Box art - Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human PC Release: Is it Coming to PC?

Detroit: Become Human on PC would be the first Quantic Dream game that wasn’t a PlayStation exclusive since the release of Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy in 2005. Love him or hate him, David Cage’s games are sought after play experiences that tell some fantastic stories. It’s no surprise then that fans want to know if Detroit: Become Human is coming to PC or not.

Is Detroit: Become Human Coming to PC?

The interactive adventure set in near-future Detroit has you playing as three Androids. Each has very different backgrounds but must navigate a world in which Androids are abused, used, and discarded by their human masters. It’s heady stuff, and it’s not a surprise that fans want to play Detroit: Become Human on PC.

Unfortunately for PC players, Quantic Dream is pretty committed to releasing on Sony consoles, and besides the May 25, 2018 release date for PS4, no other versions have been announced. That’s not to say that a Detroit PC release is impossible, but it’s improbable. Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls have been out for years and haven’t made it to PC, so it’s likely that Quantic Dream isn’t interested in bringing its games to other platforms.

Porting Detroit would likely be an undertaking. David Cage claims it’s the studio’s largest project ever. The script alone took two years to write, and playing the game it’s obvious a lot of work and attention to detail went into it.

If you have a PS4 though, our Executive Editor gave the game high marks, citing only a few issues with it. If you’re exclusively a PC gamer though, you’ll have to pick up a PS4 if you want to play Detroit, or wait a decade or so for a PS4 emulator to come out (if one ever does).