Warhawk FAQ/Walkthrough

"A Soldier's Guide to the Frontline Weaponry of Warhawk"

By: MackAttack

The purpose of this guide is quite simple: To help new players familiarize

themselves with the weaponry in this game. Because this is a competitive

game; Players will often find themselves in last place upon first playing,

which can be very discouraging. I am writing this in order to help out

those players who could possibly have much more fun if they had more "skill."

I only intend for this to be a basic, bare-bones guide for those that are

new to the game and for people that wish to improve their scores.

If you are a veteran and think that you could contribute to this FAQ, e-mail

me (e-mail address listed at the bottom.)

Version History:

Version 0: Started Sunday, September 9th, 2007 at 7:34 pm with a bottle of

Pepsi, my dinner for that night, and a copy of Warhawk.

Guide Includes primarily Infantry weapon information and no tips

from persons other than myself.

Version 1: Finished writing the guide on Tuesday, September 11, 2007 at

12:31 am after spending between 8-9 hours and making numerous edits

and corrections. Guide includes information on all subjects, but

only tips from myself.

Version 1.1: 9-12-07 A few new strategies. Added a Pros/Cons section to show

how I decided on the score. A + next to a comment

indicates that it was a positive aspect. - means negative

Version 1.2: 9-14-07 Added an FAQ section. Includes various questions I have

been asked as well as the answers. Minor gramatical

errors were corrected.

The Weapons of Warhawk:

Section 1: Infantry Weapons

Section 2: Ground Vehicles

Section 3: Turrets

Section 4: Warhawk/Nemesis Weapons

Section 5: Frequently Asked Questions

Section 6: Miscellaneous

Note: As with all online games; Information in this guide is subject to change

with every patch that is issued to the game. If for some reason, nine months

from now; The Pistol is now the choice anti-vehicular weapon and my guide does

not reflect this, Try not to hold me accountable. I will try to keep this

guide as up to date as possible.

Note 2: All buttons/controls listed are for the default control set-up.

Note 3: The rating system I use for damage is something like this: Lethal means

that it is a one shot kill if it directly hits. This does not include the

splash damage on explosives. Extreme means that the first hit will heavily

damage but not quite kill the target. Heavy means that a second attack with the

weapon will be required, even with a direct hit. Minimal means that only a few

bars of health will be taken away even with a direct hit. Moderate means that

the weapon will take away several bars per shot, but it will still take several

shots in order to kill the target.

Section 1:


"Infantry Weapons: Because the Little Guy Needs A Fighting Chance"

(Ctrl+F the code to go to the weapon)

1.1AC Knife

1.2BD Pistol

1.3CE Rifle

1.4DF Rocket Launcher

1.5EG Sniper Rifle

1.6FH Flamethrower

1.7GI Binoculars

1.8HJ Grenades

1.9IK Landmines

Preamble to Infantry:

In most of Warhawk (The exception being "Dogfights") You will begin the game

as a humble soldier of either the Eucadian (Blue Team) or Chernovan(Red Team)

armies. You will be particularly vulnerable to any vehicle that the enemy

happens to be using. However, the infantry role is easily the most versatile,

despite its limitations in terms of speed and durability. All Infantry

weapons will be rated in five categories: Range, Damage, Usefulness,

Rate of Fire (Referred to as "RoF"), and Overal (scale of 1-5). Following

that, I will include tips by me and anyone that wishes to submit a tip to the


Section 1.1AC : The SR-1 Tactical Combat Blade


This knife is given to you in every game, regardless of the side you chose.

You will find that it is very limited in terms of range, but it has one very

nice feature about it: No matter where you hit an enemy soldier; he will die

in one shot, guarenteed. Another benefit, according to the Warhawk Instruction

Manual, is that using it will not show you on the enemy's radar, giving you

the element of surprise. It is good for when you want to get a quick kill

on a stationary target, or when you want to have fun in a knife fight, but not

much else.

Range: Melee (0m)

Damage: Lethal (Infantry), None (Vehicles, Turrets)

Firing Rate: Fast

Usefulness: Surprising Soft-Targets, Knife Fights

Overall Rating: 2/5

+Instant Kill


-No range

-Easily defeated

-Useless against anything not infantry.




This is quite possibly the best weapon to use in dispatching a jeep. Though

this is not very advisable if you are charging a person who has spotted you

and is on the machine gun; If the driver attempts to get a road kill on you,

you can shank him from the side quite easily. Machine gunners can also be

killed in this way, but only try this if he is focused on someone else.

Fighting Against:

Either back up and fire with a regular weapon, or use a grenade. Of course,

if you are both using knives this is not advised as it will be deemed


Section 1.2BD : Bradford and Cook UCP 10MM Service Pistol


Like the knife, you will always start with this weapon in every game, every

time you spawn. It is only useful during the beginning of a map or if you

are unable to acquire a Rifle (which will be very seldom, as rifles spawn

quite often and in many locations.) The auto-aim for this gun is not as good

as it is for other weapons, such as the rifle. So moving and shooting is more

difficult. Headshots will do additional damage.

Range: Short (1-10m)

Damage: Moderate (Infantry) None (Vehicles, Turrets)

Firing Rate: Semi-automatic (as fast as you can push R1)

Usefulness: Minimal

Overall Rating: 1/5

-Very low damage

-Firing rate is sub-par

-No damage on vehicles

-Easy to get a better weapon

-Suicide against vehicles




Just avoid using. Try your best to get a better weapon and only use this as

a last resort. It is of course better than charging a flame-thrower wielding

foe with a knife, but it's still not that great.

