Blue Dragon FAQ/ Walkthrough


Update 9/10/07


Well the guide is finally complete!! The entire walkthrough for every dungeon

on the game is done, including all the Side Quests!! On the next update I plan

on adding to the dragon quests, the Table of content, better barrier list,

tips and tricks, Boss Hp, grammer corrections to the current walkthrough, and

where to find certain valuable items! The guide already has a lot of good stuff,

you can even find out where the Golden Poo Snake, Gold Mecha Robot, and King Poo

are. I hope you enjoy this game as much as I did!!!This is by far the largest,

most detailed, and most time consuming RPG I have ever played!(Not including

MMORPGs, planning to write a Dragoon FAQ for FFXI soon!)


Update Time ???


On a second play through ofj this game I plan to include what the chests

hold in each area, along with switch my directions from left or right door

to west, east, north, or south door. I am bad with directions and there

for did not include the compass at this point.(I suspect other are too.)




Can you use my Walkthrough on your site???


Certainly, I have no problem with letting people use my walkthrough

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-Please notify me that you would like to use my walkthrough.I will

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How can you contact me about questions dealing with Blue Dragon or

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you do. Even if you e-mail my aol account send an e-mail to my

gamertag to notify me to check my mail. Thanks!


What do you know about achievements for this game?


I have included a quick refence list for achievements below and explained

as much as I know about them in the guide. When you come to an in game

achievement I will tell you it is coming and I will tell you exactly how

to get this achievement. Some I have not found yet, so make sure you

check the achievement list so you can see which ones you need to find

yourself. Otherwise, if I say "Included" in the list section it means

you will come across it in the walkthrough, and don't worry because you

will not miss it!


Do you have information you would like me to add?


If there is any information you think I should include, or that

you have and you want me to post send it to my e-mail. I would

be happy to get you credit for whatever information or data you

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Table Of contents


1) Character Information

2) Terms and Abbreviations

3) Job Summaries

4) Magic Spells and SKills-Strengths and Weaknesses

5) Walkthrough

.1) Talta Village

.2) Ancient Ruins-Cave

.3) Sky Fortress

.4) Mechat Crash Site

.5) Lot Wilderness-East

.6) Sheep Village-Wilderness

.7) Lot Wilderness-West

.8) Eastern Lot Wilderness

.9) Drill Machine

.10) Ancient Ruins Hospital

.11) Lago Village

.12) Undersea Caverns

.13) Island of the Dead

.14) Sheep Village-forest

.15) Forest of the Dead

.16) Lago Village

.17) Gull Mountain

.18) Near Talta Village

.19) Talta Village Revisited

.20) Mural Valley-West

.21) Mural Town

.22) Mural Valley-East

.23) Road to Jibral

.24) Jibral

.25) Sky Fortress Revisited

.26) Mechant Mini-Game

.27) Jibral Castle

.28) Jibral Town

.29) Lago Village Revisited

.30) Jibral castle

.31) Jibral Highlands

.32) Laser Field

.33) Baroy Town

.34) Underground River

.35) Ancient Factory

.36) Ancient Prison-Moat

.37) Canyon-East

.38) Pachless Town








6)Side Quests



7)Barrier Lists

8)Achievement List


1)There are five main characters as the heroes of Blue Dragon. The group

is fairly evened out in terms of personality and qualities. Some you may

relate to, while others seems a bit odd. All and all you will be spending

many hours with these guys, so you will grow to like them!



Shu is a bit of a loud mouth that would rather act than think. He is

a little rash in his choices sometimes, and can cause situations to become a

little more challenging than they should be. On the upside he is very

brave and couragious. Always wanting to help people and never turning back

or "giving up." This makes him the leader of the heroes. He starts out as

as a swordmaster, which I kept him as for most of the game.



Jiro is very cautious and likes to plan just about everything he does out.

He is somewhat of a machinical genius. All of the gadgets and devices the

party comes across on their journey Jiro can usually figure out and

operate. Without him along, you would get stuck more than a few times on

the road with no where to go. He also seems to be feeling a little

something for Kluke....



Kluke has some background in medicine and ailments. Her parents(who are now

dead) used to be doctors.Along the journey she will help many peoples

suffering at the hands of Nene. She has a big heart and is extremely caring,

this can sometimes be overburdening to her. She considers Shu and Jiro both

close friends and will not make a choice between either of them over the

other. She starts out as a black mage and excells at magic. She will be a

great help along the path to greatness.



Maru is somewhat of a loud mouth who talks before he thinks. Devees have

dances to show there feelings and Marumaro is very confident in his dances.

He does provide comical relief, but can sometimes get a little annoying.

He has a good heart though and loves to help people like the rest of the

party. He is very devoted and loyal to his friends. Marumaro default job

is Monk. When you first get him he will be a great damage dealer and

continues to be through the game.



Zola can be very cold and calculating at times. She is very experienced

at battle and traveling the world. She used to be a mercenary and you meet

her working for King Jibral. There seems to be some romantic interest

between these too.Although she doesn't show emotion she is still dedicated

to the party and admires there courage and power. Zola is a person that

the rest of the entourage looks to for a bit of a role model. She seems

cool and mature.



Szabo, the robot protecter of Nene, one of his two companions.You really don't

run into him many times in the game. Not much is known about him as far as this

walkthrough currently covers to, and honestly I don't think much more will be

said. He hovers around with a gun and only has two encounters with the party

thus far.



Deathroy is an annoying creature that's attached to Nene's shoulder.He likes

to repeat Nene's words like some sort of parot. Not much information is given

about him. The book the comes with the game says Deathroy may have been found

in some ancient ruins. Nene looks at Deathroy as his only true friend because

he and Nene are all that survived from ancient times. Deathroy is the only

thing in the world that Nene actually cares for.



Nene is an evil Ancient being who can use the powers of the "shadows" as well.

He seems to have a deeper understanding of the ancient technology than anyone

in the world.He commands legions of robot and powerful machines.People across

many nations fear him and his unknown powers. He truly enjoys the pain and

agony of others and wishes to become a supreme ruler!


2)Term and Abbreviations


Mobs= Refers to all the monsters that are located in the area.

SWM= Swordmaster



WHM= White Mage

BLM= Black Mage

SUP= Support Mage

BRM= Barrier mage

ASN= Assassin (I would use the first three letters, but it would't

read good.)

GEN= Generalist

AOE= Stands for "attack on everyone." A spell that hits all targets.

AOR= Stands for "attack on row." Hits one enemy row, front or back.

C/S= Cutscene


3)Job Summaries


I can not stress this enough, make sure you read the book

with the game about job skills and abilities and the options it shows you

in the back about how you could set up your party. The good things about

job classes is you can change them and customize them. By no means follow

exactly what I say. Find your own strategy and enjoy the customization.

Once you hit level 30ish with your first job, you will be far enough in

the game that when you level your next job it will increase much rapidlier.

I will add more information to the area as I learn more about it. If

I remember correctly new jobs unlock at every 5 levels you gain. So far

it has been 5,10,15,20,25,and 30. By the time you hit level 50 with all

characters, you will have every single job unlocked for all characters.



Swordmaster is the job that Shu starts out with. Swordmaster was made to

be the most balanced job. They have a good attack stat, as well as defense

and agility. Nothing is extremely exceptional, but this is a good job

for the front line. Swordmasters can also use sword magic. Every offensive

spell you can get for black mage and so far only shina for white mage you

can use. The only down side is that while some BLM spells are AOE, all

sword magic is only a one target attack. The bright side is every enemy

has a weakness and SWM can definetly expose it!

I would like to make a quick update to this section. Upon hitting the

middle of the second disc, I realized just how valuable Swordmaster

really is. Swordmaster can be amoung the top job for dealing damage

in the entire game. (Only outdone by BLM because they can hit multiple

targets.) As what makes swordmaster so great at higher levels?? Well

in Boss battles and single TOUGH enemy encounters swordmaster is

absolutaly invaluable. The reason for this is at stated above, you

can use bosses weaknesses an exploit them with Sword Magic. When you

finally get spells like flarus, windus, etc. you can inflict upwards

of 2000 damage a hit around level 50 using enemy weakness!! Now, the

other important factor. ABSORB HP AND ABSORB MP are by far one of

the greatest abilities in battles!! When you finally get and equip

these two, you come to be almost indestructable to most enemies

and will cause even bosses to fear you!! With these two mores you

can spam endless sword magic. The minute you get low on HP or

MP start regular attacking enemies. At level 50 I was absorbing 75

HP and 75 MP every single regular attack a made. These abilities

can save your life. If you plan on fighting King Poo, dragons,etc.

later these skills can help with the difference between life and death.

The reason for this is you won't need to waste time using MP restoring

items and you cause damage at the same time!!

One more quick thing to state is the defense. When I was fighting

the dragon quest, my swordmaster seems to overall take less damage

between magic and physical attacks than any other character. The

only job with better defense is Guardian!



This is the top defensive job and if you decide to use it make sure he is

on your front line. While defense and health is high there is not much more

for in battle related skills. On the up side, the engaging enemies skills

you get are exceptional and you should level at least one character somewhat

in this job in order to get them.

This job I did not find I needed to actually beat the storyline game, but

if you are planning to fight some of the tougher side quests bosses, some

of these skills can be life savers. HP+ 25/50% and Endure can nearly double

your HP amount. Even if you have max HP, 999 hp, when this hits 1 it

will take your MP instead of HP. If your character has 500+ MP, we are

talking about another 500 damage they can take!! When you fight bosses

like Gold Mecha Robot which can deal 1000-1200 damage to every character

at once, this can save you. All in all, this job can be somewhat handy.



These guys/girls are fast and swift attackers. Zola's default job is assassin

and by the time you come across her it will be somewhere in the rank 30 range.

With that said, you don't really need to level anyone else in the job if you

just want to check it out. On the other hand, if you would like a few fast,

hard attackers then by all means level some more. Assassin's realy shine

around rank 30+ when they get control(you can take control of an enemy and

make them attack other enemies or themselves!) and Double attack! Double

attack lets them hit twice in a row in one attack turn with each hit not

losing any power compared to a single attack! At the end of the game

assassin's can cause the most damage from their regular attacks because

of being able to attack twice. There agility is almost a must for tough

bosses. When things start to get really hectic towards the end of the

game you are going to be wishing your WHM could have more turns to heal

faster, etc. Use your imagination!!



Monks are the best at physical attack damage. Like the book says there charge

attacks release high power that when charged enough can hit multiple targets.

There hp is high, so again a front line attacker. They have some amazing skills

that will allow 100% counters on physical attacks. Marumaro's default job is set

to this, so keep him with it for a while.Attract Aura is great for trying to get

achievements and repel aura is great for avoiding battle.(Not recommended.)

Taking a second glance at this job. Attack amp and charge attack can be must

have skills for this and other jobs. These skills will allow you to charge

physical attacks to cause ever more damage and to expand your range from

one hitting one enemy to hitting every enemy on the battle field!! Not

only are these moves the only physical attacks that can be AOE, but they

can be used with sword magic and mow down!! Between getting these skills

for SWM, MNK, and ASN you can have phsical attackers than can decimate

an entire party alone just like a black mage can do!!!

Black Mage


Black Mage is Kluke's default job. I absolutally recommend keeping her with

this job. Kluke will gain some very powerful spells. These will allow

you to decimate entire parties with one ultra-powerful spell. Keep at

least one black mage in the party at all times! You can switch her over

to support mage like I did if you want to level another job, but make

sure you equip her black magic skills so you can still use your spells.

Your black mage will save you many hours of battles by allowing you

to quickly finish enemies instead of attacking and attacking the again

and again before they go down.

White Mage


This is Jiro default job and you should leave him at it for a while.

While you won't need too much in the way of healing right at the beginning,

you will really need it later. Shina will also be a great help against

damaging ghost type enemies and stunning all other enemies that attack

fast and hard. Keep this job around and if you switch keep white magic

as a support skill. This is another job you should not slack on.

Support Mage


The support magic isn't really anything special at the beginning. In

fact, I have been able to do without it so far. In later boss battles

hopefully things will become a little tougher and we can finally

bring this magic into play. I would have one of your mages switch over

to this job just so you can use these spells in the future if you

find the need to. One major thing that you will need to level this

joob for is Field Barrier. This will be explained below.

Barrier Mage


I am not going to waste time typing here. Follow the same exact advice

I gave you for support mage.



This is it! This is the job that every single character MUST level. If

you truly want to create powerhouse jack in all trade fighters and mages

you NEED to level this job. I recommend taking all the jobs you start with

all the way to rank 30 or so, then change some to this job next. You should

try to rotate it a little. Maybe take Shu's default job to rank 30, then

switch to generalist to level 22, then switch to assassin till rank 30ish.

While another character, say Kluke, should take black mage to level 30ish,

switch to support to level 20ish, and then go to generalist to level 22ish.

You do not keep this job as a job to keep playing with, you take this job

to unlock all of the skills you must have. When you get abilities like

Skill+6 and accessory+# you will be thanking your lucky stars. You could

take an swordmaster with guardian, monk, and assassin leveled as well, and

then give your swordmaster the agility of the assassin, the defense of a

guardian, and the attack of a monk. Sorry to go on and on but this job

is a must have for every character!


3) Magic Spells and Skills- Strengths and Weaknesses.


5.1 Talta Village


You start out in Shu's home town at the beginning of this game with an attack by

the land shark. You first take control of Shu's grandfather. Run around the area

and talk to all the villagers. After this you will regain control of Shu again.

From here chase the land shark's Fin and attack it.

Land Shark Battle 1


Attack the Land shark 2 times,afterwards a c/s(cutscene) will appear and a weak

spot will be shown on the land shark.Attack the weak point and this battle will

end quickly.


Watch another c/s, talk to Kluke, and then run up to the Land shark again. This

time you do not need to battle it. A c/s will play, then just walk up to the

Land Shark in the net and watch the scene.


5.2 Ancient Ruins Cave


After the scene you end up in a cave. Check up on Kluke and Shiro. Run around

this circle area and attack all the Poo Snakes. They are very easy to beat.

Try to jump into them for a First Strike, or attack from behind to gain

an advantage. Continue to fight and open all the the chests around the area.

When all the chest are open one will appear by the Land Shark's fin, do NOT

get this chest yet. Climb up the three ramps and collect all the items from

the 2 chests here,and make sure you check all the pieces of equipment scattered

around, no matter how small or big. Most extra equipment in this game will give

you gold or items. Afterwards go and collect the last chest. Watch as the c/s

plays and you are brought to the Sky Fortress!


5.3 Sky Fortress


You end up on the side of the Land Shark in the fortress.Check the pullies with

rope on then at both ends or the shark and also the boxes holding the Land

shark into place. On the other side do the same and get the treasure chest for

the Monster Compedium.As you make your way to the north door a cs will play and

you will be taken to the evil Nene. At this point you meet 3 antagonists of the


Boss battle 2



You are going to get totally oblitorated, so just attack and get it over with.


After the battle you are thrown from the sky fortress and end up back inside of

it?? You land in a circular room. Run around the outside circle of the room and

collect all of the chests. Absolutely SAVE YOUR GAME!!!! before you step on the

center platform.Step on the platform and you will hear a voice,shortly after

turn and run through the north door away from the robots.At the end of the hall

you need to close the door. Rapidly tab A in order to do this. You will need to

fill the gauge 3 times. If you can do this without fighting any of the guards

you will unlock and achievment. If you are too slow you will have to fight the

guards that make it through and you will lose the achievement, hence the SAVE

YOUR GAME! It is very irritating to have to keep starting over because of this,

I know I had to do the beginning 3 times for it. It can be VERY challenging to

get this door close before the first set of robots make it through. Well about

20 times later I managed to get it right. You then run into a room, they will

ask if you wish to swallow the orbs,do so.The robots bust through the door,

and you get your first battle with shadows.The goal after this battle is to

get on the ship by clicking A next to it.First I would fight some of the robot

still coming in. With your shadows you can take them out with no problem at

all in one hit.When you have had enough board the ship and get ready fora crash



5.4 Mechat Crash Site


In this area run around the outside and collect the chests and check the rocks

and peddles for additional antidote and gold.Drink from the water when you are

ready and heard near the ship to push the sign out of the way.


5.5 Lot Wilderness-East


Monster Fights


Crickets--->Poo Snakes

Fat Rat--->Crickets


Your first chance to check out what the world map is like. Explore this small

area and open the chests in this area for a few medicines, stone Ring, and

Mega medicine.You learn how to group up encounters at this point.If you can get

the Poo Snakes and Crickets together a monster fight will break out and they

will kill each other.:)

Again in this area just sweep around fully scoping the area. Open the chest,

if a chest is on a cliff you just need to go to a nearby tree and push it

over to get the chest. Search the large boulders in the area and push them

over to reveal items underneath. There are a lot of encounters in this area

and I would recommend fighting as many as possible. In this area you should

be able to unlock one new job for all 3 charaters. Make sure you use your blm

on the foes. If charged properly you can take out all enemies with one spell.

( Besides the rat.)Remember to always check that poo!! Gather some good money

together before you enter the Sheep Village.


5.6 Sheep Village Camp


Alright now, another small village. Walk around and talk to everyone. Search

the random areas for items and open the 4 chests.You will get magical medicine,

tales of the thief, and a few other things. There is a villager you can trade

2-4 antidotes to and recieve a phoenix talon from each one. Buy the 3 new

spells from and magic shop, make sure everyone has all the stone accessories

in there slits, stay at the in, and lastly pick up any extra items if you need

them.The green glowing thing is a warp post, but you can't really do anything

with it at the moment so just examine it for now. When ready head out of the

back of the village gate and someone will yell to tell their friend they are

looking for them if you see them.


5.7 Lot Wilderness- West


Walk around the boulder examining rocks if you want the extra gold. Fight

the first Green Grunt and get the chest right on the right.Watch out for

poison status in this area, it will quickly run you out of hp. Again there

is not much to the area. Fight as much as possible.Look for the chests and

boulders to get items from. Not much to really get into at this point. The

areas are pretty straight forward. Crickets will eat poos, and for some

reason if Shu uses Wind Sword the grunt lose their sword, which leaves

them very weak after. Remember try to hit that Sweet Spot baby! One good

spell hit right can cause disater for the enemy.Finally you will get to

another Grunt blocking a path. To the left there is a grunt protecting

a chest, kill that one get the chest and then kill the one blocking the

path. The dead tree right after the grunt gave me an exp point +10 to

any character. Anyways continue and you will get the checkpoint sign.

