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Fortnite Mushrooms: Their Location and What They Do

Fortnite mushrooms have been introduced to the game through the 4.3 update. Though the new patch introduced many other exciting changes, the shield-bestowing mushrooms are still a significant addition to the game. This is your guide to the Fortnite mushrooms, explaining where to find them and what to do once you’ve picked them up.

Fortnite Mushrooms Location

The Fortnite mushrooms are found around shady wooded or swampy areas. Expect to find them near to apples, which appear close to trees. A big benefit of hunting for Fortnite mushrooms is that you will likely find a bunch of them when doing your usual hunt for treasure.

Land somewhere swampy, or with plenty of shaded spots, and you’ll be able to find mushrooms pretty early on. To be ready for a fight with a full shield, you’ll want to find the mushrooms early. Collect plenty of them to really give you a big boost!

Fortnite Mushrooms: What Do They Do?

Fortnite Mushrooms

On its own, a single Fortnite mushroom won’t give much of an advantage. However, when you combine multiple mushrooms together, their joint contribution is much more significant.

Fortnite mushrooms each restore 5 Shield, up to the maximum of 100. This allows players to top up their shield with as many mushrooms as they like, with no cap. Combining mushrooms with small and large shield potions could provide the boost required to hit the max 100 Shield.

Mushrooms can come in useful at all stages of the round, so keep an eye out for those shaded and swampy areas. If you’re at anything but 100 Shield, a mushroom will be beneficial to you. Remember that every little helps when it comes to health and shields in Fortnite, and any protection from death can help earn you that coveted “Victory Royale” award.

Go get searching for those Fortnite mushrooms!

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