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When Is Fortnite Back Up? Fortnite Under Maintenance Guide

Fortnite going under maintenance for an extensive period of time can cause a huge impact on the community, with many confused users asking: “When is Fortnite back up?” If you’re a player who avoids Reddit and other forums, and who also doesn’t dabble in social media, you might be wondering why Fortnite matchmaking disabled errors are suddenly occurring. Don’t worry, as you’re certainly not alone in your misery. Everyone is suffering! On the plus side, developer Epic Games has been pretty communicative when it comes to explaining the Fortnite down situation. Here’s what we know about the errors and when we expect Fortnite to be back up and running properly.

When Is Fortnite Back Up?

In a lengthy post on Reddit, Epic Games’ technical director explained that the Fortnite maintenance period was necessary to fix issues with the “brand new, horizontally scalable, session tracking service.” This basically allows the developer to better support the more experimental limited time modes, with The Playground being the example provided.

This is the third consecutive day that Fortnite has undergone maintenance. Despite what Epic Games says was “extensive testing” prior to the launch of this new feature, there have clearly been some major issues in bringing it to the live build.

When is Fortnite back up, then? Well, there’s no exact ETA given, and we have seen this game suffer downtime periods of over 24 hours in the past. Here’s hoping it’s ready for the weekend!

Epic Games Fortnite Status

When Is Fortnite Back Up

The Epic Games Status Page allows users to view the various services for different titles. As you can see above, everything but matchmaking is working for Fortnite. Keep checking this page to eventually get the answer to the “When is Fortnite back up?” question. Alternatively, give the official Fortnite Twitter page a follow for up to date reports.

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