If you haven't already discovered, checkpoints make it so incase you

die you can continue right from the spot without saving as long as you

don't turn your console off.Well now it's time for the next boss

battle and this one will be the toughest yet.

Boss Battle 3

Flamboyant Dinoram


Setup: Level 9

Shu: swordmaster

Kluke: blm

Shiro: whm

This game is a....very... interesting character. It looks like a mix

between a dragon, a goat, a scorpion, zebra, and elephant to name a few.

(Oh and my ex-girlfriend to be more specific.) Anyways enjoy the music

and kick some @$. Just use regular attacks at first and don't waste

any magic. After a little while Shiro will tell you hitting the body

doesn't seem to be effecting it and tells you to go for the head. This

is when you use Kluke to bomb away at the head. When the monster is

weakened you can start focusing on the head. Is't the music just great!

J/K, but honestly it is a nice change of pace compared to the same battle

song most RPGs have. Enjoy the victory, you beat the hardest boss

yet, although he wasn't much.

Enjoy the c/s with Donpa afterwards.Run around the crater and open another

chest. Afterwards you can save and exit onto the world map once more.


5.8 Eastern Lot Wilderness


The goal is to walk towards the big "drill" machine that is almost straight

ahead. Take this time to scope out the area, get the chest you can see

and fight some more mobs before continueing. If you go to the right you can

get another chest, but do NOT try to fight the bear to get the other chest.

Trust me I tried, he can multi-hit for more than 200 damage and takes out

a character every turn. So keep some distance from him. If you manage to hit

level 10 congratulations you unlocked another job for all three characters.

When you are ready go to the drill and resume the story.


5.9 Drill Machine


Inside the drill machine make sure you check every knock and cranny for

gold and items. The are 2 chests to open,then go to the two robots you see.

Buy the cure poison spell first, then make sure all three characters have the

four copper accessories. At this point you should already have 1 necklase

and 1 bracelot from chests. Anyways equip them all, heal at the robot,

buy the other healing items you need and then save your game. all the doors

are locked so continue up to floor A2. Open 2 more chests and continue up to

the third floor. Check pipes in this area forsome goodies. Mobs will starts

appearing on this floor. The robots are very weak to water and it can one

hit kill them, unless they use there skill Waterproof, which cuts the damage

50-75%. Go in the elavator and up once again.a little ways into this floor

you will be treated to a mini boss battle.This robot is manic, he wants

to protect his treasure and will do anything to do it, even using illegal


Mine Boss Battle 1

Winking Patroller


This guy isn't too hard. Just keep using water magic and attacking him,

he will fall soon enough. Afterwards the treasure is yours and it's

well worth it. The robot basically forces you take take his treasure as

well as the chests and apologises for it! Congratulations you just recieved

23 warp keys and the robot will explain exactly what they are for. Make

sure you use on to the warp device on the side of you. The cockpit on the

3rd floor is now unlocked too, so take the elevator back down and go to

that area. As you near the cockpit you will get in a fight with the same

robots you where running from at the beginning. Don't worry one hit even

from your mage with take them down.

Mini Boss Battle 2



Setup:level 11- whm,blm,swm (swordmaster)

Hey he has another shadow and can use magic??? Let's take this guy down

and convert him into a future @$ kicker. This is a fairly easy fight.

Use a couple of waters, and just use regular attacks from your swm abd whm

unless you really need to heal. Maru only its for about 4 points of damage,

but seems to counter on a regular basis, so be very careful about attacking

if you are running low.

After the fight watch the cool c/s, search the area, and chase the little pansy

outside. We'll make a man (or bat??) out of him yet! When you take the door to

the left of the door you entered you will be brought back to the first floor.

Over the chests here, go to the robots around the corner and stack up on items

you need, then head down that hall and through another door. The area ahead is

very long so make sure you save and you are fully prepared, it takes a little

while to explore fully.


5.10 Ancient Hospital Ruins


Monster Fight


Snow Wolf<-->Flame Wolf


You start out on the first floor. A lot of rooms in this area are pitch

black. In order to turn the lights on you need to look for a red glowing

light on the wall and go up to it and press A. They are usually near the

entrance to that room someone. One other thing to note is to check every

bookself and piece of trash in these area. There are tons of gold, SP+

bonuses, Magic defense+, etc. to be had.

When you start out throughly explore this room. Look foor the chests around

here and go behind the desk to find another. Stick to the right side of the

room and enter a door there, where you will find some more chests. One of

them has a trap that will alarm some robots to the spot. Keep using Water

while fighting these mobs and they should go down instantly. After you

search the room head back out again.Head to the West side of the hospital

wing and go through the north door there. You will get another c/s. The

machine they show you will give you full hp/mp, so remember where this room

is. Search the rooms for more items and more chests. If you still have your

whm you can use the spell shine, as well as shine sword for your swm. This

spell does a good amount of damage to the mobs in here and will give your

whm a little more punch instead of being useless unless someone needs

healing. When you are finished with this room head out the other exit

and go up to the second floor.

Up on the second floor you will run into a ghosts in most rooms. Head around

the semi circle and look for a light switch to turn the power on.Be ready

for a surprize when you do. Look around for chests and wreckage that you can

loot for items. After you are done in this area, start looking into side room

for more loor, turning on lights as you go. In the room by the entrance you

will find a chest with the head doctor's key.Go back to the east wing where

you entered and if you are facing the door where you first entered this area,

take a left. It shouldn't be hard to find, it's the room by the entrance where

you actually zone to go into. Clear out these rooms and collect the chests,

especially the one behindd the doctors desk. (Be very careful here, as about

6 different mobs of ghosts appear all at once.When you are finished go back

to the main room and head around the outer edge again(to the area you came

from) and try to find your way up to the third floor.

On the third floor look for the switch that is positioned near you. There

are a lot of flame and ice wolves up here. When you fight them use the

opposite element against them. Ex. Ice wolf- use flare and flare sword to

take them down faster. Enter the door to your right and open the chest.From

here enter the room on the left. In here save your game and head through to

fight the Snow wolf. Look for the chest and then head back to the second


In this area head down the corridor to open some more chests. Head toward

the middle of this area and enter the control room. Turn on the lights and

flip the switch on the very last computer in here. (It's the only one that

works.) Watch out for some more ghost attacks. Leave this room and make your

way back to the elevator on the first floor, which is now operational. Take

the elevator back up to the third floor.

There are many wolves in this area. Run around the elevator to get the two

chests that are being guarded. There are only two corridors to go down in

this area and they both lead to the same thing. So go down either corridor

and head south. Your will find another chest with a treasure chest key in

it. From here head north, and enter the room on your left to use the key on

both chests and collect the items. Warning: be prepared for a fight before

you leave this room. Exit this room and enter the double doors on the other

side of it for a boss battle. Accept the invitation to help Marumaro out of

his prediciment.

Boss Battle

IceFireWolf Ghost


Level 11-12


This fight can be a little tricky, so start out slow. Everytime you damage

this monster it will shift elements, whether it is a regular attack or a

magic attack. So plan things out before deciding to cast a spell, or you

could end up healing this guy for a lot of hp. If he shift to water use

fire and vise versa. Remember spells have casting time, so wither stick

with wind spells and shine or map your way so you can use water and

flare to cause some major damage. After a while this monster will fall.

Run around this room opening the 4 chests and checking the broken monitors

for items. Enter the room straight ahead when you are finished here to see

Maru searching for his medicine. Take this time to fully examin every part

of this room for helpful items and gold. Eventually in the back you will

find the medicine and be taken straight back to the drill machine speeding

to Maru's village.


5.11 Lago Village


Run by the fence to find a chest at the opposite end. Run around the staircase

to the house to find another chest. When finished head to the group of Devees

and let the c/s take over. Before you head outside again there is an inn

you can stay at. When you are ready exit for another c/s. Follow Maru and head

up the stairs to the back of the town, where you can buy accessories and

items. (Make sure to activate the warp device) In the item shop there are

also two books that you can ready by examining them. I am not sure about the

significants of them yet, but it can't hurt to check them now. You will find

another chest on the wooden bridge and another a little way into the cave.

To continue the story head into the cave for more c/s and Marumaro will finally

join your party. There is someone selling spells for the party near the exit

to this building. She carries a lot of stock and you will need a lot of gold

in order to buy them all. I spent time outside the village farming gold for

all the spells before I left for the Forest of the Dead. It doesn't take too

much time to do this. If you head to the left when you leave, you can gather

3-4 more chests depending on how many you didn't get by the drill machine

earlier. You can also fight the huge Grunt Soldier you see on the world map

and win fairly easy to collect the chest behind him now for a magical

necklace. When you are ready follow the Devees instructions and head to

the right to get there. The area down here is largely covered in water.

Head to the left top grab a chest and the head straight to the other side.

Make sure you scope out the whole watery area beofre entering the

Underground Seacave. There a quite a few chests around this area. When

you are down collecting them all, enter the big shell looking like structure

to advance forward.


5.12 Undersea Caverns


Monster Fights


Poo crabs--->Ghost with 2 swords(???)


Walk forward a little to find a save point and chest to your right.

If you follow the right path around you can

collect two more chests, and it leads to the same area where the

three poos crabs are. Warning: Watch the Jelly Fish mobs, they

use a stun attack on you if you are detected by them. Keep heading

into the Sea Cavern, the road only continues in one direction

for now. When you come to another fork in the road, head right,

grab the chest there, then go back and take the left. You will

run into another little frok ahead, take a left this time. You

will run into a chest you can trade an item to, and it will transform

that item. I used a medicine and got a Mega Medicine back. When you

are finished go back and take the other direction this time. Take a

right when you get a chance and you find a treasure chest you need

a fish shaped key for. Go back and head straight following the path.

You will end up at a dead end with a few mobs in the area. Kill them

and a chest will appear near you, open the chest to get the Fish-shaped

Key! Notice the barnacle across from the chest, examine it quick, then

run back to the chest you can now open with the key. Guess what?? Now

you have the Hexagon=shaped crystal for the barnacle, so run back to

it and see what happens! After you cross the bridge you hit a

checkpoint and you know what that means!A tough boss fight is ahead.

Before you head there take a detoure right and get a new spell

Flara from the chest.

Boss Battle 4



Setup:level 15

Default jobs

Just target the heads seperatly because you need to take down all four

to win. I charge attacked with Maru, used flare with Kluke, flare sword

with Shu, and kept healing up with Jiro. This guy like to cause status

ailments to you including multi-target poison and also single target

confusion. He seems to go down pretty fast though, so just

keep pumelling away. Congratulations on another victory.

Open the three chests, one of which contains a cure-all item, which will

be very handy. Continue forward to exit the area into Island of the Dead.


5.13 Island of the Dead


Head forward a little to get a chest. To the right you can see the

Forest of the dead, but we are going to stop at another Sheep Tribe

camp first.


5.14 Sheep Tribe Camp-Forest


Activate the warp device on your left first, then talk to the guy

next to it. Follow the outer wall to gather 4 chests as you make your

way around and back to the save point. If you talk to the people while

going around one will give you a heaving herb to deliver to someone.

You can warp to the Wilderness camp and give it to one of the tribesmen

who thanks you, and asks you to go back saying "I love you" to the person

it was from. Again, she asks you to bring another herb there. DO it and go

back again. Ok, i know this sucks, but do it again...This time he

will warp back with you, talk to them to recieve 2 items. I know it was boring,

but one mini side quest is out of the way and now back to the main story. Then

head into the center of this camp and stock up on items and accessories. The

accessories you should be all set on unless not everyone is equipped with

silver from earlier. Listen to the stories about the forest and then it

is finally time to head there. Leave the village and take a quick run over

to the left and enter.


5.15 Forest of the Dead


Monster Fights


Fat Rats---> Flying pods(forgot name)

Wolves--->Green Skeletons


This area is full of ghost monster right from the start, and they are very

suseptible to shine spells. The good news: The wolf ghosts flee from you,

at least they did for me at level 16. What does this mean? Well if you are

looking to unlock some achievements, wolves are easy targets to try to chain

back attacks to. First head up the left path. If you near trees with the red

hanging lanterns??? they will drop and you can get items from them. Up on the

left path you will run into ancient moths,remember what the villagers said

about moths. Kill them quickly, and a chest will appear with some Death

Earrings. I always wanted a pair.:) Anyways things can get a little tricky

here. From this chest head right and follow the path up and left fight

mobs untill you come to an area where you can go no farther. Open the

chest on both ends, one contains Spirt of the tree item. Do not go in

the mist, you will be poisoned and hp drains quickly. Head back to the

chest you got the Death earrings from now and continue up the left path

this time. Cross the giant bridge and fight the ghost by the tree. Press

A on the tree afterwards in order to give it back it's soul. Run past the

tree and grab another chest. Now cross the bridge to the left that the

tree made rise. Three thief ghosts will appear, kill them and the other

ghosts to open all the chests. Watch out for the shooter ghosts though,

they will hit you from long range. When you are done head back to the

tree and go north over another bridge. You can open three more chests

here. Follow the path right and continue straight again. You will run into

the mist machine and two more chests. Shut it off and then run back to

the tree again and talk with it. From here head over the right bridge that

the mist used to envelope. Three more chests out in the open. The last chest

in the back has a purple skeleton guarding it. Kill him and grab the item.

Ok, now you need to go back over the bridge and take a left across the

southern bridge. Keep to the left and you will notice that this is the

area I told you to look out for the mist in earlier. Cross the long bridge

in front of you. Again follow the path and open some more chests. Eventually

you will be at some moths again. Link them and take care of business. Open

the chest with the ghost guarding it afterwards. ok. it seems an army of

ghosts has gathered in front of you. You have 2 shooter and 3 thiefs to

link and kill, good luck. Actually they are easy and after you can activate

a warp device you in front of you. Run forward from it and you will zone.

You are now in a wide open space and you hit a checkpoint. Yes, it's that

time again!

Boss Battle 5

King Ghost


Setup:Level 17

same jobs as always

This guy is a breeze to kill. Have Shu use Shine Sword, Maru use his

charge attack, Jiro and keep casting Shine, and Kluke I has casting

flara over and over. You should be doing from between 200-350 a hit with

every character. With this much damage he will fall in a few moments.

Congratulations another boss battle won!

Grab the gabo leaf afterwards and then you are told to warp back to

Lago Village. Do so and head inside to watch the c/s.


5.16 Lago Village


Seems the Deeves are going to be ok. When you wake up in the

middle of the night head up the ladder. Examine all dressers and

cabinets for some more items and head up another floor. Talk to

the people outside if you like, but the main goal is to head back

into the city hall. Heartbreak...sniff..sniff(It's ok to cry, Jiro

said so) So after there little dance that remind me of a Disney

Sing along song, exit the city hall and get another c/s outside. That

evil Nene was behind it the whole time! When you are ready head for

the exit to find out you need to travel through Gull Mountains to go

back to Talta Village.


Back on the world map you want to head left towards the area where

the drill was. We are finally going to exterminate that lazy bear

I told you to avoid earlier. After that is done go straight to get

a chest by the mountain. Head down to the left where the path splits

for two more chests. Go back up to the split and continue east.( this

is straight.) Again the path splits, they both lead to the same area

and another Lazy Bear fight. Run around the circle because there are

two more chests. Kill the bear, grab another chest, and kill another

bear. Finally you see the gate. Head to the cliffs on the left first

to collect another treasure though. Then walk to the gates and enter.

Maru gets his groove on and the gate opens for you!


5.17 Gull Mountain


(Remember to use Shina against ghosts. The other monsters use flara

and ground or wind against.)

As you enter there is a save point you can use and a chest to grab.

Save your game and walk forward. This is your first encounter with

Toripo. Have you been wondering what all on them medals where for?

Well now you have your answer. Buy what you want from him, I

bought one of everything. If you buy something the cost will go up

to 4 medals for these items. Warning: If you leave his shop he takes

off for the aurora Ruins, so make sure you got everything you want

before you exit the shop. Before you use them, make sure you are not

already close to going up a rank. When finished open up the warp

device thats is front of you.

Head to the right fist to get a chest.

Make sure you are still examining everything possible in every

area, for this place it is crystals. Head back and up the left

path after. Make sure you avoid the water pools in this area.

They will damage the party if you step in them. Monsters in this

area are very resistent to physical attacks, try using flara to

inflict some major damage.

When you come to the intersection and

can go either right or straight, go straight first. You reach

another intersection, keep heading straight up to get another

chest. Go back and there is a little cove to go into and grab

another chest. After you do that, it is time to run back to

the last intersection and take the other way this time. You see

an area where you can go left a little and grab a chest, then

keep going right again. Fight the crab and you are at another

intersection. We are going to go right first and fight the

Chain-gang ghost. This Mist walker enemy is a pain, be very

careful. When you get close they surround you with mist, you

can barely see right in front of yourself. Keep following

the path to get a few items. You run into a red wall, so head

back to where you fought the crab and go straight this time.

You will get a c/s, the be on your way again. Yet another

fork in the road, head left first to grab the chests. This

area wraps around, so just kill the monsters and run around the

circle getting chests. The little path leading off to the side

is the exit!! So make sure you explore this little area, and

then you are right near Talta village. It's been a long rode,

but we are finally home.(For the moment.)


5.18 Near Talta Village


There are two chests in this area to grab, so run around

fighting new monsters and take care of business. Enter

Talta to see what's going on in the city.


5.19 Talta Village


Head to the right to save your game. Then activate the warp

device and grab the chest. Go back and head over the left

bridge, you can enter Shu house here. You can read volume

2, for one of the books here. When you exit Shu's house,

go to the left and enter Kluke's. There is a chest in

here with a key item, so make sure you get it. There is

also a diary on the table you should read. Upstairs you

can read volume 2 to the wizard story now. Head behind

Kluke's house to find Jiro's. Inside you find the much

needed level 3 Heala spell! Search everywhere, upstairs

you will find all three parts of a new story.Outside you

will encounter monsters, so be prepared. The skeletons and

bugs will fight each other. Head back to the save point

and go up the stairs this time. Check all the boxes and

chests before going up the next ramp here. You will

get a level 3 Winda spell here. Climb the ramp to get two

more chests. Back to the save point, head right over the

bridge now. Head in the first tower type building, and

you can find the 3rd part to the wizard story here.