Fighting Against:

Pull out a superior weapon and you can pretty easily defeat the enemy. However,

most players will never use a pistol alone and will typically employ grenades

in addition to the handgun. Pistol vs. Pistol combat is very rare and comes

down to who can shoot fastest, normally.

Section 1.3CE : Model 18 Automatic Rifle


The Automatic Rifle (normally referred to as the "Machine Gun/MG" by players)

is very easy to find in almost every map. Normally it will begin right in

front of you; ready to be picked up. Dispatching the average soldier will

consume around one magazine if the enemy is at full health. While using

against 4x4s and Aircraft is not advised, be aware that if either is damaged,

the Automatic Rifle can indeed destroy the target. It is generally considered

a very bad idea to attempt to use the Automatic Rifle on enemy tanks. Like the

Pistol, headshots will do additional damage and can mean the difference in a

Rifle vs. Rifle fight. Each Magazine holds around 40 bullets. Upon finding

a rifle; You will typically die before running out of ammo.

Range: Medium-Long (1m-25m)

Damage: Low-Moderate (Infantry, Aircraft, Jeeps)

Firing Rate: Very Fast

Usefulness: Anti-Infantry and Light Vehicle

Overall Rating: 4.6/5

+Auto-Aim helps greatly

+Good damage per second

+Can decently damage vehicles

+Easy to Acquire

+Decent at range

-Poor in close combat

-Low damage per shot.




The Rifle, compared to other weapons, has a very high level of auto-aim. In

other words; Simply place your crosshair on an enemy that is within around

twenty-five meters, fire in his general direction, and have around 90% of

the shots hit. Neat, huh? Notice I said that this gun can be used against

vehicles. While it can, I suggest that you do not. It's primarily anti-infantry

and should probably stay that way. If you find a 4x4 with between one third

and one fourth its total health; Open fire. You will probably kill it. If the

box around your crosshair turns red over an enemy soldier; open fire. You will

very likely get a kill.


Try not to get into close range. In close range, missing a single shot can

result in your death. At long range you will expend much more ammo, but

it is so plentiful that this is not a problem. Try to get behind cover when

possible; Jumping out to fire upon the enemy while he reloads.

Section 1.4DF MPSTA/S-19 Man-Portable Radar Homing Missle


The Rocket Launcher. Known to all players of FPS games as a cheap, easy way

to kill anything that moves, breathes, or otherwise whose looks enrage you.

In Warhawk, this gun is a beast. "Everybody wants it, everybody needs it."

This gun keeps the gears of Warhawk turning. It has devestating power and can

lock on to Tanks and Aircraft. However, everyone knows this weapon has power.

Because of that, everyone wants it. You want it, your team mates want it, and

your enemy wants it. It is very hard to come by. More over, you can only carry

six shots, and all six of these are gained by picking the weapon up once.

Range: Long (5m-30m)

Damage: Lethal (Infantry), Extreme (Aircraft, Turrets, 4x4), Heavy (Tanks)

Firing Rate: Very Slow

Usefulness: Anti-Vehicle and Medium Range Anti-Infantry

Overall Rating: 4.9/5

+Massive Damage.

+Easy kills

+Long Range

+Splash Damage

+Locks on to tanks and aircraft

-Travel Time




While still highly effective against others, this weapon is mainly

for tanks and aircraft. Turrets, 4x4s, and infantry can all be dealth with

in easier ways. Against Tanks and Aircraft; Simply hold R1 until you get a

solid tone to indicate a lock-on. Then fire and forget. Turrets are stationary

and cannot be locked on to, but you don't need to. Infantry and 4x4s can be

a problem as they move quite fast and the rocket has a travel delay. Either

aim in the direction they are moving or just wait for them to stop. The Rocket

Launcher can be extremely useful anti-air if you ride in the tank's machine

gun nest. Pulling out the RL and shooting down aircraft can give the driver

peace of mind and remove his main weakness.


Oh my, you have a problem here. The man using a rocket launcher is a serious

threat to you regardless of whether you are in a vehicle or on foot. Either

kill him as fast as possible with a one shot kill weapon (Tank's cannon, Your

own rocket launcher, anything that kills in one shot,) or get into his face

(he will not fire a rocket launcher at close range due to the massive splash

damage it will deal to him) and open fire on him (he will be running away too

fast for you to use a knife.) In a vehicle, try to kill him, but if your health

gets too low; Abandon ship and pursue on foot.

1.5EG SK-3 Sniper Rifle


You would think that because this is a game involving shooting and this is a

sniper rifle; it would be used by nearly everyone. This is not the case. In

fact, a lot of people will just not go out of their way to pick it up. This

is helpful to you because it means you can acquire it quite easily. This gun

has either no or very little auto-aim, meaning you have to be very accurate.

Add on server lag and using it seems like a nightmare. But do not fret, it has

two levels of magnification (press down on the Right Stick to bring up the

scope) to make the shots easier to pull off. You get 7 shots per pick-ip.

Range: Very Long (1-30m+)

Damage: Lethal (Infantry), Heavy (Aircraft, 4x4), Minimal (Tanks, Turrets)

Firing Rate: Slow

Usefulness: Long Range Anti-Infantry/Light Vehicle

Overall Rating: 3/5

+Instant Kills on Infantry

+Large Damage on vehicles

+Long Range

+Easy to acquire

-No auto-aim

-Lag makes sniping difficult

-Missing the first shot typically means losing the kill




This gun is very hard to use. The no-auto aim coupled with the console

naturally making precise aiming hard means you will miss your shots a lot. And

missing means that the enemy can see you thanks to a handy bullet trail your

shots will leave. When you are aiming at a soldier, place your crosshair where

he is going, not where he is (Unless he is stationary, which means he is just

asking you to kill him), and fire when he is just about to walk into your

sights. This will help to compensate for lag and will almost always guarentee

a kill, provided he is running straight.


