Two Worlds FAQ/Walkthrough


Two Worlds

Main Quest Walkthrough V 0.01 (10/06/07)

By Samantha Jensen

Copyright (c) 2007 Samantha Jensen. All rights reserved.


WARNING: This walkthrough may contain spoilers. Read at your own risk!

PLEASE NOTE: This guide is still incomplete. I have only finished most of the

quests that complete the main quest line. I will be updating as I

finish more of the micellaneous quests. Please be patient with me!


Table of Contents


I. Introduction

II. Main Quest Walkthrough

-> A. Into the Darkness

-> B. Sword for Hire, Sould for Hire

-> C. A Dim Light

-> D. A Grim Message

-> E. No Room for Negotiations

-> F. A Crack in the Glass

-> G. The Twins

-> H. An Ace in the Sleeve

-> I. High Stakes

-> J. Meet Kira in the Other Node

-> K. Talk to Ho

-> L. Find a Relic Frame

-> M. The Future and the Past

-> N. Find a Relic Earth Stone

-> O. Find a Relic Air Stone

-> P. Find a Relic Fire Stone

-> Q. Find a Relic Water Stone

-> R. The Relic

-> S. The Breach

-> T. Free Kira

III. Micellaneous Quests

-> 1. Komorinl

-> 2. Northern Border

-> 3. Outpost

-> 4. Covengor Village

-> 5. Gorelin

-> 6. Tharbakin Crossroads Inn

-> 7. Tharbakin

- The Secret Passage

-> 8. Karga Camp

- Collecting Evidence

- Isa

- Sources Drying Up

- Karga

- A Final Strike

- Eye for an Eye

-> 9. Lone Woodsmen Shack

-> 10. Excavations

- Ruining the Grom's War for Them!

-> 11. Forgotten Village

-> 12. The Four Stones

-> 13. Windbreak

- Caravan

- Orc Encampment

- White Head

- White Head Message

- An Oger in the Windmill

- Taint in the Graveyard

- Satrius' Crown

- The Woodcutters' Camp

- Insects

- Insect Eggs

-> 14. Clovelly

-> 15. Cathalon

-> 16. Eastern Army Camp

-> 17. Western Camp

-> 18. Qudinar

-> 19. Drak'ar Desert

- Talk to Ari Aldamor

- The Dragon Whisperer

-> 20. Enclave

-> 21. Gor Gammar

- The Scorpion Sting

- Clear the Glade for Asmohar

- Meet the Necromancer Again

- Deliver the Magic Device to Gor Gammar

-> 22. Ashos

- Find Hoko

- Find Hoko's Sister

- Get Rid of the Greedy Sister

- Take the Will to the Mayor

- Medicine for the Mayor

- Clearing the Forest

- Find Hoko (...again.)

- Get Back My Letters

- Clear the Poet's Old House

- Tracking Down the Magic Dust Dealer

- Contacting the Magic Dust Dealer

- Magic Dust Trading

- Find the Scholar

- Look in the Temple

IV. Credits and Thanks

V. Copyright

VI. Contact

VII. Version History


I. Introduction


This is my first FAQ I've written. I've wanted to for awhile, now, but I've

never gotten the chance because of various reasons. But, finally, I got the

chance to write one and I hope it can be useful in one way or another. For easy

navigation of the guide, press ctrl + F to search for a certain part of the



. Main Quest Walkthrough


This is based off of the Xbox 360 version of the game, so there may be slight

differences between quests for PC users.


A. Into the Darkness


You'll start off with a small tutorial. Follow the instructions to learn how to

walk around, draw your weapon, and open the gate. Once you do those things,

head through the gate. Head forward and to the left toward the fire and kill

the two Groms that are there. Loot their bodies and the chest. Once done, head

back towards the gate you entered through. To your left (facing the gate you

came through), there is yet another chest. Loot it if you wish.

NOTE: You'll have levelled up after fighting the groms. You can distribute the

points to get your character stronger.


B. Sword for Hire, Soul for Hire


Now, head through the gate and the stone door to get outside to your employer.