When you exit ge the chest on your right, then run

around the guy ignoring him for now to grab a chest

on the other side. Warning: When you get near the guy

checkpoint pops up on scene, by now you know what this

means! By prepared for battle. Finally go up and talk to

him. We need to find out what happened here!

Optional Boss Battle 1

Mad eye

Accompanied by: 2 green skeletons, 1 purple


Level 20

Setup:Default Jobs

Use water, winda, or ground with Kluke. Basically use

any of your attacks that will hit all monsters. Mad

Eye can boost his defense so you do barely any damage,

but sooner or later is will fall. When it does, it

only takes a few hits and this guy will go down fast.

Congratulations you can now rest at the inn!

Go in the Inn and heal up. Talk to the guy on the

floor, even though you saved him he still wants

money to stay. On the up beat note, he has new

spells, yay! You should have plenty of money by

now, so buy all the spells and the items you need.

When you are ready to leave, go into Shu's

grandfathers workshop down next to Shu's house.

Everyone is still alive! When you are ready exit

the town.


5.20 Near Talta Village


The valley of Murals is not down the path you are

facing, but the next path over to the left. It is

surrounded by the big brown boulders overhead.


Mural Valley-West


Monster Fight


Hawk Eye--->Mural


Holy crap! The murals are alive, but anyways, they are

very easy to beat. When you kill a mural a treasure

chest will appear. Watch out for the flying enemies!

They are hard to get a hit on before they attack you.

Cross the bridge to your right and open the chest.

Stay on this side and go around the corner, where

you will see four chests. When you open the last one

2 different Hawk Eyes will appear. Kill them and

keep moving forward on this side. You will fight

some murals on the way. Grab the chests they leave behind.

The next bridge you see that crosses the gap run over.

Backtrack to where you saw the chest you missed, then

continue moving forward on this side to grab another

chest. You have run into a dead end so go back and

recross the bridge you came over on and continue forward

again. Another Mural, another chest, another bridge, and

another another mural, another

get the idea. Before you cross the bridge to the other

side go around the corner for another chest. Then

cross over and take out the badies...Another mural,

then a few Hawk Eyes. Contintue forward and open another

chest, then cross the bridge over the gap. On the other

side, head back in the direction you came from. There

is another mural and after you will be in an area with

some green grass. There is a new type of enemy here

protecting 2 chests. Link them together and take them

out. One hit from a monk or swm will finish them.

After you collect the items turn around and go back

to get a c/s.

It looks like we still have quite a ways to go, but

at least we can rest for a minute a little ways up.

Cross the bridge and go into another green area to

get the three chests. Make sure you check the surroundings

in these areas, I got an agility+1 and Magic attack+1

in them. Around the corner you fight another mural.

Just a little bit ahead you will zone into Mural Town.


5.21 Mural Town


This place is kinda creepy....The murals here are living

and friendly. Talk to everyone, then head down the long

hall. You need to talk to the black thing in the middle

of the room here to unluck the door out. He tells an

amazing story and so the plot thickens.... When you are ready

go ahead and enter the next room at the end of the hall.

There are shpos here, so stock up on items you need. Use

the inn to heal, and buy some new accessories at the shop.

You should already have all the spells from your visit to

Talta village. Talk to the murals around the outside and the

thing in the center again. Take the door on the left first.

It leads to another room where you can activate a warp device.

Talk to the people around the room again and someone will

ask you how many mural cats are in the place. The answer is

8, but you actually need to go and press A on everyone of

them to get them to count. When you are finished talk to

the child again and tell him the answer. Go to the machine in

the center after and click on it to recieve level 3 anchor.

If you talk to the kid next to the warp device after you

activate it he looks surprized. Maybe if we come back later

something will happen. For now go back to the previous room

and contine down to the next area. You will recieve

another key item automatically, so take it. Talk to the

people in this room. As you are about to leave a mural

asks you to find him a shabby book which is located up ahead.

He also warns about a boss battle that will come as soon

as you exit, so make sure you save again and you are

prepared before stepping out again.


5.22 Mural Valley-East


As soon as you enter grab the chest on your right. As

soon as you head over the first bridge you will run into

another boss battle.

Boss Battle

Flame Raptor


lEVEL 20

sETUP:Default jobs

Another fairly easy boss. Keep hitting it with winda,

along with winda sword. Have Maru use his charged attack.

He does use fevor to power up after wind attacks, but

still he didn't get one attack off the whole battle with

all his powerups.

Keep heading forward till you can take a left over a bridge.

The bridge will fall, so fully explore the area as you make

your way around the circle. You will fight another mural.

Check out the grassy area. You recieve the shabby book

here, so run back and give it to the guy in mural town.

After you get the Level 3 Reflect from the mural head

back and go down the bridge this time. Go to your left

(If you are facing away from the bridge.)

to get a chest and cross the bridge into the grassy area.

Collect the items, then go back and to the right this

time. Kill two more murals for two more items. Cross over

the first bridge to your left. Kill two more murals on

your way forward, then cross the bridge on the right.

This bridge will fall now, so head back around the circle,

kill another mural and head down the bridge. After you

climb down, search the area, and head forward to The

Path to Jibral.


5.23 Road To Jibral


You can only head right starting out in this area.

The group decides to double back.... So save your game.

Boss Battle



Level 22

This is like another mini boss fight. You don't get the

cool battle music. The tigers are easy to kill. When

you fight Dullahan just use ground sword and ground

spells to throw him off balance. He will fall pretty

fast if you use this tactic.

You end up in camp with the villagers. There is one

chest to open here, so get the item. Go in a tent

and listen to Jiro, then head by the camp fire.

Warning: SAVE YOUR GAME!! It will automatically

give you the choice to do so. The reason is you

have a mini game coming up, and if you make it

through with no damage then you will unlock another

achievement. You will NOT get a perfect the first



Mini Game-Wagon Protection


Your job is to escort the wagon to Jibral, while

Big rats and tigers will attack. This is fairly

easy to get through in once piece. They will show

you on split screen when a monster appears. At this

time I recommend using encounter circle to both see

and to engage the enemies. Unless otherwise said, never

engage an enemy here without the encounter circle.

This will freeze things for a moment so that you can

see where enemies are, and how you can link them so

you sustain no damage if you want the achievement.

Even if you finish with 100% health because your

repair kits, this will not help obtain the achievement

unless you don't get hit once. Along the way you

need to destroy boulders that will be blocking your

path. The best way to do this, is play it until

you memerize it,then hope you get lucky. Good Luck!

(hint: The attack pattern is: rat is front, rat in

middle, then rat on left side and tiger on right side

in the middle(kill tiger first then work on the rat,

run to open the chest quickly, Knock over the boulders

in the path(right as you do the last of four boulders

the rats will appear immediately.)

one rat in front on left and one on right near middle

(take out rat in front first, then one in middle),

one tiger in front and one rat in the middle and one

rat in back (Wait around left side back to take out the

rat then the right middle rat. Last the front left

tiger) , one rat is front/right

side and one tiget on front/left side and one

rat is back on right side(This is the only one that

gave me problems over and over. After you knock

over the third boulder they will appear. Stay on the

front right side of the cart as you push it and

run straight backwards to hit the first rat. After

battle keep running back and hit the encounter circle

to kill another rat, then run though the middle of the

carts to get the tiger.) Lastly two rats in front.

(This is easy, just wait right in front and you

can link the two of them.))

It took me about 8 tries to get a perfect on this, but

I also didn't have this helpful little guide. If you

follow the directions above you will get the

achievement. After multiple tests these are the best

ways to engage the enemies. Yes, a little frustrating,

but the door at the beginning was more challenging than

this. Afterwards you get a cool c/s! Be prepared for a

battle. You need to fight a couple tigers. You will get

the boss battle music this time, but they are the same

as the tigers you fought on the trail.


5.24 Jibral


This town and the castle are very big. I am not going

to give a walkthrough of everything in this area. It

would be too much information. To do the following

it can take a full 1-2 hours. I will tell you certain

interest points, but that it about it. You really should

explore this city and the castle completely. Talk to every

person you come across for more background information.

Some people you will have a scene with when you aproach.

Check all the buildings, there is an accessory, spell,

and item shop. The spell shop has a great selection,

buy them all. One accessory shop you can not access yet.

Check the bookshelves in the town and castle. There are

many, many books about the wizard story and the robot

one. I think the wizard story goes from 4-16 here.

You check check all objects for additional items. As

you talk to people from the town you learn after you explore

you should go to the inn. Right past the inn is a bridge,

which if you go under you will find a person that collects

"nothing". Of course "nothing" refers to all the times

you examine things and got no items, so "nothing" appears.

At this point I had close to 300 nothings, and after this

area about 350. You will get 3-4 items for this. As you

enter the castle there is a warp device in front of you.

Activate it and head in the castle after fully exploring

the town. Make sure you check every room in the castle

too. When you are done exploring go exit the castle.

You will get a c/s with the king. After that walk up to

the king again for another c/s. After this talk to the

king and Zola each again. Seems that you need to head to

the lab. You should already know where this is, but if

you don't, it is the door on the left wall from where

you enter the interior of the castle. Check this area out,

then talk to Zola here. Choose to return to her quarters

with her for some more information. Finally time to

return to the inn. And so the ominous night began.....

You can an awesome c/s! Enjoy it while you can. You have

some more button mashing to do. It is fairly easy this time

around. When you pull the fortress all the way in you

recieve another achievement, so congratulations!


5.25 Flying Fortress Revisited


Ok, back again. It seems our goal is to take out the

eternal engines. First head down the stairs. There is one

chest in this area, so grab it. There is a long path you

can run down into a pitch black area. If you press A while

all the way against the wall here you will get the spell

shadowra. Head into the door to the right of the elevator.

Keep going throught the hall into another room with a chest.

The chest contains the elevator key. There is also another

chest in here with a level 4 spell you should grab. Next

head in the elevator and deeper whithin. This area is a

little confusing. I took a right at the beginning and entered

a room with a chest on the right here. Grab the chest and

head back out. Continueing to the right you run into a dead

end with a chest to open. Now head back to the elevator and

take a left this time. Head into the first door on your left.

Going straight is blocked by a lazer. In this room go through

the red lazer which calls a robot to battle. Kill it and head

through the door and in the next room take a left first

to grab another item. Finally head through the door straight

ahead in to the Central Shaft. Zola will deactivate 1 of 6

eternal engines in this area.

Now exit this hall. Remember where the blue lazer was

blocking the path? Good, take a left when you exit the

hall to go deeper in the fortress this way. Enter this

first door on your left for an item. Continue down the

hall and into another door at the end. There are a bunch

of mobs in this room. Kill them all and explore. Head

through the only other door you can exit from now. Be

prepared for another boss battle.

Boss Battle

Silent ku


Level 24

Jobs: Default job skills, Shu and Maru- Generalist

Jiro-Shield, Kluke-

This guy uses guns to attack and he is the hardest

boss thus far, at least to me. He is not especially

strong or challenging, just tougher than the

others we have fought up till now. He has a multi-hit

move that can cause some major damage. Sometimes

in the range of 150-200 hp. Keep hitting him with

watera and watera sword. Maru should charge attack.

Use Jiro to heal up the party as needed. He goes

into Gunman(sp??) pose after a while, he will

counter all attack in this mode. Try not to

charge past when his next turn will come because

of this. It can become a problem if you don't.

Wait until he uses an attack against you again before

you hit him. He also has an all area lazer attack that

can cause 100-150 point of damage to all the

characters. If you use this strategy you will be fine

and he will go down easy enough.

Head through the door and deactivate another engine.

The lazer will disengage and you can head through the

other door now. You will hit another checkpoint and

face another battle.

Boss Battle

Turbulent Mai


All I can say is finally some tough battles.

This guy is like a samurai. The first attack I used

watera and he hit back with turbulence which switches

all the characters formation. You will have to spend

your first round fixing it. So try hitting with

shadowa and shadowa sword. Shadow seems to cause

major damage to him. His attacks do 100+ damage,

so watch out and heal often. He will fal quickly

if you keep this up.

Head through the door and deactivate another engine.

Halfway there... Back in the other room, exit the now

unblocked door. Go in the door on the right and fight

two groups of robots. Enter the door straight ahead

for two more chests. Back in the hallway you can only

go one way, the other is blocked by a lazer. You will

enter a room with a much needed save point and healing

machine. Head out the door to the left of the save point.

Fight the robot here and enter the next room. Yet

another engine you deactivate. Back in the room with

the save point you enter another boss battle.

Boss battle

Heat-wave Sai


Level 25


The guy isn't too tough. Hit him with winda and

Winda Sword. After a while he will start holding

bombs in his hand. Attack his hand with flara

and flara sword to damage him. If you don't do

this he will attack with multiple bombs and

cause 150-200 damage to all characters. After

you kill him remember to heal up and save


Head back to where the lazer was and continue

down that hall. Go into the first door on the right,

trip the lazer and grab the chest. Fight the robot

on the way out and head further down the hall.

Head left into the next door. Open the chest there.

Go down the hall to a dead end and open a chest.

Head back and take a right into another door.

You will zone into a room with a teleporter.

Run down the ramp and save your game. Another

checkpoint and another boss battle.

Boss battle

Raging Kesu


Level 25


Use shadowa and shadowa sword again. His attacks

are very fast, but extremely weak. He falls


One more eternal engine down and one more to

go. You need to split up at this time. Don't

worry, Zola takes one way and you take the other.

Save your game here. You enter a hall with three

lazers. I actually managed to run through the first

and third one without tripping them. You just need to

time it right. Even if you hit them just keep running

and exit. Be ready for another fight.

Boss Battle



Level 25


Kill the robots first with attacks and spells like

watera. Concentrate on Szabo after with shadowa and

shadowa sword again. Charge up with maru and keep

pounding away. Szabo will fall before long, and that

is the end of him. Again make sure you SAVE YOUR

GAME!! You can unlock another achievement now.

Time for another mini-game.


5.26 Mechat Mini-game


This game can be difficult or easy depending on your

skill. I tryed easy mode first and completed it with

no damage, but I did not recieve the achievement. If

you just want to continue the story then go for easy

and you should have no problem. If you want the

achievement it will be a little tougher on normal.

The main difference is on easy the gun does not

overheat and on normal it does. So on normal you need

to fire a little and stop for a little. If you overheat

you will not get a perfect. Pressing B will also fire

missiles. These do way more damage than the machine gun,

so fire missle whenever you have a clearing to. In

fact I recommend only using the machine gun to shoot

down missiles and air mines. You should use the missles

to attack Nene himself. The missile refills come quick

enough that you should not run out of them. If you

do it will only be for a second, so just fire the

machine gun at him while you have to. His attack pattern

is front, then back, after he will appear on your left

side, from here he will rotate between left and right

until he takes enough damage. Another c/s, then

he will be in front of you attacking again. Keep

pounding at him and he will fall shortly. It only

took me three tries on normal to get a perfect and

the achievement. Congratulations on a job well



5.27 Jibral Castle


When you have control talk to the guy to your

left and you will get a special card to enter Cafe

Jibral. One of the other soldiers across the room

will give you another special cards. Search all of

the tables. Talk to Zola when you are ready to continue.

Congratulations you just made it to disc number2!!:)


5.28 Jibral Town


Back into the town you are told to talk to all the

people again for maybe some rewards....So around

the city once again to talk to everyone, it sucks,

but you do get some great items. You can go into

the Cafe now and also buy things from the other

accessory shop. Make sure you stop in all the

houses for new items too. The spell has an updated

list, you should buy everything. Your special cards

you can trade in at the cafe. The street vendors

will give you items as well as the other people.

Stop by the vase shop to pick up something to give

the chief of lago village. Talk to the "nothing"

guy again. I just hit over 400 and got yet another

item for the collection. Go to the inn when you

are ready to continue on. It seems you now need

to make a ring for Kluke. This is a fun little


Ok, so let me explain something about this. You

should read the tutorial first. Here is how it works.

You start by buying a gem. Now lets say you by the

100 gold one first. You will have left over powder.

The powder will be worth 80 gold, so you will have

80 left. Now say you bought the 20 gold one first,

you would already have 80 gold left and with the

powder you would gain another 100 gold, leaving you

with 180 gold to continue useing. It is up to you how

you want to make the ring. But after the first gem,

the more stats you lose by combinding, the more

money you gain. I have seen Jiro gain 1200 gold

from using a gem that wiped out his stats. Next time

he can by a higher costing gem though with better

stats. In the end even it out as you want. I made

sure my magic attack and attack where maxed out.

Kluke is a blm for me, so MA was something I absolutaly

needed. On another note, maxing out attack gives about

10-15 more to attack, but maxing out magic attack

can give you 150+ to your attack. Same with defense

and magic defense. Even maxed out these stats add

about 10-15 more. You can even get hp and mp+,

but I am not sure how this is determined. I am

positve there is no way to make a perfect ring.

So concentrate on what you want most, and if you

don't like it start over. By the way, you get to

keep and equip both rings. Have fun with it.


5.29 Lago Village


We are going to take a little side trip, because

I messed up earlier and we have things to do here.

First if you have the vase from Jibral, go back

and give it to the chief, in return he will give

you 99 of them?? Next he will unlock all of the

locked chests in this town so you can get the

items. Lastly check in all the houses now. There

are alters in most houses and shops. Visit all

six alters and Maru will tell you to go into

the town hall. Go to the alter there and you

will get a fire ring for your effort. Ok, that

is it for now. Warp back to Jibral and time to

move forward.


5.30 Jibral castle


When you teleport back there will be a cute

girl near you. Talk to her and go to the cafe

with her. In here a customer says something

about designer vases being popular before. I am

not sure what to do with them yet. Talk to the

guy at the counter to telot sure what this does

yet either, but exit the city afterwards. It's

time to get going.


5.31 Jibral Highlands


Monster Fight!


Cockatrice--->bug things


On the cliff by the castle you get a chest. There

are a lot of mobs in this area. They pop all over.