Strange as it sounds, you want to stay at a semi-long range and avoid close

quarters. The rifle is a one-shot kill, and up close you are that much easier

to hit. Use your Automatic rifle and circle-strafe in an unpredictable pattern

in order to confuse and frustrate the sniper. By the time he decides that he

can't hit you with his sniper rifle; he'll be too near dead to do anything.

Sneaking up behind him and shanking him in the back also works.

1.6FH Flamethrower, Man-Portable, Type 2


The weapon of choice for close combat. Each pickup nets you 60 units of ammo

that can be used to decimate anything that comes within about ten feet of you

very easily. And by anything, I do mean anything. This firearm(no pun intended)

will decimate even the heaviest armor of tanks and enclosed turrets with ease.

Nothing can withstand being hit with it for more than a few seconds. Acquiring

it is very easy, as it can be found in almost every bunker/tight area which

could feasibly require close combat. Of course, this also means you need to

avoid getting too close to any enemy, as they could possibly have it.

Range: Short (1m-5m)

Damage: Extreme (everything)

Firing Rate: Extremely Fast

Usefulness: Almost Any Situation

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

+Massive Damage

+Devestates vehicles

+Plentiful Ammo

+Frequent Spawns

-Very short range




Close the distance between you and the enemy by doing quick sweeps from the

left to the right, or vice-versa depending on which direction he is moving.

This is definately the choice weapon if you are facing more than one enemy

inside of a building or any other area surrounded on all sides by walls. Why?

Players have a tendency to only back-up away from you while firing. If they

are unable to back-up, you can get close to them and kill them before they are

able to switch directions.

Against tanks you want to avoid the main gun while running to close range to

dispatch them. Getting on top of the tank to avoid being shot helps too, but

potentially means you could be killed by a team mate.

Against 4x4s you just burn them. But around 95% of the time they will run away

after that first attempt to get a "road-kill."

If an Aircraft gets within Flamethrower range: He deserves to die. Open fire

and he will be brought down quite fast.


Regardless of what you are using (unless it is another flamethrower), BACK UP.

DO NOT LET THEM GET CLOSE. If you were surprised and attacked from behind,

this guide will have no use to you as you will be dead before you can respond.

Simply back up, and either use a rifle or rocket launcher at a distance beyond

what the flames can reach, or grenades/pistol. In a tank you need to back up

or get out. 4x4s can outrun the flames luckily, because they die quite fast.

You should not be close enough to die by flames in an Aircraft, but if you

happen to be, just back up in hover mode and use the Machine Gun.

Section 1.7GI BU/AS Laser Target Designation Binoculars


The Holy Grail (Or rather, the Holy Hand Grenade) of Warhawk is a simple set

of green and brown binoculars. Humble in appearance, this little gadget is a

WoMD. If you've played Gears of War, this is the equivalent to the Hammer of

Dawn (or the Laser Targetter in UT2k4.) You point it at what you want to die

and hold down the trigger. A green laser comes out to give a short warning to

the victim, and then it is over. What is the catch? You have to hold almost

totally still to fire, and it does not work if there is a roof overhead. It

also quite obviously requies you to be far away, which can be either very good

or sort of bad. Also: It is very hard to find and will typically be taken if

it is available within seconds.

Range: As far as the eye can see.

Damage: Lethal (Everything)

Firing Rate: Very Slow

Usefulness: Almost Any Situation

Overall Rating: 5/5




-Hard to get




Find large groups, point, and hold. Seriously, this weapon needs no tips. You

point at it something and it dies about two seconds later.


If you can see that Green Laser, it's already too late. Of course, if it is not

pointing at you, you have a very short span of time to find the source and

kill him with a sniper rifle, at which point you can brag over the mic "Dude,

I just totally saved your ass." Though no one will ever know what you did.

There really is no counter because it is silent and an instant kill over a

fairly large area. Thank God there is a very low number of these monsters.

Section 1.8HJ MK37 Fragmentation Grenade


Another "standard issue" weapon, you begin each of your "lives" with access to

two of these fine little dandies. They are fired in an arc and are the only

weapon asigned to the L1 button. Aiming up will allow you to throw longer

distances. The radius of the explosion is quite large and will likely kill you

if you mis-throw the grenade or happen to forget where you threw it.

Range: Short(1m-10m)

Damage: Lethal (Infantry), Heavy (4x4, Aircraft), Moderate (Tanks, Turrets)

Firing Rate: Slow

Usefulness: Almost Any Situation

Overall Rating: 4.8/5

+Extreme Damage

+Decent Radius


+Can be fired quickly

+Damages vehicles nicely

-Easy to kill self or team mates

-Hard to kill enemy infantry in close combat




Whether you are lobbing grenades in a heated gun battle or trying to finish a

damaged tank, you will be using these quite a lot. And luckily, they are

plentiful. When you are in a gunfight, you want to aim where the enemy will be

going, not where he is. There is a time span of about three seconds between

throwing the grenade and it exploding. Direct contact with any enemy will

instantly cause the grenade to explode. Use these as much as possible against

any target that is not non-stationary aircraft, as you will simply be wasting

grenades. And if you know you will die; lob a few in the direction of enemy

infantry. Maybe luck will grant you one last kill...


Chances are; every soldier you encounter that is on foot, regardless of whether

you are also on foot or in a vehicle will use these against you. In a tank, you

will not be able to dodge the grenade and will simple have to take the hit. In

a jeep, you'll likely die if you are not moving constantly. On foot you have

to be careful to avoid where the enemy threw his grenade, but normally they

will miss throw it in an odd direction

Section 1.9IK Landmines: The only weapon without a cool name in the manual.


