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PUBG Aviator Crate: Items and Odds Explained

The PUBG Aviator Crate has made its way to the Test Server, with players able to trial the new loot boxes and see how the drops work. As with previous PUBG loot boxes, the Aviator Crate gives players one item. The new crate is also a paid-for loot box, requiring Aviator Keys to open. These keys can be bought from the Steam Market, and they are the only way to open and access Aviator Crate loot.

PUBG Aviator Crate Items

As you can probably imagine, the PUBG Aviator Crate items are mostly themed around airplanes and flying. It’s not quite clear why PUBG Corp. has chosen aviation as the next theme, but regardless, there are some great-looking items on offer.

Players who open the PUBG Aviator Crate will receive one of the following items:

  • Paddy Cap
  • Suede Aviator Cap
  • Tactical Gloves
  • Countryside Sneakers
  • Snake Skin Sneakers
  • Denim Shirt with Necktie
  • Feathered Shirt
  • Lightbringer Shirt
  • Lazy Sunday Sweatpants
  • Pilot Pants
  • Vintage Aviator Goggles
  • Desert Shemagh
  • Leather “Skyrocket” Jacket
  • Violent Violet Jacket
  • Fringed Hotpants

While many of the PUBG Aviator Crate items are clearly themed around flying, there are a few cosmetic drops that don’t quite fit. I’m not sure “Lazy Sunday Sweatpants” make me think of soaring through the sky!

PUBG Aviator Crate Odds

The PUBG Aviator Crate odds are presented in a similar way to the other crates. Players are given the drop rates as a percentage, offering an idea of which items are most likely to drop. The Fringed Hotpants are the rarest item found in the PUBG Aviator Crate, with a drop rate of just 0.16%. This is followed by the Leather “Skyrocket” Jacket and Violent Violet Jacket, which both drop 0.32% of the time.

You can see the official PUBG Aviator Crate odds displayed in the chart below, as provided by PUBG Corp.:

PUBG Aviator Crate

[via Steam]