Dauntless Queenbee Login Queue Error: What to Do When All Servers Are Busy

Dauntless Queenbee and login queue errors have been plaguing those who are trying to join the open beta. This F2P Monster Hunter-esque game has had players excited, and many are finding that all Dauntless servers are busy. Here’s what you need to do if you run into a Queenbee error in Dauntless or find the servers are busy when you’re in the login queue.

How to Fix Queenbee Error Code in Dauntless When Servers are Busy

Like many games that hit open beta, Dauntless is having some teething issues with the sudden influx of new players. Also like many other games, Dauntless has an issue with giving vague explanations when players encounter a problem. Fortunately, we’ve found out what you need to know about the errors plaguing those stuck in the login queue.

Quite a few players are getting a Queenbee error code in Dauntless when they’re trying to log in, or getting messages that all servers are busy. The good news is that it’s doubtful that there are any issues on your end. The bad news is, there’s nothing you can do when you encounter these errors then be patient.

If you make it into the login queue, then your best bet is to do just that, queue up and wait. This queue means the servers are busy and that you’re in line to access the game. When and if your turn to play will come up is kind of up in the air, but quitting out and relaunching the game doesn’t make the process of getting into Dauntless any faster. In fact, if you quit and attempt to reconnect it gives up your place in line, so you’re just making the process of logging in longer for yourself.

It’s likely that in the coming few days the Dauntless team will get more servers online and iron out the problems that are making getting into the game a hassle. Keep in mind though that a beta is a beta and that issues are likely to pop up while playing.