Run up the stairs. Once you get close enough, you will automatically speak to



C. A Dim Light


Once you are finished talking to Tago, follow along the path. It's pretty

straight-forward. There will be a Grom camp along the way, so you can either

fight them or run past them to the village. You can walk straight through the

village to the southern entrance. You will automatically speak to a Brotherhood

memeber that is standing just outside when you approach him. He will give you

the quest 'A Troubled Horse Breeder.' (See miscellaneous quests for how to

complete it.) You should see the man in black standing near the hut just beyond

the Brotherhood member.


D. A Grim Message


Now you need to head to Goat's Cave. It is marked by a green dot to the east of

where you are. So take the eastern path. (If you approach the man in the white

robe, you'll automatically speak to him to get the quest 'By Any Means' and

complete the quest 'An Old Friend.') Continue along the path and check your

in-game map to see where it is exactly you must go. When you get to Goat's

Cave, enter it and walk forward to speak with Reist Tungard.


E. No Room for Negotiations


Exit out of Goat's Cave and speak to Gandohar, who is located at the camp just

a short way from the cave entrance.


F. A Crack in the Glass


You are now supposed to meet Kira at the Thalmont Node, which is to the

northeast of where you currently are. You can tackle two quests in one go if

you want to. You'd need to head north, then take the east road when you get to

the four path intersection. There are several Reapers, which are pretty strong

and can kill a weak character pretty quickly. Past them, there is the teleport

gate. Press the A button (I'm not sure what key it is for the PC) NEAR the

teleport to finish the quest. Then head to the end of the path and into the

foggy clearing with the rocks. That is the node location. Kira will appear and

you will automatically speak to her.


G. The Twins


Head back to Gandohar at the camp near Goat's Cave.


H. An Ace in the Sleeve


Head back into Goat's Cave and speak to Reist again.


I. High Stakes


Exit back out of Goat's Cave and speak to Gandohar again. The introduction to

the main quest is finished and now you have a list of objects you need to find.


J. Meet Kira in the Other Node


The second node is south and slightly east of Gorelin, but the Earth Claw Tower

is slightly closer (the node is located to the north and slightly east of this

location.) The fastest way to get there (using only the roads) would be to

travel on the main road past Gorelin, then take the side road that leads to the

east, then finally north to the node. It shouldn't be too hard to get to the

node and you'll get experience points from it.


K. Talk to Ho


Ho's hut is located to the south-east of the second node where you spoke to

Kira. From the node, head back to the path and follow the path to the east.

When you get to the main road, go to the south. Check your map for the green

dot that marks Ho's hut. Speak to him when you arrive, and he'll tell you where

the stone of the Relic are.


L. Find a Relic Frame


The Karga Clan possesses the Relic frame. In order to obtain it, you must do

some quests for either the Karga Clan or the Skelden Clan. (For Karga Clan

quests, see "Karga Clan Quests" in the Misc. quests. For the Skelden Clan

quests, see the "Excavations Quests."


M. The Future and the Past


This is the final node quest. You're to speak with Kira at the Southern Node,

which is located across the Gon River and along the way, you'll probably fight

a lot of Orcs and golems, so don't be too hasty to attempt it if your character

is still weak. When you get to the node, you'll automatically speak with Kira

when you approach her.


N. Find a Relic Earth Stone


To obtain the Relic Earth Stone, you must travel to Windbreak and complete the

quests 'Caravan,' 'The Orcs' Camp,' and 'White Head.' The alternative to this

is to complete the quests 'An Oger in the Windmill,' 'Taint in the Graveyard,'

and 'Satrius' Crown.'

If you're having troble locating Windbreak, it's to the west of Cathalon.


O. Find a Relic Air Stone


In order to get the Air Stone, you must travel to the Drak'ar Desert and find

and talk to Ari Aldamor. You may have to go to Xanthos and speak to the

villagers to have him spawn. See the quests 'Talk to Ari Aldamor' and 'The

Dragon Whisperer' and complete (most of) them to get the Air stone.