Fight to gain some more ranks and levels, or at

least make sure you kill one of each new enemy

for your monster dictionary thing...Use winda on

the flying foes and grounda on the land foes. And

holy crap, I don't know if it's grounda itself or

my new ring with magic attack 150+, but grounda

is doing 500+ on enemies in this area. BLM is not

even my job at this point I have it switched to

support magic.:o If you run south you will find

two more chests by the Mountain. Follow the mountains

to the right if you are facing them. You will find

a few more chests in site over there. Now head back

by the castle and if you are facing south head over

to your left. Another chest here on the peninsula

shaped thing here. Then head south following the

ocean. This long path leads to exile forest,

there are two chests on this path.

(You should really visit the Gorgo Village through

Exile Forest. It is an optional area, but getting

there isn't tough. Please look in the Side Quest

Section below for instructions.Not to mention there

is another warp device to activate there.)

On your way back you will see the same

chest on the cliff by the entrance to the path.

Collect this one now. ok, time to start making

our way to the next area. Facing south from the

castle you want to go right. You are going to the

dirt road type area. The monsters are even tougher

in this area, so if you really want gold and

some levels this is the place for now. Shadowa

seems to work best against the orange grunts.

When you come to a fork in the road, head left

to grab two chests, then turn and go the other

way. Stick to the right side for yet another chest.

Just keep sticking to the right and you will find

all the chests until you finally reach Laser Fields.

I would recommend level outside for a while though.

The experience is great and it shouldn't take to

long. I was level 29 when I entered Laser Fields.


5.32 Laser Fields


Activate the warp device right away. Just entering

this area you can already tell it is going to be a

pain in the @$. It is more open then the areas

we have been to lately. These purple things pop

out of the ground then continue to fly and attack

you...They are easy to kill though. One hit from

a physical attacker. Go down the little hill and

kill the crab things on the right for a chest.

Move forward and kill the bear in the way for

another chest. Now come out of that area and go

to the left side of the hill if you are facing

down to fight some purple things and get another chest.

Go to the three way intersection you can see. First

take a right and get the chest, then head up the middle

path to grab another chest. Now back and take the

left path up. At this intersection take another

left to grab 3 chests. Go to the other direction.

Now you need to fight three prye-rats. One grounda

attack will finish each group off. You will get a c/s

at the top of this hill. What the hell is going

on??? This is where things get interesting. If

seems a "Death Star" is trying to kill you. You

HAVE to keep moving, the hits from it only drain

hp, but many can be damage and they keep firing.

This part is going to be funny, irritating, and

everything else inbetween. Run to the left quick

and grab the chest, then follow the cliff down

quickly to another one. If you head to the right

you can get another chest. Then go to the path the

two rats are protecting and kill them. They both

lead over into the same area. Try to make your way

to the left top of this area to grab two chests,

while dogding rats and beams. Then take the upper

path over to another chest and then keep heading

left and up to fight a centipede.Hit the centipede

with watera and he will die fast.The beams will stop

chasing you in this area for now. They start up

again right after the battle.

In this area head up to the top and look for the two

land crabs and grab the chest right in between them.

Then head back down to the bottom and around. Grab

the chest, then run back up where you will see two

more chests. One is in the cave, then over to the

next area. Finally you get another c/s and you

made it to safety!


5.33 Baroy Town


This town is small and easy to explore, so enjoy

the break while you can. To your left is a chest.

Start with the building on the right, the inn, and

make your way around. In the houses you can read

many of the robots stories here. There is a warp

device to activate over on the right side of this

area. Visit all the houses saving the big one in the

middle for last. At the store make sure you equip

negotiations if you have it. All items will be 50%

off, this will save mega money. You can buy new spells,

accessories, and some good items. Do not bother buying

mega medicine anymore. If you buy medicine instead

which sells for 30 gold(15 with 50% 0ff) compared to

mega medicines for 100 gold. The reason I say this is

because one of the robots iin this town will turn

you medicine into mega medicine for FREE! You can

only do one at a time, but still you save a lot of

gold. If fact if you gave the patients, this is

one of them tricks on how to make UNLIMITED GOLD!!

When you are ready continue through the door in

the middle to the temple. You get a scene here,

when finished head through the door next to the warp

device. Talk to the robots in this area to find out

you can get rid of all the blue barriers that have been

in the way. Head back to the temple and through

the left door. Another battle awaits!

Boss Battle

Blazing Kirin


Level 29

Setup: Shu-swm, Zola-Generalist, Jiro-support, kluke-blm


This guy takes some strategy to beat. Everyround attack

with watera from your mages first. This will extinguish

the flames on Kirin. Watera sword will not work so

don;t even try to hit him with it unless his flames

are already out. After you can attack with a melee.

If you don't cast watera first he will counterattack

every time. As soon as his flames come back do this again.

His counterattack is called Blazing Pillar and will to

80-100 damage to one character. Is you use flara or any

fire attack it will heal him.So make sure you stay away

from this. His hind-leg attack only does 15 damage, but

also stuns one of the heroes. He has an AOE, but it only

does about 30-60 damage. Keep it up and it will be over

soon. Congratulations all the blue barriers in the

world are unlocked!

I don't have a list of all the barriers that are unlocked

yet, but as I go on and Find them, I will give you the

locations at the end of this walkthrough. Get the chests

in this room and head back to the place by the warp

device to grab more items from examining the area in

there. There is also a new item, accessory, and spell

shop in there from the robots you freed. The spell

shop and item shop have exectionally great things.

Make sure negotiation is equipped and load up on

everything that you need. I wouldn't recommend the

unlimited gold trick above( as it takes to long,

and also it is quicker to kill enemies for gold

while you level too), but it you are a little short

on cash, go ahead. I only use this trick to save

money on buying mega medicine myself. Head through

the door near the new spell shop.


5.34 Underground River


Monster Fight!


Visage Viper--->Kelolon


This is area simple to navigate. The path only goes

one way, so you can't really get lost. Open the chests

on your way and kill some mobs. The Kelolon are easy

foes that will flee from you. Just like you did with the

wolves at the beginning, you should back attack as many

of these as possible. We want to make sure by the end

of the game we hit 100 back attacks for another

achievement. The snakes in this area have an attack that

will turn you into a kelolon, but your whm should have

cure kelolon spell to take care of this. If not you will

return to normal right after the battle anyways. One

regular ground attack will kill all the kelolons to make

the battles easier. If you take control of a Viper

with the Assassin's Control you can wipe out the whole

enemy party with tempest. Watch out because very soon

you will run into MOON BEAMS again!! Ok, now this is

getting old very fast... At least we know we are on our

way to shut these damn things off. The area is only very

small here so keep moving foward and they will stop. as you

come across the path ahead you will notice a bunch of kelolon

right below you. The perfect place to continue your assault on

them.:) When the path split stay on the upper part to get a

chest, then go back and down the lower part. Again go straight

to get a chest then take the left you past. Go kill all the

kelolon in the way for another chest and go up the little ramp.

Follow the path around the corner and you will see another

chest on a cliff which you should get. Go back down that

little ramp for another chest on the path going down. Then

back up again and follow the path forward. You should have

managed to hit level 30 with everyone by now, so

congratulaions on unlocking another job! You see a save

point ahead so save your game. If you are facing the save

point you can head left or right. Head right up the path

first to enter Kelolon heaven. There is a blue barrier

in the way but if you take it out, you can go in and

continue to get your back attack count way up! They are

going to start fleeing so run right up and keep attacking

one after the other. If you want to try another

achievement try linking ten groups together, they are

fast so I stuck with back attack, but you may be able to

pull it off here. Anyways kill as many as possible and

grab the two chests. Head back to the save point and the

other direction this time. You will run into toripo again.


5.35 Ancient Factory


Monster Fight!


Gnashing Imp Trap--->Fireworks Rat

Gnashing Imp Trap--->Fat Pack Rat

(Hover Claxon can use Reflect, be carefully before casting.)


Ok. yet another Ancient place. You will be thrown in to

fight with some new robots that have shields. You can

NOT beat these guys. After your first hit on them flee

from the battle. You must avoid all the robots with

shields in this area. The other ones you can fight and

beat but not them. In this half on the room there

are two chests to grab. Do so, and then climb the stairs

to grab another chest and head back over them. Now run

like hell to the left and you will see some red arrows

on the ground. Run up the steps and the conveyor belt

will bring you to the other side. Go to the upper right

to grab another chest, then Head in the bottom left

door, the other has a field inside it. In this new hall

take your first left and then left again to see two chests

right there. If you go through the door on the left there,

it will take you back into the first room and you can ride

the belt back to where you started. If you don't want to

go there turn around and go through the other door across

from you. You will put in a fight the minute you enter.

You can grab some chests after the battle. You get a much

needed spell here and you get a chance to restore hp and

mp. there is also a save point so enjoy. When yo are ready

head through the other door. This area connects to the

other door in the hallway we came from so don't worry about

going around that way. Keep going straight, because

going to the right will only land you in more needless

battles. Ahead you go in to some double doors into a huge

circular room. Remember watera and watera sword on the robots

to cause some huge damage. In the center you can get two chests.

Fight here if you want some experience or rank point and then

head up the stairs and the ramp when you want to continue.

Rats will pop in front of you so be ready to fight as

you climb. At the top something is amiss...There are a

bunch of robots but they seem turned to stone and the

only thing moving is a rat. Kill it and and the robot

he was in front of will come to life! The robots all

come to life in a certain order. So run around fighting

the ones that come to life until you kill them all. MAKE

SURE YOU DO THIS!!! a chest will appear after this with

Mystery Part Beta after! Finallt we have the second part.

As you run up the next ramp a Jumbo Ghost will appear. Use

Shina and shina sword, he is not hard to beat. Ahead you

will fight a broken barrier robot, kill it to got the

broken barrier device and head though the door to exit.

As soon as you exit you get a c/s. Just run around in

side the barrier for a while and the story will continue.

After this you need to go up to the barrier and choose to

shut it off in order to continue on.


5.36 Ancient Prison-moat


Ok, so they didn't come up with the most original names

in the game. I mean come on this is the 4-5 "ancient"

place we have been so far. At least the dungeons and

background is beautifully down. The naming convention

is really starting to suck though... Anyways examine the

cell and soon you will be out. Check all six cells in this

little area. You can't let Jiro out yet, but talk to him

anyways. Activate the warp device in one of the cells.

There are a few chests to grab here and some rats to kill.

The fights area easy because you are solo. As soon as you

press A to open the cell, press X immediatly after and you

will get the first strike on the rats. You should kill

them both before they can even attack. Save your game back

at your cell.

Continue through the big door at the end when you are ready.

As soon as you enter the next room you will fight the robot

here and he will drop the dungeon key. Go back and let Jiro

out of his cell. Exit "D-block, mighty mighty D-block" and

use watera sword on any robots you encounter to kill them

with a single hit. In this area run to the right and you will

see a switchboard with red and blue lights. Examine it twice

and then head all the way down the hall and enter the door

on the right. In the first cell here to the right is a ghost

that will appear, and whether you attack it or it attacks

you, this ghost will cast zephrus on the party to heal them

and he will flee from battle. You can not kill this ghost

and he will be there again and again. Check the rest of the

cells to release Marumaro and Zola. You can get some more

chests and fight a copper poo snake. It seems Kluke is being

held in a different area. Head back out into the hall and

run back to the red and blue switchboard and examine it again.

You will notice that all of the lights are turned on and they

will mention that is seems to have something to do with the

middle cells. This one actually took me a minute to figure

out. Then I began to realize that red obviously means stop

and blue probably means go. So I went back to the cells and

noticed that only thing you can really do is open or close

them. So close all of the cell doors on both sides except

for the cells right in the center on both the left and the

right. This will do the trick and you can continue. Right

after the door you are forced into another battle. Head forward

to fight some more robots after. You come to a T intersection

ahead. Take a right and make sure you go into the door down

this end first. All that is here, is a chest with a white

barrier, but at least you know the location for next time.

Head back into the other hall and head down to the left end

this time to enter the door. After a few steps you will get

a c/s and it's time for battle!! Save your game before

you near Nene, because you have the choice to. There is

a save point of the side of you. Enjoy the new battle

music, it is kinda cool. Like a bad @$ rock song in

slow motion, real slow, but still great. Take out the

group of robots. With no black magic rely on Mow Down

and charged monk attacks to damage everyone. Shina is also

great if you don't want to wait for 8 robots to keep

attacking over and over. The first group will fall and now

it's time for the second. Things are not looking good....


The Chase is on Mine-game


Thime to run like hell and dodge robots coming at you.This

can be either hard or easy. SUrprizingly you can get close to most

robots where it may look like you are going to hit them but

manage to squeeze right through. Try to avoid as many battle

as possible. When I got close to the robot I hit A. I am

not sure if it is automatic or if you need to do this, so

do it anyways. The robots you hit you need to fight. This

only has two rounds and is over very quickly.




This place is very wide open and has no set direction in which

to travel. This will make it somewhat annoying, but not bad.

Enemy encounters are numerous here so level up while you can.

First off you should head to your right to look for some

chests.You can enter back into the prison from over on this

side. After you scope the area out, go back to where you started

and head left. The is towards the red arrow on the compass.

You will see a town with a green barrier, but do not enter yet.

If you enter you can not escape. Grab the two chests you see

on the cliffs and then head up the higher ground by the town.

You will see a bridge you can cross if you would like to go

over the gorge and collect one more chest. Again battles

are still numerous so get ranks up and do what you gotta do

here. I word of advice, Kluke will be gone for a little while.

This would be an excellent opportunity to level Jiro as a

black mage too. Only do this if your ranks for whm, generalist,

and either support or barrier mage is high enough. If you

can get blm rank high enough, it would be nice to set blm

as another skill when you go to whm again. It will give Jiro

I little something more to do than sit around waiting to heal

allies. Enter the town when you are finally ready to.


Pachless Town


You can not exit this town once you enter it. Once you enter

you will talk to Daveela. Run around the city and examine

everything that you can. Buy what you need from the accessory

and item shop. Check behind some houses for chests and a nearby

warp device to activate. When you are done scoping out the

city, head back to the entrance and talk to Daveela. After

the scene the villagers are not very friendly towards you.

Head up to the blue house which belongs to the village elder.

It seems they had a not so nice run in with Nene. Had

back and talk to Daveela again to try smahing the barrier with

magic again. It doesn't work. Some scenes will play and it

will be dark out. You notice a blue light behind the elders

house. Head back to the house and go up to the elders room which

is now unlocked. Examine the vase in the room ti fund a control

panel. Hit the switch on it and head back downstairs to find

another door unlocked, go though it and head outside. Enter the

capel to here another story. Next head down the latter to the

Underground Pachless Town.


Underground Pachless Town


Follow the path until you come into a larger room. In this room

head left to grab a chest first. Go up the steps located by here

and grab another chest. Now head over to the right side of the

room. Go up another set of stairs to grab another chest. Next head

on the conveyor belt in this room and ride it. In thie next

part ride the belt again. Hit the switch here and ride another

belt back to the beginning. Now head through the other door in

this room. Run to the end for a chest and hop on the conveyor

belt. When you get off there is a switch you can hit if you want

to go back again. Head through the door into the next area.

Follow the path around through another door and be ready for

another boss battle.


Boss Battle

Scything Skull Spider


Level 34

Setup: Shu-SWM,Jiro-BLM,Maru-GEN, Zola-ASN

There are two ways to fight this boss. You can either hit the helmet

untill it dissappears and then hit the monsters head for some

good damage. Otherwise you can do what I did and just attack the

body and forget about the helmet. You will still do good damage

to the body and the boss will still fall fast.He has an attack

that will kill a party member four turns after he casts it.

I had the spell cast on me and the boss was dead before it took

effect. In the middle of the battle the boss will use a move that

summons four skeletons. Just use watera or some other wide area

attack to kill them and bring the focus back to the boss. This

is not too hard, good luck!


After the battle choose not to leave. Head through the next door

and down the hall. You will get a very nice ring here that you

can equip. You will also notice a white barrier door here. Now

head all the way back to the beginning and out. Back in town

you will be controling Maru. Put the device in the machine and

watch the c/s. The Town is now free! Stay at the inn and run around

checking out areas that were blocked before. You can now get some

new chests. There are two up by the pond side by side, another behind

the items shop, and a last one by where the cows were by the ponds.

While still in control of MaruMaro you can leave the town.


Canyone-East again


Head to your right to see a large stone that towers high. The moon

lasers will blast it down making a path avross the canyon. The

elder returns and you get the Green device. Go across the stone

and head left to grab a chest. This area is very big and can be

confusing. Back at the pillar head straight for another chest.

Keep heading straight ignoring the big cliff to the left for

another chest. Keep going straight for another chest and go up

the cliff to the right and to the end for another chest. Now

head back to the end of this cliff and go up the other one in front

of you. You will be on a high cliff overlooking the ocean where you

can grab another chest. You will also see a chest on a lower cliff

so make your way there now. Now you need to follow this huge

penesula area to the left fully exploring for a couple more chests

you will come across. You will notice darker ground area where

there are some mobs waiting there. Do not go near these yet, we

are going to explore some more. To the south of this area there

are a bunch more chests to grab. You may need to open the world

map by selecting warp to understand just how big this area is and

how you should explore. On a snow path over this way the will see

a bunch of robots. You might just be able to get your 10 fight

encounter achievement here. I managed to link 8 of them, but then

gave up. I will come back later and try. There is this giant blue

thing circling the area here. If you run into it you will enter a

new area the Mecha Base.We don't need to go here yet so wait. When

you are ready go back up to the northwest, we are looking for a giant

crater surrounding by robots and horse things with very big guns.

When you near it you will enter the area. SAVE YOUR GAME FIRST!! THIS


WARNING to learn more about it! Catch Kluke by hitting A at the right

time here. Then you will get a c/s.


Nene's Fortress


Ok, now I said the moon lasers look like a certain something from

"Star Wars", but calling this that would be much more accurate. I

would use the term, but while I was checking out another faq about

achievements I noticed someone copied the term I used earlier. So

I don't get blamed for plaigerism(sp?) I am not going to use the

term here even though they probably took it from my walkthrough.

(Thanks goes out to D Drake for correcting the "Catch Kluke"

and "don't get stomped by the mechanical osterish" achievements!)