The landmine is a highly versatile and highly sought-after weapon. But why is

it so great? Well, it's very easy to use. You simply press R1 to throw the mine

in a parabolic arc towards where you want to place it, and eventually; either

it will disappear after your death, someone will shoot it, or you will kill

something. They are normally very hard to find on a map, but not as hard as

the binoculars. Once a mine has been layed down however, it can be destroyed

by almost every weapon (dispatching of landmines with a knife is not advised.)

Range: Throw (1m-10m),Detonation (1m-2.5m),Damage (1m-4m)

Damage: Extreme (Tanks), Lethal (Everything Else)

Firing Rate: Slow

Usefulness: Almost Any Situation

Overall Rating: 5/5

+Can lead to easy kills

+Suicide Bombing



-Sometimes hard to get




There really is no situation where using these is bad. Simply, if an enemy

gets close, they die. No chance to react or anything. You can even use these

in close combat, but this is not advised as there is an activation timer of

about two-three seconds that will let your enemy avoid them entirely. Place

them around corners or in places that the enemy will most likely go without

looking. On long roads, these are very handy as Tanks and 4x4s will not be

able to stop once they are able to see the mine; Quite possibly giving you

more than one kill. Putting mines near flags serves as a deterrent and will

slow the enemy down as the friends of the first victim(s) will often search

the area for mines to destroy.


Normally, you will not know there are mines in an area unless it is too late.

If you get lucky and spot them due to poor placement, or a friend of yours was

"kind" enough to "warn" you, you can simply shoot them a few times to destroy

them. Regardless of the map or game mode, be careful. They could be anywhere.

4x4s should be especially careful if you are carrying passengers. If one mine

goes off nearby, there are likely three others in the area, as well as the


Fun Strategies:

Place a landmine on a Warhawk/Nemesis. Find a lone soldier and harass him a

bit with your machine guns until he finds cover. Then, seeming as if you are

frustrated with him; Leave the Warhawk/Nemesis and run off. Watch as he

attempts to get into your plane, only to have it explode.

Place the landmine on the front of a jeep and run head-on into tanks and

other 4x4s. Getting out before impact is advised but not required.

Section 2: Ground Vehicles


"Land vehicles: The workhorses of any army."

A Preamble to Ground Vehicles:

Ground vehicles serve a very important purpose and fill in their niche quite

easily. They are the flag carrier's chariot. They are the spawn camper's safe,

invincible little bunker and free-kill machine. They are the things you will

likely complain about most. There are only two types of land vehicles; The

humble tank, powerful and hard to kill as a rabid elephant, but soft, and weak

to aircraft like the timid field mouse foraging for his daily meal, and the

4x4; A swift, agile little cougar that pounces and escapes quickly once when it

fails to capture its prey. Also due to the fact that each vehicle serves its

own purpose; I will not be including the "Overall Rating" category in my

summary. With that in mind, I invite you to the wonderous world of Warhawk


Note: Both Ground Vehicles have a different appearance depending on who

controlled the base they spawned at.

Section 2.1 The Tank


Powerful. Invincible. Really n00b-ish. These are words that players use when

speaking about the tank. The left stick rotates the base of the tank while

the right stick aims the turret. Unlike today's tanks, the tanks of Warhawk

only feature one main weapon: The cannon. The cannon does massive damage with

a large splash. This can be extremely helpful for almost any mess you could get

into. A second person can fire from the hatch on top, improving your chances of

victory two-fold.

Range: Long (1-25m)

Damage: Lethal (4x4, Infantry, Aircraft) Heavy (Tanks)

Firing Rate: Very Slow

Usefulness: Capturing flags/zones(beware of aircraft), Spawn camping, General





Before you get into a tank; get a rocket launcher. If an aircraft is harassing

you, you can hold in square and change to the hatch position. He will have a

nasty surprise. Alternatively; if he is holding still in hover mode, you can

easily shoot him down. This method may take a few attempts and is more risky.

The Rocket Launcher also adds assurance: If your tank is destroyed, you can

get out of it and still have a decent chance to finish that pesky enemy tank or


When facing infantry; Aim at the ground near them and in the direction they are

going. The tank's shell has travel time, and the splash will likely kill or

heavily damage them. Beware of grenades, because when they are in large numbers

they will hurt you.

4x4s require you to plan out the enemy's route and attempt to get a shot on

them. You will only have one shot in most cases.


Ouch. Tanks are quite tough to take down, mostly because you will typically

only see them in two situations: 1. You have just taken a flag and usually do

not have a rocket launcher/mines handy, and 2. You just spawned at a flag and

there he is. You will have almost no resources, which is not good when facing

such a formidable enemy as the tank. Here's my top ten list of tank murder tips

1. If you get on top of the tank; he cannot hit you with the cannon or run you


2. If you are in a bunker, the tank driver will have to get out of his tank to

kill you.

3. The Jeep's machine gun can kill a full health tank in 4-6 seconds.

4. Turrets in general can kill tanks fast, but die quite fast to a tank.

5. Aircraft have a large number of ways to deal with tanks, but do not try

hovering near them. It will only end in tears.

6. Placing a mine on any vehicle will blow it if the vehicle moves. Since tanks

are so slow, they make easy targets.

7. Flamethrowers hurt tanks. They hurt them bad.

8. If you are trying to kill a tank with a rocket launcher; Lock on, go behind

cover until the lock is complete, and then jump out to fire. Repeat.

9. Only try to kill a tank with grenades if you can safely do so behind several

feet of cover.

10. Use common sense. Tanks are powerful and can kill almost anything in one

shot. Taking it on singlehandedly is an easy way to get yourself killed.


