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Fortnite Disco Ball Near Loot Lake Challenge Location Explained

The Fortnite disco ball near Loot Lake is linked to one of the Week 5 Challenges, with players tasked with the following objective: “Dance with others to raise the Disco Ball near Loot Lake.” That’s all the information that we’re given, and so it’s up to players to search high and low to find out where Epic Games has hidden the Fortnite disco ball near loot lake… Or, you could use this handy guide to get the Challenge completed in next to no time!

Fortnite Disco Ball Near Loot Lake Location

So you’ve chosen to save some time and get the Fortnite disco ball near Loot Lake location challenge done in a jiffy, have you? Good choice! The first step is to actually locate the disco ball. Though we are given a clue as to where it is, with Epic Games telling us the disco ball is “near Loot Lake,” the body of water is pretty large, and there are quite a few potential good hiding spots. Bypass the headache by using our map below!

Fortnite Disco Ball Near Loot Lake

Fortnite Disco Ball Near Loot Lake: How to Complete the Challenge

Unlike other location-based Fortnite Weekly Challenges, the Fortnite disco ball near Loot Lake challenge requires an additional step from players. What’s annoying for solo players, is that four players are required to complete this challenge. You’ll either need to get a squad together, or hope that your enemies can be friendly.

Each of the four players needs to stand on their own separate dance pad. They then need to perform a dance emote. Any dance emote will do, so long as it’s carried out for around 10 seconds. As your character is dancing, you’ll notice the disco ball rising. Once it hits the peak height, music will play and the disco ball will become more animated. The Fortnite disco ball challenge will then be completed!