Now there are quite a few achievements coming up, so I will let

you know as we go. The first achievement is "rescue Kluke from

falling" You can do this, but it is a bit tricky. You need to hit

the A button exactly on time and you need to be very quick about

it. Keep trying and eventually you will get it! Now there are four

more that deal with this area and they are: "Reach Nene before the

bomb goes off", get a "perfect on moon laser mini-game, and

"Remove the collar from choking Kluke." The last

is "not being stomped on by Osterish machine??" I don't know the name

of it but you need to press A fast enought that you don't get stomped

on and the battle menu comes up and you can flee. You need to do this

on the first try, if you try again, even if you don't get stomped

you will not get an achievement. So get it right the first time

or restart again.

Ok, now for the strategy. An hour is still plenty of time. The timer

will stop if: you enter a battle, when you are saving at a save

point, if you heal at the healing machine, and lastly I assume c/s.

(Not sure if we will see any yet. If you need to walk away from your

xbox, just hit the controller button to bring up your gamertag and

status info. This place consists on many floors, 5 to be exact.

1St floor


After the save and heal machine head to your first left. You can get

a chest at each end here. After you get them head over the path to

the right and continue straight through a door to the 1st floor

sand chamber. Ride the lift over and be ready for a boss battle.

Boss battle

Land Shark A/B


Level 36


The land shark seems to take a lot of damage from watera and watera

sword. You will get a message saying it is cooling down when you

hit it with water, so keep doing it. His attacks can do 150-200

damage to a single target or to all targets so watch out. After

a while he will transform into Land Shark B. Use the same attacks

and it won't last long.


2nd Floor


A teleporter will appear after you kill it. Take it up to the

second floor. I have about 45 minutes at this time, but I have

been typing this while playing. So I think I am going to hold

off an typing for a while. Again there is a save point and a healing

machine, so use them. Head through the door and it is set up the

same way, so do the same thing as last time. To the left you get the

spell regenera. So make sure you search for it. You will get the

spell resistus at the other end. Cross the bridge to the right to

run into another chest and head for the exit. You will fight a few

monsters on the way there. When you head through the door you

enter the 2nd floor Storm chamber and time for another fight!

Guess who it is?? Never thought we would see this guy again.

Boss Battle



Level 37


Well here we go, a little bit of a challenge for a fight this

time around. First you have to fight Sai, Ku, Mai, and Kesu.

I told out Sai first, the guy with the bombs. He has a lot

of health, but he also has an attack that can hit everyone for

150 damage alone. Use watera sword and especially watera to hit

all targets. After that you can really focus on any order you

want. The rest fall easy and should not be a problem as long

as you keep your white mage healing constantly. Zola as an

assassin with her double attack hits for 500-600 damage alone.

Watera will do about 500 all about the front and watera sword

the same to one target. Ku will obviously be your last target.

Kill him and be ready for Szabo.

First take out Szabo's cannons. They only have about 500-550 hp.

It should take much to destroy all of them. Only 1-2 rounds should

be dedicated to that. Make sure you cast regenera, Szabo can put

out some major damage to all targets. Again use watera for the cannons

and for Szabo himself. He is strong, but I have faith that you

can take him down. With Szabo dead I think we can be sure that he

won't be back this time! I kinda feel bad for him.


3rd Floor


Another save point and heal machine. SAVE YOUR GAME ON A

DIFFERNT FILE!! You have another achievement coming up and

it is going to be a pain to get a perfect on. Damn moon!

Just follow the path around. You will be made to fight some

robots which guard the way. Take the Second path to the

right to grab the spell level 6 cure-all! Now go back to the

other side . Head all the way down on the left to grab another

chest. Now head across and contine to exit the room into the

3rd Floor Moon Chamber.

Mini-Game Moon Laser


No boss on this floor, but another achievement to get!

This one is another pain. The good thing? You hit a

checkpoint when you enter the room. So if you get hit

once or screw up just let yourself die and you can

continue right here.

Now to get the achievement you must play on normal.

So what the pain about this min-game. Not only can

you not get hit once, but you must also never hit

the moons when there shields are up. In other words

if you hit for 0 damage start over!

Ok, now for the game iteself. You start out nice

and simple. Only the right most moon attacks at

first. So keepyour target on it at all times. Charge

your attack by holding down the button and when it

starts charging fire at it. These moons like to do

quick flips where they don't fire sometimes. This

is why you should always wait till you see the yellow

charging. After the first one is destroyed you must

take out the other two. This part is easy so I leave

it up to you. Sometimes the moons will power up and

start flipping and firing faster. At this time do not

charge your attacks at all unless you are confident

enough to make it. When this ends you go to the other

side and more and harder moons!

This is the hard side that will annoy you and you will

be doing this over and over because of it. At first keep

firing at the moons as they charge. The hard part comes

when the first moon goes down. All three moons power

up and fire rapidly and faster. The only thing that

should give you a real problem is when all three moons

charge at once. You need to tap fire hit over tap fire

hit over and tap fire as fast as possible.Now even this

part with enough practice is not too bad. It might take

a couple tries but thats it. Now the extremely hard part

that will have you cursing and throwing **** around. Two

moons left, you think this would be easier, but you

are very very wrong. With two moons left you can keep

control fairly easy when only one of them is firing, but

the trouble is when both go to fire at the same time.

They both flip and right after you hit the fist, and by

the time you hit the second it's already fired at you.

It would be simple if you could keep firing, but remember

you can't score a 0 damage hit to get a perfect. There is

no real way around this, but pray you are fast enough.

(Hint: There is some order to them, I am just not fast

enough to right them down and try it. For the second set

of moons if you number them 1 2 3 4 from left to right

then 2 will attack first and 1 will attack second. This

should let you get some major damage on them from charging

right aty the beginning. Moon number 1 always seems to attack

the most and be destroyed first. If you can try to spread

damage by not charge attacking numer 1, but charging any

of the other two moons as quick as possible you may be able

to destroy the first one with major damage already on the

two others. How does this help? Well if you can get rid

of the other two shortly after the first, you might be able

to get around some of the powered up attacks they do

conseculatively. About 20 times later and following my

advice about learning how to space the damage out, I did

it! Congratulations on another achievement!


4th Floor


Ok, With all that said and done I have abour 25 minutes left

on the timer for the last two floors. K follow the path to

the left and grab level 5 erase. Continue forward and follow

the path to the right. Go straght again fighting some

more robots. After a few more corners you find another chest

with the extractus spell inside. Continue on and outside

for another boss battle.

Boss Battle

Jumbo Mecha Robot


Level 38


Yes, another robots battle. You know what to do. Keep hitting

it with watera and watera sword. Keep your white mage healing

at all times. This guy can cause some major damage. After a

while the robots loses it head and about 8 little robots come

out. These guys can be a pain. Everytime you attack one it

counters. If you use magic that hits 4 of them, then the

four will counter attack that one person. So plan carefully.

The first time the head popped off I killed three of the

eight robots and the thing died. Making this the easier

battle yet for me. Hopefully you get this lucky otherwise

it may take a while.


5th Floor


Take the first left to grab a treasure chest. You will get

the spell level 5 healus, thank you! Go back and move forward,

to the left another for another chest. You get another spell,

level 5 reflectus. Go back continue forward and go left for

another chest containing Level 5 paralyze. Finally head back,

go forward, to the left again, Grab the chest containing

Level 5 Max HP up! Head out of this room. Get ready for another

boss fight.

Boss Battle



Level 38


This battle is not tough at all. Just defend and listen to what

you need to do. I recommend hitting all the robots with shina.

It won't do any damage and it will stun them all so you don't

have to wait while they attack. When Yasato is trying to take

control of his body attack the weapon he is holding. It seems

the sweeper??? is controling him. After 2-3 hits to the sweeper

the battle will end.


Ok so the timer has stopped already and you made it! Congratulations

if you made it to this point you just unlocked another achievement

too. You "made it to Nene before the timer ran out". Now it is

time to get yet another achievement. For this one you need to

get the collar off of Kluke. You will get on screen displays

about what to do. To make it simple though, press down on the

left analog stick and rapidly tap the button that shows on the

screen. You will switch back and forth bettween the characters,

and when the characters switch so do the buttons to press. So

make sure before you start that you know where each button is

on the controller. This is not hard at all. Y



See told you it was simple, congratualtions on another

achievement. Now this part is tricky, I read somewhere

you can get another achievement by not getting stomped

by this machine that is coming up. I did this many

times and finally I made it through without being stomped

on, but it didn't give me an achievement. So this means

that the site was either wrong or we are going to have

another encounter with this thing and we need to do it

again. Either way I am not to sure yet and any information

would be appreciated. This is a little easier than the door at

the beginning but is still a pain in the @$. If you

get stomped on just once, give up and let yourself

die by being stomped on some more. You can click try

again and it will let you start this game right from

under the orstirches foot. Another congratualtions for

finishing the second disc!!!!


Devour Village


Something just doesn't look right about thie place. Search

the old ladys house for items. Then run behind it to activate

the warp device. This town reminds me of Halloween Town from

that Tim Burten movie. Make your way around the village.

Examine everything for items and gold. There are a few

chests hidden around. You can go to the spell, item, and

accessory shop. You should already have all of the spells

you can buy here. Head behind the accessory and item shop

to find the rest of the party. next run over to the save

point for a c/s. Run up to the tree now and press A to

enter a fight. You can not win this fight. So let Shu

die and wake up in the old lady's house again. Head back

outside, Head to the save point to learn to visit the inn.

Kluke has collasped! After the scene talk to the inn

keeper and head up the hill. Now this part is awesome.

Mash the buttons and get ready for a fight. Tension

takes a new part in this battle. After you attack to

much it will say tension is full. Right above attack

choose corpeall and watch what happens!! After the scene

at the inn head up to the tree and fight again.

Boss Battle



Level 38


Not really much you can do in this fight with only Shu

having a shadow. Defend with all the other characters

unless using a healing item, curing a status ailment,

or hitting the hands to they move and Shu can attack.

Shu should just keep using Flarus sword to cause

some major damage. The boss likes to use paralyze and

poison so make sure you heal them right away, especially

on Shu. Without him you aren't going to get anywhere.

After you beat him head to the exit of the town for

another scene and then leave.


Devour Forest


Start by heading foward and opening the chest thats

there. Examine the black pedastal near by which you

will need a part to activate. Continue further down

the path. It kinda sucks that only Shu has the shadow

ability, but enemies are not very tough here. This

crazy thing pops out ofthe ground ahead and screams

attacting four groups of Skimmers. Shu's move mow

down and usually take out a whole line of enemies

in one blow. Ok, so the thing mimics grass, be on the

look out for grass/brush coming out of the ground.

Walk forward a little and it will show you a few

treasure chests. As you near them a ghost will appear.

Kill the ghosts and grab the three chests in this area.

One has a key item you will now bring back to the

black stone thing. After you do the tree roots on the

side will disappear and you can continue forward. Open

the two chest and you find Toripo right around the

corner. After you buy what you want head down the left

path to open some more chests. One has the spell level

6 curse! This area is a small circle. SO run around

it to see another black pedastal and the other paths

you can take. You can see some new roots blocking the

way so head down the only other path you haven't yet.

You will get a c/s. At the end of this path take

a right and examine the area for two more chests.

Then head back and go the other direction. There is a

fork in the road up ahead. Take a right first for

another chest and continue up to find another chest.

A ghost will appear in front of it again. Kill it and

grab the item for the pedastal. You will see another

chest near here, if you go near it another screaming

thing will pop and call monsters. Kill it grab the

chest and head back to the fork. Take the left path

this time to head back up and grab a mirror necklace.

Now finally back to the black pedastal to activate it

and go into the area where the roots detracked. You

exit the forest!


Giant Snow Fields


Head straight to grab a chest up on a cliff and you

will spot another chest under you. Go around and grab

it then follow the path in the snow forward. You will

see another chest right on your right if you follow

it. Move forward some more and you will spot another

chest straight ahead, grab it and you should see a

second one too. Keep following the path and it will

split. Head to the left and back first to go on a

cliff and collect two chests here. Go back and continue

left and up and around because the path is a circle.

Make sure to check out the right side for a chest.

Continue to follow the path and you will come around

anarea you can enter, but wait to do so. Keep following

the path untill it splits left and right. The left

path dissappears here but follow it's direction to

another chest. Then go back and head down the right

path staying close to the mountains. When you see an

area you can enter, do so, to grab another chest. Exit

here and continue following the path down a hill. There

are three chests in this area so grab them and head

all the way up to the place you can enter again.


Noluta Village


Everyone in this village is frozen. Make your way around

talking to all the frozen people and the people in the

houses. Maru, Jiro, and Kluke will each get scenes

in which there inner light begins to shine. Once

you activate all three of them you will have to battle

your shadows like Shu did in order to get them back.

With your whm and blm just defend and keep healing

until corpeall magic is full and unleash it to win.

Maru shadow will hit for a LOT of damage. It was

hitting me for 350-450 with monk as a job. Keep using

healing items untill you can release your huge attack

and finish it. Afterwards you can warp, but before

you do talk to the soldier by the inn and the one

inside the inn to learn that you need to head to Jibral

and that the king knows what to do. MAKE SURE you

activate the warp outside the inn before you finally

warp back. Also there are two chests in this area

you can grab right now.




When you arrive talk to the girl on the side of you.

I would take the trip to the cafe with her just to

find out what is going on. You hear a bunch of new gossip.

Something about the Killer bandits treasure....Something

about Donpa and opening chests in wilderness camp....

something about designer vases(which we have plenty of)..

.. a scene with people from the village....and something

about the Gorgo Village being to the south through an

enchanted forest. (I entered this forest earlier in the

game, I think it was called Exile Forest. I was not sure

if the story would take us there later so I did not

bother going through. I don't think the story is going

to take us there though, so if you want to check it out

go ahead and take a side trip anytime).

Mini-Side Quests


-Warp to Wolderness camp--Talk to Donpa tp recieve an

item and open the chest with a blue barrier around it.

-Warp to Devour Village--Talk to the girl near the save

point to get the cookie recipe--warp to Jibral and talk

to lady in cafe to learn where to get ingredients. Zephr

chocolot you should have gotten from lady after saving

Jibral earlier. Can still get now, across from cafe.

The la Mountain camp we haven't gone to yet, but you

get other part of recipe there.

-Warp to Talta Vilage --Talk to Chief to get item. I

Have not done this yet.


Head up into the castle when you are ready to continue.

Go to the 3rd floor and head to the left side of the

throne room hall to enter King Jibral's quarters. Talk

to him and head down to the lab. You get a password here.

Now warp right back to the village.


Noluta Village unfrozen


When you get close to the machine you will hit a check-

point. You know what this means. Get ready for another

boss battle.

Boss Battle

Azure Sentinel


Level 40


Don't bother with watera, water only does about 50

damage at most to this guy. Stick with flarus and

flarus sword. They will tell you that iron gets

softer when heated, meaning that the more you hit

him with fire the more damage you will be able to do

with the next attack. He has a counter attack Rocket

punch which does a LOT of damage, so keep everyone

full. This attack can do 300-500 damage to a single

target. Keep it up he shouldn't last too long, expecially

with corpeal attacks.

After the battle you will get the white device. Now you

should have the blue, green, red, and white devices to open

chests. I don't know exact locations of all the barriers

and chests, but plan to include one as soon as I find out

the location of all.

Check out the shops and buy items, spells, and accessories

that you need. There is not too much to do. Stay at the

inn and head for the back gate to exit. You will see something

shiny on the ground to collect and Toripo will show up.

Give him the item for a crystal necklase and you can

buy whatever you need with metals. Exit the town when

you are ready. The path on the world map is straight

forward so just follow it to the next town.


Sheep Tribe Camp-Lal Mountains


Talk to all of the people here. One traveler talks about

the killer pirates treasure being somewhere near the

spires. Another talks about how many barrier treasure there

are in total. 10 blue, 8 red, 5 green, 8 white, and 9

black so we have plenty of treasure hunting later.

All of the shops here have the same items and spells

as the other towns you have visited. They guys around

the fire in the middle have some information too.

Talk to the old guy who loses his memory, then talk to

the kid behind him and follow his instructions. If

you talk to the guy from behind over and over he will

tell the story of all the other towns problems and finally

say something about the spires. Activate the warp device

in the back and you can leave again. (I couldn't get the

item for the cookie recipe yet, so come back and try



Southern Lal Mountains


This is the world map. You are going to keep continueing

down the bridges. The path is pretty linear, you can't

really get lost. Collect the chests on the way. Finally

you will come upon a RockWind wolf ghost blocking the

path, you will hit a checkpoint. This is a boss battle!

Boss Battle

RockWind Wolf Ghost


Level 40

Setup:Shu-SWM, Maru-MNK, Kluke-BLM, Jiro-WHM

This battle isn't too hard. Start by using shadowa and

shadowa sword until the monster splits in two. Use

the opposite element on each part. Grounda on the wind

wolf and winda on the Rock Wolf. Charge attack with maru.

A full charge attack can do 1000+ damage to each of them!

The battle will soon be over with this.

Continueing on you will come to a beach area. Roam

around this area to find chests and battle new creatures.

One of the chests contains a special item, the autographed

manuscript, so make sure that you search here throughly.

As you finally near one of the glass spires you get a c/s.

Guess who is back and guess what they brought!! Zola and

you now have control of a mechat you can fly around the

world!! Now is the time to do a quick fly over the world

and look for any treasure chests you might have missed

or any areas that you can now explore.

First head to Lal moutain camp and give the travelor there

the autographed manuscript you got from the chest to get

and "Eyepatch!" This is a plus SP item!!! Now skip down

to the Side Quest section and do all of them you want before

the final dungeon!!!!


Finally time to head into the last dungeon and finish this

game! This dungeon is located right where Nene's fortress

was. Instead of floating in the air it is underground now.

Fly over to the top of the crater and it will show you that

you can land. Hit A to land and it will ask if you wish to

save your game. DO so, but I would recommend on a different

file. Then choose to enter the Deep Zone!

Mechat Mini-Game 3


Another Shooter game. This one is easier that the Upper

Fortress one, so it shouldn't take much to get a perfect.

With the upgrades just keep a constant flow of bullets

going and lock on with your missiles to unleash some major

damage. This time you battle againast a Land Shark!!