Section 2.2: 4x4


It is fast, it holds up to three people, and is very vulnerable to just about

anything. So why do people flock to the 4x4? Simple: It is fast and holds up to

three people. The 4x4 (commonly referred to as the "Jeep" by in-game players)

is the vehicle of choice for fast raids on enemy territory. Flag carrying is

normally done on a jeep in around 95% of all Capture the flag games, mostly

because only 5% allow you to carry the flag in an aircraft. The major advantage

of the 4x4 is that rockets cannot lock onto it.

Range: (Driver) No Weapons, (Gunner) Medium (0m-20m)

Damage: Low (Infantry, Aircraft, Tanks, Turrets)

Firing Rate: Extremely Fast

Usefulness: Capturing flags, Quick raids, Emergency Tank Killing,Transportation




When using a 4x4, you are typically not doing it for the weapons. Generally you

wish to avoid combat, because just about everything (even infantry) can kill

you very, very easily. The 4x4 is mostly for carrying the Flag home because it

cannot be locked onto by any missles. This means added annoyance to any turret

or aircraft operator, as they now have to use either flak or machine guns to

hurt you. In an absolute emergency, the turret works quite well. I do, however,

suggest that you only try to use the machine gun while there is a driver in

the 4x4 with you. Being a sitting duck just makes you a free kill.


Anything explosive will kill it if it is moving. If it is stationary (Zone

capturing most likey) run up to the jeep with your knife and finish the

driver and passengers off quickly. 4x4s are quite possibly the easiest threat

to deal with, as they are even more vulnerable than infantry.

Warning: Some people will attach mines to their 4x4s and suicide bomb with them

While few people will do this, and it is a quite stupid strategy; It can ruin

your day if you are a tank driver or defender of a flag.

Section 3: Turrets


"Turrets: The Annoying Kid On the Swing Set Spitting At You on the Playground."

Preamble to Turrets: Like the Ground Vehicles section, this will be short.

There are only three types of turrets, one of which is almost never used. Even

so, turrets are an essential piece of defense to any adept Warhawk player.90%

of your frustration with this game will come from turrets, I guarentee it. Why?

They are powerful, have a lot of health, and can be very easily used. Keep in

mind, most of the turrets are meant to be anti-aircraft, but can also be used

to take down ground vehicles. The Rating system will be back for these. Because

you can not use turrets for anything other than defending, I have taken out

the usefulness section. That will be included in the Tips.

Note: Turrets also appear differently depending on who controls the base they

are protecting. The difference is very minor, however.

Section 3.1: AAA/P 30MM Anti-Aircraft Emplacement


The Flak cannon is the most commonly found Heavy Turret in the game, and works

by firing an explosive shell into the air, which...explodes when near a plane.

The Flak cannon only holds around 50 shells at any given time, two of which

are expended per shot. This means you have 25 shots to take down that annoying

Nemesis camping your base.

Range: Long (5m-25m)

Damage: Moderate (Aircraft, Infantry, 4x4s), Low (Tanks, Other Turrets?)

Firing Rate: Average

Overall Rating: 2.9/5

+Easy to hit aircraft

+Decent Damage vs. Aircraft

+Fast firing

-Slow reload

-Low damage vs. non-aircraft

-Low ammo supply




The Flak Cannon suffers from a short supply of ammunition and a long reload

time, making it somewhat ineffective in combat versus more than one target.

Against aircraft, the aircraft can normally easily escape once it has been

heavily damaged, unless it is in hover mode. 4x4s can be defeated quite

excellently by the Flak Cannon, but do not try to use this against Infantry or

Tanks in most situations. Only try to engage a tank if the tank does not notice

you and is facing in the opposite direction.


Dodging the flak cannon on foot is easy. It is highly vulnerable to any

explosive. Use either the Rocket Launcher or the Tank's cannon to dispatch it.

4x4s are a bad idea. In a plane, it is a bad idea to engage any form of turret.

But if you must, use either the TOW missle from a safe location or the Homing

Missle in a quick fly-by to take it out. Cluster Bombs and the Lightning Gun

are other options, but not reccomended for amateur pilots.

Section 3.2: STA/S-19 Emplaced Active Radar Homing Missle System


This turret seems to be everybody's favorite. It works similar to the rocket

launcher of the foot soldier or the missles of the Aircraft pilot. You hold

down the firing button in order to gain a lock, and let go to let it fly.

However, the missles in this turret are much more powerful than the missles

that other systems employ. The missles have a very slow reload and a slow

travel speed, but once locked on you are almost assured a kill on aircraft.

Range: Long (0m-30m)

Damage: Lethal (Infantry, 4x4, Aircraft), Heavy (Tanks, Other Turrets?)

Firing Rate: Very Slow

Overall Rating: 4.6/5

+Instantly kill airplanes, infantry, and 4x4s with a single rocket

+Rockets travel very fast

+Rockets lock-on relatively quickly

-Hard to hit infantry and 4x4s




Point in the direction of the enemy, hold the trigger, and then let go. This

thing is very easy to use. Against infantry and 4x4s you need to compensate

for the slow travel speed and attempt to predict the enemy's route in order to

score a kill effectively. Luckily, it's a one shot kill with large splash

damage. The missles can not lock onto 4x4s, Infantry, or other turrets.


On foot or in a 4x4: Zig-zag into close range, and then either force the pilot

out of the turret or hide until he gets frustrated. Normally, you can capture

the zone/flag behind the turret easily, but getting out of the area is a

problem. All turrets are vulnerable to explosives.

In a Tank: Get the first shot before he can hit you. Two shots will end him.

Dodging is not necessary or possible, because you can take the hits. Suck it up

and deal with the turret.

