You Are Empty PC Cheats

Cheat mode:

Press [~] during game play to display the console window, then enter one of the following codes


Get indicated healthset_clients_health <number>
Spawn Molotov cocktailgive_weapon_bottle
Spawn grenadegive_weapon_grenade
Spawn machinegungive_weapon_machinegun
Spawn Mauzergive_weapon_mauzer
Spawn heavy machine gungive_weapon_maxim
Spawn nailgungive_weapon_nailgun
Spawn shotgungive_weapon_obrez
Spawn riflegive_weapon_rifle
Spawn sniper riflegive_weapon_rifle_sniper
Spawn wrenchgive_weapon_spanner
Spawn electro gungive_weapon_thunder
Spawn flame throwergive_weapon_thunder_fire
Spawn pistol ammogive_ammo_mauzer
Spawn heavy machine gun ammogive_ammo_maxim
Spawn nailgun ammogive_ammo_nailgun
Spawn shotgun ammogive_ammo_obrez
Spawn sub machine gun ammogive_ammo_ppsh
Spawn rifle and sniper rifle ammogive_ammo_rifle
Spawn electrogun and flame thrower ammogive_ammo_thunder
Spawn large medikitgive_item_medikit_large
Spawn small medikitgive_item_medikit_small