The first part is easy. The Land Shark dropped these

floating mines that you need to shoot down. Only 2-3

come out at a time and they are very slow moving. You

just need to lock on the Land Shark with missiles and

take out mines when they appear with your guns.

The second part, while a little harder, is still easy.

The Land Shark shoots out groups of missiles now. You

need to take out the missiles right away if you are

going for this achievement. Again not too hard when he

is in front or back. Stick to the same strategy. Hit the

Land Shark with missiles and shoot down his missiles with

the machine guns. The only tricky part can be when he gets

on the side of you. He fires missiles at close range, so

you need to make sure you are following him closely and

that when he is on side of you, you are targeting close

to where the missiles launch from. FOllow this strategy

and you should get a perfect on this after a few tries.

Congratualtions on another achievement!!


Cube World


Cube world is split up into different blocks that you

must visit in order to complete this dungeon. Just fly

up to the cubes and you will enter them.

Mecha Robo Cube


This is the first cube you should head too and also the

most helpful! Yasato and the other robots live on this

cube. Talk to every single robots because they will restore

HP and MP, as well as give you items. There are two black

barrier chests to get here. If you talk to five robots

down to the south the will give you clues about the side

quests below. You should already have done them all, but

if not there is a black portal to the left you can go in.

This portal will let you travel back in time to before the

planet was split!! In the center of the town there are also

shops for items, spells, and accessories so make sure you

check everything out. If you need to rest after any of the

other cubes now you know where to come!!

Primitive Cube


This is the second cube I came to. It is the green one

surrounded by blue sky and clouds. You should spot it

fairly easy. Head forward after you land for a c/s.

Boss Battle



Jumbo Poo


Ok, Finally an answer to the question that everyone

wanted to know!!! Where do Poo's come from?? Well

when Jiro says, "This is not going to be good is it?"

and the T-rex is bent over, get ready to find out!!

The T-rex lets a big fart rip and next thing you

know a giant Poo Snake Appears!!! Damn. Two Flarus

swords will take the Poo down. Now concentrate flarus and

flarus sword on Mechosaurus. You can attack his eye

to do some extra damage to him and prevent his eye

laser attack. Keep hitting away this guy isn't that


After the battle search the area before you enter the

towb for a chest. I recommend fighting one butterfly

and using the Field Barrier for the rest if you are

going to examine things here. The butterflies keep

popping one after the other right under you and can

become very irritating otherwise. Now head inside.

The turtle enemies in here absorb all elements I

believe. I used waterus and flarus both on them

and they absorbed both so stick with physical

attacks. Take the first right you can and push

the button on the stand to move the platform to

connect a piece of walkway with a treasure chest.

Now don't go back over but continue up the path

to the north and hit another button. This will

shift the big pile of platforms to the left. Head

to the other side grab a chest and then come back

and cross all the platforms you moved. Get a chest

over on this walkway and hit the button at the end.

This will shift the platforms near the entrance to

the room allowing you to run back and grab the two

chests on the other side. One contains the "Ancient

Emblem-Moon!" Now head all the way back

to the upper right hand and press the button to make

the platforms move back to the exit of this room and

use the emblem on the door to leave the room.

Head up the hall and enter the door to the left, the

right one you need another emblem for. In this room

grab the chest on the left and follow the room around

to grab another chest at the other side. Now enter the

door next to this chest. Cross the small hall and enter

the door on the opposite side. You are in a room with

very small walkways. Enter the door on your left for a

chest and come back into this room. Do not push the

button on the center platform yet, instead head straight

through the door to grab another chest. You will see

that you can continue through another door in this

room but wait. Go into the room with the platform and

hit the button. The whole room will rotate around. Take

the exit in front of you on your left to grab an item

from a chest then come back to this room. Now head out

the other door in here. In this room there is a chest

on the right to grab. You want to keep going straight

into the next room now, do NOT enter the left door yet.

Do NOT hit the button in this room yet either, we are

already lost enough as it is!! J/k, it is confusing but

bear with it almost there.

Head straight from the room with the rotating platform

to grab a chest and then head back and hit the button

here. Don't worry just grab the chests from the left

and right room and come back to press the button again.

Head out the South door now because we are going to go

in that left I told you not to take before, which is

on your right now, still with me???

This is another puzzle room. If you label the switches

from South to North going 1 2 3 4(Or closest to furthest)

these are how you should hit them. 2, 1, 3, 1, and 4. It

is fairly simple when you hit a switch it shows you the

way. Head to the end and grab the two chest while down

there. Now to the east there is a chest guarded by a

robot. Grab the chest to get the Sun Emblem. Now head in

the warp device nearby. Back in this room across from

the oblivion door head up to your right and through the

door. Right across the hall from you should be at the Sun

door. Unlock it and go through.

Head through the two other doors in this room for chests,

then come back and rotate the room. Head through the north

door. Fight the ghosts here and grab the chest. Continue

through the door here to enter a puzzle room again...

Head left through the door into a rotating room. Hit the

button and go in the only room for a chest. Now go hit

the button again. If you head through the north door here

you get another Wind type bracelot. If you exit the door

in this room it doesn't lead anywhere yet so head back to

the puzzle room. First grab the chest on the left if you

didn't already, go to the right and press the button. Go

down the center platform and hit another button and grab

the chest. Now follow the new pathway to two more chests

(One carries the Ancient Emblem-Void for Oblivion Door!!)

to grab, a switch to hit, and a telepoter.Do NOT take the

teleporter yet, instead head around to the room you got

the bracelot from to get 2 more chests. Head back and take

the elevator. Head throught the door, but be ready for

a Boss Battle!!!

Boss Battle

Hot Hot Hydra


Level 50


Just hit this guy with waterus and waterus sword to inflict

some nice damage. It's heads will start dieing one by one.

He has an attack that can instantly kill one member, but

nothing we haven't dealt with before. The battle ends

extremely quick with waterus doing 1800 damage to each


WATCH OUT FOR FIRE BALLS HERE!!They do hurt. Take the

transporter up.

2nd Floor


In this area you can go either all the way left or right

first to come to one of two encounters. I headed to the

left(Or East) first for this walkthrough. As you head

to the left you will see a small room to grab two chests

from then continue through the door at the end of the

hall for a battle!!

Boss Battle

Scowling Dynamo


Level 50


Again neither of these two are extremely tough. Hit this

guy with waterus and waterus sword. Do NOT use flarus as

it will heal him. He has some decent attacks, but nothing

that Zephra can't heal up every round.

After you kill him hit the switch in the back of this room.

A message will say "Part of the ancient device unlocked!"

Now head out and to the other end to fight another boss

and do the same exact thing.

Boss battle

Spike-Arm Sentry


Level 50


Follow the exact same instructions as you did for the boss

above. They are almost identical in stategy.

Hit the switch in this room and head into the main hall

again. Through the center door you head for yet another

boss battle. Watch out for the fire balls.

Boss battle

Pyro Dragon


Level 50

This guy has a lot of HP, but is still nothing you shouldn't

be able to handle. Hit him with waterus some more. Have Jiro

use Zephra everyround. Maru and Zola can hit away. He has a

few damaging attack, but if you could handle Stonesaurus Fire

breath than you can defenetly handle this guys!

After you beat this guy head outthe north door into a room

with a warp device. Now is the time to leave and do what you

need to do before we continue.

Head out the west door to another puzzle room. Do not hit

the first switch on the left, but continue and hit the

second one first, then go back and hit the first. Cross

over the center path now. Grab the chest from here. Set

the platforms back after and leave the room.

Head over to the east room now and kill all the enemies

in the area. Grab the chest before you hit any switches.

Then go and hit the 1st switch(the only one you can right

now.) Then go hit the 2nd switch, and then the first again.

Cross over and grab the chest for "Nene's Necklace!" Now

go hit the switches to reverse the platforms to the door

on the other side of the room connects to the platform

the treasure chest is at over there. Leave the room.

Back at the warp device take the northern door now.

Head to both the left and right sides to get the

chests you set the platforms up for. After you are

done collecting these chests head through the center

door to another big puzzle room.

Your first priority in this room is to clear out all

the enemies you can reach at this point and get the

one chest you can reach now in the upper left area.

Now this area get a little tough to explain, I am

going to try to lay it out for you.

Hit the switch closest to your right first. The follow

the path the platforms just made out to the distant

right side switch and hit it. Then hit the bottom

right corner switch. Now head all the way down to the

left passing the entrance to the room and hit the

farther switch on the left you can reach right now.

Go through the door this makes a path to. After you

enter you will hit another Boss Battle!

Boss battle



Level 50


This giant head attacks you. Unlike the robots before

this guy will absorb water based attacks, so stick

with flarus. The head is kinda crazy and spooky, but

nothing we can't take care of. His attacks hit most

targets and do decent damage but zephra can handle

damage control. He won't last very long.

Head through the door after the battle and hit the

Northern most switch here and then the second one

you can reach too. This will make the platforms

connect directly to the door you just came out.

You need to head back through the bottom left

door, the same one you entered befor and come out

the door to right after you fought the boss. You

can now hit the other switch now! After hit the

top most switch in this little area again to make

a path out. Now go back pass the entrance to the room

and head down to the doors on the right side. You

should have a path made leading to the farther right

hand door, go through it. be ready for another Battle!

Boss Battle

Sneezing Cyclops


Level 50


This guy is the exact same as the other crazy looking head.

He is opposite element though. Even though he is blue,

make sure you use waterus against him. Same strategy as

last time and we won't last too long.

Head out the other door in this room. Hit the switch in this

area and and head back around through the doors to the main

room. Now go to the door you first enter the puzzle room

from. Again the switch nearest to your right you need to hit.

Then hit the switch in the lower right hand corner again.

After this a path should open to a switch in the very back

right hand corner. Hit this switch and continue down the

long path of platforms into the room in the back center!

There is a teleporting device in this room you need to take,

but be ready for a tough boss battle! In the room you teleport

to head south and enter a room where the final showdown

with Szabo will begin and you are about to begin the final

showdown of the entire game!!!

Boss Battle

Ultimate Szabo


Level 51


This is going to be a lengthy battle. Szabo has a long of

HP. Keep hitting him with flarus and flarus sword for

major damage. His attack can hit everyone and they do some

heavy damage. Keep your WHM healing every round. Use marumaro

and Zola to keep regular attacks up. If your corpeal attacks

become available make sure you use them. Everytime a character

attack you should be pushing at least a 1000+ damage. If this

is the case than Szabo has no chance of winning. Just keep

the onslaught up and this will be over before you know it.

The only move you should really watch out for is Double Special

Shot which does 200-300 damage to all characters.

After the battle follow Szabo around and open the four chests

on the way. Activate the last warp device here and warp out

to rest and to save! If you activated all other warp devices

you should not get another achievement for using this one!

When ready head into the transporter for the real FINAL BATTLE!

Cauldron Chamber


Boss Battle



Level 52

This is more of a waiting battle than a damaging one.

Your most powerful attacks will only do 50-100 damage

including flarus sword. Kluke might get flarus itself

off for 400 damage. Keep fighting and this part of the

battle will end and a c/s will play.

Boss Battle

Nene 2


Level 52

Thank god for Szabo!! Now time to hammer away with flarus

and flarus sword. Nene can you hit for some major damage

here, so keep healed up. He will fall quickly in this

battle again.

Boss Batttle

Ultimate Nene


Level 52


You start out this battle by being healed! :) He attached

himself to an eternal engine! Just focus on Ultimate Nene

at first hitting away with flarus and flarus sword. He will

take some high damage from this. Shadowus has no effect on him.

After Nene takes so much damage he uses "Eternal engine" which

fully heals him! Well now we have to take out the engines and

then kill him. The engines fall after 1-2 hits. You can use a

wide area spell to take them all out, or physically assault

them, it's up to you. Windus and Waterus work well for taking

the engines down. Nene has an attack called Shadow Bind that

removes one of your characters shadows, making them significantly

weaker. He also has wide area spells that can do some decent

damage. Just keep at it and when the pumps are gone start

hitting Nene with Flarus to take him down! He also has another

wide range attack that kills your MP instead of HP! Be careful

he can get tricky near the end.

Get ready for the shock of your life!!!I don't want to ruin

it, but after the c/s you are asked to save your game. If

you do so, do it on another new file. Also, I think the

game developerss that is would be funny to keep us in

suspense because when you choose to save your game they

give you 5 minutes of load time looking at Blue Dragon

character pics!!!!!Haha, very funny. Save and continue for

your last fight!



You can attack or defend. Just wait till this battle ends.

Time for the very very last last battle!!



I don't want to ruin this for you, so come up with your

own strategy. This boss has heavy hitting attacks, and

I think we if tthe toughest boss in the game including

the side quests ones. One word of advice is if he uses

the Mist attack use wind magic against it. This is the only

way to get rid of it. Good Luck!!

Few more things to wrap up....Warp using the transporter

annd check around the area for some c/s. As Shu go look

for a white Flower. As marumaro after, talk to Zola.

Then as Shu again talk to Jiro who is in the house and

lastly talk to Kluke.


















Side Quests!!!


This side quest is available after taking down the flying

fortress at the beginning of disc two.

Exile Forest


Exile forest is just a short path leading to Alumaru Village

which is the main goal. As soon as you enter the Exile

Forest to the southeast of Jibral you will get a c/s. You

can't enter the cave yet, so continue forward and you will

exit onto the world map. Continue forward until you reach

the village

Alumaru Village


Activate the warp device to the right of the entrance. Head

over the bridge to the left to get another scene. Check out

the shops here and buy whatever items you need. They have

a good selection of spells if you make it here early enough.

In the house next to the shop you can read about the history

of the Gorgo People so stop by. After you search all the houses

and are ready to continue head onto the center platform and

talk to Sura-Sura to ring the bring. Talk to her again afterwards.

There is a blue barrier chest behind Jeelala's house and a

green barrier chest over by the spell shop. Head over to the

right side of Jeelala's mansion and go behind it. You will get

another c/s here. Open the chest nearby for a Scarf and

head over to the gate. Choose to go inside the gate.

Treasure Warehouse


You need to follow the light from the ring. On your right

you can open a treasure chest. Then head forward, some penguin

random encounters will occur. They aren't too tough. Kill them

and keep following the light. At the first intersection take a

left to gather three chest. After the third one a tiger will appear

and if you run to the four one you will fall through a hole in

the ground first. Do this because below you can collect four more

chests, one with a valueable item. You will see a chest on a

platform that you can not reach yet. If you go up the staircase

you will reach 1B. Collect the chest and go through the door

back to the entrance. Now go back to the light from the ring

and go right this time following it. Fight the tiger on this

side. Grab the two chests on this path and go left at the next

intersection to grab that chest you missed earlier. Now go back

and follow the right path. Another intersection, do NOT go

right. You will fall through the floor and be ambushed by a

group of monsters. Follow the path to the left instead. Grab

the chest on the way and then head right at the next intersection

to grab the chest there. Do NOT go past the chest or you will

fall through the hole. Go back to the intersection and head

straight. Fight the penguin and grab the stomach-band

accessory. Now go left and grab the three chests on the way.

One has 30 metals! You will come to an area with a door and

the ring stops. Head left first to grab a chest and keep

going left. You will fall through the floor onto that platform,

where you can now get the "Mystery Part Un!" Go all the way

back to the door and hit a checkpoint. Time to enter, be ready

for a boss Battle.

Boss Battle

2 Gorgo first

2 Gorgo and Jeelala Second


The first battle is easy. Just use flara and flara sword

to inflict enough damage and they will go down fast. For

the second part of the battle do the same thing taking out

the 2 gorgo first. Then concentrate on Jeelala with the

same strategy.

After the battle make sure to grab all the treasure in this

room. There is quite a bit to gather. Exit the room from up

the staircase. Check the whole house for items and exit into

the city. You will get a c/s here. Time to go back to the

Exile Forest.

Exile Forest


Head into the cave here. Take a right at the first intersection

to get a chest. Go over to the left now. You will zone into a

room where you hit a checkpoint. Time for another boss battle!

Boss Battle

Poison Mistx4



Another easy battle. Use wide area attacks like ground or

grounda to take out the poison mists first. GuruGuru is

poisoned right from the start of the battle. As soon as

the poison mists fall the battle will end so concentrate on


Back in the town you get a c/s, congratulations you finished

your first side quests!


The following quests are available after obtaining the Mechat

to fly around in. While the Mecha base can be entered earlier,

you need to wait to reach the top until you have the blue,

white, and red devices. The black is good to have too if you

don't want to run through again to unlock the chests.

The first part of the quests require visiting different

islands. I recommend doing this first you will get extremely

helpful items. You will recieve a kelolon and a sun necklace

from two of the islands. Another Kelolon necklace can be

found in the Aurora Ruin side quest too. Yet another one

can be gained by finding a treasure chest right by where

you first got the mechat. Look for a chest near one of the

spires thats moving.


These are the stats for the Kelelon Necklace: Attack+30,

Defense+170, Agility+50!!, and HP+100. The bad part

is you start every battle as a kelolon, you can cure it

but you must waste a turn or an item. It is up to you.

Personally I equipped an extra accessory that prevent

status ailments and I never start out as a kelolon.

The accessory was


This necklace is a MUST HAVE item. The sun necklace is

pretty nice too. The stats are:attack+30 and defense+180.

Make sure you come here first as it is a quick quest.

Well all but that damn tree!!!

Western Deserted Island


Down by the Undersea caves you went to earlier is a chain of

islands. If you fly overhead you will see two treasure

chests on one of the islands. Western Deserted Island should

appear on the screen. Make sure you land here. One of the

treasure chests contains "Mystery Part Trois."!! You now

have the last of the three piece to the engine. Congratualtions.

Southwestern Deserted Island


From the western Island follow the chain of islands to run into

this one. You will meet some interesting Poo Snakes here.

There are actually many kinds, so keep fighting untill you

kill them all. I ran into Zebra, conquest, puneant, and dark

to name a few. Only one chest here so collect it and

move on.

Southern Deserted Island


Are you starting to get the picture yet. Continue on the

chain of islands to find this one. Again another chest

to grab. Guess What you find here!!! The almight

Golden Poo Snake!!! If you want another achievement you

need to kill this guy. So what's the problem??? He flees

on you right at the beginning. I tried back attack, first

attack, regular attack, letting him hit me and nothing

worked. If anyone figures out how to beat him please let

me know. This guy is worth another achievement.


