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PUBG Xbox Patch Notes: Test Server Update 14

PUBG Xbox patch notes have been released ahead of the final Miramar desert map testing phase, which is scheduled to commence today (May 18) at 8 a.m. PT. Unlike previous testing phases, there are no restrictions on the number of players who can take part, with the PUBG Test Server available to all Xbox users. This final test likely focuses on pushing the server load to the absolution max, getting as many players involved as possible.

PUBG Xbox Patch Notes

In addition to offering players another chance to test out the Miramar desert map, the new PUBG Xbox update also brings a host of changes and improvements that should make the overall gaming experience more enjoyable.

Highlights of PUBG update 14 include “modified world loading processes,” which allow buildings and interiors to load at the same time, helping improve performance. Also, shadow effects have also been tweaked to reduce crashes. What’s more, certain “Settings” menu options have been expanded to allow for further customization, and vehicles and weapons spawn more frequently on Miramar.

As is always the case with big updates like this, a number of bugs have been thoroughly squashed. Here’s a list of some of the more significant fixes:

  • Fixed bug where vertical movement speed wasn’t representative of settings chosen.
  • Fixed an issue where inverted control settings were being applied to the emote UI.
  • Fixed a problem that sometimes messed up movement while aiming down sights in third person perspective (it was happening when aim acceleration was turned off).
  • You can now freelook while automatically swimming forward in water
  • Fixed an issue preventing some teammates’ map markers from showing on the compass
  • Sights should no longer become blocked while in ADS position after attaching high-magnification scopes

You can find the full list of bug fixes here.

PUBG Xbox Update 14 Release Date

PUBG Xbox Patch Notes

The PUBG Xbox update 14 release date is set for May 24, with the Test Server running up until then. That means Xbox players now have permanent access to the Miramar map, through the Test Server and then through live servers.

Once the Xbox Miramar desert map has been added, it will be time for console players to start asking when the Sanhok map will launch. Here’s hoping Xbox Sanhok compatibility happens a lot more quickly!

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