(Copied from the above)In a plane, it is a bad idea to engage any form of

turret. But if you must, use either the TOW missle from a safe location or the

Homing Missle in a quick fly-by to take it out. Cluster Bombs and the

Lightning Gun are other options, but not reccomended for amateur pilots.

Section 3.3: MK29 .50 Cal Mounted Heavy Machine Gun


This turret is effectively a stationary version of the jeep's machine gun, with

a few differences. First off: It is stationary, essentially taking away the

main advantage of the Machine Gun on the 4x4. Second, instead of having limited

ammunition in its magazine, it can overheat. This will only prevent you from

firing for a few seconds, which is an improvement over its sister-weapon.

Range: Medium (0m-15m)

Damage: Low (Infantry, Aircraft, Tanks, Turrets)

Firing Rate: Extremely Fast

Overall: 1/5

-Low damage

-Low range

-Hard to hit aircraft

-Ineffective vs. everything




This turret has almost no purpose. It can't deal with aircraft at all, infantry

can kill it incredibly easily, and trying to take down a tank is almost suicide

because typically this turret is placed in the directions the tank will be

looking at when it needs victims. To make matters worse, almost every time you

see one of these turrets; A better turret will be five feet away from it.


Grenades. Sniper Rifle. Rocket Launcher. Tank Cannon. Any weapon that inflicts

reasonable damage can dispatch a fool on the Machine Gun turret. If you can

catch him from behind, you can even knife him or finish him off with the pistol

Section 4: Aircraft Weaponry


"Aircraft: The Buzzing Mosquito Infected With West-Nile Virus"

A Preamble to the Aircraft:

The aircraft is actually most similar to infantry, as opposed to the ground

vehicles. You begin inside the Warhawk/Nemesis in Dogfight matches, but

otherwise you will typically be able to find an aircraft at your main base (E

on the Over-head map.) Some maps even have a little area where only airplanes

will spawn, such as Destroyed Capital. The Warhawk/Nemsis is very powerful and

can take down tanks, 4x4s, infantry, and other aircraft reliably. However,

when compared to the previously mentioned weapons and vehicles, the warhawk is

the hardest of all of them to use by far. Even if you can't use it as a weapon,

it can be used for extremely fast transportation with its turbo and flight.

Note: In the original Warhawk for the PSX, there were no turrets, tanks, 4x4s,

or foot soldiers you could play as. You flew a Warhawk and killed the enemy,

which included the afforementioned. You could say that the Warhawk is the

"true" way to play the game.

Note 2: The Aircaft can be controlled in different ways, and most people seem

divided on which is best, so I will not be mentioning specific controls.

Note 3: There will not be an "Against" section on all of these weapons, because

some of them are very similar to other weapons, or are used non-offensively.

Small tips may be given.

The Warhawk (Eucadian) and Nemesis (Chernovan)


Unlike the simple skin switches of the other vehicles, the aircraft is almost

completely different depending on which side you are playing. Its appearance

can be customized in the main menu. Each new aircraft comes equipped with a

Machine Gun, one Chaff Dispenser, a few swarm missles, and an air-freshener.

With that said, I will be moving onto the various weapons that the aircraft use

General Tips:

1. Fire with the machine gun while you are waiting for the missle to lock on.

It's not like he won't know you're there with the massive "MISSLE LOCK ON"

siren and warning.

2. Instead of doing acrobatics any time someone gets a lock on, try ducking

behind a building or mountain.

3. Use hover mode as little as possible.

4. Landing and getting out to escape a missle fired at you is stupid and will

get you killed many, many times.

5. If someone accidentally got into your co-pilot seat because they wanted the

plane and you got it first, kindly let them out. They do not want to see your

awesome moves and could help out more in a role where they could actually do


6. While you should not panic when you are locked onto, try to get that to go

away. It can certainly be a major pain.

"Aerial Weapons of Warhawk"

4.1A: Machine Gun

4.2B: Homing Missle

4.3C: Chaff Dispenser

4.4D: Swarm Missles

4.5E: Cluster Bomb

4.6F: Stealth

4.7G: Aerial Mine

4.8H: Lightning Gun

4.9I: TOW Missle

Section 4.1A: Machine Gun


All planes start with a machine gun that has infinite ammo. It can only

overheat, so basically you can sustain fire for a very long time. Normally, it

is fired in the same way you will fire your main weapon on foot.

Range: Medium (0m-20m)

Damage: Moderate (Infantry, Aircraft, 4x4s), Low (Tanks, Turrets)

Firing Rate: Extremely Fast

Overall: 4.6/5


+Decent Range

+Fast firing

+Effective vs. everything

+Infinite Ammo

-Overheats too fast




The machine gun is a beast. Not only can you use it right away, but you never

have to worry about running out of ammo. You should be constantly firing at

anything you are trying to kill. The only downside to this weapon, and the only

reason it did not get a 5, is because it tends to overheat quite fast. You will

find that it does not work so well against tanks however, but if needed it can

weaken them significantly before overheating.

Section 4.2B: AA-19 Long Range Active radar Homing Missle


This weapon is most similar to the Infantry based Rocket Launcher, only it

seems that it travels faster and is easier to acquire. Like other missles;

you must first lock on, and then fire. This missle is particularly accurate.

Range: Long (0m-30m)

Damage: Heavy (Aircraft, Turrets, 4x4s, Tanks) Lethal (Infantry)

Usefulness: Anti-turret, Anti-Ground Vehicles, Anti-Aircraft

Overall: 3.9/5

+Hard for it to miss once locked on

+Good damage

+Easy to acquire

-Hard to lock on

-Can still be dodged




This missle is very hard for enemies to shake once it is locked on, but

inversely, it is very hard for you to lock onto enemy planes. Firing it without

locking on can be quite handy for ground vehicles and turrets that are not


Section 4.3C: PRCM/D Chaff Dispenser


This weapon dispenses a large amount of chaff near your plane, making any

current lock on fail and any weapons currently after you miss. Each plane will

begin with one Chaff ready to use.

