Box art - State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2 Guns and Ammo: Where to Find Ammunition and Firearms

State of Decay 2 is packed with guns and ammo to equip your survivors against the zombie hoard. However, you’re going to have to get out there and find ammunition and firearms; they’re not coming to you. While loot in the game is randomized, we can tell you the best places to look in State of Decay 2 to find guns and ammo.

Where to Find Guns in State of Decay 2

Finding your first gun in State of Decay 2 can be a straightforward process or a hard one. It all depends on what fate the random numbers generator has in store for you. Getting a firearm is essential because being able to pick off zombies at range can create a buffer that keeps you from being surrounded. Furthermore, most of the stronger zombies, known as freaks, are best dealt with from afar, especially the Juggernaut.

Even though loot is randomized in State of Decay 2, there are specific places you can count on a chance for guns to appear. When you first start the game, begin surveying the area via the billboards and cell towers you can find by looking for the binoculars on the map.

There are four buildings that are the most likely areas you’ll find a gun in State of Decay 2 that you’ll want to look for while surveying the map:

  • Gun Stores
  • Gun Shacks
  • Army and Navy Outfitters
  • Police Stations

Usually, you can count on finding at least one firearm in those locations. You can also check military checkpoints and barns which seem to have a slightly lower chance of spawning firearms. There is also the chance of randomly finding a gun when searching a house, though there’s no real way of knowing which ones contain guns.

Where to Find Ammo in State of Decay 2

Finding ammo rucksacks to supply your base with ammunition is significantly easier than actually finding a gun. You’ll find ammo rucksacks all over the map, but they’re most likely to appear in the same areas that were mentioned above.

Note, though, that ammo rucksacks don’t give you ammo when you deliver them to your base storage. They increase the ammo resource count, but to get bullets you can use personally; you’ll need to break down ammo resources for bullets. You can do this by accessing the base storage menu.

When you break down one ammo source, you’ll get a random smattering of bullets. There’s no way of knowing which kind you’ll get, so you may have to expend quite a bit of your ammo resource if you’re trying to get a specific type of bullet this way. The only way to manufacture particular ammo is by appointing a Warlord-type leader and building an Armory.

You can also pick up ammo out in the world. Again, the places listed above are most likely to have ammo, but you’ll commonly find the smaller calibers just about anywhere.