UPDATE:!!! I found out how to kill this guy!!! You need

to collect the Kelolon Necklaces. There are a few listed

in this side quest sections alone. I equipped the necklace

along with any other agility boosting items I had. I

used a Stun Bomb from the field to paralyze it, followed

by a back attack to engage it, then I has Shu attack as

a Kelolon(yes he got first attack!) and I happened to do

a critical hit for 1600 HP! He died end of story another

accomplishment! I don't know the Golden Poo Snake HP,

but at this time I had three of the necklaces in my inventory,

so just equip them on a few characters and enter the battle

the same way. Bamm, easy victory! Congratulations!


Eastern Deserted Island


Head over near Almaru Village and fly around the chain

of islands there to find this Island. You fight some

interested ghost mobs here. Make sure you kill one of

each type for your dictionary. Grab the treasure on the

southern part of the island and head to the northern

part of the same island for a boss battle!!SAVE YOUR


Boss Battle

Ghost Yeet


Level 44

Setup: same as Stonesaurus

This guy is another pain in the @$ battle. At the beginning

he kept using fire elemental up, so I used watera to bring

his elemental back down. It did do this, but also did very

little damage. Then I figured it out he is weak versus fire,

but uses fire elemental up to reduce the damage. The way to

get around this is after he uses Fire UP hit him with watera

twice. His elemental weakness will go way down. Then he will

try to super boost his fire elemental 2-3 times and burn himself

out, this means his weakness to fire can be used now. Hit him

with flarus and flarus sword for major damage, 1000+. He will

use Death Blossom around this time which will automatically kill

one of your characters. He can petrify you as well, so cure

when this happens. His roots attack can cause up to 700

damage to some character and hits all at the same time.

Shu luckily only took about 300. Revive if this happens ASAP

and good luck. You just have to outlast him. The Corpeal

attack may be the only thing that gets you to scrape through

this tough battle!

You gain the "Heatsink Part" as your rewards! Congratulations!


Kelaso Village


This village is located near the snow covered area to the north

center of the map. The large inland sea is near the village

at the highest most northern point it goes into. You will

see the yellow stars in the area that are ??? and you should

visit. You should be able to find the location that way.

As you approach the cottage you get a c/s. Check the surrounding

are in order to find a chest and gather some items. Now to find

a way in. This took a little investigation to find the entrance

into. You need to walk back down the steps that lead to the

cottage. When you reach the bottom stay close to the cliff the

cottage is on and follow it around back to see an entrance into.

Talk to the people in this room and one will give you the fireplace

key. Walk over to the fireplace and continue downstairs.

This town is a little odd. It seems everyone wants to marry

Marumaro!! Walk around chatting with everyone to get some

scenes. Open the treasure chests here. One contains the

ghost buster bracelot. You should buy the new spells and

accessories in this town, they are very helpful. Don't

forget to activate the wapr device!

So after enough marriage proposals Marumaro will run off.

Keep chasing him around the circle here until he heads

into a house. Go into the house and talk to the elderly

woman that will talk about their headgear. You have to

keep chasing her from the sofa downstairs to the one

upstairs over and over again to finally get the whole

story. Afterwards you get a scene and Marumaro will

join you again. Exit the house and go up the stairs

that lead to the ladder going up and talk to the elder

first. He mentions something about a dragon to the

west of here. To the west is where you find the

Aurora Ruins. Head up the ladder and exit this town.


Aurora Ruins


The ruins are located right to the west of Kelaso

Village. You will see the blinking star shape for it

on the world map. Enter the ruin and get the chest near

you which contains Kelolon Necklace. Now go through the

door on the left and at the end of that hall you will

hit a checkpoint. Make sure you are ready before you

enter this door!!! There is an extrememly tough battle


Boss Battle



I was Level 42.

Setup: Shu-SWM, Kluke-BLM, Jiro-WHM, Maru-MNK, Zola-ASN

This battle is very tough. Right from the start keep

nailing the stonesaurus head. Make sure you are targeting

the head to attack. Keep pounding away at the head with

Windus and Windus sword. I had Shu hitting for 1900 damage

with windus sword and Kluke hitting for 1200 damage with

windus not charged. If someone in your party gets petrified

use Marumaro or Jiro to heal them. Otherwise Jiro should

be using zephra at ALL times. Even if you have full health

this guy can kill you. He often attacks twice in a row.

His fire breath attack hitting 2-3 characters for 400

damage each. You can lauch this twice in a row for more

than 800 damage to each character total. So pray that this

does not happen. If he keeps petrifying a party member than

you are very lucky! He also has thunder breath and Mow Down

attack which also cause major damage. Follow the strategy

above and hopefully this guy falls very quickly. Good Luck!

You get A "Lock On:Upgrade Part A" for winning this battle!


Mecha Base


This is the moving Mecha Base we ran into earlier in the

walkthrough that I said to hold off on. If you don't know

where it is, you run into it on the way from Pachless Village

to Nene's fortress. It is a giant blue machine up in the

snowy area that is circling on a track with robots appearing

on it's path. Just wait on the path and when it nears you,

you will automatically enter it.

1st Floor


This place can be kind of confusing. When you reach the first

intersection grab the chest on your side and run right to

grab another chest. Then head down the center path and into

a room to grab another chest. While this area splits into three

paths they are all connected. So just run down each hall and

in each room looking for chests and killing mobs. When I

killed the three in the center room it said the security lock

was released. So continue on when you are ready. In the last

room in the center path there is an elevator. First grab the

chest on your lower right to get level 6 magic attack up!!

Then hop in the elevator and go to the second floor.

2nd Floor


This floor is full of lazers that you must make your way

around. From where you start exit the elevator room. In

the next room there are lazers every where. You do NOT

want to go through the lazers, but you do need to fight

all the robots on this floor. To do this get close to the

lazers and wait for the robots in them to come to you.

Kill the robots and continue following the path where

there are no lazers. This is easy, first go right to

the end, then move forward in this hall, then head all

the way left, and so on. Remember to fight all of the

robots. In the last hall there is a blue barrier blocking

the way. Head down to the end of this hall where a single

laser is in the way. Go through it and enter the door

to fight four more robots and get a chest. After you kill

these robots you should get the message that the security

lock has been released. You need to head back to where you

first entered this room. Instead of heading right first

go all the way to the left in order to get the level 6

spell previve. This is a must have spell. Go back to the

blue barrier and get rid of all three barriers blocking

the way. (Blue,red, and white.) Head into the elevator

room and grab the two chests in here. Take the elevator

up to the 3rd floor.

3rd Floor


Check the elevator room here for another chest. There are

two exits to this room. Take the left door first. (The other

has lasers in the way.) Fight the Double Axe monster here

and grab the chest. Head out the other hall and continue to

the middle room. You fight an egg type monster here. It is

not really a boss just hit it with flarus and flarus sword

and it will fall fast. The only move a saw was gravity press.

Afterwards head down the southeastern door. (The one that

leads to the other side of the entrance. There are 3 lasers

here, but if you time it right you can fit right under them.

Back in that room grab the chest and head back to the

center room avoiding the lasers again. Head out the right

top door here and down the hall. Fight the four robot

crabs and grab the chest. Continue out the other door and

to the elevator room. Search the area for items then head

out the left door and down the hall. In this room fight

four robots and the security lock will release. Another

chest with a black barrier we can't get for now...Head

back to the elevator and up to the 4th floor.

4th Floor


Check the elevator room for another chest. Head out the

door and down the hall into another door. grab the two

chests in this room and fight the Black Double Axe. Go

through the door and down the hall again through another

door. Grab the chest for yet more medals, and fight the

four robots. The security lock will release afterwards.

Then keep moving forwards, almost there! Check this

elevator room for some new GREAT items! One of them is

Missile upgrade part A! Make sure to search the blue

circles too, they have some good stat boosts too. Take

the elevator up!

5th Floor


Examine the blue circles for more nothings. Head out the

only door and through the next door too.BE READY for a

Boss battle in this room!

Boss Battle

Gold scything skull spider


Level 45


This guy is easy compared to the StoneSaurus and Ghost

Yeet we have already faced. His area attack only hit

everyone for 100-200 points of damage and he isn't

that fast. Flarus, Windus, and waterus all seem

to do the same amount of damage so just keep hitting

away and he will fall before long. He has one attack

that can instantly KO a character but it is not much

of a problem.

You get a "Renew Ring" for this quest!

After all this questing make sure you rest up at an

inn and restock your items. I know I was running low

on Phoenix Talons and MP restoratives by now. Warp to

a city and make sure you are prepared for the rest of

the side questing.


Ancient Ruins-Forest


As you enter grab the chests you notice a mushroom on

your right. If you touch it, it will heal you. Grab the

two nearby chests. Straight ahead there is a machine sticking

out of the ground press the button on it. There is a path

left and right here. Take the right path first. You can get

the shawow step shoes here. Now go back and to the left. Shorty after

entering the path you see another machine, press the button.

Continue down the path to an open area. Follow the path

that is straight ahead into an area with a few tigers, three

chests, and another machine you should press the button on.

You can open two of the chests here, one has 10,000 gold!

One of the chests is locked though, remember it's location.

After you do all this head back to the open area and take

the other path. There is a chest near the entrance to this

one. A little ways after hit the button on another machine.

Continue following the path. You come to another wide open

area with a huge hydra to the left. Ignore it for now and

head straight to activate another machine. Grab the chest

at the end and now go back for a battle with the gorgon

hydrataller. This guy is a regular enemy. Hit him with

flarus and he will fall fast. You get a Black belt from

the chest right behind him. Follow the path to an open

area where you can grab a chest. If you continue down the

path you will run into another Boss battle!

Boss Battle

Land Shark C


Keep hitting him with waterus and waterus sword. Like the

other land shark battles this keeps him from using Heat

Laser. If you keep up this strategy he will fall soon.

This boss is not tough at all and shouldn't be a problem.

A chest will appear afterwards, open it to get "Weapons


There is another machine in this are you should hit the

button on and continue onto the next screen. This is the

area with the chests you could not access earlier. Grab

all the items here, you will get the magic user crusher

bracelot here and 50 medals! Do NOT jump off the cliff

here but follow it down to another machine you can hit

the button on and two more chests. Now junp off either

cliff and head back to that locked chests to grab the

last item,gravitic necklase and leave.


Sea Cube


Level 1


Activate the warp device. Go straight until a room where

you can head straight, left, or right. Head straight first

becauase the left and right doors are locked. You come to a

room with a chest to open. Head down the other corridor from

here. Enter a room and fight the kelolon protector. A chest

will appear, open it to key the layer one key. Head back to

the are with the locked doors to the left and right. Take

your right to head down a hall with a chest and go in the

door at the end. Both sides have warp devices and they both

lead to the same area. The only difference is this side has

a chest in the hall and in the room you teleport to and the

other does not.

Level 2


Collect the chest in the transport room and head to the

center. Kill the enemies here and open the chest. Continue

down the middle corridor into the next room. If you use

your barrier to kill the armored fish you get +4 SP!!

Continue down the hall after. At the end you can take

a left or right again. Take your left first and kill the

Kelolon Defenders to have another chest appear with layer

2 key! Head north into the transporter room to grab the

"Tech-crusher Bracelot!" Do not use the teleporter instead

head back into the center room go down down the right hall

now to grab a chest in the next room and fight a large

golem creature. Kill him with fire magic and go through the

door and use the transporter.

Level 3


Grab the chest in this room and head out the right door,

down the hall and ito another room to kill Kelolons and

get a chest. You will get the layer 3 key here. Head back

to the center room and continue north. (The left door

hallway is blocked by a black barrier which we will soon

be able to remove.) Open the chest in this hallway.

Fight another crystal giant down here. Open the door to

the transporter and use it. (Don't worry about the other

transporter on level 2 thinking that is will take you

to the blocked off area up here, because it doesn't. If

you use it, it brings you back to the beginning of the

2nd level and is a pain to figure out. Just take this

transporter and move forward.)

Level 4


Open the chest by the transporter. Again the hall on the

left is blocked by a black wall. Head north down the corridor

to the next room. Head down the hall to the right here.

All the way down the long corridor here you reach another

chest in a room. Open it and head out the north corridor

to another room. Kill the Kelolon defenders here and

open the chest that appears for level 6 wallus!! Now head

all the way back to the center room and continue north

this time. New clam enemies are here, so kill them.

Next head out the right door and keep following the

corridors all the way to the end to kill some kelolon

defenders and get the Deep Sea Key. Head all the way

back to the room you could take a left or right in.

Continue west out the other door now. In the next room

open the chest and head out the south door. Follow this path

to come to a room with more kelolon defenders to kill.

You get the Infinity Ring now! Head back north and fight

the giant. Head through the door and be ready for a Boss


Boss Battle

Azure Abyssal Dragon


The only thing you can attack at first is the head.

So hammer away at it with flarus and flarus sword

for major damage. His attack didn't do too much damage

to me. Water laser hits for about 50-100 damage on a

single character. Next you move on to the dragons

chest. Do not change tactics keep hitting with flarus

for 1500+ damage! Next comes the Belly to attack.

His regular hits now cause about 300-400 damage to a

single target. Again nothing to worry about just keep

the healing up.

After the battle two chests appear. One has the black

Device!! The other has a laser upgrade!! Now continue

through the north door. Three more chests. One contains

"Mystery Part Deux"!! The other has and Infinity Ring

and the other carries level 6 Groundus!! Congratulations

on gaining some nice items.

Now before you leave head back out and all the way south

down the hallway. Take a left at the very end and get rid

of the black wall in the way. Take the transporter back

down to the third floor. Here go back to the black wall to

the left of the first transporter and get rid of it. Through

here is another chest containing a "Renew Ring"!! Now warp

out of here.


Mechat Dock


Now before we do the next side quest we are going to

stop here. You may have noticed this dock earlier. It is

up by the lal Mountains sheep tribe village. Search the

area and go directly above it and land. At the mechat dock

you can upgrade your mechat with all the parts we have

aquired. The list below is what I have so far. After I

finish the walkthrough I will list locations in one

section, but if you followed the walkthrough to this

point you should have them all. (I am sure there are other

upgrades, but at this point I don't have all barrier

locations, so I will wait till I do to update this area.)


Heatsink- prevents the machine gun from overheating

Weapon Parts-weapon attack strength up

Laser barrier Parts- protect against 5 ring laser attack

Missile upgrade part B-carry more missiles

Missile Upgrade Part A-Carry even more missiles

Lock-On Upgrade Part A-increase lock-on number

Now we have a mechat not to be reckoned with!


Upper Mechat Base


This base is eay to find. It is the bright yellow star on

the world map in the middle of the water towards the south-

center of the map. Upon entering you get into another mechat

shooter game. Happy you made them upgrades!! This is another

achievement, you need to get a perfect by not taking any

damage. You also need to do it on normal mode. Good Luck!

Mechat mini-Game


This one is a LOT tougher than your first mechat shooter

game. Well it isn't too tough if you are just trying to

beat it, but trying to get a perfect for an achievement,

this one is definetly not a given by any means. Even with

all your upgrades you are in for a hell of a battle. Let

me give you a little insight into what we are getting into.

Your first job is to take out the red circle things on the

base. Make sure you read the tutorial because it will show

you want I am talking about. You need to take out the

ones on the right side of the machine first, as soon as

the last one on the right side is destroyed you need to

immediatly switch to shooting down the red circles on the

left side. Do NOT let them catch you by surprize with a

load of missles. In the meantime you also need to shoot

down the machine guys inbetween killing red circles and

shooting down wayward missiles!! Use your missiles!!!

With my upgrades I could carry 16 on hand and lock on with

a bunch of them at once. When you finish this we move onto

the next stage.

(There is an easy way to beat the next part. If you

are trying for an achievement it will NOT work.

TO take the cheap way out, after you do the first part

and the mini c/s plays instantly target the white

light pole on the top center of the base. 2-3 lock

on's with a group of missiles will finish this battle

without fighting all the things listed below!)

You get a quick c/s, then time to continue taking this

thing down. You need to target the circle orbs with

the white lights here. Your other target is the white

light in the center on top of the base. Save this

target for last. As soon as you take down the circle

orbs a red light appears in the area underneath. These

fire three missiles at once. By the white light in the

center are another pair of machine guns on each side

firing at you. If that wasn't enough you also have

the big high calibur machine guns on the four corners

near you firing. Target the red light first while

firing missiles at it try to target the two machine

guns on top as well. As soon as the red light is

destroyed concentrate on the machines gun closest to

you. After a few tries you will see what I am talking

about. Congratulations on another achievement if you

make it!!

Back to Upper Mecha Base


You will recognize this area right away. Seems the

same architect that build the Mecha Base made the

upper Mecha base.

1st Floor


Same layout as first floor of Mecha Base. There are

no treasure chests on this floor. You just need to

run down every hall and enter every room to kill

every monster. When this is done you will get the

message security door released. Now head to the

elevator room and open your first chest containing

"Mystery Part Gamma!" The final piece!! Take the

elevator up to the second floor.

2nd Floor


The second floor is the same as the second one on

Mecha Base, but it is HARDER!! If you hit the

lasers a few times you will be sent all the way

back to the 1st floor elevator. Now there is also

another rule, You can pass under four Lasers, but

if you try to pass under a 5th laser you are sent

back to the first floor elevator as well. I am not

talking about tripping them I am talking about

passing them!! Ok, with that said this is going to

take a few trips being sent back. Head left at the

first intersection and into the room to kill the

robots. Now trip some wires to get sent back. Now

at the entrance to the room again, take a right

at the first intersection passing under one laser.

Up the end continue again the right way. When

you have to take a left do so, but take your first

right. Down this hall and take a right and into

the room to get a Life-crusher Bracelot!! Now

leave the room and when you try to get through the

laser to the elevator area you will be sent back to

the first floor! Now to get to the barriers blocking

the elevator. Take a left at the first intersection.

Do NOT go in the room but follow the left wall up.

Pass through the areas with one laser but stick to

the left wall. It will take you up top with only

one more laser to cross, leaving you with only

crossing four lasers and being at the entrance to

the elevator room. In the elevator room open the

two chests for an Eternity Ring and Earring! Ride

the elevator up to the 3rd floor.