Range: Self-Targetted (0m)

Damage: None.

Usefulness: Saving Your Ass

Overall: 2.7/5

+Cheap way to shake missles

+Possibly the only way to survive SAM turrets

+Begin with one chaff

-Can not use other weapons at the same time

-No offensive capabilities

-Regarded as somewhat "Cheap."




This weapon is very handy, so why such a low rating? Simple: It only protects

from missles. Flak, Machine Guns, Lightning, Air mines, and tank cannons do not

fit into this category. While this eliminates a rather large threat (mainly;

Homing Missle Turrets), it may give you a false sense of security. You also are

vulnerable due to the lack of a secondary weapon, leaving you with only your

machine gun to defend yourself. While it sounds like a nightmare for you if

you are attempting to kill enemy planes, in game most people do not use chaff

against your missles, likely because they wish to keep their secondary weapon



Fire another missle or barrage, or stick to your machine gun.

Section 4.4D: AAS-21 Fast-Tracking Active Radar Swarm Missle System


Swarm missles have quite possibly the coolest name out of all of the aircraft

weapons. Your plane will begin with 5 of these babies. One unique trait that

the swarm missles have is the multiple lock on. After the first lock on, you

will see a second lock on, and then a third, and so on depending on how many

swarm missles you have in stock. When you let go, a "Swarm" will be unleashed.

Swarm missles however, are much easier to dodge than regular missles.

Range: Medium (0m-20m)

Damage: Moderate (Aircraft, Infantry, 4x4s), Minimal (Tanks)

Usefulness: Quick Attacks to Weaken Aircraft

Overall: 2.1/5

+Large number of missles

+Fast lock-ons

-Low damage

-Very easy to dodge

-Hard to hit ground targets




Swarm missles can be too easily dodged by enemy aircraft to be a main weapon.

You must use them to distract the enemy while you open fire with your machine

gun. In large numbers; Swarm missles can kill aircraft, but it will likely take

between 4-5 barrages to even kill one plane. The only bright side is that it

feels very awesome to see a massive barrage of missles nail an enemy aircraft.

Only a very bad pilot will be taken out in this manner, as swarm missles can

miss even if the target is in hover mode.


They are quite easy to dodge compared to other missles. So dodge and return


Section 4.5E: CB-4 Combined Effect Cluster Munition


Cluster bombs are fun. You release them from your planes hatch, and twenty five

highly explosive little round bombs will litter the area below you. If anything

touches these little buggers, it is guarenteed to take some damage, and after a

little bit of time passes, they will explode on their own. The sheer number of

these things will cause the enemy to panic, but can also cause some friendly

fire. It is somewhat rare and hard to get on most maps.

Range: Short (Dropped Below the Plane)

Damage(single bomb): Lethal (Infantry, 4x4), Moderate (Tanks, Turrets?)

Usefulness: Killing Everything in a Small Area.

Overall: 4.75/5

+Massive damage

+Large area

-Can sometimes endanger self by using




A small problem exists in that you have to get close to the enemy, which leaves

you vulnerable to both the enemies below and the enemies above who see your

defenseless state. Drop the bomb in an area where you can get the most kills,

but do it as fast as possible due to the vulnerability. This will cover a large

area and do serious damage and likely kill all within that area. Even tanks.


Get out of the area or shoot the aircraft down before it can drop the bomb. If

you are in an aircraft also; these will not be a problem.

Section 4.6F: Series-7 Stealth Avionics Package


This handy little device makes your aircraft transparent, removes you from

enemy minimaps, and makes missles unable to lock onto you. Better yet, you are

still able to use your machine gun, but unable to use any other secondary

weapon while stealthed.

Range: Self Targetted

Damage: None

Usefulness: Sneaking Into Enemy Bases, Turret Killing, General Ninja-hijinks

Overall: 3.5/5

+Cannot be locked on to by missles

+Transparency makes you more difficult to track

+Easily bypass turrets

-Depleted quickly

-Can only use machine gun while stealthed




This is very handy in Capture the Flag, especially on Archipelago. It allows

you to sneak in behind those pesky turrets and enemy aircraft, grab the flag,

and get out of there. Be advised though, you cannot use any secondary weapons.

I hope you are good with the machine gun. Another major drawback is the limited

amount of time that each pickup will allow you to remain in stealth.


Stealthed Aircraft normally will only engage infantry and seldom anything else.

Tanks are the best to kill them, but they know this and will avoid them. A

stealthed plane will get in close and try to rip you apart with its machine

guns. Use either your grenades or rocket launcher in a semi-suicide mission, or

if it got too close: Flame Thrower.

Section 4.7G: AAM Proximity-Fused Aerial Mine


Using the Air mine drops a mine that will float in the area you placed it. Any

planes that come within a short distance of this device will be blown to bits.

Shooting the mine will also destroy it, but more often than not it will be left

alone. You cannot place this mine too close to the ground.

Range: Detonation: Short (0-2m), Deployment: Dropped

Damage: Lethal (Aircraft)

Usefulness: Placing On Aircraft Pick-ups

Overall: 1.5/5

+Instant Kill

-Easy to see

-Very unlikely to get a kill with one

-Can be destroyed easily




Because this must be placed a certain distance away from the ground, you can

not place it in pretty much anywhere inconspicuous. The result is that all of

your mines will be painfully obvious to see. The only way you will be able to

get any kind of kill is hiding it behind pick-ups. Maybe score an ironic kill

by placing it over the Air Mine pick-up? Still, because it is an instant kill

and you just might get lucky, I gave it a 1.5/5.