P. Find a Relic Fire Stone


To obtain the Relic Fire Stone, you must travel to Gor Gammar, which is WAY

down south. Well, really you should travel to the Dead Forest first and find

Asmohar, but you can still get the stone without doing any other quests. The

easiest way would be doing 'A Scorpion Sting' and 'Clear the Glade for Asmohar'

and then using the bomb you recieve to blast your way through the front gate.

The alternatives are fighting your way through the waves of Orcs or using the

Orc camouflage armor, which you can get from a quest in Cathalon. If you do one

of the alternative ways, you'll have to travel around the city wall to the east

to find the tunnel entrance to go through.

The Fire Stone is located in the center of the town. If you're using the Orc

Camouflage Armor, you can take the stone without raising any alarms. If you

used the bomb, the entire population of Gor Gammar was wiped out, so no need to

worry at all. If you're fighting your way through, well, it doesn't matter much

since you're already killing pretty much everything.

Whatever you decide, the armor or the bomb are the easiest and fastest methods.


Q. Find a Relic Water Stone


To get the Water Stone, you must travel to Ashos and do the quests 'Tracking

Down the Magic Dust Dealer,' 'Contacting the Magic Dust Dealer,' 'Magic Dust

Trading,' 'Find the Scholar,' and 'Look in the Temple.'


R. The Relic


When you have the Relic frame and the four stone, you can travel to Qudinar and

meet Gandohar near the gates.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The main quest is drawing to a close. You should finish any

side quests you want to do before you continue on.


S. The Breach


After a scene plays, you'll speak with a paladin. You must travel to one of the

towers and take the pentagram-teleport to the top of whatever tower you choose

to go to and take out that tower's keeper.


T. Free Kira


Kira is being kept in the castle in the abandoned city of Oswaroth. Oswaroth is

located across the river and to the east of Cathalon. Head through the streets.

There are some Dead Knights and Hell Warriors around, but they shouldn't be a

problem. At the bottom of the star-shaped gates, Reist awaits you. He'll morph

into a demon that is hardly a threat. Kill him, then save your game. Go through

the gates and Gandohar will speak with you. You can choose one of two endings:

join Gandohar or fight him.

Join him:

Five paladins appear and they are angry that you betrayed them. They are a

somewhat tough fight, but not that bad. It's more the number of them than

actual toughness.

Fight him:

He's not too tough. Just do what you normally do, really. It shouldn't be too



Miscellaneous Quests


The following quests are split up by region, which there are 21 of:

1. Komorin 8. Karga Camp 15. Eastern Army Camp

2. Northern Border 9. Excavations 16. Western Camp

3. Outpost 10. Forgotten Village 17. Qudinar

4. Covengor Village 11. The Four Stones 18. Drak'ar Desert

5. Gorelin 12. Windbreak 19. Enclave

6. Tharbakin Crossroads Inn 13. Clovelly 20. Gor Gammar

7. Tharbakin 14. Cathalon 21. Ashos


1. Komorin


2. Northern Border


3. Outpost


4. Covengor Village


5. Gorelin


6. Tharbakin Crossroads Inn


7. Tharbakin

The Secret Passage

Quest Given By: Eras Brakalet

Reward: 24,000 Gold and +1 Karga Clan reputation point

Eras is located on the road leading south from the village. Speak with him and

agree to help. Your quest is simple: head into Tharbakin and into the dungeons,

which are located in the southeastern part of the city. Enter them and then

open the gate you come across. Go through and kill the skeletons you come

across and head to the exit. You'll be right where Eras is. Speak to him to get

your reward.


8. Karga Camp

To get into the Karga Camp, you must have a reputation of 2 or above. Of

course, there are other ways to get into the camp, but the legit way, anyways.


Quest Given By: Barra

Reward: 5,000 gold, +1 Karga Clan reputation point

This quest is fairly easy. Exit the camp and follow the wall to the east of the

camp. Isa is already dead and is located in a cave-like hollow. When you find

him (unless you have before this quest), report back to Barra for your reward.