3rd Floor


Take either the left or right exit either one does

not matter. You have to explore both halls and kill

all enemies within the rooms. Now back up at the

center room there are a LOT of Double Axes to kill.

You have to defeat them all so get to work. Hit them

with Flarus or Flarus sword and they will fall quickly.

There are also some big robots hit them with

watera. Head out the northwest or northeast doors,

again it doesn't matter you need to take both paths

to kill all the enemies and move on. In the northeast

room there is a chest containing Infinity something.

Now head to the elevator room to grab chests containing

Shield Badge and Eil. Take the elevator up again.

4th Floor


Head right down the center in this floor. Kill the

robots on the way. If you keep heading straight

you run into another globe/egg thing. Keep using

flarus to kill it. Continue straight some more.

In the elevator you get coating part A and the

Infinity necklase. Take the elevator up.

5th Floor


Head forward and be ready for a Boss battle!

Boss Battle

Steel Giant


Level 47

Setup: Same

The guy is pretty easy. He has reflect on him so

do NOT use magic attacks on him or you will be your

own worst enemy. You can still use Magic Sword on

him to cause some major damage. I used watera sword.

Keep hitting him with regular attack along with this.

Have your white mage heal every round. Compared to

other bosses we fought up till now this guy hits

worth ****.

Grab the Renew Ring Behind the boss after as your

prize and get out of here.


Ancient Ruins Caverns


If you hope to win this battle, at this lowest

you should be level 65+ with your job rank

maxed out. This is the TOUGHEST boss to beat!!!!


These are the ruin right by Talta Village. Make sure

you visit them. You need to anyways in order to

complete the barrier achievement. When you enter you

will get a c/s. Gte rid of the blue barrier and

continue forward. You will get another seen and see

a Jumbo Poo. Now go fight that Jumbo Poo. grab the

chest afterwards and run over to the chest protected

by the blue barrier and get that. After you defeated

the Jumbo Poo, a huge nother type of Poo appears. I

forget the name but defeat it. These two aren't

that hard. Now head over towards the white barrier

blocking the path further in. On the way another

green Poo will apear. This is the KING POO!!!

Boss battle

King Poo


(Hints:How to engage. You should start this battle

with stunning and attack from behind or link a

group of poos with King Poo. This stategy came

from a forum board. This gives you time to get

your support magic up to lessen the damage. I know

support has not taken a major role for battle yet,

but 33% down on this guys attack will mean the

difference between life and death!)

Are you ready for the toughest battle in the game??

Because you got it!! I have 200+ agility on 3 of my

character with the best equipment in the game on.

The King Poo will still demolish you on speed even

with this. If he physically attacks, he can hit 2-3

targets in one turn for 1200+ damage each!! So they

are already dead. If this isn't enough he has an

all attack move that hits every character from

between 500-1200 damage depending on their jobs.

He can also launch this move twice in a row if

your agility is not extremely high!! Your best

bet is to wait until level 99 before attempting

this, but you could always try it for fun. Good


After the battle go through the white barrier.

Not sure whats there yet, so let me know!


Ancient Factory


We are going to take a trip back here now in order

to fight the Gold Mecha Robot. Now to find him. Use

the warp device you have in the factory to get there


As soon as you teleport and walk forward you will

get a c/s talking about the robot. Head in and

ride the conveyor belt. Watch out the Gold Mecha

robot is right here!!!

Boss Battle

Gold Mecha Robot


Level 55

Setup:Same as stonesaurus

Congratulations on

finishing your last side quest! Well almost,

we still need to find all the barrier chest



Mystery Parts


You should have the following mystery Parts from following

the walkthrough too.

Mystery Part Alpha-Mural Town

Mystery Part Beta-Ancient Factory (Defeat all the stone enemies.)

Mystery Part Un

Mystery Part Deux-Mecha Base

Mystery Part Trois

Mystery Part Gamma-Upper Mecha Base

Again I will list locations for these in this section at a

later time. When you have all six parts return to the Jibral

labratory in order to recieve the "Final War Necklace" and

the "Ultimate Weapon Bracelot!" Congratulations on two more



The Dragon Bracleot


At first I didn't know what to make of this quest. Rumors

of 5 dragons, wondering if Stonsaurus and Azure abyssal

Dragon are part of them?? Then I finally get some solid

evidence they do exist, and you do get the dragon bracelot

from them!!

After you talk to Elder Baun in Kelaso Village so back and

talk to the old lady that kept switching couches again.

Well this is the best info you are going to get from the

game. Now below I will list where to find the dragons.

These guys are no joke, they are very tough, hopefully

not as tough as Gold Mecha Robot and King Poo but we are

going to find out!!!

The clues the lady gives you are South of Glass, West of

living Murals, East of the Auroras, Next to the water

flowing underground, and amoung the plentiful crystals

in a cave. You should know what all of this means, but if

not follow the instructions below! Bring a lot of Phoenix


I did it!!! I found out how I could beat all 5 dragons with

my characterS level around 50 and it works!!! First make

sure you have field barrier 2 or 3, hopefully 3, but I did it

with 2. Now what you want to do in change everyones job to

white mage. If you take WHM to level 12 you get both double

item and enhanced item effect. Now any character can act as

a super healer. Next I kept my BLM as WHM for now and brought

her to level 25 where I can increase my White magic level. Now

take all your jobs and level Barrier Magic to level 12. You

will get the support ability that makes your magic defense

the same as your Barrier job. Are you getting the picture

yet. Now everytime you hit level 12 with a job switch to

another job. You want to level every single job to level

12. With this done you will have some of the most useful

abilities that they can attribute. If you already took your

Generalist to at least level 22-25 you should be set. If

not level your generalist to get skill+6,etc. Now here is

what we want to do.

(Hint:How to level Rank: Equip the magic barrier like stated

above and any accessory that give double SP. One is the

eyepatch which you get from finding the autograpphed

manuscript near the glass spires and giving it to the

traveler in Lal mountains. Now go to the Mecha base world

map area. The robots here only give +1 SP but with the

accessory it goes to +2. We only need every job to level 12

and another whm job to level 25. This will only take about

an hour. You are ready to go!)

Give every character the best abilities for the battles.

Switch everyone back to there usual job. Mine was Shu as

Swordmaster, Jiro as White mage, Kluke as Black Mage, and

Zola as Assassin, and Maru as monk. Equip almost every

of the following skills on everyone. The skill that makes

all magic defense equal to your barrier magic class, this

should raise it like 100+ points even at level 12!! Now

on your physical attackers equip charge attack, critical

up, and the defense boost from guardian. Equip the assassin

speed ability on everyone. Your black mage should equip

white magic level 5 and if anyone else can spare a slot

they should have white magic level 3. Equip double item

and enchance item effect on everyone.

Now I was getting completely decimated by the dragons at

level 50. I followed the above tips. It took me about

an hour to get everyone to get there job to hit level

12-15. This is very simple, fast, and effective. After

I did this simple procedure I was owning the dragons

like they were POO SNAKES!!! (Not King Poo....) The

lightning breath attack went from doing 500-600 damage

to a character down to about 200 to every character.

Between accessory equips and the assassins speed boost

I always had 1-2 healers ready after everytime the

dragon attacked. This left me with three physical

attacked that could each super charge their attack

from the monk ability, counter every physical attack,

and unleash hell on the dragon. Before I would not

have dream about charge attacking for fear of being

dead before that time came, but this does work. I

have all 5 characters charging spells, attacks, and

everything else at the same time without fear of

dieing. Please take the time to follow this strategy.

I will get more in depth at a later time, but this

WILL work!! If your white mage and black mage can't

get to heal in time you always have every character

that can use two items and enhance their effect!!

South of Glass


This obviously means the glass spires. Warp to lal mountain

village. The glass spire area is the great desert. If you

land and walk along the coast on the sothern edge you will

finding it flying around. It is not hard to spot!

Boss battle

Phantom Dragon


Level 55

Setup:Default Jobs

This guy will absorb your physical attacks. So do not

hit him with a regular attack from anyone! Use groundus

against him for the most effective damage. He hits for

a lot of damage, but you should be able to keep up with

healing if you are around my level and have agility adding

gear equipped. It's fearsome Tornado attack can hit for

400+ damage to every character. While you want to use

groundus sword to hit him for good damage, have your BLM

use Flarus because groundus will not hit a flying enemy.

Before the middle of the fight I recommend using Quicka

because it seems like he gets much faster and attacks

much harder. He also can completely deplete your MP!


end of this battle turns into more of a stalmate. You

will be able to stay healed and alive, but damage to

this boss will come very VERY slow with you reviving

and healing every round.

You get the dragons horn after defeating him! One down

four more to go!!

West of the Murals


Obviously they mean Mural Valley, so head over to that

area. Warp to Talta, then exit the village. Fly around

Talta to find the coastal road. Land the mechat near

the pile of rubble blocking the path. He is flying

close by to that.

Lightning(forgot name) Dragon


This guy is TOUGH. His lightning attacks are powerful

and extremely fast. On second thought if you do what

I said above this guy is a pansy. Following that

strategy, not one of my characters died!! I was even

able to cast shiElda and shella with my white mage

because I never needed to heal!!

East of the Aurors


This one is right near Kelaso Village. Warp or fly

there. Now on this little are you will see a small

platform near the village that you can only access

by landing on. It is not very big and it is very

close you should not have a hard time finding it.

When you land the dragon will appear right in

front of you!

Blizzard Dragon


I can not give any better strategy on any of these dragons

that is better than above. If you take the time to do that

they won't stand a chance!

Near to the water Flowing Underground


Obviously this is the Underground River(duh!!).

I really don't know the fastest way there, haven't

traveled there myself yet. I know Baroy Town leads

to it, but the has to be a quicker way to reach

the area. I will let you know when I find it.

Near crystals that grow in a cave


Not quite sure about this one yet. Going to check

e-mails I know someone sent me information by now...

I will update this one after. I know where the

caves of crystal are but need more info first.

It is either Underground Seacave or Gul Mountains.

Barrier Chest List


Red-Jibral Castle by Lab-3000 gold

White-Jibral Castle by lab-Level 6 groundus

Blue-Alumaru village behind Jeelala house

Green-Alumaru Village

Blue-Ancient ruins-cave(Beginning of game)

Black-two on 3rd floor of Mecha Base

Green-Wilderness Camp

Black-lal Mountain Sheep Tribe Village


Achievement List


All of the Max rank and max all classes achievements I do not

explain. I think they are pretty left explanitory. You need

to hit rank 99 with each job for one achievement and hit rank

99 with all jobs as same charaters for other achievement, He

also need to hit level 99 wit hall character. You can use "Job

Hearts" to level ranks, but from 98-99 you actually need to

level it yourself without using a heart to gain the achievement.

1) Back Attack(Included)


This on is easy just attack an enemy from behind on

the field and you will recieve this one. You should

get it right at the start of the game.

2) Complete 100 Back Attacks(Included)


This one is a little trickier. Try to back attack as

many monsters as you can. Certain monsters such as

wolves and Kelolon aways run away, so you can really

rack up some back attacks on these guys. Later in the

game you will come to an underground river, where you

get the chance to fight 50+ Kelolons who all run away

from you. I think this is the BEST spot to get your

back attacks up. So spend some time here and you

should get it if you have the patients!

3) Multi-monster Encounter


Link a few different monsters together and fight them.

This is another simple battle. I am not sure how many you

need to link, but I think it needs to be at least 3-4 at

once. I am really not sure, but a links 2-3 monsters plenty of

times along the journey and at the end of the game I didn't

have many Multi-monster encounters. Keep linking mobs and

you are bound to get one without much effort!

4)10+ Monsters in an Encounter(Included)


This one is very tricky. I have yet to find a really good

area to pull this off. The BEST areas to do it if you try

though are by the Mecha Base(Side Quest) where robots

appear in it's path. I managed to link 8 robots at once in

this area. I just fell shot. You can try the kelolons you

use for back attacks, but woth them running away it is kind

of hard.

5)100 Monster Fights


This one is doable but will take a LONG time! I have not

bother to do this yet. At the end of the game I had about

50+, but I have not gone back to do this yet. Just

find a good group of monster that fight to link and repeat

this 100 times!

6) Beat King Poo


Found this guy too. He is located in the Ancient Ruins Caverns.

The are you were in at the beginning of the game! This in an

extremely tough battle. In fact, probably the toughest boss

in the entire game!!

7)Beat Golden Poo Snake(Included)


I got this guy!! I managed to find him on my own too. In

fact, I think this is the only guide to date that tells

how to find and beat this guy. Damn, I'm good! Check

the Side Quest Section above to get the info on this guy!

8)Beat Gold Mecha Robot


I found him. This guy is located in the Ancient Factory.

10)Mechat Shooting Stage 1 Perfect(Included)


Ok, this is included in the walkthrough. I tell you exactly

how to beat it so follow the directions when the time comes.

You HAVE to beat it on normal in order to get the achievement!

11)Mechat Shooting Stage 2 perfect(Included)


Again included in the walkthrough. This one is in the side

quest section though and has to do with Upper Mecha Base.

I highly recommend upgrading your Mechat first at the dock area

included at the walkthrough. This stage is very hard. On normal

I beat it without taking any damage from missiles, red lazers,

but I still did not get a perfect. So you either need to beat

this without Retrying if you die.(You need to reload the game

and start from the nearest save point instead.) or maybe

one machine gun bullet hit me and it didn't show any damage

cause it did like 1 damage. I really dom't know but I plan on

working on this again today to. I already beat it twice with

perfect and no achievement!!!!This is the HARDEST shooting game.

12)Mechat Shooting Stage 3 Perfect(Included)


This one is included in the walktrhough too, so don't worry about

missing it. This is easiser than stage 2 just follow the


13) Wagon Escort Game perfect(Included)


Again included in the walkthrough, just follow the guide. I

tell you exactly what to do.

14)Dragon:Max one Class


15)Minotaur: Max one class


16) Phoenix:Max One Class


17) Dragon:Max All Class Ranks


18)Minotaur:Max All Class Ranks


19)Phoenix:Max All Class Ranks


20)Maxed out all character Levels


21) Got Ultimate Weapon Bracelot(Included)


You get this by collecting all the "Mystery Parts". All the

parts are included in this walkthrough. If you follow it you

will find them all. There is also a list in the side quest

section on where to find them. After you collect all six bring

them to Jibral Lab and you will get this.

22)Got Final War Neckalce(Included)


Again, the secret parts. You get both of there together when

you turn the parts in.

23)Got Dragon bracelot


I have not found this one yet!! At the end of the game in

Mecha Robo town a robot mentions something about killing

5 mythical beasts to get a special bracelot that Nene's

power was stored in. I have no clue about this yet,but

I think that clue deals with obtaining this.Even after doing

all side quests I have not heard anything about it.You hear

rumors in Kelaso about 5 dragons and you kill 2-3 in the Side

quests sections.Maybe Golden Poo Snake,Gold Mecha Robot, and

King Poo are the other three. Again I have no clue.

24)Activate all Warp Devices(Included)


You will activate them all if you follow the walkthrough.The

last 3 are all in the last dungeon of the game, so you should

have that many keys left at that point.

25)Removed all Barriers


You need to remove all black, white, red, blue, and green

barriers in the game.All the devices you get following the

walkthrough,except the Black device obtained from a side quest.

I am working on a list now, but it is far from complete.I

plan on working on this soon too and updating the section.

26)Complete Monster record


You should kill every monster in every new area as soon as you

enter it. Really make sure you do this for areas such as Nene

Fortress that you can not enter again.My monster record is still

not complete at the end of the game, but I think I need to kill

King Poo,etc. to finish this. This is a daunting task because you

need to check every area of the entire world.

27)Got 1 million Gold


You need to have 1 mil gold on you in order to get this achievement.

If youuse your encyclopedia you can see how much items on you are

worth it you want to sell them to get this achievement.You can also

you mega medicine trick in Baroy Town to try to get this one.Another

pain in the ass.

28)CLosed Flying Fortress Door(Included)


It's in the walkthrough.It can be a big pain.Just tap A as fast

as possible.If one robots gets though and you have to fight

them you will NOT get this achievement.

29)Pulled in the Flying Fortress(Included)


You will get this from following the main storyline. It is very

easy to get, just hit the onscreen prompts/

30)Rescue Kluke(Included)


You need to save Kluke without falling from the robots and

using wind magic to catch her.Tap A as soon as it appear,you need

to be very fast in order to do this!

31)Got to Nene before the Bomb went off(Included)


You need to do this as part of the main story line.Not too hard,

just make it to Nene in his fortress before thetimer runs out.

32)Saved Kluke from Choking(Included)


Get the collar off of Kluke. You do this following the main

story. Pretty hard to screw this one up.If you do just give up

on achievements now!!

33)Summoned Shu's Shadow(Included)


You have to do this to continue the story. So don't worry

just mash A when the time times!!

34)Escaped from Squashtrich(Included)


You need to not get stomped at all by this giant ostich machine at

the top of Nene's Fortress.When the battle menu comes up you need

to flee.If you get stomped even once you need to restart from

the nearest save point.If you try again it will not give you an

achievement. I know from experience!!

35)Killer Bat:Max one class


36)Sabor-tooth:Max one Class


37)Killer bat:Max out all classes


38)Minotaur:Max out all Classes


39) Got all Dragon Items


I have no idea what this is?I am going to look farther into it.

Any information would be appreciated!

40)Escaped more than 50 times


Flee from battles over 50 times.This is not hard to do.It took me

a while. I made it to the end of the game without running away

2 times.The 1st was a battle you have to run from!So keep entering

battles and fleeing.In my opinion this should have been NEVER FLEE


41)Equip All Mechat parts(Included)


Almost all of the mechat parts are listed in Side Quests,Mechat

dock.I know I am missing one there a just got. I will update this

later,but most pieces are gained from doing other side quests.

42)Ambushed more than 50 Times


You need to be ambushed more than 50 times.Just keep letting

enemies attack you from the back a guess.I have not worked this

one at all yet.

43)Moon Laser Game perfect(included)


Again this is included in the walkthrough.It can be a tough

mini-game. Keep up and follow the hints and tips.Good Luck!