Box art - Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

When Does the Black Ops 4 Beta Come Out?

The Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 beta release date is no doubt coming soon, what with the game itself launching on October 12; a few weeks earlier than usual for a Call of Duty title. During the May 17 reveal, Treyarch confirmed that a Private Beta would be accessible to those who pre-order the game.

Black Ops 4 Beta: Private Beta Information

There is very little information out there about the upcoming Black Ops 4 beta. What we do know is that it’s only going to be open to those who pre-order the game. It’s also going to last for a minimum of three days. In addition to this, the Black Ops 4 beta may have a different release date for each platform, with the Sony partnership probably meaning PS4 players get access first, followed by Xbox One and PC users.

Black Ops 4 Beta Release Date

Though the Black Ops 4 beta release date hasn’t been confirmed, it’s easy to get an estimate of when the Private Beta will come out by looking at previous Call of Duty trials. The Black Ops 3 beta came to PS4 on August 19 and lasted four days. The first Call of Duty: WWII beta ran between August 25-28 on PS4. It’s therefore likely that the Black Ops 4 beta release date will be sometime during August. With the earlier-than-usual release date, I’d be expecting a beta launch time of early August. With the Sony partnership continuing, I’d also expect PS4 players to get access to the beta first, followed by timed-exclusive DLC maps and other goodies.

It looks like those hoping for a Black Ops 4 open beta will be disappointed, as it seems that only a “Private Beta” will be held, which is accessible through pre-orders only.

Black Ops 4 Beta release date

Expect to hear more about the Black Ops 4 beta as we get closer to the October 12 release date. It’s expected that Treyarch will make an appearance during the PlayStation E3 2018 showcase, so it’s possible we’ll learn more information about the Private Beta then.