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Fortnite Greasy Grove Treasure Map Location Guide

Discovering the Fortnite Greasy Grove treasure map location, before then following its clue to some epic buried treasure, is pretty cool-sounding, but it’s actually kind of a drag. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be wanting to leapfrog over the middleman and get right to the good stuff! After all, this isn’t the only Week 5 Challenge that needs completing. We have other treasure to find, people to kill, and buildings to… build! Join me as we skip through the boring and get this Challenge done in a matter of minutes.

Fortnite Greasy Grove Treasure Map Location

It’s perfectly okay for players to head to the Fortnite Greasy Grove treasure map location without actually having seen the treasure map. You can completely skip the journey to Greasy Grove, and instead head to the treasure location. This is found to the northeast of Snobby Shores. The treasure is found on the nose of the giant face there.

Falling from the Battle Bus and landing directly on this spot is the quickest route to completing the mission. Just land there and grab the Battle Star. You can then play as normal.

Fortnite Greasy Grove Treasure Map

Fortnite Greasy Grove Treasure Map Reward

The Fortnite Greasy Grove treasure map reward isn’t perhaps as exciting as real-life buried treasure, but it’s still worth hunting down.

As the Fortnite Greasy Grove treasure map challenge is labeled as “Hard,” Season 4 Battle Pass owners will receive 10 Battle Stars (or 1,000 XP if you’re at Tier 100) for its completion. Also, once the other six remaining Fortnite Week 5 challenges have been completed, there will be an additional 5,000 XP reward, helping to boost players up through the ranks.

The Fortnite treasure maps are always a great way to quickly gain Battle Stars and XP. Ensure you check back next week, as we’re sure to have more Fortnite guides for those upcoming Week 6 Challenges.