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Error Code Guitar Destiny 2: How to Fix the Network Error

Destiny 2 can be a rough ride at the best of times. In between the frequent Xur visits coughing up nothing but half-baked weaponry and raids that end in disaster, Bungie’s shooter is liable to be a harsh mistress. So what about those error codes, eh? Error code Guitar is surely the worst culprit among Destiny 2 and its litany of errors. Here’s how to stop that happening – even if the error code guitar fix isn’t quite as satisfactory as you might have hoped for.

Error Code Guitar Destiny 2: Why is This Happening?

As frustrating as it may sound, the problem is (probably) on your end. According to Bungie’s official error page for error code Guitar, if you’re getting kicked from a Destiny 2 game this is due to a ‘general networking error.’ Reading between the lines, it’s either a server issue on Destiny 2, or your ISP’s low quality – be it high ping or insufficient speeds – has led to you being kicked.

Error Code Guitar Destiny 2: How Can I Fix the Error?

As per the Destiny 2 Network Troubleshooting Guide, the best way to get rid of those pesky Guitar Error Codes may be to switch to a wired internet connection in the future. You can do so through an ethernet cable that is attached to your internet router (or internet hub) that runs through and connects to your console or PC.

Error Code Guitar Destiny 2: Official Bungie Response

While the Guitar Error Code can be a widespread issue, the only official Bungie response seems to stem from its help page which states ‘Bungie is actively tracking the general networking error’ which… doesn’t say a whole lot. The best (unofficial) route is to check the steps above to ensure that the Guitar error doesn’t crop up again. Should it do so, your best bet is to check in with Bungie’s official help Twitter account and let it be known on there.