Sources Drying Up

Quest Given By: Antrai

Reward: something, +1 Karga Clan reputation point

This quest is as simple as bringing him two medium healing potions. Do so, and

collect your reward. (I didn't catch what it was.) ><


Quest Given By: Cahal Karga

When your reputation with the Karga Clan is at 4 or above, speak to Cahal Karga

in the upper camp to be allowed to see Ultar Karga.

A Final Strike

Quest Given By: Ultar Karga

Reward: Relic Frame

Note: This quest finishes the Karga vs. Skelden questline, and will, of course,

prevent you from finishing any more Skelden quests. Also note that this

will require a reputation with house Skelden to be allowed into Sano's

home. You can also unlock the primative lock on his house.

Ultar Karga wants you to get proof that house Skelden is plotting against the

king. Head to the Excavations, located to the east of Tharbakin. Once there,

head to the house that Sano Moon is walking around outside of. However you get

inside, take the papers that are called "counterfeit" and take them back to

Ultar Karga.

Eye for an Eye

Quest Given By: Cahal Karga

Reward: (the text didn't show up O_o)

Once you speak to Ultar and get his quest, Cahal will be waiting for you. He'll

speak to you and propose his deal: kill Ebrat Skelden for a reward of a lot of

gold. Make sure you get the papers from the "A Final Strike" quest. You'll need

a reputation of 4 with House Skelden before you can enter the gates that lead

to Ebrat Skelden. When you have enough of a reputation, speak to the guard and

go through the gate doors. First, let him speak to you. You can then go to the

guard that is standing in front of a house right across from Ebrat's and gain

access. Speak to her, then grab the key from the floor and give it to her. When

you exit out of the gates, Ebrat and two guards will be waiting for you. Fight

them or run. However, Ultar will be a little angry that you killed Ebrat, but

you'll still get your reward from him.


9. Excavations

Ruining the Groms' War for Them!

Quest Given By: Menno Hagerard

Reward: 1,500 gold, +1 House Skelden reputation point

Menno Hagerard is located along the road that leads north from the Excavations.

Travel there and speak with him to learn about the Groms and their war with the

Skelden house. You're to travel to three of the four Grom camps and take their

totem (called a Goblin Totem). When you have three, you're to bring them back

to Hagerard for your reward. The locations of three of the camps are:

- Northeast of Menno Hagerard's camp (follow the road that leads east, then

north. It's about halfway along the north-bound road.)

- The Groms' Siege southeast of Komorin. (Follow the road that heads to the

east and take the first side road that you find.)

- West (and _slightly_ north) of Covengor. (Follow the main road that leads

north of Covengor and take the first side road. Follow it up past the

graveyard and to the old graveyard of Covengor. It's just up past this area.)


10. Forgotten Village


11. The Four Stones


12. Windbreak


Quest Given By: Capt. Ran Hograd

The captain wants you to see if the carvan made it to Cathalon. It was too

heavy to leave the main road, so that's where you start. Head towards Cathalon,

and eventually, you'll come across some orcs, two wagons, and a fallen tree

across the road. Return to Ran Hograd for your next quest.

The Orcs' Camp

Quest Given By: Capt. Ran Hograd

Reward: 500 gold

There is a camp of Orcs to the north of the village and the captain believes

that it was the same band that attacked them the first time. He thinks that

White Head may be among them, so you're sent up there to wipe out the camp.

White Head (White Head Hideout goes with this one.)

Quest Given By: Capt. Ran Hograd

You are to travel to the King's Barrow and slay the white Orc. Travel back down

to the main road and travel to the west. When you pass the Western Camp, you're

close. Check your in-game map to see exactly where you're to go (the red

glowing dot.)

White Head Message

Quest Given By: White Head

Reward: Access to the tunnels to get the Earth Stone

White Head gives you a message to take back to Ran. Travel back to Windbreak

and speak with the captain. He'll give you his answer to take back to White

Head. Return to the King's Barrow and inform White Head of the captain's

answer. You can now freely go through the barrow and retrieve the Earth Stone.

