Destiny 2 Auto Rifle, let’s dive in and see why exactly you would want to have it. Duty Bound is a Legendary Kinetic Auto Rifle (no elemental damage here) that is capable of firing 600 rounds per minute, which is solid enough. Its reload speed is pretty solid as well, making it a great choice for your main Kinetic weapon.

The Duty Bound Auto Rifle is also great for PvP and taking out enemies swiftly and relatively accurately. Some of the perks that you can get for the Auto Rifle include increasing its stability, range, and handling speed. Its perks make it a very solid choice for handling enemies at mid-range. So, how do you get the Duty Bound Destiny 2 Auto Rifle?

As for how to get Duty Bound Destiny 2 Auto Rifle, there is really only one way currently. Until Xur has it available on the weekend, the only way to get it is by doing the Savathun’s Song Nightfall Strike that isn’t even every week. However, we recommend grinding through the Nightfall Strike when it does arrive as it does have a varied percentage of dropping based on your score.