Just avoid them. It's very obvious where it is.

Section 4.8H: XK-2 Directed Energy Weapon


The lightning gun can be fired in two modes. The first sends out an arc that

will travel very fast and be very likely to hit. The second is much more

impressive. If you choose to charge up the weapon, a massive static-field is

deployed where you fired, dealing damage over time to all within the area.

It will continue to deal the damage until it runs out of energy.

Range: Arc Mode: Medium (0m-15m), Static: Covers an Area

Damage: Arc Mode: Moderate (All targets), Static: Heavy (Damage over Time)

Usefulness: Causing Mass Panic, Dealing With Several Vehicles

Overall: 4.2/5

+Causes panic

+Large damage vs. vehicles

+Charge travels very fast

-Useless Arc mode

-Vulnerable while charging




Arc mode requires you to be too close to be very useful, so I wouldn't use it

too much. Once you charge up the Lightning gun however, its static field is

very useful. Enemies will scramble to leave the area as it is blankted in a

field of electricity. Tanks will take massive damage, 4x4s will not be spared.

And in all this confusion; you could be right outside, finishing off your foes

with your machine gun. You are, however, very vulnerable to outside attacks

while charging the weapon.


Basically just leave the area if you are facing the static field. Leave and

get your revenge with a rocket launcher if possible. If the opponent is using

the arc mode, then try to get some distance between you and take him down at

long range. Very few people use this gun for the arc mode.

Section 4.9I: AS-3 TOW Missle System


The TOW missle is powerful. Really powerful. You guide the weapon as if you

are flying it, in a sort of camera view from the tip of the missle. While doing

this, your aircraft is hovering wherever you first fired the missle. While

piloting the missle, you have a fuel limit. Once this is reached, the missle

will cease functioning. Normally, each map will only have one of these. It will

be very hard to acquire it.

Range: Very Long (0m-40m)

Damage: Lethal (Everything)

Usefulness: Long Range Death From a Distance

Overall: 5/5

+Can be fired from safety

+Instantly kill anything

+Moves very fast

+Controlled in first person view (can be very accurate)




Because of the limited fuel, you must be sure of where your target is. After

that, find a safe place to hover in that is within range, and open fire. It

is preferable that you attempt to destroy turrets and other stationary targets.

Tanks, infantry, and 4x4s that are defending should also be considered. It is

not advised to attempt to shoot down planes or moving 4x4s/infantry. If you

must attempt to, kill them with the massive splash damage that this warhead



There is nothing you can do. This missle comes fast and out of nowhere. Taking

the source out is usually not an option because it will normally be fired from

a hidden/safe location.

Section 5: Frequently Asked Questions


Question: I need some help ranking up. Any tips?

Answer: Best way is to play Capture the Flag and focus on defending. Returning

the flag (killing the person who captured it and standing still over the flag)

will net you 10 points every time, along with the bonus points from killing the

flag carrier.

(Team) Death Match and Dogfights are horrible for points.

In Zones: Aggressively capture zones and try to get them to level 3 ASAP. The

middle point should always be taken first, and then build up the points between

the middle and your main base until then. Constantly capture bases. Combat is

not very important.


Q: My stats are not updating! Why is this?

A: One of two things. Server problems, which are usually resolved by Sony in

2-3 days. The other possible problem is you are not playing in a ranked

match. If the name is in blue, or if the trophy on the far left does not have

a red "X" over it, the game is ranked.


Q: Why am I unable to see parts/edges of my screen?

A: On some tvs, this is a problem. To fix: Before going "Online," go to the

options in the main menu. Adjust the position of your screen accordingly. If

you have this problem, it is EXTREMELY important that you do this. Playing

the game is made more difficult and finding ranked servers (non-Sony ones) is

a matter of luck if you cannot see the trophy.


Q: Where do I find *weapon* on *map*.

A: I hope to include a "Where to find" section for each weapon with the maps,

but it is quite difficult to do so.


Q: What control settings do you prefer?

A: The default. It is personal preference. Find one that works for you.


Q: How do I get better at piloting Warhawks/Nemesis?

A: Practice, practice, practice. Join Dog-fights (non-ranked preferably) and

just try new things until you find something that works. The beginning of my

Aircraft Weaponry section has some handy tips that help.

Section 6: Miscellaneous


Contact Information: [email protected]

Please only send positive criticism (not just "DUDE UR FAQ SUX KTHNXBAI"),

additional information that you believe would be useful, or any additional

questions that you might have. This is my first FAQ, so I would love to hear

some feedback. Especially on the Aircraft section, as I am not as good of a

pilot as I am a soldier.

My in-game name is: BuckeyePride

As far as I know, 2 other people have that name.


Things that I will to include in Future Versions:

1. Obviously More Content

2. ASCII Art

3. More content from other people


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Special Thanks

My younger brother, for helping me to become a better pilot in-game.

My parents, for having me and buying me the game, the PS3, and this computer.

GameFAQs, for helping me solve Luminous Arc; Giving me more time to write this.

Sony, for making a system that I have not had to return and pay Microsoft $200

to fix.

Expect Updates on Sundays and Thursdays, if they are needed.


Sources and people I would like to thank include:

The Manual Included with the Retail Version of the Game

(For the Names of the various weapons and vehicles)

Experiences from the game itself and small bits of advice from random players.

Because I cannot possibly include all of those people, I would just like to

thank everyone that plays the game. You make it fun for the rest of us.

Copyright Brandon S. McKown 2007