PS4 Update 5.55 Patch Notes: Read All of the PlayStation 4 Changes Here

The PS4 Update 5.55 Patch Notes are out right now for players to enjoy. This is the latest update from Sony for the PlayStation 4, and it gives players a better experience than before as you’d expect from a new update. Being that the number of the update is 5.55, it sure seems like it could be a cool update or important one so is it?

We are going to detail in this quick FAQ guide everything you need to know about the latest PS4 Update 5.55 Patch Notes so you can know what’s changed, what’s new, and how big of an update it is. This way, if you are away from your PS4 currently, you will have an idea ahead of time.

PS4 Update 5.55 Patch Notes Explained: Download Size

The PS4 Update 5.55 Patch Notes are available right now, and players are able to download the latest update. In fact, the update is required to download and install if you have any hope of going online for any reason whatsoever. The download size of the update is just over 400MB so it’s not even half a gigabyte.

That does mean, depending on your internet, that you can be waiting for a bit to go online and do anything on your PS4 so we do recommend planning ahead if you have a slow connection.

PS4 Update 5.55 Patch Notes Explained: All Changes

Below, you’ll find all of the changes, fixes, and additions that have arrived with the PS4 Update 5.55 Patch Notes so you can know what’s new for your PlayStation 4. Here are all of the patch notes we know of from Sony:

  • Improves system performance

And, that’s it for the PS4 Update 5.55 Patch Notes! Yep, nothing else included with this update that we know of. So, it seems this is just a routine performance fix for all PlayStation 4 systems.