This would be a good quest to combine with 'Satrius' Crown,' where you'll have

to go to the exact same place to pick up the false crown.

An Oger in the Windmill

Quest Given By: Mayor Gordar

Reward: 500 gold

It's a simple task as long as you can kill an oger. The mayor will mark the

windmill on your map. Travel there (it's to the west of the village) and slay

the oger. Return to the mayor once you have done that to recieve your reward

and your next task.

Taint in the Graveyard

Quest Given By: Mayor Gordar

Reward: 500 gold

The graveyard has an undead problem. Go to the graveyard that the mayor marked

on your map. It lies to the southeast of the village. Kill all the Zombies that

you find and then go back to the mayor for your reward. Speak with him again

for one final quest.

Satrius' Crown

Quest Given By: Mayor Gordar

Reward: Access to the tomb to get the Earth Stone

The mayor wants you to travel to the King's Barrow and take King Satrius'

crown. He'll give you the key to the main entrance of the Barrow and mark the

location on your map. Head towards the marker, which is to the west of the

village, following the main road. Enter the barrow and head straight ahead of

you into the circular room. Climb the stairs and take both the false crown and

the Earth Stone. Return to Mayor Gordar and give him the crown.

The Woodcutters' Camp

Quest Given By: Sigyor

Reward: 1,000 gold

Some bandits took over a nearby woodcutters' camp and they tax all caravans

that travel between Cathalon and Windbreak. You're to go to that camp and kill

all of the bandits there. The camp is located east of the graveyard, just off

the main road. When you kill all of them, head back to Sigyor for your reward

and another quest.

The Insects

Quest Given By: Sigyor

Reward: 500 gold

In a sand pit, not too far east of the village, some insects have spawned.

Sigyor wishes them to be destroyed. When asked about some hint on how to defeat

them, he'll recommend that you go talk to Master Oldrin. Do so for another

quest to do with this current one. Beware: The insects are pretty strong and

they will gang up on you. When you have defeated them, look for the egg to

finish the other quest, then return to Sigyor.

Talk to Master Oldrin

Quest Given By: Sigyor

Reward: 1,200 experience points

Sigyor suggested that you talk to Master Oldrin before going to the sand pit

and killing the insects, because the mage is intrested in these bugs. He lives

on the east side of the village on the road that leads up to the teleport.

Insect Egg

Quest Given By: Master Oldrin

Reward: 1,000 gold, +1 Society reputation point

Oldrin wants you to bring him one insect egg, so that he can breed the bugs to

find their weaknesses. The egg is located in the sand pit east of the village.

It is between two stone pillars in front of the teleporter. Take it and bring

it to Master Oldrin for your reward.


13. Clovelly


14. Cathalon


15. Eastern Army Camp


16. Western Camp


17. Qudinar


18. Drak'ar Desert

Talk to Ari Aldamor

Quest Given By: The people of Xanthos

Speak to the people of Xanthos to learn about Ari Aldamor, the Dragon

Whisperer. He's located to the west of the village, nearly in the center of the

desert. Find and speak with him to learn more about the Great White One and

what you have to do.

The Dragon Whisperer

Quest Given By: Ari Aldamor

Ari tells you that the Great White One's nest may be in the southern mountains

of the desert and that you should probably start there. His advice is good, as

the dragon resides in a part of the Dead Forest just south of the Dragon's

Lair. Just be careful, as you'll probably face many Stone Golems and other foes

along the way. When you reach the nest, the Air Stone is on the pedestal in the

center. Take it. Now, you can leave the quest off here, or you can continue. If

you continue, travel back to Ari and tell him what you have found out. Ari will

mark a location on your map-- you can go there to see the dragons take down the

former tyrant of the desert. Take the dragon scale from the Great White One's

body, as it is a great alchemy ingredient.


19. Enclave


20. Gor Gammar - Dead Forest

The Scorpion Sting

Quest Given By: Asmohar

Reward: 4,500 gold (I believe. I may have read it wrong, with it being a small

font and all.)

Asmohar wants a Scorpion Sting (Scorpion Poison Gland). You can find Scorpions

in the Drak'ar Desert, but there are also some wandering around the forest.

Also, the banks of the Gon River have a few near them. Whatever way you get

one, bring it back to Asmohar for your reward.

Clear the Glade for Asmohar

Quest Given By: Asmohar

Reward: given on next quest

The glade that Asmohar speaks of is northeast of where you currently are. It is

where the Ancient Temple sits. Head toward the red glowing dot on your map.

Once you reach the glade, kill all the Octogrons you find there. Travel back to

Asmohar and speak with him. He'll ask you to meet him again at the glade you

just cleared.

Meet the Necromancer Again

Quest Given By: Asmohar

Reward: Necro Orc Killer

Travel back to the Ancient Temple in the glade you cleared of Octogrons.

Approach Asmohar to automatically speak to him. Tell him that you will take the

bomb to Gor Gammar and place it at the front gate. He will then give the bomb

to you.

Deliver the Magic Device to Gor Gammar

Quest Given By: Asmohar

Reward: Access into Gor Gammar and the Fire Stone in the center of the city

Take the Necro Orc Killer to the front gates of Gor Gammar, the city to the

south. It will detonate itself when you approach the front gates--don't worry,

it won't harm you at all. You can then enter through the front gate and head

straight ahead of you to pick up the Fire Stone. If you return to Asmohar,

you'll meet a paladin instead, who will tell you of the Necromancer's fate. I

believe that you'll fail the quest no matter what, as the quest giver dies. If

I'm wrong, please, correct me.


21. Ashos

NOTE: Finish any Ashos quest you wish to do before getting the Water Stone, or

else Orcs will wipe out the city and all unfinished quests will be


Find Hoko

Quest Given By: Yorun Togawa

The guard requests that you find Hoko since she's been having a hard time as of

late. She lives in the left-most house in the first area. Speak with her to

learn of her troubles. If you want the next quest, agree to help her.

Find Hoko's Sister

Quest Given By: Hoko

She will tell you that her sister suddenly vanished recently. She says that it

might be linked to the temple and suggests that the blacksmith might have an

extra key. Check your map for the glowing dot on the southwest part of town

(not the temple one). Travel there and speak to the blacksmith. He'll give you

a quest of his own. You must complete that before you can continue on with this

quest (it's called 'Get Rid of the Greedy Sister.') Once you took the mayon his

medicine and get the red dress from his house, bring it to Hoko. She'll ask you

to leave her alone in her grief. Leave her, then head on over to Yorun Togawa

for a quest (another one named 'Find Hoko.')

Get Rid of the Greedy Sister

Quest Given By: Uchinao Sakomoto

Reward: Key to the Temple of Ashos

The blacksmith's sister claims that the smithy was left to her by her father.

Travel to her house, which is located back across the river, and speak with

her. She'll have a quest for you to do. (The quest is called 'Take the Will to

the Mayor.') After you do her quest and collect the reward, kill her and go

back to Uchinao for the key to the temple. If you don't want to kill her, you

can get the key by following the 'Contact the Magic Dust Dealer,' 'Find the

Scholar,' and 'Look in the Temple.' The key is needed to get the Relic Water


Take the Will to the Mayor

Quest Given By: Hidee

Reward: 4,500 gold

The quest is simple: bring the will to the mayor, then report back to Hidee.

The mayor's house is near the temple. Travel there and speak to him. He will

acknowledge it, then ask you to do a quest for him (called 'Medicine for the

Mayor'). Accept it to continue the storyline of Hoko's quest. Return to Hidee

for your reward.

Medicine for the Mayor

Quest Given By: Masakore Murata

Reward: 12,000 gold

The mayor wants you to travel to the forest and find the healer and get his

medicine. Her home is located along the first path that branches out from the

main road. Speak to her to learn that the mayor hasn't paid her for his

medicine for awhile and refuses to give the medicine to you until you do a

quest for her. So you'll have to do her quest, 'Clearing the Forest.' Once you

finish Yaida's quest, get the medicine from her and return to the mayor.

Collect your gold, then go to the room with the beds. Pick up the red dress and

take it to Hoko to continue that questline.

Clearing the Forest

Quest Given By: Yaida Masai

Reward: the mayor's medicine

The healer wants you to clear out the patch of herbs furthur down the path by

her house. Go down the road and kill all the insects that you find, then

return to Yaida for the medicine.

Find Hoko (...again.)

Quest Given By: Yorun Togawa

Hoko has killed the mayor and run off. Tell him that she indeed did it and that

she had good reason to. He'll ask you to find her and tell her to wait for him.

Hoko is just up the road by the teleport. Speak with her and she'll agree to

wait. Return to Yorun and tell him of Hoko's answer. You'll get 1,500

experience points for doing this quest.

Get Back My Letters

Quest Given By: Kouji Hisakawa

Reward: 400 gold or a loss of 100 gold

Kouji's house is located in the northern part of the town. Speak with him and

agree to help. He'll give you 400 gold to buy the letters back with. Kimura's

house is located in the southwest section of the town, so travel there and

speak with her. She wants you to do a quest for her before she'll give you the

letters. Accept it (it's called 'Clear the Poet's Old House.') and do it to

continue on the quest. As it turns out, she never meant to give you the

letters. Travel to her new house (the one you cleared out) and speak with her.

You can either pay her 500 gold for them (meaning you loose 100 gold) or kill

her. Whatever you decide, return to Kouji for his thanks.

Clear the Poet's Old House

Quest Given By: Kimura Ishii

Kimura wants you to clear her new house of the undead. It's located on the bank

of the river to the south of the city. Travel there and kill the 5 or so

Zombies. Why not also plunder any chests and closets while you're at it? When

you're done, return to Kimura and tell her you have done her request.

Tracking Down the Magic Dust Dealer

Quest Given By: Hajime Masaware

Hajime is in the area of Ashos where the front gate is. He'll automatically

speak to you when you get near enough to him. There are some local drug dealers

that he wants you to help track down. Head to the inn and speak with Kenji

Sahashi. Kenji will tell you to find Takumi Kajiuka.

Contacting the Magic Dust Dealer

Quest Given By: Kenji Sahashi

Reward: 500 gold

You're supposed to bring the drugs to Takumi. He lives to the right of the

teleport in the town. Speak with him and he'll give you 500 gold and another


Magic Dust Trading

Quest Given By: Takumi Kajiuka

Reward: 500 gold

Travel to the south across the bridge and to the second house with the door

that faces the river. Enter and speak to Arai Kurhara for your reward. Return

to Hajime to complete the original quest.

Find the Scholar

Quest Given By: Hajime Masaware

Reward: Key to the Temple of Ashos

The scholar named Kano Mezoguchi is in need of help, so Hajime suggests you go

and find him. He is located right next to Hidee's house, so you'll know where

that is if you did that quest. Enter his home and he'll automatically speak

with you and tell you what he wishes for you to do. Agree for his quest and

you'll get the key to the temple.

Look in the Temple

Quest Given By: Kano Mezoguchi

Reward: 24,000 gold

(Note: This is an excellent quest to have and use a personal teleport.)

Head over to the temple and take the side door that is located to the right of

the main entrance. You know the statues of the snake-like creatures that are

all over the city, right? Well, you'll encounter several down here and they're

pretty strong. Head through the labyrinth-like tunnels, moving toward the red

glowing dot. Once you get there, stop. Set down a personal teleport (if you

have one) and teleport back to the city. Head to Kano to get your reward, then

head back to the teleport and go back to your stone. You can then take the

Water Stone, having already got your reward. If you don't have a teleport

stone, don't dispare. A resurrection spell can also save you, because once you

take the Water Stone, every person in Ashos is killed by orcs. If you have

neither, you can either venture back to Kano or just take the stone anyways.


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